AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 6/13/21: To survive and prevail, MAGA must be a movement, not an individual, but it’s  rather advantageous to have a certain individual around to be the messenger.  And he’s back, albeit as a private citizen. It’s still his Party, and he’ll laugh if he wants to. Not his nature to sulk.

UPDATE 6/8/21: An outstanding 16mm Kodachrome video making the rounds evokes such emotion and nostalgia for my parents’ 40s/50s world that baby boomers were lucky enough to be born into. It is also that quintessential America that fires the MAGA spirit.

That spirit is everything palpably, provably good for Americans that Trump began to restore and Biden has set  out to erase without a trace. To the dismay of those all up and down the Woke spectrum, that America is still not dead but simply waiting in crouch position, ready to spring back. That includes a vibrant, free market economy and energy independence, so at odds with a regime now besotted by REAL Russia and China collusion.

RON DeSANTISMAGA back on track

6/9/21: Judging by a very young crowd’s response to his appearance at the largest concert gathering in the country since the lockdowns, Ron DeSantis is a MAGA-star! 





UPDATE 6/9/21: Watch this video and experience the totalitarian freeze and fear of total Covid control and compliance in formerly beautiful Frisco. Already sputtering in the throes of that familiar Progressive Democrat disease that has ravaged virtually all of our Progressive Democrat-run cities, the lockdowns have brought Pelosi’s plantation to the suicidal brink.


UPDATE 6/7/21: Great Lies Department. The use of the word “inclusion” these days is almost certain to mean exclusion of what is deemed unacceptable by the Woke clergy. That includes the lethal consequences of Trump Derangement Syndrome, cancelling anything associated with Trump such as HCQ. The soul yearns for justice, a comeuppance, consequences.  punishment to fit the criminal insanity of Trump Hate. They  lied, people died.



UPDATE 6/8/21: Not the Babylon Bee or any other parody. St. Greta is at it again. The annoying little Nordic, anointed leader of civilization’s column of progress, speaks now for a certain voiceless demographic unable to express its “thoughts and feelings”: fish. “And the child shall lead you”…in this case, over the cliff.

This is actually Greta’s highly appealing DEATH METAL environmentally friendly album cover, all proceeds to Greenpeace!!

CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE-Our most precious resource, not political pawns

UPDATE 6/13/21: Good advice for parents who want to regain possession of their children and fortify them to become real leaders and masters of their own fates, not political props: remove them from the indoctrination camps that are most public and private schools nowadays. Teach them yourselves and assure America of a future.


CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 6/13/21: Will average accommodating Americans stand passively by when the full story of the Wuhan Plague is told, exploding the wet market bat myth and tracing responsibility for the Covid crisis back to a Chinese lab?  Probably so, since the average accommodating American is stubbornly ignorant of Communist China’s long range intentions. They see an economic giant of dazzling high tech infrastructure  blinding themselves to the rigidly enslaved police state behind such garish Potemkin display. They are unaware that the accoutrements of expensive architecture and flashy happenings are not necessarily expressions of freedom. But freedom always results in the good things in life.

UPDATE 6/12/21: A disturbing development in the ChiCom infiltration of the West has arisen in, of all places, Hungary, its leaders entwining itself economically with China to the great dismay of slavery-savvy freedom-loving Hungarians with long bitter memories of Soviet domination. Fools abound at all levels when it comes to looking realistically at communism.

UPDATE 6/11/21: Hardly a surprise that BLM has a friend and champion in Communist China. Who better to do the destabilizing dirty work within America for our most determined foe?

THE U.S. CONSTITUTION-American Freedom’s Foundation


UPDATE 6/13/21: Big tech corporate and social media and  are trying to limit Constitutional rights for critics while continuing to thrive and profit freely from  those same rights. The elimination of competition and the monopoly power thereby accrued lies at the heart of the crony capitalist’s infatuation with totalitarian Leftism in government. For some, capitalism is only desirable when one gets to own ALL the capital.

UPDATE 6/7/21: No joke. It’s free speech on the firing line, and nothing is more threatening to the control freaks than humor and mockery. The latest objection Big Media has to other media’s enjoyment of the First Amendment is the NY Times characterizing the Babylon Bee’s mocking satire as a public threat  That’s  the Left for you regarding The Law.


UPDATE 6/10/21: I recall vividly laughing to myself at an email about “precautions” that came through from a local acquaintance about 18 months ago. The first entry on a visibly long list read, “NEVER shake anyone’s hand.” I thought for sure it was a joke, one person’s mockery of the hysteria just setting in regarding The Pandemic. Lo and behold, he meant it in dead seriousness, and now that things are officially relaxing (while some of us just ignored all of Tony Fauci’s criminal instructions all along whenever possible), it’s clear that a disturbing percentage of our reputedly intelligent, mature fellow citizens are still just as hysterical about giving up those controls that have “re-imagined” some of our most familiar conventions.

