AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 9/10/21: Things go in cycles, day to night and back again, and we are due for a move back toward MAGA after the present nightmare of BidenWorld. Win or lose, Larry Elder’s presence in California is illuminating the crisis not only of that state but of a whole country spinning down the Progressive drain. Personalities like Tucker Carlson, Dennis Prager, Candace Owens and Greg Gutfeld masterfully occupy the prominent Conservative pulpits once occupied by William Buckley and Rush Limbaugh. As long as information and ideas fueled by an optimistic realism abound, there is hope.

UPDATE 9/10/21: Redefining what is American and most importantly “un-American.” As Communists relabeled themselves anti-Fascists, the new fascists of Big Gov (and Big Tech) are slyly relabeling themselves “pro-Americans.” Naturally, everything they don’t like is “un-American” like refusal to take untested “vaccines,” being pro-life, voting for Donald Trump and protesting corrupted elections.

Getting rid of Trump they’ve claimed ownership of that American flag that was ours. New bags, same old manure.

UPDATE 9/6/21: Ultimately, the light at the end of this dark tunnel enveloping us at the moment is parents taking full charge of their children’s educations and futures out of the hands of a culture and government that only sees people as pawns in their quest for absolute power. The dramatic rise in home schooling-from 13,000 in 1973 to 5,000,000 in 2020-and the proliferation of charter schools (and legislation promoting tax-deductible education savings accounts) should be as encouraging a sign as any that America has a real future.



UPDATE 9/6/21: The recent Texas ruling outlawing abortion when a heartbeat is detected has knocked a sizeable chip out of one of the Left’s most bizarre and, ultimately, revealing underpinnings. The possibility of repealing abortion on demand has brought out the worst in its opponents, likening pro-lifers to the Taliban or fascistic misogynists/enslavers of women (“Handmaid’s Tale”) among other desperate accusations designed to silence debate. If there was ever an instance of projection of one’s own mindless amorality onto others, that is it.

For fervent abortion advocates, it is a right, an expression of individual’s rights, a holy sacrament of the religion of Leftism. Actually, it’s an easy convenience: just get rid of “it.”

No one pretends bringing an unplanned and/or unwanted baby to full term is sacrifice-free or “easy.” Seriously contemplating ethical issues is not for the faint-hearted, but like it or not, it is a routine part of any genuinely moral life. Another thorny dilemma is that of having children late in life or freezing embryos for the purpose of producing test tube babies far into the future.

Regarding abortion, the oldest and best solution remains adoption, giving a baby a chance for life with parents who want it. It makes no sense that thousands of childless Americans find themselves forced to go to Russia, Latin America or the Phillipines for a child. Few things regarding anyone’s future are certain or guaranteed, but deliberately taking innocent human life carries with it a guarantee of negative consequences; and few things are more satisfying than having given a child a future.

BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track

UPDATE 9/12/21: As our cultural and political war escalates, DeSantis continues to hold firm on a platform of liberty. Still our best hope if we have really entered a post-Trump era.




UPDATE 9/12/21: Cancel culture, erasing history, is a movement to pull America out by the roots. And what is more fundamental to our survival than our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, now said to contain “harmful content?”

Pull down Robert E. Lee in Virginia this week; why not publicly burn the Constitution in nearby D.C. next week?





CHINA-Told Ya So



UPDATE 9/11/21: We face all manner of mortal enemies (the Taliban, for instance) and Biden finds the only foe worth engaging are independent, unvaccinated American citizens. 

UPDATE 9/9/21: Anyone still skeptical that our present social climate now approaches a chilling resemblance to  Jew-hate in Nazi Germany  might take stock of Third Reich hallmarks and its kindred  genocidal regimes.  One is internment camps now actively operating in Australia to quarantine those citizens deemed guilty of defiling the Motherland’s Zero Covid “purity.” Oz is also borrowing rigid travel restrictions and confinement within its borders from the most prominent Communist tyrannies of the past century. Another is the totally undisguised hatred and frank death wishes toward “anti-vaxxers” or vaccine skeptics displayed by late-night “comedians” who have moved into serious political propaganda with their Orwellian “minutes of hate”  revving up the mindless masses nightly against imagined Enemies of the State.

