AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 7/7/22: For millions of Americans, the Fourth is just one more of 365 days we wake up and give thanks for the rare, unique blessings of being born and living here.

UPDATE 7/7/22: There is an optimistic take on Gen X-ers (also known as 13ers born 1961-1981) possessed of the can-do, maverick spirit embodied in (oh, no!!) Donald Trump. Oh, yes! And God willing it’s true for the sake of a recognizable, desirable American future. Meanwhile, it looks like the man himself is not ready for retirement, and we’re all aboard if for no other reason than to effect a mass explosion of Never Trumper heads.

UPDATE 7/5/22: Take a tip from Popeye. Spinach and its fellow members of the veggie family are good for muscle development and strength, even without exercise!


UPDATE 7/5/22: Those who love our country thrive on her colorful history and culture as bequeathed to us by such quintessentially American artists as Washington Irving and Norman Rockwell. Losing either one of them to the ignorance of cancel culture or simple neglect would be a tragedy. Knowledge and appreciation of both belong in the essential education of every American child. Without them and their like, we have lost everything.

UPDATE 7/3/22: For those intent on enslaving or simply ruining the world for the long term, converting the young to the religion of Leftism tops their agenda. Too many parents have proven lax in being alert to this and preventing it in their children’s upbringing. Fortunately, Britain’s better leaders are at work countering the infiltration of “Wokery” into the educational mainstream. Likewise, Florida has partnered with Hillsdale College to provide real history for students.  No wonder similar moves toward protecting the young from hypersexualizing in De Santis country have met with such rage from the Left. This is the frontline battle for the future.

UPDATE 7/3/22: In looking back and taking in what has worked for 250 years, Americans sincerely devoted to our founding principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness can look ahead with optimism.


UPDATE 7/8/22: The Babylon Bee brings surprise glad tidings by anonymously leaking the first dozen things on Donald’s to-do list upon returning to the White House. Crystal balls and loose lips are a godsend!

UPDATE 7/3/22: The Donald remains THE bogey man for the Left and almost anyone not firmly grounded in conservative principles. Now they’re trying to shut him up by destroying his social media platform Truth Social from a legal angle. Even Joe Rogan has caught the Never Trump bug and “doesn’t want to help him.” That’s another way of saying, “I know he gets good things done, but all the right people hate him, and I’m not up to convincing anyone that positive results count way more than style.” With Musk’s withdrawal from the Twitter deal, it looks like Trump will continue to get the same discriminatory raw deal on mainstream social media.

Sadly, an incredibly effective POTUS has been forcibly (and illegally) retired for no other reason than positive results are not the first priority of a good half of the country, now including a rather spineless Rogan. So much for a robust free marketplace of ideas, letting all voices be heard. Luckily, there’s someone else eminently electable coming right up as the reality of 2024 looms. And Rogan supports him which redeems him. Sort of.

DeSANTISMAGA back on track

UPDATE 7/9/22: Throwing down the gauntlet to Florida’s De Santis on the issue of “freedom,” empty Californicating mannequin Newsom has stupidly sown the seeds of his own full exposure as the steward of disastrous failure in governing. An off-key amateur shower singer challenging Pavarotti in dueling arias would enjoy similar humiliation.

UPDATE 7/8/22: A Trump-De Santis pairing for 2024 would be ideal for some of us, setting the stage for 8 years of De Santis beginning in 2028. Winning, however, is paramount in 2024. Can the Trump-hate be overridden?


UPDATE 7/5/22: A conservative woman to balance the top ticket is politically logical in these times. Kristi Noem’s otherwise excellent brand was a bit tarnished when she caved to corporate interests over college men being allowed to compete in women’s sports. Ditto not standing up for employees axed for refusing to submit to the “vaccination.” That said, one attractively brave political move has been to remain steadfastly pro-Trump. Nikki Haley has impressive flashes, but she has shown some permanently dark, rusty spots, chief among them bad mouthing Trump which smacks of pandering to RINOs (exposing herself as being one).

In search of a Reagan, we have come up with a De Santis. Is Noem the best person to join him for this pivotal moment?


UPDATE 7/5/22: Accompanying the mass psychosis of millions embracing self-destruction in their politics is the rise of the individual psychotic possessed by violent visions of revenge on the normal life that has eluded him. What IS normal any more? It’s not a stretch to attribute this insanity to the sick elements of the culture that have become the norm. Consider the legalization of marijuana. Listen to gangsta rap sometime. Even without comprehending a word, one feels assaulted by madness…and evil.  

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

UPDATE 7/7/22: Just the imagery evoked by the heading “Biden and the circular firing squad” warms the heart. This is said at the risk of being labeled another MAGA gun nut when it’s just an unforgivably negative response to the assault on basic American rights and customs. We’ve long ago gotten used to being branded Nazis for simply disliking the Woke and their destructive ways.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 7/8/22: If anything is to be gained from the J6 circus, it is visible proof that the sole purpose of the entire thing is to drive any trace of Trump into extinction. His MAGA revolution, making promises and keeping them, is a mortal threat to both Establishment Repubs and Dems whose power derives entirely from keeping The People dependent upon them.




