The costs are not just financially high for the deceived and desperate.
The costs are not just financially high for the deceived and desperate.

UPDATE 1/11/24: They’re still mutilating kids in the name of “gender affirming care.” In bedrock American Texas no less.


UPDATE 12/18/23: This is a gender tyranny horror story being lived by a thoroughly decent high school teacher in Virginia at the hands not only of a mentally disturbed student but a whole school board and its superintendent supporting this “preferred pronoun” madness. The only bright note is the mass walk-out by a majority of the student body in support (!) of the teacher. A lawsuit, initially tossed out, has been reinstated. 


UPDATE 12/1/23: The Daily Wire has released a film called “Ladyballers,” a parody spoof imitating the real life absurdity of men pretending to be women in order to come out victorious in sports competition. Anyone still in possession of basic common sense will find it funny and refreshing. Not so those seriously supportive of this surreal development in Leftist ideology, furious and in frantic denial that their politics these days is beating satire to the punch. We look forward to more of this sort of uppity snark from the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy.

UPDATE 11/30/23: The nightmarish consequences of gender ideology is discussed by Miriam Grossman and Leon Sapir.


UPDATE 11/9/23: It was bad enough when Maxine Waters and Linda Sarsour made Glamour’s Women Of The Year honor roll (11/1/17), but this time the winners include a guy pretending to be a girl. 

Our nominee.

UPDATE 10/30/23: Like all those millions, possibly billions of dollars hoovered in by hospitals as incentive to gin up Covid death stats, one just as easily and accurately can follow the money for profits gleaned for children’s gender transition mutilation. Now callously touted as a “growth market.”

UPDATE 10/5/23: Under the guise of concern for children, the premature, forced sexualization of the young is an assault on their innocence and natural development. The goal is, like all politicized issues, the tyranny of control, present and future.

UPDATE 9/13/23: This week, Congress was treated to a hardcore porn recitation from Senator Kennedy. He was reading aloud from a book to a panel of  trans activists and sympathizers who think such material should be available to minors in schools and libraries. Protecting the innocence of kids is of no importance to those insisting Senator Kennedy and other genuinely responsible adults in sympathy with him are just modern-day Nazis banning books.

UPDATE 9/6/23: Judging by some bills recently introduced, California is determined to become the totalitarian replica of China, removing visitation rights for divorced parents refusing to “affirm child’s gender identity.”  

Replacing parents with The State, no longer confined to primitive foreign lands in times of yore.

UPDATE 8/25/23: Business is booming for the barbaric craze of “non-binary” surgeries, removing the genitals and breasts of confused young boys and girls.

Follow the money. Lots of it to be made.

UPDATE 7/22/23: Militant LGBQT-WTF activist fanatics have proclaimed, “We’re coming for your children” and have already made good on that threat when a Missouri high school has allowed a male teenager to be crowned Homecoming Queen. 

UPDATE 7/20/23: Our Navy’s goal, according to one Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday is “to put the Navy in a place over the next 20 years where we’re the most diverse service in the DoD” while our various enemies’ common goal is to have the most powerful military killing machines on the planet. What, me worry?

UPDATE 7/12/23: The whole subversive nature of TransMania is driven by money and power; and, at its core, a nihilistic hatred of life itself. 


UPDATE 7/5/23: Like the Islamic invasion of the West, the transgender craze has made clear its intentions to destroy societal normalcy. The new rainbow meme of self-styled freaks chanting “We’re coming for your children!” is no joke when the real effects on the young en masse are acknowledged.


UPDATE 6/30/23: In the face of the all-out assault on truth and our way of life, one is paralyzed by indecision. Which fight to take on, which hill to die on? For most of us, it’s simply recognizing the truth and telling it whenever, wherever, however possible. Once we cave and let Big Lies and the mountain of absurdities go unchallenged, there is nothing standing between us and self-immolation.

UPDATE 6/30/23: Good, enlightening times with General Florg. Comedy strikes another blow. No wonder the Woke New Puritans hate humor and reflexively ban it.


UPDATE 6/23/23: Reading about her miserable life in a newly released book by a wretched actress/trans activist named Ellen/Eliot Page, the only rational response is horror at full-blown mental illness and suicidal confusion celebrated as some sort of heroism.