Topping all of this is Biden’s just declared proposals for withholding healthcare from the unvaccinated, and we are straying very close to a rather stark line resembling apartheid. He seems to have a problem conquering or even containing a natural enemy like the Taliban, so he has instead declared war on independent, uncooperative Americans. 

UPDATE 9/7/21: If government can force vaccines and masks on citizens, there’s no limit to what other liberties and choices can be withdrawn in the name of “safety” and the general commonweal. Australia is now going one step further toward a Chinese/North Korean way of life with internment camps for the previously unquarantined and presumably in the long run for all varieties of social lepers and the generally uncooperative. One mustn’t call them internment camps; the are “centers for national resilience.” There are even great career opportunities offered online for those who would be glorified monitors at this happy hell. Orwell couldn’t have created a better “1984” nightmare scenario for lucky 2021 Australia. 

“Seeing Children, Adults, and Communities as at Promise Rather than as at Risk”

UPDATE 9/5/21: As with everything surrounding “Covid, from development of the virus in China at Fauci’s behest, to the fanatic drive for universal vaccination, serious people are asking “Why?” and demanding transparent explanations. 


UPDATE 9/7/21: Australia continues on its shocking totalitarian way as leading politicians now threaten the unvaccinated with a total withdrawal of healthcare. We are seeing a seemingly free, Westernized society suddenly frozen into the rigidity and control of the worst communist dictatorships. When offered some nice-sounding perk like “socialized medicine,” be prepared to find that “free” service rationed or totally withdrawn at the whim of the benevolent Single Payer.

UPDATE 9/7/21: Ivermectin has fully joined HCQ as the pharmaceutical pariah/whipping boy and latest projected “misinformation” meme of the rabidly pro-vax/mask/lockdown Left. The latest is a fake story floated by MSM bigs about an Oklahoma overdose epidemic of this “horse medicine.”  

Who are really the misinformers here?



UPDATE 9/8/21: In an earlier post roughly a year ago (8/9/20) I made note of ” a certain old racist coot being offered as the mentally competent (and COMPASSIONATE) candidate for one of the two major political parties. And yet millions will vote for him.”  And now, a year later, America and the world are being gaslighted by the surreal horror show known as the Biden administration as disaster piles upon disaster, and we are matter-of-factly informed  that we are witnessing “an extraordinary success.”

Our curse is the willingness of millions to believe not what they can see with their own eyes, but simply what they are told to see…

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 9/11/21: With certainty we can say that pitiful, odious Joe Biden is not in control of either himself or the country. Who then are the puppet masters on the inside? And who are the puppet masters of the insider puppet masters? Those visible totalitarians abroad with expansionist dreams of absolute power-China, Iran, North Korea-are certainly somewhere in the network. Who and what stands above and astride all of them, pulling strings, moving them like chess pieces? Big Money “Gnomes Of Zurich?” Media Masters of Silicon Valley?

What we can see at the moment is a Frankenstein monster  set loose on the world, using science to re-set our society into a centrally controlled totalitarian statereducing each of us to a statistic, a number, a cog in the Great Socialist Machine.

UPDATE 9/6/21: How better to paralyze and control the masses than with crisis overload?

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 9/10/21: Larry Elder is running for the California governorship and for his trouble had eggs thrown at him by a White creep in a gorilla mask.  This would be world headlines and grist for the media mill over weeks of outraged round tables and angry editorials deploring American racism IF….he were a Leftwing Democrat, BLM activist or the next serial criminal offender turned international celebrity/martyr following a hyper-publicized altercation with law enforcement. As once again evidenced, the Left’s Identity Politics has nothing to do with righting wrongs against genuine victims and everything to do with advancing the Leftist agenda.


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)



UPDATE 9/11/21: Ten years later after the first ten years after, we find ourselves back at a clueless, oblivious September 10. The most trenchant observation to be made of note is that the totalitarian Left has proven to be a more deadly foe of America than a rag-tag bunch of Middle Easterners. 

