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UPDATE 10/20/21: One unwelcome result of CoronaCrazed politics is the unethical refusal of many medical “professionals” to treat not merely vaccine refuseniks but any individual questioning them or their treatment methods. How dare you question Me, the God of Science? One senior Canadian’s account of such an incident describes the sobering sorry state of  First Do No Harm, the basic Hippocratic Oath.

UPDATE 10/9/21: Sweden’s admirable laissez-faire attitude toward the virus, allowing life to go on as normal while dealing rationally and responsibly with the stricken, puts to flight the vaccine/mask/lockdown hysteria besetting virtually every other country worldwide. Most likely, natural herd immunity and people free from the toxic stresses of lockdown has made fools of those persistent scoundrels intent on milking a ginned-up crisis for all the political power it can yield. The same goes within the US as  those most vaccinated States have shown an increase in infection while the “Deplorable” free states such as Texas & Florida report plateauing or decline in infection. 

And why? We repeat ourselves: viruses are here to stay and will always strike the vulnerable while most people, infected or not, can go on with their lives. There is also the factor that the stress of lockdowns-unemployment, depression, immobility-wage a terrible toll on health and natural immunity.

The commonsensical truth of this is not welcome news to the Left eager to create and exploit a panicked populace simply because they can.

UPDATE 10/1/21: As Covid has been and remains one of the greatest gifts ever to fall into the Left’s lap, it comes as the worst possible news that the “pandemic” is kaput, and things can return to normal now. Naturally, this is the last thing the usual culprits want to hear, and they are working fulltime to see that these glad tidings never come about. What is the Left without a fearmongering crisis to keep the submissive herd in the corral?

UPDATE 9/30/21: Yes, the cure has been worse than the disease.

UPDATE 9/17/21: Keeping panic and fear ongoing remains the primary strategy to keep Covid public obsession boiling on the collective front burner. As one medical official is on record saying, “We need to be more scary to the public” by including cases and unnecessary hospitalizations in manufactured Permanent Crisis Count. Truly serious cases and actual deaths factually due to Covid account for a fraction of the pumped-up scary numbers. 

And, still unable to sufficiently scare the public in adequate numbers, we now we have no less than the reputed President of the United States threatening people who choose to live without fear and with the rational risks of living as a daily given, created “crisis” or no crisis.

“…and counting….” Hope springs eternal in the breasts of the crisis creators.

UPDATE 9/4/21: The Hippocratic oath administered to physicians,  “First do no harm,” finds itself outmoded in ALL endeavors when politics and power take precedence over our duty to be the best we can be.

UPDATE 8/27/21: Daily/hourly bulletins screaming about THOUSANDS of Covid “cases” without distinguishing those figures from real people actually ill or dying  continue to be THE effective means of panicking the public for political and financial profit. Drama lovers among the mindless masses remain Halloween thrilled and enthralled like little girls in the carnival funhouse.

UPDATE 8/25/21: Teaching young Westerners that their civilization is fundamentally evil and browbeating the older ones who should know better (but reflexively vote Left) is a virus far deadlier than anything the Chinese could ever cook up in a lab. 

UPDATE 8/21/21: Amidst the Afghanistan disaster, January 6 show trials, uncontrolled immigrant invasion and ginned-up fears of new lockdowns, one big question still burns vividly through the fog: what happened in Wuhan in 2019 and what direct connection does the ever-more-sinister Dr. Fauci  and EcoAlliance’s Peter Daszak have to the creation and release of The Virus from the Wuhan lab?

UPDATE 8/16/21: For anyone with some common sense and more interest in what works medically and not politically: Covid symptoms can be avoided if hit early with zinc and Vitamins A & D. Throw in HCQ and Ivermectin, both relatively cheap and available through routine prescription from any doctor serious about practicing real medicine, and you have a better than excellent chance of avoiding problems. On the other hand: if  you get your news and medical advice from the people who shut down the world and ruined millions of lives in order to unsuccessfully save thousands, never mind.

8/2/21: Unlike vaccines proven effective and safe after YEARS of testing, the current vaccine mania is exacting an inconvenient toll as documented by the CDC: 11,940 DEAD 618,648 Injuries and 1,175 Unborn Babies dead following COVID-19 Shots.  Any reaction from the Vax tyrants? Perhaps the wise old communist adage about the need for broken eggs to make that great collectivist omelette?

UPDATE 8/1/21: Much to the dismay of the mask/vaccine fanatics and the MSM that thrive on mass panic, there are honorable medical professionals offering commonsensical, rational steps to be taken by the general population to protect themselves from the virus. There is also the good news diligently suppressed nowadays that over 99% of the infected will recover, some without any symptoms.