UPDATE 6/22/23: Since it’s almost always safe to follow the money when seeking the sources of corruption, the addition of the dollar sign to the LGBTQ$ acronym makes perfect sense.

UPDATE 6/17/23: On the subject of transsexual procedures being performed on minors, the most rudimentary common sense overrides the testimony of “experts” and proposed legislation claiming to benefit young victims of this psychotic craze.

UPDATE 6/1/23: It’s hard to imagine being a young person in this world ceaselessly bombarded with the lies of climate Armageddon and the outright sexual abuse of normalized transsexuality. What sane mother of yore would have taken her kids to the local library, let alone to Frisco’s world-renowned De Young Museum, to be mentally/sexually indoctrinated by a Drag Story Hour?  As the promotional words on the museum website explains, “Drag Story Hour captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.”

Note the whole perverted, subversive message here, from the big F-U storybook page to the bearded freako reading it out loud.

UPDATE 5/20/23: A school board calls for the smelling salts and silences a pastor reading out loud from an anatomically explicit sex manual called “It’s Perfectly Normal,” written for and made available to children in the local public schools.. Apparently, it’s unfit for their sensitive adult ears but ok for kids to access and read. 

UPDATE 5/15/23: In response to some stupid movie star threatening to “f–k up anyone” not applauding drag queen story hours and similar pedophilic entertainment, Megyn Kelly goes to bat for the real victims of inappropriate sexual display, and that is children.

In search of new “victims of oppression” (not real victims like kids), the Left has totally gone ’round the bend in celebrating the gender dysphoric and perverse grooming of children for sexual exploitation.  This is not to be confused with consensual adult activity, social or sexual, or the genuinely funny aspects of cross-dressing on film and stage like “Tootsie,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Some Like It Hot,” “Charley’s Aunt” or Dame Edna.


UPDATE 5/13/23: One can only hope that the entire gender craze that has taken over politics and even corporate America will be viewed in the (very) near future as a society gone temporarily insane. 

UPDATE 5/5/23: Considering the legitimized, literal mutilation of children involved, trans madness surpasses even “Climate Change” as the most psychotic symptom of our deranged age. One fears mightily for the young growing up in a world where this sickness is now considered The Normal. Asking “WHY?,” one needn’t go much beyond “Follow the money and power.”

Lots and lots and lots of money to be made.

UPDATE 5/3/23: One is at severe pains to comprehend a scheme revealed through Project Veritas undercover whereby a trans men are getting themselves transferred to the female wings of prisons, impregnating female inmates, leading to million dollar lawsuits against the Justice system. Baby Mama cries “Victim” and Baby Daddy shares in the spoils. Not something Garland’s Justice Department wants publicized, so it goes on. And the mind reels.

Baby Daddy in the Big House. 


UPDATE 4/25/23: We’re supposed to be touched and inspired by this steadily rising mucky stream of supposedly wise-beyond-their-years tales of childhood sexual transition. Sane people recoil in horror at the wretched adult lives ahead for these victims of Woke madmen running the  asylum. Anesthetized robots barely passing for human squeak and groan “Huzzah!”


UPDATE 4/12/23: The Trans virus has predictably morphed into nihilistic violence as any fanatic demand or violation of reality being forced upon rational folk is bound to do. A cursory web search for Riley Gaines, San Francisco” provides but one eye-opening case in point. Leftism itself and the 100+million corpses it has piled up to date over the last century is testament to this fact. How else do the sick and twisted expect Normals to accept their poison except by force?

UPDATE 4/8/23: 

UPDATE 3/28/23: Who ya gonna believe? NPR or your lyin’ eyes when it comes to saying men in sports are/aren’t physically stronger than women? Naturally, NPR has opted to go the full absurd route and declare there’s “limited scientific evidence” as displayed in athletic competition. Sure. Yeah. Ok.


UPDATE 3/18/23: Thankfully a few brave souls on the university campuses are calling out the “gender spectrum” madness being foisted on new students. Perhaps the first question asked of anyone wishing to be admitted to any college should be a simple, one-sentence ACCURATE, OBJECTIVELY VERIFIED answer to a simple question: “What is a woman?” The deal is: a simple TRUE answer or you’re out.

UPDATE 3/8/23: New Hampshire and Florida are headed for a legal ban on transgender chemical assault and physical mutilation of minors. God willing it’s the leading edge of a worldwide trend.

