March 8, 2020

panic narrative

UPDATE 12/7/20: An Oregon doctor openly dares to challenge the CoronaCrazed! narrative and gets his medical license snatched away by his craven state medical board. The Mayor of LA has banned “unnecessary” walking (or appearing) outdoors in the name of “safety.” We are far, far, far beyond mere ideological disagreement.

UPDATE 11/29/20: The crime of mass Lockdown in pursuit of “safety” meets the judgment seat of facts. Likewise, HCQ effectiveness in combatting the virus is once again evident to those actually interested in medical solutions and not political power.

UPDATE 11/21/20: It becomes more apparent that the Lockdown “mistake” has really been one of history’s colossal crimes against humanity. How many millions worldwide have needlessly suffered in the name of “safety,” “public health” and “the science?” And how many millions more will continue to suffer if the Democrats attain control of the country? All just a run-through of global control, previously thought most attainable through the “global warming” hoax. Hanoi Jane wasn’t whistling Dixie when she declared Covid a surprise gift to the totalitarian Left.


UPDATE 11/1/20: In case anyone thinks the whole CoronaCrazed lockdown and continuing scare tactics of “New Cases” and “The Second Wave”   isn’t all about politics (and money), note what Clarice Feldman’s doctor told her:“A few weeks ago, I had minor eye surgery and had to go through a COVID test, a temperature reading, hand sanitizing, and masking for a  ten-minute procedure. Disgusted with all these theatrics, I asked the doctor how long he thought we’d have to endure this nonsense. He responded ‘November 4th.’ Be of good cheer.”

It’s all about politics and has been all along. And starting November 4 if, God willing, Trump is re-elected, the Dems will have to start searching out a new crisis to exploit.

Crisis ever_Let_A_Good_Crisis_Go_To_Waste

10/25/20: Might as well laugh about something so senselessly cry-worthy.Mona-Lisa-Quarantine

UPDATE 10/25/20: All the ginned-up hysteria surrounding “New Covid Cases!!!” and “Second Waves!!!” is fog obscuring the necessary, natural occurrence of herd immunity that leads to the eradication of the virus threat…a threat in itself to the diabolical panic narrative justifying perpetual lockdown. So much for the Left’s admiration for “the science.”

UPDATE 10/17/20: What of those people in need of real, immediate medical help shunted aside to “save lives” HYPOTHETICALLY in danger during the Corona Lockdown? The magnitude of the crime committed grows as reality dawns on the willfully blind.

Covid-19 Corona Virus Rubber Stamps (Canceled, Postponed, Rescheduled, Delayed, Denied, Closed, Terminated, Blocked). Business, employment, public health, state of emergency, travel ban rubber stamps.

UPDATE 10/13/20: That sticky glob of expertise known as W.H.O. (World Health Organization) changes its tune regarding mass lockdowns, declaring the results are far worse in numbers and devastating effect than the plague itself. No news to the millions and millions of ruined business owners, bankrupted individuals, people dead by their own hands or denied crucial treatment for serious conditions long preceding Covid.


UPDATE 10/10/20:  “First was the belief that the coronavirus was so deadly that it called for an unprecedented and untested response. With the data now in, we know this was wrong. By far the most severe viral outbreak in U.S. history was the Spanish flu of 1918. It killed about 0.7 percent of the population, hitting healthy young adults particularly hard. COVID-19 has claimed 0.06 percent of the population, with deaths concentrated among the elderly with preexisting health problems. As the declaration puts it: ‘We know that vulnerability to death from COVID-19 is more than a thousand-fold higher in the old and infirm than the young.’”

A formal declaration, from legitimate scientists, not the career bureaucrats and experts behind this crime of the century. Speaking for millions: stop the madness, stop the charade, resume the normal. We’re onto your plan to advance your totalitarian ends. Never again! The legal aspects and future ramifications of what is amounting to one of the worst crimes in history, the “Scamdemic,” are sobering at best.

Does it register that the ultimate cost of this “cure” has proven to be incalculably worse than the disease?

“The likely far greater death toll has not yet arrived from the six-month lockdown. And it could be terrifying when we eventually learn of the hundreds of thousands who were sickened or who died from missed medical treatments and surgeries, or from the stress of the quarantines or the spikes in alcohol and drug use, or spousal and child abuse.”

P.S. The Barrington Declaration has been censored by Big Tech. Seems this whole lockdown and mass control is something our Master Planners finds desirable, and any lifting of the restrictions runs counter to their plans for control.

UPDATE 10/10/20: To the dismay of those in the despicable fear-for-political-profit business, Florida shows no signs of spiked Covid cases despite doing away with the Holy Mask charade.

