AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 9/13/21: The photo of the POTUS Pretender in Shanksville PA (one post below) superimposes the indisputable worst of America on the best: young MAGA kids near the final resting place of Todd Beamer and other authentic heroes to be revered for all time for their extraordinary American Spirit. 

9/13/21: Guaranteed smiles seeing MAGA kids trolling oblivious Make Believe POTUS. 

UPDATE 9/12/21: A hopeful sign is a TRUMP SIGN. So say Americans across the land who are unwilling to “move on” and accept the Biden steal and its guarantee of lost liberty as their future. It’s encouraging that people are not afraid to display their allegiances despite the dreaded, steady progress made by those intent on putting an end to America as we know it. 




UPDATE 9/15/21: It’s wise to be skeptical about much that is reported nowadays, but after viewing the widely circulated callous discussions on videotape by Planned Parenthood and other professional abortion marketers, anything is possible. A recent report from Judicial Watch details the purchase of aborted babies’ internal organs and heads for “humanized mice” research within the Obama administration HHS  Department.

BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track


UPDATE 9/17/21: Californians, trend-setters and leading edge thinkers that they are, have overwhelmingly chosen to keep their hip hero Governor on. Apparently the consequences of his Leftist policies run amok are lost on those savvy Golden Staters;  things like exploding welfare rolls, crippled small business, power blackouts, water shortages, unmanaged wildfires, the once Promised Land of the West morphing into one big, Democrat-controlled Inner City. And millions of the sensible and fed-up are fleeing the state with many, many more to follow.



UPDATE 9/12/21: The marvelous Mr. Bean/Black Adder known in civilian life as actor Rowan Atkinson holds forth eloquently and with perfect clarity on The New Intolerance and the Outrage Industry overtaking and subverting our free way of life. 


UPDATE 9/15/21: Perhaps the greatest long term damage done to Americans is that inflicted on the young. Locked down, vaccinated and masked at the whim of U.S. Government bureaucrats and politicians, they are learning subservience and obedience as normalized behavior toward an impersonal, punitive State that considers them little more than disposable serfs. Or maybe just mindlessly malleable voters of the future who will keep the Statists forever in power. Those complicit parents refusing to resist by schooling them at home are betraying their own children’s futures.

Obedience training for America’s children. The dog is almost certainly better off than those children falling into the clutches of today’s education establishment. 


CHINA-Told Ya So’

UPDATE 9/13/21: One reason the Biden-China connection isn’t the most discussed topic in America is that it is in reality so  chillingly akin to what was the fictional “The Manchurian Candidate,” missing only film history’s  most memorable ChiCom agent Angela Lansbury. What is not missing is widespread disclosure of the business ties of Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz to China, the trillion$ in Afghani lithium ( and battery-powered car) futures now controlled by China thanks to the Biden surrender of the country’s mineral riches. Small wonder the Woke push to eliminate fossil fueled transportation in favor of “clean” electric vehicles.

This scenario is a chain of connections that makes perfect sense coming from an administration so prey to mishaps that one has to suspect every seeming blunder is really intentional and part of a careful plan.


UPDATE 9/17/21: Keeping panic and fear ongoing remains the primary strategy to keep Covid public obsession boiling on the collective front burner. As one medical official is on record saying, “We need to be more scary to the public” by including cases and unnecessary hospitalizations in manufactured Permanent Crisis Count. Truly serious cases and actual deaths factually due to Covid account for a fraction of the pumped-up scary numbers. 

And, still unable to sufficiently scare the public in adequate numbers, we now we have no less than the reputed President of the United States threatening people who choose to live without fear and with the rational risks of living as a daily given, created “crisis” or no crisis.

“…and counting….” Hope springs eternal in the breasts of the crisis creators.


UPDATE 9/18/21: The mask remains the message. 

UPDATE 9/17/21: The doubling down on the unvaccinated and mask-refuseniks by the illegitimate “leader” has only further awakened anyone who doubts this is all a trial run for dictatorial power over the ordinary, free-thinking American citizen. If anyone on the fence was considering the “vaccine,” fuggedaboutit now. This is not about health; this is about free choice…or as the most impassioned Leftists would say, “My body, my choice.”

Comically, as KamalaWallaBingBang was touting that pro-abortion meme, our self-anointed Capo Di Capi was simultaneously making said mantra permanently obsolete: “As your President, I’m announcing tonight a new plan to require more Americans to be vaccinated, to combat those blocking public health,” said the president. “This is not about freedom or personal choice.”   Late breaking news alert to Sleepy Joe: in America it’s EVERYTHING about freedom and personal choice.  

UPDATE 9/15/21: Masks are for the Little People, the impure, the faceless, the unsophisticated. AOC’s egalitarian message from her high perch among the glitterati is that she along with her fellow partiers are a bit more equal than the hired help. Amusingly, she may be in some legal hot water for taking free tickets for her little show boat act.

