AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

RUSH LIMBAUGH, Quintessential American

UPDATE 6/19/21: Friday was a sobering occasion for millions of Dittoheads as Rush’s final broadcast was publicly aired. The full inspiring significance of his presence in our lives defies words from these quarters, so who better than El Rushbo The Great himself to say what he was all about: “If there is a virus that is contagious, it is the mainstream media as it’s currently constituted. That’s the virus. There is a poisoning of the American mind taking place. … EIB is an airborne phenomenon spread by casual contact, and it inoculates you; it cures you of this sickening disease.”

God bless and keep him and the country he loved and served with such heroism, humor and class.

JUNETEENTH-Celebrating Liberty or just more rancor? 

UPDATE 6/18/21: IF (BIG IF) Juneteenth, the anniversary of the final Emancipation of slaves in America, celebrates a triumph of liberty for all Americans, what’s not to like? What IS not to like is the almost certain use of this new “holiday”  as a Woke Black alternative to July 4th,  another occasion to grind the ax and shake down guilty Whitey. For some, liberty has never been the goal but, in fact, is the enemy. Sowing discord, misery, fear, bitterness, exchanging one set of chains for new ones has become a profitable way of life for the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) set.

Don’t expect any framing of the day as a celebration of the courageous foresight of abolitionists. For the race-baiters, conflict remains the order of the day, and anything that opens the wound of past wrongs such as slavery is a godsend!  Without civil strife, they would be robbed of their very reason for existing. This is what makes sense of their refusal to consider real, proven solutions to poverty such as free market capitalism. What would the PLO  be if they actually had that State of their own that they claim to want? Substitute BLM for PLO and ask what would they be if they totally subjugated White America? In both cases, the answer is “obsolete.” Prosperity and success for the masses would be the worst nightmare imaginable for these Marxist parasites deprived of their hated hosts.

UPDATE 6/17/21: Going back to our historical roots is as timely as it ever has been. Without the fight and sacrifice of our forefathers at Bunker Hill and Gettysburg (to name just two major points on America’s timeline), there would be little to fight for now. 



DeSANTISMAGA back on track

Will Trump head the ticket with DeSantis his running mate? Or will it be DeSantis’ ticket? Both are happy prospects.




UPDATE 6/15/21: Now your bank is coming after you if your social profile hints at anything unWoke. A Christian Trump supporter finds her Wells Fargo account closed, all funds unavailable to her until they decide to put “the check in the mail.” This is not a new phenomenon as this 2019 article on banks canceling Conservatives confirms. Welcome to America’s Cultural Revolution, anti-capitalist subversion aided and abetted by the capitalist corporate world. No doubt those fools in Big Biz believe, like so many useful idiots before them, that the lion in the cage will eat them last.


Stop him and the whole new Children’s Crusade before you find yourselves  banished to the cornfield.

CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE-Our most precious resource

UPDATE 6/16/21: They’re coming for your children, but first they’re coming for you if you stand in the way. Sexualizing children is one more cultural predator that parents have to fend off, the long range goal being the destruction of the autonomous, nuclear family and basically usurp parental rights to remake children into obedient servants of the State.

Trusting your own kid to walk to the corner alone may be punishable as “neglect” by the nosy bodies of Child Protective Services. Just another aspect of those scarifying 9  words: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”


CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 6/17/21: The efforts to confuse and dispel any real truth about where The Plague came from is getting just silly. Pompeo advises Chris Wallace to look just beyond his own nose. But if China is a bad guy and must be faced down, that means attending to the problem…which is always the problem with Leftists in government. Problems are their life’s blood, not to be solved but indefinitely exploited in pursuit of power.

China means us ill, and their ownership of the present occupant of the White House makes it highly unlikely they feel anything less than exhilarated by our vulnerability as a country and culture. Their most visible attack of late has been the virus that was helped along internationally by the lockdowns and the economic ruin that ensued. Some plucky souls are demanding a little blood in return. Will we get it?  Will it deter the ChiComs in the future?  Does law mean a thing to communists? Not likely.

COMMUNISM: A century of controlling everyone and everything in sight.


UPDATE 6/17/21: The news here isn’t from North Korea. It’s from a North Korea refugee who knows Stalinist tyranny firsthand and states that this country of Cancel Culture and CRT is now well down the road to a similar fate. “Even North Korea is not this nuts.”  And by any standard, they’re pretty nuts, not to mention evil.


UPDATE 6/15/21: The destruction of millions of healthy lives, businesses, savings accounts doesn’t register on those celebrating the Great Triumph of The Covideers!  Just a little collateral damage, those insignificant broken eggs used to make their poisonous omelette.


