March 8, 2020


UPDATE 5/31/20: Before staging  phony mass grief counseling for the so-called Covid dead, check out the inflated numbers. We go back to the REAL numbers of those dead of the flu in years past and ask, again, what warranted killing the economy and sending millions of American lives (and billions internationally) into chaos?


UPDATE 5/16/20: As predicted from the start [see below], reported repeatedly since, now glaringly obvious: the REAL numbers of Corona deaths aren’t adding up…except when falsely inflated.

UPDATE 5/12/20: Who are these two men-Fauci and Ferguson-whose sage recommendation has needlessly shut down the entire world? What kind of fools are we to have listened to them?

UPDATE 4/26/20: Americans are growing tired of forced idleness and the smug, authoritarian politicians claiming to be looking out for their best interests. Working again in a free country has never seemed so desirable…except to those wishing to live as sponges and the politicians living off their indolence.

UPDATE 4/5/20: Skepticism of the forcibly idled now approaching full viral boil as Corona mortality figures don’t keep pace with the apocalyptic predictions. Meanwhile, millions of real people face ruined careers and lives thanks to this media-manufactured crisis. Welcome to Shrugged Atlasville.


UPDATE 3/31/20: One more time: a little CoronaCraze perspective (hard numbers) on death and dying in America. The panicked will be disappointed.

UPDATE 3/29/20: The panic figures get walked back to the horror of the Dem crisis-mongers. With the legitimate focus now on treatment of the virus and  restoring everyday life to normal, Trump’s briefings and approval ratings soar; the Left despairs. So it goes for those who refuse to see the source of their blessings.

UPDATE 3/27/20: Dems show first stages of panic, disbelief, grief as the whole virus scare proves HIGHLY EXAGGERATED and ineffective in derailing the Trump Train. Progressive hopes die hard, the dashed dreams of an insurmountable “crisis” accomplishing what Russian Collusion and Impeachment could not.


UPDATE 3/23/20: 10 days later. Still a small fraction of deaths in the workplace. Makes perfect sense to shut down  the entire U.S. economy. Saves lives.

UPDATE: 3/13/20: CoronaCrazed!!!! has become a craze, like the Beatles or hula hoops. One dry wit terms it “virus porn,” highly unwholesome excitement generated by this latest of media frenzies. Last year (2018-2019) , according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 34,200 people died of the flu, 490,600 were hospitalized. From the flu. No hype or panic, just some routinely sad stats. 

Estimates for this year:  22,000-55,000 dead, 370,000-670,000 hospitalized. From the flu. 

This year, from the Wuhan Black Plague, as of Friday, March 13: 41 dead thus far nationwide, 75% of which have occurred in an unfortunate nursing facility and elsewhere in Washington State. Panic, crashed stock market, shutdown of most normal commercial and personal activity, bankruptcies, total disruption of lives. Yet one more stab at Getting Trump.

Can we have a little perspective here, folks? Pandemic? Epidemic? Crisis? End of the world? Compared to what?

Highlighting a whole field of  Stalin wannabes pushing this porn, NY Mayor De Blasio has modestly proposed “nationalization, literally a nationalization, of crucial factories and industries that can produce the medical supplies that can prepare this country for what we need.” In other, dirtier words, the implementation of his Marxist wet dream. Rahm Emanuel knew of what he was speaking when counseling His Great Leader not “to let a crisis go to waste.”

No fools they, these “leaders” celebrating this most unexpected and welcome blow to Trump’s roaring economy.

Considering the millions of easily panicked members of the public obediently giving life to this imminent Armageddon hoax, one must ask who are the biggest fools allowing all this to happen? Ain’t it always the way with the cooperative, obtuse masses when the real seizure of absolute power is afoot.

Admirable Americans fighting over the last roll of toilet paper on the shelves.

Our Founding Fathers fought for American liberty. Their admirable descendants fight over the last roll of toilet paper on the shelves. CORRECTION: These are Australians!!! Viral insanity that knows no borders.

UPDATE 3/12/29: Getting Trump, try, try again: Russian collusion, kaput. Impeachment pfft. Let’s try wrecking the economy! Funny how Swine Flu (300, 000 hospitalized, thousands dead) never became politicized when the Great O was at the heroic helm.

To date: 22,000-55,000 dead of the flu, 30 (thirty, XXX, 29+1) nationwide of this thing. What would the totalitarian Left do without the reliable panic reaction of the mindless masses?  Such mob hysteria is the virus to worry about. 

Branco-Corona Wreck of Economy

ORIGINAL POST 3/8/20: Since the Left and its ubiquitous media mouthpieces will do or say ANYTHING to get rid of Trump, it comes as no surprise when ProgWorld cries “Wolf!” or “Fire!” or “Mass Extinction From Corona Virus!!” at every opportunity. A sane perspective based on real facts and figures tell us this virus scare is yet another way of creating a destabilized atmosphere, the latest attempt by the Left to put the kibosh on Trump’s thriving economy. A wildly fluctuating stock market and a climate of fear make up the fondest hopes of The Woke.

Our real concern and the essence of the Trump Revolution is bringing business back to America from cheap labor havens such as totalitarian China whose dismal self-created fate in all matters (like viral epidemics) should be their own, not ours. As we paid the price for depending upon OPEC for our oil, so we’re suffering now the consequences of outsourced American factories on foreign soil.  Time to repatriate.


What is the Left’s worst nightmare other than an electorate of free individuals  no longer looking to Big Brother Donkey to take care of them? Who needs Green New Deals and Free Everything when there’s a thriving American marketplace of jobs, goods and services to be had? MAGA!!!


15 Responses to CoronaCrazed!

  1. Joan Swirsky on March 8, 2020 at 11:47 pm

    Agree with you 100%, Fred….this is yet another pathetic attempt by the devolving leftists among us to discredit President Trump, cause a slump in HIS phenomenal economy, and think that Americans are really stupid enough to vote for a Democrat in November. Dumb is forever!

    Great piece, as usual!



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