UPDATE 6/26/24: All those thousands of acres being scarfed up by the ChiComs coincidentally adjacent to 19 high security military bases across the country? What? Me worry?

UPDATE 6/18/24: In case there’s any doubt that the ChiComs don’t have every intention to control the earth and all its inhabitants

UPDATE 5/15/24: It’s telling that the ever-so-quiet ChiCom presence in our midst is becoming more audible week by week. Remember all the recent negative buzz about Tik-Tok and the impending controls on it as a negative youthful influencer… that somehow have not lessened its influence?

Equally ominous are the suddenly erupting numbers of illegal ChiComs entering the U.S., more just this month than throughout all of 2021. 

UPDATE 5/10/24: China remains the quiet predator, creeping gradually closer, already silently active within our own gates. Within their own borders, they have solidified control and 24/7/365 surveillance of their own billion-plus citizenry with a tyrannical social credit system; they are buying up vast parcels of land near sensitive U.S military installations; social media is flooded with ChiCom propaganda indoctrinating the American young…All coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

UPDATE 4/3/24: BrandonWorld’s deliberate depletion of our energy/oil reserves strongly suggests we are being run by foreign influence purchased by China specifically from the Biden Crime Family.

UPDATE 3/20/24: Based on a growing number of contentious incidents, young Chinese Red Guards here in the West have obviously been programmed back home to believe they are free to waive polite restraint as guests of their foreign hosts and forcibly proselytize Marxist ideology on campuses or wherever they encounter “wrong” thinking. Recall the behavior of a self-appointed ChiCom mob tyrannizing a street musician in the London Tube a few weeks back (2/1/24).

UPDATE 3/22/24: Tik-Tok is under overdue serious scrutiny for being a dangerously powerful propaganda tool for the ChiComs aimed particularly at young social media participants.


UPDATE 3/14/24; In case it hasn’t been noticed, we’re already at war with China. It’s just a matter of time until we have to admit as much when Beijing makes its long-awaited move on Taiwan. And why are all those military-age Chinese men sneaking across the southern border by the thousands?


UPDATE 3/5/24: The infiltration of the West by Red China (FYI, a brutal totalitarian regime with unrelenting designs of world domination) is acknowledged to be rather worrisome by the sane, sober and honorable. Unfortunately, that does not include Beijing bought-and-paid-for elected officials of Canada and America such as Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden.


UPDATE 2/28/24: Warnings from those who witnessed firsthand the horrors of Mao’s Cultural Revolution fall on the deaf ears of those cheering on the violence and chaos given legitimacy right here in America by BrandonWorld principals and their obtuse supporters.


UPDATE 2/15/24: It is predicted that Red China is set to lose 60% of its population by the end of this century. Such a dark projection might alert those slavish devotees of Mao and his ideological heirs that things are not so rosy in the workers’ paradise. In simpler terms, freedom may be healthier for humanity than ideological ideas of “equality.”

UPDATE 2/13/24: Thanks to BrandonWorld’s non-existent border control, young  ChiCom men of military age are quietly arriving here in vast numbers, trained to wage war on us. Those denying this are the same who claim there is no border crisis, that climate change is our most pressing problem, that people can change their sex. Oh, and that Hamas has good reasons to do what it does. 


UPDATE 2/1/24: ChiCom tyranny has come to merry olde London in the form of a handful of self-appointed Red Guards trying to silence and command control over a piano-playing busker in the Tube. Worse is the cowardice of two London cops taking the side of the little Party robots. To his everlasting credit, the pianist is having none of it.

UPDATE 1/26/24: Taiwanese independence is, for the current American regime, no cause for celebration. Joe’s bosses in Beijing had made it clear where his loyalties need to lie.

UPDATE 1/17/24: It is a disturbing sign of the times that, like Israel, Taiwan can’t count on America to stand up for her; but by necessity she’s learned to do pretty well on her own.

UPDATE 11/15/23: For some, there are no worries that the ChiComs actually own and control a significant number of American schools.

UPDATE 10/26/23: As attested by those who survived it, China’s Cultural Revolution is being replayed on our own college campuses. Apparently, estimates of 20-60 million liquidated dissidents under Mao’s revolutionary housecleaning raises little concern among those applauding this growing social cancer metastasizing in the halls of ivy, Stanford and the like.

UPDATE 9/27/23: Our parents went to war against the German/Japanese Axis of Evil. China/Russia/Iran are most likely, separately or together, to bring us the 21st century version of uncontained hell on earth. In sheer numbers and relentless, rigid totalitarian oppression of their own, China poses the greatest threat.

UPDATE 9/24/23: Kissinger and Nixon bringing communist China in from isolation seemed like a good, far-seeing plan 50+ years ago, but their One China agreement has ultimately served to undermine Taiwan. Robbed of its rightful name, this little island is in reality Free China while Red China is the world’s largest and most dangerous totalitarian regime.

UPDATE 9/15/23: Credit the active collusion of easily bought Western leaders that has allowed China to effectively take over Europe as it has Canada.  Likewise, thanks to Biden’s long and ongoing record of ChiCom promotion (and being on Beijing’s secret payroll), it is well on its way to taking over America.

UPDATE 9/7/23: It is heartening to hear from knowledgeable sources that Chinese world domination is not necessarily inevitable, that regimes like the ChiComs, rooted in and devoted to evil, have the very real potential to destroy themselves.

Reality or wishful thinking? 

UPDATE 8/30/23: Unlike free market capitalism creating wealth and independence for individuals in the West, Communist China and its purported version of “capitalism” only exists in service to rigidly controlled, centralized power. The little country of Ecuador currently finds itself being devoured by the Dragon as it buys up all property and essential resources in “capitalist” fashion, a small-scale model for their goal of global domination.

