UPDATE 11/21/23: It’s hardly news that American Jews have found a new religious faith in “Democratic Socialism.” Such loyal Democrats stubbornly refuse to see they “are building their own cattle cars.”

Confederation of the Obtuse

None so blind as those who refuse to see, This article was written in 2015 as Obama was opening the doors wide to a Muslim invasion of the USA. The useful idiots, including a majority of American Jewry voting for him and his current placeholder, remain blissfully unaware of sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

UPDATE 11/16/23: A fine mess, Ollie. Somewhat awakened Liberal/Leftist Jews find themselves caught in a real quandary being slavishly devoted to an ideology and Party equally devoted to making life intolerable for Jews. Go figure.

UPDATE 11/8/23: The American Jew’s active participation in his own demise continues apace, and clear-headed explanations are always welcome. 

UPDATE 10/30/23: David Mamet rubs stupid Jewish noses in reality. Good productive, talented people, hopelessly dumb about human nature and choosing enemies for friends.

UPDATE 10/29/23: Announcing “the death of Democrat Jewish innocence” after 10/7 is a hope-filled but naive statement regarding people religiously wed to their “liberalism” as the essence of all virtue. Like most Libs, the mainstream American Jew has all the right values, but, as Dennis Prager repeatedly points out, they never will vote for those values. If they did, they would be former liberals and newly awakened conservatives.

UPDATE 10/26/23: It’s said the Dems have betrayed the Jews, but with their suicidal choice of Left-leaning American politics, the Jews continue to betray themselves.


UPDATE 10/19/23: If ever awakened from their Leftist/Lib/Prog delusions, American Jews will have to recognize how such blindness make themselves targets for extermination. As recent events demonstrate, Israeli Jews by circumstance and necessity do not have the luxury of being so stupid. 

UPDATE 9/7/23: Beware of those organizations still hiding behind wholly obsolete reputations as justice enforcers like the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), now fully evolved into one more Woke/Leftist Mafia protection racket rivaling AntiFa, BLM and SPLC.


UPDATE 4/22/23: Cheering on social media censorship of its opponents and free speech in general, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) proves itself a liability to Jews and basic human rights by its fanatical degeneration into the PDL (“Profressional Defamation League).

UPDATE 4/5/23: A hefty portion of Israeli Jewry are proving themselves as dumb as their American counterparts, killing their friends, hailing their enemies.

From Carter thru the Clintons, Obama and now  Biden. 

UPDATE 3/11/23: Don’t look now, American Jewry, but you’re being disappeared, canceled and marginalized for the crimes of being White, brilliant, industrious, serious about things like “The American Dream.” If there are any around, ask a few of those prominent, prosperous Jews presuming to view themselves as respected members of German society around 1932.

UPDATE 1/6/23: Is Jexodus a reality? When a Jewish conservative almost wins the NY governorship, there’s reason to think so. If so, better late than never, but it’s been VERY slow in coming.

UPDATE 11/20/22: The newly arrived American Jews from Russia and eastern Europe between the 1890s and 1920s were modern pilgrims fleeing oppression and finding salvation in a Promised Land. Nowhere did they better express this deep sense of gratitude and optimism than in their almost singlehanded creation of Broadway/Hollywood, the golden age of American Popular Song. 

UPDATE 11/2/22: America’s and Israel’s symbiotic relationship demands attentive tending if the Jews are to survive.

UPDATE 10/16/22: Trump says it out loud and plain to clueless American Jewry: wake up and recognize your friends and discard your enemies. The predictable reaction has been yet one more bit of upside/down/backwards fake reports of his “rightwing anti-semitism.” 

UPDATE 9/3/22: No surprise that the feeble POTUS impersonator had no time to take a call from the Israeli Prime Minister in regard to our latest boost to Iran’s nuclear ability to wipe out the Jewish homeland. No problem for liberal American Jews who still think they have a better friend in Joe than Donald.

UPDATE 8/3/22: The blindness persists of American Jews who have a greater allegiance to Leftism than to Israel and the fundamental, high purpose of life she embodies.

It’s called PROJECTION. And stooooopid.

UPDATE 2/7/22: Foolish Americans, prosperous Jews among them, faint at the sight of tiki torch props of fake “white supremacists” while ignoring the very real and increasingly widespread antisemitic narrative entering the political mainstream courtesy of the big tent Dem Party.

UPDATE 1/25/22: European Jews are just as clueless as their American counterparts. Never forget? Never forget What? they ask.