Not necessary.

UPDATE 7/28/21: The most deadly virus around being deliberately perpetuated and spread is FEAR.

UPDATE 7/21/21: A shocking spike in suicide and depression among the locked-down young isn’t good cause to question the wisdom of the whole lockdown insanity?

For those of us skeptical of the totalitarian lockdowns from the start, the bottom line remains economic and mental health devastation.  If the language of science is math, the numbers tell a crime story the “follow-the-science” frauds aren’t owning.

The verdict and whole truth over time and 20-20 hindsight will be told by simply following the money and power. Ain’t that always the way?

UPDATE 7/2/21: Even at the peak of the hysteria, the CDC quietly noted that only 6% of “Covid fatalities” were the result of exclusively Covid and not the result of serious pre-existing conditions aggravated by Covid. Meaning: 94% of those dead were seriously sick with other ailments and too resistance-compromised to withstand the virus. Covidophiles now blithely quote that magical 600,000 figure as “Covid deaths” when the reality is probably a miniscule fraction, now further born out by verification of a Lisbon court that less than one percent of Covid cases actually died of it.

This is dire news for the sheeple continuing to hope, pray, yearn for more lockdowns, more masks, more controls. What a trauma for those in love with the idea of a frozen society. Anything to keep the fear and loathing going mixed with the stubborn insistence on ignoring the cheap, available, effective antidotes of HCQ & Ivermectin. Yet another reproach to those who have created High Priests out of the incompetent frauds of the politicized CDC, WHO and MSM gleefully spreading the mendacious narrative. The credibility of this whole alphabet soup of “experts” and “authorities” is permanently blown.

Keep the fear going. Ideal for the control freaks in government and those bossy Karens of both sexes shrieking at the maskless in the grocery store. 

UPDATE 6/25/21: Have we been had, bigtime?  Has the hysteria and drama been inversely proportional to the actual risk? Is there a sequel in the works, called Delta Variant?

UPDATE 6/20/21: During the CoronaCraze, Big Brother decided, rather than let individuals take whatever risks and continue to live our normal lives, that HE had the one-size-fits-all solution and rigidly locked EVERYONE down. Admittedly, it was a gift to those whose find totalitarian control from above couched in kindly terms very heady (for the controllers) and comforting (for a frightening number of the controlled). Some of us will always be haunted by those videos of burly cops dragging unmasked men and women out of stores and trains like common criminals.

UPDATE 6/15/21: The destruction of millions of healthy lives, businesses, savings accounts doesn’t register on those celebrating the Great Triumph of The Covideers!  Just a little collateral damage, those insignificant broken eggs used to make their poisonous omelette.

UPDATE 6/10/21: I recall vividly laughing to myself at an email about “precautions” that came through from a local acquaintance about 18 months ago. The first entry on a visibly long list read, “NEVER shake anyone’s hand.” I thought for sure it was a joke, one person’s mockery of the hysteria just setting in regarding The Pandemic. Lo and behold, he meant it in dead seriousness, and now that things are officially relaxing (while some of us just ignored all of Tony Fauci’s criminal instructions all along whenever possible), it’s clear that a disturbing percentage of our reputedly intelligent, mature fellow citizens are still just as hysterical about giving up those controls that have “re-imagined” some of our most familiar conventions.

Remember this? It used to be a universal gesture of friendly greeting, and only germaphobes and hypochondriacs worried about catching cooties.

Shake hands? Are you kidding! More than half of the people I know are still doing the silly elbow thing. All hail a new world of viewing everyone as a leprous grim reaper, goodbye to that most civilized familiar gesture of greeting and trust. Some of us will continue to extend our hands at the risk of being branded “insensitive.”

Now that the masks are going, The Holy Vaccine sacrament seems destined to be the next divisive social stigma to blight our lives, at least for the foreseeable future. The fear and suspicion will not abate even while the stench of the stinking dead fish that is the entire CoronaCraze disaster of lockdowns/masks/suspension of basic rights is reaching the unmasked noses and open eyes of the public. Common sense clearly continues to take a holiday even while reputable doctors continue to speak out against an hysterical “cure” whose damage has far  out-distanced the illness by an unholy factor.

UPDATE 6/5/21: Data from a reputable MIT scientist: Surprise!! Lockdowns have had little effect on Covid fatalities but a major effect on unemployment. “Follow the science,” they intoned from on high as simple numbers (and everything else) deemed  politically inconvenient were unscientifically dismissed. Meanwhile, millions saw their businesses, savings and lives go up in smoke. Needlessly.

