UPDATE 5/24/24: The real cause of George Floyd’s death, fully exposed again  will doubtless go totally ignored/denied by those lemmings still believing the Big Lie that a White cop killed him.


UPDATE 12/13/23: Anti-racism, one currently prominent outpost of that all-encompassing faith called  Leftism is one more new secular religion of politics blighting our lives. And, by the way, as racist as the social blight it pretends to oppose.

UPDATE 10/10/23: For those sending money to domestic terrorists such as Black Lives Matter, international terrorists like Hamas wish to extend special thanks. The dots are not hard to connect.

UPDATE 3/27/23: Martin Luther King’s dream of a color-blind society is not profitable to the Woke and the last thing today’s race hucksters want. Where are the big shakedown bucks and opportunities for mass control in peace and social harmony?

UPDATE 3/19/23: Like “Climate Change,” the mindless, suicidal devotion to BLM beggars belief. Let the figure $83 BILLION in contributions sink in. 

UPDATE 2/12/23: Mirroring Mao’s Cultural Revolution, BLM and campus Black Studies have canceled some of its most devoted advocates for the crime of  second thoughts or even a trace of deviation from dogma.

UPDATE 1/30/23: So far, the senseless Nichols beating in Memphis will not be an occasion for the cop-haters and generally lawless to indulge themselves in yet another rioting heyday on the false pretext of protesting injustice. 

UPDATE 1/28/23: What to make of a situation where Black on Black crime is Black police brutality on a seemingly innocent Black citizen? Since white/black race can’t be invoked, it’s a perfect time for riots by the lawless, anti-police crowd. While demanding justice, the victim’s own mother is pleading for peace…which probably won’t matter.

Did this Black life matter?


UPDATE 9/19/22: Getting caught rewriting history can be bad for fraudulent outfits like BLM & CRT built entirely on lies and plain old greed. The new totally PC movie about a supposedly heroic tribe of female African warriors conveniently leaves out active involvement in capturing and selling off their fellow Blacks into the international slave trade market. Even worse for the White Supremacist/Black victim narrative, it was WHITE British abolitionists like William Wilberforce (one of those evil “colonialists” in CRTSpeak) who actively threw a wrench into the works,  eventually outlawing and stopping this profitable little sideline for African tribesmen (& women) in the 19th century.


UPDATE 9/4/22: When watching those using power to control rather than free people, one can invariably find and follow a money trail to get their true measure. So it is for all Mafia Dons supposedly representing the put-upon Little People like the Al Sharpton race pimps of every American Inner City, the PLO racketeers, union bosses, and most currently, Black Lives Matter. Of late, $10 million sent in by mostly guilt-ridden White well-wishers has found its way into a one more BLM operative’s pocket.

UPDATE 7/25/22: Urban Black violence on both Whites and Blacks, is an epidemic. Is it not reasonable to blame it on the perpetuated poverty and systematically shattered family units created by the welfare culture? This destruction started quietly in the 1950s and exploded with the advent of the Great Society. Naysayers and deniers will still insist it’s altruism, one big humane gesture of “good intentions.” And we know where that road leads.

Legacy of the Great Society.

UPDATE 7/20/22: Hollywood has selectively plucked some Black Lives that Matter out of history. Stay tuned for “The Woman King,” a celebration of 19th century African Amazons aka Strong Black Women Who Matter. No matter that they were historically active in the slave trade and as brutal as any White Supremacist Slave Masters, but being Black in WokeWorld means never having to say you’re sorry.

UPDATE 4/20/22: Is the BLM scam finally coming undone after repeated revelations of its leaders acting like typical tinpot Mafiosi living in luxury while the fools stupidly in thrall to them flounder in deprivation? What’s the difference between them and decadent fat cats like the old Soviet commissars or an Arafat or Sharpton?

UPDATE 3/2/22: The true colors of Black Lives Matter are becoming harder for its idealist supporters to deny. Follow the money, follow the murderous criminal activity.

UPDATE 2/24/22: BLM, in all its grifting, greedy glory, is  getting a bit embarrassing for that major political Party that has made it a flagship of its virtue-signaling flotilla. Lots of leaky boats there.

UPDATE 12/23/21: Just sayin’….

10/3/21:  An unprecedented 30% jump in murders during 2020 (most of those Black Lives) don’t seem to Matter all that much to those celebrating the empty symbolism of…um…Black Lives Matter.

Any connection between defunded police, riots and a 30% jump in murders, mostly Blacks?

UPDATE 6/28/21: Since when has all the yelling from the Woke been about improving things? Think of the silence of feminists on the treatment of Muslim women and what’s being done to women’s sports? Ponder Black Lives Matter’s silence on the overwhelming numbers of Black men murdered by their own?

“Here” being on the Woke Left interested only in creating a civil war.

UPDATE 6/20/21: Trump is still the most effective, far-sighted leader we have. He’s not waiting for re-election to address forcefully the New Racism of the Left that will destroy us if allowed to metastasize.

UPDATE 6/13/21: No big surprise that a conservative Black congressman, Byron Donalds, finds himself unwelcome in the Congressional Black Caucus(CBC). Like all Identity Politics, it’s not about being Black that opens certain doors; it’s about being a radical Marxist.  Class/racial/whatever conflict is what makes political hucksters like the CBC tick, something long ago described by commonsensical, honest Black activists like Manning Johnson, a prophet of deliberate social unrest and CRT. 

Highly selective BLM.

UPDATE 6/1/21: It’s news of precisely ZERO interest to phony “Social Justice” grifters like Black Lives Matter that Black on Black crime continues to snuff out dozens of lives daily in the killing fields of Inner City Chicago and other Democratic Party political machines. The only good news is that grifting Democratic Party outposts like BLM amassing lots and lots and lots of those hated capitalist dollars often fall prey to deadly internal squabbles over how those ill-gotten spoils are divided up among their corrupt leadership. Note the striking similarity to the PLO and that long-running grift.

UPDATE 6/1/21: Black on Black crime continues to snuff out lives daily in the killing fields of Chicago and other Inner City political machines created and methodically perpetuated by the Democratic Party.

ORIGINAL POST 10/26/16: Like most Big Social Change proposed by the Left, Black Lives Matter has proven to be just one more chic Cause creating massively greater problems than the ones it claims to be solving. Like lots of dead young Black men, “lots” being appreciably more than those killed by police.

One is left with the distinct impression that domestic terror groups like Black Lives Matter and their champions among corrupt Black leadership, in the White House, Congress, college communities, Hollywood, and other privileged hotbeds of Radical Chic actually welcome Black despair. Without that perpetuated misery, what’s to become of today’s Democratic Party and its lying promises to a permanent underclass base?



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But maybe that’s been the idea all along.”

  1. Meanwhile, Democrat politicians like Hillary fill their war chests with teachers’ unions $$$, in exchange for closing off all escape routes from catastrophically failing schools and the poverty that they breed.

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