A couple of scenarios, hypothetical of course. A danger  to the public from abroad is discovered (a contagious virus from the Far East for instance) or a crime is committed on camera for the whole world to witness (a nasty cop with a whole rap sheet history of on-duty abuse wantonly kills a Black man in a midwestern American city as an example).

A sane reaction to the former would be protect those most vulnerable-quarantine, stepped up border security and  medical services-while billions of healthy lives would go on as usual. For the latter, the perpetrator would be publicly tried in a court of law while billions of innocent lives would go on as usual.

Alas, sane reactions and real solutions to real problems are not the way of those professional mass manipulators (aka politicians) guided by the adage, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Restating the obvious: life’s problems have to be addressed. To the point at hand: those not a part of the problem should NOT have to pay for those who ARE the problem. Alas, the Marxist/Clinton/Obama legacy of Identity Politics/Permanent Victimhood/It Takes A Village has TRANSFORMED us into one big Kafkaesque society of The Gormless Guilty, and each of us are expected to pay, each and every day for each and every wrong and mishap of this imperfect world. Naturally the politicos and propagandists pushing such garbage exempt themselves from this life sentence, as hypocritical scolds and over-fed dictators always do. These self-declared saviors are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For to solve our social problems….which they never do. Why should they when misery and instability are red blood to these vampires? Meanwhile, they grow rich and powerful while the rest of us must atone, squirm and submit to their control. Lockdowns. Hating ourselves for “White Privilege.” Some animals are more equal than other animals.

The first hundred precepts of Leftism are control, control…..98, 99…and Control. The first thousand….998, 999, Control.  How did the basic American right of church attendance become a crime? Why listen to dull-witted Progressive preachers speak of “virus deniers” to rationalize their own empty pews? There is The Magical Mask, itself a mask for mob fascism. Note the special focus on the myth of “voter suppression” supposedly to be solved by mail-in voting, itself one big corrupt exercise in ball0t box stuffing and disappearing the votes of the opposition.

The joke is over. La commedia e finita. Time to face the problems, not making a show of crying over them or relying on the useless, flip-flopping experts given rock-star status by CoronaCool Hollywood[“The infectious disease expert — a prominent member of the White House’s coronavirus task force — may have fallen out of favor with our pandemic-clueless president, but he’s a huge hit with the entertainment community!”)

Contrary to Hollywood sages and other superior life-forms, we think it advisable  to end the lockdown and let life resume or face national suicide. Instead, rather than shedding crocodile tears of absolutely no value, these “activist” multi-millionaires might demand justice for those genuinely wronged in the omnipresent racial drama, be it the victim of senseless police brutality or equally for those subsequent victims of the staged rioting that always follows right on cue.

Likewise with clueless Hollywood’s political comrades, guilt-tripping on & on about “400 years of racism” and “we’re all in this together.” Down the disposal with the load of them. Time to face facts and take appropriate action. Admittedly, facts aren’t as fun as  the Kool-Aid dispensed by these babbling Progressive mayors and governors who only create and compound the mayhem.

We must contain and quarantine the contagious virus spread by today’s Democratic Party (“If Trump’s for it, I’m against it!”) or face the loss of the country. Not an easy task considering how deeply the guilt and ensuing confusion are embedded in the DNA of the masses. Most of us Conservatives know this first-hand in dealing with those in our daily lives. Our dilemma is not to follow suit in showy hand-wringing and faux tears. Taking that path is too easy. The tougher (and rewarding) road is telling ourselves the truth.

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  1. Amen to every word, Fred. The Left is depraved, but they wouldn’t have much influence if it weren’t for the equally leftist media who take their marching orders from their uber-leftist globalist bosses. Thank God Pres. Trump is dismantling all their destructive policies, a job he’ll complete after he wins all 50 states in November.



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