It appears that cuckoo segments of our PC-infected society pop down Lewis Carroll’s famous rabbit hole of insane, alternative realities almost on a daily basis. Perhaps a little repeated grounding in reality is just what the doctor ordered. Drink me!

The latest lunacy, curioser and curioser:

[Making room here for countless, inevitable UPDATES yet to come.]

UPDATE 9/21/23: It was only a matter of time until they came for Washington and Jefferson.

One by one they are dismantling America and its founders; and, along with those men, the fundamental documents they gave us, the Constitution first and foremost. 

UPDATE 9/21/23: It was only a matter of time until they came for Washington and Jefferson, and sensible, Progressive NYC leads the way.

One by one they are dismantling America and its founders; and, along with those men, the fundamental documents they gave us, the Constitution first and foremost. 

UPDATE 9/21/23: One more telling expression of this total subversion of America is the move allowing a brain-damaged U.S. Senator to wander about the U.S. Senate chambers like a mental patient (which he is) in a hoodie and shorts. Manners and etiquette, personal appearance and deportment are directly related to a society’s survival…or total breakdown.

That this relaxation of dress standards for the U.S. was pushed by no less than Party leader Schumer is a good sign of nervous desperation now that NJ Senator Menendez may very well be on the way out. Getting caught literally with bribery cash on his person is a bit embarrassing even for today’s Dem Party. Take away the neurologically-challenged Fetterman, and the Dems edge perilously close to losing their majority.

Debonair Dem Donkey in Distress.


It’s come to this. The inmates are now literally running the asylum. 

UPDATE 9/17/23: One more bit of contemporary insanity that goes beyond parody. A gynecologist has come under fire for refusing to treat men pretending to be women because…well…they’re not women. That this is a subject of debate in locales other than the local psychiatric ward beggars belief.


UPDATE 9/14/23: One journalist, under fire for the heartless refusal to go along with the pronoun nonsense, states the problem with accommodating this lunacy:

“The principle is simple,” Rufo said. “I don’t want to offend this person. Maybe she’s a nice person, obviously somewhat troubled, having some difficulties. But I’m not going to let them make me lie, because if they can force me to lie about the basic fabric of reality, man and woman, they can force me to lie about anything.”

UPDATE 9/5/23: We have gone through the Looking Glass, crossed the line from rationality into TotalNonsenseLand. No southern border, men can be women, funny money printed up by the trillions, lawless cities, a demented figurehead in the White House, a Woke/DEI military replacing a fighting force, global lockdowns for “health” reasons, modern technology outlawed to “save the planet,” legal suppression of anyone raising an objection to this suicidal trajectory….

The Deep State/One World types, best represented by the inexplicable, unthinkable Obama episode, happily carry on the creation of this fog of lies & illogic, progressively emboldened to go as far as they are allowed to destabilize us. It’s all made possible by the obtuse Leftist citizenry slavishly backing them up, even to the point of their own self-destruction.

When we have no country left, when Obama’s “transformation” is complete, there will be no going back.



UPDATE 7/9/23: An American Indian chief from the Coosuk Abenaki Nation has requested that Ben & Jerry follow through on their own Independence Day weekend directive to all Americans demanding a return of THEIR land in Vermont where THEIR headquarters are. The proudly Commie Ice Cream Kings have reportedly promised that the revised deed(s) will be “in the mail” any day now.

UPDATE 7/9/23: Criminalizing the use of “wrong” pronouns stands out as among the maddest of developments growing out of Obama’s Permanent Civil War (PCW). The motive behind such denial of objective reality is actually a deadly weapon of mass psychological warfare right out of Orwell.

UPDATE 7/7/23: Despite what Vera Lynn sang expressing the sentiment those steely Brits weathering the Blitz lived by, things have devolved to a point where There Will NOT Always Be An England. Judge for yourself, witnessing this mockery of a knighthood, the highest honor bestowable upon a citizen of the British Commonwealth. 

A MALE artist named Grayson Perry receiving a knighthood dressed just so “in honor of the King.”

UPDATE 6/13/23: Biden’s embarrassing “Pride” celebration at the White House is apparently not playing well. Big surprise.