Remember this? It used to be a universal gesture of friendly greeting, and only germaphobes and hypochondriacs worried about catching cooties.

Shake hands? Are you kidding! More than half of the people I know are still doing the silly elbow thing. All hail a new world of viewing everyone as a leprous grim reaper, goodbye to that most civilized familiar gesture of greeting and trust. Some of us will continue to extend our hands at the risk of being branded “insensitive.”

Now that the masks are going, The Holy Vaccine sacrament seems destined to be the next divisive social stigma to blight our lives, at least for the foreseeable future. The fear and suspicion will not abate even while the stench of the stinking dead fish that is the entire CoronaCraze disaster of lockdowns/masks/suspension of basic rights is reaching the unmasked noses and open eyes of the public. Common sense clearly continues to take a holiday even while reputable doctors continue to speak out against an hysterical “cure” whose damage has far  out-distanced the illness by an unholy factor.


UPDATE 6/11/21: Now they’re bribing the airheads with free dope to get them to take the jab. All because they care so much, just like locking millions in their homes, making them hide their faces and spend their savings just to survive-all because “they care.” 

UPDATE 6/8/21: Deeming the unvaccinated criminals is the latest way the military is being infiltrated and “re-imagined” to the specs of the Left. Solitary confinement for cadets refusing to take the jab.  Meanwhile, without any real external threat, a poll finds that 90% of the fully vaccinated are still wearing masks. The pointless imbecility goes on!! And if you want to really make a statement:  Shout out “I’M WITH STUPID” and point to yourself.



UPDATE 6/9/21: Wonders be! HCQ boosted Covid survival by 200% in one controlled study. Lesson learned (by some): do what works, not what’s politically correct. THAT is following the science, not the corrupt, seriously flawed human beings posing as high priest “scientists” during this entire insane episode.

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 6/13/21: What if the audits show that Trump won? That happy hypothetical would suggest that current DOJ threats to stop the audits have failed. It also suggests the Supreme Court has unexpectedly grown a spine and has ruled judiciously on the evidence. In the inevitable ensuing REAL insurrection by the violent BLM/AntiFa attack dogs, the military will have enforced what’s been proven in court, removing Biden, restoring Trump and the America freedom lovers recognize.

Cold, hard realism says, “Dream on.” But for posterity, the truth must out, and facts must go into the history books. Minus that, America has become 1984.

UPDATE 6/13/21: Help is on the way! Kamala blames overrun border on the weather! Her “root causes” gambit has flopped, and she got her conniving carcass  booted back in disgrace to a chortling America by an unamused Guatemalan Presidente. Meanwhile, the border remains American Disaster Area #1 while Kalamity doubles down on those “root causes” while simultaneously searching for Nicole Simpson’s real killer.  Meanwhile, Senile Joe is the pre-G7 laughing stock of the British diplomatic corps  even before the G7 which is born out by an unsurprising fumbling, bumbling performance by The Great Pretender. 

Not to worry! A “prepped “Doctor” Jill  is  on the job! 

UPDATE 6/11/21: Is it anywhere more obvious what trouble our civilization is in than comparing the challenges met by young men in 1944 and with those in 2021. Courage then for a young man was storming the beaches of Normandy on behalf of human liberty. Today, it’s announcing you want to identify as a woman. And last week on D-Day, we saw an illegitimate vaporous Leader Of The Free World totally ignore the former while telling the latter he “has their back.”  And took a little race-baiting turn  with a tweet about the Tulsa “massacre.”  Nary a word about the Americans on the beaches of Normandy. Houston, we’ve got a problem.


UPDATE 6/10/21: The stories of transgender individuals having second thoughts about irreversible surgery and attendant drug treatment must be told.  What makes their regrets taboo is the threat it poses to those using them as pawns in their ongoing cultural subversion and following the vast amounts of money to be made by a corrupt segment of the medical/pharmaceutical world.



UPDATE 6/9/21: Foiled again!  Manchin blows up the major power grab that is HR 1. It’s encouraging that more than just Manchin is balking at HR 1.  Some may be operating on principle, some on practicality knowing they may be screwing themselves if they lose their majority status and have to knuckle under to what they were hoping to inflict on their opposition.


The vocabulary of comic strip airheads: “Reimagining The Police” has turned into a horror movie. Time to return to Planet Earth.

Support your local psychopaths!




UPDATE 6/10/21: And then they came for the suburbs. Too bad for you slobs who worked and slaved to get out of the Inner Cities and provide a safe, decent life for your families.

GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

UPDATE 6/10/21: The tell for the Armageddon hysterics  is when the drums of doom reach fever pitch. How many of those end-of-world/existential threat deadlines do we have to pass to call a scam a scam? How long do polar bears have to keep multiplying and Amazon jungles keep jungling before they turn their full attention back to UFOs? Those were the days.


ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation


UPDATE 6/11/21: Race hustling isn’t confined to the Inner City political machines that have provided the opulent lifestyles of such professional Grievance Industry robber barons as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and the rest of the Race Platinum Card carriers. Think of noisemakers like CNN’s Don Lemon or Charles Blow of the NY Times who would simply not have careers without having monotonously repeated the same Angry Black Victim schtick in virtually every broadcast or article spewed out over decades. And there’s Cornel West who’s managed to stake out Ivy League academe to great profit, pocketing  towering piles of those capitalist dollars he and his fellow rich Marxists are theoretically supposed to spurn.

Their counterpart in the classical music world is a nasty opportunist named Daniel Bernard Roumain who has contrived quite the career for himself as the long hair voice of Woke Black rage. Lately, he finds himself on the outs with an admirable coterie of decent figures associated with the Tulsa [Oklahoma] Opera who have rejected his catchy uplifting “aria” entitled “They Still Want To Kill Us,” written to commemorate the currently exploitable Tulsa race riot of 1921. Thanks to Officer Tatum for providing a little more balanced view of what really happened 100 years ago. Naturally, accurate history is not quite as exploitable for present-day Woke race hustlers like Maestro Roumain (and the one currently occupying the White House). 

Eminent Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves (who is Black) couldn’t bring herself to sing the lyrics of this radical chic shriek that  Roumain seemingly channeled from Barack’s beloved Reverend Jeremiah Wright:  “They still want to kill us. God Bless America. God Damn America.” Puccini, Verdi, Wagner and Mozart needn’t fear being forgotten in the nearly imperceptible shadow of this wormy operator.


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

UPDATE 6/13/21: No big surprise that a conservative Black congressman, Byron Donalds, finds himself unwelcome in the Congressional Black Caucus(CBC). Like all Identity Politics, it’s not about being Black that opens certain doors; it’s about being a radical Marxist.  Class/racial/whatever conflict is what makes political hucksters like the CBC tick, something long ago described by commonsensical, honest Black activists like Manning Johnson, a prophet of deliberate social unrest and CRT. 

Highly selective BLM.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful “Ethnic” division)

UPDATE 6/10/21: Nothing will ever be enough. Apparently all those oppressed and marginalized victims of Amerika are affluent enough to afford Tiffany baubles, as this fashion layout targeted to those “victims” implies. One may regret clicking on Explore The Story and find one’s  natural empathy for people with personal conflicts replaced by resentment at the self-serving Intersectional/Woke theatrics on display.


UPDATE 6/12/21: American children must be taught that slavery has been practiced by every society, every religion at some point since time immemorial which boils the concept of reparations down to being the latest in financial scams. America also fought its bloodiest war in its history to abolish slavery. Truth is never indoctrination, but lies presented as truth always are, and the young must have a clear perspective formed by facts, not poisonous propaganda.


UPDATE 6/13/21: The romance of the Left with Islamic terrorism and its attendant anti-Semitism is showcasing a new happy alliance: 120 Gender Studies departments have come out for Hamas in their war of annihilation on Israel! Any objection from these “Gender Warriors” to the systemic Islamic subjugation and enslavement of women? Nah. Details. Hating Israel (and its penchant for freedom over “equity”) comes first.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority


UPDATE 6/11/21: Jackie Mason, aside from being one of the last great Jewish comedians, is to be especially treasured for being a living link to that ultimate value of gratitude that brought our grandparents here to America from eastern Europe and Russia. It is specifically that value that gave us Irving Berlin and “God Bless America.” Like any sensible American Jew, Mason is horrified at the willful ignorance of his brethren that blindly supports a political Party that hates Israel and the resurgent antisemitism that comes with that hatred.  Quoth the great Jackie: “‘Never Again’ has turned into ‘Yes, Please, Once Again.”‘ 


UPDATE 6/12/21: A Palestinian State already exists, It’s called Jordan. It could just as legitimately be Gaza. However, as long as Israel/Jew hatred keeps the money and political power rolling into the evil hands of the PLO Mafia, who needs the unprofitable independence of “Statehood”? Given the responsibility of their own nation, the phony PLO leadership might actually have to tend to the real needs of the diverse collection of Middle Eastern Arabs (mythically named “Palestinians) they claim to champion.

Historically, what was offered in 1920. But then, the Arabs would be on their own, the whole PLO grift blown.


AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

UPDATE 6/10/21: Can you hate Israel and still claim to be a good Jew or an advocate of Jews?

