Can you live with this?
Can you live with this?

UPDATE 7/22/21: The problem always is the malleable masses willing to do the bidding of a handful of dictators. who nowadays bear a surprising resemblance to the big-hearted Transformers of the Obama Age.

Fear and division as prescribed by these hip New Age tyrants are proving to be  much more deadly than anything loosed on the world  from a Chinese lab. 

We’ve descended into madness, not just gone hard Left. And in such a short time, corresponding precisely from the moment Donald Trump ceased to be President, and Joe Biden was put into place to undo not only Trump, but America herself.

The fire this time.

UPDATE 7/17/21:  imagine IF the overwhelming majority of Americans put the good of the country first. How very different the relationship would be between those who now consider us their servants and themselves our masters?

UDPATE 7/16/21: For Bobby McGee, it was nothing left to lose. For the NY Times, “freedom” is just another word for government subversion. Nice idea to float if you’re trying to eliminate the American two-Party system.

UPDATE 7/16/21: Always follow the money and power. Woke, Inc. is no exception.

A perfect example? Woke, Inc. Big Labor division. American Teachers Union head Randi Weingarten’s salary ($560K) is 9 times the average teacher salary. Natch. All the bigtime grifters, extortionists and shakedown artists on the Left advocating for the Little Guy always end up with the Big Guy perks.

Yale and its Woke leadership provide the template for the inmates running the asylum on the fancy college campuses.   

UPDATE 7/17/21: How nations and great civilizations go into decline. The old story, the usual reasons:  high taxes is just the beginning…      

UPDATE 7/12/21: Is this the beginning of The End? Are we on the same path as Rome and Greece and Great Britain before us? As said in this perceptive piece by Don Feder, we’ve traded the American Revolution for the Cultural Revolution. Will there be an America you and I would recognize in 10/20/50 years? Only God knows.

UPDATE 7/8/21: The byline says it: if they can censor and control Donald Trump, they can censor and control you. It was not idle political propaganda or paranoia when he said that he was all that was standing between us and the Master Planner mob. If they’re coming after him, they’re coming after you. From the moment Trump emerged as a serious force against the Deep State in 2016, those running the regime have been possessed by a grim determination to eliminate its detractors by any means necessary while being accountable to no one.

Conservatives and genuine patriots find themselves adrift in an increasingly unrecognizable America.

And so it has come to pass.

UPDATE 7/7/21: Mussolini, once the darling of early 20th century Leftists, now provides the political model for today’s aspiring tyrants in the Democratic Party.  Among the intelligentsia of the 1930s, Cole Porter lauded  Il Duce in

“You’re the top!
You’re a Coolidge dollar.
You’re the nimble tread
Of the feet of Fred Astaire,
You’re Mussolini,
You’re Mrs. Sweeney

You’re camembert!

Neither is a candid or accidental shot. Both are clearly striking a shared pose of Elitist Supremacy.

UPDATE 7/7/21: Colorado, that beautiful state that once evoked the free spirit/rugged individualism of the Wild West, is now a template for dull-witted, Leftist transformation. Being one of the first states to legalize pot is just one miserable symptom of its devolution. Studying recent Colorado political history provides insight into our present nationwide dilemma and the possibility of turning things back to normal. Describe the problem, then solve it.

Colorado’s Pike’s Peak the view from which inspired “America The Beautiful.”

UPDATE 7/6/21: Division is the key to totalitarian transformation, one aspect of which is making paranoia and fear mainstream. 

UPDATE 7/2/21: The New Reality is really becoming a dictatorship of the Newly Oppressed.  This up-and-coming demographic is intent on destroying everything the normal person has taken for granted  in order to realize the demented dream of perfect “equity.” We normals are the eggs that need to be broken to make this glorious omelette. Just don’t ask THEM to suffer what they have in store for the rest of us.

All those egg shell dead, just collateral damage necessary for The Dream.

