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Fate of HCQ=Fate of America

UPDATE 4/14/21: Would it be of interest to those naysaying HCQ that chlorinated swimming pool water kills Covid in seconds? Just sayin’.

UPDATE 2/9/21: The ongoing campaign by the medical establishment (and its parent Big Gov Establishment) against easy availability of HCQ and zinc to prevent & treat Covid will prove in any honest court of law or public opinion  to be criminal negligence, medical malpractice, a deliberate assault on humanity in pursuit of political power. Truth again proves to be the mortal enemy of the TrumpHaters  now in the process of assuming absolute control over all aspects of our lives.

By most honest accounts, an unbeatable combination.
By most honest accounts, an unbeatable combination.

UPDATE 2/2/21: It’s becoming clearer that one can understand all the unsettling elements of the current “Transformation” in the story of HCQ over the last year. For those seeking the suddenly hard-to-get HCQ, there is AMERICASFRONTLINGDOCTORS.COM, recommended online by Dennis Prager. Time will tell how long this site is allowed to operate. The arrest of Dr. Simone Gold (a founder of America’s Frontline Doctors) in connection with January 6 provides further chilling evidence of Covid’s politicization, the eager criminalizing of anyone connected with HCQ.Stella-Immanuel-Texas-Covid-Patients-HCQ

UPDATE 1/30/21: The title [The Fate of HCQ=The Fate of America] for this post now is more appropriate than ever. Based on the prevailing anti-Trump political climate, not on real science  or whatever benefits are to be gained by the public, the politically correct AMA has withdrawn its previous(see 12/14/20) endorsement of HCQ. Despite the proven benefits provided by real scientists and medical professionals  treating real patients like Dr. Stella Immanuel or Dr. Zelenko referenced below, politics continues to override real science and the market place.  Unsurprisingly, both Immanuel and Zelenko have been specifically targets of character assassination. We shall see if a new development of a nasal spray effectively combatting the CCP virus from Israel will also be shredded into irrelevance…or hailed as a triumph of the Biden administration’s briliant, compassionate foresight.  Farewell to the free choice of the free market. Now the State will decide how, what, when, where, if you may buy or sell anything.

Real-life results don’t matter. Ideology rules.

UPDATE 12/27/20: The aforementioned Dr. Zev Zelenko, suffering the collateral damage of being an advocate of HCQ [and of Trump by such association] has his own website full of studies documenting with real science and real patients successful treatment of the Chinese virus using HCQ. As said, the Trump-haters are entitled to their opinions but not their own facts. But we are far, far past the point of naivete believing there is any honest opinion coming from the anti-Trump crowd. Or, for that matter, the slightest interest in facts. In FACT, quite the opposite. Objective reality, real truth higher than any opinion, is Enemy #1 of the Master Planners, the Great ReSetters.


UPDATE 12/23/20: Hardly an accident that the world’s second largest factory producing the basics for HCQ manufacture has been destroyed by fire in Taiwan. The corruption attending virtually every aspect of the CoronaCraze is telling, not least of all the criminal benefits the whole manufactured crisis continues to provide. And hardly an accident that a bomb has exploded in Nashville in an attempt to destroy any potential evidence of electoral malfeasance. The two currently active prongs of assault on America-Covid lockdown and electoral fraud-must be protected and prolonged, by violence if necessary.

HCQDTN130620_40_video_of_Anti_HCQ_Pharma_Lobby_Unmasked_copy_1592051956__rend_16_9  UPDATE 12/14/20: Oh! The AMA has suddenly decided HCQ isn’t poison after all but really ok (like it’s been for decades) to prescribe now that Trump doesn’t appear to be President-Elect. This is the eminent gatekeeper and guardian of that profession whose millennia-old Oath is “First do no harm”….(lately expanded upon with the addendum “…unless it’s politically .expedient.”

Politicize everything

UPDATE 12/10/20: The original post here (8/23/20) identified the predicted fate of HCQ as the fate of America because the Dem Left long ago decided that any policy, idea or product associated with POTUS DJT is to be immediately ridiculed and rejected. If that’s the case, and we’re cursed with a Biden Presidency, it appears that all Trump’s stellar achievements on America’s behalf are to be jettisoned with the same cold contempt as HCQ: the Border Wall; relaxed regulations and low taxes creating a boom economy and record low unemployment for minorities; most of the Middle East aligned with Israel, not gunning for its annihilation. Odd what common sense and a devotion to liberty over mythical Outcome Equality can accomplish, but don’t upset the Left with a vision like Things That Work. They would find themselves exposed and discarded as the obsolete and useless destroyers they are.

UPDATE 11/29/20: The crime of mass Lockdown in pursuit of “safety” meets the judgment seat of facts. Likewise, HCQ effectiveness in combatting the virus is once again evident to those actually interested in medical solutions and not political power.