UPDATE 8/23/23: An article entitled “The China Century is over” runs a distant second in importance to a bigger question involving the whole world: “Is the American Century (the 20th) our last good one?”

It’s no surprise that internally China is less than the paradise it claims to be. Being totally focused on swallowing up the rest of the world, it cares nothing for the well-being of its own citizens. Who could ever claim that communism has ever been good for anybody, especially its most religiously devoted practitioners and those millions of the faceless subjected to its control. This is a monster hollowing itself out in pursuit of absolute power. 

UPDATE 7/29/23: Encouraging. If ChiCom plans for American conquest are not clandestine invasion via the North Pole, they are literally via the bloodstreams of American bodies. These people mean business, and we’re fools to elect anyone less than warriors who recognize our enemies, not miserable politicians elbowing one another to get onto China’s generous payroll.

UPDATE 7/19/23: It appears China’s longtime ambition to annex Taiwan is well underway if this week’s reports of blockades are accurate. And all thanks to the shadowy presence of an illegitimately elected American President controlled by those foreign powers (China, Ukraine) who have been paying him off for years. Think warm thoughts of the “Big Guy” father who loves his drug-addled wastrel of a  son so much that he has made him his bagman. Hard to believe? Can it happen here? It HAS happened, and we’re living it.

UPDATE 7/8/23: Chinese billionaire Jimmy Lai has become the face of resistance to the world’s most threatening tyranny. Under a Reagan or Trump administration, such an authentic freedom fighter would be lauded often and loudly by the American government as a universal hero. Under any Democrat regime, he is the enemy.

Watch this man’s story, “The Hong Konger.” 

UPDATE 7/4/23: As evidence mounts that China purposefully developed and used Covid-19 as a worldwide bio weapon, one has to admit that we are at war with them. And the pathetic pretender to the U.S. Presidency is their robotic Manchurian Candidate.

UPDATE 6/29/23: Leading American Sinologist Gordon Chang paints a dismal picture of a Chinese invasion already well underway in America. There are thousands of trained terrorists who have been allowed to walk in unimpeded, now ready to carry out major sabotage of communication and power networks upon command from their bosses in Beijing. The original, cynical subtitle of this long-running post has been “Told ya so.” God willing, we can dodge the dreaded moment when pessimistic prophecy becomes reality.

UPDATE 6/20/23: Biden’s treasonous Secretary of State has declared, ” We do not support Taiwan independence.” Is this not an invitation, a flashing green light for Chinese invasion and destined to be the first real domino to fall in ChiCom world conquest?

UPDATE 6/15/23: China’s nothing to worry about? Normalizing CCP relations, further intertwining/identifying ourselves with the demonic regime that gave us Tiananmen Square among countless other atrocities is best illustrated by those police forces in “free,” “civilized” America, Australia and New Zealand set loose on uncooperative, unmasked citizens during the Covid meltdown.

“Public Order Response” in Australia.

Similar “Public Order Response” by law enforcement keeping the citizenry “safe” in Philadelphia, 2020.


UPDATE 6/1/23: China is fully on record as being the world’s leading criminal organization. There is no heinous crime against individuals or humanity in general that the Communist Chinese haven’t actively committed, past or present.


UPDATE 5/20/23: While Putin has made his move and the perceived underdog Ukraine continues to draw everyone’s attention and sympathy, the Chinese have quietly embarked on their great Southern Hemisphere adventure. Funny how the CCP turns up everywhere without any resistance these days, even in balloons over Idaho.

UPDATE 4/9/23: Million$ in the Biden Crime Family coffers and a big boost to the Chinese military. Nothing to see here? 

UPDATE 4/6/23: One can reasonably be worried about China controlling the manufacture of most of our medicines. 

Oh, and then there’s Tik-Tok capturing the minds of the young. Will a moment come when Americans heed Trump’s advice to stop this cancerous Chinese invasion and make doing business in America easy and profitable?

UPDATE 3/28/23: We ignore China’s rapidly growing influence in South America at our own risk. Within and without, the ChiComs mean no good for America and the rest of a sleeping world. And the alliance with Russia presents us now with a new Axis of Evil.


UPDATE 3/16/23: So it’s not a problem for Biden voters that their nice-guy, regular-guy, everyday-guy, guy’s guy Joe and his all-American [crime] family has been on the Big Take from our most threatening enemy, Red China, for years? This is not a conflict of interest? The people you elected to protect you are banking millions of illegal, laundered dollars from your sworn slave masters, and that’s not a problem? 

Told ya. 


UPDATE 2/25/23: China is buying up America, and why not when they have so many elected friends and colleagues in Washington?

UPDATE 2/16/23; The response (or lack of) from BrandonWorld to anything serious is consistently worthless or, to be more realistic, actively evil. The physical devastation of a real environmental disaster in Ohio has been countered with the same indifference as real Chinese espionage on (and above) American soil. Real things, real people, reality itself is inimical to dystopian BrandonWorld.

UPDATE 2/12/23: Like a virus on the loose encountering no immunity to fend it off, BallonGate illustrates BrandwonWorld’s total disinterest/incompetence in providing America with any defense. In Biden and Austin we enjoy all the protection available from two holograms. Meanwhile, like cats hovering over a trapped, terrified mouse, China calmly, purposefully ponders all the options available.


UPDATE 2/7/23: Since the illegal installment of a Chinese “asset” at the highest level of American power, Beijing is in a position to do anything it pleases on its own behalf without fear of U.S. reprisal. The recent Chinese invasion of our airspace is literally a “trial balloon” testing our willingness to resist their goals of world domination.

