The Sinister Message of Mask Nation

July 12, 2020

mask as obedience

UPDATE 1/24/21: The symbolism of power over a uniformly submissive Mask Nation is not lost on our newly installed Beloved Leaders and their stooges in the MSM and social media: “What a difference leadership makes!” A masked nation is a SAFE nation and a very quiet, resigned, obedient one.

P.S. Asks Dennis Prager quite reasonably: if Joltin’ Joe has had both doses of the vaccines, why does he continue to wear The Mask in photo ops? Answer: it’s utterly useless except as a fake political prop.

Mask nation

UPDATE 1/5/21: There has never been anything remotely “scientific” about the enforcement of The Big Maskerade, just a visible display of power by the Faucists and the desired response of mass obedience from the masses.

useless masks

UPDATE 1/3/21: The Mask remains the most compelling psychological cue of control from our totalitarian Masters In Waiting. What better way to exert control over masses of people than attaching the highest Virtue (and Sin in its absence) to The Mask? Then sicking the faceless mob on any conspicuous violators of that New Value.

masks and the mob

UPDATE 12/22/20: When will the devout maskeraders realize/admit their beloved face prop is useless,  nothing more than a virtue signal and mark of obedience to their masters (aka The Marxist Mafiosi Who Would Rule Us)? Perhaps they might enjoy looking at faces again as people go about the business of living.



UPDATE 12/20/20: Sorry to ask the annoying question, but how come all this claimed resurgence of the virus after all the masks and lockdowns? For the hysterical hypochondriacs and control freaks drawing a bit of perverse comfort from all the restrictions, it’s the fault of all those healthy people walking around defying the controls. So, MORE CONTROL! And MORE YET! Perhaps just killing off everyone would finally “flatten the curve.”

UPDATE 12/12/20: Will there ever be a time when honest, free people can look back and shake their hands at this mask madness and its sinister hold on such a vast swath of the sheepish public?

UPDATE 10/26/20: Now Mask Refusers, widely viewed as murderers,  are now sentenced to Delta Airlines NoFly blacklist, right alongside political terrorists. 

There’s a slim chance that whole mobs masked en masse in the tens of millions like the photo below will give the DemDeathMaskers pause. Who says this doesn’t fall right down political lines? [P.S. Silly naive me. Nothing gives Trump-haters pause. A shameless “former Republican” DC operative doxes the nuns on Twitter! No bottom to that grungy Trump-hater barrel.]

nuns in masks

UPDATE 10/16/20: So now it’s been decided by the NY Times that men’s reluctance to submit to the universal Mask Mandate is one more example of “toxic masculinity.” The best response to that is Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” approach: we’re despicable, we’re deplorable, so we leave them to their Woke socialism/communism. Inconveniently for them,  they are rejecting the American capitalist men and women who like MAGA hats and make the world run. They need us. We don’t need them. Bye.

atlas shrugged now non-fiction

To be worn without The Mask and interchangeable with your MAGA hat.

UPDATE 10/14/20:  From the start, there have been tens of millions of us who bridled at the conditioned obedience driving the senseless, sinister mask charade. And if “the science” matters, perhaps the Virtuous Mask-araders might heed the very real health dangers of prolonged oxygen deprivation, particularly to children.

UPDATE 10/10/20: The Hideous Mask, pure virtue signaling prop for Biden & Co; “political theatre” as one cynical Dem poseur accidentally spills on an open mike.


UPDATE 10/7/20: The mask as High Virtue Signal and political prop hangs on. Easy money this farcical charade (and psychological instrument of mass control) played out by Dem hypocrites vanishes post-election. Follow the science…until its usefulness expires.

mask hypocrites

UPDATE 8/29/20: Kamala wins more hearts and minds by promising, if elected, to put everyone in a face mask. For the ShareTheMisery crowd who desperately love their chains and think nothing of everyone else wearing/sharing them, this is a dream come true. For the rest of us, thanks, but no thanks.

share the misery

UPDATE 8/2/20: Hats off to Holland for dispensing with the ugly, useless masks. I would prefer wearing wooden shoes indefinitely to watching millions of proudly masked Americans look and act like the preening, self-righteous fools they’ve become.  And forcing the rest of us to do the same.

UPDATE 8/2/20: We’re seeing what life is like when the Socialized public is forced into One Size Fits All, and some decide they’re not going with the program. “We’re all in this together!” whether it’s necessary or everyone agrees. Rationalizing it as necessary for everyone’s safety is ideal for the totalitarian mindset. Not only necessary but “decent.” Conversely, deserving of scorn and social ostracism and even some mace in the face for those who don’t go along.

ORIGINAL POST 7/12/20: Politics is theatre, and the Democrat Left Party has now gone fulltime into show biz. Ritualistic African garb, taking the knee in solemn submission, the infernal masks…one big splashy Carnival Barking Show of virtuous civic duty,  shrouded in the smoky incense of social concern! How else to fathom the Left’s presumptive candidate holed up in his basement promising, if elected, to make America one big kneeling Mask Nation! Oh? Are we planning to have this contagion a permanent American fixture?

“As your duly elected POTUS, I promise to make mask-wearing a mandatory requirement for continued US citizenship!” Hard to believe, but that campaign pitch actually appeals to those of the electorate who long to be controlled (and control vicariously). And they are many.

Pelosi, African mask wearers

The Mask is the message, and the message is mass obeisance to arbitrary directives from our self-anointed masters. A dream come true for the budding totalitarians currently masquerading as American  mayors, governors, CongressCreatures, Senators and Presidential candidates! Is it any accident that the two greatest threats to our way of life-the Left and Islam-share a penchant for The Mask as an instrument of submission? A not-so-new or surprising axis of evil to contemplate.

What is notably missing from this whole phony display is the fact that herd immunity is The Way out of these pandemics…and that the nasty masks may actually make things worse. Obviously, those most susceptible to the virus-the elderly and the immuno-compromised-must be sheltered. And the rest of healthy society should go on with their lives and work. But that only happens in a rational world, not the one we inhabit at the moment, a nightmare of snitching, bullying, mass humiliation all in the name of “Saving Lives.” It’s  a world infected by an infinitely deadlier virus than the Wuhan Flu. It’s called, in its various stages, liberalism, progressivism, leftism, socialism, communism, totalitarianism.

We live among fools and are compelled to suffer and accommodate their insanity. Such is the lot of living in a democracy with its pitfalls of human folly. The mandates of the democratic majority can easily deteriorate into the will of the killer mob, and those of us who cherish freedom are wary.

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