All bow down! The (not so) pretty picture that has been and will always be Communism and its supporters.
A little collateral bloodshed on behalf of The People is to be expected.

UPDATE 11/25/22: While every predictably bleeding heart poured forth with such fervor for the Ukraine’s plight this year, cooler heads were not so quick to rally behind what seemed to be a little David Zelensky fighting big bully Vladimir Goliath. Billions and billions and now more billions are pouring in, including from the now defunct FTX. Any problem asking where/to whom it’s all going and is this really about winning/ending a war and saving lives?

UPDATE 11/17/22: As long suspected, the narrative of lovely, peace-loving Ukraine beset by Big Meanie Putin is fraying at the edges, and the case for pulling way back is getting stronger.  The suffering Ukrainian people may very well just be props in a war their notoriously corrupt leaders are only too happy to wage for the worldwide sympathy and financial benefits to be reaped. The latest is the incident of a missile fired into Poland, reported as one more act of Russian aggression but actually a deliberate false flag launched by Zelensky & Co. An accident they say. Perhaps. What is the full story here?

UPDATE 11/7/22: The list of BrandonWorld disasters is endless. Turning attention outward, a responsible Republican Congress must make some hard choices on the whole Ukraine boondoggle. It’s too late to scare Putin off from invading the country as would’ve been the case in a Trump administration. But it’s not too late to seriously investigate the folly of getting mired financially and possibly militarily in what appears to be a stalemate. Is this really a morally neat David-and-Goliath scenario or are we being played to view an historically corrupt Ukrainian regime as “the good guys?” One has to sympathize with millions of innocent Ukrainian civilians driven from their homes or killed, but politics is more often than not about corrupt individuals retaining power than it is about saving lives. Is it good and bad guys we’re looking at or is it really bad guys vs. worse guys?

What of the possibility of producing our own oil and selling it cheap to Putin’s biggest energy dependents in Europe and elsewhere? Would that not be a nifty, non-violent and profitable multi-win scenario for us and the Ukrainians? Admittedly, those Greenies of BrandonWorld from El Demento on down to the loony bicyclist next door screaming at you for owning a gas-powered car might object, but why should any sane person on the planet care what they think? The overriding truth here might be that turning around EVERY BrandonWorld policy points us once again in the right direction on all fronts. Yes, Virginia, it’s possible for some people to be totally wrong on everything, that the truth is always, reliably 180 degrees across from where such liars and bad actors stand.

UPDATE 10/16/22: Biden’s Day One cancelation of our energy independence has been nothing but a gift to Putin, canceling out whatever virtue the Fool-in-Chief may claim to deserve for supporting the Ukrainians. Like Obama said in a most uncomplimentary way about Joe…but then, what is Joe at all other than a puppet for the Man (Men) Behind The Curtain?


UPDATE 10/10/22: THE political story of our times (and of the last century) is our will to survive against the forces let loose by Lenin/Stalin and their   clandestine collaborators around the globe. Putin’s story-how and why he came to be and persists-brings us up to speed on the Ukraine war which, in turn, is a product of the Clinton/Obama/Biden cabal. There’s lots and lots of money and power to be accrued. Oh, what a tangled web! And to think the prevailing narrative has been a Trump/Russia collusion. Talk about projection!


UPDATE 10/2/22: In the era known as B.B. (Before Brandon), there were negotiations and balances in the world of international politics. With Trump minding the store, Putin would never have dared do what he has done and plans to do. Install a demented zombie with a celebrated talent “to f–k things up” (as attested to by his former boss BO), and you’ve got a world teetering on the brink. More than anyone, the world can thank that indeterminate number of Americans suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome for this rather fragile state of affairs.

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when….

UPDATE 9/30/22: No decent observer wishes harm on the Ukraine and would love to see Russia out. But the sympathetic David/Goliath narrative is belied by this rough-and-tumble land’s ongoing history of super-dirty corruption.

UPDATE 9/28/22: Remember the robotic meme from Libs about the dangers of a madman like Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear button? [This goes back to EVERY true defender of national defense since Barry Goldwater.] Somehow, they have little concern about a mental and moral vacuum named Joe Brandon into which a desperate Vladimir Putin may very well  rush as his expansionist dreams and claims of “annexation” go up in smoke.

