As usual, the Left (allied with the perverse Never Trumpers) never sleeps but can only plot, subvert and destroy. Where would our Green New Deal/Free Stuff For All saviors be without the permanent civil war of Identity Politics, the permanent spectre of Global Warming Armageddon. Most lately, where would they be without Orange Man Bad and those of us fully supporting the real results of his MAGA vision? Conservatives are The Black Plague and AIDS (only worse) to the Woke crowd. Not Electing Hillary is THE ongoing crisis in the Prog parlors of occupied Amerika.

A real public health crisis.
A real public health crisis.

Being viewed thus, small wonder the Left’s desperate urge to kill (figuratively and literally) all opposition to its totalitarian goals. Here and abroad, it  takes place in our most mundane, everyday social dealings. Those of us cheering on the good old American (but really universal) virtues of self-reliance and strong defense find ourselves social pariahs and, worse, the targets of the worst possible insults and even violence. After all, we’re Nazis, and they’re The Resistance. You BAD! Us Goooood. That’s settled science for a Party that is fully considering an unabashed Communist as Progressive leader of their  totalitarian pack, each shilling totally unaffordable Big Government to tyrannize and own us all.

The “Fascist” crimes of which Trumpers and Conservatives are guilty comprise the underpinnings of American freedom and prosperity-employment, border security, ownership, the enjoyment of all our basic God-given rights: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. (Oh, there I go again: those nauseatingly boring Republican “talking points”.)

When people are genuinely thriving, things are dismal and desperate for the Left. What to do, what to do? Obamatron Rahm Emanuel described well the overall strategy of today’s Democratic Party, now just the face of  the totalitarian Left, and that is “Never let a crisis go to waste.” And if there is no crisis, invent one.

Of late, it’s the CoronaVirus “crisis.” Few see this in perspective alongside previous public health scares. The long-forgotten panic buttons of the past are legion: Sars, bird flu, swine flu, Ebola, Meryl Streep’s poisoned Alar apples, trans fats!!!!  As markets are dependent upon public perception, we’ve seen our booming portfolios shrink dramatically over the last few days in response to….what?

A month ago (late January, 2020), the Trump administration sensibly moved to counter any possible danger to what appeared to be a possible epidemic. Naturally at the time, it drew criticism as overreaction by the usual suspects. Predictably, the same phonies now accuse the administration of doing too little. Sigh. There is no reasoning, statement of fact or positive action that matters when the issue is entirely politicized for the benefit of the insatiably power-hungry Dems.

Meanwhile, the free market, fired by human ingenuity and the blessed profit motive, is on the job as it always is and always will be. Thank you, brilliant Israel!  And fie on you, BDS. When this problem and all future concerns are handled with success as the goal, the same opponents of bustling free markets and free choice will lament that people got rich over the dead bodies of crisis victims. There’s greedy capitalism exploiting the poor again!!!…while enhancing untold millions of future lives in the process. As if making money on projects that advance humanity is a crime. For the Left, the only crime is solving real problems, thwarting the mass impotence on which Prog politics is based.

Waiting for the Left to stop obstructing the positive, miraculous results of liberty is a lost cause. One might just as well set the table and plan a big homecoming blowout for Godot. It’s not going to happen. What IS going to happen is rational humans will continue to identify and solve problems, actions that benefit us all, not just a few power-hungry politicians or guilt-ridden Leftists seeking the next crisis to scare the public into their waiting Big Brotherly arms.

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  1. Fred…as always, your commentary is exquisitely timely and right on target! I will certainly share this gem widely. My only frustration is that you are not syndicated!



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