UPDATE 1/14/22: The latest outrage of cancel culture is the reported business termination of all Mike Lindell’s personal & charitable accounts by his longtime Minnesota bank. Cancel culture gone viral is not going away. To any halfway alert person, it’s a bad joke hearing Twitter/YouTube/Google explain they’re just protecting us from “misinformation” and lies, itself the biggest bit of lying misinformation out there these days. 

The only satisfying end to this will be the self-inflicted financial ruination of the cancelers as they are gradually abandoned by the wised-up consumer public.

Two can play this game.

UPDATE 1/9/22: So who has Twitter permanently banished this week?  One can hardly keep track.

UPDATE 1/4/22: A children’s book publisher celebrating admirable American figures (read “conservative”)  kicked off Facebook. Facing vocal and well-publicized resistance, the Zuckeroids have suddenly, regrettably claimed it was all a mistake.

UPDATE 11/7/21: Not so long ago, NASCAR, alongside much of country music, was representative of MAGA America, providing it with its base. Now both have capitulated to the Woke Police to cover their behinds. Clueless NASCAR President Steve Phelps has actively made a point of disapproving and distancing himself from “Let’s Go, Brandon!” which originated and still thrives in his own grandstands. He is probably trembling at the prospect of being canceled and wants it both ways like RINOS, the NFL and all spineless politicians. Hoping to mollify the Left (as in NASCAR’s reflexive support of BLM in response to the Bubba Wallace noose hoax), they will lose their base.

UPDATE 11/4/21: Good question posed about whether comedy and the rest of free speech can survive Cancel Culture: who will have the last laugh? 

10/20/21: First they came for Dixie…Then they came for everything American. In vain, one might directly question members of NY City Council for removing a City Hall statue of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the document that ultimately ended slavery in America. But that’s assuming they actually care about social injustice when they’re really all just aspiring little dictators.

UPDATE 9/12/21: The marvelous Mr. Bean/Black Adder known in civilian life as actor Rowan Atkinson holds forth eloquently and with perfect clarity on The New Intolerance and the Outrage Industry overtaking and subverting our free way of life. 

UPDATE 9/12/21: Cancel culture, erasing history, is a movement to pull America out by the roots. And what is more fundamental to our survival than our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, now said to contain “harmful content?”

Pull down Robert E. Lee in Virginia this week; why not publicly burn the Constitution in nearby D.C. next week?

UPDATE 8/13/21: Classical music is now tapped for cancellation as race and any real or imagined hint of racism has become the central issue (for some, thankfully not all) of the cultural world, not artistic creation. Consider the demand of one classical musician for “The Messiah” to be canceled because composer G.F. Handel purportedly held stock in a slave trading company 3 centuries ago. Like everything the Left touches, there is no crime, real or imagined, that hasn’t been committed that doesn’t call for political (and financial) retribution. The cost to the world is the reduction of great music and the rest of Western Civilization’s greatest achievements as nothing more than political propaganda.

So like the Woke Left to stand in God’s way and try to displace Him.

UPDATE 7/22/21: We are living in an age of fear where even speaking out can cost free social contact and movement, your job, your liberty, even your life. It’s gratifying that those with the means and a prominent pulpit like Candace Owens take on the Big Tech cancelers in court. Meanwhile, the Average Joes & Janes are learning firsthand the real meaning of fear in the most ordinary social circumstances and developing the courage to vanquish it. 

UPDATE 7/11/21: The cancerous cancelers have won this one: Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee have been effectively erased from history in Charlottesville VA, site of the notorious  2017 incident involving the complaints of  those “anti-fascists” with a hearty appetite for fascism.

This latest memory holing of history that drives the entire Cancel Culture is reminiscent of an interview with militant atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair in which she cackled that she would not permit a prayer to be recited at a civic meeting and that she would demand silence or play loud music of her own choice instead. In the manner of the true totalitarian tyrant, she was stating, “Only I in this world have rights and preferences. Yours be damned.” Forcing God out of America, she had replaced herself in His place. Ditto today’s revisionists censoring real history and substituting their own version for the consumption of future generations.

So it is with those control freaks worldwide, canceling everything in sight for whatever reasons they care to make up. How has this policy of “inclusion” (Orwellian translation: “exclusion”) ever been allowed to gain such traction in our universities, our governing bodies and general popular culture?

UPDATE 7/6/21: The latest Cancel Culture turn is some moron in Edinburgh who’s decided with his committee of dried-up crones that “To Kill A Mockingbird” and “Of Mice And Men” must be removed and hidden for the “safety” (indoctrination) of impressionable young students. Brainwashing by censorship. That he isn’t immediately shown the door explains why we find ourselves approaching Soviet-style repression in America and Europe. This is totalitarianism, and should be swiftly confronted and eliminated not with equal opposite but greater force and passion. Free speech and thought are the targets of these mean little tyrants, impotent but for the power to destroy. They are the turds in life’s punchbowl, spoilers, of less than no value and criminal in their pettiness. Equally criminal is the legitimacy they have been accorded.

