UPDATE 6/30/22: And what of adoption? Why is this not the first option presented to pregnant women who know they do not want or can’t raise a child? Or are these women to be saddled for life with the guilt of having knowingly killed a baby? Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of abortion on demand is the elimination of any serious contemplation of or responsibility for what it is.

UPDATE 6/26/22: Separation of powers, letting those directly involved decide, is anathema to the totalitarian mindset keen on “my way or no way at all.” How many of those little tyrants hysterical at the overturning of Roe vs. Wade even know or believe in the fundamentals of a pluralistic society?

UPDATE 6/24/22: Roe vs. Wade is now history which means that abortion upon demand is no longer a nationwide blanket ruling but one that will vary from state to state. Is it not a good thing that millions of unborn children doomed to be swept away for convenience might have a shot at life? Or does one have to be a biologist to define the difference between “cell clump” and “baby?”

UPDATE 6/1/22: An inspiring story of a woman named Rebecca who chose to carry her illegitimate baby to term and put him up for adoption more than 50 years ago. A pregnant teenager on the verge of suicide to escape her dilemma, she literally made the pro-life choice, for herself and for her baby and has lived the last half century knowing she made the right decision.

Rebecca reconnects with her biological son Steve and his children when he was 28, now 53.

UPDATE 5/5/22: The Roe Vs. Wade leak, now a gusher, is forcing a hard look at what has happened to the general moral compass of a large segment of society. Yes, there are instances where terminating a pregnancy is a justified but regrettable step to take: a genuine threat to the mother’s life, rape, incest; but even then there has to be a clear awareness that this is deliberate termination of a human life. Is the sacrifice justified? How many of those tens of millions of aborted babies have been breezily dispatched without any really serious contemplation? How many have been simply convenient victims of surgical birth control? My body, my choice?  What of those losing their jobs and being banned from everyday social situations for  choosing not to have their own bodies jabbed by a questionable “vaccine?” And then, there’s adoption. It’s more than strange how many Americans are spending years and huge sums, traveling to the farthest corners of the world to find an available baby. What gives?

One need search no further than the incontinent yap of our senile Chief Executive for evidence of the rot at the heart of the gung-ho pro-abortion position. From the  scrambled, run-on brain of Dr. Jill’s assisted living companion: “The idea that we are going to make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort A CHILD based on a decision by the Supreme Court, I think, goes way overboard.”

Note his use of the word CHILD, not fetus, not tissue, not “it.”  Yes, Joe, let’s discuss your idea about how infanticide should be “a choice.”


UPDATE 5/4/22: The Woke Left just can’t make up its mind about who can or cannot get an abortion. Recent surprise developments in human evolution have presented us with “birthing people” in place of the recently discredited term “women”; but, now we’re told by the highest authorities this is all about “women’s rights.” Please explain.

UPDATE 5/4/22: Someone has leaked a memo from inside the Supreme Court regarding an impending plan to reverse Roe Vs. Wade and return the issue to the States. Whoever leaked this information to the general public, it has created the firestorm intended. Worst case scenario for the ruling is that Roe Vs. Wade stays, and blanket, nationwide permission for abortion on demand stays legal.  However, much greater damage has already  been done to the operational credibility of the Court itself by somehow having allowed such a confidential, supposedly impartial judicial matter to become public and hysterically political before any official ruling takes place. Ultimately, what’s on trial is whether the Supreme Court exists to interpret the Constitution as originally drafted and subsequently amended or is it one more social activism venue for 9 lawyers.

UPDATE 4/7/22: One must ponder the mindset of the gung-ho abortion set after reading this story and seeing pictures of a 1.5 lb preemie born nearly 3 months early, now doing fine at 7 months old.

UPDATE 4/7/22: Abortion remains the highest sacrament in the Leftist Church of Woke. The problem is the same as that posed to our newest SJW on the Supreme Court: “What’s life, you ask? Don’t know. Can’t say. I’m not a biologist/philosopher/human being.” Kinda puts former absolutes like the 10 Commandments on alert for re-interpretation & updating, doesn’t it?

UPDATE 3/30/22: The unthinkable but logical outcome of “abortion on demand” is legalized infanticide. As usual, California is leading the barbaric way down to hell.

UPDATE 1/24/22: Some of the deadliest lies told are those doled out to the young and vulnerable. The many so-called “up” sides of abortion offered to a scared, doubtful, confused mother-to-be are among the most destructive. Beware of that easy choice.

UPDATE 12/10/21: The abortion question now taking center stage on the legal front should have always been handled as an example of American federalism, taking major questions to the states and their representative legislatures, NOT to 9 black-robed lawyers in D.C. with opinions.