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)



UPDATE 7/5/22: The vacuous Gavin Newsom has apparently taken up stand-up comedy in  exhorting  Floridians to move to his magnificently run, “free” Golden Welfare State. 

Of all things, he offers oppressed denizens of the Sunshine State the chance to throw off the shackles of their thriving, prosperous, liberated lives and take refuge in his glorious domain of “freedom” (his word) with promises of defunded law enforcement, out-of-control crime, unaffordable housing, man-made drought, impossible regulation and taxation, record unemployment! For California and Democrats in general, “freedom” is just another word for nothing left to lose. (HT/Janis Joplin/Kris Kristofferson.) 

UPDATE 7/5/22: If the business of America is business, she will have to rethink her choice of  BrandonWorld over MAGA. Does the mass migration of actual, real, operating enterprises to low tax/low regulation Red states give anyone a clue?



UPDATE 7/7/22: The estimable Dr. Zelenko is not dead a day, and the Twitter thugs have removed the foundation bearing his name for the usual reasons of “mis” (or is it “dis”) information.  A major disappointment of Musk’s withdrawal from the Twitter deal is the missed chance to expose the full history of the company and the evil it has injected into the American bloodstream. In the same wicked spirit, Jordan Peterson remains canceled for sticking it to the pronoun Nazis as he’s been doing for years now.


UPDATE 7/3/22: For those intent on enslaving or simply ruining the world for the long term, converting the young to the religion of Leftism tops their agenda. Too many parents have proven lax in being alert to this and preventing it in their children’s upbringing. Fortunately, Britain’s better leaders are at work countering the infiltration of “Wokery” into the educational mainstream. Likewise, Florida has partnered with Hillsdale College to provide real history for students.  No wonder similar moves toward protecting the young from hypersexualizing in De Santis country have met with such rage from the Left. This is the frontline battle for the future.



UPDATE 7/5/22: The deliberate blurring and denial of binary sexuality in the natural world (not just in our “culture”) is a sledge hammer to the underpinnings of a mentally stable society. 

CHINA-Told Ya So



UPDATE 7/7/22: Heartening news that parents have won victory in LA against vaccine mandates for their children. Sovereignty of parents and the family over Big Brother’s directives is perhaps THE issue among many issues.

UPDATE 7/7/22: So, The Fouch has Covid after all those jabs and dirty masks. So, (and we repeat ourselves for the umpteenth time since March, 2020), maybe the untested, unresearched vax/mask thing was not administered for any sound medical reason other than phony leadership optics and the political power attached to that. Are we stupid, or what?




UPDATE 7/7/22: With their usual deep thinking, the GunFreeZoners are calling for…what else?…more gun confiscation laws to save us. They missed the message that the Highland Park loon managed to slither gracefully around one of the nation’s most tangled webs of magic solutions like laws, restrictions, background checks, red flags and easily killed a lot of people for his own perverse pleasure. Their fresh, new solution: make it impossible for law-abiding normals to protect themselves! What’s that old definition of insanity again? 

SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act

WAR & PEACE: LENIN’S (and fellow Socialist HITLER’S) HEIRS



UPDATE 7/6/22: Presidential Medals of Freedom for Megan Rapinoe and Richard Trumka  have, like Nobel Peace Prizes for Arafat and Obama and Kennedy Center Honors for the likes of Bette Midler and Led Zeppelin, rendered these once-special tributes totally meaningless. Other questionable honorees included this year are John McCain for the distinction of going full RINO and saving ObamaCare and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords for the misfortune of being shot and becoming the poster girl for the Leftist anti-gun lobby. (Oh, and to help her hubby keep his Senate seat in the upcoming election). All definitely something from an upside-down world on the far side of Alice’s Looking Glass.



THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 7/5/22: It’s just plain lunacy to pretend BrandonWorld’s wrecking ball approach to “leading America” is anything but a strategy and plan, NOT “incompetence” or “ignorance.” Build Back Better is one long trip from Bad To Worse.

UPDATE 7/3/22: Roger Kimball restates the obvious in a few words. “What would the Biden administration do differently if it wanted to impoverish the American people by making them wards of the state?” No, it’s not incompetence; it’s a plan. 




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

UPDATE 7/8/22: The bad news first: Green insanity rages on in the form of indestructible plastic rooting systems that are engineered to reproduce crops automatically with the little side effect of permanently destroying any possibility of natural plant growth where such “roots” have spread. Sound good? Read about the whole wonderful process our Master Planners have in store.

The good news: by necessity, fossils are now being recategorized by the EU as “green energy.” Funny how the former curse of oil & gas has suddenly become the answer to real people’s real life needs for driving, flying, eating, staying warm/cold. What a difference reality makes. So very Orwellian but in this case, a ray of sanity.