UPDATE 9/17/21: The Jews’ enrichment of the Melting Pot and their full assimilation came about when nepotism  proved to be a dead end for the WASP establishment, forced to hire real talent over their own relatives and desiccated scions of the Old Boy networks. Now, the children and grandchildren of those fiery Jews on the move have taken on the worst aspects of the Elite  (Woke/Progressive/Ivy League corporate culture); and the once-new blood is proving to be indistinguishable from the boring old, verrrrry tired blood.

Izzy and Sadie have devolved into Tripper and Muffy.

UPDATE 8/9/21: It probably comes as the worst possible news to the stubbornly apologetic Liberal/Leftist Jew trying to be accepted as one of the “compassionate good guys.” But anti-Semitism still runs rampant and unabated anyhow due to the Jews’ deeply ingrained conservative [oh no!] values that have made them maddeningly successful and dominant in nearly every field of cultural/business endeavor.

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful [and rich and successful and powerful]” pleads the guilt-ridden Jew. Going back to Al Sharpton’s notorious Crown Heights riot, Jesse Jackson’s “Hymietown” right through BLM’s “White JEWISH Privilege,”  one would think that the so-called sophisticates among the Jewish Lib crowd would wise up. But they’re all still longing for invitations to join Leonard Bernstein’s Black Panther brie-and-sherry grovel to his aspiring slave masters, hoping for absolution come the revolution.

UPDATE 7/23/21: Sorry to be giving up Chunky Monkey, but the thought of bankrolling a pair of multimillionaire Jewish anti-Semites gives me indigestion. Hardly a surprise. Leftism for Ben & Jerry and their ilk has always overridden all– their Jewish heritage, the existence and survival of Israel, their American citizenship that has afforded them their fortunes, everything common sense and common decency should preclude. To these and the other Jewish/gentile anti-Semites enjoying the privileges of dissing Israel and living free in Uncle Sam’s basement, Don Feder spells out “Why I’m A Zionist.” 

UPDATE 7/18/21: Judging by the prominence of Jew/Israel haters in (and supportive of) the Biden regime, antisemitism is now an integral part of the Democratic Party platform. Their default, knee-jerk support of anything “Democrat” or “liberal” provides them with their essential sense of morality. Democrat/Liberal GOOD, Republican/conservative BAD despite all history and present-day reality to the absolute contrary.

Following America’s lead in embracing a soft spot for its sworn enemies, Israel is sowing similar seeds of its own destruction. Common sense is on extended leave; everything old, stupid and suicidal has come for a scary visit with no intention of leaving.

UPDATE 7/1/21: Sorry to repeat myself, Jewish Dems, but… In case you still doubt that the Democratic Party is actively anti-semitic and a threat to Israeli sovereignty and security, think twice. Then again, since Leftism has replaced your Judaism as your religious faith of choice, your suicidal soft spot for anything anti-Israel or America is perfectly understandable.

UPDATE 6/11/21: Jackie Mason, aside from being one of the last great Jewish comedians, is to be especially treasured for being a living link to that ultimate value of gratitude that brought our grandparents here to America from eastern Europe and Russia. It is specifically that value that gave us Irving Berlin and “God Bless America.” Like any sensible American Jew, Mason is horrified at the willful ignorance of his brethren that blindly supports a political Party that hates Israel and the resurgent antisemitism that comes with that hatred.  Quoth the great Jackie: “‘Never Again’ has turned into ‘Yes, Please, Once Again.”‘ 

UPDATE 6/10/21: Can you hate Israel and still claim to be a good Jew or an advocate of Jews?

UPDATE 6/3/21: Islam and the Left (including self-hating, spineless Jews) find common cause in hating Israel and will hopefully end up devouring one another. Or maybe, to the amazement of those Woke Jews, it will be the end of just THEM.

UPDATE 5/31/21: Jackie Mason speaks. Are you listening? With Trump, the Jews (and their two favorite hangouts known as America and Israel) were safe and secure. After 100 days of Biden and the anti-Semitic Leftists that now run him and his Party, we are dreck. See any connection there?

Dear stubborn ignorant American Jews wedded to your Leftist faith: get a brain. Wake up!

UPDATE 5/29/21: With the going of Trump and the coming of Biden, there has been a sudden spike in overt anti-Semitism. Hamas has resumed its attacks on Israel, and assaults on Jews  in both Manhattan and LA are daily news. It’s mildly encouraging that  more than a few slavishly loyal Jewish Democrats are waking up to where their wonderfully compassionate, socially conscious Party really stands with regard to them. Can it be they are nothing more than one more dependably blind voting bloc like Blacks,  also now realizing in growing numbers that their value to the Democratic Party has only been as great as the power their collective lockstep vote contributes to the Party’s power?

