Can you live with this?
Can you live with this?

UPDATE 7/4/24: Lighter-than-air balloon-brain Biden is the pitiful embodiment of a hollow Party totally obsessed with power and heedless of the danger this fantasy figurehead has posed to American survival in a global sea of piranhas. Naturally, the bloodthirsty competition for the spoils within that execrable Party is leading inevitably to its own civil war and, hopefully, to implosion & permanent collapse.

Doubtless lost on his equally “sharp-as-a-tack” staff, choosing “Let’s go, Joe” for the beloved mental titan who inspired “Let’s go, Brandon!”

UPDATE 5/23/24: The Great Resetter himself, Herr Klaus Schwab, is still very much here despite announcements of his leaving his exalted Fuhrer perch at the jolly WEF.

UPDATE 5/16/24: Since permanent division and Civil War is the core of the Obama Agenda still very much in place, Joe Biden’s penchant for international destabilization and chaos make him the perfect placeholder for Barack. 

UPDATE 5/15/24: Regrettably for stalwart Anglophiles and Brits themselves, England’s decline continues apace with its senseless embrace of Woke on every front, the handiwork of its Elites including the weak-kneed King beset with ludicrous Progressive sympathies. Naturally, neither he nor his fellow upper crusters expect to suffer the consequences of such noble causes as open borders and ruinous “Climate Crisis” policies. 

The British Elites celebrate the return of serfdom! Nobody (except the Elites) will own anything!

UPDATE 5/14/24: This is not America when free speech and dissent are punished by the political faction in power. Rudy Giuliani’s association with Trump has made him as much a target of total ruination by the Dem administration as The Donald himself.

UPDATE 4/17/24: The escalating war on Trump and his MAGA constituency is proportional to the threat he poses to those effecting Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.” How far must it go before all the metaphorical frogs jump out of the boiling pot? 

UPDATE 4/12/24: At what point will people have enough of “transformation” and vote for their own best interests, not what is being dictated to them by their aspiring global masters?

UPDATE 3/30/24: How many times have we thought we were at an existential crossroads only to discover we had been reprieved once again? How long can that reprieve be extended when our eyes and ears tell us something is seriously amiss with our world, that the unthinkable is an undeniable, chilling reality all about us?

UPDATE 2/15/24: On the phony pretext of saving the environment, the meat industry is being deliberately and successfully destroyed as evidenced by the steep decline in cattle and sheep farming in America. 

UPDATE 2/13/24: Dismantling America and western European civilization (including its Middle Eastern outpost Israel), making way for globalist totalitarians, has been and remains the singular goal of the Obama Doctrine. 

UPDATE 2/14/24: Marxist revolutions are always brought on in the same, insidious way, lies disguised as truth blanketing communication media, dissent criminalized. Conversely, the dark days become light again when free thought and speech are restored.

UPDATE 1/26/24: Happily, the WEF’s Great Reset is looking less and less like an inevitability. Dare we hope the slowly boiled frog has decided to leap out of the pot in time?

UPDATE 1/2/24: You’ll own nothing, they cheerily promise. And they mean…NOTHING.

UPDATE 11/15/23: Lest he be overlooked as one more funny-looking screwball megalomaniac, Klaus Schwab is, like Soros, one of those central casting villains who lives for the thrill of controlling the masses like inanimate pieces on his own little chessboard. 

UPDATE 10/5/23: THE pressing political issue in America is the specter of a permanent Leftist/Democrat majority. Some hardened realists say this has already been accomplished, judging by the millions of newly imported Democrat voters pouring unvetted over the border, the insanity of gender spectrums, climate emergencies and critical race theories all rooted as unchallenged “truth” in the brainwashed minds of  millions already on the voting rolls.

UPDATE 9/22/23: Words and their definitions matter now more than ever in these Orwellian times when men can be women, life on earth has minutes to go, and, if so decreed, 1+1 can equal 3. Describing our current situation and the looming political threat(s), “communism,” “fascism,” “Marxism” aren’t quite adequate to the task. The basic One World goals of all totalitarians now must include “globalism” and “corporatism.” There are distinctions, but all foretell total, universal enslavement of the many by the self-selected few.

UPDATE 8/30/23: When a seasoned mobster has the moral authority to be disgusted by the Biden Crime family and its filthy affairs, America has hit rock-bottom.


UPDATE 8/26/23: A totally digitized life of 24/7/365 surveillance awaits us, and even Red States are jumping on board.

UPDATE 8/21/23: Have a yen for a hamburger? Some pork chops? Don’t count on it if you’re living in one of those virtuous U.S. cities with a stated goal of banning meat by decade’s end.

UPDATE 8/15/23: There was a time in the not-so-distant past when William Barr came off as a solid member of Trump’s team, avuncular, likeable. Not so much any more. Is he simply afraid for his own skin having been associated with Trump, or was he always one more twisted RINO traitor, playing his part in eradicating Orange Man. If he and those others intent on fulfilling their Get Trump mission can’t literally kill him, they will not settle for less than killing the MAGA revolution and the presence of the man at the heart of it.

UPDATE 7/23/23: “The Lives Of Others” was a widely praised and watched film depicting the crushed lives of those living under East German Stasi surveillance 24/7/365. Like every other cruelty and crime committed by communists over the last century, documented evidence abounds for anyone willing to look. To those claiming, “Communism is wonderful but just hasn’t been done right,” the only response to these blind fools is “Don’t say you weren’t warned.”

UPDATE 7/16/23: No, you’re not crazy. Things HAVE changed for the worse; the normal is under attack, and much of the world we have taken for granted has become unrecognizable, even unlivable.

UPDATE 6/28/23: In case there’s any doubt about the sinister designs of Klaus Schwab and his WEF, he’s most currently on record extolling the virtues of Communist China, totally ga-ga about the ChiCom Premier’s “vision.” No doubt there are those with their heads firmly implanted in sand or up their backsides who think that’s a very good model for the ideal society.

UPDATE 6/22/23: The only two events bringing us seriously close to curtains in our history have been the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Obama’s mission has been to effect a second, permanent civil war, and we now find ourselves a nation locked in mortal combat. Racial reconciliation is the last thing he has envisioned for us. Add to this grim picture Soros’ tireless ambition to destroy America through the mass subversion of law enforcement and desiccated puppet Joe Biden to carry it out. The very image of him madly signing all those Executive Orders on Day One including the destruction of the fossil fuel industry and the trillions in new welfare swiftly booting up wild inflation, we have the Obama/Soros/Biden mission well underway.

UPDATE 6/21/23: When an armed IRS and DOJ feel free to raid private homes of an administration’s political foes (Mar-A-Lago) and places of businesses (licensed gun shops), we are past merely “approaching” banana republic conditions but living in a Sovietized America.

UPDATE 6/1/23: Bank of America went out of its way and voluntarily offered the FBI records of any or all account transactions between January 5-7, 2021. And without notifying its customers. Special red flags have been attached to those customers who have purchased firearms ANY TIME out of their accounts. The FBI with the assistance of Woke Corporate is now public enemy #1, and Americans have been put on notice that they no longer have any right to privacy.

UPDATE 5/20/23: Are bad times just the business-as-usual of politics or are we actually witnessing the worst possible scenarios that could actually upend America? An elected administration 1) in the pay of and in thrall to our most dangerous foreign enemies; 2) that is actively fomenting permanent civil war via Identity Politics; 3) aided by the most powerful law enforcement agencies (FBI, DOJ) in destroying the legitimacy oi both the legal system and electoral process?

UPDATE 5/18/23: One possibly bright aspect of ramped-up social suicide coming from the Left is the outside chance that even the most Woke get personally slammed in the face by the negative consequences of what they’re supporting. Dare we hope for the return of the New Conservative who, only last night, was a Liberal who got mugged?

It is no coincidence that the same NY prosecutor going after Trump has just indicted Daniel Penny for fighting back against a subway marauder. Up has become down, 2+2=5, but this is no mistake or misjudgment on the part of those intent on destabilizing our entire society.

UPDATE 4/26/23: Societal suicide sold to us as progressivism. Not a good look.


UPDATE 3/27/23: The routing at the polls of Rutte’s tyrannical crackdown on Dutch farmers is a victory for all societies threatened with the tyranny of the Woke/Climate Change/Permanent Race War cabal. 


UPDATE 3/22/23: The totalitarian boot now coming down on Dutch farmers is a model for the destruction planned for all independent production in free markets everywhere. In the words of that wonderful man Klaus Schwab, we little folk will own nothing and be happy about it. Then again, maybe not when the Dutch farmers are pushing back hard and winning at the polls. Could be a game changer for all of Europe. 


