January 6: Tyranny vs. A Nation Of A Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 5/9/22: The January 6 commissars are losing control of the narrative, and the desperation now shows in threats of life imprisonment for simply entering the Capitol that day. This is how far down BrandonWorld’s DOJ has sunk.

UPDATE 5/2/22: The January 6 Gulag remains in full tyrannical force as attested to by letters of the unjustly imprisoned.

UPDATE 4/29/22: If there is any justice left in America, treatment of those hounded and imprisoned for ALLEGED January 6 infractions has to be a source of lasting shame and embarrassment. And grounds for a major tribunal, investigation and suitable punishment for those exploiting the event while obscuring what really took place. 

UPDATE 4/15/22: Video evidence is now available showing that Capitol officers casually allowed a peaceful crowd of hundreds to enter the Capitol on January 6. So much for the violent mob storming the Bastille. Things did get messier in other spots, but nothing to warrant the Dem-controlled DOJ response of rounding up dozens of peaceful participants from all over the country and confining them to a DC gulag for over a year without specific charges or trial.


UPDATE 3/17/22:  A Stalinist/Cultural Revolution nightmare involves the recruitment of a teenage boy to  snitch on and testify against his father who was present at the Capitol on January 6. A chilling demonstration why destruction of the strong nuclear family is so essential to totalitarian ends.

UPDATE 3/15/22: In Matthew Perna’s tragic fate lies the potential fate of all Americans declared political enemies of the State for exercising their most basic rights. 

UPDATE 3/10/22: You can hear it from the NY Times off the record on a Project Veritas video. So it must be true…unless you are firmly in the TDS camp. According to a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who was there (and unknowingly recorded), the so-called “insurrection” was heavily seeded with FBI informants deliberately pushing for a riot that turned into an unpleasant commotion that benefited only those determined to falsely discredit Trump and the whole MAGA movement. For this particular individual, it came off as a raucous party, totally overblown into an “insurrection” by the Trump-loathing MSM and its BigGov masters.

UPDATE 3/3/22: Unable to withstand the cruel, unjustified hounding from Brandon officialdom over his non-violent presence at the Capitol on January 6, a young man named Matthew Perna has hanged himself. 

Try as the media and a goodly portion of brain-washed Good Americans might try, they cannot be allowed to ignore the inhumane detention of honorable dissenters being held up as a warning to anyone questioning this administration’s actions. Those actions include the fraudulent election that put them in power. Coupled with the wanton abuse of the American people by their own government in the name of “health’ and “safety,” there’s no better way to describe our present predicament than the onset of a Soviet America, gulags and all.

UPDATE 2/22/22: To those who think it could happen here, it’s already happened. The Stalinesque response to January 6 and the placement of those dissenters in a D.C. Gulag sends the same message as that just delivered from Mad King Justin. Dare to dissent and you’ll find your bank accounts frozen, your pets confiscated, your property smashed, your bodies beaten, yourself on your knees and bound for lock-up. This week includes the case of one Facebook poster who broadcast the January 6 debacle, now subject to something predictably awful from Pelosi’s Black Shirts in the Judiciary.

UPDATE 2/11/22: Dinesh D’Souza feels the heat that drives the January 6 narrative and the ice-cold determination of the Brandon administration and the Deep State behind it squashing all dissent over Election, 2020. All their power lies in the suppression of any revelation contrary to their manufactured “fact” of Brandon beating Donald Trump fair & square in November, 2020. Absolute power is not something the absolutely corrupted will let go of without the use of absolute force. Totalitarians are by definition a desperate, brutal lot. 

UPDATE 2/11/22: The sustained police beating of an unconscious, dying woman trapped under a fleeing stampede of protestors at the Capitol on January 6 has been deemed “objectively reasonable.” Just as the shooting of an unarmed woman by a Capitol officer that day has been officially deemed objectively unworthy of investigation. On the other hand, the Capitol officer who died of a stroke one day later after NOT being hit by a fire extinguisher as claimed was given a hyper-publicized send-off with all the trimmings, lying in state in the Capitol rotunda like a national hero. Not to create any additional, unnecessary controversy, but how is it that several Capitol police officers committed suicide over the course of the days and months afterwards. Surely nothing to see here.

