AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 3/12/22: Thank goodness it’s not Thanksgiving because there would be turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce flying akimbo over and around the table after Trump sits down and holds forth publicly with Joe Rogan. 

This is certainly of interest for those of us still interested in what the Dem Left/RINO Right loathe and what all  advocates of free speech welcome. Will Neil Young try another withdrawal from his empty Spotify account?

UPDATE 3/8/22: Seems there’s a convoy around DC. Unsurprisingly, DC habitues are less than hospitable or supportive of basic American populism, so it’s not making the headlines (or backlash) its Canadian counterpart created, Nevertheless, the spirit animating it lives with the same intensity in every free-thinking person.



UPDATE 3/8/22: Almost everything at this point concerning government response to The Virus can go safely under the Mass Psychosis category. There remain many-spooked young people, infantilized oldsters-who persist in wearing their masks and still fervently long for everyone else to join them in their panicked delirium. To their dismay, many of us have long considered the real pandemic to be one of fear-driven mental derangement, not Made In China germs. So “Covid!!! The Horror Movie!” is not going away just yet even though the flu itself has long since waned.

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 3/10/22: You can hear it from the NY Times off the record on a Project Veritas video. So it must be true…unless you are firmly in the TDS camp. According to a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who was there (and unknowingly recorded), the so-called “insurrection” was heavily seeded with FBI informants deliberately pushing for a riot that turned into an unpleasant commotion that benefited only those determined to falsely discredit Trump and the whole MAGA movement. For this particular individual, it came off as a raucous party, totally overblown into an “insurrection” by the Trump-loathing MSM and its BigGov masters.




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track


UPDATE 3/10/22: Urban murder rates explode, and as usual, the ignorant “experts” have the reasons all wrong. The pivoting of at least one prominently Woke DA (Gascon of LA) indicates the real light is beginning to dawn on the victimized public ready to junk these hoodlum huggers. Happily, it’s not all well-intentioned suicide for our cities. As the writer headlines his encouraging story on Miami: “The Least Woke City In America.”



UPDATE 3/12/22: We are endlessly reassured that everything the Woke Left/Cancel Culture crowd does is based on good, sound moral principles. Ask them, they’ll  gladly tell you how virtuous they are. Such paragons of virtue include brainless impresarios and arts organization executives now removing the works of Tchaikowsky, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and Rachmaninoff from programs because…well…they’re Russian. World famous Russian citizens who have made their careers in the West such as Valery Gergiev and prima donna Anna Netrebko have been, respectively, relieved of his conducting position in Munich and banned from singing at the Met. Neither of the latter are guilty of endorsing Putin’s actions. Realistically, they are both Russian citizens compelled to be reticent and walk a precarious high wire to protect themselves, their friends, families and property back in the Motherland.

Whenever liberals and Leftists vociferously embrace a cause that is authentically righteous, one must be wary. They are doing the right things but with the wrong motives. In this instance, it is the totalitarian mentality of the “anti-fascist” who actually matches or outdoes the hated “fascist” when it comes to imposing or practicing tyranny. For ironic similarity, one need go no further back than the U.S.S.R itself to find a comparable case of Soviet authorities making life miserable for uncooperative artists such as Shostakovich and Pasternak.

Here our noble conscience compels us to display some Fascist art to be avoided at all costs.

UPDATE 3/12/22: Tulsi Gabbard was once a rising star in the Democratic Party firmament. But well before it was cool to hate all things Russian, she was blackballed as a Russian spy and an all-round Undesirable Deplorable by no less than Hillary and her fellow Commissars. Naturally, it’s all about her decidedly freedom-oriented, suspiciously American approach to politics…which makes her the future unlike that wicked HasBeen  responsible for the “Russian agent” slander and the “Russian collusion” fable. What would Hillary do without Putin to deflect from her own desperate ruthlessness and collusion with bad actors?

UPDATE 3/12/22: For the now boringly usual reason (“misinformation”) and just as he predicts, YouTube has removed an interview with DJT that racked up 5 million views. Here it is on Rumble.


