Tossing a pen to The People is a good omen.


UPDATE 9/6/23: The AP and its MSM colleagues have gone out of their way to slander De Santis with outright lies. However, he has surged again in the polls with a creditable, post-hurricane response, building upon an admirable record as FLA governor. Meanwhile, more unattractive red flags have popped up for Ramaswamy.

UPDATE 8/20/23: Sorry to say the De Santis campaign is seriously floundering, and he’s showing understandable signs of battle fatigue. Like Marco Rubio before him, he might be wise to limit his political ambitions to Florida where he has performed admirably as governor. The reality is that Trump has set almost an impossibly high standard for national office that, in this moment in time, will be fiendishly difficult for anyone else to match.

One gets the distinct impression that we need more states that are conservative strongholds while an historic warrior personality wages war on Washington to keep it at bay and run interference for the states and the citizens within them. There is real truth in Trump’s assertion that he is all that stands between us and Them.

UPDATE 8/7/23: De Santis doesn’t question the results of the 2020 Election? No questions about the wholly legitimate reasons J6 happened in the first place? Could it be fear of losing major funding from his anti-Trump backers counseling “moderation?” Foolish (and seriously dishonest) move. Temporarily, he may be hailed as a darling of the usual Never Trumpers and Leftists. But he has crossed a one-way bridge that is going to lose him whatever solid MAGA base there has been behind him. Election 2020 remains an unresolved issue that must be fully investigated in the open. Ignoring it, there will never be another legit election in America again, including any that involve De Santis himself.

UPDATE 7/22/23: DeSantis appears to be fading if he’s now tied with Ramaswamy as the distant second alternative to Trump. We could do worse, judging by the clear, refreshing message provided regularly by Vivek.

UPDATE 5/15/23: Ron lays it out about the dangers of Central Bank digital currency. He’s taking good care of Florida, but he’s also talking key national issues, and POTUS or not, serious folk will listen up.


UPDATE 4/20/23: The doubts remain about his major donors and one longs for Trump’s ferocious sense of purpose, but De Santis remains a real conservative option.

Taking on Disney certainly offers him a stage to establish his position in relation to rampant corporate Woke, not to mention his combat skills.

UPDATE 3/31/23: To his credit and doubtless for his own self-preservation somewhere down the line, De Santis isn’t cooperating with the lawless, banana republic forces behind Trump’s indictment. 

UPDATE 3/27/23: It’s disturbing and getting harder to deny that establishment Republicans, focused entirely on stopping Trump rather than promoting undiluted conservative policy, are behind the De Santis campaign. And why did De Santis agree to be interviewed by Piers Morgan but not Megyn Kelly? Is the buzz about a lagging De Santis accurate? 2024 will be here soon enough to provide the answer. The big question is whether he runs at all and instead wisely carries on as a star governor until 2028. At that point there will be no Trump to run against and his national stature firmly established. Conservatives will then have to decide whether he, like Trump, is running as his own man or as just another puppet created to return the GOP to its dreary UniParty ways.


UPDATE 3/7/23: What could be a smarter, more appealing sales pitch for the GOP than running as the “Party of Parents?”

UPDATE 3/2/23: De Santis has made Florida a haven for harassed, overtaxed, over-regulated blue staters seeking free(r) red state lives, where we are told “Woke goes to die.” Sadly, even the Sunshine State is not all sunshine given incidents of schools pushing Hate America/DEI policy and actual police action against doctors opposing the mainstream Covid narrative. No place is immune or safe from this social plague overrunning the nation.

UPDATE 2/8/23: Choosing political candidates to support is rarely without some reservations on the part of dubious voters too often deceived by empty promises and outright lies. De Santis’ record on an active, daily basis as FLA Gov remains pretty persuasive despite allegations of connections, alliances, dependency upon bad political elements actually hostile to what De Santis represents. 

Politics ain’t beanbag. 

UPDATE 1/21/23: De Santis scores another victory for the public against The Woke in outlawing the consideration of “social, political, or ideological interests” in BlackRock’s pension investments.  Sensible, moral people prefer legal profit to social engineering. Nix on Woke Capitalism.

UPDATE 1/12/23: If true, what a lift it gives one to hear from some that De Santis is “radical” as compared to Trump. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s heartening to have this choice.

