CHINA TOLD YA SO….and other Communists on the move.

UPDATE 9/4/21: Is anyone, serious about America’s security and future as a free nation, willing to examine the well-documented connection between the ChiComs and the extravagantly wealthy Biden Family (on Joe’s $174K salary)? The possibility of blackmail, bribes explaining the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal and the Chinese omnipresence there? More made-In-China sex and drug tapes like those on Hunter’s own laptop greeted with a  collective yawn by the MSM?

UPDATE 8/30/21: The ChiComs are pressuring their representative in Washington, known affectionately by members of his family as “The Big Guy,” to drop any investigation linking China to the Wuhan Virus’ origins. [P.S. The politically incorrect among us call it the Wuhan Virus because that’s where it came from.]

UPDATE 7/27/21: The Chinese conquest and torment of peaceful, beautiful Tibet should be a wake-up call for those still harboring illusions about those billions of smiling, well-organized ChiComs.

UPDATE 7/17/21: Any doubts the ChiComs are tyrants ready to stamp out any dissent? Being rich and internationally known provides no immunity for Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong billionaire businessman, freedom fighter and truthteller now under arrest.

UPDATE 6/23/21: If someone makes it clear he wants you dead, why would you pursue friendship with him? So it is with the ChiComs cooking up Covid in a Wuhan lab, loosing it on the world; and a suicidal America as represented by a ChiCon puppet named Joe says “Can’t we be friends?” Under rational leadership, we would be well advised to go on the offense and hold the ChiComs legally accountable for a global crime. The recent defection of an intelligence officer from the highest level of Chinese espionage provides further evidence that we do not want to meet these people halfway on anything.  

And now this defector has disappeared. Had he defected about a year ago, chances are he’d find himself in friendlier hands. Current hands may not want what he has to say made public. To be continued….?

That Red arrow’s not a Slow Boat To China; it’s a streamlined military force FROM China intent on world conquest.

UPDATE 6/13/21: Will average accommodating Americans stand passively by when the full story of the Wuhan Plague is told, exploding the wet market bat myth and tracing responsibility for the Covid crisis back to a Chinese lab?  Probably so, since the average accommodating American is stubbornly ignorant of Communist China’s long range intentions. They see an economic giant of dazzling high tech infrastructure  blinding themselves to the rigidly enslaved police state behind such garish Potemkin display. They are unaware that the accoutrements of expensive architecture and flashy happenings are not necessarily expressions of freedom. But freedom always results in the good things in life.

UPDATE 6/12/21: A disturbing development in the ChiCom infiltration of the West has arisen in, of all places, Hungary, its leaders entwining itself economically with China to the great dismay of slavery-savvy freedom-loving Hungarians with long bitter memories of Soviet domination. Fools abound at all levels when it comes to looking realistically at communism.

UPDATE 6/11/21: Hardly a surprise that BLM has a friend and champion in Communist China. Who better to do the destabilizing dirty work within America for our most determined foe?

UPDATE 6/17/21: The efforts to confuse and dispel any real truth about where The Plague came from is getting just silly. Pompeo advises Chris Wallace to look just beyond his own nose. But if China is a bad guy and must be faced down, that means attending to the problem…which is always the problem with Leftists in government. Problems are their life’s blood, not to be solved but indefinitely exploited in pursuit of power.

China means us ill, and their ownership of the present occupant of the White House makes it highly unlikely they feel anything less than exhilarated by our vulnerability as a country and culture. Their most visible attack of late has been the virus that was helped along internationally by the lockdowns and the economic ruin that ensued. Some plucky souls are demanding a little blood in return. Will we get it?  Will it deter the ChiComs in the future?  Does law mean a thing to communists? Not likely.

UPDATE 6/3/21: Doing business with tyrannical, expansionist Red China is living out Lenin’s scheme to hang the capitalists with their own rope. As businesses are once again encouraged to desert America for the cheap slave labor of China, we are reversing Trump’s admirable move that brought business back to America and with it record unemployment created in consequence. Now saddled with Beijing Biden and his corporate cronies, we are again China’s butt boy walking back into a noose fashioned especially for us.

