Barack's Sermon On Cap Hill

UPDATE 2/15/24: TROUBLED, a compelling autobiography recounting one man’s rise from extreme deprivation to success, is strongly colored by his encounter with the Elite’s calculated flirtations with the Left. For the rich and powerful, the anti-capitalism/progressive stance is a risk-free “luxury belief,” a facade designed to fend off the disgruntled rabble. For the poor guy like the author working his way up, such beliefs are useless while free market capitalism, unlike Leftism, provides a real-life path to prosperity. 

UPDATE 12/14/23: As sensible, decent millions have said to each other and themselves after hearing from the President of a 400 year old university whose motto is reputedly Veritas: “Do you oppose Jewish Genocide? ‘It depends’ is not the right answer.'”

Not the right answer. 

UPDATE 12/13/23: Harvard goes a step further disgracing itself beyond Claudine Gay’s recent self-exposure before Congress by covering for her earlier plagiarism.  Among those whose work was stolen and uncredited by Woke academia’s #1 Poster Girl is conservative Black scholar Carol Swain. 

UPDATE 12/11/23: It looks like Harvard is only digging its heels in deeper and rallying around their already compromised DEI/Affirmative Action President rather than facing the amorality of Wokeness she has exposed about herself and them. And a Jewish Lib Dem Party Congress hack does the usual bit of Leftist projection by taking interrogator Elise Stefanik to task for daring to challenge the same moral rot of a JEWISH college President on the now infamous panel. The latter is a perfect example of the American Jews’ need to turn friends into enemies in desperate loyalty to their higher religious faith of Leftist ideology. In the eyes of the Left, being on the same side of an issue with conservatives is MUCH worse than anything else, even including anti-Semitism. 

Despite this well-publicized full exposure and an encouraging outcry from the general public, it is too soon to claim, as some have, that this is “the death of Wokeism.”  Such ingrained irrationality and fanaticism is not so easily rooted out from the warped groupthink of the brainwashed masses.


UPDATE 12/6/23: Surprise! People have more, enjoy life and one another and therefore give more generously living in capitalist free markets than in the climate of deprivation & scarcity that define real life under leftism/socialism/communism. Realizing this, Obama’s master strategy of permanent civil war becomes totally logical.


UPDATE 10/4/23: With the fall of the Berlin Wall and disbanding of the USSR 40+ years back, we naively thought Communism was finally on the ash heap of history. Alas, it’s simply been rebranded as Woke, and its goals of global totalitarianism remain disturbingly alive.

UPDATE 9/6/23: The paramount feature of Liberals/Leftists is their irrational yearning to be controlled and keep others in the cage with them. Freedom perceived within themselves and in others is simply intolerable. They DO love their chains.

UPDATE 8/13/23: The cult of Covid, replete with typically religious rituals, has been an unexpectedly welcome discovery for those on the Left craving new ways to control the masses.

UPDATE 8/7/23: The Leftist/Progressive/Liberal insistence that humans are “basically good” has proven to be the road to chaotic ruin. Acknowledgment of Original Sin and a firm adherence to a few basic rules and guidelines have proven to be a wise, reliable path to a free, lawful society.

UPDATE 5/24/23: The Left ruins everything it touches, even baseball, the great American pastime. Who would dream the LA Dodgers, formerly the legendary “bums” of nostalgic Brooklyn lore would be making a public show of celebrating transexual activists whose schtick is mocking the Catholic church? 

Who knew? Baseball’s long ago gone Woke!

UPDATE 5/20/23: The Democrat Party of 2023 now holds positions and defines itself in ways that would horrify America’s Founders. The Party’s history going back to its beginnings in the early 19th century (slavery, the KKK) foretells its present-day promotion of racism (Identity Politics, CRT, DEI, Woke) and the transformation of America from a Republic of self-reliant, free-thinking individuals of all backgrounds into a monolithic Marxist collective of mass control by centralized, totalitarian government in Washington. There appears to be no correction on the horizon, only a progressively deeper drift into Democratic Socialism.

UPDATE 5/20/23; We are daily reminded that everything the Left touches turns to something considerably less glittering and desirable than gold. The reverse Midas affect, and the Woke Left has it.

UPDATE 4/24/23: We’re being told that we’re all socialists now. The definition of “socialism” varies, but in current Woke terms, it’s enforced equity…whether we like it or not OR whether such “equity” is even possible. Reality and truth are not quantities recognized in Socialist Wokedom, so force is a necessity.

