Is MAGA alive and well? Can America be great again, or are we a civilization in free fall?

UPDATE 7/20/21: No surprise that The Hologram-in-Chief and his programmers haven’t thought to make Guantanamo a Caribbean Ellis Island gateway to America. Can’t have all those communist-hating, liberty-loving immigrants turning Florida and the rest of America the good kind of Bright Red.

The torch of liberty is inextinguishable in even the worst situations. Over 7 decades, Cuba has earned its place among “the worst.”

UPDATE 7/17/21: What are the essential underpinnings of America? Most would probably be at a loss to articulate precisely what American essentials need to be saved and preserved for the ages.

Freedom as a God-given right is the first word that comes to mind, the idea put forth first in the Declaration of Independence, then shortly thereafter detailed and codified into rule of law with the Constitution. Underpinning this concept of a free republic, has been the notion of The People and an innate Common Sense being sovereign in our own lives, not subject to the whim of a figurehead or ruling cabal of totalitarian regimes. As our Founders feared, America’s greatest peril lies in our elected leadership actively behaving more like our masters than our servants. Worst of all in this scenario is the willingness of too many Americans to acquiesce to and even applaud this development. The sane & civilized always live at the mercy of fools, one of many terrible consequences of centralized power, the autonomy of individuals sacrificed to a so-called “noble collective.” 

That’s where we are. Now where are we going? The hopeful answer always goes back to the continuous rekindling of our American spirit, however it manifests itself. Time (and a mass resurgence of Common Sense) will tell.

UPDATE 7/15/21: It’s tough being conservative and having to work with Republicans who still think they are dealing with honorable, patriotic opponents. T’ain’t so, and let us list the ways. 

Can you feel the love? 

UPDATE 7/7/21: MAGA is the future, not the dynamic personality who made it a rallying cry for a restoration and enduring triumph of American freedom. He made many mistakes of omission but actively reinvigorated the American economy and, more importantly, the American Spirit. Any future candidates representing Americans valuing their independence and freedom in lieu of dependency and the chains of Leftist government must be willing to go to full war against the Deep State that was outed for all to see, thanks to DJT. We owe him that, and we’re still fortunate to have him and his unique presence. Nonetheless, the battle is long term and needs new leadership. That fresh start is there if the individual American is willing to support it. That Republic Ben Franklin mentioned? Let’s keep it. 

UPDATE 7/3/21: Getting down to bedrock basics in this life, there is first and foremost God. The Founders of America had the genius to recognize that individuals with free will and innate human talent can only thrive in a freedom tempered by responsibility, a reverence for and obedience to a Higher Authority. Without that concept of Deity, an Absolute, a final Judge, we humans wander lost in an amoral world devoid of values to guide and contain us, prey to those who would play God themselves. 

For America, the final sentence in its founding document is “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Inspired directly by America’s Declaration, Israel included the omnipresence and omnipotence of God in its own Declaration of Independence. In both instances, 175 years apart, God’s inclusion came after vigorous debate between believers and secularists, both agreeing that only with the moral framework of religious faith could human progress truly flourish. Echoing Thomas Jefferson, Israel’s Declaration of Independence concludes, “With trust in the Rock of Israel, we set our hand to this Declaration, at this Session of the Provisional State Council, in the city of Tel Aviv, on this Sabbath eve, the fifth of Iyar 5708, the fourteenth day of May 1948.”

There was a time for those of us lucky enough to grow up in the 1950s when people strongly disagreed on political viewpoints yet felt united by “something” that in the end made those heated disagreements relatively insignificant. First was the idea of “being American,” and now it is becoming more and more apparent in hindsight that the acknowledged presence of one God overseeing all lives provides the essence of “being American.”

Even more apparent are the perils of God’s absence in mainstream American life, leading to the globalist mentality, John Lennon’s “Imagine” fantasy of utopian unity, no religion, no private property. Standing in for God are  self-appointed, self-anointed tyrants seeking to replace freedom of the individual (and God as guide) with the totalitarian collective.

