Barack's Sermon On Cap Hill

5/30/21 The Church of Leftism continues its evangelical crusade to recruit to its flock the dissatisfied, the discontented, the resentful, the guilt-ridden, the hateful, the willfully ignorant, the stupid, anyone drawn to totalitarian ideology. Witness George Floyd and all those career criminals preceding him in canonization. He even has a square named after him, but if you happen to make a pilgrimage to this new American Lourdes, be sure to bring your bulletproof vest. 

UPDATE 8/8/17: The Church of Leftism is cracking & crumbling at its foundations, the inevitable consequence of building one’s house on the shifting sand of delusions and lies. How many times must we repeat: Leftism/Progressivism/Liberalism/Socialism/Communism brings neither equality nor freedom? Just misery. Ask the Venezuelans.

ORIGINAL POST 10/26/14: Call it irony, call it inconsistency,  call it rank hypocrisy, call it Leftism/Liberalism/Socialism/Progressivism: the very people most hostile to traditional Judeo-Christianity or anything essentially American & freedom-based have their very own Holy Sacraments. Woe unto you should you disobey them! God isn’t dead for them. The impartial God they might have to answer to (like the rest of us) is  just not to their  taste, so they’ve created The One of their own: Big Daddy, Big Brother, Big Government. So, how’s that Hope & Change workin’ out for you?

Stuck on stupid: an old, old story, transcending time & geography. When will they ever learn?



10 Replies to “Leftism: Religion Of Choice For Millions”

  1. Thanks very much. I had not earlier caught the church/state aspect in the latest pronouncements of our black-robed masters. The American landscape is littered with the wreckage of earlier progressive social engineering projects. Visit Trenton, Camden and Newark… or south Boston, South Chicago and East Los Angeles to see their decline into hell since the 60’s. Look at the rising death toll of young Blacks since the police have been stigmatized as racist for the actions of a few. Similarly, the psychotic homeless have roamed our city streets since traditional mental hospitals were “found wanting” and dismantled. Or consider those disabled beneficiaries of the American Diabilities Act, who are eliminated even before birth once we find their genetic markers.
    Note that in all cases it is the weakest or most vulnerable who suffer the most from the exercise of this insane arrogance.

    1. It’s been a relentless march to hell for the so-called beneficiaries of the social engineering you mention. Currently, Europe is paying the piper for its “humane” unchecked immigration policies. Liberal/Progressives see no need to account for the hideous results and consequences of their noble ideals. Good intentions are all for them.

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