California broke

California: The Detroiting of America

UPDATE 5/31/21: Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood, in this case Florida, as rich Woke Californians flee the Progressive disaster areas they helped create for sane bastions of conservatism. Sad how that works in this world of  open borders within America and surrounding it: leave hell and bring it with you to recreate that hell in heaven. And then there is the infinitely more pleasing and optimistic take that the red states are just getting redder. I’d settle for them just staying red.

UPDATE 5/24/21: Affluent LA residents, many doubtless Woke enemies of Walls and sympathizers for the plight of capitalism’s victims worldwide and beyond (see NIMBY), vocally protest the arrival of homelessness with all its attendant perks in their own cushy domains. Ultrafashionable Pacific Palisades finds its beaches now the proposed site for homeless shelter cabins.  Paul Hogan, redoubtable “Crocodile Dundee” to millions, is just the latest to decry the Californication/Detroiting of his once charming, affluent Venice Beach neighborhood, now awash in drugs and violence. Maybe, just maybe this spreading social cancer has something to do with the SYSTEMIC Progressive policies of mass unemployment, government dependency and crippled law enforcement.

UPDATE 4/17/21: New York City, once an American pinnacle of prosperity and power alongside California and Detroit, appears poised to take its place of degraded shame alongside those two ruined remnants of what was once the greatest country in history. After accomplishing Biden’s dream of making America California,   will there be a recognizable trace of our greatness left?

UPDATE 12/22/20: Always ahead of the curve when it comes to undermining the independence of the American individual, California has hatched a tax-soaking scheme targeting the rich who’ve had the bad luck to spend more than a few days of residency a year in their golden state. Why not go national with this (NY? NJ? ILL?) but let’s not call it theft. Meanwhile, those that can will continue fleeing the Golden Gulag, tax hooks or not.

CA going national?
A California idea going national?

UPDATE 10/1/20: California, Here I Go!/Any place the taxes are low! And where basic, everyday life is livable. Ben Shapiro is pulling up roots and bidding  “Adieu!” to his Golden home state that has turned to poisonous Lead.

UPDATE 10/2/20: Yet another welcome addition to California’s debit ledger: slavery reparations! Will the Blackish Kamala be applying even with her Jamaican forebears being slaveholders themselves?


UPDATE 9/16/20: As predicted below, the Golden State has turned to dreck for all the usual Progressive reasons. Those reasons are elected representatives with names like Nancy, Gavin and Kamala. Hard to imagine it was once the consummate destination for any and all seeking the American Dream. California Dreamin’ no more.


DATE 4/8/18: “Sanctuary” California has a sick soulmate in ILLINOIS, in name the majestic Land of Lincoln, in reality A Place To Leave. One recent “development” is an Illinois town confiscating guns with Draconian penalties for any resistance. Obscenely high taxes go nowhere except into the pockets of the same old cronies (when they’re not buying whole voting blocs generation after generation). The idea of low taxes leading to thriving business and jobs runs totally counter to the Chicago/Illinois/California/Dem Party Way. What more fitting place to spawn a Saul Alinsky and his most apt pupils Barack and Hillary, the sage prophets of a Transformed Animal Farm America.

UPDATE 5/1/17: The exodus and complete reversal of fortune continues, driving out the young and innovative. Once America’s thriving birth center of healthy social innovation and reform, California and its metastasizing socialist ways is fast becoming our ICU and morgue.

UPDATE 3/10/16: California, here I go! The exodus from the tax-happy state is picking up. Now businesses and tax-weary citizens are heading to places like Tennessee where there’s no state income tax. Any other clues needed as to why they’re leaving?

ORIGINAL POST 6/13/15: Detroit. The images sting the mind’s eye. And now the Golden State, undergoing the Curley effect, declared dying if not actually dead. The causes? The usual thing: an electorate. who in defiance of De Tocqueville’s solemn warning have voted themselves too much of the Treasury. And soak-the-rich “green” schemes that never quite pan out. Oh, there’s Silicon Valley. There’s  Hollywood. There’s the Golden Gate. There’s lots of money there, and evidence thereof in flashy cities and suburban sprawl for the millions. But they’ve voted themselves into bottomless debt, drought and permanent servitude to themselves. Who’s gonna pay…and how…and when?