AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 7/3/21: Getting down to bedrock basics in this life, there is first and foremost God. The Founders of America had the genius to recognize that individuals with free will and innate human talent can only thrive in a freedom tempered by responsibility, a reverence for and obedience to a Higher Authority. Without that concept of Deity, an Absolute, a final Judge, we humans wander lost in an amoral world devoid of values to guide and contain us, prey to those who would play God themselves. 

For America, the final sentence in its founding document is “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Inspired directly by America’s Declaration, Israel included the omnipresence and omnipotence of God in its own Declaration of Independence. In both instances, 175 years apart, God’s inclusion came after vigorous debate between believers and secularists, both agreeing that only with the moral framework of religious faith could human progress truly flourish. Echoing Thomas Jefferson, Israel’s Declaration of Independence concludes, “With trust in the Rock of Israel, we set our hand to this Declaration, at this Session of the Provisional State Council, in the city of Tel Aviv, on this Sabbath eve, the fifth of Iyar 5708, the fourteenth day of May 1948.”

There was a time for those of us lucky enough to grow up in the 1950s when people strongly disagreed on political viewpoints yet felt united by “something” that in the end made those heated disagreements relatively insignificant. First was the idea of “being American,” and now it is becoming more and more apparent in hindsight that the acknowledged presence of one God overseeing all lives provides the essence of “being American.”

Even more apparent are the perils of God’s absence in mainstream American life, leading to the globalist mentality, John Lennon’s “Imagine” fantasy of utopian unity, no religion, no private property. Standing in for God are  self-appointed, self-anointed tyrants seeking to replace freedom of the individual (and God as guide) with the totalitarian collective.

On this Independence Day as we Americans find ourselves in the throes of moral chaos and confusion, we look with special reverence and hope to that “Divine Providence” and “Rock Of Israel” that originally inspired and continue to inform America and Israel’s priceless legacy of freedom.




DeSANTISMAGA back on track



UPDATE 7/1/21: History over the last century supports the theory that the SF Bay area is always the epicenter of counter-cultural change, the spot where that stray stone is thrown from which seismic waves proceed eastward across the land. Alas, the formerly most beautiful city in America just seems to creep closer each day to the terminal stages of Leftist cancer. And those seeing the writing on the wall are leaving in record droves. God forbid this is to be the fate of the rest of America.

The City By The Bay would do well to heed this advice from its own Golden Gate.




CHINA-Told Ya So


UPDATE 7/2/21: Even at the peak of the hysteria, the CDC quietly noted that only 6% of “Covid fatalities” were the result of exclusively Covid and not the result of serious pre-existing conditions aggravated by Covid. Meaning: 94% of those dead were seriously sick with other ailments and too resistance-compromised to withstand the virus. Covidophiles now blithely quote that magical 600,000 figure as “Covid deaths” when the reality is probably a miniscule fraction, now further born out by verification of a Lisbon court that less than one percent of Covid cases actually died of it.

This is dire news for the sheeple continuing to hope, pray, yearn for more lockdowns, more masks, more controls. What a trauma for those in love with the idea of a frozen society. Anything to keep the fear and loathing going mixed with the stubborn insistence on ignoring the cheap, available, effective antidotes of HCQ & Ivermectin. Yet another reproach to those who have created High Priests out of the incompetent frauds of the politicized CDC, WHO and MSM gleefully spreading the mendacious narrative. The credibility of this whole alphabet soup of “experts” and “authorities” is permanently blown.

Keep the fear going. Ideal for the control freaks in government and those bossy Karens of both sexes shrieking at the maskless in the grocery store. 


UPDATE 6/29/21: More bad news for the Maskaraders just in from the AMA! Those masks are bad for your kids. Perhaps it’s time for people to put their sound parental instincts first rather than following the power mad political operatives aka The Science.  There are millions of perfectly normal people refusing this questionable vaccine who aren’t “anti-vaxxers” as claimed. It is the wise person who trusts his own good judgment, not “experts.”


THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 7/2/21: The New Reality is really becoming a dictatorship of the Newly Oppressed.  This up-and-coming demographic is intent on destroying everything the normal person has taken for granted  in order to realize the demented dream of perfect “equity.” We normals are the eggs that need to be broken to make this glorious omelette. Just don’t ask THEM to suffer what they have in store for the rest of us.

All those egg shell dead, just collateral damage necessary for The Dream.


UPDATE 7/2/21: The Master Planner is the ultimate in insanity, possessed of a hunger for power that can never be sated. What better example than Harry Lime’s (Orson Welles) speech to Holly Martins(Joseph Cotten) atop that Viennese Ferris wheel in “The Third Man?” The one about his total lack of concern “if those dots down there stopped moving.”

Master Planner, par excellence, looking down on the Insignificant Little People.



ELECTIONS-Stolen Variety

UPDATE 7/3/21: Free elections on the national level, the real vox populi, have been salvaged…for the moment. But New York doesn’t look so lucky with the outrageous primary vote miscount numbering in the hundreds of thousands, visibly putting worthy mayoral candidate Eric Adams up against the very same corruption that thwarted Trump’s re-election in 2020.

Let’s look in that crystal ball, shall we? A spanking new Delta( Epsilon? Pi? Phi? Beta? Kappa? Sigma? Chi?) Variant suddenly sweeps over us just as the midterms approach. Such a “pandemic” emergency might require a couple thousand photo-copied/mail-in ballots suddenly appearing here, suddenly appearing there again.

