Tossing a pen to The People is a good omen.

UPDATE 7/17/21: DeSantis: better than ever, and getting better still. Not only cutting taxes and relaxing regulation for business but expanding the idea and practice of charter schools, fighting Big Tech censorship…among many other policies for an American future totally informed by the concept of freedom tempered by responsibility. Using Florida as his energized idea lab, he is laying out an unbeatable argument for, at the very least, a Vice-President DeSantis in 2024 and a President DeSantis in 2028.

UPDATE 6/24/21: His record during Covid was exemplary and his recent solid stances on education, restoring patriotism to our schools, make DeSantis MAGA’s future after Trump. His role can be either a strong backup for Trump or, better for the long term, the purveyor of the next step in restoring/re-establishing America’s proven possibilities to all Americans. Whichever, DeSantis is a blessing and reason for realistic hope.

UPDATE 6/17/21:Will Trump head the ticket with DeSantis his running mate? Or will it be DeSantis’ ticket? Both are happy prospects.

6/9/21: Judging by a very young crowd’s response to his appearance at the largest concert gathering in the country since the lockdowns, Ron DeSantis is a MAGA-star! 

UPDATE 5/24/21: Based on his eminently sane approach to Covid hysteria, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues his rise as the model conservative candidate for 2024 if POTUSDJT decides to step aside. Protect the vulnerable, let healthy life go on. Sounds like America, does it not?

Admittedly, freedom as fundamental is anathema to a certain U.S. political Party (and its blind sheepish following) that functions entirely on perpetual fear and conflict to control the masses. How else to effect “fundamental transformation” without the chaos that has suddenly arisen on all fronts since the illegitimate installation of the Hologram Puppet and his Masters?

ORIGINAL POST 4/17/21: As the governor of Florida putting Americans and their liberties before all else during the CoronaCraze, Ron DeSantis stood alone and currently stands alone as the most likely candidate to return us to the MAGA track in 2024. Naturally, he has become a prime target of censorship and political destruction.

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