UPDATE 6/12/23: Watch the video of topless trannies flashing on the White House lawn today in a celebration of “Pride Month.” And hear the alleged POTUS slobber over the giddy celebrants as “the bravest and most inspiring people I’ve ever known.” We are witnessing yet another example of Obama’s “Transformation,” in this case crossing the borderlines between rational, civilized social behavior and lawless contempt. This blatant sort of subversion was evident in Biden himself and pointed out as far back as his notably ugly display opposite Paul Ryan in the 2012 VP debates.  Discarding manners and normalizing rude & crude is one of many ways of undermining an entire society, and the powers that be have chosen the perfect person to lead down that road to perdition.

UPDATE 5/24/23: Most everything coming out of BrandonWorld belongs in Wonderland, but proudly hiring suitcase klepto and all-round weirdo Sam Brinton in the first place should be remembered in our political/social history for the sick madness it is..

UPDATE 5/21/23: How long can a society survive when its criminals are treated as pitiable victims and those standing up to them are treated as criminals? The Daniel Penny case needs to be the road back to a lawful society, a complete turnabout from the lawless one the George Floyd lie brought on.


UPDATE 5/12/23: Just quote Trans absurdity word for word, and you’ve hit comedy paydirt. The only downside is Ricky Gervais’ senseless qualifier afterwards.


UPDATE 4/19/23: Returning to the Senate from months in a psychiatric ward looking like a mental patient in a rumpled gym suit, John Fetterman says, “…treatment works.” If he says so, it must be true. And judging by the clarity of his first speech back, this sad sack of brittle bones is Daniel Webster reincarnated. 

UPDATE 4/9/23: Following their Mafia-inspired playbook, the Left has forced corporations to include trannies like the ultra-weird Mulvaney in their ad programs…or else. Next is major shakedown protection money…or else. Rhetorical question: can it get any crazier?

Kid Rock has a decidedly un-Woke response. $Billion$ worth of lost revenue indicates a lot of kindred spirits out there. 

UPDATE 4/3/23: The upside down world just got more off-balance as the usual suspects come out sympathizing with the Trans community after the Nashville shooting.

UPDATE 4/2/23: Wonderland is getting very, very crowded as satire becomes reality and humor becomes VERY serious indeed. Some animals are indeed more equal than others in a newly “transformed” banana republic called Amerika. 


UPDATE 3/29/23: How crazy will it get? Is there a limit to this insanity? Why should anyone trust the government? We are living in an age of ABSURDITY piled upon ABSURDITY as any perceptive examination of our times makes obvious. This can also be diagnosed as normalized mendacity aka Lie+Lie+Lie ad infinitum= Big Lie. In the words of the commentator below, we live in “an extremely, socially/politically, perverse period of history.”

For the latest in socio-political perversity, see today’s GUN CONTROL post regarding “Trans genocide.” 


UPDATE 3/23/23: It’s all morphing into one big Monty Python episode. West Point, once the ultimate training ground for our highest military commanders, is requiring sensitivity training regarding the use of people’s preferred pronouns. Apparently this is the latest thing in fighting wars and a reassuring step toward solving little things like open borders and dealing with Russia and China. 

And what’s good for the Army goes for the Navy too. “As Secretary of the Navy, I have made climate one of my top priorities.”

UPDATE 3/21/23: The whole bizarre Trans thing has joined “climate change” as one more attempt to normalize the absurd. This poisoning of truth and common decency is a prerequisite for destabilizing sane, healthy life, and the ensuing social chaos leading to totalitarian political power. Naturally, unprincipled mediocrities like a Joe Biden riding atop this power wave will join right in with anything they know full well is ridiculous, not to mention evil.

Behold the President of the United States publicly hosting a silly freak like Dylan Mulvaney at the White House just to pander to the Trans crowd. Welcome to Wonderland. 



UPDATE 4/6/23: The Fetterman saga remains firmly in Wonderland which pegs the Woke voters of Pennsylvania and their Mad Tea Democratic Party as the hosts responsible for this voyage into the absurd.

Everything is absolutely normal and under control. Move on. 

UPDATE 3/3/23: Alice’s Wonderland 2023 is getting very crowded as we’re insistently told that barely ambulatory stroke victim John Fetterman is carrying out his Senatorial duties at full steam from his bed in a psychiatric hospital. 

Phantom Senator. 