UPDATE 2/8/22: Criminalizing political dissent is now officially in the works as a kangaroo court looms for 1/6 defendants.

UPDATE 1/30/22: One misses Newt’s presence in DC, but his commentary provides a big boost to anyone currently in office. Assuming the Republicans regain the House in November, we must reassert the rights of Americans that have been literally trashed and withdrawn by the current Administration, particularly those driving the “Insurrection” narrative (with full cooperation from the Woke Media). Those guilty of turning America into a Stasi state must be brought up on charges and given a public trial which is much more than they’ve granted their political enemies. In such an honest public forum, the real details of what happened is appearing more and more to be a planned false flag trap intentionally laid for those dissenting the election results that day.

1/27/22: Still no day in court establishing definitive proof, but sober investigators firmly believe the notoriously conspicuous Ray Epps was part of an FBI plan to turn January 6 into a false flag operation. How long must we wait for the Big “Insurrection” Lie to be exposed?

UPDATE 1/22/22: Any sign of light and truth breaking through the January 6 “insurrection” fog is a godsend. Who REALLY is Ray Epps and why are the Pelosi inquisitors suddenly so eager to get him to testify before the their partisan committee? What phony narrative have they hatched to cover up their odd scrubbing of his name from their Most Wanted List after his appearing on video as one of the most vocal rabblerousers involved?

UPDATE 1/13/22: The war on Trump supporters and/or those opposing the Brandon administration is not confined to those unfortunates caught on camera in DC on January 6. Now it’s angry parents at school board meetings, fighting for their children. We are all domestic terrorists now. 

UPDATE 1/9/22: Who is Ray Epps, the guy caught on camera, too enthusiastically pushing the crowd to breach the Capitol? And yet he’s not in jail like hundreds of others who were concerned , peaceful citizens wandering into the camera frame at the wrong time. Epps’ attorney says he’s also just a nice, concerned citizen with no links to the FBI and their scheme to plant rabblerousers (like Ray Epps caught on camera) in the January 6 crowd; so it must be true.

This is no longer J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. Sorry to say they are evolving into our Woke/Deep State version of the Soviet Cheka (Secret Police). Find me the man, and I’ll find you the crime, in this case, a made-up one going by the name of “insurrection.” January 6 has become the collective, all-purpose crime committed by 70+million Americans who voted for Trump and would again in a heartbeat.

UPDATE 1/8/22: OK. Let’s dispense with “whataboutism” which means nothing anyhow to the shameless frauds and failures comparing the “insurrection” that wasn’t to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. So, let’s just ask, “What about January 6?” which means having to ask the real questions leading to the full truth about what really happened beginning in November 2016 on thru November 3, 2020, January 6 and beyond to the troubled, ongoing aftermath.

As usual, we’re witnessing projection on steroids as the plague of illegitimately elected frauds accuse 70+ million Americans of trying to subvert honest elections. Get out the mirrors!!!

So many questions conveniently going unanswered:

Who exactly is Ray Epps?  And why isn’t he on any FBI Wanted list or rotting away in the D.C. Gulag? Who else was planted in the crowd by the Feds?  Are the Feds in this case the FBI?

UPDATE 1/6/22: Hats off to DJT and Lindsay Graham for their responses to Brandon’s pathetic read-out from his teleprompter. Politicizing and exaggerating the gravity of a few hours of disturbance in the Capitol a year ago will do nothing to secure our borders, revive an economy and a whole populace still oppressed and depressed by mask & vaccine mandates. It will not bring back the businesses, trashed cities and millions of lives still callously being ruined in the name of “safety” and “health.” How moved we are to see the phony poseurs shed such copious crocodile tears in purely symbolic reverence for their invented “hallowed democracy” while the real America, its people, are suffering directly due to intentionally destructive policies. The faux solemnity exhibited deserves only jeers of contempt in response.

Kamala’s ludicrous comparison of January 6 with December 7 and September 11 is a step into Wonderland. Only in the stupidest of worlds does one need to refresh her memory and that of those shallow souls prone to take anything she or her colleagues say seriously. But let’s do it anyhow with a few un-doctored photos and simple, irrefutable stats.

