UPDATE 2/16/24: Our legal system has apparently reduced itself to new standards: Leftist Democrat ok, Conservative Republican not ok. And we’re supposed to believe this is justice?  The decent but deluded are allowing themselves to be shamed into this madness, guilt-ridden and terrified of being considered “insensitive” or “privileged.” Stop. Now.

UPDATE 1/18/24: By design, we are being driven slowly mad by the onslaught of lies proclaimed as the truth by those currently in power and their mass media lapdogs. As one author terms it, we are in an abusive relationship with our own government.

UPDATE 9/22/23: Getting rid of Biden will not change the direction of a mendacious, corrupt, destructive Democratic Party, nor the consequences thereof.

UPDATE 8/30/23: The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has outed itself as an active participant in Deep State doings against Trump while actively covering for Dems such as Biden and Obama. Lawsuits are now pending to force release of the thousands of emails revealing Joe’s active participation in Hunter’s influence peddling/bribery schemes abroad. Unlike Hillary’s bathroom server, her 30k destroyed emails and the Obama/Biden papers stored quietly without controversy in private garages and warehouses, Trump’s papers at Mar-A-Lago comprise a national security crisis and just cause for criminal indictment.

8/20/23: The song “Rich Men North of Richmond” is being touted as a “conservative anthem,” but to these ears it could just as easily be interpreted as a typical Lefty jab at those capitalist meanies keeping the Little Guy down. The singer/songwriter has made it clear it’s about ALL those Washington types bent on “control” which resonates at least to these ears. The musical quality of the song and singer’s voice do not resonate, and the hoopla surrounding the pseudo-folksy/blue collar lyrics is just another invented news cycle topic. The question remains, and every rational citizen needs to answer it correctly: who are the real bad guys and what’s their plan?

But he’s got the location right. 

UPDATE 8/20/23: We’re assured by the best authorities (BrandonWorld and its alien inhabitants) that Bidenomics is working!!! From the top of this garbage heap, Joe himself persuasively asserts that cutting corporate profits is wiping out inflation and making the economy soar. In other words, kill the very thing that creates jobs, opportunity, innovation and prosperity from top to bottom, and you’re creating more jobs, opportunity, innovation and prosperity.

Who could argue with that?


UPDATE 7/30/23: “Projection” is the one word that wholly defines and describes the overriding strategy of deflected guilt by slander practiced by America’s internal enemies.

UPDATE 7/29/23: Gaslighting has become a seriously destructive social norm when a biological man insists he is a woman, and we’re expected to go along with it…or else! In a not dissimilar case providing some uniquely unsavory chills, some weird Japanese man is living out a lifelong dream of being a border collie. We used to call this “crazy,” “bats,” “loony,” “cuckoo,” “off your rocker,” “insane.”

Correct. You’re a human pretending to be a dog, not a dog.  

UPDATE 7/21/23: We would not be living the nightmare of BrandonWorld IF the gaslighted half of the American electorate actually referred to their own common sense and rational self-interest instead of the outright lies programmed into them by their Leftist gods-in-government.

UPDATE 6/15/23: Being on the Leftist spectrum with all the proper views regarding “climate change,” non-binary sexuality, uncontrolled immigration, criminals as victims, hating Donald Trump means never having to say you’re sorry in a courtroom…and, conversely, criminalizing anyone in opposition. “Two-tiered justice” has become the chilling reality of a lawless society spiraling downward toward totalitarianism.

UPDATE 6/9/23: Let’ s see. Stewart Rhodes, head of the Oath Keeper, gets 18 years for “insurrection” or some such lie without even having entered the Capitol or committing any violence on January 6. On the other hand, a Middle Eastern lunatic tries to crash through the White House gates in a U-Haul (stating his intention to kill Joe, Kamala or both) and has gotten off with a minor property damage charge. By the way, it was first reported the crasher was a White Supremacist (what else?) but proved to be the wrong color and ethnicity for BrandonWorld propaganda, so of course the charges had to be seriously downgraded.