UPDATE 2/20/23: A posted story online frankly exposing sexual deviant, kleptomaniac  and now former BrandonWorld token hiree Sam Brinton (see “Alice’s PC Wonderland”, 12/11-16/23) as a serial liar still insists on using HIS (not “their”) chosen pronouns “they” and “them.” This in itself contributes to the entire lie running amok through our culture of “non-binary” biological sex. Brinton is one (1) man, not multiple people of indeterminate chromosomal make-up on a fictitious “gender spectrum.” Things have now metastasized into legally forcing rational people (“deniers”) to participate in this folly.

Here is an example of one adult who refuses to go along with this madness, even at the risk of losing her granddaughter. Doubtless, this is a dilemma facing many good, sane people nowadays.




UPDATE 2/16/23: BrandonWorld is one big Mad Tea Party, now incorporating Fetterman Nation, a place where an obviously disabled mediocrity can win a US Senate seat and promptly check himself into a hospital for “clinical depression.” This is all without serious questioning by both the people who voted for him and those who stand to profit from one more incompetent placeholder puppet doing their bidding.

UPDATE 2/6/23: The absurd has become reality in our upside-down world. Men can give birth. Ugly is beautiful. Joe Biden is a nice guy in full possession of his mental faculties. Those who mock such blatant nonsense, telling the truth, calling the lie for what it is, find themselves facing down the hostile mob. Small wonder comedians and satirists are finding themselves increasingly canceled, even physically attacked in a society supposedly underpinned by free speech.


UPDATE 1/30/23: 2+2=5, a man is a woman if he says he is, anyone (whatever gender!) can sing “Madama Butterfly” at the Met or fly to the moon & back before lunch AND be considered a champion-caliber “female” figure skater even if he has the looks and grace of one of the tutu hippos in Disney’s “Fantasia.” We live in a world turned upside down.


UPDATE 1/26/23: It seems that in that whiter-than-white Nordic land called Norway, white paint is racist. Ask the experts!

And somewhere, somehow, even cheese is racist!

UPDATE 1/21/23: The normalization of neutered, “inclusive” competition continues apace as the international sports establishment goes all out to give it the green light in newly revised rule books. Planet Earth, 2023, continues to push the Wonderland envelope, wallowing in “a pandemic of absurdity” of which sexual “diversity” is just one sorry symptom.


UPDATE 12/16/22: Excuse us for asking, but how did a clear-cut lunatic like Sam Brinton (or any of these PC types hired like Levine) get even minimal security clearance for sensitive government positions? Without knowing a specific answer, the answer is already worrisome. (Spoiler alert: the world’s gone bats.)

UPDATE 12/15/22: Where else but Wonderland could the Cambridge Dictionary feel compelled to redefine and qualify and kinda sorta hedge around those terribly ambiguous terms “man” and “woman?”

UPDATE 12/11/22: Turns out, They/Them Sam is the Trans Fauxcahontas! According to a nosey activist looking into HIS distinguished Trans past, HE made up his story about “conversion torture” from HIS father and an abusive conversion specialist who probably never existed. Alas, poor Sam. We know ye too well. Not the victim we were led to believe. Just a garden-variety weirdo, making up and parlaying perversion into a plum, privileged place in the Wokedom establishment. Funny what gets you ahead in some dark/dank/dirty spots like the present DC administration.

Just the right shade of nausea-inducing, sickly pink.

Speaking of sickly colors, the White House has gone neon rainbow which, like everything Woke, implies something so “inclusive,” open-minded, a festival of “diversity.” In fact, it’s spitting in the face of most people’s natural reticence about their most personal matters. Do what you like, but don’t expect the whole world to applaud and even demand everyone else get in on the act. Aside from celebrating offensive, deliberately provocative behavior, this politicized hyper-sexualization is, in practice, exclusion and outright cancellation of anyone and anything not toeing the monolithic Leftist line. Normalize and forcibly exhibit the unnatural, and you’re a political operative well on the way to destroying a society.

Sam Brinton was busy stealing women’s clothes, but pedophile Marti Cummings (see Tweet below) was available and invited for Biden’s Trans Day celebration (“Respect For Marriage”) at 1600. 


Sam Brinton For Dem Party President, 2024!!!


UPDATE 12/7/22: Who needs Babylon Bee satire when real life in our universally politicized, hyper-sexualized culture has reached routine absurdity?


UPDATE 11/17/22: The reverse racism and desperate virtue signaling of The Great Woke Way has led management of the African-themed “The Lion King” to fire a cast member for the crime of hand-signing while White. Blacks Only! Don’t quote me, but I’d swear this is illegal.