Look ma, no mask

UPDATE 10/3/20: Mask madness continues apace despite clear evidence that Covid has peaked, hospitalizations and deaths now dwindling. Naturally, any relaxation of the government-imposed restrictions is daylight to the vampires of the CoronaCrazed bureaucracy, and Dr. Scott Atlas’ recommendations for a resumption of normal life is cause for alarm. His exposure of their lies and mistakes makes him prime target for defamation and destruction. Similar challenges to government lockdown and healthy movements toward  normalcy in Germany and England are not welcome to those enjoying the power this particular crisis has gifted them.


UPDATE 9/27/20: The scare tactics of daily “case counts” proves to be yet another hoax designed to keep the masses in masked/distanced mode. Panic, as any politically savvy Dem will attest, is a crisis that should not go to waste. Note 4 figure numbers of “cases” and the numbers of hospitalizations( 0, zero, nada) and deaths(0, zero, nada). Disappointing news to the quivering inhabitants of that region of the Twilight Zone known as Safe New World.

Case count

UPDATE 9/26/20: With Scott Atlas preempting Fauci, hope for resumption of commonsensical normal life  has come out of its dark corner. Opportunities for the Leftists to establish a permanent mass (and masked!) Twilight Zone dystopia are running out. Stop the panic, end total isolation!

Scott Atlas

UPDATE 9/26/20: Drab is as drab does. The very drab Rachel Maddow dishonestly beats her drab drum of distorted doom for South Dakota’s loosened lockdown policies, demonstrating in her trademark drab fashion the desperate Left’s climate-of-fear strategy. Give MSNBC’s grayest, wettest blanket time, and she’ll be detailing in drab detail her own made-up death stats for Florida’s long overdue release from Covid Clampdown. Think Soviet Russia, East Berlin, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, locked-down America. All as “safe” as  dead bugs in a jar. Think the Democratic Party Prog vision for us. Think airless, think drab.

Not a mask in sight.

Not a mask in sight.

UPDATE 9/23/20:  Read the figures and weep for those lives ruined by this totally politicized over-reaction to CV-19. To restate the obvious: the cure most definitely has been worse than the disease.

“We expect the Democrats to avoid and ignore facts and numbers that contradict their coronavirus narrative. One, they want to voters to live in fear and take it out on the Trump White House and Republican senators in November. Two, Democratic governors and mayors have had a taste of expanded authority over an ostensibly free people and don’t want to let go of that raw power – it’s exactly what they live for.”

Exactly what they live for. What will be the next crisis not to go to waste?

UPDATE 8/31/20: Those millions of healthy people and businesses ruined by the CoronaCrazed! DemPanic should be a bit put out that fewer than 10,000 people have died to date SPECIFICALLY from Covid, not the millions predicted nor the actual 180,000. The others had other serious medical conditions or were elderly, already vulnerable to other afflictions such as the virus. This is coming (quietly, very quietly) from that rightwing extremist media source called CDC, Center For Disease Control. Read all about it at the CDC site but certainly nowhere in the mainstream media. Under “Comorbidities” you will see that only 6% (SIX PERCENT)  of the so-called “Covid deaths” were actually “Covid deaths.” The other 94% involved an average of 2.6 other life-threatening ailments. As Miss Litella would say about this devastating little error, “Never mind.”

Time to regain our common sense, resume our lives, and for Trump to heed the advice of medical professionals who truly “Do No Harm” like Dr. Scott Atlas instead of Deep State career bureaucrats like the slippery Dr. Fauci & Co. 

One must ask, “What policy or plan put forth by the Leftist-controlled Democratic Party isn’t based on an outright lie?lies

UPDATE 8/27/20: In a speech entitled “Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance”, delivered June 18 for a Hillsdale College online symposium, Heather Macdonald clearly summarizes the criminal fiasco that has been created by the CoronaCrazed overreaction. The cure has definitely been worse than the disease.

UPDATE 5/31/20: Before staging  phony mass grief counseling for the so-called Covid dead, check out the inflated numbers. We go back to the REAL numbers of those dead of the flu in years past and ask, again, what warranted killing the economy and sending millions of American lives (and billions internationally) into chaos?


UPDATE 5/16/20: As predicted from the start [see below], reported repeatedly since, now glaringly obvious: the REAL numbers of Corona deaths aren’t adding up…except when falsely inflated.

UPDATE 5/12/20: Who are these two men-Fauci and Ferguson-whose sage recommendation has needlessly shut down the entire world? What kind of fools are we to have listened to them?

UPDATE 4/26/20: Americans are growing tired of forced idleness and the smug, authoritarian politicians claiming to be looking out for their best interests. Working again in a free country has never seemed so desirable…except to those wishing to live as sponges and the politicians living off their indolence.

UPDATE 4/5/20: Skepticism of the forcibly idled now approaching full viral boil as Corona mortality figures don’t keep pace with the apocalyptic predictions. Meanwhile, millions of real people face ruined careers and lives thanks to this media-manufactured crisis. Welcome to Shrugged Atlasville.