UPDATE 3/12/22 Our Big Problem is not our current leadership but those great brain-washed masses of fools out there repeatedly voting for the “leaders” currently paving us a smooth path to hell. Nowadays, the younger and more impressionable they are, the more distant millions have drifted from anything resembling common sense, wisdom or truth.



UPDATE 3/12/22: Brandon’s Health & Human Services (HHS) employees are being warned to monitor themselves lest they use the improper pronouns to the gender-sensitive.  There was a time when this could only have occurred in the imaginary realm of a “Twilight Zone” episode. 

CHINA-Told Ya So


UPDATE 3/8/22: It was clear during the 4 Trump years that our strong, no-nonsense image in the world made a beneficial difference in keeping sworn bad guys like Iran at bay. Conversely, the image of a crippled puppet currently presented only emboldens our enemies and prolongs the suffering of those within their borders. Iranians still live under a boot, but now the Mullahs are feeling free to act on their aims to destroy us and their local foe, Israel.


UPDATE 3/8/22: Is Covid finally old hat? The effectiveness of constantly fomented fear has definitely waned but will be utilized as long as it’s useful in controlling the easily controlled. Stealing elections was certainly a plus for the Covideers, but another new bogey man is already taking its place. The rose-tinted glasses set is already demanding an apology for the wreckage, but don’t expect any tears of contrition and guilt from those busily cooking up the next exploitable crisis.


UPDATE 3/12/22 : At the risk of being drawn and quartered for the newly invented crime of “misinformation,” one must state that forcing the jab on children is senseless and more likely to do harm than good. Since healthy children have virtually zero chance of succumbing to The Virus, why mess with their already healthy constitutions to satisfy the impulsive urge to “do something!” rather than the sensible “leave well enough alone?”

UPDATE 3/10/22: Like the rooster crowing about his uncanny ability to make the sun rise or set, it’s oh-so-predictable that the mask/vax fanatics in the medical and education establishment  will congratulate themselves for saving millions of lives now that it’s really all over. Needless to say, there will be no mention of the incalculable damage done. It will be hailed in the same way as Brandon’s “outstanding success” in Afghanistan.

UPDATE 3/10/22: So this whole mass vax thing isn’t about the money in coffers of BigPharma & BigTech? It’s really about people’s health? Really?

Murthy’s “misinformation” has now officially replaced Fauci’s “I am the science.”

3/9/22: Who says that forcing masks on kids by school administrators and teachers isn’t child abuse and mass brain-washing? All this sentimental and tender talk about “Doing It For The Kids” just doesn’t square with the reality of smothering them, simultaneously turning them into malleable puppets of the State.


UPDATE 3/12/22: Tennessee does itself proud by moving to make Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine legal. 


WAR & PEACE: LENIN’S (and fellow Socialist HITLER’S) HEIRS

UPDATE 3/12/22: As verified by the reality of history, truth remains the first casualty of war. So it’s no surprise that the fog surrounding Russia/Ukraine is clearing to reveal…pea soup (as pilots term it when caught in zero visibility).

Most agree that Putin is a rather disagreeable character. Or do they? Some posit otherwise, calling Putin Russia’s Trump.

For most, it would seem hard to deny that the Ukrainians are a fiercely brave and admirable people. That heroism appears to be on full display in the person of their President Zelensky. If he actually survives to preserve Ukrainian independence and fend off the Russians, one will have to cheer regardless of what some insist is endemic corruption in Ukraine politics, including Volodymyr himself . Furthermore, prominent cynics express little faith in the apparent goodness of the lionized Zelensky. Confused yet? In a moral quandary?

Meanwhile, the conflict is providing the Brandon administration with an excuse for every domestic blunder it has created, an explanation genuinely believed by NO ONE registering a pulse.

It is also reassuring to NO ONE that Cackling Kamala is our secret weapon sent by God to restore peace and justice throughout the world.