UPDATE 1/6/23: De Santis’ concrete policies and aggressive moves to implement them makes him increasingly more attractive despite the unattractive cabal backing him. Who can complain about stamping out DEI and bringing back merit in schools?

1/5/23: Does having very cute, talented kids enhance one’s qualifications to be POTUS? If so, Ron’s a shoo-in. His son is an athletic prodigy, judging by this office gridiron video and his golf prowess at age 3 demonstrated below.

UPDATE 1/4/23: De Santis’ inaugural address was stirring, obviously Presidential, but one is left uneasy by the company he keeps prominently alongside himself. Jeb’s presence is more than just courtesy to an ex-governor. We do not want a RINO re-do propelled by the Bush/Cheney crowd.


UPDATE 12/23/22: The great debate over De Santis offers up a totally positive turn as he greenlights a full investigation into the politicized Covid vaccinations and the immense, still undocumented damage done.

UPDATE 12/20/22: Back and forth we go about De Santis. Is he a true populist or the owned tool of RINO globalists? Recent reports claim he also has a Democrat following as Reagan did, so he’s potentially very electable. The question remains: what are we getting if we do elect him?

UPDATE 12/19/22: The elephant/gorilla in the room remains “Who owns De Santis?” Are we getting more of the game-changing MAGA conservatism or more of the Old Boy RINO/Big Bucks network that Trump exposed with his iconoclastic Presidency?

UPDATE 12/17/22: The luminous Ayaan Hirsi Ali opines that Don should make way for Ron. Those millions of us observing and hoping will be satisfied with ANY shift back to those policies which genuinely benefit ALL Americans (despite nearly half the electorate remaining stubbornly in denial of that).

UPDATE 12/7/22: It makes sense for De Santis to remain a brilliant, unhindered FLA governor until 2028 and sensibly choose to back up Trump in the meantime for 2024. This would be the perfect way of thwarting the sneaky snakey RINO cabal currently trying to buy De Santis off as their anti-Trump tool. Better yet, the time would be prime for an unowned De Santis in 2028. Pray for his political instincts to make the best choice for himself and for the country.

UPDATE 12/5/22: It’s no longer questioned or even news that De Santis has major backers who actively hate and oppose Trump and MAGA. They are globalist billionaires with no interest in the beneficial populism that has replaced the RINO business-as-usual accommodation to the worst Dem policies. These are characters actively endorsing open borders, closer ties to China and NOT America First and certainly NOT Making America Great Again. Presumably this anti-American agenda is a condition for their support for the attractive young guy we’ve considered a viable alternative to Trump.

UPDATE 12/1/22: It’s official. The 2024 candidate’s prerequisite book is now out: The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival. If the candidate, he’ll have most conservatives’ vote, but he must retain a hefty strain of Trump MAGA if he is to make a real difference. Otherwise, we’re stuck again with spineless, mercenary RINO accommodation which brought us to the point where Trump became an absolute necessity. Are we going around in circles (and losing the country in the process) or really moving ahead?

UPDATE 11/29/22: Not being Trump (thanks to his newly outed Never Trump and globalist/corporate backers) is adding up to some disadvantage for our best alternative so far to Trump.

UPDATE 11/16/22: If one issue of concern takes priority over others, parental control of their children’s lives should top the list. Among a slew of other admirable signs of leadership, DeSantis is showing how parents can win over the wayward schoolboards leaning heavily these days toward Woke. For that matter, his entire tenure so far is becoming the model for fighting the seemingly countless elements threatening the basic freedoms and rights Americans by definition should enjoy as an absolute given. So far, his actions have superseded his promises, and we resonate to a vision of an America “where Woke goes to die.”


UPDATE 11/11/22: Setting aside the divisive complications that have arisen within the GOP, it’s hard to argue with this picture and all it represents.

UPDATE 11/9/22: “Where Woke goes to die.” The morning after, the good news is Florida and Ron De Santis whose message in word and practice must be the one the rest of the country follows…or perishes in the dismal clutches of the Dem Left.