UPDATE 11/1/22: The estimable Daniel Greenfield of FrontPage has framed Alice’s 21st century PC Wonderland as nightmarish Halloween dress-up every day. This is in keeping with the Orwellian state of our world where truth and reality are no longer absolutes but ever-changing at one’s convenience.

Making it up as you go along is fine for children and artists in their own worlds. Not so much for adults in the serious business of everyday life.

UPDATE 10/27/22: It is increasingly clear that the habit upside down BrandonWorld has of undermining friends and embracing enemies is neither ignorance nor insanity but a deliberate plan. Do those involved actually believe they stand to benefit personally, let alone survive, from cozying up to evil?

UPDATE 10/26/22: It’s getting to the point where practically everything coming from the Left belongs in Alice’s Wonderland. At what point do we cease to be politely indignant and scream, “Stop!?” This week it’s Obama’s latest bit of highly paid BS on Netflix glorifying BigGov. He even tells us he does his own taxes, and it’s easy. Of course he does. Just go to BigGov (aka HE) has all the answers. We’ll stop right there.

UPDATE 8/4/22: A Nobel Prize, Congressional Medal of Freedom and an all-expenses paid trip to DisneyWorld (plus a 2 lb bag of M&Ms) should be awarded to a student trolling a teacher with his pronouns, “Banana” and “Rock.”

UPDATE 7/6/22: Presidential Medals of Freedom for Megan Rapinoe and Richard Trumka  have, like Nobel Peace Prizes for Arafat and Obama and Kennedy Center Honors for the likes of Bette Midler and Led Zeppelin, rendered these once-special tributes totally meaningless. Other questionable honorees included this year are John McCain for the distinction of going full RINO and saving ObamaCare and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords for the misfortune of being shot and becoming the poster girl for the Leftist anti-gun lobby. (Oh, and to help her hubby keep his Senate seat in the upcoming election). All definitely something from an upside-down world on the far side of Alice’s Looking Glass.

UPDATE 5/11/22: A porous, virtually non-existent border, and now a Disinformation Governance Board. How do BrandonWorld’s Keystone Cops keep topping themselves in reaching new lows of face-plant black comedy?

UPDATE 5/4/22: Nothing untoward these days to state that we are living in an absurdist Wonderland of the Left’s making. The purpose can be for no other reason that to destabilize the general population in order to control them.

UPDATE 4/17/22: Even snarky Bill Maher has been forced to go reasonable and rational in face of the Woke clown show currently dominating the international narrative.

UPDATE 3/29/22: “Fat Studies” inspires world-class troller Steve Crowder to brave the higher levels of academic scholarship to present a paper for New Zealand’s Massey University entitled ““Embracing Fatness as Self-Care in the Era of Trump.” Today’s goof is tomorrow’s gospel truth. Stay ahead of the curve…or at least ahead of that beautiful, proud roll of FAT.

Steve Crowder goes undercover as Fat Studies scholar “Sea Matheson.” Irresistible! Like Twinkies!


UPDATE 3/15/22: Moving beyond mere gaslighting to full-blown insanity,  madly Woke USA TODAY makes a mockery of feminism and femininity to name Richard/Rachel Levine its Woman Of The Year. That plucky organ of fairness the Babylon Bee balances things out with typical hilarity by honoring him as their Man Of The Year. 

Voting for Democrats is like voting to give yourself a pay cut — while also inviting the most annoying person you know to yell at you about how awful you are.” Laura Ingraham

UPDATE 3/12/22: We find ourselves rubbing our eyes in disbelief multiple times on a daily basis as the activities of today’s Democratic Party make life in America seem to be one gigantic Mad Tea Party. A new gay pledge of allegiance taught to school age kids by Pete Buttigieg’s beloved other half takes the cake this week.

UPDATE 3/2/22: Rest easy: Sleepy Joe’s got it covered. Putin will “‘never gain the hearts and souls of the *Iranian* people.'”

And if you’re still worried about him, relax. We’ve got Kamala for backup:

“So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically, that’s wrong.”

And should either of these stalwart leaders of the free world falter in their sworn duties, no worries. Third in line is the alert, totally appropriate Nancy to head the column of American progress.

Nancy’s big “burn pits” moment, now destined for immortality alongside the Big Rip. One wag compared it to the reflexive, salivating excitement his dog displays at the sound of crumpling cellophane.


