UPDATE 3/5/22: Some of us look upon the future with dread as today’s college students are being indoctrinated by the millions to be tomorrow’s sheepish Woke adults eternally craving Safe Spaces.

UPDATE 11/20/16 Like rabid lab mice squeaking hysterically in their “safe space” holes, the Cwybabies go full Fascist Brown Shirt post-election.

UPDATE 3/27/16: It goes on. Who’s more ridiculous: the pampered students or the groveling Emory U administrators cossetting them?

ORIGINAL POST 9/19/15: The motive for “transformation” is concentrating power into the hands of a few self-selected Big Brothers & Sisters, chief among them the kindly Alinskyized Community Organizer currently occupying the White House. For the faceless Communities of human ciphers begging to be Organized, the motive is security. It’s natural to avoid unpleasantness, but this longing for serfdom now seems destined to become mainstream. Even former Clinton/Obama crony Larry Summers sees the ominous shadow of totalitarianism creeping over the campus. Delicate Little Petals, Children of the Damned.


Behold infantile young Ivy Leaguers in desperate search for “Safe Space.” Welcome relief courtesy of the funny Onion. Even more welcome relief from college professors refusing to be indoctrinated or indoctrinate their young charges with this mindless conformity.


14 Replies to “Safe Spaces:
The Yellow Brick Road To Serfdom”

  1. I’m told that this idiocy is being fueled by wildly exaggerated statistics about the incidence of rape on college campuses. Who is quoting them in his speeches? The president.

    1. The main point is that young people at the most elite schools are being encouraged to flee into these imagined cocoons where they needn’t think through and debate issues or defend themselves. Big Brother will take care of all that disturbing noise…which means silencing anything that isn’t PC. Creepy is an understatement.

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