UPDATE 11/6/22: There’s dissension in the ranks as Trump disses De Santis, and Never Trumpers line up behind the un-Trump. Not a great look for anyone, especially Trump who comes off looking petty and self-centered. De Santis is the future, and perhaps Trump isn’t ready to leave the stage, but for the good of the country, perhaps he should. That’s the big picture. Right at this moment as the midterms are upon us, a united Republican front would be much preferable.

UPDATE 10/14/22: For those of us most concerned about the irreversible  effects of BrandonWorld, a De Santis Presidency cannot come soon enough. It’s hard to deny there are a multitude of advantages that he has over DJT.

UPDATE 10/11/22: Tulsi is leaving the Dems. As predicted, she’s positioning herself to be a top player in Repub politics OR perhaps she’s just a “temporary Republican” who’ll go back to a healthily reformed, chastened Donkey brigade. Whatever, her common sense is most refreshing. Oh, and she’s beautiful.


UPDATE 10/8/22: We have to count ourselves fortunate to have not one but two vetted conservatives to bring back what at least 80 million people think of as America. When they run against one another in the primary stage, pray that it only sharpens each and deepens their commitment to the stated principles and policies. If they run together, we are giving the future our best shot.

10/7/22: Standing behind the Presidential seal. Something to look forward to.

UPDATE 10/3/22: De Santis’ calm, clear approach to handling crises like mass shootings and natural disasters is proving to be very upsetting to the incompetents and shameless powermongers on the Left. Despite a fulltime disinformation (slandering) campaign now in place, normal people are going to notice the vast difference in outcomes between a De Santis approach and that of anyone the Dem Party has to offer.


UPDATE 9/28/22: Effortlessly waving aside the stupid politics and facing the multitude of actual problems head-on, De Santis’ poise and clarity under duress bring him further to the fore.

UPDATE 9/26/22: The buzz surrounding a De Santis candidacy continues to grow. 

UPDATE 9/25/22: Good tidings! A lifelong Democrat pens a letter of support for a De Santis Presidency. “Dear Ron (if I may)…” And he is not an isolated case. 

UPDATE 9/23/22: While making and keeping Florida perhaps the freest state in the Union, De Santis is already sounding like a great POTUS, lacking only the official authority to carry out his totally sensible policies nationwide. 

UPDATE 9/21/22: His Martha’s Vineyard adventure only adds to what already amounts to a brilliant resume for a great future POTUS possibility. And perhaps not that much in the future. It has everything to do with complete comfort and personal identification with sound political and moral principles…and sticking to them.

UPDATE 8/20/22: What America is to be boils down to choosing Florida or California.

UPDATE 7/27/22: Unfortunately, the persistent drum beat of “Get Trump!” has had its effect with the able assistance of his outsized personality and style. Personally, I’d rejoice at his return to office, but whether we like it or not, the focus must be about who can get elected. There is also the physics of equal opposite reaction. Trump’s very presence is a guarantee of stepped-up insanity to the max from the opposition. Thus far, De Santis has managed to remain cool Teflon and may be the one heading the caravan on the road out of BrandonWorld hell (which includes all the attendant TDS).

Teflon Ron.

UPDATE 7/24/22; The lede is an upper: “De Santis welcomed like a pop star at conference for young conservatives.”  That there ARE young conservatives and that there is a De Santis to provide leadership for  them is a double dose of good news.

UPDATE 7/14/22: In response to Trump’s harsh words about him, Elon Musk is of the opinion that Donald’s time is over and that the future is De Santis. Most importantly, he believes that De Santis can easily win in 2024 without even campaigning. Would love to share his optimism.

UPDATE 7/10/22: Amid all the political carnage (literal and figurative) this week, word of De Santis meeting with potential “mega-donors” has made the collective Conservative heart leap in anticipation of his running in 2024. We love Trump and would rejoice at his return, but De Santis is probably the more electable of our two solid choices.

Unity is a beautiful thing. 

UPDATE 7/9/22: Throwing down the gauntlet to Florida’s De Santis on the issue of “freedom,” empty Californicating mannequin Newsom has stupidly sown the seeds of his own full exposure as the steward of disastrous failure in governing. An off-key amateur shower singer challenging Pavarotti in dueling arias would enjoy similar humiliation.

