UPDATE 2/15/24: Human frailty is at fault for the socio-political insanity we are witnessing, and what softer spot exists for exploitation and manipulation of the masses than guilt?

UPDATE 2/6/24: Our present hydra-headed political catastrophe is no accident, any more than Joe Biden is a “nice guy.” A columnist asks if he is “malicious, incompetent, or conniving?” The answer is sometimes all three simultaneously, always one or the other depending upon which fleeting moment you have the misfortune to be in his actual (or virtual) presence.


UPDATE 2/2/24: When absurdity and a toxic alternate reality become the norm, we are in the throes of cultural, societal suicide. Many of us aware of this can only be grateful there is still something in reserve that allows civilized life to go on regardless, but there has to come a point when our luck and existential reserves run out. 


UPDATE 1/26/24: It’s hard to deny that our country has gone mad, literally not euphemistically. This is no exaggeration when legitimized absurdity confronts us with such frequency on a daily basis.

UPDATE 1/5/24: There are some people of a certain mindset (aka BigGov/Leftist/Globalist) who believe government should be involved in EVERY aspect of life, even ending it. The suffering Connecticut woman getting all manner of praise and attention for going up to progressive Vermont for legally assisted suicide could just as easily have done it quietly, privately, with dignity, either alone or with the cooperation of family & friends. But that would require the courage of acting without fanfare entirely on her own as an individual soul, coming face-to-face with herself and her Maker without Big Brother’s participation, a spiritual state of mind entirely foreign to the collectivist outlook.

What isn’t these days?

UPDATE 12/27/23: There is no other way to describe the poison animating mindless chants of anti-Israel slogans among Americans than pure evil. The eye-witness testimony by Mike Huckabee  from Israel of the horrors visited upon Israelis on 10/7 brings that home.

UPDATE 12/26/23: The antidote to mass psychosis: keep it real, keep it true, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid. 


UPDATE 12/18/23: The Big Lies of gender ideology and climate emergency madness provide the ultimate in confusion, the leading edge of a deadly plague creating a whole societal pandemic of absurdity. Jordan Peterson fears Britain’s ,impending election of a Labor government is dooming the UK to Venezuela’s fate for the next generation or two. Once the wealthiest country in South America, it’s now a hellhole of impoverished Marxist tyranny, and Britain is determined to follow it down that suicidal path.

UPDATE 12/15/23: In response to the disastrous Congressional panel exposing the shocking amorality of a trio of Big Name college presidents, Heather MacDonald puts academe’s Woke Virus under the microscope (Part One and Part Two) and pinpoints the wider societal plague it represents.


UPDATE 12/4/23: The successful rise of totalitarianism is entirely dependent upon concerted, twisted indoctrination of the masses. Manufactured “emergencies“-climate crises, man-made virus pandemics, newly hatched “victim” groups such as “Palestinians” and sexual deviants-whatever scares average Joe & Jane enough into total obedience and docility is just the ticket.

UPDATE 11/30/23: It’s easy to be simple and sane but apparently very “nuanced” to be one of those soulless imbeciles screaming their satanic chants and demands calling for a 21st century “River To The Sea” holocaust. The message from these perverse lunatics is that 10/7 didn’t go far enough. In the same foul breath, it could just as well be praise for the sex change mutilation of children or the end of internal combustion engines in our cars and gas stoves in our homes. It is not complexity but plain, simple evil that animates those intent on destroying a civilized way of life that they interpret as license to think and behave like savages.

UPDATE 11/22/23: Witnessing the extent of Hamas’ evil on 10/7 has been one thing. The sympathy and support for such evil exposed worldwide is even more unsettling.

UPDATE 11/15/23: In the absence of a shared culture that provides beauty, meaning and moral clarity, we are cursed with the Woke, the disconnected and permanently disgruntled. That includes those successful, “educated” members of society who have proven themselves highly selective about such absolutes as good and evil.  The Germans of Hitler’s time were steeped in all the highest elements of Western culture, yet they too could be easily swayed as a one mindless mass to support the atrocities that, to history’s everlasting shame, their society would commit. As the jaded among us frequently grouse, “People are no damn good.” Perhaps there’s something to those old notions of The Fall and Original Sin. Quoting Voltaire yet again: “Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

UPDATE 11/14/23: The line between reality and satire has disappeared: London has this week been the setting for a Nazi rally almost rivaling Hitler’s Nuremberg love-in 80 years ago (albeit minus the neat, clean German precision). Coincidentally, the Babylon Bee unintentionally finds itself guilty of now being a legitimate news source, not just a funny site spoofing current events.

UPDATE 11/12/23: Now that the Woke Left has decreed all Whites (including those pesky Jews) are worthy candidates for the gas chambers (or at the very least medieval slaughter by Hamas), those Pro-Palestinian truth-tellers will surely have no problem being viewed as the New Nazis. Fair enough?

And where does that leave those faithful, lockstep Democrats quick to call out “White Supremacy” in a trice while at the same time feeling somewhat/kinda/sorta inclined to take the Jews’ side in the aftermath of 10/7? One could lose one’s mind trying to sort out which totalitarian faction ticks all the right boxes for you.


UPDATE 11/8/23: It took 17 years after the end of WWII for Mel Brooks to get away with satirizing the Holocaust via Springtime For Hitler.” In the age of the Internet, it has only taken a few weeks. Those being skewered are easy marks, hopelessly stupid useful idiots currently taking up oxygen and useful space on America’s streets and on most elite college campuses.

From Israel herself.


UPDATE 11/2/23: On college campuses, we are witnessing the poisonous fruits of Bill Ayers’ “Long March through the educational system, totalitarian, outright genocidal thinking now running amok against Israel and the entire civilized social order in perverse response to the October 7 massacre of Israelis by Hamas. Their battle cry “River To The Sea!” echoes Arafat’s fabricated “Palestinian Liberation” that has demanded, from the start, the annihilation of Israel.

No niceties necessary about “Palestinian liberation.” Let’s just call it by its real name “Jew hatred.” To be more specific and chillingly “inclusive,” it really is hatred of all healthy life.

UPDATE 10/27/23: Since 2020, Democrats have given us little to assess them other than what clear, open eyes tell us, and what we see is a blend of blind ignorance and evil intention. The Covid horror, the J6 Inquisition/Gulag and the Party’s direct enablement of Middle Eastern terror are only the most glaring recent examples in these traumatic times.

UPDATE 10/27/23: Coming soon to another peaceable, productive society near you: senseless 10/7 savagery. Why not? Considering all the terrorists most definitely entering the country unnoticed through Biden’s porous border, what’s to stop or deter them? Certainly not the deranged segment of the population cheering on the hell visited upon Israel.