UPDATE 5/15/21: As the senile puppet Biden cheerfully rekindles the Islamic dream of Israeli annihilation, an anonymous letter is addressed to Jewish-American Biden voters and other Democrats.

UPDATE 4/14/21: More’s the pity that American Jewry continues to be among the most prominent enablers of this administration’s continuance of the Carter/Obama loathing and subversion of Israel…and, for that matter, of America. Freedom is terrifying for the small soul, a suicidal human flaw that has led to the rise of Leftist tyranny in its most murderous forms (Communism, National Socialism aka Nazism) for the last century right up to the present. And no recitation of the facts seems to wise up those determined to go down the road to serfdom and take the rest of us with them.

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES divided equally between stupid voters and the transparent cipher pictured above. 

UPDATE 2/18/21: Paying grateful tribute to Rush Limbaugh, Binyamin L. Jolkovsky , publisher of Jewish World Review, provides a refreshing exception to foolish American Jewry’s embrace of Leftism.

Supporters hold signs as US President Donald Trump speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition 2019 Annual Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 6, 2019. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

UPDATE 2/2/21: The old truth: the biggest fools reject their friends and embrace their enemies. So it is with the newly installed Jews in the Biden regime, short-sighted useful idiots seduced by power, influence and, ultimately, complicit in their own undoing. Perhaps this is just one more result of chronically dumb Jewish choices  traceable to what David Mamet sums up in two words: “Yes, but…” In pursuit of perfect fairness, equality and balance in all things, the Left has found its perfect drones.

anti-zionist jews i

UPDATE 1/31/21: Thanks to their perpetual blind foolishness, the majority of American Jewry can look forward to the mainstreamed anti-Semitism of their bigoted Party of choice. God forbid they be aligned with anything even vaguely connected to “conservatism” or, worse, Donald Trump, the most pro-Jewish, pro-Israel POTUS ever.

LAS VEGAS, NV - April 6, 2019: Trump Supporters pictured as President Donald J. Trump pictured addresses The Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, NV on April 6, 2019. Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ MediaPunch /IPX
All too rare common sense in this Jewish brain.

UPDATE 9/20/20: My fellow Jews: regarding your lockstep support for Democrats and irrational Trump Derangement: try thinking. Good reasons abound for supporting Trump. It’s time to come to your senses and be guided by rational self-interest, not programmed guilt.

Jewish guilt

UPDATE 9/4/20: Virtue Signaling on steroids-In coming out foursquare in a NY Times ad for Black Lives Matter and its purported “Social Justice,” a clueless aggregation of prominent American Jewish groups once more demonstrate their collectively stupid impulse to embrace their worst enemies and reject their real friends.     Suicidal ignorance.

ORIGINAL POST 12/30/18: This thing American Jewry has about Leftism: why embrace an ideology and active, eager exponents of that ideology who want to see you dead? (ATTN: Jewish Pussy-Hatters, think hard, take special note!)Marxism that lands you squarely in bed these days with anti-Semitic Islam? So it continues with those legions of Jewish self-styled intellectuals and social activists, those who endlessly invoke the NY Times as their revealed Daily Word, those who persist in being brain-dead mouthpieces for the most murderous ideology in history.

Orwell called it DOUBLETHINK. Or you can call it selective hatred…or intellectual dishonesty…or hypocrisy…or just evil.

At what point does the light dawn? When do they walk away and suddenly advocate for a world  supportive of their own immense talents and love of life? When does it occur to them that the Marxist plan is, again and again and again, genocide and Holocausts? Such questions pertain to ALL Americans. Except the Jews should know better. After being turned out and wandering for millennia and finally flourishing in  (and to a great extent creating) the two greatest, freest countries on earth, would it be too much to value the astonishing results of real freedom over all those empty, failed promises of “equality?”

Self Hating Jews quarterly[1]

For the benefit of those Leftist Jews (and gentiles) embracing their own demise, surely there must a proverb or wise saying from Hillel or some other reliable, proven source. But why bother with the wisdom of Old Dead White Men when you have the NY Times?

Speaking of Old Dead White (Bearded) Guys: a little debate on “The Jewish Question” between a self-hating Jew and a Christian who glorified life. Jews and all freedom-loving people would be wise to put their money on the Christian.


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