AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing

UPDATE 3/14/22: Reagan was the right man for his time as Trump was in his. Both demonstrated that the real purpose of good government is to get the hell out of the way, to clear the path and keep it clear. We’ve been lucky to have both, and we’ll get lucky again. Circumstances and history demand it.

UPDATE 3/14/22: Tom Sowell suggests 3 questions to keep the upper hand in any debate:

Compared to what? At what cost? What evidence do you have?



UPDATE 3/19/22: Covid was a pandemic alright, but one of mass psychosis, not Chinese germs. A new video delves deeper: “How Government Exploited Fear and Human Psychology During the Pandemic.” 

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

Rasmussen says Repubs have a 11 point lead if elections were held today. Dare we hope?

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 3/17/22:  A Stalinist/Cultural Revolution nightmare involves the recruitment of a teenage boy to  snitch on and testify against his father who was present at the Capitol on January 6. A chilling demonstration why destruction of the strong nuclear family is so essential to totalitarian ends.

UPDATE 3/15/22: In Matthew Perna’s tragic fate lies the potential fate of all Americans declared political enemies of the State for exercising their most basic rights. 




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track

UPDATE 3/19/22: For all of Trump’s proven virtues, De Santis is emerging as perhaps the better, wiser choice for 2024. Whichever of the two puts BrandonWorld to permanent flight is perfectly acceptable in these quarters.


UPDATE 3/18/22: Has California finally reached the boiling point and now about to say NO MORE in a big way? And does Miami offer a model for  urban recovery?



UPDATE 3/17/22: The arrogance of Western arts organizations banishing Russian personalities and artistic works is right out of Stalin’s and Mao’s Cultural Revolution playbook. But let’s not spoil their wild orgies of self-congratulation.


UPDATE 3/16/22: The new motto of the Woke medical establishment is now “First Do Harm.” or perhaps more accurately, first learn & use suitably Woke terminology. That done, pay lip service to your patient’s health but only in the context of their victimhood in White Supremacist society. All patients lose out here, but for some reason, New York is making no attempt to hide the special medical abuse it has in store for children with continued mask/vax mandates for tots.


UPDATE 3/18/22: What is a woman?  Not only conservatives are waking up from the Woke Gender absurdity.

CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 3/15/22: As the U.S. dithers over the Ukraine, China licks its chops and contemplates the many spoils to be seized in this welcome period of American dereliction. Any chance the West will realize it still has a chance to save Taiwan like it didn’t save Ukraine?


UPDATE 3/17/22: The CDC enhances its sterling credibility as it downsizes its stats on Covid deaths in kids by an outrageous 24%. And then there are thousands of others that have quietly disappeared from “the count.” All the panic and scare has been for the benefit of the children, for the old folks, for everyone’s well-being. Except it hasn’t. Almost as crazy as the whole CoronaCraze is the delusional belief that those responsible for the irreparable, needless damage done will apologize.

UPDATE 3/16/22: Back in 2006, the most renowned epidemiologist of his time, Donald A. Henderson, called out the chatter among the Fauci-types eager to impose universal lockdowns in the event of a pandemic:

“Experience has shown that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events respond best and with the least anxiety when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted.” 

It’s too kind to think that the Faucists and Birxites simply disregarded his advice out of well-intentioned ignorance. One is more inclined to suspect that political forces entirely consumed with power lust guided the curse inflicted on the entire world by these scoundrels.


UPDATE 3/17/22: The White House is expected to veto the Senate’s anti-mask mandate resolution. Why give up that psychological hook they’ve managed to sink into the mass psyche of their faithful following?

UPDATE 3/16/22: Since these jabs are not vaccines as vaccines have come to be defined over the centuries, what are they? One more bit of collapsing faith in all our principal institutions.

UPDATE 3/15/22: About to put out a 4th booster, Pfizer is determined to haul in some more of that Vax gelt before the Covid craze cools for good. Most disturbing is the 84% jump in excess mortality in middle-aged and younger adults right in tandem with the jump in jab mandates and boosters. We’re assured there’s absolutely nothing worth investigating here.


UPDATE 3/16/22: The war on HCQ and other alternatives to the Vax/Mask scam continues to rage. Has it been mentioned that this has never been about the common good but rather the insatiable power pursuits of bloodless corruptocrats. Science and truth, you ask? Fuggedaboutit.