The face of White Supremacy going by the Occidental/Nordic name Sai Varshith Kandula, lightly slapped on the wrist.

UPDATE 3/8/23: One formerly Woke feminist recounts her experience of awakening from the Left’s cult mentality.

UPDATE 2/28/23: Has anyone noticed that the name E. Palestine has disappeared from all news cycles? But don’t worry, folks. Your leaders in Washington care, but as with everything else, the BigGov compassion is quite selective and carefully rationed out only to those of political value.

UPDATE 2/20/23: All is well, they’re told. But residents of East Palestine, Ohio know differently, and they are getting no help from an administration that is simply uninterested in their plight. Their pets and livestock are dying in massive numbers, so chances are humans utilizing the same air and water are at risk too. But they are, after all, mostly Trump supporters of no use to BrandonWorld as political props. The wicked witches of “The View” have made clear these Ohioans deserve what they’re getting.

Ditto Brandonworld. In the words of the mayor of East Palestine, Ohio reacting to our nominal POTUS Joe “Lunch Bucket/Common Man” Biden personally delivering million$ to Zelensky this week instead of aiding and showing up for heartland America, “that’s the kind of guy he is.”  That is also the kind of political philosophy Leftism is and always will be: devaluing individual human life while amassing power on empty rhetoric and promises amounting to one huge, stinking manure pile.

UPDATE 2/23/23: Hoping to go viral with some carefully crafted slander, Andrea Mitchell hopefully tossed out some bald lies last week about big bad racist De Santis in the guise of questioning Hollow Head Harris. Unfortunately for Pravda-ready propagandist Mitchell, the response and demand for apology from the De Santis camp came back loud and strong. These committed liars and false witnesses will stop at nothing.

UPDATE 12/14/22: For an America turned upside down, we have to thank the accommodating “liberal-minded,” easily sold on suicide by conmen wolves wrapped in “compassionate,” “progressive” sheep’s wool. 

UPDATE 12/13/22: The poison running rampant through our American body politic in reaction to Trump & MAGA, is one huge story of gaslighting. In a nutshell, metastatic evil and lies that calls itself truth and goodness.


UPDATE 11/20/22: One more horror story of the young, once a confused girl now a regretful woman named Luka, was pushed into transgender mutilation by medical professionals. We anxiously await  the moment of mass shock when this is recognized as a major crime against humanity and brought to a permanent halt.

UPDATE 11/18/22: We live in times when we are supposed to believe and accept what our eyes and ears tell us are outright lies: vax/masks/lockdowns are good, there’s no immigration problem, our elections are fair and square, there really are more than 2 sexes, men can give birth…But of course. Who are we to doubt? Our best hope is an equal, opposite response to the censorship and lies of the Dem Leftists and their MSM bullhorns by a Republican Congress. If not, we might as well have told Nancy and her Mafia pals to stay on and keep up the good work.

UPDATE 11/9/22: Being gaslighted has us seeing double.

“Be honest, Mr. President. The hoodie and shorts, what do you think? Is it working? Am I kicking authority in the balls or do I just look like the guy searching the parking lot outside 7-Eleven for half-smoked cigarette butts?”


UPDATE 11/6/22: We’re supposed to believe Joe is a “nice guy” and any opposition to him and his tangled web of puppeteers is one big semi-fascist threat to “democracy.” Absolutely. But of course. Fer sure!


UPDATE 9/28/22: The stock market is crashing into bear territory, and the Zombie-in-Chief reports lollipops, sunshine and unicorns. Is there an outside chance his faithful supporters can react rationally in response to their own shrinking portfolios? Or do they still insist that everything is Trump’s fault?