UPDATE 9/26/22: Will the Ukrainians beat back the Russkies? Or will Putin continue to wreak his devastation and bring it and other prospective satellites under his control?


UPDATE 9/22/22: The Ukrainians may very well liberate themselves by driving the Russians out. Who can object to that? But is the prevailing David & Goliath narrative, embraced so comfortably by the international intelligentsia, the full story here?

Is this really the full story of the Ukraine and Russia?

UPDATE 9/16/22: It’s not just happenstance that things are falling apart everywhere including our military. On the contrary, we are witnessing a deliberate weakening of our ability to defend ourselves, much to the delight of our enemies and their obvious collaborators in the present administration.

UPDATE 9/16/22: The word “Ukraine” has become just a daily news item for millions safely removed from Putin’s evil gambit; and for the usual suspects rallying reflexively without question to the perceived underdog, a great exercise for showing off those virtue-signaling feathers. But what has been the real story? Is it all one side wearing the black hats? Are we finally seeing the tide turning and a possibility of a full Russian retreat? Is a corrupted, detached American administration responsible for much of what has gone down and some seriously bad stuff ahead? 


UPDATE 8/4/22: It should be a matter of some concern that Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega (he’s still around?!!!) just welcomed in Russian troops to his Central American workers’ paradise. Why is this not news? In the good old Cold War days, such reports used to trigger not-so-little things like Cuban missile crises.

UPDATE 8/4/22: To those who persist in viewing the Ukraine and its leader as angels to the Russian devil, look more closely. The ties to corruption and the brutal denial of basic rights for Ukrainians under the canonized Zelensky plays havoc with the frantic virtue signaling among the bleeding heart Lib set. Yes, we’d all love to see Putin driven back to his sickbed in Moscow, but what is the Ukrainian way of life under its own corrupt leadership? All those blue & yellow lapel pins and cupcakes and flags flying are being quietly taken inside, even by the usual softheads at the NY Times.

UPDATE 7/28/22: We knew when every bleeding heart type was wearing Ukrainian flags on their lapels that things weren’t quite as black & white as the Putin/Zelensky/Devil/Angel meme implies. When have they really been on the right side of anything? But who are we to put a damper on radical chic good works? Mrs. Zelensky has been given a spread in deep thinker and political heavyweight Anna Wintour’s Vogue! Who knew that ice-cold, Prada-wearing devil was all heart!? How lovely to have a coffee table companion piece to that bizarre “Rose Of The Desert” treatment given by Vogue a few years back to the chic wife of the Syrian tyrant Assad. Anna’s crowd goes where all the right people go for the au courant info and are rewarded with a clear conscience.

Anna Wintour, radical chic war correspondent.

UPDATE 7/17/22: The murder of the Romanovs in 1918 remains the prime symbol of rational civilization’s first major surrender to communism, modern life’s most murderous curse.


UPDATE 7/15/22: Seeing Putin accurately as a brutal, expansionist villain does NOT make Zelensky a hero. Since the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion, there have been glaring questions about Klaus Schwab’s prematurely lionized protegee’s real motives and plans for his country.


UPDATE 7/15/22: It continues to grate that we discover American institutions and individuals we once admired turn out to be so rotten. How long can a house stand on a foundation infested with termites? The latest is “Mad Dog” Mattis whom Trump mistakenly trusted and built up to the public as a soldier’s soldier. Read the story and discover the truth about this creepy Deep Stater. 

UPDATE 6/20/22: Covid, the ChiCom/Fauci collaboration in biological warfare, has chilling precedents dating back at least to Stalin. It would be hard to surpass the evil of Uncle Joe’s real-life intention to kill anyone he deemed an enemy (including prominent Russian expatriate dissidents like prima ballerina Anna Pavlova) and his aborted plans for a full-scale nuclear holocaust. Luckily, the monster was poisoned before being able to lay further waste to the  world.

UPDDATE 6/11/22:

UPDATE 5/20/22; Is there any sinister element or regime out to destroy America that Dems aren’t eager to appease, embrace and even assist? Cuba is the latest recipient of BrandonWorld’s generous aid and comfort. 

