UPDATE 7/17/21: It’s imperative to grasp the real story of January 6 as a calculated manipulation of emotions. Drive the opposition to distraction, get a volatile reaction, declare martial law. Welcome to the totalitarian Twilight Zone. 

UPDATE 7/16/2`1: Michelle Malkin discovers how unfree Free Information access is when inquiring about no-fly lists. Prime examples are the fates of two prominent January 6 attendees, neither of whom entered the building. Just having been there could prohibit you from flying, traveling, moving, whatever else they decide you are to be denied for the criminal act of free speech, peaceable assembly, all things (when last checked) guaranteed by our Constitution.

Fence around Capitol coming down. Why are we doubtful that the Draconian persecution dogging all Trump supporters is following suit?

ORIGINAL POST 7/9/21: The bad behavior-trespassing, relatively minor property damage-of an unruly, unarmed  mob on January 6 has proven to be the greatest gift to the Left in recent years, second only to the CoronaCraze.  Totalitarian crackdown and legal threats on virtually any dissent from conservative Americans (specifically Trump/MAGA supporters) has resulted and descended like chains around our lives, based on accusations of a major crime that never happened.

Eager Leftists including the spineless Liberals in their camp, have latched onto the narrative of “violent insurrection” and “overthrowing the U.S. Government,” likening the event to 9/11 or, in the ravings of their hologram figurehead, “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

Many visibly connected to the event are now rotting away in prison in tortuous solitary confinement for purposes of deprogramming without chance of bail or trial in the foreseeable future, not the stuff of traditional American justice but of Soviet gulags and routine Stasi terror. “The Lives Of Others” has become our lives. Fear, the life’s blood of those who would enslave us. is the order of the day,  How better to control a cowed public accustomed to liberty than floating doomsday lies and threats of a wide variety to force free people  to give up their God-given rights?

That’s where we are, and all freedom-loving Americans are asking themselves where are we headed? How do we fight this?

One is grateful that individual musings such as these can still be written, that information still flows freely on the Internet. But what of the millions dependent upon employers in the corporate, academic and other worlds which have gone Woke, demanding adherence to this prevailing orthodoxy of today’s Democratic Party Left? This is “Darkness At Noon,” “1984,” “The Trial,” all works of fiction based on historic, poisonous reality that appears to be seeping at present into our collective bloodstream. One can only keep living and speaking out however and whenever possible, if for  no other reason than for one’s own individual sanity. Sometimes, it only requires two like-minded souls to provide that spark of exhilaration that deeply shared values and viewpoints provides. Our greatest hope lies in making ourselves a nation of a trillion sparks, igniting a fire to reduce this looming tyranny to ashes, forever.


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