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party


UPDATE 6/13/21: Democrats like Joe Biden and most of his millionaire fellow Lefties are all for high taxes for everyone else but themselves. Socialism: lovely until you run out of other people’s money.





UPDATE 6/12/21: Michael Goodwin of the NY Post lists his own top 10 media lies. From #1 (the projected lie of Trump’s “Russian collusion) to #10 (ID voting requirement for all voters equals a racist return to Jim Crow), all make up the bulwark of the narrative that keeps the Democrat Left in power. The essential fight for our freedom and our lives is to see that facts go into the history books NOW, not somewhere in the Orwellian future when no more accurate reference points or memory exist.

Truth must remain the goal at all times.

TRUTH-The Great Uniter





UPDATE 6/12/21: Nobody home at the White House, nobody responsible at the controls of this ship of state. Poetically expressed by Joyce Kilmer, most famous for “Trees,” but worth remembering also for “The House With Nobody In It.” How better to describe 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at this unsettling moment in our history?

UPDATE 6/13/21: Looking at Hunter B.’s laptop is (to quote Joe’s nasty little spawn himself) a “beautiful thing.” Like William Blake seeing the universe in a grain of sand, we get the full depth of the depravity of our First Family in HB’s tweets, emails and other unpalatable communiques studiously ignored by the MSM. It doesn’t seem to matter that this is a clan of consummate Swamp creatures, both Joe & son proving themselves lifelong racists across the ethnic color spectrum. And name one syllable coming out of the Big Guy’s mouth that isn’t twisted, delusional or just a plain lie.  In a word, the Bidens are trash. 

Meet The Bidens!!


UPDATE 6/10/21: Pope Faucius  hath spoken. What he saith is truth and “science.” Should you dissent or differ shall be cause for punishment and permanent silence.

This slimy source of lockdowns, masks, a stalled economy, ruined lives and careers, a stolen Presidential election and so much more is all there for full examination in those emails. It’s probably too much to hope that this is the nail in the coffin of this Big Gov ghoul whose “expertise” has wrought such destruction. He is perhaps one of the  deadliest liars in history. Or to be kind to this disastrously inflated human Hindenburg, he has proven, in Senator John Kennedy’s words, that “maybe the experts are the idiots.” Better than being just plain evil, I guess,



From one of the most slavishly progressive media hacks to Kamala: “You haven’t been to the border.” Kamala cackles. “I haven’t been to Europe…what’s your point?” More Kamala cackles. Does this actually sell anywhere but in the rarified penthouses of Joe Biden’s keepers? Apparently it didn’t sell in Guatemala where this cackling disaster-in-a-pants-suit was greeted with these these warm, welcoming sentiments:

After that NBC interview, one can only pray Biden lasts. Meanwhile, we can breathe easy that a cardboard facsimile of our illegitimate Vice President has made ITS way to the border, courtesy of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado).   Would Kamala lie? OF COURSE she’s been to the border! But just in two dimensions.



UPDATE 6/12/21: Bill gets it right again? Wassa matter wid him? He’s making perfect sense, blasting the idea of free college which could be expanded to the larger concept of Free Stuff For All that drives today’s Socialist Democratic Party of America.

MEGHAN-The Prince and the Plotter

Naming their baby girl Lilibet Diana is a good business decision  for a couple of budding, big-time merchandisers. Some have sighed over the sweet sentiments on display while overlooking what would have been the kinder, more balanced gesture of naming the baby after both the new baby’s grandmothers: Daria Diana or Diana Daria. But they didn’t. It is obvious that there is a vast difference in dollars and magazine covers to be had between a “Baby Daria Diana” and a “Baby QE2.” One suspects Grandma Daria isn’t grumbling, considering all the major perks coming her way with her daughter’s savvy choice of malleable groom.

Way more than mugs and tote bags to be hawked!


UPDATE 6/12/21: Barack remains relevant and only worth of comment because he was the Trojan Horse that got the communists fully inside the gate and now simply sits quietly in his Kalorama cave and issues dark messages about CRT and the like to his foot soldiers. Among his latest little infusions of poison into the body politic is attributing this recent rash of anti-Semitism to Trump. Natch! What crime of his and his cabal isn’t projected onto Trump and his supporters?



UPDATE 6/11/21: It has to be a dark day for the Bush clan and their most ardent RINO comrades as their youngest new up-and-comer, George P. Bush, creates good waves for himself as a MAGA/Trump supporter. If it’s principle, bravo to the young renegade. If it’s just politics, bravo for the common sense to ally himself with the base to ensure a future in the GOP, unlike the short-sighted Pence who lacked the character and spine to stand with DJT beyond January 6. Now Mike’s suddenly all gaga for MAGA, but his earlier craven submission to the prevailing TDS has forever disqualified him as a Presidential contender.




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