UPDATE 10/22/23: George Floyd’s cause of death was a fetanyl overdose, helped along by a lifetime of physical self-abuse. A new Minnesota court case restates this true accounting already available to the country during Derek Chauvin’s trial, but we (nor Chauvin) needn’t hope for justice. Without the “heartless knee-on-the-neck” narrative, the savages and their cheering section of Elite Leftists far, far, far away from any rioting are secure in the Big Lie.


UPDATE 9/30/23: A whole society rolling over for lockdowns and carried away in the hysteria of Climate Emergency, Gender Spectrums and Critical Race Theory/BLM will at some point be forced to look in the mirror and see its own insanity. Are people willing to admit to being such fools?

UPDATE 9/28/23: There’s a meme circulating about “how often men think of Rome,” meaning: a sober contemplation of a parallel American decline and fall. As things in BrandonWorld continue to go downhill daily, such dark thoughts are not unjustified. 

UPDATE 9/25/23: Those anti-social traits and behaviors (Cluster B) once isolated and treated on the fringes of an otherwise stable society have become mass mainstream norms.  The unsurprising result is finding ourselves in thrall to the sick leaders we have voluntarily chosen. Have not most totalitarian nightmares begun in free elections at the ballot box? Do not elected tyrants reflect the irrational mob that has put them in power?


UPDATE 9/21/23: We are living through a complete breakdown of justice at the highest levels of government. The utterly corrupt actors in this Dem administration simply move the legal goalposts wherever necessary to keep themselves in power.

UPDATE 9/14/23: The glorious goals of WokeWorld, totally contrary to human nature and whatever benefits real people, become a little less palatable when those pushing it get a good taste of the consequences. No energy to run your car and desperate, homeless illegals invading your neighborhood will do it every time.

UPDATE 9/13/23: We live in a frightening age of bitter, bad losers and ne’er-do-wells in power with little to offer except bullying a world they hate.  


Those cheering on Obama and Biden refuse to see that they doom themselves enabling their Beloved Leaders’ nihilist pursuit of absolute power. 

UPDATE 8/24/23: Nowadays no word is more ignorantly misused and wasted than “fascism,” nowadays the catch-all word for Leftists dismissing anyone or anything they don’t happen to like. But who does the term really describe?

Note this dictionary typically considers totalitarian control strictly a “right-wing” phenomenon as if there couldn’t possibly be Leftwingers fitting the bill.

8/20/23: The song “Rich Men North of Richmond” is being touted as a “conservative anthem,” but to these ears it could just as easily be interpreted as a typical Lefty jab at those capitalist meanies keeping the Little Guy down. The singer/songwriter has made it clear it’s about ALL those Washington types bent on “control” which resonates at least to these ears. The musical quality of the song and singer’s voice do not resonate, and the hoopla surrounding the pseudo-folksy lyrics is just another invented news cycle topic. The question remains, and every rational citizen needs to answer it correctly: who are the real bad guys and what’s their plan?

But he’s got the location right. 


UPDATE 8/8/23: Thanks to the invasive capabilities of technology in our totally Internet-dependent lives, we are rapidly approaching a Chinese-style totalitarianism whereby all are under constant surveillance and supervision by Big Brother.

UPDATE 7/16/23: Have Americans allowed themselves to be programmed once and for all to roll over obediently for another manufactured health crisis?

UPDATE 7/12/23: Yet one more warning from a foreign survivor of Leftism pointing out the ominous parallels between his foolish, fallen homeland and our own. Transform America with “socialism,” and the world has lost everything.


UPDATE 6/16/23: We are approaching that point where one can be seriously worried about how far down do we go before all things fall apart?

UPDATE 6/9/23: Newton’s first law of motion (inertia) is ““Every body preserves its state of rest or uniform movement in a straight line unless forced to change that state by forces impressed upon it.” Sound like a reasonable description of our politics and what is necessary to get us out of these doldrums?

Newton’s third law is equally applicable, “equal and opposite reaction,” neatly explaining the violently negative reaction to the rise of an unprecedented positive force like Donald Trump and the MAGA populism created.

UPDATE 6/2/23: On one hand, there is the Sweden that has always evoked beautiful, brisk alpine landscapes populated by gorgeous blonde people and, of recent admirable note, the one country on earth that responded rationally to the Chinese plague and didn’t shut down. Then there is the senselessly leftwing nanny state that has not had the will to resist unchecked immigration and now finds itself a “gangsters’ paradise.” 

UPDATE 6/2/23: It will be one of those great enigmas pondered by our descendants, assuming they’re still allowed to think and speak freely. The question will be how half of Americans as represented by the Democrat Party insisted that tyranny, centralized government control, is preferable to the uniquely free America that dominated and civilized humanity for two astonishing centuries.

UPDATE 5/23/23: It’s telling how often the serious-minded are currently driven to write of the disparity between reality/rationality and the nightmare that is BrandonWorld since the stolen 2020 election. Our best hope for survival is directly proportional to how attached to reality the electorate is. The further the public loses itself in catastrophic fantasy (“Climate Change,” “gender spectrum,” Identity Politics), the more certain an end to a free, prosperous, hopeful way of life.

UPDATE 5/20/23: Can we really believe an editorial  that reports Greg Gutfeld’s studio audience “fell silent” [Stunned! Shocked! Terrified!] at the host’s use of the male pronoun [he, him, his] referring to Dylan Mulvaney? If true, and conservatives actually fear describing stark reality using plain language, free speech is definitely on its deathbed.

UPDATE 5/17/23: Just after George Floyd died of a drug overdose (not, for the record, of strangulation by a White cop), it was decided that we should throw aside all standards that underpin Western Civ in order to make it up to Black people. If you still don’t get what “Woke” is, this is it, and we’re already paying dearly for it. Never mind that rational, decent Black people know well the price THEY will  pay for this fashionable BS on the operating table thanks to an incompetent surgeon or on an airborne plane piloted by an underqualified idiot.

UPDATE 5/13/23: How better to control the masses than fear. Lately, it’s been a heyday for germaphobes, a “plague” we were told, something terrifying from the dark, dirty past that suddenly, inexplicably, accidentally crept into our modern, healthy lives.  The fact that the easily frightened still insist on referring to the worldwide freeze as “The Pandemic” rather than The Lockdowns is their way of prolonging a drama in which they played a part and justifying their support for the epidemic damage done in the name of “safety.”

UPDATE 5/9/23: What’s next? Just how crazy will it get? Are we moving past total absurdity (Joe Biden being the perfect embodiment of that) to the logical next step of a world where all seems to be dead or dying and nothing functions properly (Joe Biden being the perfect embodiment of that).    

The thing. 

