mask as obedience



Written by a Black man who described the sense of subservience one feels NOW at being forced to cover our faces. Ralph Ellison did not choose his classic tome’s title “Invisible Man” by accident.

Check out what prominent Democrats had to say about “vaccines” before THEY were in a position to weaponize their use against the public.

UPDATE 12/26/23; The Covid nightmare enveloping us for those grim, barren years remains an awful memory now somewhat dispelled by the healthy light of facts and revealed consequences, not the darkness of fear forced upon us at the time.


UPDATE 12/18/23: There must a full reckoning in court for the whole Covid/Vaccine/Mask/Lockdown assault on the entire world. RFK, Jr. has done a huge service to that end with his book THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI, his tireless activism against Covid tyranny and staunch defense of Israel against the pro-Palestinian propagandists. Still, Trump remains the rational candidate for lovers of freedom and common sense that excludes the non-existent Climate Emergency political bandwagon to which Kennedy has a history of hitching himself.

UPDATE 11/1/23: The Covid nightmare lingers in the form of documented heart damage to vaccinated teenagers. And Rand Paul, one of the admirable stalwarts vocalizing resistance to the man Fauci and his dictates during Dr. Tony’s very own reign of terror (2020-2022), has written a book entitled “Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up.” 

UPDATE 10/3/23: To control the masses, fear is an absolute necessity. Watch this 11 minute collage tutorial on the finer points of terrorizing/brainwashing/controlling the general public, courtesy of the overpaid MSM lackeys broadcasting directly from our very own Orwellian Ministry of Truth.


UPDATE 9/20/23: Dr. Tony “I am the science” Fauci first said the masks don’t work. Then he said they do. Then he said, “Wear two…or three…or four.” Then he said…Oh, who cares what this fraud has to say about anything.

Remember how seriously he took it.

UPDATE 9/17/23: If verified enough times by credible sources, the evil visited upon the entire world via Covid has to get through. Are those of us old enough to remember Eisenhower destined to live long enough to see the day when the truth of it all is common knowledge and belief?


UPDATE 9/13/23: The shots /masks were/are useless. Actually, worse than useless. Now even Fauci admits the “safe and effective” vaccines DO cause myocarditis. Perhaps those in high places might turn their attention to health and not the use of fear to accumulate more political power.

UPDATE 9/12/23: America’s Great Ghoul of Lockdowns & Masks still insists it’s all for your own good despite a barrage of studies, even from the NY Times, saying otherwise. What else is a highly paid liar like Tony Fauci to do when confronted with facts that threaten to undermine the lie? Lie some more! Or at least wiggle and prevaricate and bullshit his way to each interview’s end.


UPDATE 9/7/23: While the Dems and their Deep State operatives are gearing up to revive lockdowns/masking and steal yet another Presidential election, angry resistance is simultaneously making its voice heard and coming to the fore. 

UPDATE 9/6/23: They seem to be warming us up for the Big Covid Comeback. Are Americans that devoid of common sense to long for the good old days of lockdowns and masks…and stolen elections? 

UPDATE 9/4/23: Oh gawd, the world-class fraud and liar is back. 

UPDATE 8/15/23: What if the hallowed, hoary and presumably HEALTHY Center For Disease Control (CDC) threw a big get-together, and large numbers of the fully Covid-baptized (“vaccinated”) fell ill and were even hospitalized?

Not something you’d want to publicize being the government’s most prominent arbiter of Dos & Don’ts when it comes to orchestrated pandemics.

UPDATE 8/3/23: Covid was the ultimate dream crisis not allowed to go to waste, effectively a takeover of free life worldwide. Banks such as Chase and Morgan continue to make their lethal power felt when those most influential critics of the Vax/Lockdowns/Covid hysteria are summarily de-banked, not to mention their associates and family members. They, meaning all those Up There in the Kafkaesque Castle That Covid Built, continue to do it because they can, and the sheeple are willing to be owned.

Waking to newly ingrained religious rituals that are blighting the beautiful landscape.

UPDATE 7/3/23: Follow the “Science!” Trust the “Experts!”


UPDATE 6/29/23: Comedy is back when Dana Carvey and David Spade can make instant, long overdue mincemeat of Hollywood Superhero Fauci. And for precisely the right reasons.


UPDATE 5/25/23: Lest we forget: the masks were, at best, largely worthless as touted in preventing the spread of viral infection and, at worst, toxic to those forced to wear them for prolonged periods. Adding the sinister aspect of the mask’s use as an instrument of mass psychological control and intimidation, this is a criminal issue that must be addressed legally and medically to prevent its reoccurrence. 

UPDATE 5/20/23: The overwhhelming success of using “emergency powers” to create the biggest mistake (and probably the biggest mass crime) in history is something the worst villains on earth will undoubtedly repeat. Some insist on referring to it in dramatic context as “Covid!” or “The Pandemic” while realists refer to it as The Lockdown that became punitive, tyrannical Lockup for the entire world.

UPDATE 5/12/23: Slowly, inexorably, real scientific evidence emerges about the severe damage caused by the mask mania and neurological symptoms in reaction to the “vaccines.”  

UPDATE 4/29/23: Too obvious, hiding in plain sight. We await the scandal and outrage that apparently will never come surrounding Pfizer paying millions to medical associations, consumer groups and civil rights organizations to push vaccine mandates. Does the public care that that urgency forced upon us to “Get Vaccinated!” was all about Big Pharma profits?

UPDATE 4/22/23: Contrary to Dr. Fauci’s denials, the evidence of U.S. funding of the Wuhan lab’s gain-of-function is readily available. In short, the Main Man in our government’s medical bureaucracy has perjured himself. It’s understandable considering the monumental crime to which he is an active party.

UPDATE 4/20/23: Oh? Don’t tell me they’re actually testing the results of these so-called “vaccines,” going as far as the FDA now telling people NOT to get another shot.


UPDATE 4/11/23: Rural upstate NY provides the creepy, Gothic setting for a private school that has no intention of discarding any of the most repressive measures of the Covid horror show. Masks and distancing indoors and out, enforced silent lunches are but two enticing features of this antiseptic enclave. For hard-Left Progressives, this is utopia realized.

UPDATE 45/23: Why suddenly the change in the Covid tune? Does ruining businesses, senselessly masking and vaxxing people and generally invading our free way of life not play well at the polls? Why now? Why not in 2020? 2022? Perhaps our masters have determined we are successfully programmed to roll over with the same ease again for the next lockdowns. Like it or not, people are different now and not in a good way.

That has been the whole idea.

UPDATE 3/22/23: This one never made the news. Anthony Fauci and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, pushing the vax on the little people in DC neighborhoods, are startled to face plebes going off-script and calling out this pair of lying politicians on their doorsteps for creating a “climate of fear.” Dripping with condescension, Ol’ smooth Tony lies SO easily, effortlessly assuring the skeptics that the vax offers perfect protection and tosses out the usual fake numbers-20 years in the development of the jab, 600,000 dead of Covid, 99% protection guaranteed. Meanwhile in private, he mutters about those other damn resisters nationwide “They’re Republicans…they don’t like being told what to do…we gotta break that…” Wow. You just said a mouthful, Doc.

How ironic this is documentary material made in 2021 for a new installment of what has otherwise been an admirable PBS series called “American Masters.”  The story of this master criminal and paragon of evil banality more properly belongs among those documentaries detailing major scam artists like Bernie Madoff or Charles Ponzi.

UPDATE 3/22/23: The totemic worship/observance of The Mask remains for disturbing numbers of otherwise rational people, a residual, bizarre symptom of Covid RESPONSE (as vs. the nasty Chinese lab germs themselves).

UPDATE 3/19/23: RFK, Jr. has become the leading spokesman standing up to the Vax/Mask tyranny that virtually suspended our Bill of Rights for more than two years and promises eventually to make it for keeps. 

A full printed transcript is available if listening to Kennedy’s damaged voice becomes a problem.


UPDATE 3/7/23: Understand the continued mania for The Mask, and you understand the Left. In the last analysis, it’s control and fear, something evident to millions of us from the first moment we were suddenly denied unmasked entry at the local Home Depot back in 2020.

UPDATE 3/6/23: Department of Doing The Right Thing For The Wrong Reasons: the NYPD is asking businesses to make customers REMOVE their masks to fend off the crime surge. Latest in the soap opera “The World Turned Upside Down.”

UPDATE 2/27/23: Reviled for the last 3 years as “disinformation” and grounds for all manner of punishment, natural immunity is finally regaining the credibility it has had for the last century or two. Even the exalted Fauci is on record in 2004 touting its superior effectiveness over chemical injection. Why the dramatic shift away from and against it? With all those doses of vaccine to sell for mega-profits and the giddiness the political Left exhibits when handed absolute power over the masses, this “mistake” is becoming more and more understandable…and more sinister.

UPDATE 2/27/23: Masks make no difference (follow the real science), but you can’t beat them for high visibility virtue signaling or as a medical bracelet substitute alerting interested parties of one’s hypochondria.

UPDATE 2/26/23: It’s an encouraging day for liberty when normally Left-leaning celebs like Woody Harrelson on SNL accurately points out the financial and political profiteering at work in vax mandates and lockdowns. 


UPDATE 2/18/23: A risky position to take in almost any social situation nowadays, but…here goes…the masks were/are/will be useless against the Wu-Flu. But like much bilge that has defiled common sense nationwide, it makes people feel like they’re “doing something” when doing nothing would be healthier.

UPDATE 2/15/23: At the prompting of WHO and the CDC, physicians are being encouraged if not ordered by the Fed to note the Covid vaccination status of all patients in order to track and bring the villainous unvaxxed out of hiding. 

UPDATE 2/9/23: For those who managed to remain immune from the overwhelming pandemic of Covid fear (as opposed to the virus itself), reports of a re-awakening to reality by those afflicted are welcome news. A hefty part of that reality is that the “vaccines” themselves did basically nothing for the billions of jabbed who either got seriously sick…or didn’t depending upon their own natural immunity. Like annual flu shots, the whole vax business has operated as a placebo on a hypnotized, terrorized public, and the main bad actors involved, including Fauci himself, have known that all along. If true, there have to be legal consequences upcoming for those government and corporate entities who pushed hardest for this unprecedented fraud.

UPDATE 2/7/23: Accidental whistleblower Jordan Walker still appears to enjoy job security with Pfizer. Perhaps the company’s confidence in the power of their cronies in the MSM to suppress such embarrassing exposure has prompted them to keep him on without fear of serious repercussions.


UPDATE 2/2/23: The now infamous Pfizer research director, Dr. Jordan Walker, involuntarily finds himself blowing the whistle bigtime on his employer, the catalyst for what should be a major scandal and coverup adversely affecting the lives of millions, even billions worldwide. He has the choice of losing his job and living out his life in shame, unemployable, untouchable; OR of losing his job and becoming an advocate for the public good, perhaps in the employ of some honorable medical organization or corporation.

UPDATE 2/2/23: The CDC has just alerted the public to some eyedrops that have proven fatal to one (1) person and has issued an advisory to one and all to not use the product. Somehow the Covid jabs and the tens of thousands of adverse reactions reported and growing daily has never merited even a hint of warning or advised caution from the same government agency purportedly looking out for our health. Meanwhile, the criminally unvaccinated in Michigan in need of kidney transplants and cardio procedures are being treated as lepers and denied life-saving care.  Any red flags here?

UPDATE 1/26/23: Who says ginning up hysteria over a virus and even creating new ones isn’t “good for business”?! Ask this top-level (and seriously loose-lipped) Pfizer wonk caught on video admitting as much. When he realizes he’s been taped, quite the messy scene ensues in the restaurant. Not to be missed and bring popcorn.

UPDATE 1/25/23: We said it before, and we’ll say it again: the frightening frequency of young, healthy Covid-VACCINATED people getting sick and dying in unprecedented numbers, demands real scientific investigation untainted by politics.

UPDATE 1/24/23: One more scientist drops the unpleasant news on Rogan that the Covid vaccines & boosters may actually neutralize the immune system. As if it’s not already obvious, the entire push for mass vaccination had everything to do with corporate profit and the political power of their cronies in government. The upshot should not be panic but a warning to the obedient public to stop following the official government narrative so slavishly. Time and genuine research will tell.

UPDATE 1/24/23: Considering the rising number of Covid vaccine-related injuries in both young and old, the case of Merck’s deadly painkiller Vioxx should be warning. Now, like then, a trusted, well-known BigPharma name is making billions, perhaps trillions, on products showing very strong signs of being neither effective nor safe. At what point will the gullible public catch on and the truth take over, not lies yielding immense corporate profits and political power to those controlling the medical/scientific narrative?

UPDATE 1/18/23: Dr. Simon Goddek on Twitter: “Dear @jacindaardern. In this interview, you divided vaccinated and unvaccinated into different classes of people and justified the scandalous deprivation of fundamental rights for those who decided to not get the shot. Don’t you think it’s about time to resign? Oh wait…” 

Suddenly, New Zealand’s female despot HAS decided to resign, supposedly because she’s just tired, “not enough in the tank.” More likely, the rational voting public is sick of her and her fanatic claim to be the “single source of truth,” a hardened Leftist taking clear pleasure in acting out her totalitarian mania on her people.

The world and New Zealand in particular is a better place with her out of power and stripped of the ability to rain down abuse on anyone and anything opposing her twisted ways. Contrary to her laughable claims that she has never lied, she has resorted to the old spend-more-time-with-my-family” bs in her resignation speech coupled with an unwarranted pat on her own back about showing how to be “kind but strong.” She has been neither kind nor genuinely strong, just a garden-variety totalitarian automaton handed power that morphed quickly into tyranny. Such types are oblivious to their own malevolence. We can only say in concert with those Kiwis fully on to her, “Good riddance and please do be a stranger.”

UPDATE 1/15/23: The news is hopeful for Damar Hamlin, but isn’t it time for those devotees of “The Science” to take a serious look at the suddenly unprecedented number of heart attacks and other adverse reactions in young, healthy vaccinated people? Particularly athletes?


UPDATE 1/13/23: Vaccine injury cases are multiplying and not going away. As for masks: ugly, dehumanizing and bad for your health. What’s not to like?

UPDATE 1/12/23: The first day when individuals found themselves defying the highest official authorities by going to the park or taking a walk outside was the day America seemed to “change.”  For far too many, we are still in that state of blind obedience to Big Brother.