.UPDATE 9/14/21: Potentially half the San Diego police department is resigning or willing to be fired over vaccine mandates. Hey, CA! How’s this latest Atlas Shrugged incident working out for you?


UPDATE 9/14/21: So those of us who loathe the masks, mask mandates and the paranoid climate surrounding them are making too big a deal of things? An unmasked, asthmatic baby triggered an hysterical American Airlines flight attendant “just following orders,” and the plane was turned around because of this  “non-compliant passenger.”  Mother and baby were kicked off the plane. 

Another mother and baby flying AA to see the military father about to be deployed  were similarly deplaned because of the baby’s skin condition.

This is vile madness. 

UPDATE 9/13/21: Biden’s vaccine mandate is only the beginning if allowed to stand. Tyrannical political power and control has no limits, including violent force and mass murder. 100 hundred million+ corpses on the communist altar over the last century is verification of that.

UPDATE 9/12/21: Let us hope the disastrous economic and social consequences of the Vaccine Mandate serve the purpose of waking up those Americans who still don’t know they’re  flying on a plane piloted by an inanimate blow-up dummy.

UPDATE 9/11/21: One brilliant consequence of tyrannizing the unvaccinated is suddenly diminished hospital staff, no medical care. One Texas hospital may close due to massive walk-outs. In another, no babies will be delivered.

Atlas is shrugging, and of course, the tyrants are blaming it on those who refuse to accommodate their tyranny. In the words of that “nice guy” Joe (to be fair, his handlers’ words read off a teleprompter), “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and the refusal has cost all of us.”

No, Joe, it has cost you nothing but only afforded you more license to lecture and control us like the dried-up old scold you are.

Hail to The Chief.


UPDATE 9/16/21: When the tale is fully told, there have always been inexpensive drugs and educated self-medication as an alternative to hysteria, lockdowns, masks and the further division of the country. Zinc, Vitamin C, Ivermectin, HCQ.



THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 9/17/21: Occupy Wall Street (waaaay back in 2011) and its calls for “income equality,” permanently stoked-up race animus, doing away with law enforcement was then considered fringe. Now it’s the Dem Party mainstream. 

Not surprisingly, it ended in rampant crime and chaos. Common sense and reality dictate that following those same socially suicidal policies will end as badly or worse for the nation at large. But contrary to Descartes’ sunny aphorism about common sense’s abundance, we find it in seriously short supply these days. And the devolution of today’s Democratic Party with the full cooperation of all those decent but lazy liberals proves it.

UPDATE 9/15/21: Our own military leaders warning China if we are about to attack? Wasn’t that once considered treason and subject to capital punishment? Considering this “public servant’s” intriguing history, we should only be surprised it’s taken this long for him to elicit even mild disapproval.

One more stab in the public’s gut as the credibility of BidenWorld shrinks to near zero.

UPDATE 9/12/21: We find ourselves slowly, forcibly being led into an Orwellian/Stalinist nightmare where the totalitarian Left has positioned Trump supporters and anyone else championing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the Enemies Of The People. Approximately half of “The People,” the tens of millions who vote Leftward for their own enslavement, are Stockholm Syndrome sufferers who identify with those they most fear, taking cues from their captors like obedient foot soldiers. Logically, any enemy of their jailers is slated for destruction.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 9/16/21: Biden’s medical apartheid-pitting the vaccinated against the Deplorable UnVaccinated-is  just one more outpost of Identity Politics and Critical Race Theory, all designed to create permanent civil war, chaos justifying totalitarian crackdown.


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority

UPDATE 9/14/21: Despite Biden’s Wide Open Borders policy, Texas forges ahead to continue and complete Trump’s wall. After all, Texans are the ones who have to live with the immediate consequences of this illegal immigrant tidal wave.


UPDATE 9/12/21: Nice going, Commander-in-Chief and your stalwart United States military force! Another “extraordinary success!” Bragging about having avenged the murders of our 13 young soldiers, Rambo Joe’s gang who can’t shoot straight blew up an innocent Afghani worker and 9 family members in a drone strike.

In the Twilight Zone of Bidenistan, sweet revenge for the premeditated murder of 13 innocents calls for the murder of roughly the same number of innocents. 

Oops! Our Keystone Cops and their formidable Captain do America proud. No accident. Just incompetence underpinned by amorality.


UPDATE 9/12/21: We are stuck with a senile, nasty blur for POTUS as demonstrated by his predictably embarrassing presence on the 20th anniversary of…oh…something…a rather solemn occasion…if I can remember just what that is…

We are back to September 10, 2001, only worse and apparently stupider, judging by who “represents” us.

Sloppy Joe dropping The Prop to schmooze. Even Billary & Barack look classy by comparison.



AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

UPDATE 9/17/21: The Jews’ enrichment of the Melting Pot and their full assimilation came about when nepotism  proved to be a dead end for the WASP establishment, forced to hire real talent over their own relatives and desiccated scions of the Old Boy networks. Now, the children and grandchildren of those fiery Jews on the move have taken on the worst aspects of the Elite  (Woke/Progressive/Ivy League corporate culture); and the once-new blood is proving to be indistinguishable from the boring old, verrrrry tired blood.

Izzy and Sadie have devolved into Tripper and Muffy.

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party







TRUTH-The Great Uniter




UPDATE 9/16/21: A prominent member of the MAGA-averse journo-listers explains why AOC’s saucy socialist recent romp among the rich isn’t hypocrisy but, clearly, obviously, without question an expression of egalitarian principle! He forgets that she is among friends who are more than happy to have a media hog like her to broadcast their noble shared message of Equality For All!!!…although most of them are regrettably duty-bound to remain a little more equal than others in most things. But their hearts are all in the right place, just at a slightly higher level of compassion.

Lady Bountiful & Friends looking down. Don’t cry for me, Puerto Rico!! So nice the poor have a champion at the Met Gala. 

UPDATE 9/14/21: The clueless, disconnected Marxist Elite just raised their own idiotic Radical Chic threshold. We envious Little People looking on were treated to AOC herself sporting a garish, splashed-blood-red TAX THE RICH! on her undoubtedly expensive gown for this $30K a head benefit for the Met. The outrageous joke is apparently lost on her.


9/15/21: No there there. But there are his handlers, whoever they are.

UPDATE 9/14/21: Follow the chain of corruption.

Quoth First Brother Jim Biden: “We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.” 

Hunter’s “unsubstantiated” laptop (which the whole world has seen up close and way too personal) dares the world to believe the NY TImes and not its own eyes and ears.

UPDATE 9/12/21: It is more than reasonable to opine that the eminently dislikeable Biden has very little connection with the dictatorial gibberish he spews or the disasters he’s creating. If only one could chalk it up to his innate hypocrisy or a lifetime pathological habit of lying. What is certain is that remote-controlled  asylum out-patient Joe has demonstrated he will keep us asking what fresh new depths of hell are we in for this week….and next week…and the next.






UPDATE 9/17/21: Some good conservatives opine that Trump should bow out because he’s too “divisive.” In fact, he is a uniting force for the genuinely conservative base uninterested in yielding yet more of our liberties to what has become a far-Leftist Democratic Party with now-unhidden Globalist/communist goals.

The real divisive force is  the Never Trump Republican establishment, now maneuvering within its ranks to erase MAGA (Trump/DeSantis) from the running. This has long been the stated goal of Nikki Haley for one among a number of others hoping for top spot on the GOP ticket in 2024.

When will conservatives and those sorta/kinda/in a way leaning that direction learn that undiluted conservatism-unimpeachable Constitutional liberties, unfettered free markets, low taxes, no-nonsense national defense and firmly controlled legal immigration-is what wins elections, not compromising or “reaching across the aisle.” We’re looking at four more years of the Biden regime if these scheming RINOS gain any real traction.

UPDATE 9/15/21: In the person and execrable words of GWBush on 9/1/21, we are faced with the “foul spirit” of those elitist Republican snobs who were comfy enough with Reagan’s vision while in the decades since adamantly advancing the Globalist/Marxist candidacies of Obama, HR Clinton and Biden. How cringe-worthy for us now to have voted and supported such ambiguously unprincipled people as Bush and his progressively more “progressive” successors like McCain and Romney.

It is becoming ever more obvious what a seminal figure Trump has proven to be, what a departure from DC business-as-usual he was in actually tackling real problems for the sake of solving them, not merely for political posturing and image. Strange how someone branded as being so grandiose and narcissistic has proven to be the most effective, accessible and generous presence conservatives have enjoyed since Reagan.

Meanwhile, the “dignified gentlemen” of the Bush ilk has proven themselves utterly detached from real people and real life, as much or more than their Woke socialist multi-millionaire counterparts on the Left. What an embarrassment and what dire consequences for America and the world that we are now experiencing and certain to compound in the coming years.

Just a little reminder of what an incestuous, elite world DC has been…and the consequences.

UPDATE 9/14/21: In response to Dubya’s outrageous comparison of supporters to the Taliban, Laura Ingraham clearly articulates the disenchantment with the Bush Family establishment that stupidly wishes to ingratiate itself with the very same Leftist/Democrat establishment that demonized Dubya as Hitlerian non-stop throughout his tenure. You see, the conservative base has found a new home in Trump and his can-do/will-do approach to preserving and enhancing the American Way. And the Bush legacy now, justifiably, finds itself rejected and headed for posterity’s dumpster.

Trump Derangement Syndrome at the highest levels. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Dubya’s “Fowl Spirit” that brings dirty birds of a feather together. 


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