UPDATE 3/21: As radical chic Hanoi Jane giddily cackled, “Covid is a gift to the Left.” Coupled with Rahm Emanuel’s sage “Never let a crisis go to waste,” the Left came up with their unbeatable Covid Plague Power Putsch!! And for the most visible hustlers (Fauci & Cuomo), a chance to make a killing (financial and literal) out of the crisis. Will the public buy it next time? Sad to say, there are still millions who pine for their masks and hate to let go of arbitrary tyranny and a wholesale suspension of basic American rights.

UPDATE 6/3/21: There’s a  new segregation known as Vaccine Virtue Signaling. The good guys are vaccinated, the bad guys are dangerous, selfish and should be marginalized whenever possible. But wait, if you’re vaccinated, what do you care about those unvaccinated Deplorables? And what if actually being infected (ideally without serious symptoms) is the best immunity and historically the road to mass recovery? All logic and rational considerations are still considered off-limits, and the civil war goes on, much to the delight of the Lockdown/Mask zealots who have managed to ruin hundreds of millions of lives in the name of “saving lives.”

UPDATE 6/1/21: Despite relaxation of restrictions, the public is now addicted to Covid panic porn, and the media giants will be only too glad to provide their consumers with more prolonged titillating disinformation.

UPDATE 5/26/21: Like those touting the glorious benefits of Leftism/Socialism/Communism, the geniuses who locked down the world promise they’ll get it right… next time. And doubtless there will be a next time considering how effective the whole CoronaCraze was in consolidating power, eliminating political resistance and implementing Obama’s fabled Transformation via the Hologram Puppet currently installed in DC.

Lockdowns, masks, social distancing still remain in place almost everywhere despite The [Faux] Happy Solution of vaccines and all despite there being no statistical difference of infections/deaths in states and countries with and without all the precautionary measures. As one writer asks, after more than a year of this panic porn mass manipulation: “But wait a minute…”

As effective as masks and twice as stupid-looking.

UPDATE 5/9/21: Of all the gin joints and Chinese labs in this world, he had to walk into mine…Where did this thing originate? And why? All fingers point to Fauci and the Wuhan lab he helped fund. What a coincidence!


Apparently vaccine passports and criminalizing those who choose not to be vaccinated is off the table in some quarters. Florida has banned the very notion of vaccine passports; and if Nancy Pelosi isn’t planning to weaponize it, then safe bet it’s just a meaningless sop thrown to us by our Masters. Who cares if all of those “anti-vaxxers” die anyhow?

UPDATE 4/17/21: One particularly ugly aspect of the Covid madness is how easily millions of Americans will give up their most basic liberties at the whim of their politicians. Do these naive masses of Americans realize these politicians do not want this to end?  That this has mostly been a campaign of fear and disinformation to control them? That the new Vaccine Cult phase is just a continuation of this control?

People in the Caribbean awaiting rescue from an erupting volcano have been told they are not allowed on board rescue vessels without vaccination. An 82 year old Scottish grandmother  has been fined for “anti-social” behavior. She asks reasonably, “Why do I need a mask if I’ve been vaccinated?” This simple question posed to Dr. Death himself ,The Fouch, elicits no rational response. 

A little skepticism is a dangerous thing these days.

UPDATE 4/11/21: It wasn’t long after all the CoronaCraziness began a year ago in March, 2020 that millions of Americans realized the politics of “trust the science” was all about “trust OUR scientists” and their thoughtful control mandates. 

Now, emoting on behalf of all freedom-loving people raised on free speech, free movement & free association, fed-up citizens in restaurants, schools, churches and their own private homes are telling the jackboots:  GET OUT!  This encouraging signs of gumption from the mask-weary citizenry  goes hand-in-hand with the new Vaccine Mania chapter. O Goody! Vaccines! BUT, keep those masks on and WE will make it 5’11” instead of the scientifically calibrated 6’0″ of social distancing with a few inches reduced gratis as of the July 4th barbeque. If you’re good. 

From the Pfizer CEO, we are treated to a special new load of carefully scripted BS about why he and his family haven’t taken the vaccine while a former Pfizer VP is warning the public to think twice about it. Meanwhile, well-considered reasons to refrain abound. Under the pressure of bad optics, the CEO has reportedly taken the jab. 

Millions of us are not keen on this “New Normal” and the sinister spectre of Vaccine Passports, our own happy version of “Show me your papers, Comrade!” On the contrary, we are already fully back to living our respective lives as we please. Don’t like it? Live with it. Some would say, out of the sheer rage at being manipulated and controlled: “F-U %^*&**+()**(&X*!!!!”

But, being our mothers’ sons & daughters, we’ll just politely say to the Covid clergy, “Thanks, but at this time, no thanks.” 