UPDATE 4/23/23: Language and the meaning of words is as powerful a force for good OR evil as exists. Note the (d)evolution of the word “Liberal.” 

Sorry, guys. Sounds nice, but you stopped walkin’ the walk a long time ago. 

UPDATE 4/20/23: Only the deaf, dumb & blind are unaware that today’s Democrat Party is not that of JFK, FDR or, for that matter, Clinton. The old faces (octogenarians Biden, Pelosi, Hoyer et al) are just holding the place for the radicals counting the minutes until they can take full-Marxist control.


UPDATE 3/5/23: Bernie gives it away when he laments there are more working-class Repubs than Dems. “They abandoned their cause,” he sighs, meaning, Leftist BigBro policies built on lies and empty promises should override personal choices. For Marxists like Bernie, people are a collective, a voting bloc to own, not individuals.

UPDATE 2/16/23: Could it be that the ultimate failure and horrendous damage done by every Leftist regime has to do with it having nothing to do with what real people need and want? 

UPDATE 2/3/23: Who’s surprised that a majority of House Democrats have voted against a resolution condemning socialism?

UPDATE 12/8/22: A central tenet of Leftism is intolerance for the airing of different ideas, debate, free speech. When the only God is Leftism and the Leftists who implement it, human life ultimately finds itself suddenly valueless. 100,000,000+ murdered souls on the altar of international communism offers irrefutable evidence of this. Dennis Prager & Marisa Streit discuss their frontline battle with a tyrannical organization called NewsGuard. Focus on this wholly evil “watchdog” with connections in high Leftist places couldn’t be more timely as the newly released Twitter Files provide equally unthinkable revelations.


UPDATE 11/18/22: If not for the under-30s now overwhelmingly mental captives of Woke/Marxism, there would have been a resounding Red Wave of rejection to BrandonWorld. Throw in the now-refined practice of suddenly materializing mail-in ballots, and a rational electorate voting in its own best self-interest becomes irrelevant.

UPDATE 11/10/22: Committed Leftists, so blind to their own active version of a State religion, are really the new Puritans dictating one’s every move.

UPDATE 9/7/22: In true Newspeak fashion, the Inflation REDUCTION Act will INCREASE inflation, further tax (and audit) the middle class and everyone else lacking expensive accountants and fancy shelters. For the Left and government: the bigger the better.

Since this is really Obama III, the cartoon is totally up to date…and getting more so.

UPDATE 8/31/22: There are countless reasons to consider Communist/Far Left regimes “inherently evil.” Torture of Chinese dissidents since the days of Mao (“medical intervention” in Orwellian Newspeak) is one particular feature shared by all of these totalitarian horror shows. At the moment, Russia is bringing back the good old days of show trials for Ukrainian prisoners of war. Perhaps a warped sense of competition pushed them into action after seeing the Brandon administration take up this grand old tradition on ITS political dissidents. 

Either Americans will wake up and recognize the ugly face of communism as it has unmasked itself here, or we are doomed to suffer the fate of these Marxist hellholes falsely believed always to be “overseas” or “somewhere else.”

UPDATE 7/8/22: Clear thinker Jordan Peterson gives his welcome take on communism and its all-encompassing evil. 

UPDATE 6/26/22: It is not widely known that there is a museum in Washington commemorating the victims of communism. The universally acknowledged Nazi genocide, a mere 6-8 million extinguished souls, pales alongside Marxism’s 100 million plus, an historical fact as aggressively denied and hidden as any life-and-death issue on record.

UPDATE 6/20/22: Most things that are guaranteed to be cost-free and easy are anything but. The lovely, utopian Leftist spectrum is a continuum of delusions, lies, entrapment and outright terror. Best one understands communism’s  history before signing on. 

UPDATE 6/8/22; Every new Progressive and Leftists in general bursting upon the scene insist they are something new and different, a garland of roses, when they are still the same old strangling, ugly weeds their predecessors were. 

Poison in a pretty bottle.

UPDATE 5/28/22: There’s no crisis prominent Far Leftist Dems won’t exploit, and real victims of evil are just grist for their self-aggrandizing mill. Obama, Biden and O’Rourke are the latest cases in point. 

UPDATE 3/23/22: In its central tenets and in practice, hard Leftism is a violence-based religious faith that possesses its followers in a manner equally or more destructively even than radical Islam. For verification, ask any one of the hundred million liquidated and billions enslaved by cheery-sounding “socialism” and its murderous variants over the last century.