UPDATE 5/8/23: For those caught up in the absurd New Reality of BrandonWorld and its Chinese masters, will there come a moment of clarity, shock and regret at their dangerous blindness? For such fools, wisdom rarely comes and then, only if there is palpable pain. As often opined, enslavement will come not violently but quietly, in the throes of mass confusion.

UPDATE 5/7/23: The shameless extent of real scandal in our politics has anesthetized the public from any sense of shock or disapproval.  The debauchery of Hunter Biden along with the whole Biden family’s financial corruption graphically flashed worldwide for all to see is treated with little more concern than an unflattering tabloid photo. In this degenerative process is the demoralization of a whole society.


UPDATE 4/30/23; Elon Musk clearly states the suicidal societal dangers of Woke to Bill Maher. “I think we need to be very cautious about anything that is anti-meritocratic and anything that results in the suppression of free speech,”


UPDATE 4/18/23: Clearly, those of us in 2020 sensing an optimistic America suddenly pitching headlong over a cliff are not small in numbers. For some of us, it began around March of the year when we were first turned away from the grocery or Home Depot for not wearing a mask. Sometimes suicide takes a while. 

UPDATE 4/29/23: It’s hardly news that mass political movements too often operate like religious cults that produce the most evil results imaginable. The whole coercive Great Reset/Identity Politics/Woke Transformation engulfing us is not to be confused with authentically populist movements calling for responsible, individual freedom and the resultant prosperity. One need only look at actual results of each to distinguish between good and evil. Simply put:  “Know your friends, know your enemies…and the difference between them.”

UPDATE 4/14/23: The consequences of the Big Lie of “Climate Change” are as dire as anything threatening civilized life today. Seeing adults scurrying around like headless “Henny Pennys” is disturbing enough, but worse are the young people being molded into terrorized, obedient robot-serfs of the future.

UPDATE 4/7/23: Ignorance is bliss for those refusing to see the rot at the heart of our political process and the society it’s supposed to preserve. This is old, discouraging news for those of us who know the problem is not the tyrants threatening healthy life but rather the blind, lifeless masses that deliberately, repeatedly put such bad actors in power.

UPDATE 4/6/23; They’ve managed to undermine faith in our medical system with the Covid catastrophe, and it’s all systems go now to destroy confidence in our legal system by railroading the leader of the Brandon regime’s political opposition.  Psychologically, Americans are fast finding themselves adrift on a sea of anarchy.

UPDATE 3/28/23: There are those for whom lockdowns and dictatorial mandates will always be the good old days to be relived again and again. One can only liken these sad sacks to those terrified Japanese warriors hiding out in the bush long after the fighting has ended or the freed inmate who refuses to leave the prison. As with much of the madness free-floating about these days, the rest of us are expected to suffer likewise with them. After all, misery-loves-company is the essence of collectivism.

Bond Street? Rodeo Drive? The Champs-Elysee? Easter Sunday on the Avenue…Fifth Avenue? Well accessorized Covid Chic! 


UPDATE 2/25/23: Human stupidity takes many forms, but none is more dangerous than the inability to distinguish friends from enemies. How else to explain how over the last century supposedly intelligent, educated people have repeatedly refused to recognize tyranny and voluntarily grant it power over their lives?

UPDATE 2/17/23: Calling this Woke era a mass assault on reality provides as good a diagnosis as any.

UPDATE 2/16/23: Budapest finds itself this week engaged in bloody street fighting brought on by imported packs of terrorists sent in from outside to sow social chaos. Free, independent Hungary is a natural target for the subversive Color Revolutionaries fomented by Marxist/One World types pushing violence and disinformation. The overriding goal is to undermine freedom-minded governments like Orban’s or legitimate uprisings against tyrannical regimes.

UPDATE 1/30/23: Below is YouTube’s panicky directive leaked by an insider ordering censorship of the Jordan Walker expose. “A violation of Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation policy.” Uh-huh. Yup. We get it. By sheer chance, all mention of Dr. Walker has been deep-sixed at Linked-in and Facebook too. So “Who IS Jordan Walker?” 

1/30/23: Shocking but no surprise in these Orwellian days that Pfizer has gone into overdrive, its social media cronies in tow, to censor, erase, disappear every trace of Jordan Walker and his revelations about the company’s plans to reboot Covid and even create new virus strains to generate new $billion$ in vaccine revenue. Happily, at newly liberated Twitter the message is getting through. And from Babylon Bee the absurdity of this skullduggery generates laughs while telling the chilling truth. One investigator gives due diligence his best shot on the suddenly-hot topic “Who is Dr. Jordan Walker?”  

We live in “interesting times.”

UPDATE 1/28/23: Despite Veritas’ expose of the high-level character from Pfizer spilling the beans all over the place about the promotion and even creation of deadly viruses for pure profit, we expect a whirlwind of spin and little or none of the mass outrage this warrants. Mass psychology is such that instead of a sudden clarity of public vision, there will be mass denial. rather than widespread fury at this all-too-effective instance of crony capitalism, BigBiz in bed with BigGov. Instead, the anti-free market capitalism narrative will be stepped up to ear-piercing levels. Who wants to admit they’ve been total fools throughout The Covid Show expressly written for and mainlined hourly into a gullible, sheepish public eager to be “protected” (aka CONTROLLED) by a concerned Big Brother? God willing this cynical lack of faith in human nature is wrong.

UPDATE 1/26/23: When only 27% of young people consider themselves lucky to be Americans, we are looking at a country ripe for easy conquest.


UPDATE 1/6/23: Even after posting losses of half a $TRILLION in value on the markets, Hollywood persists in serving up movies about Black transgender lesbians rather than something the discerning public wants to see. Go Woke/Go Broke is the brilliant new strategy for an industry created and profitably run by Jewish immigrant merchants and now run into the ground by highly educated, disconnected idiots.

UPDATE 1/5/23: VDH askes, “Did someone or something seize control of the United States?” The answer is yes and the reason why duplicates the answer to this query: “When did a hefty chunk of the presumably adult electorate lose sight of that which would preserve their personal freedoms and repeatedly choose paths that would enslave them?” That answer is “When they chose Woke Identity Politics as their psychological roadmap and collectivism/socialism/communism as the political means to force that mindset on everyone else.”

UPDATE 1/3/23: Are we to be farm animals or self-determining people? Parents in particular had better take back control of their children’s worldviews or we are doomed to be a society of corralled livestock. Thanks to the studied infiltration of educational institutions from the earliest stages on, Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is far past being just a warning but now actual reality.  Likewise, we are already paying a huge price in allowing this same Woke poison to determine who does the essential work of our society rather than proven excellence. You’re ok with just anyone flying that plane or operating on you as long as they’re Black and transgendered?


