UPDATE 3/20/24: She baaaack! Christine Blasey Ford, the seriously ditzy woman recruited by Dianne Feinstein to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, has returned, this time flacking a self-aggrandizing book about a life lived in imaginary heroism. Ain’t that the way these days? WokeWorld is more than eager to use the occasion to enshrine her alongside fellow fantasist and well-vetted slanderer Anita Hill as the latest fake icon spouting a baseless narrative manufactured to delegitimize the Court. It’s uncanny the similarities between the two incidents involving anonymous women suddenly bursting out from nowhere like Sigourney Weaver’s Aliens to wreck the careers of conservative males nominated to the Court. Presumably the goal is to expand the 3 Weird Sisters now holding down the Progressive wing of the Court to a unanimous coven of 9 Woke Witches or, even better, a dozen!

O gawd! Not again!!


UPDATE 3/21/24: The newest Supreme Court Weird Sister, an Affirmative Action hire with suitably Woke views and first name (Hi, Ketanji! Meet Barack & Kamala!), thinks free speech is “hamstringing” a Democrat administration that likes to censor social media posts it doesn’t like.

UPDATE 9/17/22: Justice Kagan does typical Leftist projection saying, “If one’s own conscience is opposed to the requirements and responsibilities of the job, then it’s time to leave the job.” Naturally she means those on the Court with whom she disagrees. She has no plans to vacate. After all, she is, like all SJWs, right and supremely virtuous in all matters, “on the right side of history” as all one-track Leftist minds love to declare as The Final Word on the subject.

UPDATE 7/31/22: Regarding the leak about revisiting Roe vs. Wade, there is the overwhelming stink of corruption and coverup. Is it Elena or one of her deputies? Is it that longtime suspicious actor himself, the Chief Justice? Functioning as it’s supposed to function-upholding the Constitution as clearly written, not rewriting or “interpreting” it-the highest court in the land has now become a new target for the Left to destroy. 

UPDATE 6/12/22: The Supreme Court is under attack, not simply ideologically, but literally. Conservative Justices have been alerted that their lives, their families, their property are now targeted for any random physical attack that might befall them and that the Brandon administration is chuckling to itself and looking the other way. 

UPDATE 7/9/22: Judging by the dissenting statements of the current Weird Sister Supreme coven, the Constitution is outmoded and in need of serious revision. So say a trio of female Social Justice Warriors. But then we already knew that about them, didn’t we?

UPDATE 4/20/22: Is the Conservative majority on the Supreme Court supposedly attained through the Bush/Trump appointments a sham? So it appears to be, coupling the uniformly dismal Roberts performance with the recent Left-leaning rulings of Kavanaugh and Barrett.

UPDATE 4/7/22: Thanks to a trio of spiteful Republican Senators, a social justice activist with little use for Constitutional natural, God-given law and total allegiance to Leftist dogma has joined her two fellow female radicals to keep the Supreme Trio of Weird Sisters intact. Somehow we know already how she will always vote, and it will never be in support of objective reality and natural rights but based entirely on the notion of partiasan political activists like herself granting (or rescinding) basic rights to the Little People. If there is no definition of a woman (or anything else), the SJW just makes it up.

UPDATE 4/1/22: If approved as a Supreme, SJW Ketanji may prove to be the worst of the rotating Weird Sisters act.

UPDATE 2/26/22: It’s a great day for Intersectional Politics and all celebrants of “Inclusive Diversity” as the Brandon Transformationists (Supreme Court division) add another Weird Sister SJW to go with the two already installed (Elena & Sonia) replacing that Leftist White guy with the troublesome Anglo-sounding name. For those pushed to the head of the line in WokeWorld like Kamala, Sonia, Elena, and now Ketanji, being ethnic and female would never have been enough. When Biden promised a Black woman for the Court, he failed to mention that she must also be  gung-ho on unchecked immigration [check!], pro-abortion as her judicial record verifies [check!], an Obama supporter [check!] and generally an all-round Leftist [Check! Double check!!!]. Black female jurists with a conservative bent who most definitely do exist need not apply.

Worked for Sonia, works for Ketanji.

UPDATE 1/11/22: The current trio of hard Leftists on the Court vary in degrees of abysmal ignorance and detachment from their duties as jurists, Disturbingly it’s news to all 3 of them that they’re not political activists. 

Sonia comes off worst by a nose against the other two, but what can one expect from someone who is a shameless groupie sending video love letters to Chesa Boudin, the disastrous Frisco DA and bad seed son of homicidal Weathermen terrorists still making trouble for civilized society long past their 1960s heyday.


ORIGINAL POST 7/5/15:  Macbeth’s trio of potboilers have nothing on these three: Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan. Eye of newt, toe of frog, Wool of bat and tongue of dog sound almost edible compared to what these girls have been cooking up lately

 Naturally we’re told to shut up and eat what we’re being served…and like it…or else!

Only last year, we have been treated to these  3 female, leftwing activists literally outshouting/browbeating American citizens who want to be left alone to run their businesses as they please. Well, at least Gloria Steinem likes this.