UPDATE 1/11/23: That sinister tyrant from that lovely pair of islands Down Under has decided that only “the vaccinated” are entitled to basic human rights and that the “unvaccinated” are guilty of depriving their jabbed brethren of those rights. The concept of God-given rights is alien to this cold, evil creature who has, understandably, chosen to appoint herself God in His place. All in line with her infamous declarative command about her and her cohorts being “your sole source of truth.”


UPDATE 1/5/23: Those religiously turning to “The Science” when it was the politicized government narrative shutting down the world might try a different tack and turn to science to study the proliferation of the sudden deaths of previously healthy (but jabbed) athletes.

UPDATE 12/24/22: Legitimate research is now pointing to the vaccines and the subsequent boosters actually weakening natural immunity and making Covid infection more likely.

UPDATE 12/16/22: The military has been legally forced to dispense with vaccine mandates…reluctantly. How painful for Big Brother to lose those “compassionate” controls.

UPDATE 12/6/22: “The Science” is a devious, little fraud.


UPDATE 12/3/22: Pfizer honcho Bourla finds himself in a similar pickle fraudulently pushing universal jabbing of kids now as he was a year or two back when insisting on the urgency of universal adult vaxxing while exempting himself and his family. Under pressure, he opted to get jabbed…or so he claimed to the media. With equal credibility, he’s now hawking universal vaxxing of children by lying about a non-existent rise in infection among the young.

UPDATE 12/2/22: Hear out this Australian senator. His enraged but rational tirade summarizes what was inflicted upon literally billions worldwide, not only Down Under. This is yet one more plea for full investigation and exposure of BigGov’s Covid response and the overwhelmingly negative consequences that followed.

UPDATE 12/1/22: The decidedly unhealthy and hereditary consequences of the vaxxes altering our DNA continue to be ignored except for those few lone voices like Dr. Peter McCullough.

UPDATE 11/27/22: An Israeli pathologist modestly suggests perhaps some testing of vaccines might be advisable before administering them to children, not to mention adults. The sudden spike in heart failure among the vaxxed would in normal times be cause for withdrawal of the products from the market. But then, these are not normal times, and has any of this really been about anyone’s health?

UPDATE 11/24/22: When full investigations actually occur, justice is served and our society stands chastened for what it did to us over the last two years, a major point of emphasis must be placed upon the reality that a majority of those dead of the virus were vaxxed. 

UPDATE 11/23/22: Cardiologists are confirming the evidence of The Jab’s direct connection to the young and old dropping in unholy numbers from heart failure.

UPDATE 11/10/22: Few remaining signs of the Covid assault on the world are as disgusting as the useless masks. Now this primitive talisman so useful in instilling fear in and control of the general population are being suggested as mandatory for children as a remedy for…are you ready?…racism. 

UPDATE 11/7/22: The exploding number of sudden deaths of the young & middle-aged from heart failure of some kind should more than warrant a massive, full investigation of what has been literally injected into us since 2020.


UPDATE 11/4/22: For those who retained some rationality in 2020-2021, it’s not news that we were all being forced like lab rats to participate and even celebrate a giant social experiment conducted by mad scientists.

UPDATE 10/24/22: Old news is often the most up-to-date. We are overdue for the final, ultimate, last vax mandate. 


UPDATE 10/22/22: Vax madness persists, but, happily, not as fanatically across the nation as it was. It remains a weaponized policy for BrandonWorld, which has declared that all American children must be jabbed to attend school. Admirably, a slew of Republican governors have declared a ban on such mandates while all other states except Newsom’s People’s Republic of California and Washington DC have (so far) set NO policy. As one governor stated, this should be in our rearview mirror, but for those Democrats eager to be American dictators, there’s no letting go and moving on.

UPDATE 10/21/22: Mask madness isn’t going to go away soon. They’re still arresting people for refusing to wear the ugly, useless things.


UPDATE 10/12/22: The full meaning of mandated masks and vaccines is lost on those easily controlled and happiest when going along with the crowd. They are equally clueless about the full meaning of Iranian women casting off their veils and accompanying symbols of subjugation. 

UPDATE 10/11/22: Not news to the skeptical but a Pfizer executive has admitted that the vaccines weren’t tested but rushed out. Whatever the motive, the “cure” and all its attendant symptoms (physical and social) have proven to be far worse than the disease. But don’t expect the millions of jabbed to face their sheepish behavior, lashing out like Good Germans at the falsely labeled “anti-vaxxers” unwilling to play along.


UPDATE 10/8/22: The unchallenged quarantining of the “Unvaccinated” sticks in the craw and should remain a permanent warning to those prone to exploit and be exploited by “medical crises.”  If this round had been allowed to last longer, we would have seen internment camps springing up like weeds as they were just beginning to do in such bastions of liberty as Australia. Note the photo below for one example of the Down Under taste for police state treatment of harmless dissidents.

UPDATE 10/3/22: One can’t downplay the evil expressed by the compulsory Covid mask, especially in light of what the identical symbol of control means for Islamic women. In Iran, refusal to wear the thing and its accessories can cost you your life. In “civilized” countries like America and Australia, it only means being turned away at the door, forcibly quarantined, getting fired or perhaps a good beating by the police. Nothing to see here. So shut up and wear the damn mask. Or else.

10/2/22: What better demonstration of  the empty Woke/Prog impulse than Biden’s Teleprompter touting the hurricane heroics of a Coast Guard swimmer who will be summarily fired next week for being unvaxxed! Good boy! BAAAAD boy!

10/2/22: To those who revile vax skeptics and refuseniks, one might point to the “safety study” for the newest BigPharma cash cow of 171 million doses AND its accompanying study on…wait for it…8 mice. Follow the piper…er…I mean The Science!

Looks like a game show! Fun! Just wait & see what they’ve got planned for #6!


UPDATE 9/30/22: The unresearched, untested jabbing of billions already reveals dire consequences. Among them, its horrific effects on pregnant women and their newborns.

UPDATE 9/28/22: The growing frequency of otherwise healthy people dropping from heart attacks in the two years since the onset of compulsory Covid jabbing  might be worth some study…ideally a tad more than was done on the concoctions injected into billions around a politically coerced globe.

UPDATE 9/27/22: If someone were trying to kill you, would you give them easy access to your car or house? Letting China do the testing for a “vaccine” supposedly protecting you from a virus they developed and sicked on you doesn’t sound much wiser.

UPDATE 9/24/22: The Covid vaccine debacle has cast doubt on the entire scientific/medical community. What is the truth about vaccines? Which really provide protection? Which ones are just money-making snake oil for greedy corporations and their power-mad cronies in government?

9/21/22: Sadly, reluctantly, regrettably (for them), NYC is giving up the vax mandate in the private sector…as if it had any legal right imposing it at all. That’s what you get when purely political propaganda invades medicine and science and renders our most basic Constitutional rights obsolete for the convenient duration. Additional good news for the freedom-loving is that vax mandates from DC seem to be stalling due to common sense of an increasingly skeptical public. Finally.

9/18/22: Despite the growing evidence admitted by the CDC that the so-called “vaccine” has serious long term medical consequences for the jabbed, it is not about to be questioned,  recalled or abandoned. For those forces keen on an electronically monitored society a la Red China, the vax serves as a chip to make all citizens  branded, easy-to-track wards of the State. Time will tell if this is just a groundless, paranoid delusion or a rational warning of Things To Come. In China, it is the chilling present. Why not here?


UPDATE 9/7/22: Legitimate data out now report a DOUBLED mortality rate for Americans aged 35-44. Add to that my own experience of a dramatic spike in deaths among older (age 65+) people I’ve known firsthand. What do they all have in common that would compromise so many from such a wide range of demographics? 

UPDATE 9/5/22: Need some good reasons to allow your kids to be jabbed? Read up! 

UPDATE 9/4/22: An unfamiliar symptom of fibrous blood clots is showing up in an uncomfortable number of corpses. When will the “vaccine” fiasco come to a halt and real research and testing begin?

UPDATE 8/27/22: Elimination of the vax mandates aren’t going away without unending full (legal) court presses. A DC judge is allowing Fed workers back, and hopefully, from all the bad PR fallout, tennis champ/vax villain Djokovic will be permitted to play at Forest Hills.

UPDATE 8/24/22: “Cause of death: unknown” is on the rise. And isn’t it interesting that the Virtuous Jabbed appear to be making up the bulk of new Covid infections? Both developments are such persuasive arguments for more boosters!


UPDATE 8/20/22: As if proof were needed, the whole vax/mask anvil on our lives is about the difference between political philosophies of freedom vs. control. One Dem megadonor/vax-mask skeptic is out $20 million to the Donkey Brigade and wants a few answers. To no one’s surprise, no answer is forthcoming, but thanks for the money.

UPDATE 8/19/22: And whence cometh the reckoning? 

UPDATE 8/19/22: Welcome to our newly robotic society of germaphobes. The Philadelphia Orchestra demanded an Edinburgh chorus to mask up for Beethoven’s Ninth, and sensibly, the chorus refused. Presumably all vocalizing and exhalation is now officially deemed bad for the health of audiences.

It is sad and discouraging to witness this New Normal, precisely the sort of “normal” that makes for a civilization  spooked by primitive fears and its own shadow. A whole society afraid of everyday germs is hardly equipped to defend itself when real danger arises. For proof, behold our perfectly outfitted  Secretary of Defense, masked and wrapped in plastic. And bumping fists. And NO SINGING!

 UPDATE 8/17/22: Not that it will resuscitate those millions of lives and businesses ruined, but the CDC has put out a VERY CAREFULLY worded declaration basically saying, “Never mind. Natural immunity will provide cover for most people while any virus goes its course then ceases to be a threat. The terrible violation of basic human rights worldwide was pointless and shouldn’t be repeated.”  To which we must respond, “That’s what the Great Barrington Declaration said from the start. Thanks for nothing.” Which is probably what will actually change when the next opportunity for lockdowns arises.

UPDATE 8/17/22: Does the loss of 44% of babies in a trial study of Pfizer-jabbed pregnant women raise any doubts or questions about the disaster that has occurred over the last two years?

UPDATE 8/16/22: Any article entitled “The Fall of Faucism and the Return of Common Sense” goes to the head of the line.

UPDATE 8/15/22: It’s over? All those useless edicts and restrictions?  Even with the high profile of hyper-jabbed Fauci, both Bidens and even the Pfizer CEO catching The Plague, a turn-around in public perception may still be a ways off. The brainwashed public and our Masters are not going to go along with this easily.  However, it’s a step closer to the resumption of the real normal in everyday dealings.

UPDATE 8/15/22: Taking the whole sordid vax/mask case to court is long overdue and music to the ears of millions whose most basic rights and privileges have been curtailed over this iron-fisted Big Lie. May our legal system be clogged with justice seekers such as those denied vital medical care or some other damaging restriction due to pointless mandates. Somehow “The Pandemic” became the Left’s most successful alternate reality within memory foisted upon a braindead public

UPDATE 8/9/22: Mask mandates have returned in full force in CA, including schoolchildren who have nearly zero chance of even being infected by The Bug, let alone dying. And MonekyPox is the latest faux crisis tapped to terrify the nation into another lockdown.  It’s never been about health. 

UPDATE 8/7/22: If the widespread horror stories about vax reaction are even partially true, they demand close examination. They can’t all be hoaxes as studies are proving. The American population has just been subjected to one gigantic experiment, and we have been the willing guinea pigs. Meanwhile the multi-jabbed, multi-boosted assisted living Great Pretender from Scranton has tested positive for nearly two weeks.

UPDATE 8/7/22: The Donald just promised to rehire all military fired for refusing the jab. There are millions more of the unjabbed denied employment or even medical care who’d be more than thrilled for similar justice and will vote accordingly. One poll indicates millions of those who acceded to it and now regret their decision. Ending the vax madness once and for all may well prove to be a major reason for Trump’s second term and a resounding finale to BrandonWorld. Let it be, let it be.

To the military, cops and millions of others let go for resisting the jab, a one-letter revision on an old Trump catchphrase: 

UPDATE 8/6/22: As disturbing as the posted figures are on adverse vaccine reactions (VAERS) , they are most likely lower than the actual number of injuries and deaths incurred. If only a fraction of the horror stories depicted on THIS VIDEO is real, we are looking at the denial and cover-up of a major crime. Not for the faint-hearted to watch.

UPDATE 8/2/22: Where and when is the compensation for those fired, refused medical care, generally harassed for a “vaccine” that both Fauci & Birx admit was “overplayed?” 

UPDATE 8/1/22: Is it ok to express a little doubt about The Vax when the most prominent pushers of the stuff-Fauci & Biden-have caught the bug? In Sleepy Joe’s case, twice…and counting. I know, I know, all together now: they would’ve died or suffered worse symptoms without having had the jab. O thanks be…and what a crock. Could it be some people are prone to get sick and in varying degrees and in millions and millions of cases, not at all? Is it ok to suggest that simple, cheap remedies like HCQ and Ivermectin might’ve saved lives? Is it possible the Vax compromises the immune system? Most likely, this has been all about Big Pharma having a monopoly on treatment and politicians psychologically scaring the general population into a submissive blob. The long range damage is loss of trust in virtually anything our once-trusted institutions have to say about anything. We always knew about politicians, but doctors and the entire medical establishment? Not to mention, all of “science?”

UPDATE 7/25/22: Forced to release data to the FDA that it wanted buried for 75 years (!!), Pfizer figures show in one study that ONE (1) out of the 29 pregnant & vaxed women documented gave birth to a normal child. The rest, as the chart below shows, is horror.  Skeptics will scoff and call this bogus; all the more reason to insist upon proof to the contrary.  The brainwashed and vax-happy will never relent, but how long until the rational and honorable public demand the truth?

UPDATE 7/24/22: In line with Fauci’s and Birx’s conspicuous distancing themselves from their formerly gung-ho vax stances in the last week or two, we are treated to a cozy cluster of 33 wedding attendees, all vaxxed, all dead. No questions, and the science is settled.

In Birx’s latest CYA endeavor stating, “we overplayed the vaccines,” note a whole new look: no scarf, bleached blonde hair down and flipped, sexy black turtleneck, nary a trace of the prissy schoolmarm telling us to run and duck and hide for over a year. When the full truth comes out with thorough investigation and all facts in view, she’s going to need new fingerprints, a facelift and a sex change.

UPDATE 7/20/22: RFK, Jr. continues to redeem himself from an extremely checkered past and just being a Kennedy as he continues to hold Fauci to account for weaponizing science and medicine against billions worldwide.