UPDATE 6/3/21: “Clean” energy fanatics continue to overlook the nasty collateral damage of their Dream Climate World. The unsightly, rapidly obsolete hardware-windmills, solar panels, batteries- is largely manufactured in China, eventually bound for landfill graveyards HERE that will never biodegrade. Another downside: slave labor used to create it for nothing and sold to the Environmentalist chumps abroad for gazillions.

UPDATE 5/24/21: Meanwhile (meaning on top of genocide within their own borders and helping play Edgar Bergen to our Chancey Gardner McCarthy from Delaware), the ChiComs are buying up Texas   including 200 square miles next to a major Air Force base. At the risk of being shamed as one of Hillary’s Deplorable Xenophobes, might we inquire, “Why?”

UPDATE 5/24/21: Hong Kong is gone, now a totally tyrannized annex of ChiCom expansionism. Next is Taiwan, now in Beijing’s unimpeded crosshairs thanks to the sudden absence of any American deterrence to Communist conquest. The Great Leap Forward for Mao’s redder-than-ever descendants is: Taiwan today, the world tomorrow! Does it have anything to do with the Biden Crime Family being personally owned by China’s dictators with the full cooperation of his DC handlers and like-minded totalitarians now in control of his Party?

UPDATE 5/24/21: We have an administration studiously ignoring rape, torture and murder en masse of Ugyhur Muslims by the ChiComs. Think “torture rooms and vanishing corpses.” But then, that’s what the Left has always deemed necessary in the absence of any goal except totalitarian power and control.

UPDATE 5/9/21: Surprise! Surprise! Biological warfare a longtime item on the Chinese agenda.  So why the claim now this little Corona problem is an “accident, an “escape” from a certain Wuhan lab funded by Fauci & Co?  As they say, timing it everything, and when a major wrench in the works like Donald Trump is POTUS….hmmm?
UPDATE 5/9/21: Social credit scores a la Chinois, coming to a red, white & blue country near you.  Like the Berlin Wall? Hong Kong residents are now warming up to their own cozy version of a barbed-wire enclosure. And to think some consider China the “good” kind of communism…


UPDATE 4/25/21: Like any terrorist emboldened by the absence of opposition, international  Communist China is now doing what it does best which is crushing freedom and making a very public example of some of its most outspoken citizens, including billionaires and celebrities voicing dissent. Such prominent Chinese heroes are finding themselves imprisoned, perhaps for life, perhaps eventually disappeared when it suits the regime’s convenience.  

The same regime is now flexing its expansive conquest muscles, testing opposition by flying into Taiwanese air space and crowding Phillipine waters. And their Russian counterparts are massing at the Ukrainian border. Can this serious new aggression have anything to do with these  bullies and sworn enemies of freedom seeing nothing but a vacant-eyed, senile hologram in the American White House?

UPDATE 4/18/21: For anyone skeptical about Chinese plans to dominate America, it would be instructive to know the explicit details of  how busy they’ve been infiltrating every area of our lives as a matter of long-range policy for them.

UPDATE 4/11/21: Grateful, alert Americans live these days in limbo, realistically fearful of the Communist Chinese threat to our free, prosperous way of life. Orwell’s prophecy of totally controlled, monitored, faceless drones is no dystopian fantasy but the grim reality lived each day by a billion+ Chinese souls. And with the full cooperation of foolishly naive Americans and their choice of our present leadership, we are making it all too easy for them to import that utopia here.

UPDATE 3/28/21:ID Politics victimhood meets the gun confiscators and cancel culture. Totally logical when the shared goal of all three is destroying life, liberty and virtually any free pursuit of personal, individual happiness and well-being.  As Covid has been the greatest gift ever to the Left, so Asian victims murdered in a recent shooting   have proven to be the latest greatest gift to the Chinese Communists. Now, Asian Lives Matter!! Who would care if they were Norwegians? Now one dare not criticize or seriously scrutinize our worst enemy from abroad newly added to the ever-growing Family Of Politically Exploitable Victims. As the Babylon Bee reports, we are getting dangerously close to the embarrassingly awkward position of  All Lives Matter.

