Unholy Alliance: The Progressive Left and Radical Islam

December 13, 2015

The contradictions of Liberal/Left/Progressives apologizing, capitulating, even championing Islam are utterly lost on them. One needn’t waste good breath pointing out how none of them could tolerate life under Sharia’s restrictions for 5 minutes. Apparently their shared hatred for America, the West, Judaeo-Christianity and anything civilized in this world overrides all else, even their own survival. For example, take Barack Obama. Please.

That's what friends are for.

That’s what friends are for.

11 Responses to Unholy Alliance: The Progressive Left and Radical Islam

  1. Joan Callahan on December 14, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    Michael Savage said it best: Liberalism is a mental illness.

  2. […] and Islamic terror. They-Muslims, Islamics, Mohammedans-come to the West by the millions, soak the treasuries with full permission of their apologists; and, in return, proceed to kill us infidels in any variety of colorful, bloody ways. And still […]

  3. […] Among the many questionable “benefits” of the yowling PussyHat Parade is bringing to prominence one of its principal organizers, Linda Sarsour. The NY Times flatteringly refers to her as “a Brooklyn homegirl in a hajib…a woman in a hurry” when she is simply Elizabeth Warren in a burqua, another rabid female gerbil on speed, viciously chewing her way through  the roots of every worthwhile social convention in hopes of fomenting revolution. There is no poisonous element in modern politics that she doesn’t guzzle like a dehydrated vampire and regurgitate on anyone within spitting distance. She is the incarnation of the Leftist madness that makes so-called “feminists” embrace and celebrate Islamic Sharia while cursing anything prefaced by the word “American,” “Israeli,” or “Western.” “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” goes their perverse logic. […]

  4. Huma Abedin | Michelle-Antoinette on September 16, 2017 at 6:30 am

    […] Muslim converts Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright or, for that matter, all those outspoken American feminists who’ve turned a blind eye to Islam’s rather medieval take on their entire […]

  5. […] UPDATE 3/31/17: Another young Muslim male murders people in broad daylight on the streets of NYC, using a rented truck. Getting to sound familiar? No reports from the gun control, anti-Second Amendment rabble on the absolute necessity of banning trucks. Likewise, no calls for more stringent border security and background checks of Islamic foreigners from the same anti-American crowd.   ISIS is here to stay as long as Islam’s apologetic allies on the American Left have their way. […]

  6. […] poor excuse of a human being, his anointed successor and their entire political Party is their determination to ally with and endear themselves to any enemy of America. In the process, Iran has become The Crisis of present-day foreign policy, the tinderbox of an […]

  7. Louis Farrakhan | Michelle-Antoinette on March 8, 2018 at 4:13 am

    […] pussy hat ladies, which do I hate more: an insane anti-Semite…or America and Israel? Having sworn her ultimate fealty to her Marxist masters, she feels compelled to answer “America and Israel”…and give the Hitler wannabe […]

  8. […] ideology who want to see you dead? (Jewish Pussy-Hatters take special note!)Marxism that lands you squarely in bed these days with anti-Semitic Islam? So it continues with those legions of Jewish self-styled intellectuals and social activists, those […]

  9. […] And IT is the fanatical Islamic camel sticking its nose into the American tent, bit by bit invading American communities as it refuses to assimilate and determinedly takes over sections of whole towns and sections of cities (NO-GO zones) as it has done in Europe. All with the blessing of the Left, its loyal ally united in Trump Hate. […]

  10. […] if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, there are no limits to the lice-ridden bedfellows the Left can accommodate. Financial corruption […]

  11. […] The Mask is the message, and the message is mass obeisance to arbitrary directives from our self-anointed masters. A dream come true for the budding totalitarians currently masquerading as American  mayors, governors, CongressCreatures, Senators and Presidential candidates! Is it any accident that the two greatest threats to our way of life-the Left and Islam-now share a penchant for The Mask as an instrument of submission? A not-so-new or surprising axis of evil to contemplate. […]

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