UPDATE 6/17/21: Those noble intentions of the virtue-signaling maskers has paved the road to hell for everyone, especially children.  Masks save lives? A public-spirited act of decency? Check out the findings of some dubious parents who sent those ugly, disgusting things  to a lab for examination under a microscope. If this isn’t child abuse, what is? No surprise at this late date that the the Mask/Vax message is that people and their individual choices simply don’t matter. Big Brother knows best.

You loved those lockdowns that I prescribed? You’re gonna just (quote) DIE (unquote) when you try my vaccine. And you can quote me on that!



UPDATE 6/20/21: The absence of fathers and full understanding of their crucial role in a healthy family and society at large has never been more apparent.  

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 6/20/21: Poor old Joe just can’t keep things to himself.

UPDATE 6/20/21: So the rioters and looters of NY are to be let off scot-free while anyone vaguely connected to January 6 are in solitary confinement and condemned as some of the worst criminals in American history. The message is do anything you like to create the chaos and anarchy necessary for a complete totalitarian takeover of peoples’ lives but don’t feel free to support anything connected with Trump’s MAGA vision of free markets and a nation of self reliant, self supporting, law-abiding individuals.


UPDATE 6/19/21: They’re not just coming to cancel you for your contrary, unWoke ideas. They’re coming for your property, your appreciated assets, your dollars and cents. For the stupidly naive believing Senile Joe’s complete lie about NO MORE TAXES for anyone making less than $400K: you’ll swoon (but not with joy) over this new “death tax.” Property appreciated that you want to pass on to the kids? 40% up-front inheritance tax on the appreciated amount, no longer the 23% currently levied upon selling down the line. You want collectivism? Ok, dummies we’ll collect…from you. No, not the rich fat cat. You, chumpkin. Democrats, always looking out for the little guy.

“Some will rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen.” Woody Guthrie

UPDATE 6/19/21: BidenWorld, the Twilight Zone come to shockingly real life, is proving to be nothing less than a determined repudiation of our most basic founding principles. So long, Adam Smith. Hello Winston Smith.

UPDATE 6/18/21: Obama’s sinister Transformation is not confined to America but, sad to say, extends to that other bastion of Western Civilization from which we sprang, rooted in a tradition of liberty and representative government. Optimism about Britain (known within memory as Great Britain) has faded with  the gradual meltdown of Boris into a Woke Greenie and BLM sympathizer.

So much for the refreshingly eccentric maverick who got the Brits through Brexit. Where has he gone?

UPDATE 6/17/21: The entire transgender thing, rewriting the laws of nature, “re-imagining” reality to one’s own whims of the moment, used to be the stuff of science fiction horror: images of animal heads grafted onto human bodies and the like. But why limit horror to fiction when it can be created in a lab? So think the industrious ChiComs with their bizarre experiments enabling male rats to give birth. Didn’t the Greeks warn us about some punishment being at hand to mankind (Prometheus) misusing the gifts God had provided? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

UPDATE 6/16/21: Actors, not leaders, are running the world. Minus Trump and now minus Netanyahu, the world is looking more than ever like the proverbial insane asylum run by the inmates. Having hit rock-bottom with the assemblage of lifeless, detached bowling pins displayed below, we can only look forward to better times and a resurgence of leadership representing real people with real needs.

Inert objects useful only for recreational purposes. Strike!

UPDATE 6/15/21: To make sense of our unfolding nightmare, one can begin with Bezmenov’s warning about brainwashing and subverting a whole civilization, a description of precisely what’s transpired. It couldn’t happen here? Think again.

UPDATE 6/15/21: Rewriting history is the job of today’s Winston Smiths. Revising the past to make the present palatable for the gullible fools.  For the record (before revision), a lot of people were “killed by a virus that escaped from a lab funded by the Government of the United States,” specifically a government agency overseen by one Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Is it of any current interest (before the history is rewritten in the future) that mandating everyone on earth to wear a mask was a BIG business (ie. dollars, yen, moolah) bonanza for the Communist Chinese who manufactured the infernal things. Just saying.

Not the only place the ChiComs are blowing smoke.

SECOND AMENDMENT-The Right to Self-Defense

UPDATE 6/18/21: Guilty of threatening a mob of thugs? What did the McCloskeys do that allows the authorities to confiscate their guns? Not an encouraging message here.

UPDATE 6/14/21: The Wokester’s trouble with the flag bespeaks a gigantic hole in their psyche. They have missed out on being American but only live here within our borders like freeloading kids in Mom’s basement, free room and board, feeling only contempt for the whole arrangement.


What’s LEGAL isn’t necessarily MORAL. Small wonder the Left loves litigation. Always that 50/50 chance things will go in your favor, moral/guilty or not.