Cuba is still way cool with BrandonWorld even with all its concentration camps, torture chambers and dead, disappeared dissidents.

UPDATE 5/14/22: Churchill on war and peace: appeasement, failure to deter the buildup of your enemies weaponry is a guarantee for war. Had the West stopped Hitler’s Germany arming itself, there would have been no reason for WWII. In BrandonWorld, we are guaranteeing WWIII.

UPDATE 5/5/22: Unbeknownst to us, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have assumed the roles of America’s superhawkish foreign policy wonks all in for creating war with Russia. How else are they to justify the whole “Russia! Russia! Russia!” lies and madness that has driven the Dem Party powermongers since Election Day, 2016? They are telling us, “We have always been right about Russia [No, they’ve been lying about Russia]; and we must continue our mission to save the world from them.” Not following through on this would expose them as heedless fools at best and, at worst and most accurately, ruthless liars minus even a minimum of concern for the consequences of their actions. Considering the looming presence of emboldened China, Iran and North Korea, we are looking at a potential tinderbox set to ignite WWIII.

UPDATE 5/2/22: Putin apparently has cancer, clarifying the likely motivation for his headlong surge into senseless destruction to be that of a megalomaniac driven to desperation by his impending demise. Vlad the Kamikaze. Xi just waiting and watching. Biden looking for the nearest men’s room or ice cream parlor.

UPDATE 4/23/22: The front page urgency of the Russia/Ukraine travesty seems to be fading while the human cost remains as bad as ever. Where on the moral compass history places the principals-Putin, Zelensky in particular-remains to be seen.

UPDATE 4/7/22: Whatever else might be worth learning about American interests and international affairs, we are digging our own grave by outsourcing energy production and most manufacturing to our sworn enemies. Think oil & gas from Iran & Russia; think all those MADE IN CHINA labels.

UPDATE 4/6/22: Former Australian PM Tony Abbott is one of the few present day statesmen worth listening to. His address praising Israel as an exemplary case of civilizational survival and warnings of totalitarianism’s progress in 2022 will be ignored at our own peril. In addition to taking in Abbott’s advice and minus a crystal ball, we also have the most reliable historians for reference. According to Clausewitz, the go-to guy for warfare scenarios, Putin may have short-sighted himself into his own political and literal grave.

UPDATE 4/1/22: The inspiring success of the Poles and their Solidarity movement that eradicated Communist rule 40 years ago remains an essential tutorial in overthrowing tyranny. 

UPDATE 3/31/22: Foreign volunteers looking for derring-do romance, soldiers of fortune joining the Ukrainian Crusade, turn out to find things anything but romantic or even minimally worthwhile for anyone.

UPDATE 3/30/22: “Emboldened enemies, betrayed allies” sums up the Brandon Doctrine in 4 words. But don’t take our word for it. Ask Joe or any of his brain-dead faithful, and you’ll be informed that 2021 been the greatest year of any Presidency since Noah set sail in the ark.

Major suspicions should be aroused to find oneself allied with the Ukraine and, in so being, in bed with One World ghouls like Soros, Schwab, etc. At the same time, one needn’t be a Putin fan to recognize he is wrecking those Master Planners’ master plan of global domination .  No wonder the anti-Putin meme has invaded the mushy brain of every virtue signaling Lib in the world.

UPDATE 3/27/22: Our greatest political journalist and commentator Victor Davis Hanson provides some clarity on the Russia/Ukraine conundrum. 

Whatever is going on behind the prevalent narrative and why, Putin needs to get out of the Ukraine and let that country (and the rest of us) live and breathe again.

UPDATE 3/24/22: The bottom line is Ukrainians and their country are being trampled. The mystery yet to be resolved is why, but is it really a mystery considering the essential controlling nature of totalitarianism? There is little debate over Putin’s nasty nature. Once a KGB brute, always one, but one is pressed to ponder who else stands to gain from this Ukraine episode.

