When it was no longer sweet or noble to kill for the cause

August 6, 2010


For Communists/Socialists, even many Liberals, the ends always justify the means.  And that means anything goes to those who stand in their way. Some occasionally have second thoughts about this.

Read Martin Kettle’s article in the Guardian…

8 Responses to When it was no longer sweet or noble to kill for the cause

  1. […] labor camps, starvation, tens upon tens upon tens of millions of dead bodies outnumbering the homicidal accomplishments of Nazis or Klansmen by a factor of at least 10? Crickets. Nazis, the Klan and erasing Civil War history stubbornly remain the topics of Leftist […]

  2. […] leaving human liberty in permanent, potential peril. Those who doubt are invited to look upon  scores and scores and scores of millions of corpses left in Marxism’s wake and still piling up in such remaining People’s Paradises as […]

  3. […] card…according to that ultimate totalitarian nightmare that is Communist China. And virtually all socialism/communism in action. Something glorious to look forward to for all those Hollywood geniuses like Jim Carrey glibly […]

  4. […] an uninterrupted history of violence, murder, torture, tyranny: something on the order of 100 million+ liquidated souls, a billion+ more enslaved. Why should we be surprised that today’s American Left is any less […]

  5. […] Simple response: “No. The Communists ARE worse than the Nazis WERE by a factor of at least 20. And here are the figures.” Stubborn things, those pesky facts. […]

  6. […] Thanks to the wily Stalin positioning himself as America’s ally during WWII, the un-Hitler, the original “anti-fascist,” conservatives are still branded by the Big Lie of anti-communism being “fascism.” The very definition of “fascism” and its omnipresence on the Left conveniently continues to be shrouded in deliberate fog. Is not the domestic terrorism of Antifa Black Shirts not an outpost of the Left? How perpetually easy it continues to be for the Left to disable any opposition to its totalitarian, Stalinist agenda by branding ALL opposition as Adolf’s fellow travelers, racists, Nazis. [Reminder: Nazism is abbreviated National SOCIALISM, and Hitler’s brand of socialism has paled in comparison to Stalin/Mao/Castro/Chavez/Pol Pot/Norks when tallying up numbers on systematic extermination and murder.] […]

  7. The Fate of HCQ=The Fate of America | Dittoville on August 23, 2020 at 5:52 am

    […] Covid dead (some legit data suggests potentially 40-50% could have been saved by HCQ) to the 100 million+ souls who have perished prematurely over the last century in pursuit of socialism/communism. Those […]

  8. […] American Thinker publisher Thomas Lifson has drawn a legitimate comparison between the Democratic Party’s studied destruction-in-progress of American small businesses and Stalin’s liquidation of millions of kulaks (stubbornly self-reliant Russian farmers), 1932-1933. Anyone familiar with the works of Robert Conquest  (“The Great Terror,” “Harvest Of Sorrow“) or Viktor Kravchenko (“I Chose Freedom”) cannot forget the genocidal details of this particular Communist holocaust, one of dozens that took place over the century. The death counts from the Friends, Fans & Followers of Karl Marx since October, 1917 tally conservatively in the neighborhood of 100 million murdered souls. […]

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