This Congressman from Louisiana, Mike Johnson, bears watching, This is a public servant addressing the real, pressing problems of the day. Here on illegal immigration. See above in this week’s abortion post; his grilling of a brain-dead abortion advocate.



UPDATE 4/20/22: Texas Gov. Abbott has made DC a destination for illegals overrunning the Texas border. Why stop there? Next stop: Wilmington, specifically Joe & Jill’s doorstep! 

]UPDATE 4/15/22: An “unsettling” time for Lone Star illegals and a happy day for Texans as Governor Abbott makes good on his promise to provide a free, one-way ride to our nation’s capital where they can be taken care of DIRECTLY by their most vocally prominent benefactors.

UPDATE 3/18/22: Look! Over there! Covid! Hey! This way! Ukraine! Check it out! Meanwhile, south (and north) of the border, things are going from bad to worse. 

UPDATE 1/31/22: With its nocturnal humanitarian missions flying illegals in and dropping them all over the country, the Democrat Party has now officially branched out into human trafficking to beef up their fundraising efforts and swell their voting rolls.

UPDATE 1/29/22: URGENT!! The Ukrainian border is sacrosanct and must be secured by American forces at all costs!

The American border now open wide to roughly two million illegals in just the last year? Not so urgent.

So why advocate an impenetrable wall to keep out Russian barbarians while clandestinely by cover of night flying thousands of totally undocumented illegals into places like White Plains NY and Madison NJ (Murphy’s own personal “sanctuary”) ? Answer: if you can’t get enough legal American citizens here to vote for you, import new voters!

UPDATE 1/13/22: Oh goody! Let’s wait and see what happens to New York now that they’re clearing a million illegals to vote. Things have changed a bit since our grandparents came through Ellis Island a century back.

UPDATE 1/1/21: A typical day of unimpeded human trafficking as a planeload of unvetted, unvaccinated, undocumented illegals are flown by cover of night from El Paso and dropped into Allentown PA and clandestinely bussed away. The transport vehicle is marked “World Atlantic” owned by one Tomas Romero. Who is he? Who/why/where are these people being trafficked? Why is no one stopping them?

UPDATE 10/19/21: Swarms of illegals are coming in by the planeload and being dropped by dead of night all over the country.  [NOT “dead of night,” corrects the WH Press Secretary; “early flights”  to dispel any mistaken notion of illegal, clandestine activity.] With whose permission, may we ask? Certainly not those Red-voting  communities who will be forced involuntarily to shoulder the burden of providing food/housing/everything for these new Democrat voters-to-be. There’s also the faint possibility that buckets of taxpayer money is being ladled out to bribe political leaders in most of the gracious, welcoming communities.

UPDATE 9/23/21: It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the border crisis created overnight by the Biden administration is deliberate and designed expressly to import new government dependents aka new Democrat voters. The careful re-location in key Red states of the thousands/millions pouring in and yet to come only makes the looming nightmare realer. No more walls, no more vetting of terrorists and assorted criminals, no more legitimate elections involving current U.S. citizens.

UPDATE 9/14/21: Despite Biden’s Wide Open Borders policy, Texas forges ahead to continue and complete Trump’s wall. After all, Texans are the ones who have to live with the immediate consequences of this illegal immigrant tidal wave.

8/30/21: The flood of illegals at the southern border has been declared “unsustainable” by the the faux administration’s Immigration Czar; but, unsurprisingly, little or nothing is being done to return it to the pre-Biden Trump era controls. 

UPDATE 8/14/21: Immigration crisis? What crisis? After all, if the goal is to overload the American welfare rolls with new trough feeders sure to be permanent New Democrats, what’s the problem with tens of thousands of illegals pouring over the border? When Homeland Secretary Mayorkas is overheard saying “We’re going to lose” any semblance of border control, that’s not an admission of defeat but a celebratory statement of Mission Accomplished.

The wide choice of “policy options” is actually singular: “Do nothing. Keep ’em coming.”

UPDATE 8/5/21: The deliberately uncontrolled invasion on the southern border is Cloward-Piven applied to immigration in the same manner as its formulators have suggested for the desperate, Democrat-controlled Inner Cities. The numbers to date suggest the DC cabal is well on its way to its goal of an overwhelming Democrat voting electorate. Meanwhile, as tens of thousands of these political pawns pile in illegally on top of one another under insufferable conditions, one notes the deafening silence emanating from those Trump-hating humanitarians once so vocally aghast at “children-in-cages.” Oh…there’s that also little extra bonus of  Covid pouring in with them, unchecked.

Golly, even the most feeble-minded are liable to start thinking the present DC gang isn’t all that motivated  to do right by the American fools who put them in power.

UPDATE 7/28/21: In case you’ve been away, the purpose of Kamala  is to ignore the border, overrun the country with unaccountable illegals. Border Czar Kamal doing a bad job? On the contrary: in doing nothing. she’s creating millions of new Dems-On-The-Dole.