UPDATE 10/16/21: Gruesome claims have emerged about the use of kidneys cut out of live, aborted babies to create the Pfizer vaccine. Like Planned Parenthood caught on video covering up ITS callous marketing of aborted baby body parts, denial and damage control are being met with legitimate skepticism. If true as reported and considered ok for the sake of “science” (and money), we have really lost our souls. 

UPDATE 9/6/21: The recent Texas ruling outlawing abortion when a heartbeat is detected has knocked a sizeable chip out of one of the Left’s most bizarre and, ultimately, revealing underpinnings. The possibility of repealing abortion on demand has brought out the worst in its opponents, likening pro-lifers to the Taliban or fascistic misogynists/enslavers of women (“Handmaid’s Tale”) among other desperate accusations designed to silence debate. If there was ever an instance of projection of one’s own mindless amorality onto others, that is it.

For fervent abortion advocates, it is a right, an expression of individual’s rights, a holy sacrament of the religion of Leftism. Actually, it’s an easy convenience: just get rid of “it.”

No one pretends bringing an unplanned and/or unwanted baby to full term is sacrifice-free or “easy.” Seriously contemplating ethical issues is not for the faint-hearted, but like it or not, it is a routine part of any genuinely moral life. Another thorny dilemma is that of having children late in life or freezing embryos for the purpose of producing test tube babies far into the future.

Regarding abortion, the oldest and best alternative remains adoption, giving a baby a chance for life with parents who want him/her. It makes no sense that thousands of childless Americans find themselves forced to go to Russia, Latin America or the Phillipines for a child. Few things regarding anyone’s future are certain or guaranteed, but deliberately taking innocent human life carries with it a guarantee of negative consequences. Conversely, few things are more satisfying than giving a child a future.

UPDATE 10/15/20: How bad has it gotten when roughly one half of the electorate supports a Party advocating abortion/infanticide right up to and even after birth? The answer is “Pretty bad. Horrific.” The photo accompanying this editorial on Trump’s recent signing of an order protecting babies born alive tells the tale of a nation’s adult population  that has, to a great extent, REALLY lost its soul.

UPDATE: 10/5/20From a most unlikely source, the most Woke of Hollywood Progs: an argument against routine abortion-on-demand, abortion as a Progressive sacrament, abortion as an expression of “a woman’s right to choose,” an argument verifying that a fetus is a person, a human with a name and a face and the right to live. Would RBG still insist that this isn’t a mother, that that wasn’t her child? Will this otherwise strident individual recant her aggrieved experience of lost motherhood under pressure from her fellow Pro-Choicers? Or will it be rationalized as  HER right to grieve and not necessarily applicable to others, that it’s all relative?


UPDATE 10/1/20: Asking once again those in their usual enraged panic about a Roe vs. Wade appeal:  is that a human in there?


UPDATE 2/3/19: For the sake of fairness and “Choice” in abortion perspectives, we offer the names of Gosnell, Northam, Steinem, Nucatola, Sanger, Planned Parenthood for reference…just to be fair and to offer “Choice.”

In light of the Left’s panic over the possibility of a Conservative Supreme Court turning the pivotal issue of abortion over to each of the INDIVIDUAL 50 states rather than to 9 lawyers in DC, sane and sober reflection is most timely. Columnist Mona Charen earns the highest kudos for pointing out the profound significance of our fascination with the rescue of a handful of school kids and their coach from that watery Thai cave. Why the worldwide riveting drama when untold thousands/millions of people, young and old, suffer and die every day in this rough world? The answer: we bonded with a handful of INDIVIDUALS, few enough on which we could focus prayers and hope realistically for a happy outcome. Not for young soccer players worldwide. Not for the rich or for the poor. Not for a whole race. Not for just males or just females or for the silly new gender of the week cooked up by today’s loony Social Justice Warriors. Just  a few INDIVIDUALS. We wanted to see those lives saved, and so it came to be. Thank God.

Now focus on that unborn baby in the womb and think of him or her as an INDIVIDUAL, one human life, a unique drama yet to be lived out in all its unpredictably INDIVIDUAL way. No, not a “fetus” or “tissue” or an “issue” involving “a woman’s right to control her own body.” A life, one single INDIVIDUAL person unlike any other at the beginning of this human odyssey billions of INDIVIDUALS like you and I have been blessed to live, for longer or for shorter, for better or for worse.

Here is the best and final answer to the Left’s religious (and heartless) embrace of collectivism/the faceless masses and its fundamental rejection of INDIVIDUALISM, the life, personal liberty and the happiness EACH ONE of us has the God-given right to pursue. That said and understood, the whole debate becomes so easy, so clear.

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