UPDATE 12/23/22: Despite guaranteed misery and death, Leftism/Marxism persists thanks to that element of ignorance and self-destruction that plagues flawed humanity. Everything is promised to the gullible, particularly the impressionable young, and they are fatally inclined to believe they can Have It All for “free.” The great, cruel irony is that the cost is beyond anyone’s means, and the greatest civilizations crumble.

UPDATE 12/21/22: Handy to have a place to post not just absurdity but the tragically unthinkable. Society is on the verge of machines taking over the creative process, doing away with the necessity for the individual to develop talent. If a machine can write a better essay (as one CA teacher describes) or produce a recorded voice to rival Pavarotti or Callas or Sinatra, why bother to do it yourself? Is this not the onset of human obsolescence?

UPDATE 12/16/22: The advent of a social credit system a la totalitarian China is not that far off in America and the rest of the “free” world. Jordan Peterson comments that even Kafka’s faceless, bloodless bureaucrats were still people possibly capable of  empathy while the new police are computers, robots, machines tracking your every move and breath…and passing judgment unhindered by any latent humanity.

Social credit score concept, AI analytics identify person technology, intelligence rating, reputation.


UPDATE 12 /16/22: “In an age when information has never been more easily accessible, the world is awash in lies.” Are 8 billion people willing and able to sift out the good and true from the information tidal wave without drowning?

UPDATE 12/15/22: The roots of social calamity were already apparent and festering in Germany long before Adolf came on the scene in the 1930s. One can only hope that the release of the Twitter Files makes it impossible for the general public to deny the full extent of how far the Deep State/Corporate axis of evil has moved us toward a Chinese-modeled UniParty regime. Musk knows this and has declared out loud that either we face down Woke or succumb to an American version of the ChiCom living death.

UPDATE 12/12/22: An article entitled “Where’s The Outrage?” could be the flashing neon headline above a definitive account of American politics since 2020. The particular outrage cited refers to the New Twitter revelations of State-sponsored censorship released by Elon Musk. But it could refer to virtually everything inflicted on America by BrandonWorld since the coup overthrowing Trump that began in 2015. Are justice and sanity to be restored or is this just one more loud news cycle doomed to silence by tomorrow?


UPDATE 12/1/22: Judging by the list of nightmares visited upon us since 2020, one would almost suspect our present leaders really want to destroy America. This would be denied by the Trump haters who carry on with the full support of a dangerously high percentage of the electorate. To quote one realist: “What does the United States stand for? With Joe Biden in the White House, absolutely nothing.”


UPDATE 11/26/22: We survive daily on doses of good news because we seem to be drowning in bad news. Our society, our rich Western culture is slowly committing suicide, the norms of people shifting from rational self-interest to total absurdity. Men giving birth? Shutting down the entire world for a flu? Banning energy production? Punishing farmers for effective agricultural practices? Electing demented, brain-damaged idiots to the highest positions of power?

Voltaire is credited with saying, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Ominously, we are there, denying reason and committing atrocities on ourselves.

UPDATE 11/26/22: We are in the process of slow but accelerating suicide. Elon Musk calls it “Woke Mind Virus,” Tom Stoppard’s latest play “Leopoldstadt” describes this same virus’ historical precedent in a drama of 20th century Europe’s dissolution. No one can claim we haven’t been warned.

UPDATE 11/24/22: Thanks to the Left’s studied determination to politicize EVERYTHING, we find ourselves these days more divided than ever. One is faced with the almost daily dilemma of salvaging relationships, trying in vain to make plain what one knows is true. Belief systems are complex webs, often impossible to penetrate and unravel. 

UPDATE 11/24/22: For a society willing to accept Covid lockdowns, border invasions, deliberate destruction of energy production, men claiming to give birth to mention just a few absurdities of the present day, what’s surprising about millions of fools investing in some sociopath’s Ponzi scheme?  It’s all right in keeping with those Americans who prefer BrandonWorld to MAGA.


UPDATE 11/11/22: This post under the heading of mass psychosis  is likely to become the fastest growing, most crowded category after an election where, if official figures are to be believed, Americans stated they had no major problems with the status quo of crime, open borders, gender insanity, $6 gas…and for the laughable cherry on top, this one: a healthy White male who identifies and voluntarily functions as a crippled woman in a wheelchair. Only missing is his desire to be a full-blooded Watusi. What used to be peripheral, inconsequential lunacy has gone mainstream.

UPDATE 11/19/22: There’s election corruption to be seriously considered, but the factor of corruption (and mental imbalance) among the general population has to carry equal weight.

UPDATE 11/9/22: The sheer mass destructive power of the newly expanded definition of “equality” is documented in “The Myth of American Inequality.” 


UPDATE 11/5/22: When it hits them in the pocketbook, even Hollywood retreats from Woke. Can we expect the day when love of the country also plays a part in what they’re putting out?

UPDATE 11/2/22: One can rail at those guilty of abusing power, but those most accountable are the fickle, confused, unprincipled masses who have put them there, again and again. As far back as can be recalled in our lives, only Reagan has had the charismatic clout to inspire 3 terms and some continuity of his good policies. Naturally, GHWB squandered that third term gift handed him by RR and gave us up to the Clintons. Back and forth, back and forth we go. Will the electorate ever learn to stick with what works and provide themselves with some stability?

UPDATE 10/23/22: The headline reads “…climate extremism is making America mentally ill,” but it really should read “Mentally ill inclined to get even crazier from media barrage of Climate Scare BS.” 


UPDATE 10/21/22: We live in an upside-down world in which evil runs rampant and just retribution for it is treated as a crime. This runs counter to healthy human nature, a mass suppression of common sense.  Do we dare be optimistic and believe the positive predictions of good government’s recovery…along with the common sense that underpins it?

UPDATE 10/20/22: Contrary to our traditional image of them, the Brits apparently are not well disposed toward common sense in economic matters. Liz Truss, calling for tax cuts that are always guaranteed to stimulate business, is now out after only 6 weeks. Whatever legitimate beefs her critics may have with her, one is inclined to believe that formerly-Great Britain has turned herself into a permanently wandering ship without a rudder or a captain to right her course. Margaret Thatcher, where are you?

UPDATE 10/22/22: The emboldened Left no longer hides its intention to push  any mad agenda that sets people against one another making them ripe for control and conquest. Who nowadays can’t report a “former friend” or, for that matter, estrangement from family?