UPDATE 3/4/23: Unlike the new Supreme Court Justice feigning ignorance about basic biology, most humans reaching the age of roughly 5 or 6 can pretty well describe what a woman is, and what a man is and that everyone is one or the other. Life is simple and honest for the young and innocent of all ages, not so much for the politically calculating.

UPDATE 2/16/23: There must come a point when everyone must stop pretending that transgenderism is normal and not mental disorder. We are living in a Twilight Zone of altered reality in which truthtellers are considered criminals subject to fines, imprisonment, dismissal from employment, social ostracism and even worthy of liquidation.

UPDATE 2/7/23: The quirky surname of Dr. John Money, one of the early pushers of transgender “ideology,” is all too appropriate for an evil movement that has come to exist almost entirely for the acquisition of huge financial profit and totalitarian political power. Money’s horrific career destroying young lives in the name of “science” should stand as a warning to a gullible world normalizing criminal experimentation on the young.

UPDATE 2/3/23: The damage done to the young by the trans-happy medical profession is finally seeking long overdue justice in the courts.  

And the appropriately titled film “Damaged” is about to reach the public.

UPDATE 2/1/23: With disbelief, one reads the story of a confused minor, Sage, and indescribable torture at the hands of a Kafkaesque legal system of heartless judges and social workers barely passing for human in the state of Virginia. These mindless bureaucrats forcibly removed the girl from her family for refusing to cooperate with a school in the throes of gender-assignment madness and sent her into a Dickensian hell of being repeatedly drugged, raped and almost totally broken. Her grandmother’s harrowing testimony makes one ask, “Is this America in the 21st century?”

UPDATE 1/30/23: Dr. Miriam Grossman, one of the few sane interviewees in Matt Walsh’s “What Is A Woman?”, exposes the gigantic lie of “gender-assignment” and the incalculable damage done to the unfortunate young human guinea pigs exploited by practitioners of this evil dogma.


UPDATE 1/27/23: If you haven’t viewed Matt Walsh’s “What is a woman?”, view here.  One of the strongest impressions taken away from this expose of Transgender, Inc. is the deer-in-the-headlights reaction of professionals connected in different ways to the sex-change business suddenly cutting off the interview when cornered by the horrific reality of what they’re advocating. More chilling is the zero-affect response of a prominent gender-change surgeon whose clientele includes teenagers. When asked for the transgender physician’s opinion regarding a hypothetical person’s request to have a perfectly healthy arm removed, the good doctor answers with detached self-assurance that it sounds “Cuckoo.”

UPDATE 1/21/23: We take glimmers of sanity wherever we can find them. One welcome sliver of light is a serious pause and even major reversals in the transgender madness. 

UPDATE 12/28/22: Richard/Rachel Levine once again exhibits the grotesque face of Woke Gender tyranny. Anyone disagreeing is simply evil and must be summarily removed from sight.

UPDATE 2/24/22: Absurdity used to be the stuff of comedy. Now it’s reality.

UPDATE 12/23/22: Would you be ok if someone offered to sterilize, castrate or mutilate your kid? Whatever is left of the sane public must be educated on the perils of  normalized “Gender-affirming” care.



UPDATE 12/6/22: It’s cause for celebration that serious resistance to gender transition clinics pushing sex-change surgery on the young is gaining traction and bringing this barbarity to a halt.

UPDATE 12/5/22: It’s logical that pedophilia is well on the way to being considered “normal” when a major segment of the adult population has no problem with scaring children with tales of imminent planetary extinction, characterizing the free world as hateful & racist, and telling Johnny & Janie they can be whatever gender they choose. What more receptive audience is there for those deviants spouting such absurdities than the young and impressionable? This child abuse itself masquerading as “social consciousness” is becoming the New Normal. So pedophilia is a natural.


UPDATE 11/23/22: Another creative artist, a respected dancer & choreographer, has found herself canceled like J.K. Rowling for not stepping to the tyrannical Trans tune.

UPDATE 11/23/22: When justice eventually prevails in the grotesque normalizing of transgender surgery on the young, revered and influential mental cases like Creepy Levine should find themselves the first to face criminal charges. May those pushing the gender theory poison in the schools be next up in the court dockets.

Right now, the prevailing winds are in favor of punishing medical professionals critical of this criminality.