UPDATE 7/15/22: Thinking of taking the jab under pressure from your employer, doctor, whomever? Now’s not the time to go wobbly. This is the principle of being a free person or just another obedient pawn in the evil movement to turn us all into mindless drones. If they’re decent people themselves, those pushing the vax need to be similarly awakened to acting like free men too. For one thing, if one tests negative, the problem is null and void. How is that not enough?

UPDATE 7/16/22: In what may be some of the most clarifying (and disappointing) thoughts on The Vaccine, we are forced to admit that Trump must bear major responsibility for the political, economic, personal and physical devastation this weaponized concoction has wrought. The writer Allan Stevo leaps to the questionable conclusion that his ex-wife Ivana’s sudden demise this week might be directly part of that damage. It is more reasonable to assert that he was in a hurry to come up with quick-fix solution attractive to a scared public, trusted the wrong people and forgot to mention that there was risk involved in what was really a gigantic experiment. 

“Normally, a system of private watchdogs would step in to take the place of the FDA and provide consumers with useful data to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the therapy in question. Trump moved the highly flawed, safety system out of the way and oversaw what was a near total silencing of free market and private watchdogs, while pro-vaccine, administration mouthpieces became the trusted voices, while also extending untold legal liability shields, and implementing the biggest drug rollout in history.

Merely stepping out of the way and showing the world that medicine could be done without an FDA, would have been so brilliant of President Trump. But he did not merely step out of the way.”

UPDATE 7/15/22: What confidence does the label “FDA approved” inspire if it is funded largely by Big Pharma? 

UPDATE 7/14/22: Hardly good news that a “universal vaccine” is in aggressive development, to be administered annually against an imaginary “permanent pandemic.” 

UPDATE 7/14/22: Now you tell us. Fauci admits the “vaccines” don’t work “overly well” at what we are still forced to believe is all for our own good. Shame on those of us opting for the common sense of natural immunity, rejecting a totally untested, unresearched, compulsory medical procedure for the masses. The Holy Vaccine has feet of clay.

Hiding a long, pointy, growing nose.

UPDATE 7/13/22: As reported by a Canadian paramedic, his hospital’s policy was “‘everybody’s got COVID until proven otherwise” but saw little that warranted the emergency hysteria that took over the world. He also saw an inordinate rise in heart problems in young men 18-30. Not proof positive that the “vaccine” cure was immeasurably worse than the disease, but in saner times hopefully soon to come, this will be seriously investigated.

UPDATE 7/10/22: Hundreds of military pilots and National Guardsmen are being dismissed by the ongoing vaccine mandate. Is it deliberate destruction of the military or purely a loud statement of life-and-death controls by BigGov over any and everyone? Perhaps a little or a lot of both. Keep Covid Alive! is the operative motto for individuals, organizations and institutions that found The Plague a source of unprecedented power. No return to normal for them.

UPDATE 7/10/22: The demonic push by the CDC to multi-jab children has the risky consequence of making angry parents avoid legitimate vaccines for their kids.

UPDATE 7/7/22: Heartening news that parents have won victory in LA against vaccine mandates for their children. Sovereignty of parents and the family over Big Brother’s directives is perhaps THE issue among many issues.

UPDATE 7/7/22: So, The Fouch has Covid after all those jabs and dirty masks. So, (and we repeat ourselves for the umpteenth time since March, 2020), maybe the untested, unresearched vax/mask thing was not administered for any sound medical reason other than phony leadership optics and the political power attached to that. Are we stupid, or what?

UPDATE 6/28/22: The killing, financial & otherwise, that BigPharma and their pals high up in BigGov continues. Insurance companies report a huge increase in deaths among young working people which apparently is mere collateral damage for those making billions from these “vaccines.” Hot business tip: manufacture a medical crisis then provide the cure in the form of costly, untested miracle serums (that  are useless at best). Most diabolical is the inclusion of infants and children among the human guinea pig population.

UPDATE 6/24/22: Execrable scarf lady Birx scarfs up a big, wet Whoops! admitting they were “hoping, not lying” when forcing hundreds of millions of two-legged American guinea pigs to take untested, unresearched “vaccines” to stop Covid spread (which it didn’t and still doesn’t.)

UPDATE 6/24/22: Yet more major damage to trust in our medical establishment has come about thanks to this newfound zeal for prescribing God-knows-what for infants and young children almost totally unlikely to get Covid. 

UPDATE 6/23/22: Our ultra-prepared Boy Scout POTUS has made it clear (at least as clear as anything that comes out of that oatmeal brain) that there will indeed be another pandemic, and we need loads more bucks to be ready for it!

UPDATE 6/21/22: Astonishing but unsurprising there are so many vaccine injuries and deaths; and those in power, SOOO concerned about our safety and health, are desperately turning a blind eye to it all. And why wouldn’t they? Who wants to look like the irresponsible zealots and power mongers they have shown themselves to be since “Covid” became a household word?


UPDATE 6/17/22: Slight, very small, almost imperceptible surprise that a former Pfizer VP has spilled the beans and said the whole universal vaccine mandate thing is all about control…and money. One assumes he has both a fulltime food taster and security detail on staff.

UPDATE 6/17/22: Perhaps money has a lot to do with vaccine mandates when two Federal judges are compelled to recuse themselves because they own Pfizer stock.

UPDATE 6/16/22: The deadly price paid by the young for the various poison barbs of Covid Response has yet to be fully tallied. Without coming off as hysterical, are we seeing a rise in vaccine-caused injuries and deaths? Relatively young, seemingly healthy movie stars suddenly are dying in their sleep; even younger rock stars have come down with facial paralysis. Athletes drop from heart failure and blood clots. Not even worth a look? Or would that open a Pandora’s box of doubt surrounding the whole vax/mask worship that infiltrated our lives like the deadly virus they were purported to contain and prevent? 

UPDATE 6/9/22: Young Australians are suddenly dying at an abnormal rate. At what point are the anti-anti vaxxers going to pause and think seriously about things?

UPDATE 6/9/22: Despite being at virtually no risk getting or suffering symptoms of Covid, children age 5 and younger are being forced by government officialdom to be “vaccinated.” Besides potential damage to their young bodies, they are getting early conditioning to BigGov coercion. If unnecessary shots are compulsory, why not total control of their lives?

6/9/22: Be afraid, be very afraid of those who act to save us from ourselves out of “compassion.” And don’t forget the great results of “good intentions.” 

UPDATE 6/5/22: Unsurprisingly, hyper-Prog California leads the way in continuing to criminalize anyone disagreeing with the establishment’s Covid narrative. Remember lockdowns? Remember millions of businesses and lives flushed away in the name of “safety?” Remember the suppression of any alternative treatments that might cut into “vaccine” profits or undermine the totalitarian mindset that drove Fauci and BigPharma over the last two years?

UPDATE 5/31/22: Those villainizing and shaming the unvaccinated may want to revise their views on the matter as time goes on, and side effects of The Vaccine become a widespread medical problem. There was a time when healthy skepticism was looked upon as a virtue and a matter of individual choice. In the last two years, it became a crime.

5/15/22: If you try it once and it works, why not try it again? Makes perfect sense. That goes for lockdowns necessitating mail-in voting which results in elections with outcomes miraculously known ahead of time. Stay tuned for the fall edition of vaccines/masks/lockdowns…and the  likelihood of another stolen election. 

UPDATE 5/15/22: Sooner or later, the “vaccination” mania must be acknowledged as the mass crime against humanity it has been. When real science holds sway again, the medical damage on display should send the deniers running for cover if there’s justice in this life.

UPDATE 5/14/22: Well, well. Data from Walgreen’s shows that the unvaccinated are testing Covid negative while the multi-jabbed are testing embarrassingly positive. Most of us don’t have to read about it but only have to listen sympathetically to shock & disbelief of our Vaccine Faithful friends that they’ve caught The Bug!

No such thing as too many boosters.

UPDATE 5/5/22: Hands down even after the recent hideous Met Gala clown show, THE MASK wins out as the ugliest (and evilest) fashion statement of this century so far.  

4/29/22: The masks are now past passe (and were from the start). Seeing one of those ugly things on the ground in an otherwise pristine parking lot the other day brings up the same sick feeling evoked by discarded needles and condoms.

UPDATE 4/20/22: After all the damage-physical, financial, psychological, social-done by the whole mask/vaccine/lockdown tyranny, the only possible good to come of it is major, long-lasting political backlash. The sleepwalking creep and his handlers have been too greedily power-hungry to foretell the relief and rage in response to a Florida judge having the cojones to strike a deadly (and hopefully) mortal blow to the mask mandate this week. We pray for a typhoon of blowback for the whole outrage, but a moderate tornado will do for the moment.

UPDATE 4/19/22: The plague of Maskaholism continues to rage in the fevered washed brains of millions. The REAL data and science show the masks have made little or no difference, that the virus has done its work on the vulnerable without or without masks, social distancing or even “vaccines.”  In those countries (Sweden for instance) and American states (Florida for instance) that loosened mask mandates early on actually had lower numbers of infection. Perhaps letting healthy people go about their lives and treating infection as it comes up might be healthier than confining and blackening everyone’s life equally in the name of “safety” from what never was a “pandemic.”

UPDATE 4/18/22: The loss of power that ending mask/vaccine/lockdown madness is the worst-case scenario for those Blue States hanging onto their controls so desperately.

UPDATE 4/18/22: If this ruling by a FLA judge is enforced, can we give up the maskarade on planes & trains now?

UPDATE 4/17/22: The war on children is most obvious and disturbing in the enforced masking policies of the very young.

UPDATE 4/16/22: Doctors have lost their autonomy to treat patients individually and are now being forced en masse to implement the one-size-fits-all policies of those corporations and medical organizations controlling them.

UPDATE 4/7/22: Mask madness in a January, 2022 Denver  incident as a gutsy father standing up for his son is harassed and assaulted by cops and school authorities carrying out the  mask mandate orders from on high that makes them “Good Germans” of the American variety.

UPDATE 4/6/22: Vax madness reaches a new level as a Cleveland hospital refuses to allow an unvaxed father to donate a kidney to his son.

UPDATE 4/4/22: That the “vaccinations” themselves are making the population more vulnerable to problems is NOT what the Covideers want to hear. And it’s doubtful they’ll ever register what been done, even with 9 out of 10 Covid deaths in the UK being” vaxxed; and insurance companies report an unholy spike in mortality among the general population of the young and otherwise healthy. Some ‘splainin’ to do here, but  those religiously invested in the vax cult are not about to admit they’ve been fools and purveyors of the worst sort of evil.

UPDATE 4/3/22: More reasons for vax skepticism now coming publicly to the fore. Remember the good old days when medical science involved intensive research and testing before trying things out on real humans?

UPDATE 4/2/22: Surprise! Booster #4 ready for roll=out!

UPDATE 3/24/22: Whatever shall the Dem Left do without the totalitarian controls and long term behavioral conditioning Covid has provided?  Answer: do it again. Brace yourselves and hope somehow things change in a radical way this coming November.

UPDATE 3/23/22: How nice. An invitation from the White House!

Tweeted one wonderfully snarky Repub Congressional wife in response:


UPDATE 3/24/22: Surprise! Not everyone gets infected or even sick. While others do. Which raises the money question, why did all the healthy people in the world have to be locked in their homes, disallowed from earning a living on the basis of “keeping us safe?” Isn’t this always the chance one takes in life? As in all collectivist scenarios, the misery must be shared, the suffering of the few must be visited upon everyone else. A few sick people? Quarantine the healthy! And did these so-called “vaccines” even work? Scores of legitimate, serious studies are saying, NO. 

UPDATE 3/17/22: The White House is expected to veto the Senate’s anti-mask mandate resolution. Why give up that psychological hook they’ve managed to sink into the mass psyche of their faithful following?

UPDATE 3/16/22: Since these jabs are not vaccines as vaccines have come to be defined over the centuries, what are they? One more bit of collapsing faith in all our principal institutions.

UPDATE 3/15/22: About to put out a 4th booster, Pfizer is determined to haul in some more of that Vax gelt before the Covid craze cools for good. Most disturbing is the 84% jump in excess mortality in middle-aged and younger adults right in tandem with the jump in jab mandates and boosters. We’re assured there’s absolutely nothing worth investigating here.

UPDATE 3/12/22 : At the risk of being drawn and quartered for the newly invented crime of “misinformation,” one must state that forcing the jab on children is senseless and more likely to do harm than good. Since healthy children have virtually zero chance of succumbing to The Virus, why mess with their already healthy constitutions to satisfy the impulsive urge to “do something!” rather than the sensible “leave well enough alone?”

UPDATE 3/10/22: Like the rooster crowing about his uncanny ability to make the sun rise or set, it’s oh-so-predictable that the mask/vax fanatics in the medical and education establishment  will congratulate themselves for saving millions of lives now that it’s really all over. Needless to say, there will be no mention of the incalculable damage done. It will be hailed in the same way as Brandon’s “outstanding success” in Afghanistan.

UPDATE 3/10/22: So this whole mass vax thing isn’t about the money in coffers of BigPharma & BigTech? It’s really about people’s health? Really?

Murthy’s “misinformation” has now officially replaced Fauci’s “I am the science.”

3/9/22: Who says that forcing masks on kids by school administrators and teachers isn’t child abuse and mass brain-washing? All this sentimental and tender talk about “Doing It For The Kids” just doesn’t square with the reality of smothering them, simultaneously turning them into malleable puppets of the State.

UPDATE 3/5/22: Since the Chinese plague itself is faltering as an excuse to impose vax/mask mandates (and generally curtail people’s most basic liberties), there’s a handy new fire-breathing dragon Big Brother is out to slay on our collective behalf. That peril is “MISINFORMATION!!!!” Note the official word choice from the Surgeon General’s office demanding Big Tech reveal the names of “exactly how many users saw or may have been EXPOSED to instances of Covid-19 misinformation.” A new virus! A new crisis!

Behold the replacement of the suddenly obsolete Dr. Tony The Fouch with the equally reliable Dr. Vivek Murthy, now chief medical propagandist….er…Surgeon General under the Brandon administration.

UPDATE 3/4/22: One needn’t be a medical/biological professional to feel some trepidation about the “warp speed” with which mass inoculation was thrust upon a frightened and pressured public. VAERS figures alone verify that this was dangerous to many immediately, and time will tell what delayed effects may be visited upon the “vaccinated.” Particularly distressing is the tyrannical pressure brought to bear on everyone to “take the jab.” and the ruinous social and economic consequences for many who have refused.

