mask as obedience


UPDATE 7/23/21: As long suspected, the bratty 60s generation rebelling against a largely permissive establishment screaming for “freedom” were really pleading “Control me, take care of me!” . How else to explain the negative reaction from the baby boomer Leftists toward two 60s rock icons, Van Morrison and Eric Clapton, coming out foursquare against the real tyranny of lockdowns and compulsory vaccines.      

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton. Rightwing extremist, White supremacist, Deplorable deniers.

And it’s not just rightwing Trumpster Deplorables (and the occasional free-thinking rock star) waking up to the suspicious sense of force and coercion surrounding lockdowns and vaccines.

Like every Leftist meme of protest, this one has proven highly selective.

UPDATE 7/22/21: Vaccine Worship takes a hit as multi-vaccinated Brit PM Boris comes down with the virus again and goes into quarantine. On the American front, an unusual number of deaths attached to the Holy Vaccine  is painted over as “misinformation” on Big Tech that should be censored and erased. “No reason not to take this crap off their platforms” according to Soviet scientist and former POTUS hopeful Amy The Klob. In line with that overflowing basket of good intentions regarding The Jab offered by Ms. Minnesota Mean and her coven mates Warren and Hirono, we watch wide-eyed with wonder as the line between outrageous parody and reality goes into total blur at the townhall last week starring the illegitimate White House occupant. A nation seeks reassurance, and we are treated to gibberish even Lewis Carroll could not devise.

Demented Hologram keeps digging that hole deeper.

Every day a new line and protective barrier is being erased, now ominously the one standing between Americans and totalitarians. Woke versus patriotic. Adherents of free speech, free choice versus Thought Nazis. All in the name of “safety”. But isn’t it always for a good cause? Although stated to be about justice for race, gender or class, it always boils down to Leftism, collectivism, socialism. Real freedom offers infinite opportunity minus guarantees while the Left proffers a mythical Utopian equality that must be forced down the throats of its oh-so-fortunate recipients. Thanks anyhow.

If you can’t get away with destroying the uncooperative physically, simply ruin their lives.

To the Left’s delight, we are witnessing the establishment of yet another exploitable victim group: the victimized, nay lionized vaccinated and their sinister oppressors, the UnVaxed.

UPDATE 7/16/21: Vox Sheepoli. Still the cowed ignorant listen to this fraud and his Mask/Vaccine sermonizing preaching the BigGov gospel of more lockdowns, violated human rights and millions of ruined lives.

UPDATE 7/12/21: Rand Paul speaks up on behalf of oxygen advocates against those in love with masks despite their proven health liabilities by MIT.  The nice term for people like ourselves is Mask Skeptics, but to be perfectly frank and admittedly not “scientific,” we’re really Mask Haters.

But we defend your sacred privilege to wear one! Enjoy!

UPDATE 7/6/21: To those unsure of how to respond to the cheery Biden/Psaki plan of going door-to-door, browbeating people into getting The Holy Vaccine.

Two easy steps:


UPDATE 6/29/21: More bad news for the Maskaraders just in from the AMA! Those masks are bad for your kids. Perhaps it’s time for people to put their sound parental instincts first rather than following the power mad political operatives aka The Science.  There are millions of perfectly normal people refusing this questionable vaccine who aren’t “anti-vaxxers” as claimed. It is the wise person who trusts his own good judgment, not “experts.”

UPDATE 6/24/21: Check out the veritable Merck’s manual of diseases and pathogens the child abusing mask fanatics have been forcing down the lungs of the young.

UPDATE 6/17/21: Those noble intentions of the virtue-signaling maskers has paved the road to hell for everyone, especially children.  Masks save lives? A public-spirited act of decency? Check out the findings of some dubious parents who sent those ugly, disgusting things  to a lab for examination under a microscope. If this isn’t child abuse, what is? No surprise at this late date that the the Mask/Vax message is that people and their individual choices simply don’t matter. Big Brother knows best.

You loved those lockdowns that I prescribed? You’re gonna just (quote) DIE (unquote) when you try my vaccine. And you can quote me on that!

UPDATE 6/11/21: Now they’re bribing the airheads with free dope to get them to take the jab. All because they care so much, just like locking millions in their homes, making them hide their faces and spend their savings just to survive-all because “they care.” 