UPDATE 11/10/22: The history of the Trans pandemic newly loosed on the world has a sordid history demanding review. More to the point, one misled and now DE-transitioning teenager’s regrets tell the whole tale of the massive crime being committed.

UPDATE 11/10/22: Each new landmark in the trans march into nihilistic oblivion leads any normal observer to believe he has inadvertently entered an insane asylum.

Note the graciously smiling runners-up. What are these real girls actually thinking? Perhaps they might confer with those female athletes being similarly forced to smile at being cheated.


Um…that’s a man in drag. And he’s keen to get your kids to follow suit and change more than just their clothes.

UPDATE 11/4/22: Our society has plunged to new depths of criminality against humanity in normalizing the castration/mutilation of gender transition surgery.  

In hopeful response, Florida is leading the way in outlawing the rage for inflicting these medical procedures on minors. 

UPDATE 10/27/22: No small casualty of the militant attack on binary gender are boys and the future families that will be missing strong, confident fathers.

UPDATE 10/25/22: While gender transition surgeries on the young have increased 400% over the last 5 years, one has to take heart at current reports of pullback in Great Britain on normalized gender transitioning for minors. If true, mondo bizarro looks a little healthier today.

Then again, accidentally catching the story of some pretend woman social media star guy named Dylan Mulvaney being welcomed at the White House to soak up flattery from a comatose pretend POTUS has made societal diagnosticians once again pronounce the patient very, very sick. And normal people are getting sick to their stomachs being forced to watch and applaud.

The 103% reliable Babylon Bee reports that the sharp-eyed Leader Of The Free World using his famously sensitive nose said after the historic Mulvaney-Biden summit that “something  kinda smelled off about that broad.” 



UPDATE 10/15/22: The increasing frequency of children being given gender transition counseling, hormones, even surgery, sometimes WITHOUT parental consent or knowledge, is without exaggeration an epidemic that must be exposed and discontinued. Otherwise, those pushing this insane barbarity will attain their goal of dismantling our entire civilization and the basic tenets on which it has been based for the better part of the last millennium. Mercifully, as this horror gains exposure, Americans are overwhelmingly lining up against it. 


UPDATE 10/11/22: Follow the money…to hell. With the coercive power of the AMA and other prominent organizations, medical science is no longer science or a humanitarian pursuit, but rather a politicized cash cow. Transgender, Inc. has become a multi-billion industry, and the horror stories of those victimized are piling up in record numbers.

Matt Walsh has taken on this most surreal, most gruesome of “progressive” movements from the Left yet.

Thanks to Walsh’s focus on Vanderbilt U and its lucrative dive into the gender transition market, serious doubts are finally being raised. Is there a new awareness of the crimes being committed? Or it is just a pause until the unwelcome attention wanes, and they can resume their butchery of the young and gullible?


UPDATE 10/7/22: The gay star of the gay-themed, gay-produced and (we’re told) historically ground-breaking, brave all-gay cast and (lest we forget) gay romantic comedy about gay life at its most campy and self-indulgent blames the decidedly uninterested straight population for making his movie a major turkey/dud/box office bomb for the record books.  We are supposed to believe that this towering work of art was something destined to stand alongside Jackie Robinson or Marian Anderson breaking the color barriers in their respective fields. What he seems to overlook is that those admirable figures are revered to this day NOT because they were Black but because they excelled at what they did.

The arrogant producer/star might take note that pieces like “Victor/Victoria” or “La Cage Aux Folles” are still universally loved because they have no point to make other than that genuine humor and love make the world go ’round for everyone, not just carefully targeted stereotypes. They might also keep in mind the essential wisdom of the MLK quote about being judged for what one is and does, not for being the ID Politics flavor of the week. And don’t ignore the adage repeatedly proven true in these times that the Left (and politicizing in general) ruins everything it touches.

Looks like a box office bomb exploding around its self-aggrandizing star/producer.


UPDATE 10/5/22: The war is on between those powerful forces financially invested in pushing the transgender agenda and those fighting against what amounts to blatant child abuse for profit.  

To their everlasting shame, the clearly politicized AMA, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the Children’s Hospital Association are pushing for serious legal “repercussions” against those doctors spreading “disinformation” that discourages practices on children (as young as 6 years old!) such as puberty blockers, hormonal drugs and sex-change surgery.