Perhaps the greatest riddle is Zelenksky. Widely portrayed as a patriotic hero, he is also a protege of the sinister globalist Schwab, Is this crisis just an opportunity to use the Ukraine as a model for the Great Reset? Is it not disturbing that he just nationalized all media in the same sweeping motion of banishing all opposition political parties? His hostile tone toward the Israelis is an indication that he is not a natural ally to America and Israel. Is he “Jewish” like former Nazi stooge George Soros is Jewish? His documented Holocaust denial does little to enhance his “hero” image.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians themselves suffer.

Who’s the bad guy? One? Both?

UPDATE 3/23/22: The halo of patriotic heroism over Zelenksky’s head is not only tarnished now but has slipped off entirely. Banning all opposing political parties, none of whom is promoting Russian interests, is the act of the garden-variety tinpot dictator. Things are not what they seem when it comes to identifying good and bad guys in this political drama.

UPDATE 3/19/22: Peering through the fog of war, a few points of clarity provided by the ever-reliable VDH. Not so clear is the debate about Zelenksky. So which is he? Patriot hero or Soros puppet?  Then, there’s the whole confusion about who’s for whom? There has been real “Russian” collusion but not exactly as depicted for the last 4 years. Was it actually Ukrainians and Dems allied against Trump? 

For those genuinely sympathetic to suffering, one experiences only disgust at the senseless brutality of Putin’s assault on millions fleeing for their lives. Such is the ugly bottom line reality of this and most wars. For whatever reasons he has initiated this surreal fiasco, but it doesn’t appear Vlad has planned thoroughly. One hopes that events play out to drive him and whomever else stands to profit from this mad incursion back to their respective holes. Why the hell did he do it anyway? What’s to like about  leveling and enslaving a country of such beauty and rich history? The question arises: if the Russians retreat: then what? “Peace” will have its consequences. And what’s the fate of the Ukraine as a permanent buffer zone between “us” and “them?” Thug or heroic leader, Zelensky has choices to make, and historical precedents could offer him some guidance. 

UPDATE 3/15/22: For most of us, war is not blood and guts but, mercifully, just an abstract news item. Ukrainians fleeing the country, people living under falling bombs and missiles are living it concretely. Israel just suffered its worst-ever cyber attack which potentially affects everyone, in or out of a physical war zone. It’s folly to think this can’t and won’t happen here.

UPDATE 3/12/22: As verified by the reality of history, truth remains the first casualty of war. So it’s no surprise that the fog surrounding Russia/Ukraine is clearing to reveal…pea soup (as pilots term it when caught in zero visibility).

Most agree that Putin is a rather disagreeable character. Or do they? Some posit otherwise, calling Putin Russia’s Trump.

For most, it would seem hard to deny that the Ukrainians are a fiercely brave and admirable people. That heroism appears to be on full display in the person of their President Zelensky. If he actually survives to preserve Ukrainian independence and fend off the Russians, one will have to cheer regardless of what some insist is endemic corruption in Ukraine politics, including Volodymyr himself . Furthermore, prominent cynics express little faith in the apparent goodness of the lionized Zelensky. Confused yet? In a moral quandary?

Meanwhile, the conflict is providing the Brandon administration with an excuse for every domestic blunder it has created, an explanation genuinely believed by NO ONE registering a pulse.

It is also reassuring to NO ONE that Cackling Kamala is our secret weapon sent by God to restore peace and justice throughout the world.

It’s certainly easy to think these are potentially the worst of times, yet some of us are holding out for a miraculous dawning of the best of times. Are we up to turning night into day?

UPDATE 3/10/22: It’s too much for the Leftist/Liberal/Woke mind to condemn real evil. As usual, they must go into a fit of self-dramatizing heroics and fantasy ranging from Ukrainian flag pocket hankies to dreams of flying today’s version of the Enola Gay. All Walter Mitty heroics of absolutely no benefit to anyone.

UPDATE 3/8/22: Ukraine is not a crisis the Dems are willing to waste. The last thing they want is the last thing they wanted from Covid: an end to the “crisis” that served their totalitarian goals. What most concerns the current American leadership is: if the Ukrainians succumb to the Russians, are they going to suffer at the polls? And what does it mean if Russia loses?

Or are we already fated to lose whatever the outcome? 