UPDATE 2/6/23: A speech delivered roughly 20 years ago to top ChiCom Party officials is so boringly, interminably verbose that reading it all would take as long as counting all the grains of rice in China…not to mention all the Chinese people.  The gist is: we, the Chinese, are entitled, even historically destined, to conquer the world, and don’t bother trying to stop us.

UPDATE 2/5/23: An authoritative figure, a highly respected and prominent “doctor” currently living at 1600 PA Ave. DC, has praised The Befuddled One’s  swift and resolute action taken during BalloonGate. She [or are we supposed to say “they” not having asked for her/their pronouns?] doesn’t mention that, even at this rather late date, the Chinese are scurrying to recover their naughty blimp while the ever-alert Pentagon speaking on behalf of U.S. Armed Forces primed to defend the free world from any and all external hostile actions either impending or actively in process threatening our blessed way of life….[breathe here if you haven’t already been incinerated by a Chinese or Iranian nuke]… has announced they can’t seem to get a recovery expedition going for at least a few days. Be reassured that these are Orwell’s “rough men who stand ready to do violence on our behalf.”

Take a cue from Dr. Jill and BE PROUD!!!

I felt such a sense of pride about the effort and that our military, you know, shot down the balloon, how coordinated it was, how thoughtful it was, that it was decided to wait until it was over water so that civilians weren’t affected,” she added. [….]

“I hope that most Americans – I hope when they watch that they really think just, you know, about our military. I mean, Joe and I think about them every day, we pray for them in our prayers at dinner,” she said.

UPDATE 2/5/23: The connection between China and the BrandonWorld clown show is proving to be not merely a line or two but a massive web of sticky ties that binds the Biden administration to our most hostile foe. Needless to say, there would be no spy balloons nor the ubiquitous (and literal) ChiCom presence on (and above) American soil if Trump or Reagan were POTUS. 

UPDATE 2/3/23: China is flying a reconnaissance balloon over Montana with no objection from the present administration. Normally, a hostile foreign power spying on us from above would be occasion for a quick shootdown. Not in BrandonWorld whose chief executive is personally owned and dictated to by that hostile foreign power. “Hey,” says Joe. “The ChiComs are nice guys; we’re old friends! C’mon, man!” It would be funny…if it wasn’t. 

P.S. Only thanks to the piles of bad press and general scorn coming our stalwart Commander-in-Chief’s way, the balloon has been brought down…after days of what must have been long, late-night hours of serious deliberation and careful, detailed planning for such a complicated, dangerous mission.

Two good pals crack up in the kiddie book department. 

UPDATE 1/10/23: Ominous doings as China prepares to swallow Taiwan. The ramifications are not only those of expanded communist tyranny but also of global economics as the little island manufactures most of the world’s computer chips without which…there are no functioning computers. Don’t expect any retaliation of note from The Big Guy in thrall to the Chinese as documented on Hunter’s laptop.


UPDATE 12/14/22: China is America’s worst enemy, the most powerful threat to global stability. Taiwan’s continuing independence is the pivotal test. Who’s going to blink?

UPDATE 12/12/22: Watch/read this interview with a Chinese activist now living in America, once on the ChiCom’s 10 Most Wanted List 33 years ago after the Tiananmen Square massacre. That was the beginning of a genocidal trajectory (enabled by the shockingly cooperative GHW Bush administration) leading to today’s Zero Covid tyranny that the ChiComs dare not/cannot stop, current protests notwithstanding. The RINO establishment’s concerted, desperate will to STOP TRUMP becomes clearer when considering their long, symbiotic accommodation to China and Trump’s decisive shift away from that suicidal path.


UPDATE 12/6/22: The only “Made-in-America” thing in the Biden-Granholm “clean & green” energy for the future is the money going to finance CHINESE operators to be totally in control of the companies in question. The sinister alliance of Crony Capitalist Supreme Tim Cook alongside Chinese tyranny is an even more disturbing case in point. Originally “made-in-America,” Apple and its ilk are now, in full practice, Red Chinese behemoths.


UPDATE 11/28/22: China is going full hell-on-earth with its Zero Covid lockdowns, literally locking up entire cities of millions on a long term basis and carting off children to concentration camps in the name of public health. Doubtless those camps will come in handy for the thousands of political dissidents growing in number by the day. Regrettably, what optimists hail as a promising, anti-communist revolution in progress will most likely end in sustained crackdowns dwarfing Tiananmen Square and other previous State violence on political unrest. The regime has everything to lose and no qualms about using fully armed power to crush unruly uprisings.

The West, particularly America, should be on high alert. Those notables in the West like globalists, NY Times journalists and current U.S. Presidents pardoning this, even hailing China as the model society, are actually the totalitarian monsters we always knew would eventually pop from within them like “Aliens.” Trudeau’s Canada is already well on its way down this hideous vortex.  In the case of one foggy-headed creep living in the White House, such identification and collusion with evil is perfectly understandable when his crime family is so inextricably entangled in Chinese graft.

UPDATE 11/26/22: No surprise that real-life Bond villain Klaus Schwab looks to the ChiComs for his One World/Globalist blueprint. Remember how happy he said we’ll be owning nothing and going nowhere except where and when we’re told?

Why wait for a “pandemic?” Just do it the ChiCom way: a Shanghai lockdown whenever and wherever the Central Committee deems it necessary? And when the sledge hammer approach may be too obvious, there are the 1001 covert breaches into free life they have working worldwide.


UPDATE 11/16/22: An invisible hand is at work on American society, not the beneficial hidden force of Adam Smith’s free market but an insidious, evil one belonging to the ChiComs.