UPDATE 3/10/22: “They intended to supply the masses with sufficient quantities of scolding, reeducation, and medical and mental health treatment to effect the change they believed in.” The writer refers to Prohibition of the 1930s, now clearly just an earlier version of what we are experiencing now in the religious litany of Woke, Leftist social engineering: CRT, Climate Change, The Science.

UPDATE 2/22/22: Leftism is a religion and a very malevolent one that any rational person should fear.

UPDATE 9/30/21: Any doubts about Leftism operating as a religion sanctioned by God, get a listen to the newly installed Governnatrix of NY proclaiming vaccines and her universal mandates a command directly from…who else?…God. [“Be my apostles.”] It is thereby declared by Cuomo’s worthy successor, speaking as the Deity’s earthly rep: I’m sending in the National Guard and imposing martial law and whatever else forces you uncooperative little bastards back to work where we need you. No Atlas Shrugging on my watch!

UPDATE 9/24/21: Great writers-Koestler & Orwell among the best known-provide ample warnings about the murder and mayhem communism guarantees. Whether enough people will ever get the message and act accordingly remains the great mystery and frustration of our political lives.

Orwell and Koestler, 1984/Animal Farm and Darkness At Noon. Ignore at your own peril.

UPDATE 7/29/21: Who dares disagree with or challenge the virtues of socialism? Ridding our land of this disagreeable heresy is fully justified in the name of the High Holy Church of Leftism. 

UPDATE 7/23/21: Remember when “Cuckoo’s Nest” and its villainous Nurse Ratched was a favorite allegory of good vs. evil for the young disaffected rebels of the 60s? It turns out they really were looking for a control-freak role model! The New Democrat has BECOME Nurse Ratched!

UPDATE 7/7/21: Jon Voight sees things clearly, bases his political beliefs on what is genuinely, actively beneficial to people, starting with freedom, the underlying principle of conservatism. He is one of the Hollywood rarities who understand that the Left and its idea of a Master Planned society is not merely destructive but inevitably genocidal. How else except by force can one impose intolerable ways of thinking and living on freedom-loving people?

UPDATE 6/29/21: The fanatically blind acolytes of the Church of Leftism cannot explain the results of their self-serving ideology. But it makes them feel good which is all that matters, not consequences.

UPDATE 5/30/21 The Church of Leftism continues its evangelical crusade to recruit to its flock the dissatisfied, the discontented, the resentful, the guilt-ridden, the hateful, the willfully ignorant, the stupid, anyone drawn to totalitarian ideology. Witness George Floyd and all those career criminals preceding him in canonization. He even has a square named after him, but if you happen to make a pilgrimage to this new American Lourdes, be sure to bring your bulletproof vest. 

UPDATE 8/8/17: The Church of Leftism is cracking & crumbling at its foundations, the inevitable consequence of building one’s house on the shifting sand of delusions and lies. How many times must we repeat: Leftism/Progressivism/Liberalism/Socialism/Communism brings neither equality nor freedom? Just misery. Ask the Venezuelans.

ORIGINAL POST 10/26/14: Call it irony, call it inconsistency,  call it rank hypocrisy, call it Leftism/Liberalism/Socialism/Progressivism: the very people most hostile to traditional Judeo-Christianity or anything essentially American & freedom-based have their very own Holy Sacraments. Woe unto you should you disobey them! God isn’t dead for them. The impartial God they might have to answer to (like the rest of us) is  just not to their  taste, so they’ve created The One of their own: Big Daddy, Big Brother, Big Government. So, how’s that Hope & Change workin’ out for you?

Stuck on stupid: an old, old story, transcending time & geography. When will they ever learn?



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  1. Thanks very much. I had not earlier caught the church/state aspect in the latest pronouncements of our black-robed masters. The American landscape is littered with the wreckage of earlier progressive social engineering projects. Visit Trenton, Camden and Newark… or south Boston, South Chicago and East Los Angeles to see their decline into hell since the 60’s. Look at the rising death toll of young Blacks since the police have been stigmatized as racist for the actions of a few. Similarly, the psychotic homeless have roamed our city streets since traditional mental hospitals were “found wanting” and dismantled. Or consider those disabled beneficiaries of the American Diabilities Act, who are eliminated even before birth once we find their genetic markers.
    Note that in all cases it is the weakest or most vulnerable who suffer the most from the exercise of this insane arrogance.

    1. It’s been a relentless march to hell for the so-called beneficiaries of the social engineering you mention. Currently, Europe is paying the piper for its “humane” unchecked immigration policies. Liberal/Progressives see no need to account for the hideous results and consequences of their noble ideals. Good intentions are all for them.

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