From the office of the Hologram Presidency, we are informed that Fightin’ Joe has threatened to take Putin behind the woodshed right after his midday nap and teach that Russkie a few things. No similar threats have been reported about even mildly stirring the Chinese dragon lining the grifting Biden family’s pockets. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communists continue their unimpeded capitalist shopping spree in the American marketplace, now controlling everything from entertainment to energy production to meat-packing. What a country! Or as Bill Maher has correctly opined, what “a silly country.”  He further drives home the whole point: “They [the Communist Chinese] are not a silly people….and they’re eating our lunch.”


UPDATE 2/15/21: Going back at the very least to the Clinton administration, the multi-pronged perils of dealing with Communist China have been finessed, especially by those personally enriched and/or empowered by Chinese collusion at the highest levels of American politics.  Clintons & China

UPDATE 2/14/21: Anyone skeptical of Communist China’s hyperactive subversion of American life would be well advised to remove their head from the sand and face some chilling facts.

China & America

UPDATE 12/14/20: All present indicators point to a VERY bad ending for Election 2020 which is to say, in two chilling words: Communist China. Infiltration by this most populous, most malignant, most expansively determined of world powers at the highest seats of American power paints a very scary picture. They are, as described below, the real bosses of the Biden Crime Family and any other entity of any significant use in their now-unchallenged quest for global domination. For the man in the street, be mindful of those cameras and drones suddenly present with increasing frequency in your daily lives.

Totalitarian CHina

UPDATE 10/31/20: If we are blessed to secure a Conservative victory on Tuesday, we will have survived the immediate INTERNAL threat to America’s survival. Not by chance, we will have also sidestepped our most serious EXTERNAL threat which is Communist China, the real bosses of the Biden Crime Family. As information about Hunter’s laptop is allowed to come forth, the Biden-China connection is becoming more sinister by the minute.

Granted a Trump victory and Biden’s disposal in history’s ash bin, we must move even more decisively toward as complete economic indepedence from the CCP as possible. Their ruthless use of biological warfare is now all too evident, and their mastery of all-consuming totalitarian control,  Orwellian 24/7/365 surveillance of every citizen’s life, is a matter of record.  We have been granted ample warning. Will the average American heed it?

china-puppeteer biden

ORIGINAL POST: 3/22/20  “But either by design or accident, the Trump standoff tore off the China scab. The exposed putrid wound beneath has terrified the world: lying, deceit, and subterfuge surrounded the mysterious COVID-19 contagion that emerged from Wuhan late last year and now has spread worldwide and panicked the globe. The coronavirus helped remind the world that the Hong Kong democracy protests, the creepy 1-million-person reeducation camps for Uyghur Muslims, and internal Chinese Orwellian surveillance were characteristic not aberrant.”

One can only hope the silver lining of this black cloud of Corona madness is the average American fully realizing what’s in store if Communist China and her totalitarian aims are ignored.  Nixon first wooed her, Clinton got us in bed with her, and we and the rest of the world are now experiencing just one crippling aspect of the consequences. You ain’t seen nothin’ if Bernie’s/Joe’s/Hillary’s/Barack’s China/Venezuela Wannabe America should ever come about.

The only thing “democratic” about their socialism is that it’s legal. One is to be permitted at the early euphoric stages to vote oneself into eternal servitude. Then reality dawns. Perhaps open, unregulated borders are not such a good idea. Perhaps nationalized/socialized healthcare (or anything else) and its guaranteed scarcities are unpalatable to freedom-loving people.

On the other hand, perhaps minimal regulations and low taxation bringing business and manufacturing and jobs back to America is a great idea. American independence of foreign powers like China and the OPEC sheiks, anyone?

If by chance the average American voter is bright enough to realize that the Trump Doctrine of free, competitive markets and American sovereignty (MAGA!)  keeps the groceries on the shelves, the gas in the tank, the electricity and water flowing and people working, we have a very bright future. If not, how about another martial law lock-down, this one permanently?

Now can we all just calm down and weigh rationally what works in human affairs and what doesn’t? And how about a leader putting forth hopeful, realistic solutions while effectively doing away with those ugly MSM weeds-in-the-garden that thrive on fearmongering? Oh wait, we have one!

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