UPDATE 6/23/21: If the views, positions and policies of Leftism could be boiled down to one phrase, it would be “politically enforced detachment from reality.”  It is Leftism’s separation from the real lives of real people that makes it necessary to be imposed by force.

UPDATE 6/22/21: Taking over free American elections is the long-range destructive goal of the hard Left. Covid served them well, getting Trump out and JoeBama in. The defeat of HR I, taking election autonomy from the States to be controlled by DC, is good news, but only a brief moratorium. Try, try again is the motto of a tyrannical ideology that will never give up.

But thankfully defeated by the Senate.

UPDATE 6/21/21; What is this obsession the so-called conservative Supreme Court has about rescuing ObamaCare? To discard it would force the issue of the free market creating competitive insurance policies and the self-regulation of the medical profession by its own, not ignoramus bureaucrats.

UPDATE 6/20/21: While the NY Times Potemkin Conservative David Brooks does his inane Pollyanna impersonation from the pages of the doddering Gray Lady, realists are stuck with a country without border control; a self-hating military in the process of being brainwashed of any will to withstand foreign aggression; an economy headed to ruin thanks to the wild spending giveaway/bribery of the electorate by a nasty Alzheimer’s patient who illegally got himself placed in the most powerful position on earth. Everything is great! Actually, things will be at least tolerable if the MAGA movement can recover control of the government from the clutches of the determined Leftists now sending us over every imaginable cliff and torching whatever little might be left.

2021 Dems fixin’ things. Gittin’ to “root causes.”

UPDATE 6/20/21: Poor old Joe just can’t keep things to himself.

UPDATE 6/20/21: So the rioters and looters of NY are to be let off scot-free while anyone vaguely connected to January 6 are in solitary confinement and condemned as some of the worst criminals in American history. The message is do anything you like to create the chaos and anarchy necessary for a complete totalitarian takeover of peoples’ lives but don’t feel free to support anything connected with Trump’s MAGA vision of free markets and a nation of self reliant, self supporting, law-abiding individuals.


UPDATE 6/19/21: They’re not just coming to cancel you for your contrary, unWoke ideas. They’re coming for your property, your appreciated assets, your dollars and cents. For the stupidly naive believing Senile Joe’s complete lie about NO MORE TAXES for anyone making less than $400K: you’ll swoon (but not with joy) over this new “death tax.” Property appreciated that you want to pass on to the kids? 40% up-front inheritance tax on the appreciated amount, no longer the 23% currently levied upon selling down the line. You want collectivism? Ok, dummies we’ll collect…from you. No, not the rich fat cat. You, chumpkin. Democrats, always looking out for the little guy.

“Some will rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen.” Woody Guthrie

UPDATE 6/19/21: BidenWorld, the Twilight Zone come to shockingly real life, is proving to be nothing less than a determined repudiation of our most basic founding principles. So long, Adam Smith. Hello Winston Smith.

UPDATE 6/18/21: Obama’s sinister Transformation is not confined to America but, sad to say, extends to that other bastion of Western Civilization from which we sprang, rooted in a tradition of liberty and representative government. Optimism about Britain (known within memory as Great Britain) has faded with  the gradual meltdown of Boris into a Woke Greenie and BLM sympathizer.

So much for the refreshingly eccentric maverick who got the Brits through Brexit. Where has he gone?

UPDATE 6/17/21: The entire transgender thing, rewriting the laws of nature, “re-imagining” reality to one’s own whims of the moment, used to be the stuff of science fiction horror: images of animal heads grafted onto human bodies and the like. But why limit horror to fiction when it can be created in a lab? So think the industrious ChiComs with their bizarre experiments enabling male rats to give birth. Didn’t the Greeks warn us about some punishment being at hand to mankind (Prometheus) misusing the gifts God had provided? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

UPDATE 6/16/21: Actors, not leaders, are running the world. Minus Trump and now minus Netanyahu, the world is looking more than ever like the proverbial insane asylum run by the inmates. Having hit rock-bottom with the assemblage of lifeless, detached bowling pins displayed below, we can only look forward to better times and a resurgence of leadership representing real people with real needs.