UPDATE 3/5/22: The malady of incipient tyrants flexing their muscles is contagious. The latest saber rattling comes from Islamist autocrat Erdogan now covering Turkey’s internal decline by picking a naval fight with his Grecian neighbor on the Aegean.

UPDATE 3/2/22: No luxury of “trigger warnings” or gender-friendly pronouns for Ukrainians at the moment. Going to war, being on the receiving end of tyranny has a way of focusing the addled brain. So does the crystal- clear vision of leadership as admirably available in the person of Zelensky.

3/2/22: The fog of war continues to sow confusion. At the moment, the Ukes are winning the war in the media and the general public on both sides of the political fence in the West. Yay, Ukraine! Boo, Russia! The jaded amongst us are wary, cautiously conjecturing who are the really good guys, who are the bad guys. So far, Zelensky is coming through as a hero.  Or are we being played, being sentimentally lured into World War by sinister parties directly linked (or not) to either Zelensky or Putin? A new iron curtain in the making?  We can only pray that the genuinely good survives to revel in victory over evil.

UPDATE 3/1/22: It’s rash and too easy to call your enemies crazy. Putin is power-obsessed, but crazy suggests an unfocused, out of control, easily collapsible facade. Posterity will decide.

2/28/22: Who’s the real enemy and what is the overriding agenda? Who stands to gain from this Russia/Ukraine invasion? Putin seems to provide the perfect opportunity for Hollywood and lesser Libs to go off on an orgiastic frenzy of virtue signaling while still applauding the ongoing subversion of America and Europe. If Putin is routed, guess who will be perceived as war heroes, the leading edge of resistance? Certainly takes the attention off a year of disastrous failure on every front.

And then there’s John Kerry, so into Climate Change, his pet path to perdition, that he dares suggest the invasion and destruction of a country and its people is small potatoes compared to his own specially imagined Armageddon. Perhaps it’s his little-known heroic service in Vietnam that has left any concern he has for real human suffering undeveloped.

UPDATE 2/28/22: So what is this “New World Order” this woman says the Ukrainians are fighting for? We are a bit mystified, those of us thinking (or perhaps wishing to believe) the Ukrainians are heroic freedom fighters, not part of a Soros/Schwab globalist network. Is it her bad wording or has she just given away who really controls Zelensky and his government?  Are we being gaslighted?

Whatever the real driving forces and reasons for this ongoing crisis, we can only truly distance ourselves from Putin’s madness by reinstating the energy independence we had up to the day Brandon & his handlers decided we needed to become Vladimir’s dependents.

2/28/22: Will those voters putting John Lennon’s Imagineers in power ever learn from and take responsibility for this Russo-Ukrainian”minor incursion” that has a good chance of kicking off a third go-round of that century-old game called World War?

UPDATE 2/27/22: When Russian collusion profits them, nobody does it with more gusto than the Dem Progs. Take for instance Jen Psaki, sporting a hammer-and-sickle hat for yucks with Russia’s chief propaganda minister in 2015. And that’s the ever-clueless John Kerry standing by, creating fab optics for those still dining out on the Trump-Putin collusion that never was.


UPDATE 2/26/22: Putin is the one in the headlines this week. But the excitement of tyrants everywhere about the obvious senility and ineffectiveness of Dr. Jill’s boyfriend has reached new highs. Iran now joins the celebrants in anticipation of being handed full nuclear capability in the conspicuous absence of any official American  deterrence or leadership.

Regarding Putin: those who really know verify that he is a lunatic and makes the world a somewhat more dangerous place. Still there are those embittered harridans in pants suits guzzling Chardonnay who will claim that Trump is Vlad’s BFF and probably the more sinister villain. Meanwhile the man himself demonstrates the presence & attitude that made Vlad The Invader opt for staying put in Moscow those four years between 2016-2020. Just a coincidence, of course.

Despite the current absence of an American presence on the world stage, the Ukrainians are not rolling over easily as planned. All true patriots are taking note. One can only hope this spirited resistance, standing alone in the world, will last. The clear-eyed souls, seriously interested in NOT repeating history’s mistake of confronting tyranny with weakness, agree that this would not have happened if Trump were President. As nobody can deny, it didn’t.