UPDATE 3/2/22: Life insurance companies are finding themselves stretched to unprecedented limits by a glut of payouts for deaths among working-age people. To protect their assets, there will almost certainly be serious investigation into the causes of this mortality spike in the dramatically younger demographic, something  public officials and their BigPharma cronies pushing untested “vaccines” are not likely to welcome.

UPDATE 3/2/22: When SNL admits to The Scam, The Fraud, The Insanity, The Catastrophe that has been the last two years, we’re on the road again to normal.

UPDATE 3/1/22? Have you heard? Natural immunity is cool. We are now treated to a bit of newly revised science fresh off the propaganda presses from the same “experts” who told everyone the vax and masks were IT (but just in case, stay at home, go broke, go crazy). Now the message is: Get the virus. Get over it. Get on with your life. Or as Miss Litella  always said:


UPDATE 2/26/22: Iceland is one more nation coming out of its sleepwalking stupor as more pressing realities present themselves. Make note of Iceland’s message to its citizens as it drops all Covid mandates and restrictions. Get infected! Get a life!  Natural herd immunity has seen us through every other bad flu! Other breaking news: the earth is not flat and it goes around the sun, not vice versa. Oh. Now you tell us.

UPDATE 2/25/22: Regarding the wearing of face masks, there is stupid, there is ignorant, there is idiocy. It ranks right up there with some of the worst forms of human folly and has earned its place in history’s garbage dump.

UPDATE 2/25/22: Like the (formerly heroic, now reviled) truckers, medical professionals have gone from saintly “frontline workers” to pariahs with a flash of a needle and a blunt refusal to submit. Too many real scientists and medical professionals objecting to the exertion of force over the public on vaccines/masks et al have unjustly suffered for their courage to resist this very un-American, punitive fist of Big Brother. And complicit establishmentarians like the AMA have totally shamed themselves and undermined the credibility of one of our noblest professions.

UPDATE 2/24/22: The CDC has the stats this week proving that a vast majority of new infections and hospitalizations are of the vaccinated. No, this is not from the “anti-vaxxer” conspiracy but from the same source that had the world locked down and pushed for universal vaccination/zero Covid for two years.

UPDATE 2/20/22: It is true “misinformation” to accuse all Covid vaccine skeptics of being “anti-vaxxers.” Doubtless there is some overlap with those taken in by the fanatic anti-vax movement that’s been around for decades. Present-day skeptics are questioning an untested, unresearched mixture now being forcibly foisted on everyone on the planet. The baggage of blatant corporate profiteering and the political weaponizing involved only further darkens the suspicious picture presented.


UPDATE 2/18/22: One of The View’s overexposed multi-millionairess nags has just announced with a proud flourish that she will be wearing a mask “indefinitely.” 

This is both virtue-signaling gone to brain-fever levels AND a message of terrified germaphobia. Like all Leftists, a free world is a scary rather than exciting one; and according to that mindset, everyone should live in cage just like her. But there’s one key proviso: unlike The Little People, her cage is guaranteed to be a golden one encrusted with diamonds from which she’s free to come and go as the mood strikes her. Not so the rest of us.

UPDATE 2/17/22: Someone (reputedly Stalin) once said one death is a tragedy, and a lot of deaths are just statistics. That said, how many sudden vax-related deaths does it take before these inert stats become seriously considered as needless, preventable tragedies?

UPDATE 2/17/22: There should be no doubt that the worldwide Covid lockdown has been a planned collusion between BigGov and crony capitalists. This is now borne out by an FDA biggie caught on hidden camera admitting these compulsory”vaccines” ensure a regular income for BigPharma. Follow the money.

UPDATE 2/16/22: O those masks. What they really mean, and it has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with ChiCom germs.

UPDATE 2/14/22: Foisting a totally unresearched, untested “vaccine” on billions of subjects worldwide doesn’t arouse doubt and suspicion? Put that reality alongside the branding of skeptics as criminals, and you have a  scenario worthy of the scariest science fiction.

UPDATE 2/11/22: Dr. Robert Malone, eminent scientist and vocal opponent of mandates for the vaccine he helped develop, speaks with Tucker Carlson.

UPDATE 2/10/22:   After two years of “Do it my way or else!”, there’s a sudden backing off by the same characters pushing the mask/vaccine line just weeks ago. How can one doubt this is about anything except compassionate concern for the public’s health…and fears of angry voter backlash in November? No doubt many will vote in these jokers again, but ain’t it always the way that the unregenerate fools on Planet Earth always exalt their worst enemies and diss their friends? If there’s still any doubt about the fundamental cruelty at the heart of any control freak, the Covid episode in any tyranny primer should be among the first object lessons.

UPDATE 2/10/22: Curious that China has not administered any of the mRNA shots so popular here. Do they know something we don’t?

How could there not be doubt in the average thinking person’s mind when the health establishment keeps churning out booster upon booster upon booster of a “vaccine” that apparently isn’t doing the job? The final definition of “vaccinated” is to be announced presently after the 11th booster is administered after which serious deliberation and “scientific” research will be conducted to determine what the hell is next.

2/5/22: Israel provides as strong an argument as any currently available for resisting the Mandates. Despite having nearly  100% vaccination rate, Israel reports the second (perhaps now the first) highest per capita death rate in the world AND the second highest infection rate worldwide. This gigantic miscalculation by one of the most scientifically sophisticated nations on earth is the legitimate science which today’s politically driven “scientists” and their slavish followers will not easily absorb. Counter that with the good news that since removing its mask mandate, Great Britain has yielded its lowest infection rate figures since mid-December. Not welcome news to those wishing to perpetuate this historically monumental folly and fraud.

Finland, FINIS. Denmark FINIS. Pray that America is not far behind. 

UPDATE 2/4/22: The whole Zero Covid myth is a pathological longing for “purity.” Small wonder it brings out the most evil attacks on any group (“anti-vaxxers”) perceived as being an obstacle to that deathly state of perfection. Among those pariahs are fired Pharma workers who explain their reasons for avoiding the jabs despite the nasty consequences.

UPDATE 2/3/22: Don’t tell me: masks are useless?  Could it be that lockdowns are worse than useless? The whole vaccine/mask charade coming out of Washington and now spreading to all points of Podunk LIKE A VIRUS is just theatre and political optics?

UPDATE 1/26/22: Those of us determined to stay healthy both physically and mentally throughout this Outer Limits scenario have little but our built-in truth-detectors and common sense to guide us.

The so-called “vaccines” have NO history of testing & research nor do they contain the viral elements necessary to fight the virus itself. These two requirements provided the basis for  those miracles of medicine that came earlier in our lifetimes and saved us from polio (among other maladies). Currently documented cases of injury and death mount in the VAERS tally, giving us as strong a reason as any to abstain.  There are also reports from other almost totally “vaccinated” countries like Scotland and Israel of extraordinarily high rates of infection.

Given a strong immune system,  the normal and healthy are likely to avoid death or even symptoms, and it’s common knowledge that a naturally activated immune system fighting off any virus or illness is the best antidote. The adamant, fanatic dismissal of natual immunity by those profiting from the “vaccines” speaks well of our inborn weapons against illness. We choose to take the chance, and to deny us that choice is nothing short of the tyranny one rightly associates with the worst totalitarian regimes of the present and past.

UPDATE 1/26/22: Social and medical reasons abound about the travesty of mask mania. The physical and emotional damage done, especially to the young, should be reason enough to discard them. But they are not going away because they stimulate the fear necessary to distance & divide people from one another. What better way to undermine the morale of a whole society? The ugly things are too valuable a tool of mass control for the power-mad politicians to discard them.  Minus the sinister masks, the spell is broken.

UPDATE 1/24/22: Rand Paul remains the leading figure in Congress confronting and exposing Fauci and the massive fraud he and his minions continue to perpetrate.

Equally important in this fight is the grass roots resistance such as that headed up by an LA attorney and a Holocaust survivor who have managed to stop vaccine mandates for the moment in vax-mad Orange County, CA.

UPDATE 1/24/22: Thousands of free-thinking doctors are speaking out and marching against mandates. They are the ones who are NOT caving to the mob and their own Woke professional organizations. Most to their credit, they do not stand to make money dangled in front of them by BigPharma.

Speaking of money, we are reminded that before vaccine profiteers BigPharma and Bill Gates, there was J.D. Rockefeller. Going back more than a century, we learn there has always been untold wealth and political power to be gained from manufactured medical scares inflicted on the public.  Will the negative effects of the “vaccines” or at best their worthlessness change the public’s perception of all this? For many, thinking independently is too scary after harboring such blind faith in our medical bureaucrats.

UPDATE 1/23/22: Israeli study finds vax makes young men prone to heart problems. No matter. Having painted themselves into a zealot’s corner, the vax fanatics and their champions in power will continue their war on the skeptical.

UPDATE 1/21/22: Despite the return of common sense (and civil liberties) to several prominent Western nations, mask/vaccine madness here in America is not going away just yet. Remember in politics, we’re only as free as the people the electorate has chosen to represent us, and regrettably, we have El Demento.

UPDATE 1/22/22: Proof positive that The Vaccination is holy and works like magic. Four bouts of Covid, four “vaccinations.”  NEXT!

Tried them all. Gimme a pink one!!! And a turquoise one after that!!!


UPDATE 1/21/22: Heartening news that a federal judge has blocked Brandon’s vaccine mandate for Federal employees. And the CDC is allowing cruise lines to switch their stringent mandates to voluntary observance of protocols. How long will it take once and for all to declare the vaccines failures and their continuation senseless if not dangerous?

UPDATE 1/21/22: A French Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Luc Montagnier, says Don’t Get Vaxxed. No guarantee of his credibility beyond reading about a distinguished career devoid of any history of irrationality or political activism. God forbid a real scientist offers his take on the subject with no prospect of financial gain (unlike Fauci and his friends in Big Pharma). Professor Montagnier, like thousands of other stalwart medical figures speaking up, stands to reap nothing but grief for expressing such heresy.

Money+ Marxism=Power.

UPDATE 1/21/22: There’s no end to how the Leftists driving the whole Covid narrative will use the vaxed/unvaxed/masked/unmasked designation to smear and destroy. And sheeple are more than game, having bought into the whole mask thing as not merely a health measure but a visible sign of high moral fiber. Engaging the cowed public to shame and snitch on those defying Big Brother mandates has always been encouraged by the most successful dictatorships.

A smear masquerading as a PSA,  high-minded NPR falsely reported that Supreme Court Justice (and heartless murderer) Gorsuch refused to wear a mask for a recent meeting, forcing Justice (and hapless victim) Sotomayor to stay away on Zoom. How else to distract from Sotomayor’s  ignorant recitation of fake stats on Covid deaths in children? No surprise it was an outright fabrication, totally denied by both Sotomayor and Gorsuch. Naturally, NPR has made no correction or retraction of their lie. While perennially playing the victim, the Left is really in full-frontal attack mode. Always.

UPDATE 1/14/22: This benign-looking little man so loved by Hollywood and the Trump-hating elite everywhere is as slippery as they come. It’s that old thing memorably stated about his fellow sociopaths-in-arms, the Clintons: he lies so easily.

UPDATE 1/13/22: Is it not enough to know that masked children are being forced to breathe up to more than 6 times the acceptable limit of CO2 for adults?  Maybe, just maybe it’s bad for everyone to be breathing your own bacteria. It’s more than ominous for a society when a prevailing mindset implanted by “experts” allows a parent to disregard warnings about the masks and “vaccines” hurting their own children, let alone themselves.

As Adam Carolla responded to such illogic and irrationality, “We are doomed.”

UPDATE 1/13/22: Why are there shortages on the shelves? Perhaps it has something to do with the vaccine/mask mandates that are driving millions out of the workforce. It’s been bad enough punishing the billions of healthy to save the thousands of the sick (which didn’t save them anyhow). Now the plan is to starve them.

We look in vain to the highest legal authority in the land to eradicate the insanity, but the moral universe continues to go more topsy turvy as health workers in non-private health facilities are being forced out of their much needed, ultra-essential positions by the Brandon vax mandate upheld by a corrupted Supreme Court.

In the evil frenzy to not let any crisis go to waste, it has always been about politics, not what’s good for people. Yet one more example of this perversity is the hatred ginned up for a superb athlete who won’t go with the program. The highly effective strategy working so brilliantly in Australia and other reputedly-free countries (like America) is to create a new object of hatred to deflect the mob rage from those controlling them. The new Deplorables are The Unvaccinated, and Novak is this week’s object of our Two Minute Hate.

UPDATE 1/11/22: A nice slimy new black market has sprung up as it always does when Big Brother decides to control and ration what the demands of the free market naturally provides. Remember Prohibition and all of its attendant benefits, especially for gangsters? This time it’s used rapid Covid tests scrounged from garbage cans that people can use to lie their way into those places gripped by the mandate vice.

How much do I hear for this used negative test card?!!

UPDATE 1/9/22: So much for the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as one proudly triple-vaxxed celebrity after another (and millions of the hoi polloi) get a positive thumbs up from the Covid testing monster. The disbelief and denial are deafening, but the fraudulent mindset is malleable. Next thing you know, Testing Poz will be the Next Cool Thing for a new Vaccine Breakthrough elite.

1/8/22: In saner times within memory, didn’t they used to recall millions of dollars in edibles like bad fish or tainted dog food when a handful of consumers got sick? Concern for consumers has certainly dwindled despite the death and serious injury count for vaccines during 2019-2020 (as reported by VAERS) as more than a million reported incidents and 21,000 deaths. Compare that to all the vaccines for the previous 30 years. Not only NO RECALL but they just keep putting new & improved lifesavers out, called “boosters.” Not to worry if they don’t work and the jabbed are getting sick in greater numbers than the unjabbed.


UPDATE 1/8/22: This insane video, sounding so like brainwashed ChiCom Red Guard children singing the praises of Chairman Mao, revives zany memories of that one hearkening back to 2008 featuring Hollywood’s most prominent braindead Obama worshippers: “I pledge to be a servant to our President.” Your command is our sworn duty. Whatever you say, Beloved Leader.

UPDATE 1/8/22: All significant points of Vaccine/Mask tyranny are covered in this video of airline workers pushing back on the dangerous mandates. Watch the 8 minute version.

