UPDATE 4/18/24: Erasing all norms, lines, restrictions. redefining reality on the fly at one’s own convenience is the fundamental operating principle of the Orwellian Left. In our current (very real) reality, that includes national borders themselves and the laws governing them.

No boundaries, no borders. 

UPDATE 2/16/24: Pushing forth the idea of perfect equality is a dangerous myth, punishing excellence and achievement, awarding mediocrity and failure. We’re now living Ayn Rand’s dark prophecies, the consequences of the “equality” lie infecting everyday life, forcing competent people to strike and disappear, leaving society to its own self-destructive devices.

Note the pronouns used by the individual of Rand’s collectivist future are “we, us and they.” A clue to the motives of today’s gender tyrants. 


UPDATE 11/29/23: Globalism is the ultimate imposition of no defining lines, akin to the psychosis experienced by those on a bad drug trip. How better to control all of humanity than to reduce it to a formless blob?

UPDATE 8/8/23: Gaslighting: browbeating someone into believing something is true contrary to what their own healthy senses tell them. We are expected to believe that these men pictured below fawned over by the most powerful people in our hemisphere are perfectly normal, worthy of emulation and admiration, even heroic…that they’re actually women…if we’re told so. Disagree, and you are hereby branded a hater and prime candidate for elimination. Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” 

The Maple Leaf Monster stages a double Divine photo op. 

UPDATE 6/16/23: Self-styled, showboating champions of “inclusiveness” like faux country boy/universal peacenik Garth Brooks are blinding themselves to the slippery slope of sickness and damage enveloping the young in the name of normalized “Trans Rights.” As for adults, let the consumer market decide whether it’s good business to celebrate bizarros like Dylan Mulvaney. That market includes Garth’s own bar and vast professional brand. Unlike clueless ol’ Garth, a goodly share of his audience and fan base may still retain enough sense of what’s good and bad, decent and indecent, sane and insane within themselves to decide such compulsory “inclusiveness” is in fact one giant assault/insult, excluding them and their values.

UPDATE 11/20/22: The One World/Globalist/Master Planner/Totalitarians are working to erase distinctiveness, uniqueness, individuality on all levels. From the most uniquely personal (gender, race, class) to nationalities and their different cultures, nothing will do but a complete levelling and removal of defining lines. How better to control humanity that turn all of us into one faceless blob? Orson Welles’ wicked Harry Lime memorably expresses it in “The Third Man,” contemptuously looking down from that Viennese Ferris wheel on all those insignificant “little dots.” See Fauci, 11/25/22 for the present-day incarnation of this fictional, cold-blooded sociopath.


UPDATE 8/6/22: There is madness, confusion and ultimately tyranny in the acceptance of NO commonly accepted wisdom, beliefs, borders, boundaries. This is anarchy, nihilism, chaos. Change and pervert the language (such as with the pronoun insanity, and we become isolated strangers from one another in a society ripe for conquest.

UPDATE 7/22/22: The “gender ideology” craze is much more than the male/female thing but a mass termite attack on reality so essential to destroying a society. Erase all lines, customs, traditions, beliefs commonly held to be true, and you’ve unmoored any sense of order. How better to conquer and control?


UPDATE 7/5/22: The deliberate blurring and denial of binary sexuality in the natural world (not just in our “culture”) is a sledge hammer to the underpinnings of a mentally stable society. 

UPDATE 6/21/22: The blurring of all distinctions, definitions, boundaries, commonly accepted differences between things (men & women, healthy and sick, up & down, black & white, good and evil) is the road to mass mental breakdown. What better way to destroy an entire society, and the Left has had at least a century of practice. The Trojan horse of Obama’s Identity/Woke Politics  (permanent civil war) and the illegal installation of his senile successor has now sent this societal suicide into overdrive.

Blurred definition.