UPDATE 9/22/22: We’re supposed to believe that an “open letter” to America from a pack of Washington military insiders is an expression of good intentions toward  the American people rather than further action against Trump supporters and the MAGA movement just branded as “semi-fascists” and  a “threat to democracy. Recall similar “open letters” declaring angry parents at school board meetings “terrorists” and Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

UPDATE 9/21/22: Since controlling people is almost entirely dependent upon fear, what better messages to send out to the masses than that their days of living on planet Earth are numbered and even better, Donald Trump is about to be iced and eliminated? Who’s easier to conquer than a demoralized populace?

UPDATE 9/21/22: The much-publicized “donation” of a prominent billionaire’s entire corporate assets to “save the planet” has failed to mention it’s all about taxes, saving him hundreds of million$. But his politics are PC, so he’s now anointed as another  uber-capitalist “wonderful man” for the Leftists to praise like George Soros or Warren Buffett. The widespread reports also neglect to mention another billionaire doing the same thing for conservative causes and getting reviled as an extremist, right-wing tax dodger. 


UPDATE 9/17/22: How perfect to have James Taylor singing his jolly ditty about drug addiction & suicide (“Fire & Rain”) as the upbeat, big name entertainment for the White House party celebrating the Inflation EXPANSION Act. Tell me another one, Joe!

“The country is better off than when you took office. We should all be deeply grateful for that.”  Barack Obama to his former VP.


UPDATE 9/12/22: Barack, the biggest lying fraud of them all, tells us how much better off we are in BrandonWorld, and all sane people laugh.


9/9/22: Sarcasm alert! As free people always do, they anxiously look to the NY Times to answer the question, “Is freedom good for us?” (Sarcasm off). This is particularly funny because the self-important “journalists” pondering such a weighty question haven’t a clue they sound like something invented by Monty Python or Woody Allen.

UPDATE 9/5/22: Calling up down, black white, freedom-lovers fascists is pure Orwell, going against everything rational people know but are somehow convinced to deny. 

UPDATE 8/16/22: Hiding in plain sight by accusing others of the very crime you’ve committed is now the first line of attack from the Bad Guys. Hillary’s gleeful mocking of her bathroom server with that “But Her Emails” hat is one good example. Accusing conservatives of “domestic terrorism” for the crime of fighting the Swamp and its corrupted henchmen in the DOJ & FBI is another.

Ha Ha. Yeah. What about those emails? 

UPDATE 8/8/22: What, coming from the now fully Leftist Democratic Party, ISN’T a hoax these days?

UPDATE 8/5/22: Since the installation of the Delaware Demento, we’ve been subjected to one long course of gaslighting, insisting that we’re not really in a bad Twilight Zone episode. Of course, we are in a bigtime bad place, and the origins of  the BrandonWorld rot stinking up the place are not so hard to trace. 

Trapped on a flight into the Twilight Zone and perdition.

UPDATE 7/30/22: The upcoming November elections will show whether the relentless gaslighting of America is as effective overall as the gaslighters would love to believe. Are we really intent as all that on our destruction?

UPDATE 6/17/22: Gaslighting is insidious and totally natural to the psychopath intent on disarming and destroying  his enemy with subtle subterfuge.

UPDATE 6/9/22: To date, Matt Walsh’s “What Is A  Woman?” is the best response yet to the LGBT fabulists insisting they are telling the truth about the fluidity of “gender” or promoting something of any value.

UPDATE 6/8/22: Guess what! Hollywood isn’t Leftwing! They said so themselves! 

6/7/22: One more distinguished professor is forced to quit academe or face wrath of the Prog mob.  We are all on trial now for daring to voice any opinion contrary to the prevailing narrative.

UPDATE 6/5/22: “Toxic Positivity” sums up the gaslighting madness of telling the brain-dead that being fat is beautiful; being gay is an achievement of “pride;” that making fossil fuels (and everything else) unaffordable is a wonderful side-effect of Green “transitioning;” that there is absolutely nothing stupid or destructive on the approved Progressive agenda one can do, say or think that should create “shame.” The truth is that this is just another Orwellian approach to forcing people to admit 2+2=5.