UPDATE 6/8/21: Deeming the unvaccinated criminals is the latest way the military is being infiltrated and “re-imagined” to the specs of the Left. Solitary confinement for cadets refusing to take the jab.  Meanwhile, without any real external threat, a poll finds that 90% of the fully vaccinated are still wearing masks. The pointless imbecility goes on!! And if you want to really make a statement:  Shout out “I’M WITH STUPID” and point to yourself.


UPDATE 5/30/21: A refreshing reverse twist on the stigmatization of those of us less than thrilled with masks. A CA restauranteur is charging $5 for those insistent on wearing The Mask or bragging about getting The Vaccine! One creative (and profitable!) way to keep those obnoxious virtue signalers at a safe social distance.

By contrast, some Mask/Vaccine control freaks staging a FLA concert are charging $18 for The Good Children and $999(!) for The Bad Children. One faction in this latest skirmish within the larger Civil War of Transformation considers the controllers annoying and levies just a small, symbolic penalty, still leaving the door open for coexistence. Quite the opposite from the control freaks who consider dissenters evil and deserving of impossible penalties. My way or no way. And there you have the whole story of Leftism vs. conservatism and ultimately, without hyperbole, an explanation for a hundred million dead uncooperative souls on the altar of communism.

UPDATE 5/26/21: Profound insight into the Cult Of Covid from The Glazov Gang. Watch all videos, particularly the interview with Daniel Greenfield to understand The Mask and The Vaccine as the diabolical weapons of mind control they are.

UPDATE 5/26/21: No end to the insanity just yet as the Covid Cultists cling desperately to their face diapers, even outdoors. As instruments of control, The Masks continue to exert that bizarre power over the sheeple with only occasional monkey wrenches like those tossed into the works by possibly the most victimized of The Masked: a sensible 10 year old boy. and a stubbornly independent teenager tormented by a sadistic Mask Nazi teacher.   

How curious that the CDC has declared the science miraculously “evolved”  over two weeks leading to a most gracious relaxation of their wacky mask mandates. So much for the so-called “science” touted by the anti-science zealots’ and petty tyrants” who have turned America and most of the world into one big dumpster fire over the last 18 months. Despite no new Covid deaths in places like Texas to add to the falsely inflated tallies, government officialdom and masses of obedient serfs have reacted with fearful disappointment at the threatenened loss of their lockdown cages and masks. Masks today, masks tomorrow, masks forever!!!

So pleads that stalwart cultural icon of American fortitude Rachel Maddow who says she needs to rewire her brain so she won’t view The Unmasked as selfish threats. Talking head Gayle King complains to the great Dr. Fauci  (who started this whole thing) that she feels “judged” by the likes of Rachel.

Joining this bleating chorus is the rickety replacement for the odious Orange One with a warning: get the vaccine or else! Want The Mask again?! “The Choice Is Yours!”  Sounds like a threat, does it not? There’s also social shaming, ostracism, maybe even loss of your job to let you know our [illegitimate] Commander-In-Chief and his deputized henchmen among the Woke citizenry out there mean it!!

Can it be more evident that the whole thing, start to finish, always has been about politics psychologically geared to the easily manipulated masses. Despite the exultant Hosannahs! of the terminally naive, we of coarser fiber are quietly pleased at the respite while wondering what next Big Lie and exploitable crisis awaits.

UPDATE  5/24/21: Rand Paul is in for it from the Maskarading Control Freaks and, in the bargain and probably not unintentionally, winning hearts and minds of MAGA Americans by refusing the vaccine and tossing away the mask. The cad!! The villain!

UPDATE 5/9/21: Mask theatre goes ’round the bend and into the 4th dimension. Heels-Up Harris & Hubby kiss…with their masks on…in the open air…in full view of the cameras.
Who are the stupid ones here: the play actors or the dummies who think this is anything other than play-acting? Who still thinks this is about anything other than control? If we can keep getting you to wear this prop, no telling what else you’ll agree to.
A hopeful development: the CDC finds itself the target of ridicule from those few commonsensical journalists with no patience for the nonsensical policy on “the masks.”
AND….the sensible and concerned Babylon Bee makes the world an even safer place by suggesting the wearing of seat belts even when outside the car. 
Good news for the buffalo!  They may soon be allowed to discard the masks. But anyone socializing with the vulnerable (and aromatic) creatures may still be required to social distance…and wear double face-coverings.