UPDATE 10/14/22: Examining the Holocaust never fails to arouse an almost pleasurable excitement in those Left of center, seeking deflected attention away from their own all-too-human inclination toward vicious intolerance and a primitive desire to control, even eliminate their fellow humans. Pompous and proudly liberal Ken Burns with his latest documentary has given them just what they want: pointing the finger principally at America rather than at the universal psychological forces that make seemingly civilized people (especially Leftists) do barbaric things. This is lost on those most aroused by the telling and re-telling of Hitler’s methodical massacre. These same virtue-signaling types rarely if ever express even vague interest let alone shock at the even greater horror of genocidal Leftist regimes over the last century.

UPDATE 10/10/22: We are seeing the dissolution of the independent individual who can think for himself and make rational choices. Nowhere is this more apparent than on college campuses where students demand professors be fired for contradicting their Woke fantasies such as the gender spectrum or the latest in fake “White supremacy” offenses. Getting them young is the long-range key to eliminating America. Once again, it’s all too apparent that Mao’s Cultural Revolution has arrived on these shores and poisoned the mainstream.

UPDATE 10/4/22: Trump is taking the assault on himself (and us) and his private property (and ours) to the Supreme Court.

In his words, he will “also be commencing actions against other media outlets who have defamed me and defrauded the public regarding the overwhelming evidence of fraud throughout the 2020 Election…”

THEY hate him (and us) enough to deny him (and us) the formerly guaranteed right of being deemed innocent until proven guilty and, logically, the right to a fair trial. The Mar-A-Lago raid lays bare the essential mass psychosis gripping nearly a half the people in this country. If this state of affairs is allowed to stand without the recourse of fair trials and honest elections, America is gone. Once the standard for what was possible in supreme human achievement, America has become the model of Woke cultural bankruptcy. One HAS to believe this will turn around, but with things having been allowed to deteriorate this far, the outlook is not rosy. Do we have to go right to the precipice before people come out of their collective coma?

UPDATE 10/3/22: Forget about mob rule. A whole team of female volleyball players are banned from their locker room based on the complaint of ONE tranny. The holy mask, the visible symbol of Covid’s coercive power, is now deemed the leverage by which ONE mask-loving student at Amherst College can force everyone else in class to wear the infernal thing. If easily cowed Lib parents and alumni don’t withhold tuition or withdraw their brats, we’re looking at the terminal stages of a dying college, a microcosm of a dying society.


UPDATE 9/28/22: Things like the weather and illness (and EVERYTHING) can be potentially exploited to scare (aka “politicize”) the hoi polloi. Proportional to the damage they do, hurricanes and other forms of bad weather are among the favorite weapons of terror used against people to get them under  control. 

UPDATE 9/28/22: Rational people make a point of knowing their enemies. Is there still enough courage, sanity and common sense among 300 million Americans to fight back? 

UPDATE 9/26/22: Ken Burns’ series of PBS documentaries are attractive and occasionally admirable for their professionally assembled detailing of history, selling the fascination and romance of the past to the general public in high style like beautiful coffee table books. Sadly, any authority this documentarian might have had in telling these stories is now permanently compromised by his superficial, frankly dishonest rantings comparing 21st century  conservatism-free markets, controlled immigration, national sovereignty-here and abroad to the rise of Hitler.

He is one of a million mediocre minds like a Brandon or Hildebeast and their RINO cronies, hysterical of late about “threats to democracy” (spelled T-R-U-M-P). These are those wannabe demagogues who can recognize and amplify evil only from what is termed “the Right” (Fascism! Hitler! Mussolini! Nazis! Kristallnacht! Concentration camps!) while totally ignoring the exponentially greater evils of Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot  and their ideological heirs operating full-tilt in the present. Common sense tells us this warped morality has everything to do with the “Liberal’s” often unconscious identification and sympathy for the more daring, extreme version of their own world views. The polite, bleeding-heart Lib lays respectably low while the communist’s mania for control is acted out without hesitation.

American Jews should know better. They are, like Burns, drawn by lazy habit to nice-sounding “progressivism” of the Left while ignoring its inevitably suicidal, disastrous results to THEM and humanity in general. These high-minded moralists in the PBS/Burns camp don’t and won’t ever give up what is now a life-sustaining secular religion of virtue-signaling . One can say with good reason their “progressive” faith is as viciously fanatic as that of any Ayatollah. Without shrieking “Nazi!” at every political opponent or critic, they are lost without a reference point and panicked at facing their own Leftist intolerance for genuine diversity, debate, free-flowing life.

UPDATE 9/25/22: While it now seems possible for machines to manufacture any concrete object through Artificial Intelligence, true art still must come from the miraculous imperfections of the flesh-and-blood human soul. What machine can convey the colors of a vocal artist like Callas or the mad dabbings of a Van Gogh? Without that expressed essence of human experience, we have crossed over into dehumanized madness. 


UPDATE 9/21/22: A lawyer (who admits he’s NOT a Trump supporter) was offered $400 to post a J6 lie on his Instagram account regarding Trump and J6. Multiply this tactic by millions, and you have the selfsame mass “disinformation” claim from the Left repeatedly projected by them onto conservatives. As the Nazis knew, repeat a lie often enough, and it will become “truth” for millions of the undiscerning and gullible.


9/14/22: If average Jane/Joe voter would simply make the connection between the roots of the good life and the diametrically opposed political philosophies of conservatism vs. Leftism, the Left would be out of business. Unfortunately, self-defeating human irrationality is always present to ruin things, and the wild, dangerous ride along the the cliff continues.


UPDATE 9/9/22: The demented Zero masquerading as U.S. President is more dangerous than ever though not due to any force of personality HE possesses or exhibits. His present and growing danger lies in the masses of self-described Democrats, liberals, progressives, Leftists, communists, anti-fascists, anti-Trumpers who would vote and support anything, anything, anything to stop a political movement and resultant free way of life based on individual rights and responsibilities. Changing minds in 2022 America is as tall an order as it would have been confronting the Good Germans of the 1930s. Dare we hope that the sane still outnumber the insane and that the ballot box protected by the Electoral College remains a legitimate path back to sanity?

UPDATE 9/6/22: The clear distinction between living in a “democracy” repeatedly lionized by the Phony POTUS and a “republic” is lost on too many people. Democrats (lower case) are, by definition, herd animals (the majority rules) while republicans are ruled by God-given individual rights that can’t be taken away except by force. Welcome to 2022 America’s road to serfdom by way of “democratic socialism.”

UPDATE 9/6/22: If we’re ever to get out of the mess we’re in, the voting public will have to wise up from its Wokeness because the frauds, cheats and scoundrels are not going away and are with us forever. Obtuse citizens in great numbers make such insanity possible.

UPDATE 9/6/22: So it turns out Joe was behind the Mar-A-Lago raid. And who’s the Mussolini-Hitler-Stalinesque figure here? And what exactly does that make the millions of voters who put him where he is and stand by his actions? Good Germans? Good members of The Party? Supporters of the very evil they attribute by projection onto conservatives? Fascists, perhaps?