There IS comfort that the Supreme Court has shocked the honest electorate of the country by backing such voting “restrictions” in Arizona as eliminating early voting (aka creating new phony ballots) and voting outside one’s registered precinct. So unfair! Nothing panics today’s Dem Party more than the possibility of an honest election involving one man, one vote on one day. Damn! They thought for sure they’d permanently rigged all future elections after getting rid of Trump last year. Double damn!

GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

UPDATE 7/1/21: Anything that can’t be pinned on racism or guns can always be blamed on Climate Change. Even badly constructed apartment buildings in Miami.  Ask Jennifer Granholm, the go-to girl now for All Things Climate Change related.

Bad construction? Bad materials? Bad luck? Nope. It’s Climate Change!!!

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 7/2/21: A simple and clear description of the Leftist/Democrat Master Plan history: divide the races and sexes just as Marx suggested dividing people by class. Then establish Whiteness and Maleness as existential crimes! Let’s hear it for the Party that has united and healed us all!



BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

UPDATE 6/28/21: Since when has all the yelling from the Woke been about improving things? Think of the silence of feminists on the treatment of Muslim women and what’s being done to women’s sports? Ponder Black Lives Matter’s silence on the overwhelming numbers of Black men murdered by their own?

“Here” being on the Woke Left interested only in creating a civil war.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)

Black billionaire Robert Johnson calls for 14 TRILLION dollars in reparations, including a check for himself. Such extortion is nothing more than CYA self-promotion, a public bribe for the Insignificants to lay off him and HIS money come the revolution.

Mark Robinson, NC Lt. Governor, emerging rock star, a Black MAN responds to this cheap grifter with the fat wallet.

It’s YOU who owe!!!


UPDATE 7/2/21: Has making peace with Islam ever really been a rational idea since 9/11 (Obama’s reassurances notwithstanding)?


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority

UPDATE 7/“1/21: How will the Luvvies  account for the terrorist attacks from illegals now on their way and already here thanks to porous borders?



AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

UPDATE 7/1/21: Sorry to repeat myself, Jewish Dems, but… In case you still doubt that the Democratic Party is actively anti-semitic and a threat to Israeli sovereignty and security, think twice. Then again, since Leftism has replaced your Judaism as your religious faith of choice, your suicidal soft spot for anything anti-Israel or America is perfectly understandable.

It’s not one or the other.

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party



UPDATE 6/29/21: The fanatically blind acolytes of the Church of Leftism cannot explain the results of their self-serving ideology. But it makes them feel good which is all that matters, not consequences.




UPDATE 7/2/21: Totally awesome Dr. Jill, “a goddess in stilettos” ) pronounces America “HEALED!” Si! Si! Se PWADEMOS  (sic) thanks to the curative powers of her own miraculous doctoral talents and those of the Alzheimer patient she sleeps with and covers for. All this from the dazzling pages of Vogue, rightly described as “a parody of a totalitarian regime’s propaganda sheet.”


The Alzheimer patient referenced above has his own whoppers too! The Biden economic plan is working! Prices are down…except for food, construction materials, cars, gas…This confused teller of tall tales also has a press secretary who has informed us that those Republicans in favor of defunding the police have been outed and held to account! Except there aren’t any that she can name.

Unnamed sources have also verified with absolute certainty that the illegal immigration at the border is under total control and working beautifully. The Republic has been preserved! Additional good news is that the damage done by lockdowns (and the proposed crippling by upcoming “emergencies”) has all been totally undone and was the fault of Republicans too and will be in the future if and when those new emergencies arise.

TRUTH-The Great Uniter




UPDATE 7/1/21: Stacey Abrams, roaring up right up alongside Patrice Cullors, is moving rapidly into the LIMO LEFTIST lead with the sudden expansion of her own 7 figure real estate portfolio. Who says you have to be a crook to get rich in politics? Actually it’s Harry Truman, not a rhetorical question, and he knew well of what he spoke.

UPDATE 6/30/21: Previously visible but not notorious until now, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of RI has now attained richly earned fame as the paragon of the Rich, White, Elitist, Phony Snob using Woke ideology as a cover for being a Rich, White, Elitist, Phony Snob.

One recalls how deeeeeeeply troubled he was just a few years back by the presence of a former Catholic schoolboy with a past of [gasp!] drinking, swearing, “ralphing” and “boffing” being on the Supreme Court. And now the eminent Rich, White, Elitist, Phony Snob and perfectly named Sheldon Whitehouse now finds himself having to explain membership in ultra-Elite Rhode Island beach clubs that with his full knowledge…ahem…don’t include…er…persons of color. By invitation only, you know, and it happens new membership is currently closed. Oh my. One needn’t make up fictional characters like Thurston P. Howell III for “Gilligan’s Island when the Democratic Party and  U.S. Senate boasts the likes of a Sheldon Whitehouse.


If you doubt Joe has never been a doofus and always a “nice guy,” watch him make you wrong. 



UPDATE 7/2/21: Kamala is finding herself being found out as the mediocrity she is, a phony, cheap small timer suddenly asked to perform tasks far, far, far beyond her capabilities or even desires. Why doesn’t anyone feel sorry for her?



UPDATE 7/2/21: Sneaky, sneaky…Don’t trust them. Any surprise these two GOP Establishmentarians are suddenly all gaga for MAGA and Trump…until they’re not?

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