It’s certainly easy to think these are potentially the worst of times, yet some of us are holding out for a miraculous dawning of the best of times. Are we up to turning night into day?

UPDATE 3/10/22: It’s too much for the Leftist/Liberal/Woke mind to condemn real evil. As usual, they must go into a fit of self-dramatizing heroics and fantasy ranging from Ukrainian flag pocket hankies to dreams of flying today’s version of the Enola Gay. All Walter Mitty heroics of absolutely no benefit to anyone.

UPDATE 3/8/22: Ukraine is not a crisis the Dems are willing to waste. The last thing they want is the last thing they wanted from Covid: an end to the “crisis” that served their totalitarian goals. What most concerns the current American leadership is: if the Ukrainians succumb to the Russians, are they going to suffer at the polls? And what does it mean if Russia loses?

Or are we already fated to lose whatever the outcome? 



Voting for Democrats is like voting to give yourself a pay cut — while also inviting the most annoying person you know to yell at you about how awful you are.” Laura Ingraham

UPDATE 3/12/22: We find ourselves rubbing our eyes in disbelief multiple times on a daily basis as the activities of today’s Democratic Party make life in America seem to be one gigantic Mad Tea Party. A new gay pledge of allegiance taught to school age kids by Pete Buttigieg’s beloved other half takes the cake this week.


UPDATE 3/10/22: Hardly front page news, but look what’s considered fashionable these days.  Victoria’s Secret is opting for grungy Woke over sexy while the haute couture world is paying Kamala’s determinedly homely step daughter gazillions to convince us that Ugly Is The New Beautiful.

Meanwhile, the woman pictured below never made it to the cover of a single national magazine during the four years she was a rather prominent figure in American life. The message of all gaslighting is “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes.” But some of us just can’t stop trusting our 6+ senses.

UPDATE 3/9/22: We’re supposed to believe that we have competent, honorable leadership when the  top three people in our government cannot put together a simple, honest, coherent sentence. The best UN translators have been brought in to decipher Pelosi’s latest utterances but have failed to find any meaning communicable to the modern world.

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 3/12/22: The combination of an illegitimately installed POTUS in thrall to the radical Left and Big Tech’s embrace of totalitarian China’s electronic model for monitoring the masses makes for scary images in the crystal ball. The growing alliance between corporate behemoths and global government adds little brightness to the future.

UPDATE 3/10/22: When you no longer have private property ownership rights as Canadians have recently found out with dissenters’ money being frozen by the government, you are not free. After taking that in, treat yourself to one of the scarier scenarios available, the one Bill Gates hinted at as the one that’ll really “get your attention.”



In Thomas Hobbes’ “Social Contract” we are instructed that people in a “state of nature” without the symbiotic restraints of government are doomed to lead lives that are “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” What has the growing dependence upon government provided that promises a better fate


GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

UPDATE 3/12/22: Climate Armageddon is the new Covid. It was predictable that the success of virus fear in centralizing and expanding control over the masses would seamlessly morph into a stepped-up Green panic of “existential urgency.” Climate Change! Global Warming! Fossil fuels are killing us!!! Ergo, kill the oil/gas industry, make us dependent upon foreign pals like Russia and Iran, thereby forcing a premature, totally impractical transition to so-called “clean” electric energy. Can’t afford gas? Perfect solution: everyone go out & buy a $60K Tesla! Create a whole new pariah class of Enemies of Mother Earth to replace the evil Anti-Vaxxers. In service to that strategy, Kamala has already condemned the Truckers Convoy as planet destroyers with all that exhaust from those pesky 18 wheelers surrounding DC.

One little problem is that most of us are still driving internal combustion cars, heating and cooking with gas, living the good life utilizing energy that is potentially plentiful and cheap. That no one has developed anything usable or affordable in the production of alternative energy sources matters not. Still, the evil, uncaring fools push on, and no universal upheaval of society or loss of life will give them pause. Completely at odds with reality or what people actually need, the Master Planners have it all figured out for you, whether it works or not. And whether you like it or not.