UPDATE 3/14/23: Not such a cheering thought that America is ever-so-gradually being encircled by our sworn enemies. 

Even sorrier to report, we are not only surrounded but rotting from within. We are both a besieged and divided country.

No translation necessary.

UPDATE 2/16/23: No cars, no cooking with gas. As promised by our kind Big Brothers & Sisters at WEF, we will have nothing and be happy about it.

UPDATE 1/30/23: Life is rapidly morphing into one gigantic, totalitarian Lie that threatens the solitary doubter questioning this artificial, gaslighted reality with social exile if not blunt extinction. If it’s not a refusal to wear a mask or be vaccinated, it’s using the wrong pronouns or taking issue in general with trans ideology and its toxic invasion of educational and medical institutions. Not to mention daily life and simple communication.

TOTALitarianism. THAT way (to your Left of course)…or no way.

UPDATE 1/18/23: The photo below suggests that alongside every horrible man is likely to be an equally horrible woman. Meet Hilde Schwab, female counterpart to one of our most sinister living Bond villains master planning everyone’s grim future to his own perverse specifications.

UPDATE 1/14/23: Starting with food, our self-appointed masters in the World Economic Fortum (WEF) make no secret of their aim to set limits on all of us Insignificants which, of course, they have no intention of imposing upon themselves. After all, they are royalty, our superiors, and we are their serfs, chattel. At this very moment, these tyrants are meeting and planning our collective fate in Davos under full protection of thousands of Swiss militia.

Who could be surprised at this inspiring display of close, warm camaraderie and common purpose? Read all about what these two benevolent mother figures and their WEF comrades have in store for us

UPDATE 1/12/23: Canada continues to lead us in the race down the road to tyranny and enslavement. Jordan Peterson has been slated to be the poster boy publicly whipped to scare onlookers into quiet obedience to the all-powerful State. He is also the wrong one for such a public role since he’s not one to go quietly.


UPDATE 1/4/23: Every day Canada appears to be picking up speed barreling down the highway to full Maoist/Soviet totalitarianism. Almost defying belief, Jordan Peterson has been sentenced to re-education by the Dark Powers for being a vocal critic of Trudeau and a prominent supporter of the Pretty Boy’s political opponent. The iron-core Peterson is agreeable so long as every word and action is made totally public for the world to see firsthand what we’re all up against.

UPDATE 1/4/23: The evil Deep State looks even deeper and eviler than ever when focused on Mark Milley’s covert agenda against Trump during his tenure and the subsequent Afghanistan fiasco under Biden. 


UPDATE 12/27/22: It’s more than a bit disconcerting to see Canada succumbing to the Great Reset fate proscribed by Klaus Schwab and one of his star elves Justin Trudeau. Like Australia/NZ morphing into Stalinist/ChiCom satellites during Covid, we watch Canada with horror as the latest country once considered a bastion of Western Civilization’s liberties fading to grim gray behind newly installed Iron Curtains.

UPDATE 12/21/22: What Andrew Breitbart said about politics being downstream from culture: we are living a suicidal, trashy politics downstream from a marketplace of things and people that don’t care about excellence or durability. Our landfills are full of things that have worn out after a handful of uses, and our lives, reflective of and dependent upon things that work, are heading for the same garbage dumps.

UPDATE 12/20/22: The multiple war fronts that the Leftist hydra  has created is more than a bit overwhelming. Islam, China, Pandemics & Corrupted Science/Medicine, Woke Racism, gender spectrums, incorrect pronouns, a corrupted FBI are just a few monsters we’re expected to handle. The big question always arises which of those heads is the immortal head that, once destroyed, kills the rest of those heads? Since this is reality and not Greek mythology, the answer is “whichever one is coming at you.”

UPDATE 12/20/22: Hard to know what’s real and what’s not? What to believe? We’re each of us on our own to decide. This video is a compelling two hours.


UPDATE 11/19/22: As easy as it is to focus on James Bondish villains like Soros and Schwab, America turned upside down is tragically traceable to the Long March through the educational institutions as proposed by Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky and those other radicals of old totally, fanatically committed to America’s undoing. Unfortunately, the evil genie is out of the bottle for good, his poison now flowing freely throughout the middle-aged and younger population. Is there any way back?

America’s enemies are patient and in for the long haul.

UPDATE 10/29/22: We are strongly advised that the new British PM is no conservative but rather a protegee of the bigtime WEF Globalists. With the death of the Queen, the ascension of the weak Greenie King in her place and a One Worlder heading up the government, Orwell’s 1984 England is looking less and less like fiction.


UPDATE 10/21/22: Apres QEII, le deluge? Whatever flaws there may have been in Liz Truss’ agenda to take Britain back to the free market, it’s looking suspiciously like she has been kneecapped by the WEF/Globalists. “See?” they’re saying. “The free market/conservative approach isn’t the way to go. Follow our beneficent centralized, One World blueprint!” It’s a dangerous lie, and jaded pessimists fear the British public will swallow it and stupidly return to the great, good-hearted ways of Labor.

UPDATE 10/15/22: Don’t be fooled by the “non-violent” nature of totalitarianism in America unlike Soviet Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, East German... What we are suffering is still coercion and force that leads to the same horrific place of submission and silence. It CAN happen here. In fact, it already is.


UPDATE 10/12/22: BigGov in Brandon’s America is becoming almost indistinguishable from Big Brother with its advanced capability of spying on each individual. With the collusion of Big Tech, our every move and utterance is a matter of public record and subject to the whims of an increasingly tyrannical bureaucracy. The Lives Of Others are no longer “others” but yours and mine.


9/29/22: For the moment, the worldwide lockdowns have stopped. The question looms: If people were so accommodating the first time out, what’s to prevent a permanent repeat? The grim outlook is not the sudden, dramatic crackdown of freedom a la Covid  but the slow rotting away of our way of life into something distinctly Soviet. 

UPDATE 9/29/22: Brexit is breaking out all over as Italy (and other awakening Europeans) appears to prefer independence to membership in the EU. For billions of people still denying the dangers of centralized government, let’s hope this new pandemic of freedom and self-sufficiency sweeps the world.

UPDATE 9/26/22: When an obvious pawn and puppet like the current President of the United States reads teleprompter lines declaring war on more than half of the American electorate, it is no cheap, easy exaggeration to compare these tense times with Mao’s Cultural Revolution. We have little recourse except to pin our hopes on a major sea change in November. If The Robot’s own former Minister of Disinformation writes him off as a liability, there is reason to be somewhat optimistic.

UPDATE 9/25/22: An FBI raid this week on a conservative Catholic activist’s home, terrorizing the children present, further makes this an unrecognizable America. 

UPDATE 9/21/22: That the private residence of a political foe can be raided by the FBI at the behest of a sitting President is, to understate, troubling. This is everyone’s problem, not restricted to just the rich and prominent. Such an invasion and outright violation of the Fourth Amendment (unwarranted search and seizure) is the stuff of Hitler and Stalin and Mao and banana republics, not a country supposedly ruled by laws protecting the rights of its citizens. On the most human level, Trump himself laments (for good reason) that Mar-A-Lago will never be the same for him. In this tyrannical climate, does his or anyone else’s private property or personal rights mean anything?

UPDATE 9/21/22: We ignore the totalitarian globalist goals of the World Economic Forum at our own peril, particularly as we approach a future predicted with fearful accuracy by Aldous Huxley. This is not the stuff of noisy  jackboots but a silent, non-violent surrender of our lives and souls to the edicts of The State. 


UPDATE 9/16/22: One writer says that the instability brought on by the insane Green Zero Carbon policies currently turning the lights out all over Europe is a bad thing for Klaus Schwab and his Globalist master plans. Isn’t that precisely the chaotic scenario that would pave the way for his evil designs?


UPDATE 9/9/22: The absence of QEII’s genuinely regal presence is sad for the void it leaves in the general quality of life and dangerous for the cheap, corrupted replacement about to rush into that highly prominent void.

Look just below at the company he keeps and who’s got his ear. Don’t count on either of these above-it-all snots giving up their palatial estates and private jets. As for the rest of us, let them drive donkey carts, eat insects…and love it.

The Queen’s departure only sets the stage for the full contempt the public will have for the British Royals in no time flat…and for good reason.

9/9/22: Lockdowns worked so well the first time out, why not repeat?

UPDATE 9/5/22: It was predicted that a Biden victory in 2020 would result in a political movement of Leftist Dems and NeoCon RINOs ferociously united against Trump and MAGA. How better to describe what has happened? And whether or not the RINO fools or their Democrat comrades are aware of it, they are making the enslavement of America much easier for forces far greater than they are.