UPDATE 3/3o/21: The Covid Vaccine Cult and its attendant Vaccine Passports promise to be the American version of “Your papers, please!”  universally enjoyed by police state inhabitants everywhere. Just a next step in what is proving to be greatest gift to the tyrannical Left since Marx began his theorizing.

UPDATE 3/28/21: The country of Sweden share credit with the American states of Florida and South Dakota as definitive evidence of Covid Lockdown folly. How does one account for a lower mortality rate in Sweden than most of Europe during The Pandemic while allowing the population to go about the normal business of life (working and living), leaving whatever controls up to the people themselves:  “You can shut down businesses or keep them open. Close schools or stay in session. Wear masks or not. The virus will make its way through in either case, and if we protect the elderly then deaths will be spared.”

Hats off to common sense.

History will record that in 2020 the commonest of common sense suddenly vacated the non-Swedish world. As in most major cases of stupidity and negligence in the highest places, this too will go unacknowledged as the crime of mass destruction it has proven to be worldwide. Meanwhile, in silly America, things have just now “progressed” to the Cult of Vaccine stage where Know Nothing Fauci continues to promise more masks and lockdowns while totally ignoring the solution of herd immunity naturally bringing things to a close…as in most epidemics past.  God help us

UPDATE 3/21/21: Covid Madness still rages rampant across the land. The Vaccine has now joined The Mask as the new sign of virtue (and conversely selfish evil in its absence). And rational questions surrounding inoculation posed by any responsible, thinking individual have joined the Narrative as the new Treason of Denial. The working epithet and shaming insult is Vaccine Skeptic. Such controversy and rational questioning is nothing new, nor unjustified. Shame on those of us who dare to ask:   if one can still get the shot and suffer symptoms, what’s the point? Is the cure worse than the disease? What about natural herd immunity if one isn’t elderly, obese, immuno-compromised, or all 3? After all the doublethink mandates from the redoubtable Dr. Fauci and the disastrous results of “keeping safe,” lockdowns and masks  for hundreds of millions, what rational person wouldn’t be suspicious? When the ventriloquists pulling the Hologram Puppet President’s strings declare through their senile mannequin  that Vaccine Skeptics are “unpatriotic” and “macho,” any inclination to get the shot evaporates.  Adding to our concerns, authentic medical professionals continue to warn us of the very real dangers and well-documented pitfalls of what’s being fed to us from Experts who have proven themselves to be Anything But. Others rationally argue that the vaccine actually frees us from the grip of the Faucist frauds. Whom and what to trust? Science as practiced by politicized quacks has lost its authority; confusion reigns, confidence is lost. The waters are murky, the path unclear. We have only ourselves to trust. The upside is that the decision will ultimately be our own, not that of our aspirant zookeeper masters. UPDATE 3/12/21: Just in case the criminal lockdowns and sinister masks are faltering, vaccine mania is now let loose upon the land to compound the fear, suspicion and division designed to destroy America and Americans as we have known our country and ourselves. “Have you had your shots?!” has become the social-shaming sequel to “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?!!!”,  visibly marking and separating the virtuously branded & enthusiastically acquiescent from the criminal “Covid sceptics” (aka Deplorables, Bitter Clingers, Domestic Terrorists, Enemies of the State). Not by chance, this division falls right down political lines, the American politics of liberty vs. the dictatorial politics of global totalitarianism. The “honorable” political Party of “Science” (and attendant “experts”) is, in fact, the Party of science fiction. Relying upon mass hypochondria obsessed with the fantasy of Zero Covid, the deluded masses of America have become accessories in their own (and their country’s) destruction.

Yes, but not the POLITICIZED kind.

All this has become possible thanks to the Covid lockdowns. How better to righteously wage war on natural self-reliance, autonomy, independence, personal responsibility, the wellsprings of a free market of individual producers and consumers? If allowed to go the full distance, the remaining American rubble will be, by sinister design, a majority of desperate dependents looking to Big Brother for a few crumbs to survive. Employing the Cloward-Piven strategy, public spending will go off the chart, the welfare system will be flooded into bankruptcy,  the economy destroyed. For those not succumbing to economic desperation, the psychological isolation and public shaming of cancel culture is already taking up the slack. Quite the plan and, ominously, no panicky paranoid delusion. Welcome to a once-unimaginable Orwellian Twilight Zone. About that Magic Vaccine: a startling majority of front-line healthcare workers, those most at-risk, are wary of it. Not that it matters to those motivated solely by power and control. The general public believing what they are fed 24/7/365 by the MSM is immune to skepticism about their Beloved Leaders’ noble intentions. Like animals conditioned by electric shocks administered by their masters, half the nation has become a mob of hysterical passengers  on the Titanic, shrieking & rushing port side as the boat leans starboard and back again and again to yet more deafening screams. Meanwhile, the rational carry on their normal lives and ponder with open eyes the senseless and irreparable damage done by lockdowns. Only the terminally naive and willfully ignorant continue to ask, “Why do they continue the lockdowns after vaccines and herd immunity have pretty much eradicated the virus?” “Has a mistake been made?” No. No mistake. Calling this horror “a mistake” is analogous to hearing politicians claim they “misspoke” instead of just saying “I lied.” In terms of damage deliberately done, the word is “crime.” Will justice ever be done for all this, the end and worst of which we have yet to see. Are we still living in America?