As other commentators have noted years ago, Stalin/Mao/Hitler and their kindred spirits down in hell are kicking themselves for not thinking of this sooner.

UPDATE 3/10/22: Perhaps idealistic Americans voting for Green & Pristine will wake up to the wisdom of providing our own oil & gas rather than depending upon Russia or Iran. Because virtually no Brandon policy has a thing to do with enhancing American prosperity or freedom, we can’t expect the administration to stop trying to force Americans into the insanity of EVs, windmills and solar panels. Rich, arrogant celebs like Stephen Colbert are welcome to spend any amount of money and display their moral superiority by wasting money on Teslas. The privilege of having our effective, comfortable, clear gas-powered rattletraps makes the rest of us plebes happy which is precisely what displeases the likes of elite multimillionaire Colbert and his set.

UPDATE 3/9/22: It’s long been obvious that mass acceptance of the Green Hoax is the best shot the bad guys have of totalitarian control. They managed to scare billions into compliance with The Virus, so why not go all the way and terrify the folks with an exploding planet on fire with no air to breathe?

Meanwhile, the realists interested in living free and productive lives are looking ahead to energy independence thanks to oil reserves right within our borders that would last us for millennia. Naturally, this realistic and promising scenario is the last thing the globalists and average Chicken Littles want to see.


ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)

UPDATE 3/12/22: The delusional Jussie Smollett is getting sent to prison for staging that badly choreographed hoax. Upon sentencing, he still claimed innocent victimhood and screamed repeatedly “I’m not suicidal!” as if to say, “I’m so important that someone is going to kill me in prison.” They may do that, but for no better reason than that he’s an annoying loser.



ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority




UPDATE 3/12/22: Israel adds to the murky narrative of the Russia/Ukraine situation by joining in the reflexive condemnation of Russia while discounting the false propaganda put out by the Ukrainians about Babi Yar being bombed (it wasn’t), a notorious site of WWII Jewish genocide now a shrine. There are no purely good guys in this drama although the reality of millions of displaced Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invaders tilts things unquestionably in their favor. What the government leaders are up to will hopefully come clear before there is any more suffering of innocents.

AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party




UPDATE 3/10/22: “They intended to supply the masses with sufficient quantities of scolding, reeducation, and medical and mental health treatment to effect the change they believed in.” The writer refers to Prohibition of the 1930s, now clearly just an earlier version of what we are experiencing now in the religious litany of Woke, Leftist social engineering: CRT, Climate Change, The Science.


UPDATE 3/12/22: The mischief and horrific misdeeds of governments and their officials would not be possible without the approval of an overwhelming majority of clueless morons voting for them. Examples of such self-destruction and flawed judgment abound. People’s incapacity to discern truth from lies, to distinguish their friends from their enemies, lies at the heart of the world’s political problems.



TRUTH-The Great Uniter





UPDATE 3/8/22: Santa Klaus (Schwab) is coming to town, to your state, your country, to your doorstep. You will own nothing, and you will like it that way.


UPDATE 3/12/22: In BrandonWorld, don’t expect any correction from veering off course because in such a Twilight Zone, nothing is off course. Every Sleepy Joe disaster (and what isn’t?) is someone else’s fault. The loony list of those meanies spoiling all of his roaring successes just grows and grows.


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)



UPDATE 3/12/22: Are we done with this monster or was this all a practice run for more Faucist lockdowns and emergencies to take place at opportune moments?



UPDATE 3/12/22: The Joker has been dispatched to Europe to save the world. She is proving to be our secret WMD.




UPDATE 3/12/22: In the person of one calculating demagogue named Liz Cheney we have the foul essence of the January 6 seditious assault on everyday Americans. Those of us on the establishment Republican email list are treated daily to an phony invocation of grand American ideals from someone talking down her nose from that high altitude from which she holds court and knows better than average American Joe & Jane. Trump Derangement and the insurrection narrative is all that fuels her ambitions, and she has done nothing more for herself than position herself squarely AGAINST everything that went right for America between 2016-2020.



SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act



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