UPDATE 6/15/21: Now your bank is coming after you if your social profile hints at anything unWoke. A Christian Trump supporter finds her Wells Fargo account closed, all funds unavailable to her until they decide to put “the check in the mail.” This is not a new phenomenon as this 2019 article on banks canceling Conservatives confirms. Welcome to America’s Cultural Revolution, anti-capitalist subversion aided and abetted by the capitalist corporate world. No doubt those fools in Big Biz believe, like so many useful idiots before them, that the lion in the cage will eat them last.

UPDATE 6/7/21: Great Lies Department. The use of the word “inclusion” these days is almost certain to mean exclusion of what is deemed unacceptable by the Woke clergy. That includes the lethal consequences of Trump Derangement Syndrome, cancelling anything associated with Trump such as HCQ. The soul yearns for justice, a comeuppance, consequences.  punishment to fit the criminal insanity of Trump Hate. They  lied, people died.

UPDATE 6/13/21: Big tech corporate and social media and  are trying to limit Constitutional rights for critics while continuing to thrive and profit freely from  those same rights. The elimination of competition and the monopoly power thereby accrued lies at the heart of the crony capitalist’s infatuation with totalitarian Leftism in government. For some, capitalism is only desirable when one gets to own ALL the capital.

UPDATE 6/7/21: No joke. It’s free speech on the firing line, and nothing is more threatening to the control freaks than humor and mockery. The latest objection Big Media has to other media’s enjoyment of the First Amendment is the NY Times characterizing the Babylon Bee’s mocking satire as a public threat  That’s  the Left for you regarding The Law.

UPDATE 5/30/21: More “inclusiveness” to fight “systemic racism” comes to august Princeton U by excluding Latin & Greek from Classical Studies. More Dead Whites to dispose of. Parody once again proves irrelevant in detailing this Orwellian New Reality.

And the “selfish, badly educated, virtue-signaling little turds” shall lead you.

UPDATE 5/24/21: Juilliard, the most prestigious of American performing arts training conservatories and alma mater to a constellation of great artists over the past century, finds itself on suicide watch as CRT poisons this well of the arts. Among past and present sins for which it supposedly must atone: Whites have “not earned the right” to study Black history offered in the drama department. What would Marian Anderson, heroic destroyer of REAL [not fantasized] racial barriers, have to say?

One of THE Voices of the 20th Century magnificently shames the bigots on that legendary Easter Sunday, 1939.

UPDATE 5/24/21: A Spanish politician gets banned from Twitter for the “hate speech” of stating that men can’t get pregnant. Celebrated (notorious in some circles) Colorado Christian cake baker Jack Phillips finds himself embroiled in new litigation. Apparently he’s now THE go-to guy for anyone wishing to bring any principled person to court for their beliefs. Cancel Culture is alive and well and on the move! The only question is where and what total absurdity is next?

ANSWER! The Woke book burners, thinking only what is good for the rest of us, are now coming for William Shakespeare! Universally considered history’s greatest writer, The Bard was/is/always will be the ultimate artist, a consummate painter in words, illuminating in his plays and poems virtually every known aspect and facet of humanity. Naturally, the ubermenschen of the Left consider him problematic and overdue to be revised, censored, contextualized and basically ruined if not banished from sight. Is there anything the Left doesn’t ruin?

UPDATE 5/9/21: The staff of once-eminent publishing house Simon & Schuster petition to forbid any trace of Trump and his supporters from appearing in their pages. A courageous, principled Black Senator refuses to stay on the Leftist/Woke slave plantation and must withstand the brickbats and insults of the mob. A father removes his daughter from a toney Manhattan school and its blatantly racist brainwashing curriculum and finds himself excoriated as a racist. I offer a pre-recorded musical program celebrating prominent American Jews in entertainment that includes Al Jolson. One self-styled SJW posts an outraged objection to ‘racist king of blackface performers’  on Facebook, and the library panics and requests that all traces or mention of Jolson and his music be removed. (The program went on with Jolson and his songs intact.)

As stated in my response to the library, pertinent to my situation and that of every Cancel/Cancer Culture incident:

“I direct you, your colleagues and this fashionably self-righteous(and wholly ignorant) commenter to Orwell’s warnings about erasing history-songs, movies, books, statues, building names, memorials, whole reputations-however unpleasant it may be deemed by some. 

‘Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street has been renamed, every date has been altered. And hte process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.’

My Lectures-in-Song are interesting history as I see and interpret it. Doubtless someone somewhere will take offense at something in practically every presentation I do as it’s become chic to take offense these days at anything they choose. It’s a slippery slope advocates of such censorship are on. Where does it stop?”

ORIGINAL POST 5/9/21: Not for nothing is the First Amendment of our Constitution the guarantee of free expression in speech, religion, association, the press. The erasure of these core freedoms now in progress (Cancel Culture) is a plague. No virus let loose from a Chinese lab has a more destructive effect on healthy human life than this key hallmark of all totalitarian regimes. There’s silence…or there’s resistance and  speaking out. With increasing frequency, we all find ourselves facing that very thorny choice. The risks vary from personal shaming and social ostracism to loss of one’s livelihood, even loss of life. The flip side is the accommodation of sheepish millions to the prevailing narrative, smiling agreement masking naked fear. Those not acknowledging it’s a problem, THE problem, are living in a fog of terrified denial.



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