UPDATE 11/8/22: Whatever return to normalcy the midterms bring, one must be on guard for what today’s Democrats really want, and that is Control. Their contrast between Democrat and Republican governors in their response to the lockdowns says everything important about the Left-leaning mind. Controls and social engineering are the Democrat Party calling cards, and only the hopelessly stupid and those longing for a totalitarian ChiCom America would willingly submit to that again.

UPDATE 11/6/22: A big step toward substantial American recovery will be forcing the public to look at and admit to the deadly spread of ChiCom cancer throughout BrandonWorld and into the American blood stream. There are even Beijing police stations scattered about the fruited plain including NYC?! The mind reels.


UPDATE 10/27/22: Not content with mere Mao-like totalitarianism domestically under Xi, ChiCom tentacles are now everywhere abroad, even within NYC’s Adams regime.  They may be liberty’s most formidable threat at play worldwide, but it should be noted their ruthless goals are proving to be economic suicide within their own borders.   

UPDATE 10/4/22: We are fools to ignore the overriding Chinese determination to control the world. And, unlike the bombastic, violent Putin way, they are doing it quietly, slowly and insidiously, buying up land everywhere, entwining themselves economically and insinuating themselves physically into the midst of every continent. These are enemies who never sleep. Heads up!


UPDATE 9/27/22: It’s a shock that Western corporations partnering with China still think they are dealing with anyone but the devil. This is just one more instance of crony capitalist morons thinking their good will and profitable dealings with the vicious beast make them immune to being eaten whole in the end.

UPDATE 9/1/22: Covid has presented the latest opportunity to terrify and lockdown 21 million people in another Chinese city. Who still can claim this hasn’t all been a rehearsal for permanent totalitarian control in the West?

Drivers in Chengdu filled their cars to the brim with slabs of meat and were even captured fastening dead animals to the roofs of their cars. Picture: Twitter.

UPDATE 8/24/22: The ChiComs pose enough of a threat on their own, but Beijing Biden has a long history of providing a helping hand to their global ambitions. 


UPDATE 8/10/22: What, if anything, would Beijing Biden be doing differently if China were actually pulling his strings? Why else would the ChiComs feel free to be buying up American farmland without a single batted eye in Washington? One can only imagine the profound unease of the average Taiwanese, knowing the current U.S. administration is  in the ChiComs’ pocket and poised to do absolutely nothing on behalf of Free China.


UPDATE 8/3/22: The faux controversy over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a staged set-up. Like the almost identical, pointless Ukraine junket also starring the Pelosi Players, it’s supposed to give BrandonWorld some image of gravitas in foreign affairs. Considering that American dignitaries have been regularly visiting there in recent months, the whipped-up attention (even praise!), given to Pelosi this visit is, like everything that matters to today’s Dems, one more play for midterm votes. Actually, it’s one more fruitless attempt to make BrandonWorld look like it has the  vaguest interest in standing up for American interests.

Sneaky in pink.

UPDATE 7/26/22: Emboldened by the toxic vacuum that is currently the U.S. Presidency, China has to be panting to go full Putin and invade Taiwan. This means the world’s leading manufacturer of computer chips would be under the control of the most brutal, expansionist regime on earth. No chips=no phones, no computers=modern life comes to a standstill. Pretty clear even to the most non-scientific. Clearer and more frightening still is that the present administration is in China’s pocket. Elections have consequences.

Can you feel the love? By way of Taiwan, California, here we come!

UPDATE 7/25/22: The threat of war is on the minds of most serious world watchers, and it should not be any surprise that China is Bad Guy #1. Some would say we’re already at war with them if the level of hostility and the damage well underway to our security is any indication. It also happens that Xi is in need of an external issue to deflect attention from internal economic crises that threaten his leadership position within the ChiCom Party. Rattling sabers and all-out war with the U.S. would be an ideal distraction.

UPDATE 7/10/22: The subtitle of this post regarding China, TOLD YA SO, dates from March, 2020, but Douglas MacArthur beat me to it by roughly 70 years.  He warned that freedom’s first line of defense was not in Europe, but in Asia, specifically in China. And so it has come to pass, little by little, step by step.

UPDATE 6/20/22: The recently released film “Unsilenced” is cinematic testament to the heartless brutality of  ChiCom officialdom. In the film, four young practitioners of the Falun Gong philosophy are targeted and tortured by the communist regime for no other purpose than to make them publicly renounce forbidden beliefs and actions. One of the evils unique to Leftwing tyrants is the need not merely to kill and torture but to make a visible show of breaking the spirit of the individual renegade.

It’s particularly disturbing to note that China is not the only site of such persecution. Falun Gong practitioners in America currently find themselves targeted and the center of significant religious liberty cases before the U.S Supreme Court.

UPDATE 6/11/22: A documentary “The Hong Konger” and revisiting the Tiananmen Square massacre drive home the essentially deadly nature of the ChiComs.

UPDATE 6/9/22: Is a ChiCom invasion of Taiwan inevitable or avoidable, even given the sinister alliance of BrandonWorld with Beijing?

UPDATE 5/28/22:

UPDATE 5/21/22: Taking in all the evil that China perpetrates on its own people and plans for the rest of the world is good cause to worry. We have been warned by the perpetrators themselves, and we’re suicidal fools for not listening. More to the point, we’re fools for not recognizing those totalitarian measures fully in place in China are already actively implemented here. Does anyone recall the last two years of locking down a whole, free society on the pretense of “good health” and “safety?”

UPDATE 5/14/22: Routine organ harvesting and subsequent liquidation of tens of thousands of internment camp inmates should open the West’s eyes to who we are dealing with in Beijing.

UPDATE 4/28/22: The brutal shutdown of Shanghai  is taking a backseat to the Ukraine travesty, a foolishly dangerous oversight. Mass starvation, unchecked abuse/liquidation of millions of humans (and their pets!) isn’t front-page, above-the-fold news?