WAR & PEACE: LENIN’S (and fellow Socialist HITLER’S) HEIRS

UPDATE 3/19/22: Peering through the fog of war, a few points of clarity provided by the ever-reliable VDH. Not so clear is the debate about Zelensky. So which is he? Patriot hero or Soros puppet?  Then, there’s the whole confusion about who’s for whom? There has been real “Russian” collusion but not exactly as depicted for the last 4 years. Was it actually Ukrainians and Dems allied against Trump? 

For those genuinely sympathetic to suffering, one experiences only disgust at the senseless brutality of Putin’s assault on millions fleeing for their lives. Such is the ugly bottom line reality of this and most wars. For whatever reasons he has initiated this surreal fiasco, but it doesn’t appear Vlad has planned thoroughly. One hopes that events play out to drive him and whomever else stands to profit from this mad incursion back to their respective holes. Why the hell did he do it anyway? What’s to like about  leveling and enslaving a country of such beauty and rich history? The question arises: if the Russians retreat: then what? “Peace” will have its consequences. And what’s the fate of the Ukraine as a permanent buffer zone between “us” and “them?” Thug or heroic leader, Zelensky has choices to make, and historical precedents could offer him some guidance. 

UPDATE 3/15/22: For most of us, war is not blood and guts but, mercifully, just an abstract news item. Ukrainians fleeing the country, people living under falling bombs and missiles are living it concretely. Israel just suffered its worst-ever cyber attack which potentially affects everyone, in or out of a physical war zone. It’s folly to think this can’t and won’t happen here.


UPDATE 3/19/22: Physical force is an obvious expression of political power. More insidious and equally destructive is the mind-bending propaganda that obliterates objective reality with an artificially created one. We’ve just witnessed the power of this in establishing the tenets of The Church of Covid to bring society to a standstill and frighten billions into obedient submission. (Interview with Maajid Nawaz.) 

To anyone intent on resisting this sneak attack on our perception of objective reality, make it your business to recognize the lies and honor only the truth. (Interview with Rob Dreher, author of LIVE NOT BY LIES).

UPDATE 3/17/22: The Dems are committing suicide and desperate to take the rest of us with them.

UPDATE 3/15/22: The religious fervor that the Left/Woke/Prog/RINOs attach to their latest “Truth” narrative is just thin cover for murderous rage at the slightest dissent or disagreement. Lately, it’s been about vaccines & masks as proscribed in Dr. Fauci’s endless litany of holy writs. Now it’s about Bad Guy Putin/Russia & Good Guy Ukraine. Rather shocking that Boy Scout Mormon Mitt Romney is calling for Tulsi Gabbard to be hanged from the nearest yardarm for pointing out some disturbing revelations about dangerous bio-labs in the Ukraine. 


UPDATE 3/15/22: Moving beyond mere gaslighting to full-blown insanity,  madly Woke USA TODAY makes a mockery of feminism and femininity to name Richard/Rachel Levine its Woman Of The Year. That plucky organ of fairness the Babylon Bee balances things out with typical hilarity by honoring him as their Man Of The Year. 


UPDATE 3/18/22: It was Covid, and now it’s Russo-Ukrainian War Talk, just the latest of exploitable crises du jour,  manufactured perception force-fed for consumption. People are told what they’re seeing and browbeaten to deny what their own eyes and other senses tell them. How else to explain the jaw-dropping, unquestioned acceptance of a “Lia” Thomas. Hey, who are we to say this is pure cheating. I see nothing amiss here. Do you? 

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 3/18/22: Things are looking pretty bad, and nothing rankles us Normals more than the frightening number of people who insist things are fine on this road to ruin. Is this still Land Of The Free, Home of the Brave? From Day One BrandonWorld has waged a war on MAGA and all things beneficial about America and, for that matter, Western Culture. 

It’s a bad movie full of sinister characters like One World villain Klaus Schwab who, sorry to say, aren’t guaranteed to meet a well-deserved end at the hands of the Good Guys by the time the credits roll. Who ARE the White Hats? History offers some hope that trying times do produce authentic heroes. Dark forces like Globalists and the Deep State are nothing new as a new book by Mark Tapson chronicles: Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and Their War With the Swamp





GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

UPDATE 3/17/22: For a world in need of energy 24/7, it’s time to give up the pipe dream of solar/wind power providing such on calm, clear nights when the sun inconveniently doesn’t shine, and the wind more often than not doesn’t blow. For those still religiously hysterical about the phony “existential threat” of fossil fuels, there is always nuclear energy which is plentiful, reasonably clean and controllable. Unfortunately, real solutions  to providing cheap energy takes all the fun out of turning the world’s population into one big desperate, dependent baby. Like all “good causes,” it’s not about the good cause but about control of the special few over the many.