UPDATE 2/16/22: The appointment of a proudly depraved exhibitionist for a government position affecting national security brings to mind the disintegrating decadence of ancient Rome. 

UPDATE 2/11/22: Our inclusive Brandon administration has now appointed a proudly gender fluid, kinky sex weirdo to oversee disposal of atomic waste good for poisoning whole populations if mishandled and something terrorist bomb-makers would be very eager to confiscate and/or steal. Moving from the square, dutiful, ultra-responsible bureaucrat to this self-created freak is ideal Woke progress and a living nightmare for those of us grounded on earth. And don’t be put off by his (their/its) alter-ego handle: Sister Ray-Dee-O-Active. Sam Brinton aka Sister RDOA has found ITS perfect calling, and it has found IT.

And the next logical appointment is…

UPDATE 1/22/22: There’s never any shortage of surrealism in the World of Woke. Gavin Newsom calls train thieves “gang members” and proceeds to apologize to all those insulted gang members out there robbing and pillaging as gang members do. Best of all is hearing that the hep Mars candy people feel obliged to give M&M’s an updated look “representative of today’s society.” Behold.

The New Woke M & M look. Who of those millions letting them melt in their mouths could possibly be offended at this?

UPDATE 12/24/21: The covid edicts have now gone through the looking glass. In Chicago, eating a muffin for more than 10 minutes in the wrong place could ruin your life. 

UPDATE 10/23/21: When looking for proper placement of the totally absurd, there is always Alice’s PC Wonderland, and news of our admirable new Admiral has found a home. 

UPDATE 9/4/21: Men can give birth, 2 +2=5 and capital letters are yet one more example of inequality that must go. This is the newest daffy contribution to the Marxist reconstruction of the world by a multi-degreed Canadian college professor with the enviably Intersectional moniker of Dr. Linda ManyGuns.  Female, check! Indigenous Person, check!.

As Miss Litella would say: Banish Capitalism AND Capitalization too! Special permission granted by the Central Committee to capitalize those hated concepts. No, this is not the Babylon Bee. 

UPDATE 5/9/21: Destined for the most surreal historical annals of political propaganda, we are treated this week to the MAGNIFICIENT, MAJESTIC, TOWERING, SUPREME, IMPERIAL, GIGANTIC Slippery Sleepy Sloppy Joe and his vacuous Dr. Jill. And unintentionally letting us know that the deadly serious mask act is a bad joke on the rest of us.

UPDATE 5/9/21: Where else but through the looking-glass can we witness, straight-faced, the terminal dorkiness of one of the world’s richest, most powerful men and architect of a New World Order/Master Plan for the masses?

Dancing Dork, Master Of The Universe

UPDATE 2/1/21: This is a sorely neglected post due to oversight and definitely not for any scarcity of the absurd. Seeking a place for the 2021 Woke marketplace’s politicized redefinition of “beauty” brings us here. The girl on the left (Left) got a modeling contract because her stepmother is Kamala Walla. We know life isn’t fair, but does it have to be ridiculous? Particularly since the  woman on the right (Right) was never deemed beautiful, glamorous or fashionable enough to make it on any  mainstream fashion magazine cover over the last four years.

step daughterMELANIA PROMO

UPDATE 7/19/18: Remiss at adding regular absurdities here, but this one featuring a…um…er…full-figured, pea-brained SJW writing for Cosmo, posing practically nude in Times Square and expressing delighted OUTRAGE at the reaction brought me immediately to this side of Alice’s Looking Glass. And now I shall leave. Quickly.

UPDATE 11/1/17: Among the female dazzlers making Glamour Magazine’s “Women Of The Year” list: Linda Sarsour, Maxine Waters…There was a time when the word “glamour” meant Ginger Rogers, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly. I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more, Toto.

A University of Illinois-Urbana professor, backed up by the administration that hired her, has decreed that math is another form of White privilege. Came from the Greeks. White, you know. In other words, insisting that students of color learn that 2+2=4 is yet another form of racism. Presumably, 2+2 should be 5, 7, 8, 113, whatever one wishes, like one’s gender.

Responsive grounding: Perhaps the U-Ill-Urbana administration that offers and encourages such claptrap might sorely miss the revenue withdrawn by sensible tuition-paying parents and Illinois taxpayers unwilling to underwrite this absurdity.