BITA(Bitten In The Ass): Epitaph of “Nice” Leftists

August 16, 2020

UPDATE 9/23/20: Leftists find it hard to imagine that the nefarious schemes they hatch will come back to haunt them, being held to their own standards for others. It’s just not fair. One of many variations of NIMBY(Not In My Back Yard).


UPDATE 9/20/20: Woke Black mayors and police chiefs prone to accommodating domestic terrorists like their BLM pals inexplicably find themselves accused of White Supremacy by these “mostly peaceful protestors.” Proud display of weakness  does that to those Stuck On Stupid.

Stuck on stupid

UPDATE 8/27/20: We’ll call the ladies BITA biddies and the gentlemen BITA bums, Biddybums the collective noun. And they are legion. One of the many new Biddybums is Trump-hating Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who is a little miffed to finds all those “protestors” outside her front door. So she’s all for personal police protection to protect HER. Meanwhile, those cops and their leaders, advocates of law enforcement and not burning down cities for political power, are voting for Trump. Divine justice.

UPDATE 8/25/20: Stupid Leftwing moderates from Biden on down to the Never Trumpers have more than a bite in the butt awaiting them as guillotines and all they imply become graphic props for the Woke revolutionaries. Get the message, guys? Not likely.

Hmm. Guillotine and burning American flag. Whatever can they mean by that?

Hmm. Guillotine and burning American flag. Whatever can they mean by that?

UPDATE 8/20/20: BITA? CYA! Not by chance we’ll be seeing plenty of stories about prominent Wokesters rushing to one another’s defense when Cancel Culture circles back and bites its own. We’ll also see a lot of the newly BITA hung out to dry in the CYA panic that’s bound to ensue. Amusing to watch these world class hypocrites spin wildly to give an appearance of living up to their own standards.

ORIGINAL POST 8/16/20: History  has more than a few comforting revelations amidst all the terrifying ones. The new rise of American Marxism and its takeover of the Democratic Party is not all good news for its enthusiasts even if (God forbid) it manages to subvert the upcoming election and put Obama Transformation fully back on track.

The positive news for those of us fearing the loss of our American way of life is that power lust has a way of consuming itself. Today’s comrade is tomorrow’s lunch for those in pursuit of absolute control, and all those well-intentioned moderates on the Left  cozying up to their radical Woke allies in the Democratic Party will find themselves BITA (Bitten In The Ass). Cheering on the destruction of the American fabric always boomerangs to the shock and dismay of The Clueless. It was an alliance of the moderate Mensheviks with social reformers, those nice  “communists with a human face” known as Democratic Socialists, whom Lenin overthrew, not the Czar. Those moderates, like today’s guilt-ridden, penitent White Privileged morons, simply did the dirty work and paved the way for the Bolsheviks’ totalitarian ends, and (surprise!) they were the first to face the dungeons and firing squads.

Perhaps the most refreshing and politically healthy thing about Trump’s presence is that he has managed to bring all those self-righteous foes of essential America (free markets, minimal government, strong borders, live and let live) out into the open…and into one another’s desperate clutches. Never Trumpers, meet Antifa! Shake hands with Sharia! Howdy Hi, Obamanites!


We are faced with one big totalitarian blob, and they are stuck to one another like Br’er Rabbit to the tar baby. Naturally, this folksy analogy like everything and everybody connected to conservatism will be taken as something racist, but the metaphor is apt.


The mania of the Trump Haters from all points on the political spectrum will come back to entrap and chomp them bigtime in their posterior parts as they devour one another. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be free to continue on down our various American paths. To be realistic, one can never expect the degenerate BITA in different form not to show up again down the road. They will never learn. Suicide is their perverse, warped idea of living. Such are the inconveniences of preserving one’s freedom.

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  1. Arthur Mattei on August 16, 2020 at 4:20 pm

    Let’s hope and pray you’re right, Fred!

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