UPDATE 8/31/22: It’s all happening very fast and on multiple fronts.

Obvious signs of an upside-down world: one of the most basic expressions of the American Spirit-invention and patent protection-has come under serious legal attack, cheating countless inventors out of ownership and profit for their innovations.

Equally cock-eyed: of the many things wrong with Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness boondoggle is legitimizing theft, borrowing without paying back. Then again, the life’s blood of socialism is dependency and irresponsibility, an infantile proletariat.

UPDATE 9/3/22: A former NSA director spills it all about the totalitarian nature of his former employer.

UPDATE 8/31/22: The old creep has morphed into the old lunatic as he effectively declares hot war on half the electorate and promises as Commander-in-Chief he’ll be turning all that military weaponry on us. Nurse!

UPDATE 8/30/22: What the hell is a “semi-fascist?” The overuse and misuse of a word like “fascist” does not serve to expose and head off what most people know is not a good thing. Unfortunately, the Leftists demonstrably guilty of promoting it have a penchant for avoiding mirrors and projecting it entirely onto anyone they don’t like. Note the words “right-wing.”

UPDATE 8/28/22: Was the whole Mar-a-Lago raid nothing more than a very public show of power without any legal legitimacy? There’s no such thing as bad publicity, they say. It may be total garbage and good only for today’s news cycle, but the lingering perception, however false, is useful. Let’s hope there are major regrets, and more than just a few.

UPDATE 8/27/22: Want an easy, step-by-step way to destroy freedom, innovation, prosperity worldwide? Try “The Great Reset!” already coming your way since Election, 2020. 

UPDATE 8/25/22: Obama’s proposed “Civilian Army” corps is about to become a reality with the addition of 87,000 armed IRS “equity enforcers.” (See “Children of the Demmed”).

UPDATE 8/25/22: It’s a fool’s futile escape to remain blind to the truth, and there is a well-organized move underway to turn this world into a monolithic dystopia. Michael’s Matt’s video from early 2020 has proven chillingly prophetic of what the Covid charade was designed to do. The existence of an American Gestapo formerly known admiringly as the FBI and DOJ has now fully outed itself with the raid on Mar-A-Lago.

UPDATE 8/17/22: They’ll never give up looking for the silver bullet to slay the vampire Trump, but it looks like the Manhattan DA’s much-touted assault on the Trump organization is closing up shop and looking elsewhere for mischief to make. Meanwhile the US AG continues to scramble for something/anything to take out the Orange nuisance. It’s a most fervent wish that they all go the way of Wyoming’s version of Captain Ahab/Inspector Javert.

UPDATE 8/16/22; Take a stroll down memory lane and trace the origins of Western Civilization’s current disappearing act. 

UPDATE 8/15/22: There’s more than an outside chance that the FBI knew there were no “classified documents” at Mar-A-Lago just as certainly as Hillary and all her vast Leftwing conspirators knew there was no Russia! Russia! Russia! involved in Election 2016. Really following thru on a reputed investigation of the FBI’s provable collusion in RussiaGate will also blow up the Stasi raid on Mar-A-Lago in one fell swoop. Then, we can start from scratch again as this disgraced American institution deserves. Dare we hope that a similar dissolution and reorientation of the IRS isn’t far behind?

UPDATE 8/13/22: Among a number of deadly weapons aimed at dissenters in our world, few are dirtier than slander, lies and defamation. Those intent on our destruction have no hesitation to sling the filthiest mud because they know there is rarely a downside or negative consequence for them. One of many examples is Judge Roy Moore who was slandered by tabloid media with the old reliable “sexual predator” lie that knocked him out of a political race. There may be some consolation that he has now been awarded $8 million in damages for this made-up tale, but this has only come after a ruined reputation, mile-high legal expenses and years too late to realize his political ambitions. And how many will continue to believe the lies long after they’re disproved?

UPDATE 8/12/22: If we are to learn anything of value from history, we are compelled to reach back to the totalitarian horrors of the 20th century to suitably describe the onset of any similar threat to civilized life. Is it unreasonable to look upon the Mar-A-Lago raid and the J6 Gulag as something once considered impossible in America and totally characteristic of Beria’s NKVD  as described in “1984”/”Darkness At Noon” or Honecker’s Stasi as depicted in “The Lives Of Others?” 


UPDATE 8/13/22: To restore the FBI to the level of respect it commanded (if not always deserved) in the G-Men days of J. Edgar Hoover (hardly a saint), it may have to be razed and rebuilt from the foundations.

UPDATE 8/9/22: The Mar-A-Lago invasion judge named Bruce Reinhart, giving the go-ahead to the raid, has direct connections to Jeffrey Epstein. This gung-ho Obama supporter and documented Trump hater (see his 2008 Tweet) once represented several of the sex trafficker’s employees in need of a little legal help.

UPDATE 8/8/22: The IRS has cheerily announced there are 87, 000 new positions available for spying on your fellow countrymen. To avoid any negative connotations one associates with the words “spy,” “squealer,” “shock troops,” “stooge,” “Stasi” or “Gestapo,” you’ll go by the more respectable title of “auditor.”

And if Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago has been raided by the FBI, who of us is safe and protected by what we thought were our Constitutional rights? What is the FBI now but just an instrument to be used against political dissenters? Without dramatic exaggeration, we are devolving into the U.S.S.A. 

De Santis on Twitter: “The raid of MAL is another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves. Now the Regime is getting another 87k IRS agents to wield against its adversaries? Banana Republic.”

UPDATE 8/8/22: Control the food supply, medical care, energy, and you control everyone.

UPDATE 8/5/22: he creepy crawlies of the Schwab/Soros variety have global designs of totalitarian control, and in America, their job is being done for them by today’s Democratic Party (and their RINO allies) focused entirely on a UniParty society focused entirely on eliminating the Trump/MAGA movement. Tragically stupid fools that they are, RINOs wrongly assume that their shared hatred of Trump will yield them an equal share of the spoils.

UPDATE 7/19/22: Sundance of Conservative Tree House outlines in discouraging long detail the master plan to turn us into a ChiCom society enslaved by total surveillance. In a nutshell, our only real recourse is a serious return to federalism, independent States asserting considerable power free of the centralized iron fist of Washington. We happen to have a certain governor who has masterfully demonstrated the power of that independence, not surprisingly the best bet for leading our rise from the ashes in 2024.  The last governor who was President proved to be among the best of our lifetimes. Before that, the best ones were a war hero and midwestern haberdasher. Enough of entrenched DC pols.

UPDATE 7/17/22: The assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Abe is, to some, an intended prelude to World War in the mold of Sarajevo, 1914. The unthinkable has ceased to be impossible these days, but let’s hope this is just the conjecture of one observer of history.

UPDATE 7/14/22: As the Orwellian fog ever so gradually envelopes us, are we up to dispelling it, clearing the air to breath freely again? 

UPDATE 7/5/22: It’s just plain lunacy to pretend BrandonWorld’s wrecking ball approach to “leading America” is anything but a strategy and plan, NOT “incompetence” or “ignorance.” Build Back Better is one long trip from Bad To Worse.

UPDATE 7/3/22: Roger Kimball restates the obvious in a few words. “What would the Biden administration do differently if it wanted to impoverish the American people by making them wards of the state?” No, it’s not incompetence; it’s a plan. 

UPDATE 6/26/22: Normalizing corruption of the individual soul is the one-way door into tyranny and enslavement.

UPDATE 6/16/22: Epoch Times interviews Naomi Wolf who has sharp observations about Americans transformed into Covid cult followers and social media addicts. In many American states we are still living under “Emergency Law” which will allow those bad actors in government (from the senile top down to power-mad governors) to re-enact lockdowns, set up quarantine camps for the “unvaccinated,” suspend elections and normal life in general. America has changed, not least of all into a disturbing collection of passive individuals ready to accommodate tyranny from their government.

UPDATE 6/12/22: Thanks to the created Covid crisis, the Great Reset has taken a gigantic leap. Aside from the show of totalitarian control from BigGov and its cronies in the creepy boardrooms of Davos, it has been a windfall for billionaires creating shortages and miraculously providing products the next day to fill the desperate need. On the same principle, the Green energy boondoggle plans to put the pedal to the floor by trying to eliminate fossil fuels from the market and filling the void with Green technology. A few get rich, the masses scrape by on crumbs from a Mafia-controlled market place.