Inert objects useful only for recreational purposes. Strike!

UPDATE 6/15/21: To make sense of our unfolding nightmare, one can begin with Bezmenov’s warning about brainwashing and subverting a whole civilization, a description of precisely what’s transpired. It couldn’t happen here? Think again.

UPDATE 6/15/21: Rewriting history is the job of today’s Winston Smiths. Revising the past to make the present palatable for the gullible fools.  For the record (before revision), a lot of people were “killed by a virus that escaped from a lab funded by the Government of the United States,” specifically a government agency overseen by one Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Is it of any current interest (before the history is rewritten in the future) that mandating everyone on earth to wear a mask was a BIG business (ie. dollars, yen, moolah) bonanza for the Communist Chinese who manufactured the infernal things. Just saying.

Not the only place the ChiComs are blowing smoke.

UPDATE 6/14/21: The Wokester’s trouble with the flag bespeaks a gigantic hole in their psyche. They have missed out on being American but only live here within our borders like freeloading kids in Mom’s basement, free room and board, feeling only contempt for the whole arrangement.


What’s LEGAL isn’t necessarily MORAL. Small wonder the Left loves litigation. Always that 50/50 chance things will go in your favor, moral/guilty or not.

UPDATE 6/13/21: What if the audits show that Trump won? That happy hypothetical would suggest that current DOJ threats to stop the audits have failed. It also suggests the Supreme Court has unexpectedly grown a spine and has ruled judiciously on the evidence. In the inevitable ensuing REAL insurrection by the violent BLM/AntiFa attack dogs, the military will have enforced what’s been proven in court, removing Biden, restoring Trump and the America freedom lovers recognize.

Cold, hard realism says, “Dream on.” But for posterity, the truth must out, and facts must go into the history books. Minus that, America has become 1984.

UPDATE 6/13/21: Help is on the way! Kamala blames overrun border on the weather! Her “root causes” gambit has flopped, and she got her conniving carcass  booted back in disgrace to a chortling America by an unamused Guatemalan Presidente. Meanwhile, the border remains American Disaster Area #1 while Kalamity doubles down on those “root causes” while simultaneously searching for Nicole Simpson’s real killer.  Meanwhile, Senile Joe is the pre-G7 laughing stock of the British diplomatic corps  even before the G7 which is born out by an unsurprising fumbling, bumbling performance by The Great Pretender. 

Not to worry! A “prepped “Doctor” Jill  is  on the job! 

UPDATE 6/11/21: Is it anywhere more obvious what trouble our civilization is in than comparing the challenges met by young men in 1944 and with those in 2021. Courage then for a young man was storming the beaches of Normandy on behalf of human liberty. Today, it’s announcing you want to identify as a woman. And last week on D-Day, we saw an illegitimate vaporous Leader Of The Free World totally ignore the former while telling the latter he “has their back.”  And took a little race-baiting turn  with a tweet about the Tulsa “massacre.”  Nary a word about the Americans on the beaches of Normandy. Houston, we’ve got a problem.

UPDATE 6/9/21: Foiled again!  Manchin blows up the major power grab that is HR 1. It’s encouraging that more than just Manchin is balking at HR 1.  Some may be operating on principle, some on practicality knowing they may be screwing themselves if they lose their majority status and have to knuckle under to what they were hoping to inflict on their opposition.

UPDATE 6/5/21: From Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Between Two Ages”: “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. So it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

With  such globalist Master Planners  as Brzezinski aided and abetted by high-level drones like Dr. Fauci  in service to the ChiComs, are conspiracy theories just senseless paranoia?