UPDATE 6/4/22: From Voltaire, describing this Era of the Absurd forced upon us: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”  You know: stuff like “Men menstruate and can have babies” and “We need to lock up millions of healthy people to protect the sick ones.”

5/19/22: When half the American electorate correctly sees disaster and the other half cheers it on as a marvelous success, you are being gaslighted and dragged down the rabbit hole to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  This is more than civil war. This is a mainstream rejection of reality once existent exclusively in scary science fiction.

UPDATE 5/14/22: We are being told the lie that there are shortages when in fact there is plenty. Whether gasoline or baby formula, the free market is being starved of resources ready this minute for production and distribution. But BrandonWorld is not about getting out of the way and letting the market work its magic. Quite the opposite since political control is first, middle and last on their agenda.

UPDATE 5/5/22: Warning! Don’t go all Ingrid Bergman on your friends and family when you read about tampon machines being installed in men’s bathrooms in Oregon. Spoiler alert: it’s just Charles Boyer trying to drive you crazy.

UPDATE 5/2/22: All sorts of freakdom wrapped up in one disturbed, confused body, Richard/Rachel/Dr. Rick Levine is currently the best known embodiment of the transgender farce. He(sic) doubles as both poster boy(sic) for the normalization of gender dysphoria afflicting him(sic) and one more political operative with conferred clout condemning nursing home patients to death. A one-man (sic) plague.

UPDATE 4/20/22: “I’m not a biologist,” saith the new Supreme Court Justice. Gaslighting has found a street slang, vulgar synonym. It’s “being hosed.” You’re telling me WHAT????!!!!

UPDATE 4/17/22: Among many absurdities these days, the pronoun thing potentially leading to loss of livelihood flies high on the list. One professor refusing to admit that 2+2=5 has just won a fat award for insisting on some rare sanity for our times.

UPDATE 3/24/22: Nowhere are we being forced to doubt and deny our own senses than in this business about “gender.” Woke BigTech has made it all too clear that calling Richard/Rachel Levine a man is going to cost you.

UPDATE 3/18/22: It was Covid, and now it’s Russo-Ukrainian War Talk, just the latest of exploitable crises du jour,  manufactured perception force-fed for consumption. People are told what they’re seeing and browbeaten to deny what their own eyes and other senses tell them. How else to explain the jaw-dropping, unquestioned acceptance of a “Lia” Thomas. Hey, who are we to say this is pure cheating. I see nothing amiss here. Do you? 

UPDATE 3/10/22: Hardly front page news, but look what’s considered fashionable these days.  Victoria’s Secret is opting for grungy Woke over sexy while the haute couture world is paying Kamala’s determinedly homely step daughter gazillions to convince us that Ugly Is The New Beautiful.

Meanwhile, the woman pictured below never made it to the cover of a single national magazine during the four years she was a rather prominent figure in American life. The message of all gaslighting is “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes.” But some of us just can’t stop trusting our 6+ senses.

UPDATE 3/9/22: We’re supposed to believe that we have competent, honorable leadership when the  top three people in our government cannot put together a simple, honest, coherent sentence. The best UN translators have been brought in to decipher Pelosi’s latest utterances but have failed to find any meaning communicable to the modern world.

UPDATE 3/2/22: Biden’s entire SOTU speech was an exercise in gaslighting, telling us he’s just dandy, and everything is dandy because of him when quite the opposite is true.

UPDATE 2/28/22: One frustrated writer understandably resorts to using the term “gaslighting” to express his confusion about everything connected with the Ukraine incident. Is it to be WWIII or just another hot news item that will cool in a very short time? What we do know is the word “Ukraine” would not be in the headlines if Election 2020 had been handed to the real winner. Nor would our border be overrun; nor our energy independence be snuffed out and gas prices sky high; nor would the most destructive elements of Leftism like race-baiting and climate hysteria be gaining such disturbing traction on the American landscape as they appear to be. As bad as Canada, Australian, Russia currently are, our problems are the ones that demand our attention. As America goes, so goes the world.