UPDATE 10/4/22: Whether the agenda is political control or just plain evil, it’s always safe to follow the money. As the headline reads of this article about pediatric gender clinics now popping up all over: HIGHLY PROFITABLE!

It will be too late for the thousands and possibly millions of victims, but this medical malpractice poison gone mainstream will be looked upon in the future with the same head-shaking disbelief as frontal lobotomies from the early twentieth century. This is a horror among a number of horrors emanating from this specific era that will have future eyes popping out of heads. That is assuming the future is populated by mostly sane individuals that you and I would recognize as human.

Hey! They’re “big moneymakers!”


UPDATE 9/28/22: There’s hope when a real vocal majority of Americans decide that the Trans thing belongs in psychology textbooks and on the therapist’s couch, not schoolrooms full of young brain washables. Unsurprisingly, San Francisco leads the pack undermining parental authority by secretly encouraging sexual transitioning among the student body. This form of child abuse by school officials and teachers allows students to refer and be referred to themselves as “it.” Who knew that those parts of speech learned in the sixth grade would find their way into totalitarian politics? As often said, the Left ruins everything it touches.

UPDATE 9/21/22: Refusal to inflict gender confusion poison on New Jersey children is now illegal and subject to punishment and penalties in some districts. This is criminal insanity, legalized/legitimized child abuse on a mass scale.

UPDATE 9/4/22: California is pushing to become a trans “sanctuary” state, opening the way to the whole irreversible transition regimen for gender dysphoric young people. Lest it be considered the latest Left Coast craze, the Gender Benders are on record now getting to the kids in New Jersey. Even Florida can now boast of “gender affirming surgery” on minors. Parents! Wise up!

UPDATE 8/30/22: Before writing a blank check for “gender affirmation and transition” particularly for the very young, ask a teenager who wishes she could go back. Those medical professionals, pushing irreversible mutilation and toxic drug treatments on the desperate and gullible, should find themselves clogging the courts in defense against malpractice suits.

Chole Cole strolls near her home in Northern California on Aug. 26, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

UPDATE 8/27/22: One more formerly authoritative source of science and truth has succumbed. Scientific American is on record saying that Western Civ “made up” the concept of two sexes to “reinforce gender and racial divisions.” Is there any going back when the entire world seems to have gone totally mad?

UPDATE 8/17/22: Alliances of those seeking absolute power are liable to self-destruct as the individuals involved tend NOT to like sharing that power. Good news to hear there’s a major schism developing among the Rainbow Mafia.

UPDATE 8/15/22: Woke Trans tyrants attacking any dissenters from their orthodoxy is just one outpost of the Left’s all-out assault on free speech. No one dares object to men in their daughters’ public bathrooms as one Virginia father discovered at a town board meeting. 

UPDATE 8/11/22: The fanatic push for gender spectrum ideology in thousands of schools is an Orwellian gaslighting of the young. To force a young mind to accept that 2+2=5 is to erase the existence of objective reality and truth any balanced person needs to approach a chaotic world confidently. This is the path to enslavement of an entire population of confused, easily controlled adults.

UPDATE 8/3/22: Tulsi Gabbard is about the only Dem these days consistently right about anything. Most recently, it’s outrage against BrandonWorld’s endorsement of puberty blockers and the whole mad Trans(a)Genda. She is the welcome American counterpart of those UK health workers who have been blowing the whistle on trans activists forcing their crazed practices on British children for two decades. At last, they are all being heard.

UPDATE 7/31/22: One should applaud young lives and minds saved when some “gender-affirming” clinics are being defunded and closed in Britain. It is quite literally a crime to derail a child’s normal sexual development, difficulties and all, with puberty blockers and trans indoctrination. That such interference is considered by many to be “humane” and “progressive” is just one more example of our era’s true madness; and the young are the most vulnerable and tragic victims. 

UPDATE 7/28/22: A Chicago mother has been totally deprived by the courts of contact with or any involvement in her teenage daughter’s life because she refuses to go along with the child’s insistence that she (the daughter) is transgender. Stating emphatically “she’s a girl”  has lost this mother a daughter. The father is a with-it psychotherapist bolstering the fantasy and, unlike the mother, deemed by the courts a “safe” parent for the confused adolescent. This woman is living the unthinkable consequences of a new normal of an “infinite gender spectrum” being force-fed to K-12 children nationwide through the Woke public school systems. In this case, this outrage is backed up by the legal system. Behold the totally politicized nightmare designed to subvert parental authority over children and further destabilize our society by denying objective reality.

