UPDATE 12/20/22: Billionaires like [former billionaire] Sam Bankman-Fried have caught on and are now routinely using the language of Woke as cover for their misuse of power. It is nothing new since uber-capitalist predators like Armand Hammer portrayed their clandestine business alliances with Lenin and his bloody communist successors as “humanitarian missions” over a century ago.


UPDATE 12/15/22: The most dangerous, most powerful enemies of free market capitalism and the wide-ranging freedom it underpins are Crony Capitalists: rapacious, greedy tyrants passing themselves off as Woke, Progressive Do-Gooders. 

UPDATE 10/21/22: Anyone who doesn’t understand the mortal dangers of crony capitalism only needs to follow the money/power trail of Big Gov/BigPharma’s alliance in the Covid fiasco. Watch RFK, Jr.’s THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI.

UPDATE 5/9/22: It’s admirable to get rich in a competitive marketplace independent of BigGov with its politicians routinely bribed to slant the playing field toward those endowing their war chests. Theoretically, it’s not illegal or immoral for a celebrity to sign lucrative deals with the media-books, speaking engagements & paid appearances-but it’s become a sort of eye-rolling joke when “free agents” like Stacey Abrams or the Obamas or Clintons suddenly are suddenly turned into multi-millionaires by a free, competitive marketplace they’ve done everything possible to cripple in their political lives.

UPDATE 3/17/22: Like all other important participants in society,  successful capitalists have become a major target for the Wokies. When Big Business is mau-maued into going Woke, all those filthy profits flood the coffers of such worthy endeavors as the 1619 Project, the only beneficiaries being the grifting pockets of those in charge.

UPDATE 3/14/22: Bill Penzey, CEO of Penzey spices is going out of his way to directly offend at least 50% of his potential customers by proudly, blatantly, insultingly sticking Woke drivel in their faces.  Here are two representative gems sure to snag millions of conservative cooks:  “Republicans’ are the “#1 threat to this country” and even more endearingly declares “MLK weekend ‘Republicans are racists weekend.” Has anyone informed this idiot that MLK was, like most Blacks pre-LBJ/Great Society days, a Republican? Reportedly, Bill is totally mystified that he’s lost a huge market share of business overnight. Inexplicable.

This rabid marketing genius makes Ben & Jerry sound like Anita Bryant shilling orange juice.

UPDATE 11/20/21: Crony capitalism isn’t free market capitalism. It’s collusion between government and big business to enrich corrupt politicians, expand their power and give BigBIz monopolistic power (and endless profits) in the marketplace. Thereby lies the tale of BigGov Covid propagandists like Fauci in bed with Big Pharma determined to discredit cheap, easily available treatments (like HCQ, Ivermectin, etc) and reap billions of bucks from a gullible public force fed crony Big Pharma’s “vaccines.”

A similar scheme is at work with the recent record increase in Medicare insurance rates. A big drug company, Biogen, has supposedly come up with a magic series of pills for Alzheimer’s? How much? Only $56,000/yr! Who’s paying? Medicare! How? With what? Raise SocSec insurance rates an unprecedented amount! Who pays? Guess!

ORIGINAL POST 4/15/16:  The essence of Big Gov and its evils is found in its collusion with Big Business. Wall Street cronies are forever taking the chance of cutting deals with politicos on the chance that they might be given a special advantage over the competition. There are pitfalls. For example, take the instance of a fascist Mafia Presidency making private business an offer it can’t refuse….then welching on its end.

Prominent running shoe outfit New Balance has come out with the news that it was bribed with promises of government contracts in exchange for dropping its public opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an Obama administration showcase project. Too bad those contracts never materialized, and now New Balance has gone back to its original position.

A good precedent. For all those on the Left screaming about keeping Big Money out of politics or touting the righteousness of separating Church and State, we suggest equal fervor for a separation of Wall Street and State. Without that link, we’d have the semblance of a free, competitive market place. Perhaps businesses should just take their stands where they please and let consumers decide who gets their business, not Big Brother. I can dream, can’t I?

7 Replies to “Deal with the Devil, come up empty-handed:
The pitfalls of crony capitalism.”

  1. That poster and caption says it all. Nor is this a new insight. Going all the way back to the Enlightenment, John Locke, the Founders and Thomas Paine, Western democracy was based on limited government and competition between branches of government. The history-free zone that we currently inhabit has absolutely no recognition of these truths… not in our high school civics, not in our universitie or the university-trained media chattering class… And certainly not among power-hungry, money hungry politicians.

    1. Certain ideas, concepts, principles from those much maligned Dead White Men have provided hundreds of millions of us with a way of life undreamt of by the richest royalty of yore. But don’t tell that to today’s whining, subversive Left. So much easier to malign & destroy than dream & build on the precious foundation granted us.

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