UPDATE 2/28/22: The proper response to Brandon’s annoying yammering on about “restoring our souls” is that nothing would be as restorative to America and the world than sending a low-class boor like him and his handlers permanently back to his basement.

UPDATE 2/26/22: Contrary to what we’ve been told for over a year, we’re being had, bigly. A criminal administration is mugging us all and insisting it’s all for the best.

UPDATE 2/12/22: Should we be surprised that the Royal Shakespeare Company has declared Shakespeare “racist” and “harmful” to contemporary eyes and ears and sorely in need of reconsideration. Like the 1619 Project seeking to undermine all truths Americans hold to be self-evident, the UberWoke are coming for The Bard and all fundamental Western premises. Typically, these geniuses know better in all things and plan to school the rest of us in just how “to keep Shakespeare relevant for the 21st century” and just how we’re allowed to view history’s greatest writer…and, for that matter, how we’re to think in general. Disagree at your own risk since free speech is on the outs all over, not just in the UK. 

UPDATE 1/31/22: Although we’ve been told for decades that radical feminism is all about equal rights, the dissembling lie is now loudly exposed with the silence about trans men invading women’s sports. Governor Noem of South Dakota has gone some distance toward redeeming herself by banning this insanity.

The ultimate goal of all these Leftist movements, however noble they sound, is always a totalitarian dictatorship that logically follows anarchy. Declaring 2+2=5 in the form of absurd pronouns and insisting men can menstruate and give birth is psychological anarchy. How better to herd confused and cowed masses into the “security” pen of complete control from above with nobody but the Select Few on top enjoying any rights at all?

UPDATE 1/21/22: Kindly and rational writer Matt Walsh has upset a couple of strange Trans activists on Dr. Phil’s show by telling them they’re just a man and woman pretending to be (respectively) a woman and a man. Reportedly they’re very upset by all this and have fled to a safer space than syndicated national television.

UPDATE 1/21/22: The wimpy cheat who can’t compete with other male swimmers has stepped up his delusional self-invention by comparing himself with Jackie Robinson, the admirable Black man who crashed baseball’s racist barriers. And the irredeemably gutless NCAA is more than happy to oblige him in his fantasy.

UPDATE 1/9/22: The State of the Union as judged by our choice of leaders can best be described by any clear-eyed onlooker as a Desperate State Of Affairs.

UPDATE 1/3/22: The Woke continue to tell us there’s nothing wrong here. For those harder to gaslight, an Ivy League school allowing a Lia Thomas to cheat his way into record books beggars belief.


UPDATE 12/20/21: For the purposes of terrifying/controlling gullible Americans, the Brandon Administration’s latest gaslighting offers up cheery Christmas week visions of “a winter of severe illness and death” for the “unvaccinated.” We counter with “Merry Christmas to you too, Joe!” and condolences ahead of time to your dashed hopes for all those piled-up corpses that aren’t going to appear. 

UPDATE 12/14/21: Obama is still the most destructive bit of gaslighting committed against America, but one cannot underestimate the subsequent manure dumped on America’s doorstep and praised as roses. Optimists say Americans are catching on, that crumbling “heroes” like Jussie, Kamala, Schiff, BLM have made Trump’s legacy ripe for restoration.

UPDATE 12/7/21: The word “stupid” is coming up with increasing frequency with regard to virtually every disastrous policy put into place by the Brandon administration: Afghanistan, open borders, gas/oil shutdown, lockdowns, vaccine/mask mandates…This presupposes this is all incompetence when, in fact, it’s a deliberate step toward toward Obama’s promised transformation of America into part of a Marxist New World Order.

The Brandon administration’s perfect Dumb and Demented placeholder, hiding the deliberate evil pulling the strings behind it.