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 3/16/22: There is a real war on The Science, and it is a cult-like cancer that goes by the name of Identity Politics. As evidenced by recently revised, guilt-ridden mission statements, innumerable strains of the Woke virus (CRT, Gender Equality, etc) have entered the bloodstream of our major medical and scientific bodies, turning science and the pursuit of truth into tools of a political agenda.


UPDATE 3/17/22: Like all other important participants in society,  successful capitalists have become a major target for the Wokies. When Big Business is mau-maued into going Woke, all those filthy profits flood the coffers of such worthy endeavors as the 1619 Project, the only beneficiaries being the grifting pockets of those in charge.

UPDATE 3/14/22: Bill Penzey, CEO of Penzey spices is going out of his way to directly offend at least 50% of his potential customers by proudly, blatantly, insultingly sticking Woke drivel in their faces.  Here are two representative gems sure to snag millions of conservative cooks:  “Republicans’ are the “#1 threat to this country” and even more endearingly declares “MLK weekend ‘Republicans are racists weekend.” Has anyone informed this idiot that MLK was, like most Blacks pre-LBJ/Great Society days, a Republican? Reportedly, Bill is totally mystified that he’s lost a huge market share of business overnight. Inexplicable.

This rabid marketing genius makes Ben & Jerry sound like Anita Bryant shilling orange juice.


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)


UPDATE 3/16/22: Terribly encouraging that Islam is no longer the barbarian storming the gate. Thanks to the unanimously anti-American policies of BrandonWorld, they’re in and right at home, undisturbed, undeterred and plotting our demise.


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority

UPDATE 3/18/22: Look! Over there! Covid! Hey! This way! Ukraine! Check it out! Meanwhile, south (and north) of the border, things are going from bad to worse. 




AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party







TRUTH-The Great Uniter






UPDATE 3/19/22: For St. Paddy’s Day, we’re treated to one more embarrassing turn of phrase coming out of Joe’s mouth: “I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid.”  Well, yeah, actually, you are stupid.

UPDATE 3/18/22: Hunter’s laptop suddenly has happened! We wait on pins and needles for the shock, surprise and calls for expulsion of the Occupy Brandon riff-raff.

UPDATE 3/17/22: The stench of the Biden Crime Family’s rot, personally & professionally, has to reach the noses of the most diehard Brandon supporters sooner or later.

UPDATE 3/15/22: Good ol’ Joe is counting on everyone being as fundamentally dishonest and stupid as he is when he says it’s ALL Putin’s fault: everything. And that includes all those dollars (which there are suddenly too many of making) and that gas for the car (which there suddenly is too little of). Something easy to get is more expensive than something hard to get. Hmm? Maybe? If those greedy gas stations proprietors would just lower their prices…

Can that many Americans be this stupid to not see they’ve voted for a 3rd rate liar? Probably not if they’re not suffering directly for what’s being foisted on all of us.


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)


UPDATE 3/18/22: We will look upon the Cuomo legacy as that great time when shame became obsolete, and the shameful could stride the earth with pride. Hoarier wisdom tells us that a fall is always certain to come on the heels of such arrogance.

UPDATE 3/18/22: So long as no one focuses on the horrible consequences of this little saint’s missives to  the flock, his reputation will remain intact. Let us hope he makes good on his rather sudden decision to vacate the premises. Whatever he decides, we heartily cheer on Rand Paul’s move to eliminate this destroyer’s government position lest it be a bully pulpit from which Tony’s successor can also ruin millions of lives.



UPDATE 3/17/22: When does the infinite emptiness of this female Obama clone finally become obvious to even the most rabid of Trump haters?

Admiring Kamala. Wow. I mean…wow.




UPDATE 3/17/22: Don’t know what to make of BIll Barr, but it seems like he wants to have it both ways, first subverting Trump then flattering him in the next breath.

UPDATE 3/16/22: No full explanation for what makes a RINO tick, but it is a malady to be avoided. Pierre Delecto is showing worrisome symptoms this week. 


SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act



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