AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 3/26/22: Using existing legal statutes, real resistance to race/sex discrimination is growing on  college campuses against unfettered, ILLEGAL Woke tyranny. Take it to court! Make the culprits think twice!

UPDATE 3/25/22: VDH optimistically predicts a gigantic Reversal Reset to the Great Reset. Do the super-rich & privileged Bidens/Clintons/Obamas/Pelosis/Zuckerbergs/Gates honestly believe they can continue to enjoy their mansions and millions undisturbed while their interference in everyone’s lives won’t allow the average Joe and Jane to fill up their gas tank or even go to work without a mask/vax card? Cue images of prissy, parasitical French aristocrats hauled away on tumbrils. Faced with real, justified insurrection, perhaps today’s Michelle-Antoinettes will have the sense to hole up behind their walled, moated palaces and leave the rest of us (and free market forces) the hell alone.

UPDATE 3/22/22: Suddenly everyone is touting Miami as “The City Of Tomorrow.” Considering all those Commie-wise Cubans and the exceptional individual in the Governor’s mansion,  why should we be surprised? Thanks to De Santis, the spirit of liberty currently drives every aspect of governing the state; and to the continued denial and frustration of Lefties, people thrive in freedom, not collectivism.

Maybe something to do with Miami becoming America’s urban model…



UDPATE 3/23/22: In the insane 60s, mental illness itself was touted as being sanity. Judging by our present state of affairs, insanity has in fact become the acceptable norm.

Our Orwellian, upside-down era, described.

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on trackI


UPDATE 3/24/22: Open up that golden gate!!! California, here I come!!  It’s not everyman Al Jolson seeking the American Dream any more but hardened, organized criminals from all over the world heading West to a place where they can get away with anything.

And to my life, liberty and property…

UPDATE 3/23/22: Some of us from NYC’s good old days remember Mugger Money now making a comeback: keep a roll of small bills in the most available pocket to hand over to the guy sticking a knife in you while your substantial funds stay in your wallet.



UPDATE 3/23/22: The continued censorship and mutilation of true science will, over time, take a toll dwarfing the actual Covid fiasco. Watch this roundtable of real scientists and be encouraged by honorable professionals bearing no resemblance to the Faucists tyrannizing the world over the last two years.




CHINA-Told Ya So

3/25/22: Elon Musk’s two-faced stance on doing business with China while living the entrepreneurial free market dream is a dilemma haunting all of us buying MADE IN CHINA products.

UPDATE 3/24/22: Thanks to a vacuum where American leadership used to be, China is creeping ever closer to realizing its raison d’etre of world domination. Makes sense to conquer one’s neighbors first like Taiwan and SE Asia, then going for the whole globe, precisely what appears to be in the works. 


UPDATE 3/24/22: Making The Science synonymous with The State is nothing new. BigGov response to and exploitation of Covid bears only a hair’s difference from the genocidal Lysenko and Stalin. A tale worth retelling if certain history is well worth NOT repeating.

3/23/22: How comforting that Australia is softening its Covid image. PR geniuses have determined it is easier to attract tourism to the land of Crocodile Dundee and koalas than to the Hitleresque storm troopers literally tackling men, women and children and forcing masks over their faces. Equally dystopian New Zealand has likewise suddenly abandoned all those dehumanizing regulations that only weeks and months ago turned the land of Kiwis and colorful Maoris into an Orwellian nightmare. In America, most are moving on from the disruption of Covid while some refuse to come out of their fetal position.

Perhaps, it’s all been just a bad dream.

UPDATE 3/24/22: Dr. Scott Atlas, author of A PLAGUE UPON OUR HOUSE, is a scientist and not a political operative like those bloodless bureaucrats (Fauci, Birx) he was thrown in with at Trump’s White House in early 2020. Pushing common sense and concern for the overall wellbeing of the general populace, he was immediately branded a threat and subject to personal attack. The mission of those threatened by his presence was not assessing the best way to allow life to carry on despite The Virus but a collective Master Planning mentality throwing a smothering web of control over healthy humanity. His interview with Jan Kieklek is a chilling account of an honest, knowledgeable man pitted against the faceless, impersonal forces of Kafka’s Castle.


UPDATE 3/24/22: Whatever shall the Dem Left do without the totalitarian controls and long term behavioral conditioning Covid has provided?  Answer: do it again. Brace yourselves and hope somehow things change in a radical way this coming November.

UPDATE 3/23/22: How nice. An invitation from the White House!