UPDATE 1/7/22: The mortality rates (not from Covid) for middle-aged people has suddenly jumped 40%. These are relatively young, otherwise healthy (and “vaccinated”) people. Are the “vaccines” turning out to be a temporary fix that weakens the immune system to the point where it is dependent upon repeated fixes?  Certainly good financial news for anyone selling “vaccines” and devastating for anyone with compromised immune systems hooked on them.

Not statistics, just a theoretical model. Note the jump in immunity then overall decline with each successive booster. Meanwhile immunity of the unvaccinated remains whatever it is, enhanced by whatever natural immunity might occur from infection. Refraining is the safe, sane approach.

UPDATE 1/2/21: Simple   percentage figures of the jabbed Omicron-infected, first from Denmark (90%) and now Germany (95%), exhibit both the folly and the perils of enforced, UNTESTED, UNRESEARCHED “vaccines.” They are worse than useless; they’re dangerous. For 500 second opinions after hearing out Dr. Fauci, ask these Canadian physicians, scientists and health professionals.

Looking forward to that day when real science-proven remedies and natural immunity-is once again mainstream and coming out of the mouths of real scientists, not corrupt bureaucratic hacks.

UPDATE 1/1/21: It’s been Annus Horribilis of The Masked & Vaxxed if one is to acknowledge the most lethal, double-edged weapon of political control. 

Despite every effort to enforce the jab through economic pressure, social media cancellation or fear, the Vaxxed Faithful will wake up from their dream state to confront the nightmare of their holy sacrament being something less than healthy for their immune systems. One can hide or suppress facts, but reality remains inconveniently present (like healthy viruses do) when verified by real stats, real research, real places. In time, legitimate vaccines may be developed, but natural immunity was, is and will remain the best remedy. Truth can be a real bitch at first, especially to those willfully lying to themselves.

And, no, demanding full research and time for testing doesn’t make one an “anti-vaxxer.”

UPDATE 12/27/21: While Trump was President, the medical “experts” like Fauci were adamant in their warnings about the dangers of rushing untested mass vaccination into use on the public. History provides too many examples of the dangers, they said. A new drug harming literally a handful of people would be immediately recalled in saner days. Quite rightly so.

However, now that they are in power and have discovered the bountiful benefits of using fake medicine as a weapon of political control and massive profits to be gleaned by their crony capitalist friends in BigPharma , there is no such thing as too much or too soon when it comes to vaccine/booster concoctions. When the moral universe rights itself, posterity will condemn those currently driving this horror as they discount and ignore tens of thousands of vaccine-related deaths and serious reactions. To those skeptical of the mass crime being committed, check out conservative figures from VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] numbers which are vetted by the CDC.

UPDATE 12/24/21:

UPDATE 12/24/21: It’s doubtful there’s any serious rethinking the whole mad “Vax or Die” narrative even though fully jabbed Danes account for almost 80% of the currently infected while skeptical, unjabbed Deplorables account for less than 10%. Could it be the “vaccine” is making people MORE vulnerable to infection?

UPDATE 12/24/21: Sanity will prevail when simple self-administered tests become routine and easily available. Since perpetuating the panic means more money & power for the BigGov/BigPharma axis, it’s no mystery why these relatively cheap, easy tests are almost impossible to find. And why the indisputable REAL SCIENCE of natural immunity (one mild dose and done) is something those in the know would like to keep under wraps.

Currently the best buy at $14 for 2 at Walmart…if you can find them on the shelf.

UPDATE 12/24/21: Dare we hope for a return to a sane, normal way of life or have the majority of formerly free people completely abandoned the notion of freedom for a paranoid world view haunted by perpetual vaccines, social distancing and masks? The psychology of the obedient herd is the driving force behind all political tyrannies, and we can only pray something breaks this mass psychosis.

UPDATE 12/21/21: As of a week or two back, multi-jabbed loud mouth stock advisor Jim Cramer was ready to sic the Marines on anyone unvaxxed  in order to force them into his Holy Vaxxed state of grace…but, lo and behold, he’s just tested positive. I’m sure there’s an explanation to go along with his presumably reconfigured designs on tyrannizing his fellow Americans. Meanwhile, masked & gloved Manhattan Nervous Nellies terrorized by the Big O(micron) use their knuckles to press the elevator buttons in their high rises. We have become a nation of germaphobes and, in too many instances, hysterical enough to kill (or at the very least torture) for the cause.

Leading the CHARGE! of the Woke Lite Brigade against the EEEVil unvaxxed.

UPDATE 12/21/21: Isn’t it ridiculous how Republicans have totally politicized resistance to the whole “vaccine” business? Hmmm?….Oh, wait…

UPDATE 12/21/21: It’s not “just a mask” but a visible badge of compliance, obedience, submission. Ask a burqa-ed  woman but don’t expect an answer. Her male handler will either beat or kill her. What comparable threat of punishment awaits those who refuse to be compliant, obedient and submissive?

UPDATE 12/21/21: For many of us, basic principles underlying the truth are preferable to numbers, graphs, charts, statistics. So Steve Kirsch generously provides a 5 minute precis of RFK Jr’s landmark expose of the Fauci fiasco.

UPDATE 12/20/21: Early last week the NYTimes’ daily email editorial DEMANDED that the public GET THE SHOT OR DIE FROM OMICRON!!!, followed a day or two later with “The shots used in most of the world outside the U.S. will probably not protect against Omicron infections.”

Could it be clearer that the self-declared Smartest People in The World who continue to read and live by the gospel of mainstreamed NY Times lies are by, all objective standards, the Least Well Informed if not the Dumbest People In The World. And, paraphrasing Dame Edna, that is meant in the most loving, caring way.

NY Times readers prostrate at the Holy Shrine Of Our Gray Lady Of Manhattan.

UPDATE 12/19/21: A few uncomfortable points of reality sure to play havoc with the mental well-being of the smug Vaccine Club : the “vaccinated” (better termed “the inoculated”) can spread the virus as much as those eschewing the jab. And VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports there are thousands of people harmed by an untested concoction peddled 24/7 by Big Pharma, BigGov and the media as The Cure For Covid.

UPDATE 12/18/21: Like every tyrannical faction operating from the Left, the U.S. Government bases its Covid operating manual on the Mafia: we’re here to protect you…and don’t even think about refusing our generous offer.  Maybe that’s why it’s called a protection racket.

UPDATE 12/16/21: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy seems to have heard the message that Americans “are sick of masks and vaccine mandates” after his narrow shave with almost being kicked out of office. Can it be he’s really “listening to all of New Jersey” as he claims? Good news if so.

UPDATE: 12/15/21: Bud & Lou work out the total reasonableness of Covid “vaccines.” No, it’s not “Who’s on first?” It’s “You’re protected?”

UPDATE 12/17/21: An Australian senator finds himself locked up in a detention center despite multiple negative tests for The Virus. It’s not just the little refusenik nobodies now living in fear of the New Stasi/Gestapo.

UPDATE 12/16/21: Bobby Kennedy, Jr’s book on the billionairiat axis running this tyranny is getting massive coverage. He is on a worthy mission that could ultimately cancel out the sins of his family’s previous generation, particularly those of his Uncle Ted.

UPDATE 12/11/21: Sunny sanity has broken through in Pennsylvania as the state Supreme Court knocked down the mask mandate for schools. Doubtless, those Covid cultists high on mass control will still try to impose their version of the burqa;  but free-thinking parents, children and their teachers can freely, literally show their faces now without legal repercussions.

UPDATE 12/11/21: It’s not about a vaccine or testing negative or being healthy. It’s about doing what you’re told which is The Mask.

UPDATE 12/11/21: At what point do people realize they’ve been had in a big way by their so-called “leaders?” The British public is rightly aghast at video evidence of partying and fun stuff, sans mask/distancing actually going on at 10 Downing  Street last year at Christmastime while all the Brit plebes were sternly told to lock down, mask up and stay scared.

They’re laughing at us, all of us, including those denied access to dying relatives, those driven into bankruptcy by enforced unemployment, the millions of lives (especially children) ruined in one way or the other. All of us. They’re special. We’re “non-essential.” Get it?

UPDATE 12/10/21: Read a review of RFK, Jr’s book, THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI.  Mistrust of anything Kennedy is understandable considering this dysfunctional family’s tawdry history, but Bobby Jr.’s meticulous documentation of what’s being foisted upon us by BigGov (Fauci & Co.) & BigBiz (Bill Gates, Big Pharma) is damning and convincing. One needn’t be an “anti-vaxxer” or conspiracy nut to look upon what’s transpired over the last two years with genuine horror. Look away at your own risk.

UPDATE 12/10/21: There is never any harm in restating the truth. An Israeli study reaffirms  natural immunity is more protective than any vaccine and certainly superior to any mysterious mixture that has made quick billions for Big Pharma. Not incidentally, said concoction has provided an unexpected precedent for totalitarian control by those disposed to play our century’s versions of Stalin, Hitler and the rest.

UPDATE 12/10/21: This week’s Nothing To See Here But You’re Crazy Not To Look:  Pfizer announces that all documentation about its development of “The Vaccine” is to be locked away for 75 years. Just a little extra protection to add to that unjust immunity they’ve been granted from potential lawsuits which should be forthcoming in wild abundance in short order. There are too many damaged people to ignore, yet one more travesty from our “leaders” and “experts” swept under the Nothing To See Here rug.

UPDATE 12/3/21: Currently the “vaccine” is the Dems’ hottest offer of salvation and, simultaneously, its chief weapon of fear-based control. But wait until it’s proven to be worthless (or even deadly on a large scale) and be certain it will suddenly be disowned and declared all Trump’s fault. As long as he continues to tout this concoction prematurely rushed into action as some great achievement, he’s setting himself up for taking the fall for every Covid-related crime committed by the Dems.  

This unfortunate albatross destined to hang from the neck of a uniquely effective President, is pointing us to DeSantis (plus Rand Paul!) for 2024.

UPDATE 12/2/21: Like stampeding rats over a cliff, Germany is following Austria’s example and looking more and more like their ugliest selves about 80-90 years back. Think Weimar, 1933. Looking forward to that day not far off when the evil spell has been broken worldwide, and America pointedly rejects Deutschland’s foray into a dark past that would be sheer madness to repeat.

What say, Teutonic pals? How about we keep it something way, way in the past where we can satirize & laugh about it at a great distance, hmmm?

UPDATE 11/29/21: As always, Liberal/Leftists are highly inconsistent when it comes to what they want for themselves and what they insist on for the rest of us. Vaccine/Mask mandates are just the latest. Black Americans have more than ample historical reasons not to trust government-imposed scientific experimentation. And so do the rest of us, taking Reagan’s famous warning seriously: “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.”

Come back in a few years after these “vaccines” and “boosters” and “boosters for the boosters” have really been tested (not recklessly en masse on humans), and we’ll consider it. With the option of still saying, “No.”

UPDATE 11/29/21: Enough already with “new variants” and fear porn. But it won’t stop until people cease to love their chains and the drama attached to this particular set of manacles. 

UPDATE 11/28/21: Utterly astounding that we no sooner hear about yet a new variant (OMICRON! Not Nu! Not Xi!) than we’re suddenly, by chance, coincidentally informed of new vaccines that just happen to be waiting in the wings right after Christmas! Surely there’s nothing calculating or smacking of blatant, shameless crony capitalism between Big Pharma and Big Brother here, is there? First it was the miraculous Warp Speed vaccines for Round 1, followed by unexpected “breakthroughs” followed by more variants, followed by boosters, to be followed by more boosters and followed by…Oh never mind. Nothing to think or worry about. Just take the damn jab(s)!

Writing out those prescriptions and mass mandates as fast as they can produce the saleable merchandise.

UPDATE 11/24/21: Don’t miss Freddie Sayers’ sobering video tour of locked-down Austria. The most significant takeaway is the government’s sinister strategy of not merely inflicting blanket mandates on the public but, rather, pitting one part of the population against the other to do the dirty work of controlling the entire populace. Social pressure provide cover for a totalitarian regime not wishing to be perceived as the dictatorial tyrants they are. This approach goes back at least to Stalin and Hitler. In this instance, the “good” (vaccinated) citizens smugly consider themselves unofficial deputies of Big Brother, valiant public servants  eager to shun, harass and, given the right circumstances, totally destroy those who refuse to go with their Beloved Leaders’ noble edicts.

Austria’s totalitarian doppelganger Australia is currently transporting infected Bad Ones to quarantine camps. Those denying the similarity of all this to 1930s Germany and its ultimate consequences are living in denial.

UPDATE 11/22/21: Bobby Kennedy, Jr.’s new book and interview with Tucker Carlson is big news. Kennedy has suddenly risen out of the dismal murk of air-brushed Kennedy mythology to become a significant spokesman for freedom-lovers everywhere. Read his stirring speech just delivered in Milan, watch the Carlson interview, get the book meticulously documenting the full rot of the long-planned Covid/Vaccine/Mask scam featuring Bill Gates and Tony Fauci in starring roles. Suddenly one has the distinct sense that this is a profoundly important message and voice to heed. [RFK Jr.’s actual voice has been severely compromised by a neurological disorder called spasmodic dysphonia.]

Kennedy’s righteous crusade alongside Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial & victory (both covered by Tucker Carlson) bring us face to face with two principal fronts in the war we must wage and win.

UPDATE 11/22/21: In a just universe, there must come a point at which those responsible for damage done by the Covid lockdowns are tried and punished, legally. No doubt people like Fauci & Birx consider themselves immune being the media tongue-bathed “experts” stalwartly guiding the nation through its “crisis.” Let the real facts of countless lives unnecessarily ruined and lost be put forth in court.

No, this has NOT been simply bad judgment or incompetence. 

UPDATE 11/17/21: Our fraudulent medical establishment is falling all over itself to redefine “booster.” So how many more “boosters” for the “boosters” can we expect? Spread disinformation, thicken the fog by labeling any dissent as “misinformation.” An old strategy as this 2009 cartoon about seasonal flu shots shows.

At least people a decade back had the option of making up their own minds amidst the flurry of myth, rumor and lies. 2020 has been somewhat different.

UPDATE 11/17/21: As predicted way down this thread and thanks to a full-scale barrage of lies and real misinformation,  vaccine/mask mandates have become the latest, most effective form of dividing, intimidating and enslaving citizens.   Watch this video of New Yorkers-parents, business owners, people thrown out of work for refusing the vaccine-standing up for themselves and their most basic rights of speech, association, movement. As the man (around 9:00) optimistically opines, when they start coming after the children, the rage of parents will ultimately turn the tide.

