UPDATE 7/17/21: Mirroring his cross-country Red Comrade DeBlasio, SF DA Chesa Boudin produces the  demonstrably disastrous results of an America-hating upbringing.

A serial criminal’s best friend could be his local DA.

Watch where you step!!

UPDATE 7/7/21: San Fran has become the template for Obama’s total Transformation. How else to view it as the concept of private property has been rendered totally obsolete there with its rash of shoplifting and looting virtually ignored by law enforcement?  Anarchy is the order of the day, the Sixties Radical dream realized. Hardly a surprise for a City whose DA is the son of 60s terrorist Weathermen.

New York seems to be following suit with ITS next choice for Manhattan DA.  But Brooklyn cop and Borough President Eric Adams appears to be headed for Gracie Mansion. Perhaps real law-and-order from the top protecting people’s private property and basic liberties may be New York’s answered prayer…and America’s.

UPDATE 7/1/21: History over the last century supports the theory that the SF Bay area is always the epicenter of counter-cultural change, the spot where that stray stone is thrown from which seismic waves proceed eastward across the land. Alas, the formerly most beautiful city in America just seems to creep closer each day to the terminal stages of Leftist cancer. And those seeing the writing on the wall are leaving in record droves. God forbid this is to be the fate of the rest of America.

The City By The Bay would do well to heed this advice from its own Golden Gate.

UPDATE 6/24/21: Seventeen Walgreen stores in Frisco are closing because of the shoplifting epidemic raging with the blessing of DA Chesa Boudin (son of 60s Weathermen sociopaths David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin). Perverse but unsurprisingly he took on the notorious name of his mother rather than his father to advance a career in societal subversion aka San Francisco politics. The result is that the Wokest city of them all has removed old-fashioned theft/robbery from its list of what’s considered criminal activity. Remember 60s artifact Abbie Hoffman and “Steal This Book!?”

White, privileged, middle/upper class domestic terrorists, The Next Generation!

UPDATE 6/9/21: Watch this video and experience the totalitarian freeze and fear of total Covid control and compliance in formerly beautiful Frisco. Already sputtering in the throes of that familiar Progressive Democrat disease that has ravaged virtually all of our Progressive Democrat-run cities, the lockdowns have brought Pelosi’s plantation to the suicidal brink.

UPDATE 6/4/21: Who wouldn’t kill these days to live in that once-magical City By The Bay run by the likes of one Mohammed Nuru, former “poop patrol” czar and Willie Brown protege?  Seems this notable public servant has been caught threatening a food bank worker with a knife in order to obtain a bag of potato chips. “Just kidding,” he explains and gets let off. Open up that golden gate, California, here I come!

UPDATE 9/8/20: As predicted below, San Fran has caught up with Detroit and the like to become yet one more disintegrating American City Of Degenerate Wokedom. Unimaginable to anyone who knew her in Tony Bennett’s heyday as one of our most distinctive, beautiful, cosmopolitan urban jewels. No longer. If the terminally Woke Friscans awaken and replace the rich overlord Newsoms and Pelosis as their representatives, she might rise from the ashes. But that means they’ve returned to the real world of what does and doesn’t work. Fat chance.

UPDATE 2/16/20: Left Coast Black ‘n Blue/Rock ‘n Roll politics aren’t the sole province of political (and actual) bedmates Willie & Kamala. Apparently, the oddly monikered Mayoress of San Fran London Breed has “dated” prominent Poop Patrol Poobah Mohammed Nuru for some years now, leading to certain questions of impropriety…like how does a lady with a VERY thin resume like London’s get to be Mayorette of a major American city?

ORIGINAL POST 7/22/18: The Left has a real knack for ruining everything it touches. If in doubt about that, check out university campuses and their total intolerance for anything not deemed PC by the Leftist intelligentsia dominating their faculties and administrations; “entertainment” media boasting violent, depressing films, vile late night TV “comedy,” popular “music” that assaults every sense with its ugly senselessless; “Progressive” race relations fired by permanent victimization and vengeance; sexuality and its ever-growing rainbow of deranged gender classifications in militant defiance & denial of the most basic biological reality.

The list is constantly growing, endless and consistent. Take away the free association and independent thought of millions of  individuals presumably seeking to rise in this world, politicize and re-invent the most basic human expectations, mores and behaviors to the specifications of Marxist master planners who Know Better, and whadya get without fail? As palpabale as any showcase for human ruination brought about in our lifetimes is the physical state of our grim, densely populated Inner Cities,  sewers of human deprivation and degradation, people warped and enslaved by generations of government dependency.


Detroit remains the shimmering showcase for what devastation Leftwing Democratic Party administrations can accomplish in just a few short years. Following this noble blueprint, other once glorious American cities such as San Francisco and De Blasio’s New York are close behind. The race is on to determine whether the proper term for such sociological suicide should be “Detroiting” or “Californication.” The dilemma isn’t whether socialist policies are guaranteed poison-high taxes, lethal regulations and bureaucracies, powerful unions, exploding public dependency rolls -but which cancerous urban center dies first.


Who of us growing up in the 50s or 60s could predict the romance that was Tony Bennett’s San Francisco would morph into a grotesque Third World hellhole shunned by visiting conventioneers uneager to  be stepping over homeless people and fearing for their personal safety. Its clueless mayor of the moment (SF’s latest Dem Party stooge going by the ironic name of London Breed) seems a bit confounded about her City By The Bay being a garbage dump of sidewalk feces, discarded needles, unwashed panhandlers and general cosmopolitan filth. Why is San Francisco so dirty? Why is New York close on its heels? Why does Detroit continue to decompose? No mystery to anyone familiar with the results and consequences of corralling people onto those blighted urban plantations that mysteriously vote 113% Democratic.

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Up-and-coming poster child for Dem Party ruination of our cities.”

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