Tweeted one wonderfully snarky Repub Congressional wife in response:


UPDATE 3/24/22: Surprise! Not everyone gets infected or even sick. While others do. Which raises the money question, why did all the healthy people in the world have to be locked in their homes, disallowed from earning a living on the basis of “keeping us safe?” Isn’t this always the chance one takes in life? As in all collectivist scenarios, the misery must be shared, the suffering of the few must be visited upon everyone else. A few sick people? Quarantine the healthy! And did these so-called “vaccines” even work? Scores of legitimate, serious studies are saying, NO. 


UPDATE 3/25/22: As stated in the original post on HCQ, determined dismissal and even criminalization of alternatives to “official” remedies (like “vaccines”) is a study in totalitarianism and its terrible consequences. Simple, cheap (and often effective) remedies such as aspirin have been smeared as “disinformation.”   Common household hydrogen peroxide, heavily diluted and dispensed as an aerosol, has been shown to be an effective antidote to preventing and even fighting respiratory infection. THIS IS NOT TO ENCOURAGE DIRECT INHALATION, but rather one more remedy like HCQ or Ivermectin, blackballed by “the experts,” that has real curative possibilities in some cases.

In an atmosphere of genuine science that benefits humanity, all options should remain open. Cases and symptoms vary in severity, and one remedy ineffective for one may prove life-saving for another. Unfortunately for all of us, our trust has been undermined by arrogant “experts'” dismissing and even outlawing simpler cheap options while exclusively pushing the so-called “vaccines” that have put $billions in their pockets and those of their corporate cronies. The thinking public is on its own, now forced to proceed with rational caution and only their own good sense for guidance. By their own hand, the “experts” are now to be considered dangerous until proven otherwise.

Follow the money and that maniacal will to power in small souls.


WAR & PEACE: LENIN’S (and fellow Socialist HITLER’S) HEIRS

UPDATE 3/24/22: The bottom line is Ukrainians and their country are being trampled. The mystery yet to be resolved is why, but is it really a mystery considering the essential controlling nature of totalitarianism? There is little debate over Putin’s nasty nature. Once a KGB brute, always one, but one is pressed to ponder who else stands to gain from this Ukraine episode.

Perhaps the greatest riddle is Zelenksky. Widely portrayed as a patriotic hero, he is also a protege of the sinister globalist Schwab, Is this crisis just an opportunity to use the Ukraine as a model for the Great Reset? Is it not disturbing that he just nationalized all media in the same sweeping motion of banishing all opposition political parties? His hostile tone toward the Israelis is an indication that he is not a natural ally to America and Israel. Is he “Jewish” like former Nazi stooge George Soros is Jewish? His documented Holocaust denial does little to enhance his “hero” image.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians themselves suffer.

Who’s the bad guy? One? Both?

UPDATE 3/23/22: The halo of patriotic heroism over Zelenksky’s head is not only tarnished now but has slipped off entirely. Banning all opposing political parties, none of whom is promoting Russian interests, is the act of the garden-variety tinpot dictator. Things are not what they seem when it comes to identifying good and bad guys in this political drama.


UPDATE 3/24/22: Our enemies no longer need infiltrate our institutions with disinformation when Americans themselves are hard at work subverting every institution and social norm in sight. We are most indebted to those in the media dedicated to exposing and telling the truth about this subversion. These are also the individuals most targeted for either character or literal assassination. In the intrepid spirit of the muckrakers of yore, Lara Logan is one invaluable source of honest reporting, and her roach-like targets do not like the light that sends them scattering.



UPDATE 3/24/22: Nowhere are we being forced to doubt and deny our own senses than in this business about “gender.” Woke BigTech has made it all too clear that calling Richard/Rachel Levine a man is going to cost you.

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 3/23/22: The specter of One World government has become particularly ominous in the chaotic power vacuum created by total moral vacancy in the White House. Never has the window of opportunity to reset the world into a monolithic, rigid order been so open for the totalitarian-minded.




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

UPDATE 3/24/22: Politicians always have altruistic motives for whatever they are forcing us to do. They care. Green energy to “save the planet.” Covid lockdowns, mask/vax mandates to “save lives.” Is it of interest that their personal wealth and political power both stand to expand exponentially in the process? Ask Nancy Pelosi and her hubby just this week snatching up more $millions of Tesla shares as she and her cronies push to eliminate fossil fuels and force the public to buy…ta-da…Teslas. Ditto Jolly Green Giant Al Gore. Because they care.

And another $2 million this week. Nothing to see here…


UPDATE 3/24/22: The Green agenda, replacing our existing cars with the magical EVs, is now a front line attack on individual liberty. 