UPDATE 5/9/21: Big Gov to the rescue…for an economy that didn’t need rescuing. But if the goal is a nation of jobless, aimless sheep, a Sovietized America, bravo! The illegitimately installed Democratic Party is now well on its way to making America one big Inner City operating outside the traditional authority of Constitutional law. Such are the consequences of de-incentivizing gainful employment. A nation of dependents, a bankrupt treasury. The runaway Biden train is right on track! “Transformative as FDR” is the way one enthusiastic Biden supporter (but actually more a Trump hater) describes it.

What we are living through should come as no surprise to readers of Huxley and Orwell, contrasting prophets of a totalitarian future that has arrived. Elements of both are in full operation: Orwell’s police state dystopia of physical force (lockdowns, masking, unlawful search & seizure of political opponents) and Huxley’s placid world of psychological addiction to “safety.”

Just a distorted bad dream of America, 2021?

UPDATE 1/3/21: Fittingly, one notable exception to the lockstep lockdowns crippling the world economy and acting as a rehearsal for globalist totalitarianism is a formerly Communist country, Belarus. By chance and worth mentioning, it is also the birthplace of Irving Berlin, American Songwriter Laureate and author of “God Bless America.” The heart of the matter: “Given the cost to the economy and mental wellbeing of imposing lockdowns, as well as the draconian restrictions on basic liberties, these facts strongly suggest that leaders that did impose lockdowns have a case to answer from their citizens.”


ORIGINAL POST 12/27/20: We find ourselves in a world where reality is now being “reimagined,” a world and a nation rapidly undergoing “transformation” as promised by the most diabolical of Trojan Horses ever allowed within our walls. No longer do we have the luxury of imagining the worst; we are experiencing firsthand a frontal assault on the most basic of American liberties. The infinite possibilities and pursuits our freedom has encouraged and nurtured for 250 years REALLY feel vulnerable to potential annihilation. With perpetuated lockdowns in place and our power at the ballot box shockingly voided, one needn’t look beyond the first sentence of Orwell’s prophetic “1984” to be punched in the face with what’s happening: “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

How easily human beings, born free, accommodate themselves to chains, even welcoming submission and enslavement as a replacement for a free life they find intolerable. Things close in on us like a slow-moving iron vice.

However, all is not lost. Despite the overt censorship of dissent by powerful Big Media, information still abounds. The Great Barrington Declaration, penned and signed by thousands of real scientists, rage against the prevailing mass lockdowns justified by fear, presently to no avail. Proof of electoral fraud is there for all to see, evidence compiled from thousands of reliable sources such as the just-released Navarro report. Again, so far, to no avail, and recourse from the highest levels of our legal system, an apparently cowed Supreme Court, appears to be closed.

We have become a nation gaslighted by an unlikely, but not unprecedented, axis of evil: the collusion of billionaires and communists. These theoretical enemies are in fact a natural alliance,  united in their insatiable hunger for absolute power. Whether that absolute power permanently solidifies and remains unbroken is the big question. In the most promising scenario, the populist spark of freedom, millions of free individuals, can override that totalitarian wave. Are you and I up to it?

Fight on

Our best leaders and thinkers refuse to accept this Great Reset, The New Normal and the like. For some of us, the clocks will never strike 13, and 2+2 cannot equal 5, however often such lies are repeatedly dictated. It remains to be seen for each one of us if and how long we can resist caving to this nightmare. The adult in us knows this is not a movie with a guaranteed happy ending; and for the truly strong, there is an unshakeable faith in holding out to whatever the end might be. We must live by heroic example, however frightened we are.  Paraphrasing Churchill and taking our cues from thousands of last stands throughout human history, it is better to die free men than to live as slaves. “Better Red Than Dead” is not an option. Luckily, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, and, God willing, may she never get the chance.

Fat lady, election

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  1. Luckily, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, and, God willing, may she never get the chance.

    Fred… another superb column! I’m still a cockeyed optimist like you, but we’re a very rarified species!

    Happy and Healthy New Year!

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