UPDATE 6/5/22: Ever hear of Mouse Utopia? We are all programmed lab rats now, just about to devour one another.

UPDATE 5/30/22: The Great Reset is not just a bunch of evil Bondish villains plotting world domination in Zurich or Davos. It’s American politicians and bureaucrats and the mindlessly obedient millions of those taking their ill-considered orders below them. In one vivid scenario just experienced, we have the two year lockdown fiasco, resulting not only in the needless destruction of millions of businesses and individual lives but a fearsome loss of trust in our entire medical establishment from the AMA on down to our local doctors and nurses. Likewise, we have an Uvalde incident of worse-than-useless policing that justifies an equally widespread distrust of those supposedly there to protect us from criminals.

We live in an eternally dangerous world that is livable only to the extent we have self-defensive measures in place. That goes for our physical well-being always prone to illness and goes equally for law and order perpetually under attack by the lawless. Take away the credibility of those institutions and individuals we’ve always assumed are there to protect us, and we’ve entered a new Dark Ages.

UPDATE 5/5/22: Today’s Dems, now controlled by hardened Leftists once on the fringe, care not a whit how many eggs they have to break to make their Utopian omelette. For those running this horror show and their blindly obedient followers, no means however brutal or destructive to the insignificant Little People is out of bounds in pursuit of their totalitarian ends.


UPDATE 4/26/22; Fascinating and revealing how up in arms the Obamas and Clintons & their fellow travelers are about an incipient return to free speech on social media. According to them, free speech poses a threat to “democracy.” Note the word choice is “democracy,”, not “freedom.” Orwell would fully understand.

UPDATE 4/17/22: Lest one think the “Great Reset” is just faddish political jargon, some reading about its  sinister proponents and their deadly-serious goals demand attention.

UPDATE 4/10/22: Where have you gone, J. Edgar Hoover and your G-Men? The whole frame-up of FBI agents by their own bosses has been exposed in court. It’s not a good look when our chief law enforcement institutions turn out to be among the biggest criminals of all.

UPDATE 4/8/22: With the convenient Covid “crisis,” we’ve learned in the last 2 years the calamitous results when the Left seizes full power of all levels of government. This is lost on brain-dead liberals still deluding themselves into thinking that they are voting for the “common man” Dem Party of FDR, HST and JFK.

UPDATE 3/23/22: The specter of One World government has become particularly ominous in the chaotic power vacuum created by total moral vacancy in the White House. Never has the window of opportunity to reset the world into a monolithic, rigid order been so open for the totalitarian-minded.

UPDATE 3/18/22: Things are looking pretty bad, and nothing rankles us Normals more than the frightening number of people who insist things are fine on this road to ruin. Is this still Land Of The Free, Home of the Brave? From Day One BrandonWorld has waged a war on MAGA and all things beneficial about America and, for that matter, Western Culture. 

It’s a bad movie full of sinister characters like One World villain Klaus Schwab who, sorry to say, aren’t guaranteed to meet a well-deserved end at the hands of the Good Guys by the time the credits roll. Who ARE the White Hats? History offers some hope that trying times do produce authentic heroes. Dark forces like Globalists and the Deep State are nothing new as a new book by Mark Tapson chronicles: Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and Their War With the Swamp


UPDATE 3/12/22: The combination of an illegitimately installed POTUS in thrall to the radical Left and Big Tech’s embrace of totalitarian China’s electronic model for monitoring the masses makes for scary images in the crystal ball. The growing alliance between corporate behemoths and global government adds little brightness to the future.

UPDATE 3/10/22: When you no longer have private property ownership rights as Canadians have recently found out with dissenters’ money being frozen by the government, you are not free. After taking that in, treat yourself to one of the scarier scenarios available, the one Bill Gates hinted at as the one that’ll really “get your attention.”

UPDATE 3/6/22:

Compelling, detailed video documentaries from Epoch Times:

The Roots of the New Race-Based Marxism, gripping the West” (PART I)

“The Woke War on Reality and a Strange Fusion of Fascism and Communism” (PART II) 

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Part 1-Division

Part 2-Brainwashing


UPDATE 2/25/22: El Commandante Trudeau’s mentor and main strategist brags about how “we penetrate cabinets.” Thanks to the unintended transparency of the internet, conspiracy theories are no longer theories.

UPDATE 2/21/22: How handy for the power-hungry to have a national “EMERGENCY!!!” act to extend even when there’s no emergency to warrant it. The end to such “emergencies” is something dreaded by those declaring them. Manufactured panic and fear, those special gifts to tyrants that keep on giving, Canada yesterday, America today, good ol’ reliable Russia ’round the clock over the last century.

UPDATE 2/20/22: Some are offering as gloomy a prediction of things to come as one can envision. While remaining totally aware of reality, one has to hope there is an unseen power greater than the ravenous hunger of dictators who have just tasted fresh blood. There is always the Divine Source men have called upon through the troubled Ages. And then there is an unspoken passion dwelling within millions for liberty they have known and refuse to give up.

2/20/22: Who needs a Tiananmen Square slaughter when you can just freeze political protesters by freezing their funds and those funding them? As Hanoi Jane exulted, Covid has been a gift beyond measure for the Left and its totalitarian aims a means to an end. {And who remembers Covid at this point? It’s just about outlived its usefulness.}

UPDATE 2/16/22: The Canadian dilemma is the dilemma of ALL liberty-loving people praying for the secure continuation of a free life despite the machinations of those who live to control the masses. For Trudeau and his odious ilk, a return to normal is the last thing desired. Their power depends upon the continuation of lockdowns, masks, compulsory vaccines, ruined businesses, record incidents of drug abuse, suicide, even death among the young and healthy. These terrible results are the real pandemic, made possible by the resigned acquiescence of people to that totalitarian control. 

UPDATE 2/11/22: When the focus of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) shifts from actual terrorists like Islamic fanatics to disgruntled parents and others considered guilty of “thought crime,” we have something to be worried about. This surreal development is the natural result of redefining core American principles of government by the Brandon administration and its Deep State enablers.

UPDATE 1/31/22: Everything we know is upside down, and other than a handful of conscientious politicos and the refreshing sanity of a convoy of truck drivers demanding their (and our) basic rights, we see little resistance to the real plague besetting us. The lunatics are running the asylum, and most of our friends and family are fully cooperating in their own demise. The unimaginable is becoming a growing, daily reality, but some of us are fortunate enough to continue a normal existence, albeit an incrementally more isolated one.  From whence cometh our help to break the evil spell?

1/22/22″: Treasured institution and rich resource Hillsdale College offers an overview of The Great Reset planned for us by the globalists. Aldous Huxley foretold this diabolical plan, describing it aptly as a quiet path to “non-violent totalitarianism.”  Think of that oblivious frog in the water slowly being boiled to death. You’ll be heartened to know there are alternatives.

UPDATE 1/21/22: Go, Vlad, go! Hey, Xi! Send me a postcard from Taipei! Signed, Yer Pal Joey!

And to think one of the endless complaints one heard about Trump from our Lib/Lefty friends was how he was going to get us into a war. Slo-Joe’s assessment of Putin’s “minor incursion” into the Ukraine reflects our scary, totally upside-down world courtesy of those who voted for this execrable human mash-up.

One very amused, one ready for the Alzheimer’s ward.

UPDATE 1/20/22: Abolish work, make it unnecessary for a sleep-walking, dependent proletariat, and you’ve accomplished The Great Reset, a hollowed-out world of beautiful, lazy, useless Eloi ruled over by the savage Morlocks in H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine.”

UPDATE 1/12/22: It CAN and IS Happening here, but not because of the “Far Right” as Sinclair Lewis predicted 85 years ago or as today’s Left insists. The cross and gun (aka Obie’s “bitter clingers”) are not accurate symbols of this incipient tyranny. It’s the hammer & sickle.

This cover art looks a lot more like Stalin’s version than Hitler’s. But don’t tell Sinclair Lewis or today’s Lefties. 

UPDATE 1/4/22: The old question about totalitarianism: can it happen here? But it IS happening here, and one better recognize and resist it in whatever form it presents itself. If you loved Covid, you’ll just DIE from Climate Catastrophe. Covid has been just the warm-up. In case you don’t know, it never was or ever will be about “health” or “safety.” It’s always about POWER. 

UPDATE 12/30/21: Which is it to be? A republic or a one-Party totalitarian state? 

UPDATE 12/30/21:“Reality is penetrating the fog…Periodically in history the human race goes crazy and does terrible things that it later regrets. This is one of those times.”

UPDATE 12/22/21: A shocking percentage of clergy have disgraced themselves and abandoned their roles as guides for troubled humanity.