UPDATE 7/26/22: Try to keep your jaw from hitting the floor when reading about the Ivy League’s nosedive into the cesspool of “Gender Studies” and related psychoses.

UPDATE 9/17/22: Well, who knew? A woman CAN do anything a man can do as long as “she’s” allowed to make up “her” own definition of “woman.” (Pardon the use of singular pronouns, but I’m old fashioned.)

UPDATE 7/16/22: Creepy crawly cringe of the week. We’re told this is supposed to look and feel “normal.” Fitting that the occasion is a celebration of Bastille Day, that inexplicably celebrated launch of one of history’s most hideous bloodbaths. Many such historical nightmares have been prefaced by the perversion and breakdown of social norms, chief among them sexual/moral restraints. Not to mention general detachment from reality.

UPDATE 7/14/22: Matt Walsh lays out the price paid by anyone willing to abandon common sense and hard reality to get along. In this case, it is famous entertainment figures groveling for forgiveness in response to the outrage of Trans activists. This is just one more instance of the Left’s insistence on more than simple destruction of their enemies. A humiliating public confession of wrongdoing accompanying that destruction is essential to this form of character assassination.

UPDATE 7/14/22: The Orwellian nightmare of redefining or stripping words of meaning is nowhere more apparent than in the Trans movement. What is one to make of this exchange between Senator Hawley and some Woke CA law professor: 

Senator Hawley: “Professor Bridges … you’ve referred to ‘people with the capacity for pregnancy.’ Would that be women?”

Bridges: “Many women, cis-women have the capacity for pregnancy. Many cis-women do not have the capacity for pregnancy. There are also trans men who capable of pregnancy, as well as non-binary people who are capable of pregnancy.”

UPDATE 7/13/22: How on earth did an issue like transgenderism, directly relevant to a miniscule percentage of the population, become a destructive obsession infecting our whole society? 

UPDATE 7/13/22: A formerly trans woman returns to his natural male identity and savages the profiteering motive of those who convinced him to go this deadly route. 

UPDATE 6/27/22: There are those who deny that children are being hypersexualized by teachers and school administrators. At the same time, they are furious at the new Florida rulings (snidely labeled “Don’t Say Gay” laws by them) in place to protect kids from just such brainwashing and propaganda. Why raise a ruckus about something that they claim isn’t happening? Their real gripe is making the teaching of sexual matters the sole province of parents and not Big Brother.


UPDATE 6/24/22: Our enemies within and without will try anything to destabilize our way of life by turning America into one big warring, confused mess. This is quite the opposite of a grass-roots movement but rather a push from the very top of both the political and economic pyramids in America. The Fed is more than enthused to push the transgender fad while immensely wealthy Leftists like the Pritzker clan from Chicago are leading donors to the newly noble cause of gender dysphoria. One of their big-bucks scions has even transitioned himself to a semblance of womanhood, so charity really begins at home for this family.

Jennifer, formerly James.

UPDATE 6/17/22: This woman’s story of her own child’s body, soul & mind being secretly stolen away from her by a school district is horror out of the most sinister scenarios devised in fiction by Orwell and in reality by Stalin & Mao.

UPDATE 6/16/22: The bizarre use of people’s mixed-up sex lives as a political weapon and blight upon stable norms comes all the way from the top these days. The young and malleable are the real victims of this exploitive, evil plague. This medical assault on young developing bodies includes a growing campaign to lower the age for children to receive hormonal treatments. Is this the result of legitimate gay rights having been pushed far beyond reasonable limits to encourage any and all deviancy, no matter how destructive? By inevitable association, this plunge into legitimized perversion will victimize those gays who have only wanted basic civil rights, not license to subvert society.

UPDATE 10/2/21: The book WHEN HARRY BECAME SALLY warns of the dangers of what has become one more outpost of Identity Politics with its express goal of creating confusion and sowing permanent civil discord. Not surprisingly, the book has been canceled by Amazon as impermissible “misinformation” despite discussing the subject of transgenderism not just as a controversial issue but also as a compassionate look at desperate, suffering people.