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 3/26/22: O the absuridity of it all. The Saga of Ketanji or What They Don’t Teach Affirmative Action Recipients At Harvard. The NY TImes morning editorial tells us the Ketanji Brown Jackson’s interrogators in the Senate are giving us an unfair portrait of her while completely ignoring any mention of her abysmal ignorance of American legal history (Dred Scott) and, more to the point, her inability (or unwillingness) to engage another lawyer (Ted Cruz) in debate about a hypothetical legal issue. You don’t suppose she might ever have to do that as a Supreme Court Justice, would she? Most disturbing is revelation of her place on the board of a private DC school that teaches CRT. This woman is the standard mediocrity mass-produced by newly Woke elite schools of the past few decades, and her pro-American statement now comes off as conniving subterfuge for a bitter, radical outlook.

This is just one more instance of the Affirmative Action curse coming back to embarrass and bite unqualified people like KBJ, fast-tracked to the level of their own incompetence. Does this symbolic showpiece ever face the reality that she is not valued for anything more than being Black and female (and Leftist), her real talents and competence (or lack of) irrelevant?

3/25/22: IDP (Identity Politics) is definitely the place for KBJ (Ketanji Brown Jackson) since she is the focus of national attention entirely due to her racial background and her sex. But don’t ask her to tell you why she’s considered a woman and not a man. She says she’s not a biologist and isn’t qualified to answer such a head scratcher. Tellingly, she didn’t say, “I’m not a psychologist.” We are in Ketanji’s debt for unwittingly admitting what her kindred Wokettes in the Gender Dysphoric wing of Wokedom deny: it IS all about biology, aka science aka reality aka the objective truth, NOT what you or I think it might or should be.

It’s bad enough she doesn’t know the difference between boys and girls (which she does), but when you’re auditioning for the Supreme Court, it’s not a bad idea to be acquainted with at least the basics of American legal history (the Dred Scott decision), particularly as it relates directly to civil rights.

UPDATE 3/24/22: Unfortunately, the latest Supreme Court nominee’s grilling falls under the category of Identity Politics, having absolutely NOTHING to do with putting the best, most qualified people into high governmental positions. Of singular interest to those running this circus is that she’s female and Black. To her credit, she does admit her own life achievements are a testament to American opportunity. Does this REALLY square with her overall view of things as expressed through her judicial rulings? It is probably too much to hope that she rises or falls based on a record of judicial impartiality, not radical politics.



BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)


UPDATE 3/23/22: We’re only a year into BrandonWorld, and bets are already being placed on what will be Joe’s worst disaster. Level heads are betting on his enabling Iran’s nuclear capabilities. 


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority




AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party




UPDATE 3/23/22: In its central tenets and in practice, hard Leftism is a violence-based religious faith that possesses its followers in a manner equally or more destructively even than radical Islam. For verification, ask any one of the hundred million liquidated and billions enslaved by cheery-sounding “socialism” and its murderous variants over the last century.


UPDATE 3/25/22: Projection of their own guilt onto their enemies continues to be the modus operandi of the self-obsessed Dem Leftists in the headlines. In so doing, they reveal exactly who THEY are.



TRUTH-The Great Uniter






UPDATE 3/25/22: Does the sudden validation of Hunter’s laptop by those who diligently covered it up before mean the Bidens are about to be tossed?

UPDATE 3/24/22: The Bidens have applied for a variance for a higher fence around THEIR precious Delaware property while Trump’s wall to protect our southern border has been junked. No self-protection for thee, walls and guns for me.

UPDATE 3/23/22: Ask Joe, and he’ll tell you his is the most successful Presidency of all time. Reality begs to differ.

UPDATE 3/23/22: Hunter is not merely the degenerate offspring of a feeble-minded degenerate from Delaware but the prime operative in the Biden Crime Family network. One can barely keep track of the Ukrainian/Chinese/Saudi web of corruption enveloping America’s most prominent and slimiest politician.


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)

UPDATE 3/25/22: Some of the rose-tinted glasses set say Hillary’s comeuppance is nigh. It seems highly doubtful considering that Hillary behind bars and disgraced means the entire existing Dem Party network has to go down with her.



UPDATE 3/23/22: This serial liar and calculating political drone is still desperately trying to deep six the testimony of real scientists and medical practitioners on the disastrous Covid response he spearheaded.




UPDATE 3/24/22: He’s not POTUS officially, but all circumstances and Barack’s own stated hopes point to the presently ongoing curse of a third Obama term.


UPDATE 3/24/22: Hearts-Full-Of-Love Nancy has thrown down the gauntlet and basically stated she’s bigger than the Catholic Church. How dare they have rules and guidelines? Like the Orwellian nightmare she is, she’ll just redefine what a good Catholic is to her own ultra-corrupt specs. If a country is to be judged by its elected representatives, we are the dregs.



SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act



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