UPDATE 12/4/21: Possibly the most consequential gaslighting of America in recent years has been the presentation of the Obamas as the Second Coming. Remember? The “first post-racial President?”  This is just the most prominent case of telling the Big Lie enough to make it seem true to the gullible sheeple. Lately, we’re told a less-than-zero political hack is Presidential material, his appalling record notwithstanding as a sub-mediocre Indiana mayor and now totally failed Transportation Secretary (in charge of unblocking supply chains). Remember what Groucho asked?

UPDATE 12/3/21: What’s causing the epidemic looting in California? Ask Jen!

UPDATE 11/22/21: It’s truly amazing to behold the Wokesters totally abandoning laws protecting life and private property as demonstrated by their lies and rabid attacks on Kyle Rittenhouse, the conspicuous absence on their radar of the Waukesha SUV maniac or San Francisco’s free-for-all looting epidemic.

In the case of the latter, the city’s chief law enforcement officer, SF’s D.A., is the foul spawn of Weathermen anarchists from the 1960s who have never seen anything wrong with anti-social behavior (including murder and robbery) in service to the “revolution.” All means justify their ends, however evil.

Can comatose Woke “good citizens” not imagine defending themselves against being robbed or attacked? Is it that they secretly identify with criminality, feeling alive vicariously observing and cheering it on? Perhaps they are just psychologically paralyzed, defenseless, cowering in accommodating obeisance to those criminals they fear? How to explain this suicidal stance other than they’ve gaslighted themselves, driven themselves mad, literally taking leave of all sense of self, physical and mental. Sorry to say, they are stupid, morally anesthetized.

Total dis-connect.

UPDATE 11/6/21: Let’s see: BRANDON cancels the oil pipelines (Michigan’s being the latest in their sights), domestic exploration and drilling that were making us energy independent…which deliberately makes us once again dependent upon foreign oil from OPEC & Iran. And then we’re told by the diabolical, laughing Energy Czarina that it’s “HILARIOUS!” to contemplate lower gas & energy prices. 2+2=5, and don’t you dare think otherwise, fools.

There’s something about cackling Leftist women that arouses a special nausea all its own. 

UPDATE 10/15/21: Trillions of dollars in “Building Back Better” costs zero?  Something good “For The People?” Tell us another one.

UPDATE 9/8/21: In an earlier post roughly a year ago (8/9/20) I made note of ” a certain old racist coot being offered as the mentally competent (and COMPASSIONATE) candidate for one of the two major political parties. And yet millions will vote for him.”  And now, a year later, America and the world are being gaslighted by the surreal horror show known as the Biden administration as disaster piles upon disaster, and we are matter-of-factly informed  that we are witnessing “an extraordinary success.”

Our curse is the willingness of millions to believe not what they can see with their own eyes, but simply what they are told to see…

UPDATE 1/31/21: The Nobel Committee has nominated domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter for their once-prestigious Peace Prize, shared in more recent Orwellian times by such noble “community organizers” as Yasser Arafat and Obama. Am I crazy? Is this The Babylon Bee satire I’m reading? No. You’re being gaslighted. For further inspiration and unexplained migraines, peruse this documented list of “peaceful protests” gracing our national scene almost daily from the Left since Donald Trump rode down that escalator.

If this is "mostly peaceful protests," a Nobel Peace Prize makes perfect sense.
If this is “mostly peaceful protests,” a Nobel Peace Prize makes perfect sense.

UPDATE 10/6/20: The art of distraction, sleight of hand [Look! Over there!] has become so commonplace in the Dem/Leftist MSM that people are liable to believe….anything, however false. Today’s Democratic Party proves it.


UPDATE 8/13/20: The forced isolation and masking of Americans en masse, separating people from their lifelong realities of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness=gaslighting as The New Normal.

UPDATE 8/9/20: One more not-so-small thing that isn’t so: a certain old racist coot being offered as the mentally competent (and COMPASSIONATE) candidate for one of the two major political parties. And yet millions will vote for him.