UPDATE 10/26/20: Beware “Experts” indeed, especially those allied with a Leftist agenda of mass control. Fauci knew full well about HCQ and approved of it years back. Yet worldwide lockdown and adamant propagandizing against HCQ for common use was “the good doctor’s” prescription for what should have been a manageable epidemic. Think of the lives needlessly shattered and lost, the businesses ruined, the non-Covid patients left untreated, all still in force. Repeating: this is no mistake; this is a crime. Will things change once we are past the election when Trump can exert his full power to fully open the country again?


UPDATE 9/6/20: For all those waiting to come out of hiding until a vaccine for Covid is found, here’s a cautionary tale of Bill Gates’ messianic impulses gone awry. For many, like Kamala, TDS is reason enough not to trust  to trust any vaccine that might come out soon. If Trump’s for it, I’m ag’in’ it. Must be bad…that is, until it’s forced on everyone by UN Globalist Democrats like W.H.O…or Bill Gates.

UPDATE 8/29/20: As with virtually all political corruption, HCQ and the whole elaborate Covid Scam, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

UPDATE 8/25/20: Countering the Dr. Death Democrats into euthanasia, abortion and the multitude of morgue-like perks of Leftism, this administration offers the “Right To Try” legislation permitting experimental drugs and treatments for the seriously ill with nowhere else to turn.  Its bureaucratic opponents bear a remarkable resemblance to those who have made HCQ hard to get, just one more stab at “Getting Trump.” Therein, another world of difference between what is offered this November at the ballot box: hope, not hemlock; gratitude, not grievances.

ORIGINAL POST 8/23/20: In the  slanderous smog of disinformation deliberately created around  the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) lies  the whole perverse story of today’s Democratic Party, the life-and-death choice Americans face in the upcoming election.

Here from an earlier post with important links:

“Not for the first time in both recent and long past history, a lethal virus hits the world, but in unprecedented panic, the entire society is shut down. Responsible leadership encourages all preventive and curative options be explored. The long-established (and inexpensive) drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) used for decades as effective medication for malaria among a number of other serious ailments is mentioned by President Trump as a hopeful antidote. Not only is the reaction scornful from the usual suspects but mere mention of the drug and its documented success both present and past are censored on social media, and every effort to find a solution via information or availability of the drug is criminalized by predictably Dem officials. [But…but…I thought curing this nasty thing was what “we’re all in this together” for.]”


Restating the obvious: here is an INEXPENSIVE DRUG on the market for decades PROVEN SAFE FOR USE as  treatment and/or a preventive measure for a variety of serious ailments including malaria and lupus. Suddenly, when publicly suggested by Trump as a proven prophylaxis for the WuFlu in its earliest stages, it has been branded by the Leftist-controlled medical bureaucracy (WHO, Fauci & Co.) and its slavish MSM mouthpiece  as poison,  withdrawn from use, its dispensing by medical professionals outlawed and subject to severe punishment wherever enforceable in Leftist domains. For hardcore Dems like Kamala Harris’ sister, suffering from lupus (and an HCQ user!), Trump’s endorsement is spun as a malicious attempt to deplete the drug’s supply on the market by diverting it away from worthies like herself (to Covid sufferers!). No good deed goes unpunished or undistorted in ProgressoWorld.

The “social murder” of Cancel Culture is not just for individuals considered dangerous to The Dem Cause. Real solutions to real problems, effective products in the marketplace such as HCQ, are targets for defamation, erasure, liquidation, destruction. For this Party there is nothing, no lie left untold, no rule unbroken that deters them in their quest to regain power.  Is it any mystery why, from the start back in March, the prolongation of this medical epidemic is one of the main platforms of today’s Democratic Party?   Any means to their ends, even the needless death of American citizens.

It’s an old story, the drama (and its heinous results) of promised paradise for the mindless masses.  That there is any adult who cannot stop and ask themselves why and how this continues to come about suggests a deeper problem here and around the world: there are many people past the age of 21 who will never be adults. Rather, millions of voting “grown-ups” remain stuck in the infantile phase of personal development, caught up in one huge collective tantrum of I WANT WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT IT!! They are unsatisfied children, oblivious to the  consequences or results of their unreasoned demands. For them, politics is not about freedom and the achievement of independence. It’s not Get Out Of My Way! Leave Me Alone! and Let Me Live!, but only, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Given the chance, this disaster will be rectified by an administration that exists to solve problems and get out of Americans’ way. The appointment of Dr. Scott Atlas to eventually replace the execrable Fauci and his minions is an encouraging move. Perhaps one day rational and honest doubters may wince at their perverse enthusiasm for  self-serving politicians like Show Boat Andy and applaud the ones that actually solve the problems.

The bottom line is that we can now add an enormous percentage of  the Covid dead (some legit data suggests potentially 40-50% could have been saved by HCQ) to the 100 million+ souls who have perished prematurely over the last century in pursuit of socialism/communism. Those willing to doubt this are free to enjoy the grim consequences. Unfortunately, that means the rest of us must go down the drain with them. What better motto for socialism/communism than “Share The Misery”?