UPDATE 4/20/22: Hopeful reportage that there is a real movement disintegrating Beijing’s tyranny over its people from within. Couldn’t be at a more opportune time to educate the world as the ChiComs play the brutal Zero Covid card on Shanghai for no other purpose than to reassert their totalitarian power.

UPDATE 4/18/22: Will we let Taiwan fall to the Reds or are we going to arm them to defend themselves? 

UPDATE 4/17/22: The brutal Shanghai lockdowns should prove to the skeptics that the Covid insanity was not a medical response but a trial run for totalitarianism here and abroad. Expect more of the same as midterm elections approach and mail-in vote harvesting becomes an urgent necessity for the Dems.

UPDATE 4/16/22: Advertising yourself as a prominent dance company celebrating “China Before Communism” will bring the long arm of Beijing’s tyranny and intimidation even to bucolic upstate New York.

SHEN YUN PERFORMING ARTS’ curtain call at The David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York on March 13, 2022.

UPDATE 4/4/22: A ChiCom invasion of Taiwan has become inevitable with a leaderless America. Reasons for defending that little island are coming into more urgent focus than ever.

UPDATE 4/2/22: Expansionist Beijing is already making its move and now controls the Pacific. How far behind can a Taiwan takeover be with the seismic implications of the ChiComs controlling the worldwide computer chip market?

3/25/22: Elon Musk’s two-faced stance on doing business with China while living the entrepreneurial free market dream is a dilemma haunting all of us buying MADE IN CHINA products.

UPDATE 3/24/22: Thanks to a vacuum where American leadership used to be, China is creeping ever closer to realizing its raison d’etre of world domination. Makes sense to conquer one’s neighbors first like Taiwan and SE Asia, then going for the whole globe, precisely what appears to be in the works. 

UPDATE 3/15/22: As the U.S. dithers over the Ukraine, China licks its chops and contemplates the many spoils to be seized in this welcome period of American dereliction. Any chance the West will realize it still has a chance to save Taiwan like it didn’t save Ukraine?

UPDATE 3/2/22: Lest anyone forget in the flurry of attention focused on the Ukraine, China is hungrily eyeing Taiwan. The cost of allowing the ChiComs expansionism to progress is potentially greater than the Ukrainian incursion. And then there’s Iran and the rest of radical Islam to worry about. 

In cozy collaboration with the Russian bear, China’s expertise in internet technology and its many possible uses against the public would almost certainly guarantee some scary cyber warfare scenarios. 

Those in touch with reality sorely miss the strong presence like Trump as a deterrent to our enemies. Unfortunately, the rational are neutralized by those oblivious fools relieved to have anyone else in his place, even a corrupt, doddering hologram like the one floating about the Eastern seaboard between the White House & Wilmington.

2/24/22: With Russia emboldened to conquer and annex the Ukraine, surely China is itching to do likewise with Taiwan. Considering the corruption and weakness of the Brandon administration, there is little reason to think that would meet with any opposition since we are intertwined economically with both Russia and China. Having destroyed our own energy independence, Brandon has put us at Russia’s mercy for oil. American companies have farmed out practically everything imaginable to the ChiComs for production, making us dependent upon them for countless essentials that we use every day. And their economic power over vast swaths of corporate America already allows them to call the shots within our borders.

Those who insisted that ANYTHING would be better than Trump and did everything possible to eliminate him can take the full credit for where we are today and for what dark crises almost certainly lay ahead.

2/20/22: We’re already paying a big price for doing business with China, and the worst is yet to come when our American money, land and resources are quietly being transferred to Chinese ownership.

UPDATE 2/11/22: NBC’s down-the-toilet ratings suggest a sharp stiletto into China’s Olympics blow-up doll.

UPDATE 1/31/22: As if on historical cue, the Chinese Reds have been granted the most visible worldwide media blitz possible with the Olympics. We shall see “Chinese” athletes who are actually highly paid recruits from a host of different countries. We shall also be instructed via our MSM what an incredibly creative and alive culture they are when the reality is they are the most brutally rigid totalitarians on earth. Starting with 2020, their plans for us have become fully apparent, all thanks to the full cooperation of the corporate & government colluders hungering for a piece of that poisonous pie of global domination. Perhaps some of us just won’t watch.

UPDATE 1/27/22: Old question: how can the Biden Crime family get away with accepting $31 million from ChiCom corporate interests and not be run out of DC on a rail? That persistent dilemma the decent public suffers through, waiting for justice in this life.

1/24/22: We’re all faced with that ubiquitous MADE IN CHINA label that uncomfortably reminds us we’re bankrolling America’s (and all human freedom’s) most determined foe. Silicon Valley and Washington experience no such discomfort and are in fact perpetuating and advancing the threat to great profit and advantage for themselves.

UPDATE 1/23/22: The ruthlessness of the ChiCom regime extends far beyond its own borders. According to one report, over 10,000 Chinese abroad have been forcibly returned to China against their will. The ChiComs have only our worst nightmares to offer.

UPDATE 1/22/22: Seeing no one at home in Washington DC has whetted the ChiComs’ long-cherished desire to annex Taiwan. It’s gotten so bad that instead of deterrence through strength, there are now people in the Pentagon suggesting we destroy Taiwan and its crucial microchip industry, thereby making it undesirable. Anyone putting forth this absurdly detached strategy seems to have forgotten that defending Taiwan is defending freedom everywhere, and that includes defending America. But who cares about freedom when you’re a deluded bureaucrat drawing a steady salary and ignorant of everything except the four walls of your nicely appointed cubicle?