UPDATE 2/28/21: Common sense and sanity trickles out of North Dakota and Tennessee as governors seek to liberate their citizens (particularly businesses) from extended CoronaCrazed masking and one-size-fits-all vaccine mandates.

Hand-in-hand with such common sense, more Americans are asking themselves, “Why the vaccine if none of the lockdowns are to cease?” What’s the point if Big Brother responds thusly to a few simple questions:

1. If I get vaccinated, can I stop wearing the mask? Government: No.

2. Can they reopen restaurants, pubs, bars etc. and everyone work normally? Government: No.

3. Will I be resistant to COVID-19? Government: Maybe, but we don’t know exactly, it probably won’t stop you getting it.

4. At least I won’t be contagious to others anymore? Government: No, it doesn’t stop transmission.

5. If I am vaccinated, can I stop social distancing? Government: No.

6. If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands? Government: No.

7. If I vaccinate myself and my grandparents, can we hug each other? Government: No

8. Will cinemas, theaters and stadiums operate as per normal thanks to vaccines? Government: No.

9. What is the benefit of the vaccine? Government: Hoping the virus won’t kill you.

10. Are you sure it won’t kill me? Government: No.

11. If statistically the virus won’t kill me anyway (99.7% survival rate), why would I get vaccinated?” Government: To protect others.

12. So if I get vaccinated, I can protect 100% of people I come in contact with? Government: No.

13. Can you guarantee that I won’t experience adverse effects from taking the vaccine or die from the vaccine itself? Government: No.

14. Since you’re encouraging every American to get vaccinated then, when people experience severe adverse reactions, long term effects (still unknown) or die from the vaccine will they or their families be compensated? Government: No. The government and vaccine manufactures have 100% zero liability in experimental stages.

15. How long does the vaccine last? Government: We aren’t sure.

SO, TO SUMMARIZE, the Covid 19 vaccine…does not give immunity. Does not eliminate the virus. Does not prevent death. Does not guarantee you won’t get it. Does not stop you passing it on. Does not eliminate the need for travel bans. Does not eliminate the need for business closures. Does not eliminate the need for lock-downs. Does not eliminate the need for masking.

Given that our Betters-in-Government offer NO/NONE/ZERO/NADA concrete benefits for getting vaccinated and promise only more-of-the-same, another independent sort offers yet more  legitimate reasons (31 in this case) for hesitation. Number 31 is most to the point: “This whole thing stinks,” and one very persuasive nurse (and any thinking person) concurs.

Feeling better now about trusting The Holy Government Writ of “The Science?” Prolonging the mass misery worldwide? Epidemic suicide rates among locked-down CHILDREN in Ground Zero Woke San Francisco? And did anyone mention the Big Money to be made from the vaccines?  Taking in the undeniable truth of Kristi Noem’s pithy “COVID DIDN’T CRUSH THE ECONOMY. GOVERNMENT DID, and Reagan’s 9 most terrifying words, “I’M FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND I’M HERE TO HELP,  can not one be forgiven for being just a wee bit skeptical or, at least, hesitant?

Hand turns dice and changes the expression "corona myths" to "corona facts".

UPDATE 2/7/21: Adding to the crime of mass lockdowns supposedly for “safety” and undoubtedly for the great benefit of “the children,” epidemic depression and suicide among the locked-down young rates nary a ripple of concern among the devoutly masked, politicized Faithful.


UPDATE 12/7/20: An Oregon doctor openly dares to challenge the CoronaCrazed! narrative and gets his medical license snatched away by his craven state medical board. The Mayor of LA has banned “unnecessary” walking (or appearing) outdoors in the name of “safety.” We are far, far, far beyond mere ideological disagreement.

UPDATE 11/29/20: The crime of mass Lockdown in pursuit of “safety” meets the judgment seat of facts. Likewise, HCQ effectiveness in combatting the virus is once again evident to those actually interested in medical solutions and not political power.