UPDATE 8/6/21: The concerted push for normalizing sexual dysfunction and confusion-transgenderism, multi-gender fluidity-is one more assault from the Left on a rational society’s stability, forcibly ripping thousands of years of common sense and a commonly shared sense of “normal” out by the roots. How better to sow chaos, raze social order and impose totalitarian control in its place?

UPDATE 6/10/21: The stories of transgender individuals having second thoughts about irreversible surgery and attendant drug treatment must be told.  What makes their regrets taboo is the threat it poses to those using them as pawns in their ongoing cultural subversion and following the vast amounts of money to be made by a corrupt segment of the medical/pharmaceutical world.

UPDATE 2/16/21: Adding to their lucrative abortion (and fetal organ harvesting) income, providing hormones to the sexually dysphoric is turning into a whole new cash cow for Planned Parenthood.

Planed Parenthood

UPDATE 12/15/19: Strong indications that nearly a quarter of children being treated in transgender clinics may be autistic. Orwellian evil, this recruitment of the mentally ill among the general population and redefining them and their condition as “normal.” And the crime is not just restricted to the gender-bending wing of “Transformation.” Think Climate Change poster girl, Greta Thunberg, also suffering from autism.

UPDATE 12/2/19: The assault on common sense and parental authority over the fate of their children continues unabated by Gender, Inc. in all its diabolical disguises. Beware those insisting that “experts” know best.

UPDATE 10/26/19: The courts have granted a temporary reprieve, allowing the boy’s father to share legally in the boy’s fate (post below).

UPDATE: 10/22/19: Against a father’s will and ruling in favor of the estranged mother, a 7 year old is legally allowed puberty blockers. As infanticide goes mainstream with the Left, why pass up the destruction of a grade school child’s biological essence? Nothing short of criminal, a denial of the most basic human rights.

MoS2 Template Master

ORIGINAL POST 2/25/18: It should come as no surprise that those virtue-signalling “humanitarian” movements most fervently pushed from the Left are profitable. Power and money, money and power, the chicken and the egg. One begets the other.

In the case of the current transgender obsession, the heavy-duty Soros money behind it is just another  shrewd investment leading to a real financial killing…in the most negative, literal sense. Encourage millions of conflicted souls to quell their inner torment via long, involved (often questionable) medical and pharmaceutical services and products, and a new major market is born. There are $million$ to be made off the suffering of the sexually confused.

Like hysteria whipped up by rich, famous Climate Change profiteers (Al Gore being the most blatantly greedy), nearly any one of these manipulations of public tastes and policies has great money-making potential.

The abortion crusade spear-headed by Planned Parenthood? Recall those videos showcasing higher-ups gleefully touting (and toting up) the comparative value of various baby parts like Mr. Armour used to do with livestock, marketing “everything but the squeal.” A particularly chilling thought when contemplating the heartless indifference abortion profiteers display for the unborn.

Remember Michelle-Antoinette and her food concerns for schoolchildren? Look a little deeper into the economics of her big-hearted push on behalf of kids  for “healthy” grub, and, no surprise: there’s the SEIU pushing to take a big, juicy bite out of the school cafeteria supply market.

Follow the money. And when that doesn’t lead anywhere, just Follow The Money a little more. Extraordinary how central the reviled profit motive is to those  wealthy, virtue-signaling Leftists who claim to be so shocked by “income inequality.” They are the constant shameless reminders that some animals in ProgWorld are more equal than others.

5 Replies to “Follow the money: this time, it’s the transgender movement.
There’s gold (and political power) in them there hormones.”

  1. After 50 years of liberal experimentation and a society that is hyper-sexualized, hyper-racialized, hyper-feminized and hyper-politicized, the signals from our youth— those “canaries in the coal mine”— are dire:
    – for Black males age 10-24, the leading cause of death is murder at a rate 20x that of White males 10-24.
    – for White males age 10-24, the 2nd leading cause of death, after auto accidents, is suicide— at 2x the rate of their economically-deprived Black counterparts and growing rapidly in recent years .
    – for White males age 10-24, the 3rd leading cause of death after auto deaths and suicide is drug overdose.
    Having so afflicted our society, the liberal agenda has predictably declared these deaths “too complex” to deal with and moved on to sexually confused youth to next work its magic.

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