UPDATE 9/7/21: The tragicomic Biden cabal continues to crow about the incredible victory just effected in Afghanistan. In fact, we can look forward to hostage crises, terror attacks and a complete loss of trust from our allies. Life is beautiful, and I am Queen of Romania.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority



AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party



UPDATE 9/10/21: The admirable, invincibly courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali restates the obvious regarding the natural alliance of the totalitarian Left with radical Islam.  The devastating Afghan surrender ending in an American rout is the perfect scenario demonstrating how the former continues to give new life to the latter.





TRUTH-The Great Uniter

UPDATE 9/10/21: To go by the events of only the last week or two and the string of self-inflicted wounds, America as a great and free country is really on the ropes. To think otherwise is sadly delusional, but one still needs to think optimistically and act decisively. What do you have to lose? Better to die trying than succumb passively.



UPDATE 9/5/21: The insatiable hunger that tyrants have for absolute power is as old as flawed humanity. More often than not, it is rationalized in the name of “progress,” “safety,” “the common good,” or just the most prevalent “People don’t know what’s good for them.” Honorable politicians and true leaders simply clear the way, not control. Those on the Left  presently turning the world into one big forest fire do not fall into the latter category.




UPDATE 9/8/21: Judging by Biden’s low poll numbers, has reality set in? One can only wonder why those numbers are as high as they are. But then that would mean that the vast majority of Americans in our time act rationally in their own best interests, recognize their enemies and vote accordingly.

Doofus and The Doctor

UPDATE 9/7/21: We’ve been informed by no less than Secretary of State Blinken that It’s no secret to any of us that the Chinese and Russian governments, among others, are making the argument in public and in private that the United States is in decline. So, it’s better to cast your lot with their authoritarian visions for the world than with our democratic one.”

Got that? The Biden Doctrine: America is finished. Who can doubt this man is fully in the clutches of our sworn enemies, specifically Red China?

UPDATE 9/6/21: One thing about Biden is his consistent Brown Thumb, a polite way of describing the raging sewage flood this lifeless mannequin and his handlers  have loosed on us. Will there be enough repentant Trump-hating Biden supporters (and an honest electoral process) to turn this foul tide?



UPDATE 9//5/21: No curiosity from the world that one American bureaucrat responsible for funding the Red Chinese lab work that resulted in Covid is the very same man put in charge of driving the totalitarian response to it in America? What a happy “coincidence” for our Leftist enemies, inside America and abroad.

Are we sitting at THE historical turning point when one more great civilization succumbed to forces not from outside, but from within.




UPDATE 9/8/21: Good, “hearts full of love” Bride of Christ and Democrat communicant [first things first!] Nancy may find herself excommunicated at the recommendation of her own local SF Archbishop. Sure bet that this seriously religious Leftist will respond underwhelmingly with a big yawn.


UPDATE 9/12/21: George W. Bush outs himself as the RINO’s RINO, despoiling his own commendable leadership legacy on 9/11 and thereafter by comparing the Taliban to Trump supporters. Like McCain and Romney, the man has proven himself a fool and an ingrate by insulting those who gave him whatever stature in American history he might have had.


UPDATE 9/6/21: Peggy Noonan is long overdue for full dismissal as a serious political commentator. Having been Reagan’s speechwriter has allowed her to capitalize on her own version of Intersectional Politics: at her core an arrogant Liberal Elitist hired by prestigious journals as as their “balanced and fair” token Conservative which she isn’t. Her touting of Obama in 2008 as the next big thing brings to mind the NYT’s own token “conservative,” David “Perfectly Creased Pant” Brooks. As Obama didn’t quite live up to her wild expectations, he eventually got a Peggy diss, never mentioning her previous admiration. Predictably, this Trump-Hater Supreme heaped lavish, hopeful praise on both Biden and Harris separately last year only to find herself now already covering her posterior without mention of her earlier high esteem for these two political atrocities.

Orwell defined the DoubleThink of totalitarian propagandists used to brainwash the masses as simultaneously holding two opposing thoughts as true. Peggy is the undisputed Mistress of DoubleThink, only stretched out over years. This is also known as talking out of both sides of your mouth which, in sane, honest company, should be the end of any pretense of credibility. That this insufferable and two-faced snob continues to be given such prominent media pulpits is a slap in the face to any legitimate journalism.


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