In stark contrast, there is the courageous Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. Formerly the Vatican’s nuncio to the U.S, he resigned from the Church in 2016.  His message this week is authoritative and to the point, naming names and warning us of the players (including the present Pope) in the Globalist plan to control the world. 

UPDATE 12/18/21: Are we entering a new Dark Ages? Judging by the illiteracy and dismal social skill levels of a near majority of young Americans, the future is looking medieval in the worst sense. Empires collapse on such suicidal developments, and America and the rest of the West can’t pretend they’re immune from a slide into total ruin.

UPDATE 12/3/21: Perhaps we might listen to those who lived through and survived communism only to see it take hold unimpeded here. Perhaps we might look with unblinkered eyes at the scary seizure and abuse of power in Australia and other “free” countries and take it seriously as something THAT CAN HAPPEN HERE.

UPDATE 12/1/21: The notion of political prisoners locked away in gulags and jails was once thought to be exclusively the evil province of the Soviets, Cuba, China, Iran, Turkey. Under the leadership of emboldened, power-mad Democrats, America is getting into the act. 

UPDATE 11/28/21: Tucker Carlson’s book of essays entitled THE LONG SLIDE could just as well be called THE GREAT RESET as it is one journalist’s witnessing the ominous shifts in America’s political climate that threaten our unique standing as a beacon of freedom.

UPDATE 11/21/21: The events of the last two years, locking down the world, stopping everything and everyone cold in the name of “safety” and “health” is the truly deadly virus that has nothing to do with biological germs loosed on us by the ChiComs. And unfortunately, we haven’t seen the end of it. 

One writer puts it in theological terms, attributing this horror to Satan. From a religious perspective, it certainly bears all the traits of the Anti-Christ’s arrival when all the churches of the world are forced to close their doors in service to “saving lives.” What precedent does this have in recorded history?

Whatever the forces at work-religious, psychological, political-a gigantic totalitarian plague is being loosed on countless millions, conceivably billions, of people, disguised falsely as “a cure.” In the face of this evil’s enormity, the most jaded agnostic/atheist is compelled to look to a Higher Power to right this monumental wrong enveloping us.

UPDATE 11/17/21: Is it becoming clear enough that PINO (President In Name Only) and his Brandon administration are not incompetent but in fact proving themselves highly skilled and focused in turning EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in America toward permanent control. Cutting off/rationing energy/electricity, flooding the country and welfare rolls with illegal invaders, controlling everyone’s movement and ability to make a living at the whim of their BigGov Masters, weaponizing the FBI & DOJ against the people they are supposed to protect, making nice with our worst foreign enemies…This is not a focused, multi-pronged effort to cripple and enslave us?

UPDATE 11/13/21: The determined FBI/DOJ jackboot assault on Project Veritas principals and the swift move to defame/cancel/destroy the truck driver who unseated a powerful NJ political kingpin are just two of this week’s reminders that we are now living in an increasingly Orwellian America. One more is the threat of American apartheid separating the holy “vaccinated” from the  “unclean and dangerous” unjabbed.  It remains to be seen which, if any, of these targets of Big Brother are able to withstand the onslaught.

UPDATE 11/9/21: Candace Owens says it in 5 cent words: we’re being “transformed” into a communist nation of faceless serfs under the total CONTROL of the State. Permanent crisis in the form of a “pandemic” has served to accomplish what “global warming” couldn’t, and we’re seeing the results in the blind obedience of  formerly rational people. Nothing matters except “safety,” and only Big Brother can provide that. In the ice-cold words of the madwoman currently turning New Zealand into  Orwell’s Oceania, “Dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth.”

Big Sister has all the answers and is watching over you lest you come up with some answers of your own.  

UPDATE 11/6/21: Watch THE GREAT RESET livesteam teleconference/lectures from Hillsdale College, November 7-10.

UPDATE 11/4/21: It becoming more apparent that we didn’t fully win the Cold War as totalitarian communism is the underlying philosophy and blueprint driving today’s aspiring tyrants within our government and throughout worldwide Wokedom. For want of a better description, one could accurately call it Cold War II.

UPDATE 10/21/21: Destroying the family unit remains the central means to the globalist Marxist ends. United we stand, divided we fall.


UPDATE 10/18/21: The overriding goal of Leftism is total control of the populace, and what better way to do that than mass unemployment and total dependence upon the State? Never mind who or what in a nation of mass indolence will fill the troughs for this mass feeding. Posterity will recall the harrowing Biden years as, among other head-shaking epithets, The War On Work. May history also record it was just a passing, mad phase.

The brilliant answer to EVERYTHING!

UPDATE 10/17/21: Barry Goldwater was excoriated and eventually routed in the election for uttering the sentence below in  accepting the Republican Party nomination in 1964. His simple statement rings truer than ever. If conservatives and patriots are to prevail, obsequious moderation is not an option.

UPDATE 10/15/21: The dystopian nightmare that we are living through folksily laid bare. Thank God some humor and music manages to elude the Woke censors.


UPDATE 10/9/21: The war on the family has taken a particularly sinister turn with the branding of parents fighting against CRT indoctrination in the schools as “domestic terrorists.” Among those prominentos spearheading this attack on parental authority and final say in their children’s education and futures are Attorney General Merrick Garland (and his professional propagandist son-in-law)  and longtime Dem activist and VA Governorship candidate Terry McAuliffe.

This is just one more front in the overall war waged by the Left to divide & destroy us, adding parents and the nuclear family to race, class, gender, medical choice as demographics potentially ripe for division.

This is one more instance of dissent now being criminalized across the board as the Great Resetters, the Master Planners, find annoying obstacles to their agenda in the form of free Americans exercising their God-given, Constitutional rights.

UPDATE 10/5/21: Want an image of corruption in the military? Check out a major general bumping  Afghani refugees (and American allies)  to load a giant-sized souvenir vehicle onto a transport.

UPDATE 10/3/21: Sorry to say that the current transformative revolution taking place is more of the nightmarish French or fake “Liberation” variety (forced “equality” requiring totalitarian terror)  rather than the American counterpart (individual liberty and responsibility leading to history’s greatest, happiest burst of human progress). 

UPDATE 10/1/21: One worrisome byproduct of religion’s decline in guiding most people’s lives is that atheists and agnostics are more likely to be conformists who accommodate themselves to tyranny rather than answer to God. With that in mind, Dennis Prager poses the question, “Who would be most likely to hide a Jew if Nazis took over America?” 

Most likely, the Good Samaritans among us are to be found among the religious rather than (as a vivid, present day example) those herd creatures eagerly acting out the mask/vaccine charade just to get along. The more secular the society, the more susceptible to tyranny.

UPDATE 9/25/21: Big WHAT IF: those 45,000 votes in 3 states that would’ve elected Trump instead of being lost to the spiked exposure of the Biden Family corruption documented on Hunter’s laptop. And of greater import,  those thousands of votes created out of nowhere on Election Night through the magic of mass mail-in/absentee voting.

Just think: we’d be spared the overrun border (a prelude to a permanent UniParty electoral system), the Afghanistan travesty (and the oncoming wave of terror now fully enabled and armed by none other than ourselves); energy independence (instead of dependence upon foreign fossil fuels and being forced one step closer to Green tyranny).


UPDATE 9/24/21: It’s hardly reassuring that both the FBI and the military have fallen fully into the clutches of those intent on turning America and the rest of the free world into a Soviet-style confederation of  socialist police states. Both these once-reliable protectors of the public are now fully in bed and almost indistinguishable from those enemies they’ve been in business to eradicate.

In place of Hoover’s formerly upright band of G-men, the FBI has become one more corrupt tentacle of the Deep State, providing cover for the Clintons for decades and a variety of phony schemes cooked up to entrap political dissenters-January 6, the faux Whitmer “kidnapping,” last week’s attempted sequel to January 6. And then there’s the whole Russian collusion scam to get rid of Trump covered with FBI fingerprints.

Meanwhile, real cases of crime against the public such as the now notorious gym coach sex predator go totally ignored. Even highly publicized complaints from celebrated Olympic athletes have drawn little or no attention up to now. More importantly, does the general public have the slightest clue how seriously threatened we are from within?

God save us from the FBI.

9/24/21: If only getting rid of Biden were the answer to building America back up from its foundations of freedom. It’s obvious to anyone sentient, even among his reflexively Trump-hating supporters, that he’s 51 cards short of a deck. The question is not who the fraudulent Great Oz is, but who is “the man(men/women) behind the curtain?”

Who controls this empty, lifeless mannequin?