UPDATE 11/16/21: De Tocqueville warned that America would be doomed when citizens were able to help themselves to the U.S. Treasury. This is precisely what has taken root with politicos bribing people not to work, to vote as directed and become totally dependent upon a regular government check in the mail. Now it extends to bribing even reluctant children with money to cheerfully take the vaccine and wear the mask.

Says dirty old political pervert Bill DeBlasio driving by in his dark-windowed SUV to lure the kiddies into the car with a $100 bill: “It buys a whole lot of candy.” 


UPDATE 11/15/21: Natural immunity continues to be THE GREAT SECRET that must be kept under wraps lest the champions of lockdowns, masks and mass control be shown up as the decidedly UNscientific frauds they are. For one thing, they cannot afford to have millions of healthy people walking about unvaccinated, unaffected, putting a lie to their frenzied vaccine and mask mandates. In genuinely scientific terms, the unvaccinated would comprise a control group to compare with those vaccinated. How embarrassing this is proving to be as substantial numbers of the naturally immune and the low incidence of transmission from and among them have been revealed by no less than the CDC.

As the freedom-loving gut it out, there is good news from the courts staying the vaccine mandates coming from on high. And there are courageous souls fighting the tyranny one at a time such as the little schoolgirl in Florida who refused to wear a mask, got banned from class for two months and has finally been allowed to return in triumph to literal cheers from her admiring, commiserating classmates.

UPDATE 11/10/21: The social pressure to take the vaccine has never been about your health. It is about denying the superiority of natural immunity, going with the mob and, most to the point, about your submission to the CONTROL of self-appointed Master Planners acting as God in place of natural forces. Refusal to comply has become a crime against all humanity, and to hell with your individual rights and freedom. 

UPDATE 11/10/21: No tyrant has ever been an effective totalitarian without the help of snitches and spies turning in the uncooperative among the ranks of THE CONTROLLED (that’s you & me). While Beloved Leaders and their ilk assert very visible MACRO control, little drones (eg, quislings, collaborators in WWII Europe) must continually do the MICRO dirty work behind the scenes. Ergo, “whistleblowers [playing a] key role in enforcing vaccine mandate”  are prerequisite for any dictatorship.

UPDATE 11/9/21: Not a good optics week for the vaccine mandates fanatics if it proves true that CA Guv Newsom has been seriously felled by Guillain-Barre Syndrome in response to a booster shot just received last week. He hasn’t been seen  in public since making a now-typically ostentatious show of getting his latest jab on October 27. [Oh, and an appearance at a wildly extravagant (and unmasked) Getty wedding in Frisco worthy of Marie-Antoinette!] Not wishing pain or harm on anyone, but if true, his blindly self-inflicted dilemma should provide one more well-deserved nail in the vaccine mandate coffin.

When politicized scientists  hurt innocent people…

UPDATE 11/8/21: A FLA man on a viral video may not be a medical doctor nor does he claim to be, but can anyone dispute the accuracy of what he says about the danger of masks and the phony “vaccine?” 

UPDATE 11/6/21: Good news for millions as major resistance to Brandon’s vaccine mandates grows. The latest is a temporary halt to the OSHA mandate by a Federal judge.

UPDATE 11/6/21: To those questioning whether we are being forced to take a “vaccine” or something…um…rather more vague, check out the CDC studied alteration of the word’s meaning. Formerly, a vaccine was defined as  “A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” That definition now reads, “A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” Makes one think, but thinking is not really encouraged these days.

UPDATE 11/5/21: If one didn’t know better (which we do), one would think that everything the Brandon administration does is a deliberate attempt to wreck America in every way imaginable, vaccine mandates included. 

UPDATE 11/4/2`1: Black, conservative (ergo a mortal threat to the Woke Left), eminent neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson adamantly warns against Covid vaccine mandates for children and rightly frames the whole, monstrous “pandemic” scam as “a giant experiment.”

Re-read The Great Barrington Statement to refresh yourself on what other legitimate, dedicated medical professionals have to say about the nightmare visited upon everyone, young and old, since March, 2020.

UPDATE 11/1/21: Those fanatic governors hot to inflict vaccine mandates on their constituents are either insane or evil: insane to drive millions of “essential” workers (like cops & firefighters & teachers from employment and/or evil to deny everyone the most basic rights of association and movement.

UPDATE 10/27/21: The totalitarian power currently being accrued in the name of “safety” is testing responsible parents determined to maintain full control of their family’s destiny. It’s teeth gritting time for those of us looking on as ignorantly compliant adults not only permit but applaud vaccines and masks for their children and grandchildren against the advice of real medical/scientific professionals…not to mention their own good sense.

UPDATE 10/26/21: Unclean, leprous, non-compliant, renegade Deplorable Florida now boasts the lowest virus infection rate in America. Not that those religiously tied to fear & controls are ready to come out of their corners & cages…or allow anyone else to do so.

UPDATE 10/21/21: Natural immunity is gaining a foothold in the national consciousness…finally.

UPDATE 10/21/21: A hopeful trend toward sanity as Indiana opens it doors to fired vax-refusenik Chicago cops: “No vaccine mandate…lower taxes, great schools, welcoming communities.” Ya’ll come!!!

UPDATE 10/19/21: It’s claimed the reported hounding this week of unvaccinated Canadian Natives is a hoax. Nevertheless, the woman in the video linked below speaks for people all over the world who are being forced to take the injection or suffer a variety of punishments. Look down this post for easily verifiable incidents of vax/mask tyranny in Australia & New Zealand  & here in America, ranging from arrested school children to millions of people banned or permanently fired.

ALLEGEDLY, Vaccine/Mask tyranny is now being waged by Trudeau against Native Canadians resisting injections. According to the YouTube video linked here, women and children have fled their homes into the northern Saskatchewan woods to avoid the authorities forcing this upon them. Rumor/hoax or not, the outraged woman in the video knows well the scam verifiably at work worldwide, citing the shots’ untested status and possible dangers; the easy availability (and official dismissal/suppression) of cheap alternatives like HCQ and Ivermectin; and, most urgently, the forced nightmare of unchallenged totalitarianism…all for people’s “safety” of course.


UPDATE 10/17/21: Ultimately the best reason to pass on the “vaccines” is that natural immunity is vastly superior to what could pan out to be a Jim Jones Kool-Aid exercise. Not a pretty picture for those millions honestly believing they’ve protected themselves, not only from Covid but from the social pressures attached to the whole vaccine/mask travesty. 

UPDATE 1`0/16/21: The absurd (and criminal) illogic of universal mass vaccination/masking  (including the young) has met a roadblock when  even the NY Times admits the risk of Covid in children is minimal. All of no concern whatsoever to those high on the power they hold over an ignorant, cowed public.


UPDATE 10/11/21: The mindless, totalitarian police state tyranny of Australia is here, in Red State Wyoming and doubtless spreading elsewhere. Watch a courageous, 16 year old girl named Grace (with her father on hand) politely, calmly refusing to wear a mask to her school classroom  and being met with threats of force and intimidation by a whole battalion of braindead, soulless cops and school officials, bureaucratic bullies all.

Most striking is the tactic by the “authorities” of projecting their own abuse of power onto this girl,  locking down the entire school and excoriating her  for “[restricting] the movement of over a thousand students who are not allowed to leave their classrooms because you’re trying to get back into the classroom.”

Psychologically, they are acting out the national vaccinated/unvaccinated drama, villainizing her in the eyes of those thousand other students as the source of their misery, making  her a visible example of what happens to the disobedient and uncompliant.

This is America? For some, focusing on mask tyranny is considered peripheral and not significant enough to be made a pivotal issue. But it is. If compulsory masking is not the visible, universally imposed mark of submissive obedience to whatever arbitrary decree the the State imposes, what is? Do our otherwise liberty-loving friends believe it will stop at just masks?  Denying children entry to school, locking people away in their houses and refusing to let them go to work or worship or carry on their lives isn’t blatant tyranny?

Grace from Wyoming, American heroine. What Greta only claims to be. 

UPDATE 10/8/21: Vaccine/Mask/Lockdown madness with all the outrageous measures taken to enforce it is really the underpinning of the Great Reset underway. Why is natural immunity acquired after actually having the virus (and superior to any man-made vaccine) rejected by those driving public health policy worldwide?  Why is a universal, easily administered quick test showing negative results not a common option?  Because it has never has been about safety or public health. It is about control and political power.

10/9/21: To the delight of the Left and those psychologically and religiously inclined toward centralized control, apartheid is back, separating the “clean” (vaccinated & masked) from the unclean and noncompliant. The gravity of this artificially created social blight ranges from the absurd, distinctly unscientific practice of requiring the unvaccinated (AND many of the vaccinated) to wear masks in public…to the downright terrifying Gestapo tactics of  nations gone mad like Australia and Lithuania, treating the uncooperative as dangerous criminals.

Behold the endgame of that once presumed “free” society Down Under infected by deliberately created panic. If they can make you take the vaccine, wear a mask and deny you your basic rights and privileges, what can’t they make you do?

If this picture doesn’t shock & disgust you, you are living in major denial…or you aspire to be a tyrant.

UPDATE 9/20/21: Mortimer Snerd Biden’s team of Bergens have stepped up the politicization of Covid treatment by outlawing the purchase of effective drugs directly from suppliers then, in controlling access to those drugs, denying them to patients.  And they are pushing for dishonorable discharge for those in the military refusing the vaccination.  The evils of socialized (rationed, discriminatory) medicine on full display.

UPDATE 9/19/21: Little Central American El Salvador is providing its citizens with prophylactic packets of over-the-counter drugs proven effective against Covid and safe for public consumption after decades of use.

Included in the packets:  Acetaminophen 500mg (Panadol, Tylenol, Paracetamol); Vitamin C 500mg; Vitamin D3 2000IU; Zinc 50mg; Aspirin 100mg for clots; IVERMECTIN.

The country’s President has been totally on board for over a year.  Too commonsensical and supportive of self-reliance perhaps? An annoying alternative to that prerequisite crisis needed to terrify and control millions?

9/18/21: The luxury of living a free life in public, sans mask or germ obsession, seems to be a fleeting thing in a brain-washed world. Kevin McCarthy’s creeping sense of isolation in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” comes chillingly to mind.

UPDATE 9/18/21: The mask remains the message. 

UPDATE 9/17/21: The doubling down on the unvaccinated and mask-refuseniks by the illegitimate “leader” has only further awakened anyone who doubts this is all a trial run for dictatorial power over the ordinary, free-thinking American citizen. If anyone on the fence was considering the “vaccine,” fuggedaboutit now. This is not about health; this is about free choice…or as the most impassioned Leftists would say, “My body, my choice.”

Comically, as KamalaWallaBingBang was touting that pro-abortion meme, our self-anointed Capo Di Capi was simultaneously making said mantra permanently obsolete: “As your President, I’m announcing tonight a new plan to require more Americans to be vaccinated, to combat those blocking public health,” said the president. “This is not about freedom or personal choice.”   Late breaking news alert to Sleepy Joe: in America it’s EVERYTHING about freedom and personal choice.  

UPDATE 9/15/21: Masks are for the Little People, the impure, the faceless, the unsophisticated. AOC’s egalitarian message from her high perch among the glitterati is that she along with her fellow partiers are a bit more equal than the hired help. Amusingly, she may be in some legal hot water for taking free tickets for her little show boat act.

.UPDATE 9/14/21: Potentially half the San Diego police department is resigning or willing to be fired over vaccine mandates. Hey, CA! How’s this latest Atlas Shrugged incident working out for you?


UPDATE 9/14/21: So those of us who loathe the masks, mask mandates and the paranoid climate surrounding them are making too big a deal of things? An unmasked, asthmatic baby triggered an hysterical American Airlines flight attendant “just following orders,” and the plane was turned around because of this  “non-compliant passenger.”  Mother and baby were kicked off the plane. 

Another mother and baby flying AA to see the military father about to be deployed  were similarly deplaned because of the baby’s skin condition.

This is vile madness. 

UPDATE 9/13/21: Biden’s vaccine mandate is only the beginning if allowed to stand. Tyrannical political power and control has no limits, including violent force and mass murder. 100 hundred million+ corpses on the communist altar over the last century is verification of that.

UPDATE 9/12/21: Let us hope the disastrous economic and social consequences of the Vaccine Mandate serve the purpose of waking up those Americans who still don’t know they’re  flying on a plane piloted by an inanimate blow-up dummy.

UPDATE 9/11/21: One brilliant consequence of tyrannizing the unvaccinated is suddenly diminished hospital staff, no medical care. One Texas hospital may close due to massive walk-outs. In another, no babies will be delivered.

Atlas is shrugging, and of course, the tyrants are blaming it on those who refuse to accommodate their tyranny. In the words of that “nice guy” Joe (to be fair, his handlers’ words read off a teleprompter), “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and the refusal has cost all of us.”

No, Joe, it has cost you nothing but only afforded you more license to lecture and control us like the dried-up old scold you are.

Hail to The Chief.

UPDATE 9/11/21: We face all manner of mortal enemies (the Taliban, for instance), and Biden finds the only foe worth engaging are independent, unvaccinated American citizens. 

UPDATE 9/9/21: Anyone still skeptical that our present social climate now approaches a chilling resemblance to  Jew-hate in Nazi Germany  might take stock of Third Reich hallmarks and its kindred  genocidal regimes.  One is internment camps now actively operating in Australia to quarantine those citizens deemed guilty of defiling the Motherland’s Zero Covid “purity.” Oz is also borrowing rigid travel restrictions and confinement within its borders from the most prominent Communist tyrannies of the past century. Another is the totally undisguised hatred and frank death wishes toward “anti-vaxxers” or vaccine skeptics displayed by late-night “comedians” who have moved into serious political propaganda with their Orwellian “minutes of hate”  revving up the mindless masses nightly against imagined Enemies of the State.

Topping all of this is Biden’s just declared proposals for withholding healthcare from the unvaccinated, and we are straying very close to a rather stark line resembling apartheid. He seems to have a problem conquering or even containing a natural enemy like the Taliban, so he has instead declared war on independent, uncooperative Americans. 

UPDATE 9/7/21: If government can force vaccines and masks on citizens, there’s no limit to what other liberties and choices can be withdrawn in the name of “safety” and the general commonweal. Australia is now going one step further toward a Chinese/North Korean way of life with internment camps for the previously unquarantined and presumably in the long run for all varieties of social lepers and the generally uncooperative. One mustn’t call them internment camps; the are “centers for national resilience.” There are even great career opportunities offered online for those who would be glorified monitors at this happy hell. Orwell couldn’t have created a better “1984” nightmare scenario for lucky 2021 Australia. 

