UPDATE 6/25/20: It IS happening here: anarchy unopposed. And the name Kristi Noem comes up again (see below on original post.) One of the few, perhaps the only governor to leave her state in full, free American mode during the lockdown madness. “Not on my watch,” she once again says with regard to those intent on destroying Mt. Rushmore…and means it. We need this woman and more like her…badly.

UPDATE 5/12/20: Who are these two men-Fauci and Ferguson-on whose sage advice we have needlessly shut down the entire world? What kind of fools are we to have listened to them?

ORIGINAL POST 5/3/20: It Can’t Happen Here. But it can and does. And with such ease. All in the name of safety. One yearns for the day when that precious “Stay Safe!” mantra from the Church Gospel Of The CoronaCrazed  goes the way of the dodo and dinosaur.


Until Americans regain their senses and take back their most basic civil liberties, we are trapped in a surreal world of  wildly exaggerated, “doctored” predictions of something resembling the medieval Black Plague. The real plague is a Brave New World of certain Governors  (with refreshing exceptions-Remember South Dakota’s KRISTI NOEM for future national office) and Mayors across America (mostly Democrats) displaying the Police State tactics routine for the world’s most rigid totalitarian regimes. Thanks to the mass obedience of a sheepish public and stooges among law enforcement (with refreshing exceptions), one no longer can think of  life in China, North Korea, Cuba, Soviet Russia as so far removed from what’s possible here. All to “Stay Safe.”

Orwellian scenarios reported in China and England a few weeks back have not deterred American politicos. Witness siren-screaming drones barking orders to citizens outdoors from the mayor of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Rub your eyes and watch/listen to surly police officers trying to intimidate a mother at her front door for “violating a state order” in rural Wisconsin. The crime? Allowing her child to play at  a neighbor’s house. This is America? This is not shocking?

What has happened to allow working people all over America to go from prosperity to ruination in a matter of weeks? Ranchers and farmers are suddenly forced to destroy their own livestock with the normal supply lines of the free marketplace bottlenecked on the advice of a very few highly suspect “scientists” in the government bureaucracy.

What about equally legitimate doctors and scientists guided by real facts and figures….and common sense?

Dennis Prager calls it “a dress rehearsal” for a police state. Another refers to it as “a test drive,” for socialism. I called it “a trial run for Progressivism” a few weeks back. By any name it’s the tyranny Americans have long assumed couldn’t take official effect in America. After all, we have a Constitution that stands in the way of all that. Unless certain “leaders” choose to ignore all that, which they have without hesitation. When (NOT if) this massive mistake corrects itself, will there be a comeuppance? Will those Wisconsin police officers bullying that mother walk about their communities free of shame? “Just following orders,” they’ll say. Hmmm. Where have we heard that before? Think “Good Germans.”

It’s always instructive to observe what our most vocal scolds from the Left do in counterpoint to what they say. As some animals (rich Lefty celebs)  are more equal than others and entitled to go about their lives freely, actress Emma Thompson and billionaire Governor Pritzker of Illinois demonstrate that what is non-essential for thee is essential for me. One unifying characteristic of our vaunted saviors from the Left is that they wouldn’t dream of practicing even a fraction of what they preach. Real sacrifices are for the Little People, and sadly there are too many cowed Little People willing to go along with that.

To be blunt: we’ve been had. A seasonal virus to which most of the healthy public would be immune has proven to be the Fake Crisis Dems Have Been Waiting For. Could this be he biggest hoax of all in service to getting rid of Trump? The invocation of politically slanted “science” as the new authority (think Global Warming and East Anglia)  doesn’t wash in light of corrupt “scientists” pressured to gin up numbers of Corona-related deaths. Aside from political benefits, there’s money to be made! Most to the point: if enough people don’t (appear in false reports to) succumb, the whole reason for this unprecendented power grab falls apart.

We are far beyond time to end this mess and refuse to give up America. We are a representative democracy, but we must act as individuals of personal conviction and purposeful action. Unlike those on the Left seeking shared misery for all, Conservatives seek not the free, “safe” ride but simply leadership that keeps the way clear for us to enjoy our God-given rights, to live in freedom. Is Trump up to it?  This CoronaCraze has been yet one more attempt to destroy him, and with him, America as we know and love her. Ask him, ask yourselves: will he do what we most wish for ourselves and for our country?

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