One can only imagine how many heads there really are to this hydra besetting us, all actively coordinated to “transform” America. 

One must start by identifying each hydra head and fully destroying it as Hercules was forced to do with the assistance of his friend, the former cutting off the head, the latter cauterizing the wound to prevent regeneration. No small task for Hercules, an almost impossible one for us…unless….

One pair of visible hydra heads are those of rich, powerful megalomaniacs like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab who have seen Covid as the best means to their evil ends of global manipulation and control.

UPDATE 9/19/21: We stand at an historical watershed, one realists face with dread. Internally, “they” have figured out that national elections can be won by stuffing the ballot boxes in just a half dozen states and major cities. With the Afghan surrender (and all those billion$ in US artillery already somewhere in Iran and/or China), we are asking/begging/pleading/daring the Chinese to march in. Taiwan may have to wait as that might send a signal that the ChiComs mean business which, our presumptive Commander-in-Chief and the treasonous Milley have informed us, is just not so: they’re our friends.

A pessimistic view, but what is one to think when weighing real events and circumstances?

Bad weather ahead.

UPDATE 9/17/21: Occupy Wall Street (waaaay back in 2011) and its calls for “income equality,” permanently stoked-up race animus, doing away with law enforcement was then considered fringe. Now it’s the Dem Party mainstream. 

Not surprisingly, it ended in rampant crime and chaos. Common sense and reality dictate that following those same socially suicidal policies will end as badly or worse for the nation at large. But contrary to Descartes’ sunny aphorism about common sense’s abundance, we find it in seriously short supply these days. And the devolution of today’s Democratic Party with the full cooperation of all those decent but lazy liberals proves it.

UPDATE 9/15/21: Our own military leaders warning China if we are about to attack? Wasn’t that once considered treason and subject to capital punishment? Considering this “public servant’s” intriguing history, we should only be surprised it’s taken this long for him to elicit even mild disapproval.

One more stab in the public’s gut as the credibility of BidenWorld shrinks to near zero.

UPDATE 9/12/21: We find ourselves slowly, forcibly being led into an Orwellian/Stalinist nightmare where the totalitarian Left has positioned Trump supporters and anyone else championing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the Enemies Of The People. Approximately half of “The People,” the tens of millions who vote Leftward for their own enslavement, are Stockholm Syndrome sufferers who identify with those they most fear, taking cues from their captors like obedient foot soldiers. Logically, any enemy of their jailers is slated for destruction.

UPDATE 9/11/21: With certainty we can say that pitiful, odious Joe Biden is not in control of either himself or the country. Who then are the puppet masters on the inside? And who are the puppet masters of the insider puppet masters? Those visible totalitarians abroad with expansionist dreams of absolute power-China, Iran, North Korea-are certainly somewhere in the network. Who and what stands above and astride all of them, pulling strings, moving them like chess pieces? Big Money “Gnomes Of Zurich?” Media Masters of Silicon Valley?

What we can see at the moment is a Frankenstein monster  set loose on the world, using science to re-set our society into a centrally controlled totalitarian statereducing each of us to a statistic, a number, a cog in the Great Socialist Machine.

UPDATE 9/6/21: How better to paralyze and control the masses than with crisis overload?

UPDATE 9/4/21: Ominously, Australia continues to lead the way in crystal balling a bleak future if once-free societies go the full totalitarian way in the name of the common good and “safety.” 

Complete with DoubleThink slogan in background.

UPDATE 9/1/21: Is there a scenario ridding us of the toxic garbage passing for political leadership at this moment? One yearns for 2022 and a Republican majority in both House & Senate. But are fair elections even possible now with the mail-in scam already successful in 2020 and now fully operative in the upcoming California governorship run-off? 

8/29/21: When 3 of the most prominent, formerly useful stooges in the Leftist Democrat establishment have drawn serious criticism from CNN, the New York Times and the BBC, you’ve got a problem. So it is in the wake of Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco, Cuomo’s embarrassing exit and party boy Obama’s unabashedly full release of his inner Michelle-Antoinette, Sadly, this does not mean mass public support is swinging toward MAGA but only that things are that undeniably bad if even the MSM has to visibly wince and effect a quick cast change in promoting the Great Reset.

Damaged merchandise recalled to the factory for retooling or replacement ASAP.

UPDATE 8/23/21: It looks like every week will be a variation on illustrating that good ol’ Joe from Scranton, a poor excuse of a human being by every measure, is the worst thing that has ever happened to America. Better said, he is the worst thing America has ever inflicted upon herself.  A combination of a thoroughly corrupt, not-too-bright character and the lure of  unlimited power and wealth offered this grifter by the Left has created a sickly neon rainbow of disaster for the country and the free world at large. The UNfree world that is now Afghanistan already demonstrates the consequences of what  VDH calls it the “drossy touch”  and “Biden’s brown thumb.” The real President of the United States calls it something else. 

UPDATE 8/22/21: Compare Trump’s clarity of purpose and steely grasp of reality last night to helplessly surreal BidenBlob flanked by his two masked, nervously silent keepers-in-black on Friday night.  This is the choice Americans have had all along, yet roughly half the population prefers and identifies with the fantasy of a sleepwalking “nice guy” who is mentally incompetent and anything but nice.

UPDATE 8/19/21: From the Gatestone Institute:What must allies such as Taiwan or Israel be thinking now after watching poorly armed tribesman sweep aside an American ally we resolutely vowed to assist? Worse, what must America’s adversaries, such as China, Russia, Iran or North Korea be thinking now? That such cut-and-run behavior signals the perfect opportunity to strike the Ukraine or Taiwan?”

There is no one, nada, zip at the American helm, and the free world finds itself without leadership. We are polluted with empty rhetoric worth precisely as much as the intellectual cesspool from which it springs and where it permanently belongs.

UPDATE 8/19/21: Australia has become a totalitarian police state, women and children tyrannized violently for refusing to wear The Mask while the PM nanny scolds the nation saying Maybe But Only Maybe We’ll Let You Live Your Lives By Next Spring (!) If You’re All Good Children And Get Jabbed.

This is totally at odds with the Crocodile Dundee/Gallipoli/Breaker Morant image we’ve always had of America’s kindred spirits Down Under,  independent, hearty, unflappable souls (including the politically incorrect and outrageously funny Dame Edna). At the moment, such show of free spirit will get you fined, censored, beaten, jailed ,…or worse at the hands of Oz officialdom, now gone full ChiCom Stasi.

UPDATE 8/16/21: Do Joe Biden’s supporters have the vaguest clue about the consequences of abandoning Afghanistan as if it’s still September 10, 2001? What a boot in the face to those gold star families who’ve lost their sons and daughters over the last 20 years. What an irresistible open-door invitation to all of America’s barbarian enemies to move in on us and whatever few free allies remain around the world?

UPDATE 8/15/21: Post Mueller/Schiff/Cuomo, who will the next inflated air doll be, pumped up by the Leftist media to Woke St. George proportions only to find himself deflated rubber in a nearby junkpile? In Cuomo’s case, his own kindred villains popped the balloon while in an occasionally sane world, good people speaking and acting out the truth let all the air out.

UPDATE 8/14/21: If anyone seriously inquires about What’s Wrong?, it can be easily visualized as the hologram fantasy of a dreary, bleary-eyed Alfred E. Biden juxtaposed upon the dramatic reality  of our modern-day Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: “border invasion, the economic catastrophe, the assault on our families, and the use of the COVID plague to eliminate our constitutional rights.”

God help us.

UPDATE 8/13/21:  We find ourselves inhabiting a mad, mad, mad world, and the idea of America as just one more of history’s great civilizations  in decline has gained legitimate traction.

UPDATE 8/11/21: Clearly Trump’s Waterloo was allowing the country to be led by Fauci into the fear-based lockdown that allowed the election to be stolen. The consequences: the country is now being flooded with New Democrats from South Of The Border coupled with the January 6 Show Trials designed to eradicate any legitimate opposition to the Democrat/Global Master Plan. Now what variant will we be treated to in 2022 just in time to steal the midterms with more mail-in/absentee votes created for the occasion?

UPDATE 8/10/21: Obama’s promised Transformation of the U.S. seems to be well underway and, barring a legitimate election returning Republicans to power in 2022, a fait accompli. How did this happen? It goes back a ways, but it only has gained significant traction since that regrettable moment when Obama was handed the needle to inject his special Transformation poison into our political system. The rest, as they say, is history and very possibly a very dark, un-American future.

UPDATE 8/9/21: Australia. A penal colony again, its 21st century citizens now inmates under lock and key.