UPDATE 11/21/20: It becomes more apparent that the Lockdown “mistake” has really been one of history’s colossal crimes against humanity. How many millions worldwide have needlessly suffered in the name of “safety,” “public health” and “the science?” And how many millions more will continue to suffer if the Democrats attain control of the country? All just a run-through of global control, previously thought most attainable through the “global warming” hoax. Hanoi Jane wasn’t whistling Dixie when she declared Covid a surprise gift to the totalitarian Left.


UPDATE 11/1/20: In case anyone thinks the whole CoronaCrazed lockdown and continuing scare tactics of “New Cases” and “The Second Wave”   isn’t all about politics (and money), note what Clarice Feldman’s doctor told her:“A few weeks ago, I had minor eye surgery and had to go through a COVID test, a temperature reading, hand sanitizing, and masking for a  ten-minute procedure. Disgusted with all these theatrics, I asked the doctor how long he thought we’d have to endure this nonsense. He responded ‘November 4th.’ Be of good cheer.”

It’s all about politics and has been all along. And starting November 4 if, God willing, Trump is re-elected, the Dems will have to start searching out a new crisis to exploit.

Crisis ever_Let_A_Good_Crisis_Go_To_Waste

10/25/20: Might as well laugh about something so senselessly cry-worthy.Mona-Lisa-Quarantine

UPDATE 10/25/20: All the ginned-up hysteria surrounding “New Covid Cases!!!” and “Second Waves!!!” is fog obscuring the necessary, natural occurrence of herd immunity that leads to the eradication of the virus threat…a threat in itself to the diabolical panic narrative justifying perpetual lockdown. So much for the Left’s admiration for “the science.”

UPDATE 10/17/20: What of those people in need of real, immediate medical help shunted aside to “save lives” HYPOTHETICALLY in danger during the Corona Lockdown? The magnitude of the crime committed grows as reality dawns on the willfully blind.

Covid-19 Corona Virus Rubber Stamps (Canceled, Postponed, Rescheduled, Delayed, Denied, Closed, Terminated, Blocked). Business, employment, public health, state of emergency, travel ban rubber stamps.

UPDATE 10/13/20: That sticky glob of expertise known as W.H.O. (World Health Organization) changes its tune regarding mass lockdowns, declaring the results are far worse in numbers and devastating effect than the plague itself. No news to the millions and millions of ruined business owners, bankrupted individuals, people dead by their own hands or denied crucial treatment for serious conditions long preceding Covid.


UPDATE 10/10/20:  “First was the belief that the coronavirus was so deadly that it called for an unprecedented and untested response. With the data now in, we know this was wrong. By far the most severe viral outbreak in U.S. history was the Spanish flu of 1918. It killed about 0.7 percent of the population, hitting healthy young adults particularly hard. COVID-19 has claimed 0.06 percent of the population, with deaths concentrated among the elderly with preexisting health problems. As the declaration puts it: ‘We know that vulnerability to death from COVID-19 is more than a thousand-fold higher in the old and infirm than the young.’”

A formal declaration, from legitimate scientists, not the career bureaucrats and experts behind this crime of the century. Speaking for millions: stop the madness, stop the charade, resume the normal. We’re onto your plan to advance your totalitarian ends. Never again! The legal aspects and future ramifications of what is amounting to one of the worst crimes in history, the “Scamdemic,” are sobering at best.

Does it register that the ultimate cost of this “cure” has proven to be incalculably worse than the disease?

“The likely far greater death toll has not yet arrived from the six-month lockdown. And it could be terrifying when we eventually learn of the hundreds of thousands who were sickened or who died from missed medical treatments and surgeries, or from the stress of the quarantines or the spikes in alcohol and drug use, or spousal and child abuse.”

P.S. The Barrington Declaration has been censored by Big Tech. Seems this whole lockdown and mass control is something our Master Planners finds desirable, and any lifting of the restrictions runs counter to their plans for control.

UPDATE 10/10/20: To the dismay of those in the despicable fear-for-political-profit business, Florida shows no signs of spiked Covid cases despite doing away with the Holy Mask charade.

Look ma, no mask

UPDATE 10/3/20: Mask madness continues apace despite clear evidence that Covid has peaked, hospitalizations and deaths now dwindling. Naturally, any relaxation of the government-imposed restrictions is daylight to the vampires of the CoronaCrazed bureaucracy, and Dr. Scott Atlas’ recommendations for a resumption of normal life is cause for alarm. His exposure of their lies and mistakes makes him prime target for defamation and destruction. Similar challenges to government lockdown and healthy movements toward  normalcy in Germany and England are not welcome to those enjoying the power this particular crisis has gifted them.