Remember Pearl Harbor? December 7 was the beginning of a World War that lasted 4 years and claimed over 50 million lives worldwide. Immediately makes one think of January 6. Not.

September 11 claimed 3000 lives that day in 2001 and launched America’s ongoing war with radical Islam that over the millennia can realistically boast millions of infidel corpses with vows of more for Allah. But January 6 was JUST AS BAD!!, says one hollow Hollyweirdess speaking for unbalanced shrews everywhere.

Right. January 6 comparable or worse than 9/11. No question.

January 6 lasted a matter of a few hours after which Congress was back in business doing its mischief to complete the coup that started on the first day of Donald Trump’s Presidency. No one was murdered except for a couple of Trump supporters (which doesn’t matter) while 1 Capitol policeman died of a stroke several days later and 4 Capitol policemen on duty that day would subsequently commit suicide. (Did someone say “suicide?”)

It got a bit more contentious elsewhere, but this would be enough to land you in solitary confinement for a year with no end in sight. 


Of greatest immediate significance to the serious-minded are those hundreds of participants, peaceful bystanders at the Capitol that day, plucked violently from their homes all across America by this administration’s version of the KGB/S.S. They are now languishing in a D.C. gulag, yet to be charged or tried for any significant crime beyond trespassing. The biggest political jackpot hit by the administration consists of 70+ million American citizens now permanently put on notice that any political dissent seriously critical of those now in power could result in similarly harsh repercussions.

UPDATE 12/29/21: The Big Lie that January 6 was a “violent insurrection” must be countered. For those shocked & assaulted by a stolen election, it was a momentary convulsion of rage that did virtually nothing to impede the workings of a corrupted electoral process and the soulless politicians at work. It either must be exposed and discredited, or we face a repeat on an even grander scale in 2022 and 2024.

UPDATE 12/21/21: As the murk clears and facts emerge, the January 6 “insurrection” is looking more and more like a “Fedsurrection,” a contrived false flag operation traceable back to the Deep State as has long been suspected.

UPDATE 12/16/21: If the Supreme Court had not relinquished its public responsibility to hash out the very real evidence of election fraud publicly in court (even unsuccessfully), there would have been no January 6 incident. Anger was palpable in both Washington that day and across the nation among those 70+million voters who found (and still find) themselves robbed of their voice. Trump’s conveniently overlooked admonition to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard today” was not enough to quell the justifiable unrest.

This is all to the great delight of the Left and Trump-hating  RINOs, hiding the electoral corruption behind self-aggrandizing, hyperbolic accusations of “violent insurrection.” Getting rid of Trump The Spoiler and resuming the cancerous expansion of government power in D.C. was and remains their goal; and if vilifying and suppressing dissent is the means to their long-range ends, all the better.

UPDATE 12/10/21: An American gulag holding brutalized January 6 dissenters (guilty of nothing more serious than trespassing…if that) is the chilling reality of the Brandon administration and the Sovietized Democrat Party running it. If even “decent” Democrats refuse to acknowledge this, they are only as “decent” as “good” Germans were 80 years ago.

UPDATE 12/5/21: A stolen election, legitimate protest, gross injustice in response, double standards, hypocrisy, official BigGov lies and unabashed tyranny make up the agonizing, still unfolding tale of January 6, now given some serious attention on film in “Capitol Punishment.”

Little makes the blood boil more than the selective outrage exhibited over the so-called “violence” of an overblown trespassing incident while the destruction of private businesses and loss of human life by Antifa thugs during the “peaceful” George Floyd riots is literally ignored. Ditto the epidemic looting in California now considered perfectly ok if the theft doesn’t exceed an arbitrary limit. 1960s anarchist Abbie Hoffmans’s Third World America of “Steal This Book” has now become one of the major planks in the mainstream Democrat Party platform. As usual, proudly detached liberals supposedly shocked by all this wring their hands but will continue to vote for their criminal-friendly Party whose radical members will look the other way when these loyal Libs find themselves raped or ripped off. Refusing to look in the mirror, the willfully oblivious pretend they haven’t a clue about what has caused and perpetuated our crime-ridden, impoverished Inner Cities. 