UPDATE 4/2/22: Perhaps the worst nightmare and most insidious treat in the Woke Left’s bag of bad tricks for the future is officially government-sanctioned indoctrination of the young and innocent, beginning in kindergarten, with the glories of hyper sexuality and all the dozens of gender choices available to impressionable kids. The corporate behemoth bearing the great Walt Disney’s name has become the most vocal, enthusiastic entertainment giant to jump onto this stinking garbage barge.

UPDATE 3/18/22: What is a woman?  Not only conservatives are waking up from the Woke Gender absurdity.

UPDATE 3/12/22: Brandon’s Health & Human Services (HHS) employees are being warned to monitor themselves lest they use the improper pronouns to the gender-sensitive.  There was a time when this could only have occurred in the imaginary realm of a “Twilight Zone” episode. 

UPDATE 1/26/22: Nowhere is safe, even (or especially) among the nuns & priests. And we’re not talking about your conventional sexual abuse. One woman’s nightmarish story of reclaiming her gender dysphoric daughter from the clutches of the Woke gender-bending fanatics running the girl’s Catholic school.

UPDATE 12/18/21: There’s a virus going ’round, and it didn’t come from Beijing. Ask J.K. Rowling, tycoon publishing phenomenon, authoress of the “Harry Potter” series, now fighting for her professional reputation and personal safety for insisting there are two (2)(II) sexes, not a number yet to be decided upon.

UPDATE 6/3/21: A 6th Circuit Court has just handed down a judgment as if in response to Pelosi’s House proposal “outlawing” such offensive terms in use since the dawn of speech as “mother,” “father,” “brother,” “sister,” “man,” “woman,” “boy,” “girl”…you get the idea. A college professor daring not to obey a male student’s demand to be addressed with his “chosen [female] pronouns” has won a skirmish in the all-out war against free speech. Any victory is a comfort, but the mania for bringing one’s selectively chosen victimhood (and pronouns!) to court has reached epidemic proportions, an evil genie let out of the bottle.

UPDATE 1/1/21: Forcibly mandated FACELESS America now is about to be joined by officially GENDERLESS America as the chilling New Normal/Great Reset thanks to Pelosi’s newly proposed bill outlawing hurtful words in government business like mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, daughter, aunt, uncle. Who was it again who said “It Can’t Happen Here?”

Faceless Genderless

UPDATE 5/23/20: And with the cooperation of a sheepish public in CoronaCrazed lockdown mode, a FACELESS humanity.


UPDATE 4/27/18: In case there has ever been any doubt about the Left’s “concern” for so-called “victims’ in society, note the full-scale campaign to isolate and destroy one famous Black entertainer (Kanye West) who has refused to stay on their Hate Trump plantation.

ORIGINAL POST 5/12/16: Class, gender, race, religion. What’s the next target on Obama World’s  “fundamental transformation” of our social order, the blurring of all boundaries in pursuit of powerless, indistinct masses controlled by a self-appointed Elite Few?

The old Marxist ideal of a “classless society” (income inequality!) is a given. Criticism of Muslims and their very real threat to the West is taboo. Ergo, a “borderless world.” On the other hand, White Christians are blamed for everything rotten on this earth, from American slavery to all the sins of religion (with the notable exception of Islam).   For the current “bathroom wars,” every lockstep Liberal in sight, famous or otherwise, has jumped onto the “genderless world”  bandwagon.

It all adds up to Orwell’s hideous vision of a gray, colorless world, individuals without distinction from one another. Objective reality has taken a long vacation.

Yet another disconcerting attack on our normalcy is the line between child and adult. Currently, a twofer is underway in Austria. A teacher is subject to punishment for rightly opining that Mohammed, in having had sexual relations with his 9 year old wife, might safely be called a child molester. Europe’s suicidal policy of allowing Muslims to take over whole countries is now a matter of record. If Muslim anti-Western mores (females of all ages=chattel and slaves, honor killings, public stoning, etc. etc.) are to be tolerated in the name of open-hearted “multiculturalism,” how long before the line between adult and child and “consensual” sex between the two becomes a norm, another “right?”

One can put nothing past these people.

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