“Seeing Children, Adults, and Communities as at Promise Rather than as at Risk”

UPDATE 9/5/21: As with everything surrounding “Covid, from development of the virus in China at Fauci’s behest, to the fanatic drive for universal vaccination, serious people are asking “Why?” and demanding transparent explanations. 

UPDATE 9/3/21: Testimonials pile up from healthcare workers forced to quit over vaccine mandates. Rather than let people take responsibility for whatever risks are claimed, Those Who Know Better prefer running a hospital without nursing staff. As in “Atlas Shrugged,” the coercive forces. faced with the consequences of their mandates, vilify uncooperative resisters  rather than question the wisdom or morality of their tyranny.

UPDATE 9/1/21: World-renowned rock legend/guitarist Eric Clapton has been damaged irreparably both personally and professionally by the vaccinations. Without pretending to be an “expert,” he talks with genuine authority about the doubts any reasonable person might have about what is being forced upon us. But then, that is the essence  of totalitarianism and the mass repression and genocide that invariably results when normal humans resist what they don’t want from their political leaders. Free choice and all freedoms are due for extinction in this politically-fueled CoronaCrazed climate, and to quote Clapton’s newest song, “This Has Got To Stop!”

UPDATE 8/31/21: Australia has lost its collective mind as the fanatic Zero Covideers in power Down Under totally enslave their inexplicably grateful, accommodating citizens in a brutal fashion indistinguishable from the worst totalitarian regimes on the planet. This official “health concern” ominously parallels the sweeping privacy violations in the country’s newly passed bill allowing unlimited online surveillance of suspected citizens in the name of “national security”(of course).

UPDATE 8/30/21: For the enlightenment of those displaying their vaccination status like Purple Hearts and those who would love to lock the unvaccinated away in camps or at least keep them permanently homebound: Israel’s genuinely scientific study suggests that natural immunity is 13 times more effective than The Jab. Unlike the plague of “experts” here and elsewhere led by the politicized scoundrels like Fauci, Israel’s data compiled from its control population of both highly vaccinated and unvaccinated provides real science worth following. 

UPDATE 8/28/21: Uh-oh. Real science is coming to the fore as Israeli studies of its own fully vaccinated population (now widely REinfected) demonstrate that the worshiped magic bullet “vaccine” is only a fraction as effective as the natural immunity derived from herd infection. Admittedly, this is bad news for the power-mad politicos intent on exploiting the herd mentality instead of just taking care of the seriously ill while allowing healthy society to go on.

Herd mentality vs. herd immunity 

UPDATE 8/24/21: Contrary to everything the general public is being told, the arguments against mandatory vaccination for the Chinese virus far outnumber reasons for this politically motivated move by Left-leaning government officials and their servile mouthpieces in the MSM.  We are living in a murky haze of lies and total loss  of credibility as top government medical officials state arrogantly that “the science is settled”  on the question of vaccination vs. herd immunity. For them, there is no room for debate or legitimate inquiry contrary to what they dictate and will go to any lengths to enforce their agendas, even denying essentials such as medical care for refuseniks.

These are political operatives intent on keeping fear alive and conveniently creating their own “facts” at odds with the real ones ascertained over time through rigorous testing.

UPDATE 8/23/21: Our Betters in public life-politicos, entertainers-are making it clear that lockdowns and masks and vaccines with all attendant perks are for the Little People, not themselves. There’s Obama’s birthday bash, and now there’s Nancy’s political fundraising soiree in Napa where all the GotRocks White guests are mixing sans masks or social distancing while the colored help are all masked and probably compelled to be vaccinated.

Happy-looking bunch of Leftist revelers/Pelosi fans. Note the colored masked hired help is considered a threat while the White unmasked “sophisticated” moneybags are presumed safe and above all that.

Funny how safe and carefree it is to belong to the 4-W Club: White, Woke and Wealthy in the Wine Country. Too bad for the rest of us.

UPDATE 8/23/21: Australia continues to lead the way toward the totalitarian, ChiCom-like takeover of people’s lives under the pretext of the common good: public health, The Virus, The Holy Vaccine. It’s an ominous day when the Oz PM assures “mums and dads” that their children are in good hands, specifically NOT in their parents’ hands while being physically shepherded en masse to vaccine centers by “members of Youth Command and Police.”

This is a western democracy? The latest word has it that Oz officialdom is rethinking this tyrannical, destructive policy. 

UPDATE 8/20/21: The demented focus of the Heroic Heathier-Than-Thou Vaxed is pointing fingers of blame toward the vax skeptics for the police state crackdowns from Leftist politicians. It’s an old Stalinist/Soviet tactic by the controllers to avert from themselves the rage locked-down, restricted people feel and direct it within the citizenry. Carrying the resultant interpersonal enmity and paranoia over to ANY political disagreement has now made Vax Madness the flagship of this new police state. As a result, more and more of us find ourselves threatened socially or voluntarily self-isolated to avoid confrontation; and those who can are moving away from the cities and to the relative peace and autonomy of rural communities.

UPDATE 8/13/21: The Mask: for the politicians and bureaucrats, it’s all about control. And for those millions of our fellow Little People infected with the Busybody Tyrant virus, it’s all about feeling virtuous. To quote C.S. Lewis:  “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

UPDATE 8/12/21: Big surprise. Now, booster shots!! And undoubtedly, boosters for the boosters upcoming to keep things nice & dicey & tense as long as the public continues to roll over, jumps through hoops and obediently dances to the organ grinder’s ever-changing tune.

UPDATE 8/11/21: Covid vax skeptics (not to be confused with doctrinaire “anti-vaxxers”) hold the line, stick to a few rational points and weather the storm until the psychotic mob disperses and/or turns its rabid attentions elsewhere.

UPDATE 8/11/21: A practicing doctor in Indiana, trained in treating infectious disease, makes a irrefutable case for ignoring the one-size-fits-all advice of the CDC/NIH propaganda machine and allowing natural immunity to take place AND utilizing effective, cheap, available drug treatments (HCQ, Ivermectin, zinc). He also backs up the other credible sources that expose The Maskarade as pure theatre. Again, we are privileged to benefit from the experience and wisdom of a real doctor who will be ignored in favor of those political operatives slobbered over by the MSM and its gullible audiences.  

UPDATE 8/9/21: Comparisons to Hitler’s Germany and the accurate use of terms like “totalitarian” and “fascist” are not far-fetched if prominent media zealots are calling for the unvaxed to be forbidden from buying groceries.  Ain’t that always the way with those Leftist lovers of humanity calling for the starvation or killing of those not in sync with their “good intentions.” No wonder bodies ALWAYS pile up when totalitarians enforce their big-hearted utopian visions.

UPDATE 8/9/21: Synchronized with the January 6 Show Trials, the Vax/Mask mandate is the two-pronged move to purge any opposition to the Dems political socialist agenda.

Corralled and quiet.

UPDATE 8/9/21: Paraphrasing Stalin: one casualty is a tragedy; a lot of casualties are statistics. Still, there’s truth to be gleaned from reliable stats proving that even the vaccinated can still be infected. That goes hand-in-hand with the witch doctors  at the CDC admitting that the holy vax doesn’t immunize but only lessens symptoms.

So much for any legitimate reason for vaccine passports.

For those still asking, “But why?”, just follow the barrels of money to be collected by Big Pharma …and the intoxicating experience of power over people through fear and intimidation. We find ourselves living among spies, body-snatched fellow citizens, deputized to report on the disobedient and uncooperative, really just a new facet of Identity Politics, a segregated society of the vaxed vs. the unvaxed. It certainly makes sense coming from those praising the lockdown of the healthy world for a disease that has over a 98%+ survival rate. What else are these people all about than living to corral everyone into the same  enclosure to “protect” (ie. control) the whole herd?

UPDATE 8/8/21: No, a vaccine mandate (injecting chemicals in your system) is not the same as wearing a seat belt. That goes along with the mask zealots comparing the dehumanizing face covering, breathing your own CO2 and basically feeling like an obedient serf to the easy courtesy of replacing shopping carts in the grocery parking lot. One is voluntary courtesy between individuals, the other is overt submission to arbitrary, third party  “authority.”

UPDATE 8/6/21: So 14 vaccinated human lab rats go to a party and 11 of them get the Chinese Bat Bug. One more victory for the heroic Vax Warriors.

UPDATE 8/4/21: Another clear-headed, healthy (and unvaccinated) freeman repudiates the Vaccine hysteria. There are millions of us waiting for the return to an America built on individual liberty and choice, not blind obedience to political operatives and the willing mob it has deputized en masse to enforce their will. 

UPDATE 8/3/21: ObamaLouie & Michelle-Antoinette are throwing a birthday party, and 500 of his nearest and dearest are invited to his humble little $12 million seaside estate! Oprah, Spielberg and Clooney are among the glitterati! Oh, to be there, to be one of THEM! Meanwhile the rest of the American proles are being told to once again mask up, lock down and do what they’re told. How fitting to have arguably the most destructive figure in recent American history ostentatiously flaunting both his nouveau riches and the special privileges accorded Him and denied average Americans. 

BBB: Barack’s Birthday Bash: LET THEM WEAR MASKS!

UPDATE 8/2/21: The Prog mind at work:

Obsession #1-How dare you! Throwing  useless debris [masks, gloves, Covid-related garbage] in the oceans! Horrible mankind! SAVE THE PLANET!!!

Now watch obsession #1 collide with obsession #2:

Obsession #2-Everyone mask up!! Oh wait. Too many people on Mother Gaia. No masks, more dead people. YAY!  Lose the masks;  the planet is saved!!

Happy Ending for rational freedom lovers and a brief, blessed break from the perpetually hysterical until the next “existential crisis” can be cooked up.

UPDATE 8/1/21: A return to masks and lockdowns is in the air. Will the public succumb again? How far will they go and how much force will it require this time?

Being skeptical about the Covid Jab isn’t being anti-vax. It’s being skeptical about something that has been rushed into production, politicized and now forced upon the public like every other Leftist edict. Rational persuasion and room for disagreement has no place in the totalitarian mindset. Only force will do, and communism’s century of 100 million bodies piled high is testament to that.

Words from a master.

7/31/21: The iron fist is descending and tightening its grip. Australia has morphed itself into Communist China with its police sweep of Sydney for the unvaccinated, complete with barking threats from hovering helicopters (“We will find you”) and door-to-door searches. In America a panel of talking heads all nod eagerly together at the idea of forcing people into vaccinations by withdrawing their healthcare and social security benefits. It can’t happen here?

The new totalitarians

UPDATE 7/28/21: And we’re supposed to have great faith in vaccines and “The Science” as proffered by the same intrepid career bureaucrats assigned to keep us safe from Muslim terrorists and Far Eastern totalitarians importing bat poison straight from their leaky labs.

Among those admirable public servants: our formidable Secretary of Defense setting an example of American grit….

Oops, sorry. Here’s the real one. Note sensible n’ safe fist bump.

Not to make too sore a point of things, but following real facts, figures and the common sense totally absent from the corridors of DC power might be preferable to this sorry state of affairs.

Parisians marching against compulsory vaccination and “passports.”

UPDATE 7/26/21: Encouraging to see people are making a move against this and all the future plans for more lockdowns, masks and related fun. You may be sure this is on the Biden Bobblehead Blue State agenda for 2022 (merely by chance an election year). Gird yourselves for more of those mail-in/absentee votes being suddenly a life-and-death necessity as the new “variant” conveniently “rages.”

Ditto London. Encouraging to know there are still sensible Brits. 
Ditto Milan. Don’t underestimate the commonsensical independence of those hot-headed Italians.
And the English-speaking world Down Under follows suit, borrowing a popular Prog meme that current Leftists would rather forget in this new context.

UPDATE 7/23/21: As long suspected, the bratty 60s generation rebelling against a largely permissive establishment screaming for “freedom” were really pleading “Control me, take care of me!” . How else to explain the negative reaction from the baby boomer Leftists toward two 60s rock icons, Van Morrison and Eric Clapton, coming out foursquare against the real tyranny of lockdowns and compulsory vaccines.      

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton. Rightwing extremist, White supremacist, Deplorable deniers.

And it’s not just rightwing Trumpster Deplorables (and the occasional free-thinking rock star) waking up to the suspicious sense of force and coercion surrounding lockdowns and vaccines.

Like every Leftist meme of protest, this one has proven highly selective.

UPDATE 7/22/21: Vaccine Worship takes a hit as multi-vaccinated Brit PM Boris comes down with the virus again and goes into quarantine. On the American front, an unusual number of deaths attached to the Holy Vaccine  is painted over as “misinformation” on Big Tech that should be censored and erased. “No reason not to take this crap off their platforms” according to Soviet scientist and former POTUS hopeful Amy The Klob. In line with that overflowing basket of good intentions regarding The Jab offered by Ms. Minnesota Mean and her coven mates Warren and Hirono, we watch wide-eyed with wonder as the line between outrageous parody and reality goes into total blur at the townhall last week starring the illegitimate White House occupant. A nation seeks reassurance, and we are treated to gibberish even Lewis Carroll could not devise.

Demented Hologram keeps digging that hole deeper.

Every day a new line and protective barrier is being erased, now ominously the one standing between Americans and totalitarians. Woke versus patriotic. Adherents of free speech, free choice versus Thought Nazis. All in the name of “safety”. But isn’t it always for a good cause? Although stated to be about justice for race, gender or class, it always boils down to Leftism, collectivism, socialism. Real freedom offers infinite opportunity minus guarantees while the Left proffers a mythical Utopian equality that must be forced down the throats of its oh-so-fortunate recipients. Thanks anyhow.

If you can’t get away with destroying the uncooperative physically, simply ruin their lives.

To the Left’s delight, we are witnessing the establishment of yet another exploitable victim group: the victimized, nay lionized vaccinated and their sinister oppressors, the UnVaxed.

UPDATE 7/16/21: Vox Sheepoli. Still the cowed ignorant listen to this fraud and his Mask/Vaccine sermonizing preaching the BigGov gospel of more lockdowns, violated human rights and millions of ruined lives.

UPDATE 7/12/21: Rand Paul speaks up on behalf of oxygen advocates against those in love with masks despite their proven health liabilities by MIT.  The nice term for people like ourselves is Mask Skeptics, but to be perfectly frank and admittedly not “scientific,” we’re really Mask Haters.