Zelensky, Ukrainian President, literally stands his ground, willing to die defending his country.


UPDATE 2/25/22: Is it 1938 again in Europe? Is the world about to find itself under attack on multiple fronts breached by Russia, China and Iran? Perhaps an evil axis of at least two if not all 3?  World War III or perhaps just the new New World Order of disorder, chaos and death. Grim stuff to contemplate, but let’s not pretend things are going well.

UPDATE 2/25/22: “Perhaps a policy of deterrence and strength, rather than appeasement, works..” Behold the Obama/Biden Doctrine of appeasement. And for those trying to keep the whole Trump-Putin collusion thing going, here’s another quote: “Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.” Any diplomatic words coming from Trump about Putin is based upon this wise strategy and knowing full well  with whom he’s dealing.

All this is lost on the likes of an Obama or Biden who have no strategy except to do what’s best for the Global Collective, certainly not America. In response to a Putin or Xi or the Mullahs, Joe and that part of America ignorant of how to handle bullies has nothing to offer but words, words, words, and empty, dishonest ones at that. Trump, on the other hand, intends to win for himself and for America. And that’s why they hate him so.

UPDATE 2/24/22: Europe finds itself at war because no one, including Putin fears Sleepy Joe. Despite what he has assured the world in the past about his prowess on the international stage, the nasty old geezer is a loser. However, one should not discount the damage he and his clan of crooks are capable of doing. The Biden Crime Family,  spelled H-U-N-T-E-R, have much to do with where the Ukraine finds itself today.

UPDATE 2/22/22: In case Trump’s detractors haven’t noticed, Putin never made even a suggestion of expanding his influence beyond Russian borders in the years 2016-2020.  This is hardly by chance. The notion that Vlad The Aspiring Conqueror tried to interfere on Trump’s behalf is absurdity, quite the reverse of what stood to benefit him. Had Hillary won, we would have witnessed the present threats (and those of an equally expansionist China) four years sooner.  As things play out and the full extent of Hillary’s collusion with Russia (among 1001 other corruptions) is undeniably exposed, one will be able to say Told Ya So; but by then incalculable damage to America and freedom at large around the world will have been done, not to mention innocent lives lost. But don’t expect any apologies from those doing the worst damage. For them, power is everything and doing the right thing counts for nothing.

UPDATE 2/19/22: The Ukraine matters because it’s strategically located, and it’s an astonishing motherlode of natural resources.

UPDATE 2/3/22: Will Vlad or won’t Vlad? Maybe. And will the Dems claim he’s scared of them if he won’t? Definitely. And is he (who always tells the truth) as stupid as the Brandon administration and tell us ahead of time precisely what he plans to do? Doubtful.

UPDATE 1/29/22: Our weakness as broadcast out loud worldwide by the presence of a nasty, senile Fake POTUS is too tempting for our expansionist enemies to ignore. For Russia, there’s the Ukraine. For China, there’s Taiwan. Putin’s annexation of the Ukraine is just for land and power optics since most of its best and brightest have long ago left. Too easy. God help them…and us while in the absence of strong, responsible shepherds, the wolves are helping themselves to every sheep in sight.

UPDATE 12/10/21: Anything from the pen of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn merits attention, and works written during his later American years in Vermont are being published now for the first time. Who knew communism in practice and its ongoing, devastating impact on our lives better?

UPDATE 5/1/18: A Happy, Happy May Day! The NY Times celebrates the many successes of Communism’s first glorious century, neglecting to mention the scores of millions of dead bodies, enslaved souls and the all-round misery it has gifted humanity.

UPDATE 2/2/18: How many ruined lives and dead bodies does it take to realize that Marx/Lenin/Stalin/Mao/Castro/Che/Ho/Chavez and all their fans and imitators around the world had/have REALLY bad ideas? Perhaps freedom might be a better solution…that is, if ruthless, heartless power and control over millions is not one’s goal.