While the GOP must emerge as the Party of Parents, the Dems are welcome to burnish their image as the Party of Crime.

UPDATE 11/20/21: Nothing like making an example of the most theatrical optic of the “violent insurrection” that wasn’t. Mr. Buffalo Horns, the harmless QAnon oddball, Jacob Chansley, has been sentenced to 41 months in jail after having spent nearly a year in solitary. That’ll teach ’em. As long as he doesn’t tear those tags off the prison cell mattresses, there’s a very good chance he might get paroled in 40 months. Truth, Justice and the American Way, 2020-21.

UPDATE 11/7/21: The worst attack on our republic since the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 or the fall of Troy…and the worst charges filed are for “trespassing” and “parading?” Tucker Carlson’s documentary draws us closer to the likelihood of an FBI set-up, a false flag operation designed to legitimize the elimination of all political dissent. Meanwhile, hundreds stripped of their basic American right to a swift trial by jury rot away in an Dem Party-created American Gulag.

UPDATE 11/2/21: Facts about who really did what on January 6 are becoming increasingly a problem for those Democrats/Leftists/RINOS who have cooked up the ridiculous “day of infamy” narrative to destroy all political dissent and opposition. There are innocent American citizens guilty of little or NOTHING  being held in what has become the American gulag now, and they must be released and the true story told of who put them there and why.

UPDATE 10/28/21: Information and the truth are the only real weapons with which to fight tyranny founded on lies. So, good news that the real culprits and intentions behind the so-called “insurrection” are seeing the light of day, allowing the public to get a full-frontal view of the enormous hoax at work. Tucker Carlson’s forthcoming documentary on January 6 is meeting predictable hysteria from all the right parties, including that RINOest of Trump-hating opportunists, Liz Cheney. 

10/19/21: Truth about 1/6, damaging evidence against the real perps, emerging at last?

UPDATE 10/18/21: The absurdity of equating 1/6 with 9/11 has only exposed the panicked reaction of dysfunctional political personalities (from both Parties) terrified by the idea of Americans functioning independent of their control or influence. It’s especially true of RINO snobs like Liz Cheney, George Will or George W. Bush, supposedly Shocked! Shocked! at January 6 but simply flustered at their newfound irrelevance in the face of a Republican Party that has found its grassroots base spokesman in a declasse builder from Queens.

UPDATE 10/9/21: It’s falsely declared a “Big Lie” by the biggest liars on the planet that Trump actually won Election, 2020. The depth of this Big Lie has carried over conveniently to the January 6 hoax seamlessly attached to the Big Lie as an “insurrection.”  One suffers nothing less than gut-wrenching disgust that the major culprits at work remain in power and that good people are suffering at their villainous hands. 

UPDATE 10/1/21: We’ve heard it already, but Time Magazine, not exactly known for love for Trump or conservatives in general, exposes (again) the decidedly premeditated plot to steal Election 2020. 

And California is busy making sure that stolen elections through that very same unchecked mail-in voting becomes a tradition in UniParty America.

UPDATE 9/24/21: For many of those thinking that showing up in Washington on January 6 was an American right of assembly and protest, the horror story/nightmare goes on. 

UPDATE 8/14/21: A conservative candidate for Congress, Jerrod Sessler, made a 24 minute video interview of a newly released January 6 prisoner, Karl Dresch from Michigan, who “walked right in” with the cooperation and approval of Capitol guards on January 6. He also details inhumane, unconstitutional treatment that includes being locked in a cell for more than a day at a time, being forced to take the vaccine or be denied a shave & haircut and, most significantly, the right to see an attorney. Among the “crimes” for which he has been charged: “parading,” walking up and down with an American flag.

Apparently, the visit by sitting Congressmen recently to the jail has forced those in charge to relax the severe treatment, and today Dresch is a free man. If he did not take the vaccine as he claims, he is also a principled man with spine. And if even one of the claims he has made on tape to Sessler is true, the most basic rights of Americans under this administration are no longer protected by rule of law.

UPDATE 8/7/21: So four Capitol cops that were present on January 6 suddenly wake up separately in unison one morning and decided to do themselves in? Nothing to see here…except a sinister cover-up scenario that should bring the ruling DC junta tumbling down. Will justice be done or must this wait for a Final Judgment none of us can witness in this life?