But we defend your sacred privilege to wear one! Enjoy!

UPDATE 7/6/21: To those unsure of how to respond to the cheery Biden/Psaki plan of going door-to-door, browbeating people into getting The Holy Vaccine.

Two easy steps:


UPDATE 6/29/21: More bad news for the Maskaraders just in from the AMA! Those masks are bad for your kids. Perhaps it’s time for people to put their sound parental instincts first rather than following the power mad political operatives aka The Science.  There are millions of perfectly normal people refusing this questionable vaccine who aren’t “anti-vaxxers” as claimed. It is the wise person who trusts his own good judgment, not “experts.”

UPDATE 6/24/21: Check out the veritable Merck’s manual of diseases and pathogens the child abusing mask fanatics have been forcing down the lungs of the young.

UPDATE 6/17/21: Those noble intentions of the virtue-signaling maskers has paved the road to hell for everyone, especially children.  Masks save lives? A public-spirited act of decency? Check out the findings of some dubious parents who sent those ugly, disgusting things  to a lab for examination under a microscope. If this isn’t child abuse, what is? No surprise at this late date that the the Mask/Vax message is that people and their individual choices simply don’t matter. Big Brother knows best.

You loved those lockdowns that I prescribed? You’re gonna just (quote) DIE (unquote) when you try my vaccine. And you can quote me on that!

UPDATE 6/11/21: Now they’re bribing the airheads with free dope to get them to take the jab. All because they care so much, just like locking millions in their homes, making them hide their faces and spend their savings just to survive-all because “they care.” 

UPDATE 6/8/21: Deeming the unvaccinated criminals is the latest way the military is being infiltrated and “re-imagined” to the specs of the Left. Solitary confinement for cadets refusing to take the jab.  Meanwhile, without any real external threat, a poll finds that 90% of the fully vaccinated are still wearing masks. The pointless imbecility goes on!! And if you want to really make a statement:  Shout out “I’M WITH STUPID” and point to yourself.


UPDATE 5/30/21: A refreshing reverse twist on the stigmatization of those of us less than thrilled with masks. A CA restauranteur is charging $5 for those insistent on wearing The Mask or bragging about getting The Vaccine! One creative (and profitable!) way to keep those obnoxious virtue signalers at a safe social distance.

By contrast, some Mask/Vaccine control freaks staging a FLA concert are charging $18 for The Good Children and $999(!) for The Bad Children. One faction in this latest skirmish within the larger Civil War of Transformation considers the controllers annoying and levies just a small, symbolic penalty, still leaving the door open for coexistence. Quite the opposite from the control freaks who consider dissenters evil and deserving of impossible penalties. My way or no way. And there you have the whole story of Leftism vs. conservatism and ultimately, without hyperbole, an explanation for a hundred million dead uncooperative souls on the altar of communism.

UPDATE 5/26/21: Profound insight into the Cult Of Covid from The Glazov Gang. Watch all videos, particularly the interview with Daniel Greenfield to understand The Mask and The Vaccine as the diabolical weapons of mind control they are.

UPDATE 5/26/21: No end to the insanity just yet as the Covid Cultists cling desperately to their face diapers, even outdoors. As instruments of control, The Masks continue to exert that bizarre power over the sheeple with only occasional monkey wrenches like those tossed into the works by possibly the most victimized of The Masked: a sensible 10 year old boy. and a stubbornly independent teenager tormented by a sadistic Mask Nazi teacher.   

How curious that the CDC has declared the science miraculously “evolved”  over two weeks leading to a most gracious relaxation of their wacky mask mandates. So much for the so-called “science” touted by the anti-science zealots’ and petty tyrants” who have turned America and most of the world into one big dumpster fire over the last 18 months. Despite no new Covid deaths in places like Texas to add to the falsely inflated tallies, government officialdom and masses of obedient serfs have reacted with fearful disappointment at the threatenened loss of their lockdown cages and masks. Masks today, masks tomorrow, masks forever!!!

So pleads that stalwart cultural icon of American fortitude Rachel Maddow who says she needs to rewire her brain so she won’t view The Unmasked as selfish threats. Talking head Gayle King complains to the great Dr. Fauci  (who started this whole thing) that she feels “judged” by the likes of Rachel.

Joining this bleating chorus is the rickety replacement for the odious Orange One with a warning: get the vaccine or else! Want The Mask again?! “The Choice Is Yours!”  Sounds like a threat, does it not? There’s also social shaming, ostracism, maybe even loss of your job to let you know our [illegitimate] Commander-In-Chief and his deputized henchmen among the Woke citizenry out there mean it!!

Can it be more evident that the whole thing, start to finish, always has been about politics psychologically geared to the easily manipulated masses. Despite the exultant Hosannahs! of the terminally naive, we of coarser fiber are quietly pleased at the respite while wondering what next Big Lie and exploitable crisis awaits.

UPDATE  5/24/21: Rand Paul is in for it from the Maskarading Control Freaks and, in the bargain and probably not unintentionally, winning hearts and minds of MAGA Americans by refusing the vaccine and tossing away the mask. The cad!! The villain!

UPDATE 5/9/21: Mask theatre goes ’round the bend and into the 4th dimension. Heels-Up Harris & Hubby kiss…with their masks on…in the open air…in full view of the cameras.
Who are the stupid ones here: the play actors or the dummies who think this is anything other than play-acting? Who still thinks this is about anything other than control? If we can keep getting you to wear this prop, no telling what else you’ll agree to.
A hopeful development: the CDC finds itself the target of ridicule from those few commonsensical journalists with no patience for the nonsensical policy on “the masks.”
AND….the sensible and concerned Babylon Bee makes the world an even safer place by suggesting the wearing of seat belts even when outside the car. 
Good news for the buffalo!  They may soon be allowed to discard the masks. But anyone socializing with the vulnerable (and aromatic) creatures may still be required to social distance…and wear double face-coverings.

UPDATE 4/17/21: Ted Cruz has had enough of The Mask and says he will stop wearing The Muzzle in the Senate. We eagerly await the cries of “Murderer!” “Monster!” and the like about to rain down upon him. Good example, Ted. Stop the maskarade and watch millions of people suddenly behave once again like free Americans. Eventually it has to hit home to the brainwashed that the face maskarade is akin to the herd branding of livestock, that they have been the  pawns of behavioral scientists into crowd control, NOT medical scientists into curing the sick and Doing No Harm. 

Herd immunity.

UPDATE 4/11/21: This is a joke, right? The “smart mask” that tells you when to wash it. And whatever else it cares to monitor for your own good. Never mind the damn things are useless and nothing but the tangible markings of a obedient, submissive populace, like cattle branding.    

The Mask says everything there is know about the Left: it’s never about what they say it is . Peddled as “safety” and “decency” it is, in FACT, bad for you. Should we be surprised that pros and cons regarding everything surrounding this CoronaCraziness falls right down along political lines? According to growing reports, the graphene masks are as healthy for the lungs as asbestos. Scared? Cautious? Simple health reasons not to wear the mask or take the vaccine are now multiplying like unchecked cancer cells.…0r to use an unfortunate phrase of the internet age, going viral. 

UPDATE 3/30/21: The esteemed Dr. Fauci moves into mass masked child abuse with the same perverse casualness that has accompanied all his destructive bits of worthless advice. 

UPDATE 3/28/21: The latest! The priesthood of The Science has now come up with…are you ready?….nose masks to wear while eating!!!

If they can do it, so can we!! We’re Americans!

UPDATE 3/21/21: Our Beloved Leader scolds 330 million of his naughty followers and imposes mandatory mask-wearing until he decides we’re good again. Sadly, one more Babylon Bee fiction that is actually truth.

The Blind leading the sighted.

UPDATE 3/7/21: Gratified Huzzahs! from these humble quarters as senselessly subjugated human victims release their healthy Inner American and BURN THE DAMN MASKS!

mask burning

UPDATE 3/2/21: UPDATE 3/2/21: Stupidly self-important Mask Nazis fearfully face uncertain future as threats of ending the lockdowns and all attendant madness looms.

Mask Nazi

UPDATE 2/24/21: It never was about your health and wellbeing, isn’t now, never will be.


UPDATE 1/24/21: The symbolism of power over a uniformly submissive Mask Nation is not lost on our newly installed Beloved Leaders and their stooges in the MSM and social media: “What a difference leadership makes!” A masked nation is a SAFE nation and a very quiet, resigned, obedient one.

P.S. Asks Dennis Prager quite reasonably: if Joltin’ Joe has had both doses of the vaccines, why does he continue to wear The Mask in photo ops? Answer: it’s utterly useless except as a fake political prop.

Mask nation

UPDATE 1/5/21: There has never been anything remotely “scientific” about the enforcement of The Big Maskerade, just a visible display of power by the Faucists and the desired response of mass obedience from the masses. useless masks

UPDATE 1/3/21: The Mask remains the most compelling psychological cue of control from our totalitarian Masters In Waiting. What better way to exert control over masses of people than attaching the highest Virtue (and Sin in its absence) to The Mask? Then sicking the faceless mob on any conspicuous violators of that New Value.

masks and the mob

UPDATE 12/22/20: When will the devout maskeraders realize/admit their beloved face prop is useless,  nothing more than a virtue signal and mark of obedience to their masters (aka The Marxist Mafiosi Who Would Rule Us)? Perhaps they might enjoy looking at faces again as people go about the business of living.


UPDATE 12/20/20: Sorry to ask the annoying question, but how come all this claimed resurgence of the virus after all the masks and lockdowns? For the hysterical hypochondriacs and control freaks drawing a bit of perverse comfort from all the restrictions, it’s the fault of all those healthy people walking around defying the controls. So, MORE CONTROL! And MORE YET! Perhaps just killing off everyone would finally “flatten the curve.”

UPDATE 12/12/20: Will there ever be a time when honest, free people can look back and shake their hands at this mask madness and its sinister hold on such a vast swath of the sheepish public?

UPDATE 10/26/20: Now Mask Refusers, widely viewed as murderers,  are now sentenced to Delta Airlines NoFly blacklist, right alongside political terrorists. 

There’s a slim chance that whole mobs masked en masse in the tens of millions like the photo below will give the DemDeathMaskers pause. Who says this doesn’t fall right down political lines? [P.S. Silly naive me. Nothing gives Trump-haters pause. A shameless “former Republican” DC operative doxes the nuns on Twitter! No bottom to that grungy Trump-hater barrel.]

nuns in masks

UPDATE 10/16/20: So now it’s been decided by the NY Times that men’s reluctance to submit to the universal Mask Mandate is one more example of “toxic masculinity.” The best response to that is Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” approach: we’re despicable, we’re deplorable, so we leave them to their Woke socialism/communism. Inconveniently for them,  they are rejecting the American capitalist men and women who like MAGA hats and make the world run. They need us. We don’t need them. Bye.

atlas shrugged now non-fiction
To be worn without The Mask and interchangeable with your MAGA hat.

UPDATE 10/14/20:  From the start, there have been tens of millions of us who bridled at the conditioned obedience driving the senseless, sinister mask charade. And if “the science” matters, perhaps the Virtuous Mask-araders might heed the very real health dangers of prolonged oxygen deprivation, particularly to children.

UPDATE 10/10/20: The Hideous Mask, pure virtue signaling prop for Biden & Co; “political theatre” as one cynical Dem poseur accidentally spills on an open mike.


UPDATE 10/7/20: The mask as High Virtue Signal and political prop hangs on. Easy money this farcical charade (and psychological instrument of mass control) played out by Dem hypocrites vanishes post-election. Follow the science…until its usefulness expires.

mask hypocrites

UPDATE 8/29/20: Kamala wins more hearts and minds by promising, if elected, to put everyone in a face mask. For the ShareTheMisery crowd who desperately love their chains and think nothing of everyone else wearing/sharing them, this is a dream come true. For the rest of us, thanks, but no thanks.

share the misery

UPDATE 8/2/20: Hats off to Holland for dispensing with the ugly, useless masks. I would prefer wearing wooden shoes indefinitely to watching millions of proudly masked Americans look and act like the preening, self-righteous fools they’ve become.  And forcing the rest of us to do the same.

UPDATE 8/2/20: We’re seeing what life is like when the Socialized public is forced into One Size Fits All, and some decide they’re not going with the program. “We’re all in this together!” whether it’s necessary or everyone agrees. Rationalizing it as necessary for everyone’s safety is ideal for the totalitarian mindset. Not only necessary but “decent.” Conversely, deserving of scorn and social ostracism and even some mace in the face for those who don’t go along.

ORIGINAL POST 7/12/20: Politics is theatre, and the Democrat Left Party has now gone fulltime into show biz. Ritualistic African garb, taking the knee in solemn submission, the infernal masks…one big splashy Carnival Barking Show of virtuous civic duty,  shrouded in the smoky incense of social concern! How else to fathom the Left’s presumptive candidate holed up in his basement promising, if elected, to make America one big kneeling Mask Nation! Oh? Are we planning to have this contagion a permanent American fixture?

“As your duly elected POTUS, I promise to make mask-wearing a mandatory requirement for continued US citizenship!” Hard to believe, but that campaign pitch actually appeals to those of the electorate who long to be controlled (and control vicariously). And they are many.

Pelosi, African mask wearers

The Mask is the message, and the message is mass obeisance to arbitrary directives from our self-anointed masters. A dream come true for the budding totalitarians currently masquerading as American  mayors, governors, CongressCreatures, Senators and Presidential candidates! Is it any accident that the two greatest threats to our way of life-the Left and Islam-share a penchant for The Mask as an instrument of submission? A not-so-new or surprising axis of evil to contemplate.

What is notably missing from this whole phony display is the fact that herd immunity is The Way out of these pandemics…and that the nasty masks may actually make things worse. Obviously, those most susceptible to the virus-the elderly and the immuno-compromised-must be sheltered. And the rest of healthy society should go on with their lives and work. But that only happens in a rational world, not the one we inhabit at the moment, a nightmare of snitching, bullying, mass humiliation all in the name of “Saving Lives.” It’s  a world infected by an infinitely deadlier virus than the Wuhan Flu. It’s called, in its various stages, liberalism, progressivism, leftism, socialism, communism, totalitarianism.

We live among fools and are compelled to suffer and accommodate their insanity. Such is the lot of living in a democracy with its pitfalls of human folly. The mandates of the democratic majority can easily deteriorate into the will of the killer mob, and those of us who cherish freedom are wary.

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