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority

UPDATE 6/17/21: Could it be the Dem plan to create a permanent electoral majority via an unending flood of naturalized illegals is backfiring? Is it possible the Latinos coming here have the long-range common sense to know that permanent government dependency is ultimately a dead end for them? Opening eyes and the decisive move of the Latino vote to the GOP is good news for them and everyone in America who thinks earning one’s living is preferable to the deadly tentacles attached to Big Gov largesse (bribery and ownership).



UPDATE 6/18/21: Israel is a a truly diverse nation, not the Orwellian variety of “diversity” that makes a show of celebrating all sorts of colors and creeds while allowing One and Only One (Leftist) political ideology.

AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party






UPDATE 6/18/21: The Bigger Lie underlying the Big Lie of Election, 2020 is still the Covid Scam: stopping the healthy world of the 99% to supposedly save a reputedly threatened 1%. The lockdowns, the masks, turning off the motor of the world comprised a deadly virus from which we desperately need immunity for the future.


TRUTH-The Great Uniter

UPDATE 6/18/21: No easy task seeking out and speaking truth in the today’s cultural atmosphere poisoned almost beyond tolerance by criminal, malignant ideas masquerading as “politics.” Such toxicity unchecked and unopposed spells the death of what used to be called common sense, commonly shared truth that should be guiding a society of rational people. We are choking on very bad, evil ideas.  Naturally, any dissent to these wicked concepts is projected as censorship by the selfsame liars whose only mission is to stifle the truth. Whither common sense.  Little mystery it’s missing in our elected idiots but what of The Common Man who put them in power?

We cannot survive as a society or as individuals on a cultural diet of lies. Either the truth becomes the norm routinely putting lies to flight, or we perish as from an unchecked cancer that spreads and kills.





UPDATE 6/19/21: Right before our eyes: a “re-imagined” Hunter Biden, he of unabashed Russian/Chinese grift & graft, abandoned laptops, coke pipes, over-the-top sex/porn self-indulgence….now poof! Author of a heart-tugging confessional laughably called “Beautiful Things” and, whadya know, an Artiste! BUT not just an Artiste but a talented one! To add to our admiration, here he is in the act of artistic creation, saving the planet by re-using a straw from his coke stash drawer.

UPDATE 6/18/21: The blatant racism of those great Dem Party crackers known as The Bidens should give their most ardent admirers pause. But it doesn’t despite Joe’s long history of contempt for Blacks and his admirable offspring Hunter’s private use of the term “nigga” in online conversation with his pals and adamantly insisting on “no yellow” when choosing his “beautiful thing” sex toys. Classy Klan, those Bidens.


UPDATE 6/17/21: Bert Prelutsky’s observation that Dems/Leftists just aren’t nice people (The Rudeness of Democrats)  brings to mind my own impressions watching an astonishingly vile Joe Biden “debate” Paul Ryan in 2012. The contempt, whether theatrical schtick or just plain ugliness, was the big takeaway. These people defy all bounds of decency which logically leads to poisoning the society around them. Established social mores in LeftWorld are passe, one striking example being the simple handshake now being turned into something sinister, dangerous and possibly banned. What’s to stop them making a handshake illegal if having friends over for dinner or not wearing a mask in a store absurdly “evolved” into criminal activity over the past 18 months?

KING OF CONTEMPT “debating” Paul Ryan.

THE CLINTONS-Fulltime Grifters, Faux Philanthropists

UPDATE 6/18/21:  Let’s revisit that wonderful “charitable” Foundation that never was anything except a pay-for-play boondoggle that not-so-mysteriously closed its doors once Hillary was history. 



UPDATE 6/14/21: No mystery why this incompetent empty vessel has mercifully disappeared from the headlines. Her handlers and anyone associated with the Democratic Party is relieved and counting on the public’s short memory before trotting her out again to utter absolute blather, heavily punctuated by trademark KamalaKackle.

A precariously Free World, currently held hostage by these two hollow gourds.

UPDATE 6/18/21: Why is Maher suddenly making consistent sense? This time he’s congratulating America for its progress in race relations and dissing the Left for refusing to acknowledge that reality.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.



UPDATE 6/14/21: Let’s see now: Hamas is criticizing their natural fellow traveler Omar for associating them with people they don’t like. So what does that mean for this shining light of Pelosi’s Death Squad? The  enemy of my enemy is my friend. No, wait, the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Hold on, the friend of my friend is my enemy’s friend. Just a sec. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.  Oh, hell. What say we just let them devour one another.

What’s an AOC inside a Tlaib inside an Omar? Not your father’s Democratic Party.





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