UPDATE 1/11/22: Breaking news! In totalitarian societies, almost exclusively those of the Marxist Left for at least the past 70 years, no political dissent in journalism, art, around the water cooler or even in the bathroom  will be tolerated. A movie appropriately titled “Unsilenced” is now a prime target for extinction by our good friends in Beijing.

UPDATE 1/6/22: One can only shudder at the story of a Chinese woman ending in her suicide after being detained in a Wuhan brainwashing center to force renunciation of her personal faith. This is the totalitarian social order on which American Leftists have modeled our future. And Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals that this is the political regime that owns The Big Guy. That should explain the mad rush since Day One of this administration using mass vaccination and lockdowns to turn us into a totally monitored society of cripples.

UPDATE 12/24/21: Ignoring the threat that China poses is just one more suicidal symptom of a Brandon Presidency. For reasons why this is happening, start with Hunter’s laptop.

UPDATE 12/4/21: ChiCom admirers (and slavish billionaire apologists in the West) might temper their admiration in response to an outspoken, suddenly disappeared tennis star…who has just as suddenly reappeared after 2 weeks insisting that she’s “fine,” “relaxed” and “would like to have her privacy respected.”

UPDATE 11/29/21: He’s not called Beijing Biden for nothing. Considering the secret business deals and that thick Hunter B. dossier taking up space in the Chinese politburo, why is there any doubt we have a Manchurian Candidate scenario here?

UPDATE 11/21/21: The Communist Chinese under its present leadership is proving to be even more tyrannical than its monstrous predecessors of previous decades. The carefully cultivated image of China as being newly enlightened to the economic necessity of liberty and free markets for survival has taken root in the clueless world outside Mao’s paradise. This propaganda hides the cold, ongoing brutality of  totalitarian control: missing dissidents, methodical genocide of its Muslim population, increasing electronically monitoring of its general population. Calls for moving/boycotting the 2022 Beijing Olympics will almost certainly fall on deaf ears in the sleepwalking West, nowhere more conspicuously than on the ChiCom’s blackmailed robot in the White House.

UPDATE 11/6/21: America is doing its major head-in-the-sand bit and channeling Alfred E. Neuman (“What me, worry?”) as it continues to wear blinders about China’s potential control of two products that make the world go ’round. If Beijing chooses to conquer Taiwan, they will control the world’s great producer of computer chips. And now that Afghanistan has been surrendered without a shot, they are now privy to a motherlode of the lithium essential for batteries, courtesy of their pals, the Taliban.

Try running a computer, using a phone, setting your thermostat, driving your car or doing ALMOST ANYTHING of modern convenience without this.

UPDATE 10/26/21: Who’s still stupid enough to discount the threat of China making good on its vow to conquer us and the rest of the world in the bargain? Actually, there are many who insist bad weather and Trump supporting Deplorables are the real existential threats of the age. Pay no attention to those precisely controlled rockets circling the globe with Made In China labels and packing multiple Hiroshimas.

There are those who continue to  live in denials while realists must contemplate the very real peril that China poses for what remains of the free world.

UPDATE 10/20/21: What are the chances that blocked supply chains and empty shelves wake up the voting public to the proven virtues of Trump’s move away from globalist MADE IN CHINA dependence toward a massive rebirth of American manufacturing autonomy? In case one wonders how, start with low taxes and minimal regulation…like Trump did. Or is that still news to all those TDS sufferers?

UPDATE 10/17/21: The ubiquitous MADE IN CHINA label is only becoming more a sign of America’s slide into dependency.  

UPDATE 10/2/21: Like it or not, we are living the scary reality that China is now calling  the shots for much of what runs our economy and foreign policy. Has anyone informed the delusional empty suit prop in the White House who still believes he matters to anyone in any significant way?

UPDATE 9/27/21: When Master Planners like John Kerry operate from the Big Lie premise that “climate change” is THE existential global crisis and not Islamic terrorism or expansionist ChiCom tyranny, ANY violation of human rights is just one more of those insignificant eggs that need breaking to make that tasty totalitarian omelette.  The real mortal enemy of all human life that serial political criminals like Kerry neglect to mention is himself and his fellow Marxist Mafiosi Elite looking down with utter contempt on the rest of us.

UPDATE 9/13/21: One reason the Biden-China connection isn’t the most discussed topic in America is that it is in reality so  chillingly akin to what was the fictional “The Manchurian Candidate,” missing only film history’s  most memorable ChiCom agent Angela Lansbury. What is not missing is widespread disclosure of the business ties of Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz to China, the trillion$ in Afghani lithium ( and battery-powered car) futures now controlled by China thanks to the Biden surrender of the country’s mineral riches. Small wonder the Woke push to eliminate fossil fueled transportation in favor of “clean” electric vehicles.

This scenario is a chain of connections that makes perfect sense coming from an administration so prey to mishaps that one has to suspect every seeming blunder is really intentional and part of a careful plan.

UPDATE 9/4/21: Is anyone, serious about America’s security and future as a free nation, willing to examine the well-documented connection between the ChiComs and the extravagantly wealthy Biden Family (on Joe’s $174K salary)? The possibility of blackmail, bribes explaining the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal and the Chinese omnipresence there? More made-In-China sex and drug tapes like those on Hunter’s own laptop greeted with a  collective yawn by the MSM?

UPDATE 8/30/21: The ChiComs are pressuring their representative in Washington, known affectionately by members of his family as “The Big Guy,” to drop any investigation linking China to the Wuhan Virus’ origins. [P.S. The politically incorrect among us call it the Wuhan Virus because that’s where it came from.]

UPDATE 7/27/21: The Chinese conquest and torment of peaceful, beautiful Tibet should be a wake-up call for those still harboring illusions about those billions of smiling, well-organized ChiComs.