On this Independence Day as we Americans find ourselves in the throes of moral chaos and confusion, we look with special reverence and hope to that “Divine Providence” and “Rock Of Israel” that originally inspired and continue to inform America and Israel’s priceless legacy of freedom.

UPDATE 6/26/21: Who these days doesn’t experience the unsettling fallout from our new Civil War of deep divisions within families, friendships, work environments, political parties originally sown and Progressively deepened by Obama’s 2008 vow to transform America? One of the most devastating of all divisions is that between those admirable individuals, young and old, really still believing in the American Dream of freedom, opportunity, hard work adding up to a satisfying life and those in government intent on thwarting those ambitions via high taxes, senseless regulations and, in the case of enforced lockdowns, the outright destruction of small business. There is also the threatening chill of political correctness and cancel culture casting a wide, dark pall over all forms of free expression that depart from the prevailing Leftist/Woke mindset.

One could easily shrink in fearful despair, but hope springs eternal when the tried-and-tested ideas that made and continue to make America great are brought out again and put into action. Reading Brit pol Nigel Farage’s description of an animated, unbowed, invigorated Trump at Mar-A-Lago provides a vivid portrait of renewed hope and absolute refusal to give up. Contrary to all the MSM propaganda and dismissive comments of our fellows, this is still the man to watch,  the force to lead us back onto the MAGA track. 

UPDATE 6/22/21: A Canadian pastor  facing down the nightmare of senseless tyranny against him and his church is visiting America, warning us. “This is not about a virus!  It’s about control.” Yes, Hanoi Jane,  Covid is “God’s gift to the Left” as control, absolute control is what you on the Left are all about.

America, wake up.

JUNETEENTH-Celebrating Liberty or just more rancor? 

UPDATE 6/18/21: IF (BIG IF) Juneteenth, the anniversary of the final Emancipation of slaves in America, celebrates a triumph of liberty for all Americans, what’s not to like? What IS not to like is the almost certain use of this new “holiday”  as a Woke Black alternative to July 4th,  another occasion to grind the ax and shake down guilty Whitey. For some, liberty has never been the goal but, in fact, is the enemy. Sowing discord, misery, fear, bitterness, exchanging one set of chains for new ones has become a profitable way of life for the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) set.

Don’t expect any framing of the day as a celebration of the courageous foresight of abolitionists. For the race-baiters, conflict remains the order of the day, and anything that opens the wound of past wrongs such as slavery is a godsend!  Without civil strife, they would be robbed of their very reason for existing. This is what makes sense of their refusal to consider real, proven solutions to poverty such as free market capitalism. What would the PLO  be if they actually had that State of their own that they claim to want? Substitute BLM for PLO and ask what would they be if they totally subjugated White America? In both cases, the answer is “obsolete.” Prosperity and success for the masses would be the worst nightmare imaginable for these Marxist parasites deprived of their hated hosts.

UPDATE 6/17/21: Going back to our historical roots is as timely as it ever has been. Without the fight and sacrifice of our forefathers at Bunker Hill and Gettysburg (to name just two major points on America’s timeline), there would be little to fight for now. 

UPDATE 6/13/21: To survive and prevail, MAGA must be a movement, not an individual, but it’s  rather advantageous to have a certain individual around to be the messenger.  And he’s back, albeit as a private citizen. It’s still his Party, and he’ll laugh if he wants to. Not his nature to sulk.

UPDATE 6/8/21: An outstanding 16mm Kodachrome video making the rounds evokes such emotion and nostalgia for my parents’ 40s/50s world that baby boomers were lucky enough to be born into. It is also that quintessential America that fires the MAGA spirit.

That spirit is everything palpably, provably good for Americans that Trump began to restore and Biden has set  out to erase without a trace. To the dismay of those all up and down the Woke spectrum, that America is still not dead but simply waiting in crouch position, ready to spring back. That includes a vibrant, free market economy and energy independence, so at odds with a regime now besotted by REAL Russia and China collusion.