UPDATE 9/5/22: Separating and unmooring Americans from their hard-won, commonsensical roots sums up the evil intentions of our sworn enemies. Those with eyes open fear they are succeeding.

UPDATE 9/4/22: In answer to who was playing Bergen to Biden’s Charlie in Nuremberg/Philly, it’s reported that the author of that screechy screed passing for a U.S. Presidential address is one pompous historian named Jon Meacham. I know him from his history of American song, a glorious subject made ponderous and soggy by the author’s 60s “protest” sensibility.  Seeing him interviewed and knowing what we now know, the rather grand, genteel “liberal” persona Meacham sports as a mask is the embodiment of David Horowitz’s banner motto

For Joe, having a Pulitzer Prize winning historian on staff to establish him as The (latest) One “saving the soul of America” is the pipe dream of a pitifully small man of minimal intelligence and less significance. All history will recall of Joe Biden is a disjointed tale of random destruction, told by an idiot.

UPDATE 9/3/22: Who wrote that “Enemies Of The People” speech? Surely not any senile relative of drug-addled Hunter Biden. One remains curious whether there will be any backpedaling or spin from last week’s Weimar ravings vomited out by The Puppet? Or does it matter when the sole purpose of such rhetoric is to further create and deepen a perception of the American electorate as two distinct camps:: Good Germans and Dangerous Disposables?


UPDATE 9/3/22: It was reminiscent of nothing so much as a screeching 20th century European or Latin American dictator on the verge of declaring martial law. One prays that Biden’s “Enemies Of The State” speech can be recalled one day very soon as both a low point and turning point in our present predicament. It’s profoundly sad (and chillingly realistic) to think half of America will remain unaware of and indifferent to this nightmare they’ve inflicted, not only upon their political opponents but ultimately upon themselves.

Speaking on behalf of the sane Americans Biden has vilified, Trump correctly concludes “he must be insane.” 

The shadowy blood-red background and sinister silhouettes of armed Marines is only missing the presence of a prominently displayed swastika.


UPDATE 8/31/22: It is really not the celebrated figureheads of evil mass movements who are to be feared. It is the millions and millions of people who follow & support them, giving give them power, especially by passive default. There is nary a ripple of dissent or shock at the official Democratic Party stance, projecting their own “semi-fascism” onto their political opponents. We’ve seen the trial run of totalitarianism in the Covid Response. How far down does it have to degenerate before the Howard Beales are madly running amok out there, sick and tired and not taking it any more?

UPDATE 8/25/22: The latest words read off a teleprompter by The Puppet encourages the crazies (and they are legion) supporting him and his Party to view MAGA Republicans as “semi-fascists.”  One can laugh it off as Sleepy Joe’s own “basket of deplorables” moment. But coming from the nominal POTUS, isn’t that an official Democratic Party call to kill or at the very least jail 80 million very dangerous Americans? Odd, but such “anti-fascist” words could have easily been uttered by Stalin or Hitler, the totalitarian’s totalitarians, the Fascist’s FASCISTS. Mass psychosis being what it is, there are tens of millions of Good Germans on the American voting rolls ready to stand by silently, even approvingly as Joe’s Storm Troopers/KGB from the FBI & DOJ set about rounding  us up for liquidation or long-term lockup.

Remember Churchill’s prediction?


UPDATE 8/13/22: You still think people without learned morality are born innocent and are inherently good despite unspeakably bad choices and worse behavior? For lack of a good local clergyman or psychiatrist, you  “Better Call Saul.”

UPDATE 8/13/22: As predicted, lockdowns have had the effect of turning millions of the industrious into lay-abouts. The price our society pays for this justifies sloth being listed among the 7 deadly sins.

UPDATE 8/11/22: It can and IS happening here thanks to those who believe what they’ve installed in place of Trump will provide them with the good life. It’s all about how willingly the masses reject freedom in favor of tyrants’ lies. There would be no tyranny without the full cooperation of useful idiots. 

UPDATE 8/10/22: A major blind spot for the brainwashed citizen in a totalitarian climate is giving equal importance to politics (all about getting elected) and government (that which keeps a society afloat and sailing along). When a majority of the governed see the vast difference and make their voting decisions based on nitty-gritty government, not the entertainment of bread and circus politics, life holds great promise indeed.


8/6/22: As opposed to a few (Democrat & RINO) snots  in Washington hailing “Our Democracy” in order to control everyone’s lives, the irreplaceable Thomas Sowell suggests “We The People” be represented by our state legislatures. What a novel concept. We’re a republic, not a democracy. Check the Constitution or pay the price of living in an American dystopia hell.

UPDATE 8/4/22: This is the sad place where we’ve landed. To quote an unnamed, wise source: “Practically everything of importance in this country’s history is commemorated in some sort of song. Songs of the American frontier, half myth, half history tell a story more moving than dates and facts and figures…A disquieting thought is that this generation too may be judged someday by the songs it writes and sings.”  As Matt Walsh points out, this is NOT Gershwin, Porter, Kern, Berlin or Rodgers. This is dreck, a dismal. reflection of our times.

UPDATE 8/3/22: Katharine Hepburn is credited with saying that her business would be wonderful if you didn’t have to deal with people. And so it is with life in a free society that spawns too many clueless, blind, head-in-the-sand morons ruining things for the rest of us normals.

UPDATE 8/6/22: When average Joe & Jane stop imitating the blatant hypocrisy of the Leftist narrative as displayed daily by high-living, virtue signaling celebs in politics and show biz, the rest of us have a fighting chance to retain our independence.  Otherwise, we are one big, slowly sinking society of idiots dragged down into the quicksand of entrenched ignorance.


UPDATE 7/23/22: Reading an account of Adolf Eichmann’s capture and subsequent trial & execution in Israel, one immediately thinks of contemporary, mild-mannered mediocrities, perfect bureaucrats capable of committing unimaginable crimes against humanity on a mass scale under the guise of “doing good.” Unfortunately, short of being full-fledged, blood-spattered Nazis barking orders in guttural German, such monsters remain invisible to the general eye, hidden behind benign facades of what Hannah Arendt termed “the banality of evil.”

UPDATE 7/20/22: There is no greater greater mass delusion than the Left’s insistence on equity in life, that somehow people and outcomes of their lives should be “equal.” Not by chance, such a fantasy and the repeated vain attempts to make it reality have resulted in the torture and murder of hundreds of millions. As bad an idea as ever was.

UPDATE 7/14/22: Another take on the mass psychosis driving on every suicidal society, regrettably ours included.