UPDATE 4/17/21: Ted Cruz has had enough of The Mask and says he will stop wearing The Muzzle in the Senate. We eagerly await the cries of “Murderer!” “Monster!” and the like about to rain down upon him. Good example, Ted. Stop the maskarade and watch millions of people suddenly behave once again like free Americans. Eventually it has to hit home to the brainwashed that the face maskarade is akin to the herd branding of livestock, that they have been the  pawns of behavioral scientists into crowd control, NOT medical scientists into curing the sick and Doing No Harm. 

Herd immunity.

UPDATE 4/11/21: This is a joke, right? The “smart mask” that tells you when to wash it. And whatever else it cares to monitor for your own good. Never mind the damn things are useless and nothing but the tangible markings of a obedient, submissive populace, like cattle branding.    

The Mask says everything there is know about the Left: it’s never about what they say it is . Peddled as “safety” and “decency” it is, in FACT, bad for you. Should we be surprised that pros and cons regarding everything surrounding this CoronaCraziness falls right down along political lines? According to growing reports, the graphene masks are as healthy for the lungs as asbestos. Scared? Cautious? Simple health reasons not to wear the mask or take the vaccine are now multiplying like unchecked cancer cells.…0r to use an unfortunate phrase of the internet age, going viral. 

UPDATE 3/30/21: The esteemed Dr. Fauci moves into mass masked child abuse with the same perverse casualness that has accompanied all his destructive bits of worthless advice. 

UPDATE 3/28/21: The latest! The priesthood of The Science has now come up with…are you ready?….nose masks to wear while eating!!!

If they can do it, so can we!! We’re Americans!

UPDATE 3/21/21: Our Beloved Leader scolds 330 million of his naughty followers and imposes mandatory mask-wearing until he decides we’re good again. Sadly, one more Babylon Bee fiction that is actually truth.

The Blind leading the sighted.

UPDATE 3/7/21: Gratified Huzzahs! from these humble quarters as senselessly subjugated human victims release their healthy Inner American and BURN THE DAMN MASKS!

mask burning

UPDATE 3/2/21: UPDATE 3/2/21: Stupidly self-important Mask Nazis fearfully face uncertain future as threats of ending the lockdowns and all attendant madness looms.

Mask Nazi

UPDATE 2/24/21: It never was about your health and wellbeing, isn’t now, never will be.


UPDATE 1/24/21: The symbolism of power over a uniformly submissive Mask Nation is not lost on our newly installed Beloved Leaders and their stooges in the MSM and social media: “What a difference leadership makes!” A masked nation is a SAFE nation and a very quiet, resigned, obedient one.

P.S. Asks Dennis Prager quite reasonably: if Joltin’ Joe has had both doses of the vaccines, why does he continue to wear The Mask in photo ops? Answer: it’s utterly useless except as a fake political prop.

Mask nation

UPDATE 1/5/21: There has never been anything remotely “scientific” about the enforcement of The Big Maskerade, just a visible display of power by the Faucists and the desired response of mass obedience from the masses. useless masks

UPDATE 1/3/21: The Mask remains the most compelling psychological cue of control from our totalitarian Masters In Waiting. What better way to exert control over masses of people than attaching the highest Virtue (and Sin in its absence) to The Mask? Then sicking the faceless mob on any conspicuous violators of that New Value.

masks and the mob

UPDATE 12/22/20: When will the devout maskeraders realize/admit their beloved face prop is useless,  nothing more than a virtue signal and mark of obedience to their masters (aka The Marxist Mafiosi Who Would Rule Us)? Perhaps they might enjoy looking at faces again as people go about the business of living.


UPDATE 12/20/20: Sorry to ask the annoying question, but how come all this claimed resurgence of the virus after all the masks and lockdowns? For the hysterical hypochondriacs and control freaks drawing a bit of perverse comfort from all the restrictions, it’s the fault of all those healthy people walking around defying the controls. So, MORE CONTROL! And MORE YET! Perhaps just killing off everyone would finally “flatten the curve.”

UPDATE 12/12/20: Will there ever be a time when honest, free people can look back and shake their hands at this mask madness and its sinister hold on such a vast swath of the sheepish public?

UPDATE 10/26/20: Now Mask Refusers, widely viewed as murderers,  are now sentenced to Delta Airlines NoFly blacklist, right alongside political terrorists. 