ORIGINAL POST 8/9/20: In the 1945 MGM classic film thriller, “Gaslight,” suave, charming and oh-so-evil Charles Boyer is slowly driving poor Ingrid Bergman mad by making her question her entire perception of reality. Things she knows are so are repeatedly made to appear not so. Her trust in her own knowledge, reason, personal experience is undermined, and before Joseph Cotten finally comes to the rescue, she’s about to teeter over the edge into the mental abyss, never to return. Thus the term, “gaslighting.”

Our politics, fueled daily, minute-to-minute by the Left and its faithful drones of the Conservative-hating MSM, have become one huge exercise in mass “gaslighting” allowing the Left to insist, scream, plead, insinuate, demand that what rational people know is so, isn’t so. And we witness a country full of otherwise rational people embrace lame-brained ideas and policies that will kill or at the very least enslave them and those social victims they claim to champion. Real solutions to real problems are repeatedly made to appear false, even dangerous; and eventually people are willing to believe that 2+2=5.

Orwell 2+2=5

Are you to believe what you’re told or your own lying eyes? For tens of millions of willfully blind Dem Party loyalists, 2+2 IS 5…if those pulling the strings decide thus.

President Trump calls on Ukrainian officials to look into provable, blatant financial corruption by VP Joe Biden’s fair-haired boy Hunter. For POTUS’ trouble in pointing this out, he is impeached by the partisan Dem House for reasons as fictional as the so-called “Russian collusion” while the illegal influence peddling of the sitting Vice President’s offspring is totally ignored. [The rational onlooker rubs his eyes.]

Democrat mayors of major US cities allow, even encourage “mostly peaceful protestors” to burn, level and loot the homes, businesses and public buildings of their respective domains (not to mention physical assault on the citizenry), all pretty much meeting the definition of the term “domestic terrorism.” As local law enforcement is defunded, curbed and undermined, the Federal government is compelled to quell the violence and protect the public and property. At a farcical Congressional hearing on what Dem leadership deems “police state” tactics of the Fed restoring order, a video of the mayhem in question is shown. One of CNN’s star stooges Jake Tapper calls on those Republican showing the video to apologize to reporters for showing the video. Making honest, upright reporters like himself look bad without “proper context.” The wanton destruction depicted is ignored. [Wha’?! We shake our heads in wide-eyed wonder and disgust.]

Not for the first time in both recent and long past history, a lethal virus hits the world, but in unprecedented panic, the entire society is shut down. Responsible leadership encourages all preventive and curative options be explored. The long-established (and inexpensive) drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) used for decades as effective medication for malaria among a number of other serious ailments is mentioned by President Trump as a hopeful antidote. Not only is the reaction scornful from the usual suspects but mere mention of the drug and its documented success both present and past are censored on social media, and every effort to find a solution via information or availability of the drug is criminalized by predictably Dem officials. [But…but…I thought curing this nasty thing was what “we’re all in this together” for.]

There is NO fevered issue or demand emanating from the Left that won’t elicit the same bewildered reaction from the rational. The ever-profitable Racial Grievance industry has been joined by up-and-coming Transgender, Inc. based upon the premise that a boy can be a girl and vice versa. Million$ to be made there. Ditto the Climate Clod scam. Get rid of fossil fuels, and The World Will Be Won (One?).

Kindly President Reagan stated “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” In these times, survival depends upon  how aggressively the majority of Americans make the effort to distinguish lies from facts.

The virus of lies from the Left, currently upon us in unusual intensity, is only as dangerous as the mass “suspension of disbelief” by the feckless, unthinking fools among us. Analogous to HCQ in countering the even more deadly gaslighting plague is daily intake of the truth, as distilled only in the laboratory of free speech and diverse ideas.

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  1. Gaslighting is the perfect metaphor for fake news. Like Boyer’s character, fake news purveyors reveal their sociopathic nature through the ease with which they spin facts to fit their ideological narrative.

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