UPDATE 8/4/21: If it’s not proper pronouns, it’s vaccines or politically incorrect place names or historical references. We are a world of individuals now permanently on trial for crimes against the Woke Left.

UPDATE 8/2/21: The clocks are most definitely striking 13 when the U.S. House of Representatives has passed an “Equality” act (pending only Senate ratification) making it a punishable crime to call a man a woman or vice versa. Once institutionalized, take your pick where to file this true insanity: the Orwellian cancellation of objective reality, one more defining line of rational thinking erased, the death of free speech/religious freedom/Constitutional law,    totalitarian tyranny, America through the looking glass.

UPDATE 7/27/21: Is the American “beacon of hope” now a fading, dying light? Wake up, America.


It can’t happen here? But it IS happening here.

Coming to a United States of America near you: totalitarian social credit scoring  and control (Chinese-style) as the logical next step after all Trump supporters are universally branded as criminals by the January 6 witch-hunters and the unvaccinated are declared dangers to society by Fauci & Co. Special honors from the Central Committee to those of our fellow citizens now deputized and moved to snitch and turn the anti-vaxxers  and Election-skeptics in for re-education and/or liquidation.

It’s noteworthy that Nazi-style tyranny completely sidesteps public show trials for methodical genocide while Communist-style tyranny thrives on show trials followed by the nasty business of eliminating dissent. That should solve the riddle of why today’s totalitarians in government and among our fellow citizenry make a great show of repudiating the Nazi example while applauding the Communist approach. Can’t just destroy people for destruction’s sake after all which is why they call themselves Social JUSTICE Warriors, not the hateful tyrants they are.

With the establishment of a no-cash society and punitive social credit scores as prescribed by the Globalists, one will own nothing, including the use of one’s own resources. Low score? You are flagged, restricted and disciplined like disobedient children…and medieval serfs of yore.

UPDATE 7/22/21: The problem always is the malleable masses willing to do the bidding of a handful of dictators. who nowadays bear a surprising resemblance to the big-hearted Transformers of the Obama Age.

Fear and division as prescribed by these hip New Age tyrants are proving to be  much more deadly than anything loosed on the world  from a Chinese lab. 

We’ve descended into madness, not just gone hard Left. And in such a short time, corresponding precisely from the moment Donald Trump ceased to be President, and Joe Biden was put into place to undo not only Trump, but America herself.

The fire this time.

UPDATE 7/17/21:  imagine IF the overwhelming majority of Americans put the good of the country first. How very different the relationship would be between those who now consider us their servants and themselves our masters?

UDPATE 7/16/21: For Bobby McGee, it was nothing left to lose. For the NY Times, “freedom” is just another word for government subversion. Nice idea to float if you’re trying to eliminate the American two-Party system.

UPDATE 7/16/21: Always follow the money and power. Woke, Inc. is no exception.

A perfect example? Woke, Inc. Big Labor division. American Teachers Union head Randi Weingarten’s salary ($560K) is 9 times the average teacher salary. Natch. All the bigtime grifters, extortionists and shakedown artists on the Left advocating for the Little Guy always end up with the Big Guy perks.

Yale and its Woke leadership provide the template for the inmates running the asylum on the fancy college campuses.   

UPDATE 7/17/21: How nations and great civilizations go into decline. The old story, the usual reasons:  high taxes is just the beginning…      

UPDATE 7/12/21: Is this the beginning of The End? Are we on the same path as Rome and Greece and Great Britain before us? As said in this perceptive piece by Don Feder, we’ve traded the American Revolution for the Cultural Revolution. Will there be an America you and I would recognize in 10/20/50 years? Only God knows.

UPDATE 7/8/21: The byline says it: if they can censor and control Donald Trump, they can censor and control you. It was not idle political propaganda or paranoia when he said that he was all that was standing between us and the Master Planner mob. If they’re coming after him, they’re coming after you. From the moment Trump emerged as a serious force against the Deep State in 2016, those running the regime have been possessed by a grim determination to eliminate its detractors by any means necessary while being accountable to no one.

Conservatives and genuine patriots find themselves adrift in an increasingly unrecognizable America.

And so it has come to pass.

UPDATE 7/7/21: Mussolini, once the darling of early 20th century Leftists, now provides the political model for today’s aspiring tyrants in the Democratic Party.  Among the intelligentsia of the 1930s, Cole Porter lauded  Il Duce in

“You’re the top!
You’re a Coolidge dollar.
You’re the nimble tread
Of the feet of Fred Astaire,
You’re Mussolini,
You’re Mrs. Sweeney

You’re camembert!

Neither is a candid or accidental shot. Both are clearly striking a shared pose of Elitist Supremacy.

UPDATE 7/7/21: Colorado, that beautiful state that once evoked the free spirit/rugged individualism of the Wild West, is now a template for dull-witted, Leftist transformation. Being one of the first states to legalize pot is just one miserable symptom of its devolution. Studying recent Colorado political history provides insight into our present nationwide dilemma and the possibility of turning things back to normal. Describe the problem, then solve it.

Colorado’s Pike’s Peak the view from which inspired “America The Beautiful.”

UPDATE 7/6/21: Division is the key to totalitarian transformation, one aspect of which is making paranoia and fear mainstream. 

UPDATE 7/2/21: The New Reality is really becoming a dictatorship of the Newly Oppressed.  This up-and-coming demographic is intent on destroying everything the normal person has taken for granted  in order to realize the demented dream of perfect “equity.” We normals are the eggs that need to be broken to make this glorious omelette. Just don’t ask THEM to suffer what they have in store for the rest of us.

All those egg shell dead, just collateral damage necessary for The Dream.

UPDATE 6/23/21: If the views, positions and policies of Leftism could be boiled down to one phrase, it would be “politically enforced detachment from reality.”  It is Leftism’s separation from the real lives of real people that makes it necessary to be imposed by force.

UPDATE 6/22/21: Taking over free American elections is the long-range destructive goal of the hard Left. Covid served them well, getting Trump out and JoeBama in. The defeat of HR I, taking election autonomy from the States to be controlled by DC, is good news, but only a brief moratorium. Try, try again is the motto of a tyrannical ideology that will never give up.

But thankfully defeated by the Senate.

UPDATE 6/21/21; What is this obsession the so-called conservative Supreme Court has about rescuing ObamaCare? To discard it would force the issue of the free market creating competitive insurance policies and the self-regulation of the medical profession by its own, not ignoramus bureaucrats.

UPDATE 6/20/21: While the NY Times Potemkin Conservative David Brooks does his inane Pollyanna impersonation from the pages of the doddering Gray Lady, realists are stuck with a country without border control; a self-hating military in the process of being brainwashed of any will to withstand foreign aggression; an economy headed to ruin thanks to the wild spending giveaway/bribery of the electorate by a nasty Alzheimer’s patient who illegally got himself placed in the most powerful position on earth. Everything is great! Actually, things will be at least tolerable if the MAGA movement can recover control of the government from the clutches of the determined Leftists now sending us over every imaginable cliff and torching whatever little might be left.

2021 Dems fixin’ things. Gittin’ to “root causes.”

UPDATE 6/20/21: Poor old Joe just can’t keep things to himself.

UPDATE 6/20/21: So the rioters and looters of NY are to be let off scot-free while anyone vaguely connected to January 6 are in solitary confinement and condemned as some of the worst criminals in American history. The message is do anything you like to create the chaos and anarchy necessary for a complete totalitarian takeover of peoples’ lives but don’t feel free to support anything connected with Trump’s MAGA vision of free markets and a nation of self reliant, self supporting, law-abiding individuals.


UPDATE 6/19/21: They’re not just coming to cancel you for your contrary, unWoke ideas. They’re coming for your property, your appreciated assets, your dollars and cents. For the stupidly naive believing Senile Joe’s complete lie about NO MORE TAXES for anyone making less than $400K: you’ll swoon (but not with joy) over this new “death tax.” Property appreciated that you want to pass on to the kids? 40% up-front inheritance tax on the appreciated amount, no longer the 23% currently levied upon selling down the line. You want collectivism? Ok, dummies we’ll collect…from you. No, not the rich fat cat. You, chumpkin. Democrats, always looking out for the little guy.

“Some will rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen.” Woody Guthrie

UPDATE 6/19/21: BidenWorld, the Twilight Zone come to shockingly real life, is proving to be nothing less than a determined repudiation of our most basic founding principles. So long, Adam Smith. Hello Winston Smith.