There’s a slim chance that whole mobs masked en masse in the tens of millions like the photo below will give the DemDeathMaskers pause. Who says this doesn’t fall right down political lines? [P.S. Silly naive me. Nothing gives Trump-haters pause. A shameless “former Republican” DC operative doxes the nuns on Twitter! No bottom to that grungy Trump-hater barrel.]

nuns in masks

UPDATE 10/16/20: So now it’s been decided by the NY Times that men’s reluctance to submit to the universal Mask Mandate is one more example of “toxic masculinity.” The best response to that is Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” approach: we’re despicable, we’re deplorable, so we leave them to their Woke socialism/communism. Inconveniently for them,  they are rejecting the American capitalist men and women who like MAGA hats and make the world run. They need us. We don’t need them. Bye.

atlas shrugged now non-fiction
To be worn without The Mask and interchangeable with your MAGA hat.

UPDATE 10/14/20:  From the start, there have been tens of millions of us who bridled at the conditioned obedience driving the senseless, sinister mask charade. And if “the science” matters, perhaps the Virtuous Mask-araders might heed the very real health dangers of prolonged oxygen deprivation, particularly to children.

UPDATE 10/10/20: The Hideous Mask, pure virtue signaling prop for Biden & Co; “political theatre” as one cynical Dem poseur accidentally spills on an open mike.


UPDATE 10/7/20: The mask as High Virtue Signal and political prop hangs on. Easy money this farcical charade (and psychological instrument of mass control) played out by Dem hypocrites vanishes post-election. Follow the science…until its usefulness expires.

mask hypocrites

UPDATE 8/29/20: Kamala wins more hearts and minds by promising, if elected, to put everyone in a face mask. For the ShareTheMisery crowd who desperately love their chains and think nothing of everyone else wearing/sharing them, this is a dream come true. For the rest of us, thanks, but no thanks.

share the misery

UPDATE 8/2/20: Hats off to Holland for dispensing with the ugly, useless masks. I would prefer wearing wooden shoes indefinitely to watching millions of proudly masked Americans look and act like the preening, self-righteous fools they’ve become.  And forcing the rest of us to do the same.

UPDATE 8/2/20: We’re seeing what life is like when the Socialized public is forced into One Size Fits All, and some decide they’re not going with the program. “We’re all in this together!” whether it’s necessary or everyone agrees. Rationalizing it as necessary for everyone’s safety is ideal for the totalitarian mindset. Not only necessary but “decent.” Conversely, deserving of scorn and social ostracism and even some mace in the face for those who don’t go along.

ORIGINAL POST 7/12/20: Politics is theatre, and the Democrat Left Party has now gone fulltime into show biz. Ritualistic African garb, taking the knee in solemn submission, the infernal masks…one big splashy Carnival Barking Show of virtuous civic duty,  shrouded in the smoky incense of social concern! How else to fathom the Left’s presumptive candidate holed up in his basement promising, if elected, to make America one big kneeling Mask Nation! Oh? Are we planning to have this contagion a permanent American fixture?

“As your duly elected POTUS, I promise to make mask-wearing a mandatory requirement for continued US citizenship!” Hard to believe, but that campaign pitch actually appeals to those of the electorate who long to be controlled (and control vicariously). And they are many.

Pelosi, African mask wearers

The Mask is the message, and the message is mass obeisance to arbitrary directives from our self-anointed masters. A dream come true for the budding totalitarians currently masquerading as American  mayors, governors, CongressCreatures, Senators and Presidential candidates! Is it any accident that the two greatest threats to our way of life-the Left and Islam-share a penchant for The Mask as an instrument of submission? A not-so-new or surprising axis of evil to contemplate.

What is notably missing from this whole phony display is the fact that herd immunity is The Way out of these pandemics…and that the nasty masks may actually make things worse. Obviously, those most susceptible to the virus-the elderly and the immuno-compromised-must be sheltered. And the rest of healthy society should go on with their lives and work. But that only happens in a rational world, not the one we inhabit at the moment, a nightmare of snitching, bullying, mass humiliation all in the name of “Saving Lives.” It’s  a world infected by an infinitely deadlier virus than the Wuhan Flu. It’s called, in its various stages, liberalism, progressivism, leftism, socialism, communism, totalitarianism.

We live among fools and are compelled to suffer and accommodate their insanity. Such is the lot of living in a democracy with its pitfalls of human folly. The mandates of the democratic majority can easily deteriorate into the will of the killer mob, and those of us who cherish freedom are wary.

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