ORIGINAL POST 10/28/17: If the recent birthday of the U.S. Constitution is something to celebrate, the centennial of the Russian Revolution, October 24, 2017, is not. (By conspicuously ignoring this landmark, the Russians themselves seem to agree).Marxism as world power politics based on envy, hatred, division, lies, tyranny and murder was launched a century ago; and all humanity within and beyond the former Soviet Union continues to be infected, leaving human liberty in permanent, potential peril. Those who doubt are invited to look upon  scores and scores and scores of millions of corpses left in Marxism’s wake and still piling up in such remaining People’s Paradises as Cuba, North Korea, and China.

Who countenanced and described it better than Orwell with “Animal Farm” and “1984”? And within our own porous American borders, we are still plagued by those insatiable pigs, more equal than the rest of us, tirelessly promising Transformation and Equality for All Americans…while delivering only enslavement for the masses and total power for themselves.

 Trump’s election represents America’s re-awakened will to eradicate those pigs from our politics and re-introduce the basic American concepts of INDIVIDUAL life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. NOW is perhaps our final opportunity to turn back an historical century of horror, the cancerous living hell Lenin & Stalin (and his Alinsky-inspired American counterparts Barack and Mrs. Bill) have envisioned for us.

We dodged this one...for the time being.
We dodged this one…for the time being.


17 Replies to “The Red Revolution: Not just 10 days but a century that has shaken the world”

  1. My father was exiled to the Soviet Gulag. and through a miracle, he got out so I have a keen interest in this subject. Here are two relevant quotes, the first from historian Alan Charles Kors, the second from a broadcast by baseball announcer Vin Scully. I hope these are of interest.

    From historian Alan Charles Kors’s “Can There Be an ‘After Socialism’?” for the Atlas Society, Sept. 27, 2003:
    No cause, ever, in the history of all mankind, has produced more cold-blooded tyrants, more slaughtered innocents, and more orphans than socialism with power. It surpassed, exponentially, all other systems of production in turning out the dead. The bodies are all around us. And here is the problem: No one talks about them. No one honors them. No one does penance for them. No one has committed suicide for having been an apologist for those who did this to them. No one pays for them. No one is hunted down to account for them. It is exactly what Solzhenitsyn foresaw in The Gulag Archipelago: “No, no one would have to answer. No one would be looked into.” . . .
    To be moral beings, we must acknowledge these awful things appropriately and bear witness to the responsibilities of these most murderous times. Until socialism—like Nazism or fascism confronted by the death camps and the slaughter of innocents—is confronted with its lived reality, the greatest atrocities of all recorded human life, we will not live “after socialism.”
    It will not happen. The pathology of Western intellectuals has committed them to an adversarial relationship with the culture—free markets and individual rights—that has produced the greatest alleviation of suffering; the greatest liberation from want, ignorance, and superstition; and the greatest increase of bounty and opportunity in the history of all human life.
    This pathology allows Western intellectuals to step around the Everest of bodies of the victims of Communism without a tear, a scruple, a regret, an act of contrition, or a reevaluation of self, soul, and mind.

    Vin Scully’s broadcast. You should listen to this on You Tube. It’s priceless. It’s got a humorous component. When reading, remember it’s from a live broadcast of a baseball game.

    “Perez, 25 years old, originally drafted by the Tigers. Lives in Venezuela. Boy, can you imagine you’re a young kid, you’re playing in the United States, you’re from Venezuela, and every time you look at the news it’s a nightmare… Socialism failing to work, as it always does, this time in Venezuela. You talk about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden, there’s no food to eat. And who do you think is the richest person in Venezuela? The daughter of Hugo Chavez. Hello! Anyway, 0-and-2.”

    1. Aw, c’mon. Let’s give communism/socialism just one more try. What are we batting? 0-93? I’m sure we’ll get it right this time. By the way, I mention Vin Scully as virtually the only unchic, un-Progressive in Obama’s final passing out of Medal of Freedom party favors last fall. One more honor now rendered meaningless. Look up “Medal of Freedom” in the search function at the top of the left column. Vin must’ve been asking himself how he’d gotten mistakenly mixed up on that list.

  2. As usual, you’re ahead of me. I figured you’d know about Vin Scully, but I really appreciate the context you created. As to the Alan Kors, it summarizes the goals of much of my creative work of the last twenty-five years. He received a Medal of Freedom as well, but I think it was from George W. Bush

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