UPDATE 6/18/21: Obama’s sinister Transformation is not confined to America but, sad to say, extends to that other bastion of Western Civilization from which we sprang, rooted in a tradition of liberty and representative government. Optimism about Britain (known within memory as Great Britain) has faded with  the gradual meltdown of Boris into a Woke Greenie and BLM sympathizer.

So much for the refreshingly eccentric maverick who got the Brits through Brexit. Where has he gone?

UPDATE 6/17/21: The entire transgender thing, rewriting the laws of nature, “re-imagining” reality to one’s own whims of the moment, used to be the stuff of science fiction horror: images of animal heads grafted onto human bodies and the like. But why limit horror to fiction when it can be created in a lab? So think the industrious ChiComs with their bizarre experiments enabling male rats to give birth. Didn’t the Greeks warn us about some punishment being at hand to mankind (Prometheus) misusing the gifts God had provided? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

UPDATE 6/16/21: Actors, not leaders, are running the world. Minus Trump and now minus Netanyahu, the world is looking more than ever like the proverbial insane asylum run by the inmates. Having hit rock-bottom with the assemblage of lifeless, detached bowling pins displayed below, we can only look forward to better times and a resurgence of leadership representing real people with real needs.

Inert objects useful only for recreational purposes. Strike!

UPDATE 6/15/21: To make sense of our unfolding nightmare, one can begin with Bezmenov’s warning about brainwashing and subverting a whole civilization, a description of precisely what’s transpired. It couldn’t happen here? Think again.

UPDATE 6/15/21: Rewriting history is the job of today’s Winston Smiths. Revising the past to make the present palatable for the gullible fools.  For the record (before revision), a lot of people were “killed by a virus that escaped from a lab funded by the Government of the United States,” specifically a government agency overseen by one Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Is it of any current interest (before the history is rewritten in the future) that mandating everyone on earth to wear a mask was a BIG business (ie. dollars, yen, moolah) bonanza for the Communist Chinese who manufactured the infernal things. Just saying.

Not the only place the ChiComs are blowing smoke.

UPDATE 6/14/21: The Wokester’s trouble with the flag bespeaks a gigantic hole in their psyche. They have missed out on being American but only live here within our borders like freeloading kids in Mom’s basement, free room and board, feeling only contempt for the whole arrangement.


What’s LEGAL isn’t necessarily MORAL. Small wonder the Left loves litigation. Always that 50/50 chance things will go in your favor, moral/guilty or not.

UPDATE 6/13/21: What if the audits show that Trump won? That happy hypothetical would suggest that current DOJ threats to stop the audits have failed. It also suggests the Supreme Court has unexpectedly grown a spine and has ruled judiciously on the evidence. In the inevitable ensuing REAL insurrection by the violent BLM/AntiFa attack dogs, the military will have enforced what’s been proven in court, removing Biden, restoring Trump and the America freedom lovers recognize.

Cold, hard realism says, “Dream on.” But for posterity, the truth must out, and facts must go into the history books. Minus that, America has become 1984.

UPDATE 6/13/21: Help is on the way! Kamala blames overrun border on the weather! Her “root causes” gambit has flopped, and she got her conniving carcass  booted back in disgrace to a chortling America by an unamused Guatemalan Presidente. Meanwhile, the border remains American Disaster Area #1 while Kalamity doubles down on those “root causes” while simultaneously searching for Nicole Simpson’s real killer.  Meanwhile, Senile Joe is the pre-G7 laughing stock of the British diplomatic corps  even before the G7 which is born out by an unsurprising fumbling, bumbling performance by The Great Pretender. 

Not to worry! A “prepped “Doctor” Jill  is  on the job! 

UPDATE 6/11/21: Is it anywhere more obvious what trouble our civilization is in than comparing the challenges met by young men in 1944 and with those in 2021. Courage then for a young man was storming the beaches of Normandy on behalf of human liberty. Today, it’s announcing you want to identify as a woman. And last week on D-Day, we saw an illegitimate vaporous Leader Of The Free World totally ignore the former while telling the latter he “has their back.”  And took a little race-baiting turn  with a tweet about the Tulsa “massacre.”  Nary a word about the Americans on the beaches of Normandy. Houston, we’ve got a problem.

UPDATE 6/9/21: Foiled again!  Manchin blows up the major power grab that is HR 1. It’s encouraging that more than just Manchin is balking at HR 1.  Some may be operating on principle, some on practicality knowing they may be screwing themselves if they lose their majority status and have to knuckle under to what they were hoping to inflict on their opposition.

UPDATE 6/5/21: From Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Between Two Ages”: “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. So it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

With  such globalist Master Planners  as Brzezinski aided and abetted by high-level drones like Dr. Fauci  in service to the ChiComs, are conspiracy theories just senseless paranoia?

UPDATE 5/9/21: Big Gov to the rescue…for an economy that didn’t need rescuing. But if the goal is a nation of jobless, aimless sheep, a Sovietized America, bravo! The illegitimately installed Democratic Party is now well on its way to making America one big Inner City operating outside the traditional authority of Constitutional law. Such are the consequences of de-incentivizing gainful employment. A nation of dependents, a bankrupt treasury. The runaway Biden train is right on track! “Transformative as FDR” is the way one enthusiastic Biden supporter (but actually more a Trump hater) describes it.

What we are living through should come as no surprise to readers of Huxley and Orwell, contrasting prophets of a totalitarian future that has arrived. Elements of both are in full operation: Orwell’s police state dystopia of physical force (lockdowns, masking, unlawful search & seizure of political opponents) and Huxley’s placid world of psychological addiction to “safety.”

Just a distorted bad dream of America, 2021?

UPDATE 1/3/21: Fittingly, one notable exception to the lockstep lockdowns crippling the world economy and acting as a rehearsal for globalist totalitarianism is a formerly Communist country, Belarus. By chance and worth mentioning, it is also the birthplace of Irving Berlin, American Songwriter Laureate and author of “God Bless America.” The heart of the matter: “Given the cost to the economy and mental wellbeing of imposing lockdowns, as well as the draconian restrictions on basic liberties, these facts strongly suggest that leaders that did impose lockdowns have a case to answer from their citizens.”


ORIGINAL POST 12/27/20: We find ourselves in a world where reality is now being “reimagined,” a world and a nation rapidly undergoing “transformation” as promised by the most diabolical of Trojan Horses ever allowed within our walls. No longer do we have the luxury of imagining the worst; we are experiencing firsthand a frontal assault on the most basic of American liberties. The infinite possibilities and pursuits our freedom has encouraged and nurtured for 250 years REALLY feel vulnerable to potential annihilation. With perpetuated lockdowns in place and our power at the ballot box shockingly voided, one needn’t look beyond the first sentence of Orwell’s prophetic “1984” to be punched in the face with what’s happening: “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

How easily human beings, born free, accommodate themselves to chains, even welcoming submission and enslavement as a replacement for a free life they find intolerable. Things close in on us like a slow-moving iron vice.

However, all is not lost. Despite the overt censorship of dissent by powerful Big Media, information still abounds. The Great Barrington Declaration, penned and signed by thousands of real scientists, rage against the prevailing mass lockdowns justified by fear, presently to no avail. Proof of electoral fraud is there for all to see, evidence compiled from thousands of reliable sources such as the just-released Navarro report. Again, so far, to no avail, and recourse from the highest levels of our legal system, an apparently cowed Supreme Court, appears to be closed.

We have become a nation gaslighted by an unlikely, but not unprecedented, axis of evil: the collusion of billionaires and communists. These theoretical enemies are in fact a natural alliance,  united in their insatiable hunger for absolute power. Whether that absolute power permanently solidifies and remains unbroken is the big question. In the most promising scenario, the populist spark of freedom, millions of free individuals, can override that totalitarian wave. Are you and I up to it?

Fight on

Our best leaders and thinkers refuse to accept this Great Reset, The New Normal and the like. For some of us, the clocks will never strike 13, and 2+2 cannot equal 5, however often such lies are repeatedly dictated. It remains to be seen for each one of us if and how long we can resist caving to this nightmare. The adult in us knows this is not a movie with a guaranteed happy ending; and for the truly strong, there is an unshakeable faith in holding out to whatever the end might be. We must live by heroic example, however frightened we are.  Paraphrasing Churchill and taking our cues from thousands of last stands throughout human history, it is better to die free men than to live as slaves. “Better Red Than Dead” is not an option. Luckily, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, and, God willing, may she never get the chance.

Fat lady, election

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  1. Luckily, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, and, God willing, may she never get the chance.

    Fred… another superb column! I’m still a cockeyed optimist like you, but we’re a very rarified species!

    Happy and Healthy New Year!

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