UPDATE 6/6/21: To add to the stirring Memorial Day/D-Day tributes linked below from 2019, an equally powerful recollection from 2007 by late great American character actor Charles Durning, D-Day veteran and survivor. When the heroism of ordinary young Americans was mainstream.

UPDATE 6/2/21: One must seriously worry about the state of a country now in the act of turning its military against itself, making force-fed Marxist Critical Race Theory indoctrination a part of its training. And going so far as dismissing a high-ranking air force commander (Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier) for publicly criticizing this policy. 

One’s discomfort at the present-day corruption of our military is almost unbearable when watching this moving Memorial Day tribute to two young America brothers who stormed the Normandy beaches and survived D-Day and that of five equally brave American brothers  who managed the same miracle. Think again about the likelihood of future American soldiers winning a war on behalf of a country they’ve been trained to hate.

Read Lt. Colonel Lohmeier’s book. And to assure future young American heroes do not die and sacrifice in vain, two honorable voices (and military veterans) in Congress are on the case: Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw and Alabama Senator Tom Cotton. “We’re going to expose you.”

No telling if he made it back. We owe it to him and his fellow young heroes past, present and future to see that they come back to a grateful nation that owes them everything.

UPDATE 5/31/21: Have all those lost lives been worth it? What has it been for? No simple answer. That America is not under the heel of the British, that slavery is abolished, that we don’t speak German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese or Vietnamese (and all that those might-have-beens imply) has to provide some consolation and make sense of the horror of war. In the last analysis, we are the Land of the Free because we are also the Home of the Brave.

UPDATE 5/31/21: Despite cancellation by the perverse (and illegitimate) Biden administration, the 1776 Commission will be reinstated, authentic American history and tangible monuments to its heroes preserved for ourselves and our descendants.

UPDATE 5/31/21: Calvin Coolidge, long overlooked as an outstanding, eloquent American voice among our past Presidents, delivered a memorable speech on The Destiny Of America, Memorial Day, 1923. A moving contribution to any literary compilation of The American Spirit.

UPDATE 6/3/21: “Can do” has been the driving spirit of history’s freest, most prosperous country while the newly arrived Woke Unconsciousness of BidenWorld is all about “Can’t do.” Ultimately, it has to fail; and from the ashes, Can Do America with the assistance of young up-and-coming new leadership will rise and restore life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

UPDATE 5/9/21: From a Kiwi, some good common sense pointers to help worried Americans stay on track and dispense with despair, starting with “1. Face Reality.” It’s the departure point  if we are to keep our troubled Republic and not slide into ruin.

UPDATE 5/9/21: The calm, clear-headed Jordan Peterson prevails through hysterical Cancel Culture and his own personal demons. One good reason: he won’t apologize for stating his piece. 


UPDATE 4/17/21: Churchill’s immortal call to action never dates, and to make the best  use of it can take as many forms as there are individuals. Some ways maybe be less dramatic than others, but every positive action against tyranny begins within each of us, however quiet or seemingly undramatic the resolve. Never give in! Never give up!

Do I/we have the grit and foresight to say GET OUT! as an individual, aa a community, as a city, as a state, as an American as the Poles did in the 1980s with their successful Solidarity movement against the brutal Soviets? Ask the Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski whose extraordinary story begins in Communist Poland and who just routed Covid Nazi cops from his church on Easter.  GET OUT! should be on the lips of millions every day until this madness recedes into oblivion.

UPDATE 4/11/21: The bedrock of our American lives is contained in our founding documents, declaring to the Ages that an unerring Deity has entrusted us with the gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These gifts can either be protected for ourselves and the countless individuals yet to live OR squandered in man’s pursuit of power over his fellows. We are witnessing the results of a godless educational system and society taught to reject the idea of one Divine Creator and the aforementioned gifts in favor of an Elite of self-anointed gods forcing their “progressive” rules down our throats. Behold the frailty of man, a foundering America as “a republic, if you can keep it.”

Without God, there is no truth, just a random, chaotic universe with everyone scrambling for power. We must continue to choose our leaders carefully and be wary of those straying from the most basic principle of individual liberty in all matters.