UPDATE 7/17/21: Any doubts the ChiComs are tyrants ready to stamp out any dissent? Being rich and internationally known provides no immunity for Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong billionaire businessman, freedom fighter and truthteller now under arrest.

UPDATE 6/23/21: If someone makes it clear he wants you dead, why would you pursue friendship with him? So it is with the ChiComs cooking up Covid in a Wuhan lab, loosing it on the world; and a suicidal America as represented by a ChiCon puppet named Joe says “Can’t we be friends?” Under rational leadership, we would be well advised to go on the offense and hold the ChiComs legally accountable for a global crime. The recent defection of an intelligence officer from the highest level of Chinese espionage provides further evidence that we do not want to meet these people halfway on anything.  

And now this defector has disappeared. Had he defected about a year ago, chances are he’d find himself in friendlier hands. Current hands may not want what he has to say made public. To be continued….?

That Red arrow’s not a Slow Boat To China; it’s a streamlined military force FROM China intent on world conquest.

UPDATE 6/13/21: Will average accommodating Americans stand passively by when the full story of the Wuhan Plague is told, exploding the wet market bat myth and tracing responsibility for the Covid crisis back to a Chinese lab?  Probably so, since the average accommodating American is stubbornly ignorant of Communist China’s long range intentions. They see an economic giant of dazzling high tech infrastructure  blinding themselves to the rigidly enslaved police state behind such garish Potemkin display. They are unaware that the accoutrements of expensive architecture and flashy happenings are not necessarily expressions of freedom. But freedom always results in the good things in life.

UPDATE 6/12/21: A disturbing development in the ChiCom infiltration of the West has arisen in, of all places, Hungary, its leaders entwining itself economically with China to the great dismay of slavery-savvy freedom-loving Hungarians with long bitter memories of Soviet domination. Fools abound at all levels when it comes to looking realistically at communism.

UPDATE 6/11/21: Hardly a surprise that BLM has a friend and champion in Communist China. Who better to do the destabilizing dirty work within America for our most determined foe?

UPDATE 6/17/21: The efforts to confuse and dispel any real truth about where The Plague came from is getting just silly. Pompeo advises Chris Wallace to look just beyond his own nose. But if China is a bad guy and must be faced down, that means attending to the problem…which is always the problem with Leftists in government. Problems are their life’s blood, not to be solved but indefinitely exploited in pursuit of power.

China means us ill, and their ownership of the present occupant of the White House makes it highly unlikely they feel anything less than exhilarated by our vulnerability as a country and culture. Their most visible attack of late has been the virus that was helped along internationally by the lockdowns and the economic ruin that ensued. Some plucky souls are demanding a little blood in return. Will we get it?  Will it deter the ChiComs in the future?  Does law mean a thing to communists? Not likely.

UPDATE 6/3/21: Doing business with tyrannical, expansionist Red China is living out Lenin’s scheme to hang the capitalists with their own rope. As businesses are once again encouraged to desert America for the cheap slave labor of China, we are reversing Trump’s admirable move that brought business back to America and with it record unemployment created in consequence. Now saddled with Beijing Biden and his corporate cronies, we are again China’s butt boy walking back into a noose fashioned especially for us.

UPDATE 6/3/21: “Clean” energy fanatics continue to overlook the nasty collateral damage of their Dream Climate World. The unsightly, rapidly obsolete hardware-windmills, solar panels, batteries- is largely manufactured in China, eventually bound for landfill graveyards HERE that will never biodegrade. Another downside: slave labor used to create it for nothing and sold to the Environmentalist chumps abroad for gazillions.

UPDATE 5/24/21: Meanwhile (meaning on top of genocide within their own borders and helping play Edgar Bergen to our Chancey Gardner McCarthy from Delaware), the ChiComs are buying up Texas   including 200 square miles next to a major Air Force base. At the risk of being shamed as one of Hillary’s Deplorable Xenophobes, might we inquire, “Why?”

UPDATE 5/24/21: Hong Kong is gone, now a totally tyrannized annex of ChiCom expansionism. Next is Taiwan, now in Beijing’s unimpeded crosshairs thanks to the sudden absence of any American deterrence to Communist conquest. The Great Leap Forward for Mao’s redder-than-ever descendants is: Taiwan today, the world tomorrow! Does it have anything to do with the Biden Crime Family being personally owned by China’s dictators with the full cooperation of his DC handlers and like-minded totalitarians now in control of his Party?

UPDATE 5/24/21: We have an administration studiously ignoring rape, torture and murder en masse of Ugyhur Muslims by the ChiComs. Think “torture rooms and vanishing corpses.” But then, that’s what the Left has always deemed necessary in the absence of any goal except totalitarian power and control.

UPDATE 5/9/21: Surprise! Surprise! Biological warfare a longtime item on the Chinese agenda.  So why the claim now this little Corona problem is an “accident, an “escape” from a certain Wuhan lab funded by Fauci & Co?  As they say, timing it everything, and when a major wrench in the works like Donald Trump is POTUS….hmmm?
UPDATE 5/9/21: Social credit scores a la Chinois, coming to a red, white & blue country near you.  Like the Berlin Wall? Hong Kong residents are now warming up to their own cozy version of a barbed-wire enclosure. And to think some consider China the “good” kind of communism…


UPDATE 4/25/21: Like any terrorist emboldened by the absence of opposition, international  Communist China is now doing what it does best which is crushing freedom and making a very public example of some of its most outspoken citizens, including billionaires and celebrities voicing dissent. Such prominent Chinese heroes are finding themselves imprisoned, perhaps for life, perhaps eventually disappeared when it suits the regime’s convenience.  

