Are American Jews both the brightest and dumbest people on earth?

December 30, 2018


This thing American Jewry has about Leftism: why embrace an ideology and active, eager exponents of that ideology who want to see you dead? (ATTN: Jewish Pussy-Hatters, think hard, take special note!)Marxism that lands you squarely in bed these days with anti-Semitic Islam? So it continues with those legions of Jewish self-styled intellectuals and social activists, those who endlessly invoke the NY Times as their revealed Daily Word, those who persist in being brain-dead mouthpieces for the most murderous ideology in history.

Orwell called it DOUBLETHINK. Or you can call it selective hatred…or intellectual dishonesty…or hypocrisy…or just evil.

At what point does the light dawn? When do they walk away and suddenly advocate for a world  supportive of their own immense talents and love of life? When does it occur to them that the Marxist plan is, again and again and again, genocide and Holocausts? Such questions pertain to ALL Americans. Except the Jews should know better. After being turned out and wandering for millennia and finally flourishing in  (and to a great extent creating) the two greatest, freest countries on earth, would it be too much to value the astonishing results of real freedom over all those empty, failed promises of “equality?”

Self Hating Jews quarterly[1]

For the benefit of those Leftist Jews (and gentiles) embracing their own demise, surely there must a proverb or wise saying from Hillel or some other reliable, proven source. But why bother with the wisdom of Old Dead White Men when you have the NY Times?

Speaking of Old Dead White (Bearded) Guys: a little debate on “The Jewish Question” between a self-hating Jew and a Christian who glorified life. Jews and all freedom-loving people would be wise to put their money on the Christian.


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