UPDATE 1/3/22: Our descent into lawlessness and perhaps the total dissolution of America as we’ve known her is perfectly illustrated by a young Black thug’s random attack and robbery of an elderly woman in a prosperous Los Angeles shopping district. The woman’s outrage at her attacker is surpassed by utter disgust at the Leftist politicians allowing/encouraging this to happen. Today’s Democrats are the Party of Crime.

UPDATE 1/1/22: Sensible start to the new year as Woke, gun-loathing Hollywoodites (& other prosperous Los Angelenos) decide against the prevailing “More Gun Control!!” narrative and come out in big numbers to cover their own collective ass by physically defending themselves…the old-fashioned way.

UPDATE 6/18/21: Guilty of threatening a mob of thugs? What did the McCloskeys do that allows the authorities to confiscate their guns? Not an encouraging message here.

UPDATE 3/28/21; Since the country was founded, gun ownership was not just a privilege but the duty of responsible adults obliged to protect themselves, their families and their property. Perspective on firearms and self-defense seems to have changed a bit through the years. Now, we’re informed by our betters that they need to take away our guns for our “safety.” If a bald lie like that works on a stupid American citizenry, maybe it might work to shut down all businesses, ruin the economy, open the door to election fraud and total transformation of the country as we’ve known it for 250 years. Certainly worth a try!

UPDATE 8/12/19: A few facts and figures with regard to guns. The gun-grabbers, immune to facts, will undoubtedly continue to create their own reality surrounding the fundamental rights of Americans to defend themselves.

ORIGINAL POST 8/11/19: Liberalism/Socialism/Marxist/Leftism/Progressivism is replete with ideas about controlling people’s lives, taking away their basic Constitutional rights and private property. But “gun control”  has a special emotional appeal to the mindless flock. Like Climate Change/Saving The Planet, Free Stuff For All, it promises great moral rewards to its noble advocates. And one needn’t do anything! The government will take care of things, and I’m a virtuous person for supporting it!!

Alas, there are certain inconsistencies in this Leftist Gospel. Do we call for banning air travel each rare time an aviation disaster occurs? Drunk drivers kill all the time, but where are the impassioned calls for banning cars and bringing back Prohibition? The fact that mass gun killings still make headlines suggests the relative rarity of the mentally ill acting out their maniacal fantasies. There are hundreds of millions of guns in America that have no part in criminal activity.

But, in the frenzied impulse to “do something, anything!”, there has now been a call for “red flag” monitoring, much akin to the totalitarian social score report cards now implemented throughout Communist China. Thanks to hundreds of millions of surveillance cameras catching run red lights, jaywalking, politically incorrect opinions overheard, improper gender pronouns utilized in public, it’s no more guns for you…and off to the re-education camp!

Those swept up in the now-predictable anti-gun hysteria might pause at the ratio of lives & property saved & protected versus the number of times a lunatic sets out to slaughter a whole lot of people. Granted, one is not figuring in all those shootings in American Inner Cities and other gun-free zones proudly represented (and perpetuated), without exception, by the Democratic Party. But that’s the idea: where criminals have all the guns and good people are disarmed, the Donkey Mafia retains its power. It’s ALL about control.





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