Right now the best prospects are those with the best track records and results, not the best rhetoric. Naturally, those best prospects have targets on their backs and must be able to withstand the unceasing assault that Trump endured. Right now, Ron DeSantis and a few other stalwart notables appear to be the best ones to take up MAGA where Trump was forced to leave off. In them, MAGA continues, God willing.

UPDATE 3/28/21: “When you simply allow people to run their own darned lives, the results tend to be closer to Utopia than any socialist’s fever dreams. This has been the lesson of the past several centuries, and we should pay attention to it now. If we don’t, I imagine God or the universe, will patiently teach it to us again, and again.”

Musing optimistically,  a handful of vocal political leaders continue to speak and act for those of us wishing freedom and established fact (aka The Truth) to be the guiding principles for our American lives versus those now in power moving at Mach speed toward the nightmare of a Compleat Managed Society a la China.

In opening his state and standing firmly by it, Florida Governor Ron De Santis has fully exposed the disastrous lockdown lie that has led to economic ruin for millions and an unprecedented suspension of the most basic American rights. Likewise on a different front in the cultural/political wars, Senator  Rand Paul has bravely challenged the sinister dangers of Identity Politics in his examination of the perfectly ridiculous HHS nominee Richard/Rachel Levine, citing the latter’s  criminal advocacy of puberty blockers and special hormonal treatments for sexually confused young people, even going so far as ignoring parental consent. Unfortunately (and surreally), Identity Politics has prevailed, Levine has been confirmed, but the opposing argument is fully in the open thanks to Paul.

South Dakota Governor’s Kristi Noem finds her admirable anti-lockdown performance ( and her conservative credentials) seriously tarnished with an inexplicable reversal of her stance against the ID Politics allowing men to compete in women’s sports. She has hastened to explain herself, claiming questionable long term solutions outside the legal system. Lose the battle, win the war? Meanwhile, female athletes are being cheated out of the running (literally) with further likelihood of losing the war too. Additional evidence of Kristi’s purplish voting history on issues when in Congress may further disqualify her as a reliable MAGA candidate in 2024.

UPDATE 3/21/21: The future of a free America depends upon the preservation of free speech and an uncorrupted ballot box. Our best hope rides on those all-too-rare politicos in State Houses and DC spearheading the fight for our most basic American rights in both word and deed. While the MSM lionizes those State House scoundrels like Cuomo and Newsom  guiltiest of ruining state economies and keeping businesses closed and millions unemployed, we have their nemeses like Noem and DeSantis successfully fighting freedom’s fight within their own states. Will enough Americans think for themselves, assess real results and allow this fight to go national?

UPDATE 3/7/21: Without or without Trump, the MAGA spirit has taken root and is sprouting fresh new shoots aplenty. The challenge is formidable, but the fight is more than worthwhile.

american future

UPDATE 1/3/21: Leading up to the MAGA March on Washington, American patriots await to see if their collective voice is heard. The big question: does my vote still count?


UPDATE 12/13/20: The American spirit firing the 70 million Americans behind Donald Trump persists and will ultimately prevail. This is the human passion for freedom, and it will not go away. It must re-emerge and reassert itself, perhaps not tomorrow but inevitably in the nihilistic vacuum left by the false promises of Leftism. God bless America, stand beside Her and guide Her.

America will prevail

UPDATE 11/4/20: It is morning, and this is America. Obviously, we of the Conservative persuasion would prefer a more celebratory feeling in place of the great uncertainty that faces us this Day After. The “peaceful transfer of power” apparently will not be peaceful but predictably bumpy as the Dem Left almost certainly has its not-so-secret wish of dragging things through the courts. For those conniving fans of litigation, there’s always that 50/50 chance even the guiltiest party can have its way.

So we shall see. Meanwhile, real Americans will go to work and freely carry on their individual lives without interference…which is the whole point. Others are only comfortable under the watchful, paternalistic eye of that protection racket known as Big Government and demand the same of everyone else. Our task ahead is to continue our free lives while fending off those controls imposed upon us by our fellow citizens. That’s been the American story since its founding, and it hasn’t always been a cakewalk.