The same regime is now flexing its expansive conquest muscles, testing opposition by flying into Taiwanese air space and crowding Phillipine waters. And their Russian counterparts are massing at the Ukrainian border. Can this serious new aggression have anything to do with these  bullies and sworn enemies of freedom seeing nothing but a vacant-eyed, senile hologram in the American White House?

UPDATE 4/18/21: For anyone skeptical about Chinese plans to dominate America, it would be instructive to know the explicit details of  how busy they’ve been infiltrating every area of our lives as a matter of long-range policy for them.

UPDATE 4/11/21: Grateful, alert Americans live these days in limbo, realistically fearful of the Communist Chinese threat to our free, prosperous way of life. Orwell’s prophecy of totally controlled, monitored, faceless drones is no dystopian fantasy but the grim reality lived each day by a billion+ Chinese souls. And with the full cooperation of foolishly naive Americans and their choice of our present leadership, we are making it all too easy for them to import that utopia here.

UPDATE 3/28/21:ID Politics victimhood meets the gun confiscators and cancel culture. Totally logical when the shared goal of all three is destroying life, liberty and virtually any free pursuit of personal, individual happiness and well-being.  As Covid has been the greatest gift ever to the Left, so Asian victims murdered in a recent shooting   have proven to be the latest greatest gift to the Chinese Communists. Now, Asian Lives Matter!! Who would care if they were Norwegians? Now one dare not criticize or seriously scrutinize our worst enemy from abroad newly added to the ever-growing Family Of Politically Exploitable Victims. As the Babylon Bee reports, we are getting dangerously close to the embarrassingly awkward position of  All Lives Matter.

From the office of the Hologram Presidency, we are informed that Fightin’ Joe has threatened to take Putin behind the woodshed right after his midday nap and teach that Russkie a few things. No similar threats have been reported about even mildly stirring the Chinese dragon lining the grifting Biden family’s pockets. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communists continue their unimpeded capitalist shopping spree in the American marketplace, now controlling everything from entertainment to energy production to meat-packing. What a country! Or as Bill Maher has correctly opined, what “a silly country.”  He further drives home the whole point: “They [the Communist Chinese] are not a silly people….and they’re eating our lunch.”


UPDATE 2/15/21: Going back at the very least to the Clinton administration, the multi-pronged perils of dealing with Communist China have been finessed, especially by those personally enriched and/or empowered by Chinese collusion at the highest levels of American politics.  Clintons & China

UPDATE 2/14/21: Anyone skeptical of Communist China’s hyperactive subversion of American life would be well advised to remove their head from the sand and face some chilling facts.

China & America

UPDATE 12/14/20: All present indicators point to a VERY bad ending for Election 2020 which is to say, in two chilling words: Communist China. Infiltration by this most populous, most malignant, most expansively determined of world powers at the highest seats of American power paints a very scary picture. They are, as described below, the real bosses of the Biden Crime Family and any other entity of any significant use in their now-unchallenged quest for global domination. For the man in the street, be mindful of those cameras and drones suddenly present with increasing frequency in your daily lives.

Totalitarian CHina

UPDATE 10/31/20: If we are blessed to secure a Conservative victory on Tuesday, we will have survived the immediate INTERNAL threat to America’s survival. Not by chance, we will have also sidestepped our most serious EXTERNAL threat which is Communist China, the real bosses of the Biden Crime Family. As information about Hunter’s laptop is allowed to come forth, the Biden-China connection is becoming more sinister by the minute.

Granted a Trump victory and Biden’s disposal in history’s ash bin, we must move even more decisively toward as complete economic indepedence from the CCP as possible. Their ruthless use of biological warfare is now all too evident, and their mastery of all-consuming totalitarian control,  Orwellian 24/7/365 surveillance of every citizen’s life, is a matter of record.  We have been granted ample warning. Will the average American heed it?

china-puppeteer biden

ORIGINAL POST: 3/22/20  “But either by design or accident, the Trump standoff tore off the China scab. The exposed putrid wound beneath has terrified the world: lying, deceit, and subterfuge surrounded the mysterious COVID-19 contagion that emerged from Wuhan late last year and now has spread worldwide and panicked the globe. The coronavirus helped remind the world that the Hong Kong democracy protests, the creepy 1-million-person reeducation camps for Uyghur Muslims, and internal Chinese Orwellian surveillance were characteristic not aberrant.”

One can only hope the silver lining of this black cloud of Corona madness is the average American fully realizing what’s in store if Communist China and her totalitarian aims are ignored.  Nixon first wooed her, Clinton got us in bed with her, and we and the rest of the world are now experiencing just one crippling aspect of the consequences. You ain’t seen nothin’ if Bernie’s/Joe’s/Hillary’s/Barack’s China/Venezuela Wannabe America should ever come about.

The only thing “democratic” about their socialism is that it’s legal. One is to be permitted at the early euphoric stages to vote oneself into eternal servitude. Then reality dawns. Perhaps open, unregulated borders are not such a good idea. Perhaps nationalized/socialized healthcare (or anything else) and its guaranteed scarcities are unpalatable to freedom-loving people.

On the other hand, perhaps minimal regulations and low taxation bringing business and manufacturing and jobs back to America is a great idea. American independence of foreign powers like China and the OPEC sheiks, anyone?

If by chance the average American voter is bright enough to realize that the Trump Doctrine of free, competitive markets and American sovereignty (MAGA!)  keeps the groceries on the shelves, the gas in the tank, the electricity and water flowing and people working, we have a very bright future. If not, how about another martial law lock-down, this one permanently?

Now can we all just calm down and weigh rationally what works in human affairs and what doesn’t? And how about a leader putting forth hopeful, realistic solutions while effectively doing away with those ugly MSM weeds-in-the-garden that thrive on fearmongering? Oh wait, we have one!

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