UPDATE 3/31/20: One more time: a little CoronaCraze perspective (hard numbers) on death and dying in America. The panicked will be disappointed.

UPDATE 3/29/20: The panic figures get walked back to the horror of the Dem crisis-mongers. With the legitimate focus now on treatment of the virus and  restoring everyday life to normal, Trump’s briefings and approval ratings soar; the Left despairs. So it goes for those who refuse to see the source of their blessings.

UPDATE 3/27/20: Dems show first stages of panic, disbelief, grief as the whole virus scare proves HIGHLY EXAGGERATED and ineffective in derailing the Trump Train. Progressive hopes die hard, the dashed dreams of an insurmountable “crisis” accomplishing what Russian Collusion and Impeachment could not.


UPDATE 3/23/20: 10 days later. Still a small fraction of deaths in the workplace. Makes perfect sense to shut down  the entire U.S. economy. Saves lives.

UPDATE: 3/13/20: CoronaCrazed!!!! has become a craze, like the Beatles or hula hoops. One dry wit terms it “virus porn,” highly unwholesome excitement generated by this latest of media frenzies. Last year (2018-2019) , according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 34,200 people died of the flu, 490,600 were hospitalized. From the flu. No hype or panic, just some routinely sad stats. 

Estimates for this year:  22,000-55,000 dead, 370,000-670,000 hospitalized. From the flu. 

This year, from the Wuhan Black Plague, as of Friday, March 13: 41 dead thus far nationwide, 75% of which have occurred in an unfortunate nursing facility and elsewhere in Washington State. Panic, crashed stock market, shutdown of most normal commercial and personal activity, bankruptcies, total disruption of lives. Yet one more stab at Getting Trump.

Can we have a little perspective here, folks? Pandemic? Epidemic? Crisis? End of the world? Compared to what?

Highlighting a whole field of  Stalin wannabes pushing this porn, NY Mayor De Blasio has modestly proposed “nationalization, literally a nationalization, of crucial factories and industries that can produce the medical supplies that can prepare this country for what we need.” In other, dirtier words, the implementation of his Marxist wet dream. Rahm Emanuel knew of what he was speaking when counseling His Great Leader not “to let a crisis go to waste.”

No fools they, these “leaders” celebrating this most unexpected and welcome blow to Trump’s roaring economy.

Considering the millions of easily panicked members of the public obediently giving life to this imminent Armageddon hoax, one must ask who are the biggest fools allowing all this to happen? Ain’t it always the way with the cooperative, obtuse masses when the real seizure of absolute power is afoot.

Admirable Americans fighting over the last roll of toilet paper on the shelves.

Our Founding Fathers fought for American liberty. Their admirable descendants fight over the last roll of toilet paper on the shelves. CORRECTION: These are Australians!!! Viral insanity that knows no borders.

UPDATE 3/12/29: Getting Trump, try, try again: Russian collusion, kaput. Impeachment pfft. Let’s try wrecking the economy! Funny how Swine Flu (300, 000 hospitalized, thousands dead) never became politicized when the Great O was at the heroic helm.

To date: 22,000-55,000 dead of the flu, 30 (thirty, XXX, 29+1) nationwide of this thing. What would the totalitarian Left do without the reliable panic reaction of the mindless masses?  Such mob hysteria is the virus to worry about. 

Branco-Corona Wreck of Economy

ORIGINAL POST 3/8/20: Since the Left and its ubiquitous media mouthpieces will do or say ANYTHING to get rid of Trump, it comes as no surprise when ProgWorld cries “Wolf!” or “Fire!” or “Mass Extinction From Corona Virus!!” at every opportunity. A sane perspective based on real facts and figures tell us this virus scare is yet another way of creating a destabilized atmosphere, the latest attempt by the Left to put the kibosh on Trump’s thriving economy. A wildly fluctuating stock market and a climate of fear make up the fondest hopes of The Woke.

Our real concern and the essence of the Trump Revolution is bringing business back to America from cheap labor havens such as totalitarian China whose dismal self-created fate in all matters (like viral epidemics) should be their own, not ours. As we paid the price for depending upon OPEC for our oil, so we’re suffering now the consequences of outsourced American factories on foreign soil.  Time to repatriate.


What is the Left’s worst nightmare other than an electorate of free individuals  no longer looking to Big Brother Donkey to take care of them? Who needs Green New Deals and Free Everything when there’s a thriving American marketplace of jobs, goods and services to be had? MAGA!!!


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  1. Joan Swirsky on March 8, 2020 at 11:47 pm

    Agree with you 100%, Fred….this is yet another pathetic attempt by the devolving leftists among us to discredit President Trump, cause a slump in HIS phenomenal economy, and think that Americans are really stupid enough to vote for a Democrat in November. Dumb is forever!

    Great piece, as usual!



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