CoronaCrazed! and It Can’t Happen Here and Shared Misery, Shared Inertia, and “Experts”

UPDATE 5/16/20: As predicted from the start [see below], reported repeatedly since, now glaringly obvious: the REAL numbers of Corona deaths aren’t adding up…except when falsely inflated.

UPDATE 5/12/20: Who are these two men-Fauci and Ferguson-on whose sage advice we have needlessly shut down the entire world? What kind of fools are we to have listened to them?


Americans Refuse Not To Work!

UPDATE 5/12/20: A 77 year old barber from Owosso, Michigan (love those quaint Midwestern town names!)  named Karl Manke becomes the latest American who REFUSES NOT TO WORK despite threats and fines from the Badger State Mafia headed up by Nurse Wretched Gretchen. In such a revolutionary act, the Left delves deeper into despair over the resumption of normal life, citing the usual humanitarian concerns over people dying…and just incidentally, the likely re-election of Trump due to a thriving economy. The previous three words (“a thriving economy”) herald the suicide of the Left. Total shutdown and a 21st century Great Depression remains their great hope. The rest of us want to go to work, pay our bills, take care of things and those depending upon us, business as usual, to live. But live and let live has never been the M.O. of the Left, has it?


If They Lie About The Virus/Israel/Fill In The Blank, They’ll Lie About Everything.

UPDATE 5/17/20: We find ourselves beset by a worldwide plague of destroying hundreds of millions of healthy lives to save (maybe) thousands of the sick. Centralized mass control vs. the responsible freedom and choice of the individual?  In this unwillingness to think, a determined denial of reality, lies the source of all political tyranny. Hannah Arendt famously called it the banality of evil, and the CoronaCraze  is just the latest chilling example.

ORIGINAL POST 5/12/20: One young man in Ecuador of all places, curious about the real story of Israel vs. “Palestine” does his homework and demonstrates in a Prager U video what serious people devoted to truth do. In so doing, he exposes the folly of the deeply unserious and superficial of our world. The larger lesson about the Israel/America hating dissemblers: if they lie about Israel, they’ll lie about everything else.

Yet one more of 1001 reasons to donate to Prager U.


Andrew Cuomo

UPDATE 5/11/20: Aspiring “President Cuomo” (as termed by delusional Lefties a few weeks back) has a problem: not just a smoking gun but an exploding one. With the ill-advised Executive Order demanding that nursing homes take in elderly virus patients, he was throwing gas on the fire. So much for Hating/Blaming Trump and so much for Andy as the Dems’ 11th hour reprieve from the Biden albatross. Calling Gavin Newsom! Or then there’s always Hillary.

UPDATE 5/13/20: What? The much-heralded Cuomo brothers are really just incompetent, low-class jerks?  Andy a decidedly ugly, snide show boater?! His bizarrely hyped leadership qualities during the virus crisis actually a major case of mishandling leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths? Say it ain’t so. For reference, compare the MSM’s anointed “President Cuomo’s” record with that of his Florida counterpart.

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