Welcome to Dittoville, An American State Of Mind. The term “Dittos” originated on conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh’s show years ago when callers repeatedly  prefaced their questions with long monologues on how enthusiastically  they agreed with Rush’s world view. To dispense with redundant preliminaries, the term “Dittos” was coined to summarize, “Yes, you and I both advocate basic American principles like Free Markets, Low Taxes, Strong Defense, Individual Liberties protected by the U.S. Constitution. On those fundamentals we agree. And now my question is…”

Those basics underpin this “American State Of Mind” called Dittoville, and every post/link here is designed to educate, inform, amuse, fortify anyone interested in getting to the heart of the issues.  Orwell repeatedly said that the distortion/denial of objective reality is the most deadly weapon available against free-thinking human beings, infinitely more destructive than bombs or bayonets. Deny reality, objectively provable truth, and any would-be tyrant can fill the void. Ever wonder why the concept of God is such a nuisance to those who work overtime for State control? Ever wonder why Leftists are wont to say, “Everything is relative?” Ever wonder why people claiming “neutrality” on important issues invariably vote on the Left? If I’m mistaken, feel free to prove me wrong but don’t pretend there is no right answer. Ferret out the facts and live by them.

The overriding purpose of Dittoville is to keep objective reality in the daylight for ourselves and those who care to listen to us. That is the only way to turn back the lies and distortion that threaten to take over our lives. Please feel free to submit articles, links, cartoons, videos you think belong here. Your participation, comments and contributions make it all more fun. It is an ongoing, lifelong process to discover what has made the USA an unprecedented miracle for untold millions, and it is our duty and privilege to keep that miracle young and alive, for ourselves and all subsequent generations.

8 Replies to “Dittoville’s Mission: Just the facts, Ma’am, just the facts…”

  1. Dearest Fred,

    This is truly amazing, breathtaking, in fact. I shall send it on to my little handful of Conservative

    I had no idea what an immense project you had undertaken in addition to everything else you do.

    1. Thanks, Patty. It’s designed to be a reference library of the best articles I can find or that anyone wishes to send me. By the way, I DID read the Ruling Class article back in August, and it’s here. Info overload!

    1. Thanks so much, Pam. It’s such fun and designed to keep me sane, solid & clear on the issues. Hope it does the same for you. See you soon!

  2. Fred this is Fantastic! You do know that this is going to upset the imposter who resides in OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!! Keep it coming!


  3. Why do we have a Know Nothing governor that wants to change America to his desire.

    Just say NO to him and get us a common Governor.

    One that will not try to change AMERICA!!!

    One that does not spend our money and and bowl down to one that wants to kill all that do not go to that religion!!!

  4. Why would a rich guy like Romney want to be president? Does it ever occur to the libs that there is someone out there who wants more than anything else to give back to a country that made it possible to obtain personal wealth under our economic system on a straightforward legal and honest way; who also helped many people employed under his realm directly and indirectly to better themselves and their families morally and financially?

    It is not a foregone conclusion that most business people are dishonest. It is the honesty, straightforwardness that builds wealth and character simultaneously.

    Those who have obtained some position in their own right can help others. One teaches by example the way to grow.

    It is a foregone conclusion that one would wish to lead a country in the path of true growth. After watching the nation follow irrational ways toward solutions, people from all levels of the population now have the chance to better themselves in all possible ways.

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