UPDATE 7/5/22: Accompanying the mass psychosis of millions embracing self-destruction in their politics is the rise of the individual psychotic possessed by violent visions of revenge on the normal life that has eluded him. What IS normal any more? It’s not a stretch to attribute this insanity to the sick elements of the culture that have become the norm. Consider the legalization of marijuana. Listen to gangsta rap sometime. Even without comprehending a word, one feels assaulted by madness…and evil.  

UPDATE 6/29/22: It is not the demagogues and tyrants to blame for where and when people repeatedly find themselves living under tyranny. It is fear and the stupidity that comes with it that makes people choose tyrants to rule them. Is it possible this fatal human flaw can ever be overcome and the majority of people summon up the nerve to rule themselves as a lifelong attitude? 

6/11/22: American spirit and the nation’s character and direction are all about values as lived day to day. Are we virtuous (or sane) enough to survive? Judging by Uvalde at the moment, no. 

UPDATE 6/7/22: Millions of us are living with a profound sense of social malaise unlike any we’ve experienced in long lifetimes. How to describe it in recognizable terms? There is the amorphous, claustrophobic helpless sense of Kafka’s stultifying  Amerika. We move daily through toxic gray clouds, residue of a post-Covid, brain-washed mass mindset. Wokeness, White supremacy, gender spectrums, reparations, lockdowns, masks have left us Sovietized.

UPDATE 4/25/22: Choosing Macron over Le Pen, the French have opted to continue down the suicidal path to Islamization.

UPDATE 4/16/22: Enemies of life have had long known that the surest path to permanent American conquest is undermining the family unit. Young people, unmoored from their parents and close relatives, are easy prey for destabilization and indoctrination.

UPDATE 4/6/22: Conformity is the curse of a society that thrives on freedom and genuine diversity. Totalitarian, one-size-fits-all rule has smothered us for two years, and the only rational goal is to return to the ideal normal of a bustling free market of ideas, goods, services and personalities.

UDPATE 3/23/22: In the insane 60s, mental illness itself was touted as being sanity. Judging by our present state of affairs, insanity has in fact become the acceptable norm.

Our Orwellian, upside-down era, described.

UPDATE 3/19/22: Covid was a pandemic alright, but one of mass psychosis, not Chinese germs. A new video delves deeper: “How Government Exploited Fear and Human Psychology During the Pandemic.” 


UPDATE 3/8/22: Almost everything at this point concerning government response to The Virus can go safely under the Mass Psychosis category. There remain many-spooked young people, infantilized oldsters-who persist in wearing their masks and still fervently long for everyone else to join them in their panicked delirium. To their dismay, many of us have long considered the real pandemic to be one of fear-driven mental derangement, not Made In China germs. So “Covid!!! The Horror Movie!” is not going away just yet even though the flu itself has long since waned.


UPDATE 3/1/22: In years to come, stories will abound of people dealing not with germs, real and imagined, but of withstanding a mass madness unlike anything few Americans have ever witnessed. If anything is to be learned from this trying episode, it is that our greatest enemies more often than NOT lie right in our midst, not outside ourselves and our borders. Regaining trust and an optimistic view of human nature and our institutions will be slow going.

UPDATE 2/25/22: John Fraud Kerry’s “concern” about “climate change” in the face of Putin’s aggression is mad delusion at best. Most likely, he’s upset that his Biblical sermon (Flood! Pestilence! Earthquakes! Volcanos! Hurricanes!) is about to get drowned out by cries of REAL pain when REALLY bad guys like Communists do REALLY bad things. Scaring and controlling millions of people with frightening things that aren’t going to happen is much more intoxicating to sneaky powermongers like the Heinz mooch than actually doing anything concretely beneficial for anyone.

UPDATE 2/23/22: The psychological profile of traditionally freedom-loving societies now sliding toward totalitarianism can be at least partially understood by the great divide in political orientation between what are now termed the Physicals vs. the Virtuals. The former (more conservative) do real work out in the world while the latter (more liberal) are those whose entire existence takes place in two dimensions on a computer screen. The image of today’s Virtuals is reminiscent of Tom Wolfe’s Masters Of The Universe who find themselves lost away from their computers and confronted with real people living real lives.

UPDATE 2/20/22: CoronaCraziness and Woke ideology are just two current examples of mass insanity that isn’t going to wane any time soon. 

UPDATE 2/16/22: The claim that 30-40% of young people identify as LGBTQ is as disturbing as anything one could imagine. Are the adults of the future that confused to swallow whole this destructive propaganda?

UPDATE 2/15/22: O, the price we’ve paid as a society from just a little accommodation here, a little accommodation there. Wear the damn mask, take the damn shot, stay home just for two weeks….no…make that 2 more weeks….no, make that two years. And the price is losing our minds and our souls. The old authorities and once-reliable rocks-doctors, clergy, friends, family-have lost their authority, and we are at sea. The damage has been done, and now we’ll just have to weather the long-term devastation. For those still in possession of themselves, keep saying “No” and enjoy your lives.

UPDATE 2/12/22: Excellent two part overview from Australia on Covid and mass fascism. Part 1 and Part 2.

UPDATE 2/12/22: As Hanoi Jane exulted a little while back, Covid is a gift to the Left. Right you are, Jane! It HAS provided a primer in mass control: scare the population with false, wildly exaggerated claims of a pandemic, justify the use of forced vaccines/masks onto said populace, deflect blame for the sudden loss of rights and liberties onto resistant “anti-vax” troublemakers. Then watch the whole world cave to totalitarian control. It couldn’t happen “here,” they said. Ask Australia and America (among others), both formerly known as bastions of “rugged individualism.”

UPDATE 2/10/22: How does an untested so-called “vaccine” developed at “warp speed” and now FORCED onto billions worldwide not arouse suspicion or at least pause? How else to look upon this as mass experimentation? For those suitably panicked at what’s been force fed to them by the “experts” and their media lapdogs, what greater relief could there be than a shot..and then another one…and then another one…and then...?

UPDATE 2/10/22: Following the “culture” as dictated day by day thru the various MSM, news and entertainment both. For instance, the business about “It’s The Science!” which is actually “It’s The Politics!” The same primitive ignorance is at work when Covid terror leads to Mass Vaxxing. 

UPDATE 1/30/22: With the right President, all Americans can resume enjoying their basic, unrestricted rights again. The actions Trump took and promises to continue is proof of that. But for reasons only explainable by an honest psychiatric community and serious students of history, fully living a free life is the worst fear for an unhealthy percentage of nominally rational adults, here and everywhere. How is it that free people can go full doormat in the blink of an eye as demonstrated by the rise of pathetic Homo Covidus and his willfully blind dedication to a blatantly pro-crime political Party? On the bright side, there is hope when those same confused souls stop putting their unquestioned faith in the prevailing sources of information, look further afield and start asking serious questions.