UPDATE 7/22/21: To the vocal luvvies with little chance of ever meeting an illegal immigrant, let alone taking care of him or fending off the damage he might do: try dealing with a literal invasion of your property (including a dead body here and there) near the border for a day, even a half hour. It’s not about “dreamers.”. It’s about permanent dependents, permanent Dem votes, a permanent electoral majority. It’s no mystery that Border Czarina Kamala never showed up at the border if the established default strategy is to do nothing.  Flood the country with them, turn everything to chaos, then clamp down, hard.

UPDATE 7/“1/21: How will the Luvvies  account for the terrorist attacks from illegals now on their way and already here thanks to porous borders?

UPDATE 6/17/21: Could it be the Dem plan to create a permanent electoral majority via an unending flood of naturalized illegals is backfiring? Is it possible the Latinos coming here have the long-range common sense to know that permanent government dependency is ultimately a dead end for them? Opening eyes and the decisive move of the Latino vote to the GOP is good news for them and everyone in America who thinks earning one’s living is preferable to the deadly tentacles attached to Big Gov largesse (bribery and ownership).

UPDATE 6/3/21: Every state has become a potential site of illegal immigration and human trafficking. These newly acquired U.S. citizens-to-be/government dependents/Democrat voters continue to be delivered to predominantly red states via bus or plane by dead of night. Check out video of a newly Woke Chattanooga Choo Choo.

UPDATE 5/9/21: The Islamic invasion of Europe was prophesized decades ago in a novel entitled “The Camp Of The Saints.” Being considered a tract espousing “White Supremacy” by the Left and a cause for alarm only serves to give it historical validity as a warning about unchecked immigration.

On the domestic front, “Follow The Money” proves to be reliable advice when exposing the profiteering motives of this administration’s Open Border advocates. There is major capital and political power to be accrued in human trafficking.

UPDATE 4/11/21: YA’LL COME! Bienvenidos, nuevo Americanos [aka new tax-subsidized Democrat voters]! Apparently, neither national security nor the level of human suffering created  at the border matters to our present administration.  Open Borders is an invitation to our worst enemies and the next 9/11.  Shockingly, this is not  incompetence but The Plan.

Who can forget that Trump’s effective enforcement and long-range plan of LEGAL immigration was branded inhumane? Suddenly, real “Children in Cages” in this golden Biden era has ceased to be an issue now that the compassionate Woke have deliberately created this disaster. Who’s to blame? Trump of course! Count on nothing but lies and obfuscation regarding this particular achievement of The Potemkin/Hologram administration which has no intention of doing anything to protect Americans from the invasion. And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. 

On the YA’LL COME European front, the Continental Woke find their self-satisfied state of deep denial annoyingly rocked by the reality of hateful hordes of decidedly ungrateful newcomers from abroad. As one Woke acquaintance sneeringly chided me at the mention of such “fantasized” unpleasantness in his native France, “Where did you hear that? Fox News?”

UPDATE 3/30/21: Regarding the humanitarian crisis now exploding and getting worse by the minute at the border: this is solely, complete, willfully the monstrous creation of the operatives managing the Hologram Presidency, not as claimed, the preceding administration. Remember “Build The Wall!” leading up to the 2016 Election? Remember your outrage and resistance to the very sections of  The Wall itself that have gone up in the four years since then?

Regarding the humanitarian crisis now exploding and getting worse by the minute at the border: this is solely, complete, willfully the monstrous creation of the operatives managing the Hologram Presidency, not as claimed, the preceding administration. Remember “Build The Wall!” leading up to the 2016 Election? Remember your outrage and resistance to the very sections of  The Wall itself that have gone up in the four years since then?

ORIGINAL POST 8/20/15: In a long, comprehensive article written in 2006, journalist Heather MacDonald faces the immigration debate head-on in exhaustive (and exhausting) detail. Nothing has changed except that immigration has been seized upon in the years since by the Pelosi-Obama Crime Family as yet another way to “transform” America into a giant Welfare State run by the Democratic Party. Their scheme has been basically an unchecked Open Borders policy inviting millions more to the Federal trough, each one a new Democratic Party voter. Pelosi declares there’s no crisis here, only “opportunity.” This is fully in line with her crony Rahm’s cynical dictum about not letting a crisis go to waste. Make it an “opportunity!” Thus far, she has not explained the benefits to the parents of Kate Steinle or to those living with the consequences on the Mexican border.

In our parallel universe where we seek to preserve America for ourselves and for those outside honestly, legally seeking a better life, we must return to enforcement of the law. This requires the replacement of an administration intent on breaking and bending it for political benefit, both here and abroad.  If only it were as easy as facing and knowing the facts, but there is nowhere else to start.

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