The costs are not just financially high for the deceived and desperate.
The costs are not just financially high for the deceived and desperate.

UPDATE 6/24/22: Our enemies within and without will try anything to destabilize our way of life by turning America into one big warring, confused mess. This is quite the opposite of a grass-roots movement but rather a push from the very top of both the political and economic pyramids in America. The Fed is more than enthused to push the transgender fad while immensely wealthy Leftists like the Pritzker clan from Chicago are leading donors to the newly noble cause of gender dysphoria. One of their big-bucks scions has even transitioned himself to a semblance of womanhood, so charity really begins at home for this family.

Jennifer, formerly James.

UPDATE 6/17/22: This woman’s story of her own child’s body, soul & mind being secretly stolen away from her by a school district is horror out of the most sinister scenarios devised in fiction by Orwell and in reality by Stalin & Mao.

UPDATE 6/16/22: The bizarre use of people’s mixed-up sex lives as a political weapon and blight upon stable norms comes all the way from the top these days. The young and malleable are the real victims of this exploitive, evil plague. This medical assault on young developing bodies includes a growing campaign to lower the age for children to receive hormonal treatments. Is this the result of legitimate gay rights having been pushed far beyond reasonable limits to encourage any and all deviancy, no matter how destructive? By inevitable association, this plunge into legitimized perversion will victimize those gays who have only wanted basic civil rights, not license to subvert society.

UPDATE 10/2/21: The book WHEN HARRY BECAME SALLY warns of the dangers of what has become one more outpost of Identity Politics with its express goal of creating confusion and sowing permanent civil discord. Not surprisingly, the book has been canceled by Amazon as impermissible “misinformation” despite discussing the subject of transgenderism not just as a controversial issue but also as a compassionate look at desperate, suffering people.

UPDATE 8/6/21: The concerted push for normalizing sexual dysfunction and confusion-transgenderism, multi-gender fluidity-is one more assault from the Left on a rational society’s stability, forcibly ripping thousands of years of common sense and a commonly shared sense of “normal” out by the roots. How better to sow chaos, raze social order and impose totalitarian control in its place?

UPDATE 6/10/21: The stories of transgender individuals having second thoughts about irreversible surgery and attendant drug treatment must be told.  What makes their regrets taboo is the threat it poses to those using them as pawns in their ongoing cultural subversion and following the vast amounts of money to be made by a corrupt segment of the medical/pharmaceutical world.

UPDATE 2/16/21: Adding to their lucrative abortion (and fetal organ harvesting) income, providing hormones to the sexually dysphoric is turning into a whole new cash cow for Planned Parenthood.

Planed Parenthood

UPDATE 12/15/19: Strong indications that nearly a quarter of children being treated in transgender clinics may be autistic. Orwellian evil, this recruitment of the mentally ill among the general population and redefining them and their condition as “normal.” And the crime is not just restricted to the gender-bending wing of “Transformation.” Think Climate Change poster girl, Greta Thunberg, also suffering from autism.

UPDATE 12/2/19: The assault on common sense and parental authority over the fate of their children continues unabated by Gender, Inc. in all its diabolical disguises. Beware those insisting that “experts” know best.

UPDATE 10/26/19: The courts have granted a temporary reprieve, allowing the boy’s father to share legally in the boy’s fate (post below).

UPDATE: 10/22/19: Against a father’s will and ruling in favor of the estranged mother, a 7 year old is legally allowed puberty blockers. As infanticide goes mainstream with the Left, why pass up the destruction of a grade school child’s biological essence? Nothing short of criminal, a denial of the most basic human rights.

MoS2 Template Master

ORIGINAL POST 2/25/18: It should come as no surprise that those virtue-signalling “humanitarian” movements most fervently pushed from the Left are profitable. Power and money, money and power, the chicken and the egg. One begets the other.

In the case of the current transgender obsession, the heavy-duty Soros money behind it is just another  shrewd investment leading to a real financial killing…in the most negative, literal sense. Encourage millions of conflicted souls to quell their inner torment via long, involved (often questionable) medical and pharmaceutical services and products, and a new major market is born. There are $million$ to be made off the suffering of the sexually confused.

Like hysteria whipped up by rich, famous Climate Change profiteers (Al Gore being the most blatantly greedy), nearly any one of these manipulations of public tastes and policies has great money-making potential.

The abortion crusade spear-headed by Planned Parenthood? Recall those videos showcasing higher-ups gleefully touting (and toting up) the comparative value of various baby parts like Mr. Armour used to do with livestock, marketing “everything but the squeal.” A particularly chilling thought when contemplating the heartless indifference abortion profiteers display for the unborn.

Remember Michelle-Antoinette and her food concerns for schoolchildren? Look a little deeper into the economics of her big-hearted push on behalf of kids  for “healthy” grub, and, no surprise: there’s the SEIU pushing to take a big, juicy bite out of the school cafeteria supply market.

Follow the money. And when that doesn’t lead anywhere, just Follow The Money a little more. Extraordinary how central the reviled profit motive is to those  wealthy, virtue-signaling Leftists who claim to be so shocked by “income inequality.” They are the constant shameless reminders that some animals in ProgWorld are more equal than others.

5 Replies to “Follow the money: this time, it’s the transgender movement.
There’s gold (and political power) in them there hormones.”

  1. After 50 years of liberal experimentation and a society that is hyper-sexualized, hyper-racialized, hyper-feminized and hyper-politicized, the signals from our youth— those “canaries in the coal mine”— are dire:
    – for Black males age 10-24, the leading cause of death is murder at a rate 20x that of White males 10-24.
    – for White males age 10-24, the 2nd leading cause of death, after auto accidents, is suicide— at 2x the rate of their economically-deprived Black counterparts and growing rapidly in recent years .
    – for White males age 10-24, the 3rd leading cause of death after auto deaths and suicide is drug overdose.
    Having so afflicted our society, the liberal agenda has predictably declared these deaths “too complex” to deal with and moved on to sexually confused youth to next work its magic.

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