UPDATE 7/8/22: A Trump-De Santis pairing for 2024 would be ideal for some of us, setting the stage for 8 years of De Santis beginning in 2028. Winning, however, is paramount in 2024. Can the Trump-hate be overridden?

UPDATE 7/2/22: “Demonstrate strength, blast through fake taboos, and play for keeps.” This refreshing approach to the hardest of hardball games in the life of America explains why De Santis continues to grow in stature as the country’s greatest hope. Trump has been the right man to bring the fight out in the open, and De Santis appears to be the perfect young successor to keep it going and “play for keeps.” 

UPDATE 6/23/22: De Santis leads Trump in a poll this week. The really good news to be drawn is that De Santis would almost certainly enjoy the unanimous support of those backing Trump…PLUS those who could never bring themselves to vote for The Orange Outrage. Sounds like a whopping majority to these ears…and advantage De Santis.

UPDATE 6/17/22: Who is Ron to object when today’s most promising African-American emigre throws his support behind him for POTUS? Equally nice to hear Elon cast his vote for new Conservative Congresswoman star Mayra Flores. 

UPDATE 5/19/22: De Santis is looking like the man we’re looking for to carry on from where Trump was stopped.

UPDATE 5/3/22: De Santis is looking better by the week. Here is a fighter for everything Trump contributed to the MAGA restoration.

UPDATE 4/29/22: De Santis is winning and winning some more and then some. Although Trump has provided MAGA’s wake-up call, it might be wiser to go with this fresh & fearless young leader. Among his outstanding gifts is an unerring instinct to go for broad essentials while masterfully handling sticky details. Already he’s leading the charge against the newly hatched nightmare known as the Government Disinformation Board. Trump has declared the war; De Santis appears to be the one capable of handling the next phase.

UPDATE 4/20/22: Intra-familial trouble ahead? A rift between Trump & De Santis? A collision of titans? One pundit puts his money on De Santis. 

Either fighter will do just fine.

UPDATE: THE most eligible, near-perfect conversative candidate for POTUS is now the star of a new music video, SWEET FLORIDA, going viral. Yee-haw!

UPDATE 3/19/22: For all of Trump’s proven virtues, De Santis is emerging as perhaps the better, wiser choice for 2024. Whichever of the two puts BrandonWorld to permanent flight is perfectly acceptable in these quarters.

UPDATE 3/5/22: Republicans have Ron De Santis and others acting out the principles and policies that promote the best for people’s lives. The Democrats’ pickings are substantially slimmer, Tulsi Gabbard being exceptional in the Donkey ranks. Perhaps she remains positioned as a Democrat on the hunch that there are still many in that camp retaining a modicum of common sense but severely hampered by the ignorant terror of ever pulling the lever for a Republican.

UPDATE 2/25/22: A letter to Ron De Santis from one outraged but hopeful American speaks for millions of others.

UPDATE 2/2/22: De Santis runs Florida like one of the free United States while simultaneously addressing Washington’s overreach into all American lives, specifically this week about the Covideers pushing bad medicine. Yikes! Yikes!

UPDATE 1/17/22: The sane Australian media laments the absence of a DeSantis figure there as a possible way out of a future even grimmer than their present. And sane America revels in the presence of a DeSantis should Trump not run. Hope springs eternal, based on hard realism and a willingness to fight for what’s true and life-enhancing.

UPDATE 12/12/21: DeSantis is looking better by the week. Transporting illegals to both Biden and Obama’s literal doorsteps in Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard! Think they and their neighbors will mind?

What a perfect plan to expose the phony Luvvies for the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) hypocrites they are, the perfectly legal and rationally persuasive path to ending the illegal invasion orchestrated by the Democrats. As Thomas Lifson observes, DeSantis has Trump’s guts and drive without the sharp edges. Is it 2024 yet?

UPDATE 12/11/21: It’s heartening that the return of MAGA in 2024 is looking more and more possible, if not with Trump himself at the helm, then a fellow Floridian and proven winner as an excellent alternative. 

UPDATE 12/3/21: Nice to get better acquainted with Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis. The Governor is looking more Presidential by the day, and she looks like she would be equally at home in the White House. Wishing her all the best in her personal fight to regain full health and in fighting for the country.