UPDATE 7/28/21: “We have turned a corner here; we are in totalitarian Marxist territory here. This is the way third-world people get treated.” GOP Congressional reps try to visit January 6 detainees, locked out; AG Garland ignores requests for an audience and fuller explanation of what is being done to unarmed trespassers now being treated as dangerous political prisoners.

UPDATE 7/28/21: Note well those questions that won’t be asked by the “Bipartisan” Committee such as “How can one justify treating a bunch of rowdy, unarmed trespassers on January 6 as badly or worse than 21 hijackers on September 11 would be treated?” Another question assiduously to be avoided: “What is this Soviet-style show trial other than a cabal of power-crazed political operatives intent on turning America into a One-Party dictatorship?”


Note all-powerful magic People’s Cubes at hand to those running the trial with the optimum efficiency and effectiveness their solemn task dictates.


Our nation suddenly finds itself in the midst of a second war on terror, launched against ALL those American citizens daring to challenge the political Party currently (and illegitimately) in power.

Looking very much like the latest release from Stasi, Cheka or the Iranian secret police.

UPDATE 7/23/21: It can’t happen here? Look again. Coming right up! Our very own American Soviet show trials!   

CHILLING STUFF. Welcome to the USSA as a January 6 protestor looks at 20 years in stir for a 10 minute walk-in/walk-out at the Capitol that day.

UPDATE 7/17/21: It’s imperative to grasp the real story of January 6 as a calculated manipulation of emotions. Drive the opposition to distraction, get a volatile reaction, declare martial law. Welcome to the totalitarian Twilight Zone. 

UPDATE 7/16/2`1: Michelle Malkin discovers how unfree Free Information access is when inquiring about no-fly lists. Prime examples are the fates of two prominent January 6 attendees, neither of whom entered the building. Just having been there could prohibit you from flying, traveling, moving, whatever else they decide you are to be denied for the criminal act of free speech, peaceable assembly, all things (when last checked) guaranteed by our Constitution.

Fence around Capitol coming down. Why are we doubtful that the Draconian persecution dogging all Trump supporters is following suit?

ORIGINAL POST 7/9/21: The bad behavior-trespassing, relatively minor property damage-of an unruly, unarmed  mob on January 6 has proven to be the greatest gift to the Left in recent years, second only to the CoronaCraze.  Totalitarian crackdown and legal threats on virtually any dissent from conservative Americans (specifically Trump/MAGA supporters) has resulted and descended like chains around our lives, based on accusations of a major crime that never happened.

Eager Leftists including the spineless Liberals in their camp, have latched onto the narrative of “violent insurrection” and “overthrowing the U.S. Government,” likening the event to 9/11 or, in the ravings of their hologram figurehead, “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

Many visibly connected to the event are now rotting away in prison in tortuous solitary confinement for purposes of deprogramming without chance of bail or trial in the foreseeable future, not the stuff of traditional American justice but of Soviet gulags and routine Stasi terror. “The Lives Of Others” has become our lives. Fear, the life’s blood of those who would enslave us. is the order of the day,  How better to control a cowed public accustomed to liberty than floating doomsday lies and threats of a wide variety to force free people  to give up their God-given rights?

That’s where we are, and all freedom-loving Americans are asking themselves where are we headed? How do we fight this?

One is grateful that individual musings such as these can still be written, that information still flows freely on the Internet. But what of the millions dependent upon employers in the corporate, academic and other worlds which have gone Woke, demanding adherence to this prevailing orthodoxy of today’s Democratic Party Left? This is “Darkness At Noon,” “1984,” “The Trial,” all works of fiction based on historic, poisonous reality that appears to be seeping at present into our collective bloodstream. One can only keep living and speaking out however and whenever possible, if for  no other reason than for one’s own individual sanity. Sometimes, it only requires two like-minded souls to provide that spark of exhilaration that deeply shared values and viewpoints provides. Our greatest hope lies in making ourselves a nation of a trillion sparks, igniting a fire to reduce this looming tyranny to ashes, forever.


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