UPDATE 7/5/22: The unicorn fantasy of a pristine Green Revolution is one big foul nest of lovely lies. heavily seasoned with psychosis.  Among the hard facts putting all those “inconvenient truths” to flight are slave labor used to produce those magical batteries and solar panels. This is all of no concern to those crazies who pull such annoying and pointless stunts as gluing their hands to famous artworks in museums. Totally awesome and inspiring are these eco-warriors.

The ironic bottom line is that without fossil fuels we are dooming ourselves to the extinction the Greenies insist is upon us. And even after decades of R & D to develop the sainted renewables, they will never account for more than a small fraction of the energy needed to sustain the world. The good news, unthinkable to the Climate Change Cassandras, is that there is plenty of oil and gas to last for centuries, and that’s not even considering all the sources yet to be tapped. By the way, the planet and its polar bears will all continue to thrive.

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation



BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)


UPDATE 7/7/22: Thanks to Trump’s diplomatic coup establishing the Abraham Accords countering Obama/Biden actively enabling Iran to nuke its neighbors and the rest of the world, Saudi Arabia has moved closer to Israel and to America. No small part of that involves major reform in the Saudi educational system, removing anti-Semitism and homosexual bigotry from textbooks. Meanwhile, Leftists still think cozying up to their own executioners in Tehran is a good idea.


UPDATE 7/5/22: On 9/11, rumors abounded of another low-flying plane spotted over Shanksville PA just after the Flight 93 went down there. Dick Cheney admits in a video that he gave the orders to shoot down any plane potentially controlled by terrorists AFTER the 3 had already hit their marks in NYC and DC. Was the story of heroic passengers bringing the plane down just a fable to cover this? It’s possible that both are true. Could passenger interference have taken the plane away from its intended target in DC out over western Pennsylvania?

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority




UPDATE 7/3/22: Some of us are wise enough to distinguish our enemies from our friends and count that as one of the main reasons we are still around to discuss it. So it is for Israel and their sensible rejection of that oh-so-reasonable Palestinian ‘Two State Solution.” 

This MRI shows a big, invasive cancer growing.

AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party


UPDATE 7/8/22: Clear thinker Jordan Peterson gives his welcome take on communism and its all-encompassing evil. 






UPDATE 7/8/22: Like many promising “conservatives” saying all the right things to get elected, Boris proved to be an unprincipled cad as PM. Partying secretly during Covid while the Little People were locked down does little to enhance any residual appeal he might have had though admittedly he was fun and colorful. But Britain has to do better as does her former colony this side of the pond.

TRUTH-The Great Uniter






UPDATE 7/8/22: A a new adage has been coined for the ages, inspired by the stinking garbage dump that is The Bidens. “By your perverse, personal emptiness and resultant dysfunctional offspring shall ye be known.”

UPDATE 7/5/22: That special Brandon eloquence and magic. Ketanji is there to help him define that single word (that he never gets to); and Kamala is there to provide some much-needed giggles for levity. Polls taken after this particular oration drew enthusiastic words of praise from the public: “WTF??!!”  “Huh?” “C’mon, man!”


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)

UPDATE 7/5/22: Right. Further Presidential ambitions are “out of the question.” Uh huh. Go, Joe, 2024!! Right behind ya! Sure. Of course. Natch.

No, she’s not going away. More of the same to look forward to. 




UPDATE 7/7/22: If smart and famous EXPERTS like Supreme Court Justices, Presidents of the United States, heads of big Government agencies and other prominentos say things about Climate Change, Gender Rights, vaccinations, masks and other stuff, those pronouncements must be true. Right? Right??!!



UPDATE 7/7/22: Kamala’s uniquely retarded oratorical style is silly enough, but how silly are those who insist she’s got anything worthwhile to say? This political gold digger is a rotten fistful of dead & dying Delaware brain cells away from the most powerful position on the planet. I mean, SERIOUSLY, guys. 

Recorded for posterity, America at its nadir.




UPDATE 7/8/22: In the person of the NY Times faux “conservative” Bret Stephens lies the contempt of do-nothing Republicans for a man and movement guilty of authentically conservative policies that free the public from poorest to richest.

THIS is what RINOs hate about Donald Trump.

UPDATE 7/8/22: Mittens scolds us selfish, clueless Little MAGA Folk for everything wrong with the country while exempting himself from any and all “progressive” voting he’s done as a U.S. Senator to create and prolong our worst problems. Makes one feel foolish having voted for him as the “conservative” choice against Barack.


SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act

UPDATE 7/9/22: Judging by the dissenting statements of the current Weird Sister Supreme coven, the Constitution is outmoded and in need of serious revision. So say a trio of female Social Justice Warriors. But then we already knew that about them, didn’t we?

Outdated, just for old fogies.



UPDATE 7/8/22: It’s not enough for Fauxcahontas to celebrate abortion. She is mad as hell there are resource centers for women CHOOSING to take their babies to full term, and this must be stopped. For a Party claiming exclusive ownership of compassion and concern for The People, they certainly look and sound for all the world like vicious barbarians.

Creature from the Dark Side.


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