UPDATE 9/27/20: The scare tactics of daily “case counts” proves to be yet another hoax designed to keep the masses in masked/distanced mode. Panic, as any politically savvy Dem will attest, is a crisis that should not go to waste. Note 4 figure numbers of “cases” and the numbers of hospitalizations( 0, zero, nada) and deaths(0, zero, nada). Disappointing news to the quivering inhabitants of that region of the Twilight Zone known as Safe New World.

Case count

UPDATE 9/26/20: With Scott Atlas preempting Fauci, hope for resumption of commonsensical normal life  has come out of its dark corner. Opportunities for the Leftists to establish a permanent mass (and masked!) Twilight Zone dystopia are running out. Stop the panic, end total isolation!

Scott Atlas

UPDATE 9/26/20: Drab is as drab does. The very drab Rachel Maddow dishonestly beats her drab drum of distorted doom for South Dakota’s loosened lockdown policies, demonstrating in her trademark drab fashion the desperate Left’s climate-of-fear strategy. Give MSNBC’s grayest, wettest blanket time, and she’ll be detailing in drab detail her own made-up death stats for Florida’s long overdue release from Covid Clampdown. Think Soviet Russia, East Berlin, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, locked-down America. All as “safe” as  dead bugs in a jar. Think the Democratic Party Prog vision for us. Think airless, think drab.

Not a mask in sight.
Not a mask in sight.

UPDATE 9/23/20:  Read the figures and weep for those lives ruined by this totally politicized over-reaction to CV-19. To restate the obvious: the cure most definitely has been worse than the disease.

“We expect the Democrats to avoid and ignore facts and numbers that contradict their coronavirus narrative. One, they want to voters to live in fear and take it out on the Trump White House and Republican senators in November. Two, Democratic governors and mayors have had a taste of expanded authority over an ostensibly free people and don’t want to let go of that raw power – it’s exactly what they live for.”

Exactly what they live for. What will be the next crisis not to go to waste?

UPDATE 8/31/20: Those millions of healthy people and businesses ruined by the CoronaCrazed! DemPanic should be a bit put out that fewer than 10,000 people have died to date SPECIFICALLY from Covid, not the millions predicted nor the actual 180,000. The others had other serious medical conditions or were elderly, already vulnerable to other afflictions such as the virus. This is coming (quietly, very quietly) from that rightwing extremist media source called CDC, Center For Disease Control. Read all about it at the CDC site but certainly nowhere in the mainstream media. Under “Comorbidities” you will see that only 6% (SIX PERCENT)  of the so-called “Covid deaths” were actually “Covid deaths.” The other 94% involved an average of 2.6 other life-threatening ailments. As Miss Litella would say about this devastating little error, “Never mind.”

Time to regain our common sense, resume our lives, and for Trump to heed the advice of medical professionals who truly “Do No Harm” like Dr. Scott Atlas instead of Deep State career bureaucrats like the slippery Dr. Fauci & Co. 

One must ask, “What policy or plan put forth by the Leftist-controlled Democratic Party isn’t based on an outright lie?lies

UPDATE 8/27/20: In a speech entitled “Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance”, delivered June 18 for a Hillsdale College online symposium, Heather Macdonald clearly summarizes the criminal fiasco that has been created by the CoronaCrazed overreaction. The cure has definitely been worse than the disease.

UPDATE 5/31/20: Before staging  phony mass grief counseling for the so-called Covid dead, check out the inflated numbers. We go back to the REAL numbers of those dead of the flu in years past and ask, again, what warranted killing the economy and sending millions of American lives (and billions internationally) into chaos?


UPDATE 5/16/20: As predicted from the start [see below], reported repeatedly since, now glaringly obvious: the REAL numbers of Corona deaths aren’t adding up…except when falsely inflated.

UPDATE 5/12/20: Who are these two men-Fauci and Ferguson-whose sage recommendation has needlessly shut down the entire world? What kind of fools are we to have listened to them?

UPDATE 4/26/20: Americans are growing tired of forced idleness and the smug, authoritarian politicians claiming to be looking out for their best interests. Working again in a free country has never seemed so desirable…except to those wishing to live as sponges and the politicians living off their indolence.

UPDATE 4/5/20: Skepticism of the forcibly idled now approaching full viral boil as Corona mortality figures don’t keep pace with the apocalyptic predictions. Meanwhile, millions of real people face ruined careers and lives thanks to this media-manufactured crisis. Welcome to Shrugged Atlasville.


UPDATE 3/31/20: One more time: a little CoronaCraze perspective (hard numbers) on death and dying in America. The panicked will be disappointed.