UPDATE 11/20/21: Looking more and more like the man for The Job as he demonstrates a willingness to fight back and win, equal to Trump. And for those otherwise commonsensical voters who took leave of their senses in 2020 and spurned Trump, there will be no reason now to be put off by personality.

UPDATE 11/11/21: Undoubtedly the breast cancer diagnosis of DeSantis’ wife Casey will affect his political future. One can only hope for her sake and for the political promise he holds for conservatives that her recovery is swift and complete.

UPDATE 11/11/21: Not only a proven leader but a skilled politician as well as he complements his actions with a clear statement of his philosophy. “My job is to protect your individual freedom, not corporate freedom.”

For freedom lovers, the  ideal scenario would be four more years of Trump’s scorched earth style to lay permanent waste to the the uncontrolled control freaks of the Brandon regime, begin rebuilding again from the damaged foundations,  making way for the luxury of the younger, calmer DeSantis style. The balanced presence of decent Democrats led by Tulsi Gabbard would be the healthy, unifying factor for all Americans.

UPDATE 11/5/21: Further endearing him to the MAGA base, DeSantis referred to the PINO Mafia as “the Brandon administration.”  How better to maintain one’s decorum in referencing this nightmare without coming off as anything less than refined?

My goodness! Even out of the mouths of innocent babes!

UPDATE 10/17/21: The only believable campaign promise worth listening to is that backed up by action, not hot air. DeSantis’ Columbus Day proclamation and attendant stance on the whole Cancel Culture surrounding it justifiably brings him one step closer to the Presidency within the next 7 years.

UPDATE 9/24/21: DeSantis is now not merely politicking but living and breathing the role of an American leader. He appears to be the one willing and able to help us reclaim our basic freedoms and way of life.

UPDATE 9/12/21: As our cultural and political war escalates, DeSantis continues to hold firm on a platform of liberty. Still our best hope if we have really entered a post-Trump era.

UPDATE 8/11/21: DeSantis, yes! His “doesn’t care” attitude is a healthy part of  his republican (lower case) values: freedom of the individual as is only possible through free speech (and the rest of the Bill of Rights), free markets, small government, low taxes…..Trump has been and remains a blast of fresh energy and inspiration, but maybe we don’t have time to wait until 2028 for the younger DeSantis to take the reins.

He really DOES feel our pain, and the source in the pix is coming from his (and the political) Left.

UPDATE 7/17/21: DeSantis: better than ever, and getting better still. Not only cutting taxes and relaxing regulation for business but expanding the idea and practice of charter schools, fighting Big Tech censorship…among many other policies for an American future totally informed by the concept of freedom tempered by responsibility. Using Florida as his energized idea lab, he is laying out an unbeatable argument for, at the very least, a Vice-President DeSantis in 2024 and a President DeSantis in 2028.

UPDATE 6/24/21: His record during Covid was exemplary and his recent solid stances on education, restoring patriotism to our schools, make DeSantis MAGA’s future after Trump. His role can be either a strong backup for Trump or, better for the long term, the purveyor of the next step in restoring/re-establishing America’s proven possibilities to all Americans. Whichever, DeSantis is a blessing and reason for realistic hope.

UPDATE 6/17/21:Will Trump head the ticket with DeSantis his running mate? Or will it be DeSantis’ ticket? Both are happy prospects.

6/9/21: Judging by a very young crowd’s response to his appearance at the largest concert gathering in the country since the lockdowns, Ron DeSantis is a MAGA-star! 

UPDATE 5/24/21: Based on his eminently sane approach to Covid hysteria, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues his rise as the model conservative candidate for 2024 if POTUSDJT decides to step aside. Protect the vulnerable, let healthy life go on. Sounds like America, does it not?

Admittedly, freedom as fundamental is anathema to a certain U.S. political Party (and its blind sheepish following) that functions entirely on perpetual fear and conflict to control the masses. How else to effect “fundamental transformation” without the chaos that has suddenly arisen on all fronts since the illegitimate installation of the Hologram Puppet and his Masters?

ORIGINAL POST 4/17/21: As the governor of Florida putting Americans and their liberties before all else during the CoronaCraze, Ron DeSantis stood alone and currently stands alone as the most likely candidate to return us to the MAGA track in 2024. Naturally, he has become a prime target of censorship and political destruction.

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