UPDATE 1/29/22: What’s been and remains the real problem?  It’s not germs loosed on us by Communists and their American enablers. It’s human irrationality and the tendency of the masses to give up life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in favor of whatever sweet-smelling garbage Big Brother can get the Great Unwashed to consume. Such a diet of lies turns the masses into paranoid morons prone to follow anything their chosen masters decree as they wander blindly toward the corruption that will drown them.  The hold that mask/vaccine mandates still have over people, particularly the young, only gets worse.  Nothing is off-limits for the unrelenting political operatives, leaving no sacred spot in the mass psyche undefiled. Disney’s endearing 7 dwarves are the latest targets for remodeling in the Woke image, despite the fact they are fantasy creatures in fairy tales. 

We are being taken over by a mindset that begs for top-down control. Millions will not be happy until each and all of us are in cages. Even Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy and their brothers are not safe.

UPDATE 1/23/22: Australia continues to lead the parade of traditionally free nations moving with a terrifying ease into Covid inspired totalitarianism. The state of Western Australia seems to be outdoing itself in forcing its fractured notion of “public health” onto those New Lepers known as “anti-vaxxers.” The author apologizes for drawing comparisons to the Nazis who moved from similar purity and health policies into pegging a specific group to maintain the fear and tension necessary for their long range goals of complete domination. Like many, he is shy about making such a comparison. After all, the Nazis exterminated millions of Jews. The challenge to this shyness about making such comparisons today is, “Well, they had to start at A to get to Z.” And as demonstrated by the last two years and the worldwide lockdowns and damage already done, we’re already well past A, moving with great speed in places like Australia toward Q, R, & S. Maybe even Z.

Elderly Australian women harassed by police for sitting maskless in a park.

UPDATE 1/20/22: Our slide into what could be a nationwide Third World existence is the result of half the electorate’s suicidal support for a mad, headlong rush into Woke, Progressive perdition. From the elected Leftist Dem elites down to the lowliest subjects cheering on their chosen slave masters, we are acting out insanity. 

Things are not much better abroad. Much to the shock of freedom-loving Americans, Australia and New Zealand  now in the psychotic throes of Covid hysteria have outed themselves as totalitarian, groupthink tyrannies passionately hostile to dissenting individuals.  In a vocal majority including even their own “conservatives,”  Aussies & Kiwis are eager participants in their own enslavement, occupants of brutally rigid islands of total conformity.  They are programmed by inbred custom to (using their terms) “take the mick out of” those “tall poppies” who stand out or apart. The government is always right and to be obeyed, or as Kiwi madwoman Ardern stated, ““Dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth.” Here as there, the villainized scapegoats have been identified and targeted as “the anti-vaxxers.”

Be afraid, be very afraid. The masses obediently singling out oddballs in the crowd as The Enemy is an ominous symptom of incipient tyranny.

UPDATE 1/4/22: Beware the delusional Utopian thinking that replaces God with BigGov.  We are living the consequences at the present, one of those dreaded historic/hysteric moments when mass psychosis has overtaken the world. The real virus afoot isn’t biological, it’s psychological. Face this ominous reality, build immunity to it or go mad with the mob.

ORIGINAL POST 6/19/15: When asking why those caught up in the contradictions of Leftist thinking aren’t amenable to reason and logic, look no further than Orwell‘s explanation of DoubleThink:

“The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them….To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies — all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.”
— George Orwell, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”

“To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them. to forget any fact that has become inconvenient…”


Wonder no more why it’s so hard to call out Leftists as hypocrites. If there are no bounds to what they believe or claim to believe, who can fault them? They are all things to all people all the time, whatever’s convenient to the moment. Those Conservatives insisting on rock-solid principles and hard facts are easily branded “hypocrites” at the merest glimmer of human inconsistency or contradiction.

What better example of denying objective reality than a person who decides that He is a She; that she, despite being White, is Black. In both eerily conjoined cases (Bruce/Caitlyn, Rachel/R’chelle), there is Celebrity, Money, Power to be acquired. For the more sinister forces encouraging the dissolution of norms, customs, definitions, standards, constants, any bedrock under our feet, there is Mass Control.

Sound chillingly familiar? Behold GLOBAL WARMING (formerly COOLING, now conveniently changed in classic DoubleThink style to CLIMATE CHANGE  accommodating the fact that weather & climate change, irregardless of Man). MARRIAGE is no longer heterosexual, a man and woman. Even the term “homosexual” is now considered negative and hereby banned from polite conversation. Gender is no longer male and female. Race is no longer genetic. As the saying goes these days when faced with reality: WHATEVER.

Whatever indeed. Confusion, blurring of distinctions, the erasure of commonly held meanings, borders, boundaries, whatever contributes to the destabilization necessary for mass manipulation and control. Currently in the West, this relentless drive toward totalitarianism comes almost exclusively from the Left (those promising all the “entitlements” of life to the dependent masses courtesy of society’s productive members aka redistribution of wealth). By contrast, fanatic Islam (like Nazism before it) is straight-forward, overt, more unabashedly intent on control and domination, not into the gradual, psychological maneuvering that characterizes our Marxist manipulators.

THE GOOD NEWS is that we live in times of the widest and freest exchange of information ever possible. Freedom of speech, the First Amendment, seems to be in its heyday. On the other hand, this ability to reach millions in milliseconds has opened the door to the sinister forces of Mass Control, and the masses predictably are eager to be controlled. The immediate, very real  danger is the fear genuinely free-thinking individuals have for expressing unpopular, contrary politically incorrect thoughts and opinions. Social Media hounding, viral piling-on, public excoriation has become a tactic used against public figures, businesses or anyone taking a stand unacceptable to that dictated from today’s Left.

Just in case, you’ve never experienced that disturbing sense of isolation and fear of expressing yourself, spend five minutes with  your average cross-section of friends, neighbors and relatives and bring up Climate Change, ObamaCare, Gay Marriage or any key item on Obama’s Transformative menu. At the very least you will find yourself on the receiving end of an insult tirade or a chilly glare. (If looks could kill….) Legal action has always been a tried-and-true weapon for the rigidly intolerant Left. However delivered, the goal is to silence and isolate you.

Our Mission Impossible (which we have no choice but to accept!) is to continue speaking, thinking, writing, communicating freely and repeatedly with others who sincerely believe that individuals make up a free, civilized society, not mindless, robotic masses marching together in electronically-induced lockstep.


And enjoy the laughs and absurdity along the way. There is plenty of both.

If he says so...
If he says so…