UPDATE 3/29/20: The panic figures get walked back to the horror of the Dem crisis-mongers. With the legitimate focus now on treatment of the virus and  restoring everyday life to normal, Trump’s briefings and approval ratings soar; the Left despairs. So it goes for those who refuse to see the source of their blessings.

UPDATE 3/27/20: Dems show first stages of panic, disbelief, grief as the whole virus scare proves HIGHLY EXAGGERATED and ineffective in derailing the Trump Train. Progressive hopes die hard, the dashed dreams of an insurmountable “crisis” accomplishing what Russian Collusion and Impeachment could not.


UPDATE 3/23/20: 10 days later. Still a small fraction of deaths in the workplace. Makes perfect sense to shut down  the entire U.S. economy. Saves lives.

UPDATE: 3/13/20: CoronaCrazed!!!! has become a craze, like the Beatles or hula hoops. One dry wit terms it “virus porn,” highly unwholesome excitement generated by this latest of media frenzies. Last year (2018-2019) , according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 34,200 people died of the flu, 490,600 were hospitalized. From the flu. No hype or panic, just some routinely sad stats. 

Estimates for this year:  22,000-55,000 dead, 370,000-670,000 hospitalized. From the flu. 

This year, from the Wuhan Black Plague, as of Friday, March 13: 41 dead thus far nationwide, 75% of which have occurred in an unfortunate nursing facility and elsewhere in Washington State. Panic, crashed stock market, shutdown of most normal commercial and personal activity, bankruptcies, total disruption of lives. Yet one more stab at Getting Trump.

Can we have a little perspective here, folks? Pandemic? Epidemic? Crisis? End of the world? Compared to what?

Highlighting a whole field of  Stalin wannabes pushing this porn, NY Mayor De Blasio has modestly proposed “nationalization, literally a nationalization, of crucial factories and industries that can produce the medical supplies that can prepare this country for what we need.” In other, dirtier words, the implementation of his Marxist wet dream. Rahm Emanuel knew of what he was speaking when counseling His Great Leader not “to let a crisis go to waste.”

No fools they, these “leaders” celebrating this most unexpected and welcome blow to Trump’s roaring economy.

Considering the millions of easily panicked members of the public obediently giving life to this imminent Armageddon hoax, one must ask who are the biggest fools allowing all this to happen? Ain’t it always the way with the cooperative, obtuse masses when the real seizure of absolute power is afoot.

Admirable Americans fighting over the last roll of toilet paper on the shelves.
Our Founding Fathers fought for American liberty. Their admirable descendants fight over the last roll of toilet paper on the shelves. CORRECTION: These are Australians!!! Viral insanity that knows no borders.

UPDATE 3/12/29: Getting Trump, try, try again: Russian collusion, kaput. Impeachment pfft. Let’s try wrecking the economy! Funny how Swine Flu (300, 000 hospitalized, thousands dead) never became politicized when the Great O was at the heroic helm.

To date: 22,000-55,000 dead of the flu, 30 (thirty, XXX, 29+1) nationwide of this thing. What would the totalitarian Left do without the reliable panic reaction of the mindless masses?  Such mob hysteria is the virus to worry about. 

Branco-Corona Wreck of Economy

ORIGINAL POST 3/8/20: Since the Left and its ubiquitous media mouthpieces will do or say ANYTHING to get rid of Trump, it comes as no surprise when ProgWorld cries “Wolf!” or “Fire!” or “Mass Extinction From Corona Virus!!” at every opportunity. A sane perspective based on real facts and figures tell us this virus scare is yet another way of creating a destabilized atmosphere, the latest attempt by the Left to put the kibosh on Trump’s thriving economy. A wildly fluctuating stock market and a climate of fear make up the fondest hopes of The Woke.

Our real concern and the essence of the Trump Revolution is bringing business back to America from cheap labor havens such as totalitarian China whose dismal self-created fate in all matters (like viral epidemics) should be their own, not ours. As we paid the price for depending upon OPEC for our oil, so we’re suffering now the consequences of outsourced American factories on foreign soil.  Time to repatriate.


What is the Left’s worst nightmare other than an electorate of free individuals  no longer looking to Big Brother Donkey to take care of them? Who needs Green New Deals and Free Everything when there’s a thriving American marketplace of jobs, goods and services to be had? MAGA!!!


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  1. Agree with you 100%, Fred….this is yet another pathetic attempt by the devolving leftists among us to discredit President Trump, cause a slump in HIS phenomenal economy, and think that Americans are really stupid enough to vote for a Democrat in November. Dumb is forever!

    Great piece, as usual!



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