Fortunately for us, our chief chosen representative in Washington feels the same and will fight with all his considerable clout and spirit to win this latest battle for American liberty…for himself and for us. God willing.

Morning in America.
Morning in America.

UPDATE 11/3/20: Choosing and praying for the America we recognize and love. MAGA!

UPDATE 10/27/20: “Remember Poland circa early ’80’s when it was said: “we took to the streets and realized for the first time there were more of us than them”?  Yes, we remember. And we’re living it now, right here. God bless the American people who love their liberty and wish only the same for their fellow Americans, not Big Brother control. MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!

Promises made, promises kept.
Promises made, promises kept.

UPDATE 11/1/20: The Spirit grows and grows and grows!      Even in Jerusalem!! 

Butler PA! A cold autumn night in western PA doesn’t deter the MAGA spirit!Trump rally

Unlike American Jewry, Israel knows its friends, knows its enemies.

Jerusalem, bikers for Trump

UPDATE 10/25/20: More parades, flotillas, car rallies, even in Woke Hollywood Beverly Hills! Hope springs eternal.


 UPDATE 10/11/20: A Trump caravan of 30,000 cars in Latino, anti-communist FLA! The heart leaps.

Latino caravan

UPDATE 10/6/20: The flotillas, the parades, the unfettered display of American Spirit continues apace, even in De Blasio’s deep blue Manhattan. This is movement, free healthy life, the alternative to the chains of our opponents’ dark vision of a SafeNewWorld. If politics is about  permitting the best of humanity to thrive, bring it on.


ORIGINAL POST 10/4/20: Leading up to any election (this election in particular), tensions rise, tempers flare, nasty accusations fly, and with what are we left? Hopefully, at the end, a country where individuals can still walk around and pretty much do as they please, commune with whom they please, buy what they need, staying out of each other’s way and living out dreams, however grand or modest. This is indeed a vast rightwing conspiracy, but not the one of which Hillary spoke: it’s called American liberty.

Do both Parties offer that vision? One vision is dominated by a fanatic zeal for centralized control, correcting/rewriting our history right down to its founding roots, revolution, a fantasized righting of all wrongs, equalizing all inequities. Perfection! Utopia! The other vision offers the risky uncertainty of freedom, laissez-faire, letting things and people be what and who they are.

The latter has yielded a society of limitless opportunity, vitality, creativity, diversity, progress, wealth, prosperity for those willing to take things into their own hands. The former has always ended badly: yet one more failed socialist/communist regime pumped up on empty promises and collapsing as the free human spirit is crushed out in service to The Collective, The Big Lie, The Great Terror. Shared Misery For All!


There is AOC/Bernie/Hillary/Obama/Sleepy Joe’s America, and there is Trump’s America, a stark choice growing ever more defined as things heat up. One is the America of angry, enslaved souls, hating our nation as it fundamentally is, shaking an impotent fist at the sky, waiting for rescue by The State/Big Brother. Never satisfied, never content. More! More! More! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! The Sixties brats have not grown up or wiser, only older.

The other is the free human spirit, chin set, sleeves rolled-up, defenses at the ready as it goes on the offensive, takes on the world, makes dreams real, overcomes obstacles, enjoys the fruits of its labors, beholden ultimately only to that God dwelling within all people.

Trump flotilla

In a matter of weeks, we shall see if there is indeed a heretofore silent, growing majority made up of people of all backgrounds, classes and colors who prefer freedom as expressed by the MAGA car parades, boat flotillas, waving, cheering roadside crowds…to the depressing doomsayers and Trump haters.  The confirmed haters will never change and will only exchange their objects of contempt and loathing for new ones down the line. They have no positive vision, only resentment and bitterness that can never abate. Families and friendships have suffered because of them; we are a house deliberately divided.


There are, blessedly, tens of millions imbued with the American spirit, including perhaps even those most blindly committed Trump haters whose own rational self-interest will prevail over the poison pumped daily into their systems by the MSM and its sinister comrades in high places. If so, the America we love with all its true diversity can go on.

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