UPDATE 4/26/20: Americans are growing tired of forced idleness and the smug, authoritarian politicians claiming to be looking out for their best interests. Working again in a free country has never seemed so desirable…except to those wishing to live as sponges and the politicians living off their taxpayer-subsidized indolence.



UPDATE 4/26/20: As if born to define the  role, Nancy goes full Michelle/Marie-Antoinette with her now infamous “Let Them Eat Ice Cream” appearance on trendy late-night television. Making no secret of stalling financial relief to desperate American small businesses, she stands in her opulent pantry and fully-stocked $20K+ freezers, bragging about how much designer ice cream she hoards.  Does the word “clueless” come to mind? The words cruel and heartless most definitely.

Looking more closely, one should note the singular enthusiasm for mail-in absentee voting that the CoronaCraze crisis has  brought to the fore. Surely it has nothing to do with facilitated vote tampering.

Born to be Nancy-Antoinette.
Born to be Nancy-Antoinette. Let them eat Haagen-Dazs.


UPDATE 4/26/20: Now in the limelight, no longer as the perfect token “strong woman” on November’s election ticket, but as a fully actualized Wicked Witch of the Midwest, exploiting the CoronaCraze to fill her own political coffers. A little friendly advice to this Queen Of Mean: sending nasty messages to another female Michigan Democrat is not a good look, particularly when that other woman has survived the virus and graciously credits Trump’s prescience about a life-saving drug with saving her life. Like the Wicked Witch of the Farther West, Nancy P., our clueless Nurse Wretched lacks the common touch in the most spectacular way. We stand by, eager to see how the cruel Gretch The Wretch can top herself.


UPDATE 4/26/20: Taking a Stalinist stab at being the most hated man in America, the NY Mayor Formerly Known As Warren Wilhelm offers New Yorkers a snitch hotline to turn in those NYC counter-revolutionaries stepping outside, going to the park, walking  for some fresh air, a little relief, going to church, all the “non-essential” things Kaiser Bill wouldn’t dream of depriving himself. Like being chauffeured daily to his gym avec private trainer. Essentials for me, not for thee. Luckily for the inert voters who put him where he is, his little bit of jackboot Communism with a Nazi flavor hasn’t flown. What other totalitarian fun is next for the Big Apple’s Biggest Little Dictator? Meanwhile NYC murder rates have suddenly jumped during the Big Apple Lockdown, but what’s a few dead New Yorkers that don’t merit headlines or grandstanding?

Response to Snitch Patrol overwhelmingly positive!
Response to Snitch Patrol overwhelmingly positive!

ANDREW CUOMO UPDATE 4/25/20: The One the gleeful Trump-hating Dems hailed as “President Cuomo” only a few weeks back may have some ‘splaining to do when their anointed savior has to ‘splain why Corona-infected elderly were shunted off to retirement/nursing facilities to infect more of the most vulnerable demographic of all. Naturally Andy & Co. are screaming for “an investigation.” Is being a Prog/Lib/Left/Dem never having to say you’re sorry? Meanwhile, the grandstanding POTUS-wannabe sneers at the desperate unemployed and compassionately counsels them to “go take a job as an essential worker,” presumably like himself only paid less and attracting somewhat less presumed glory. Does being a Prog/Lib/Left/Dem mean being totally bereft of human empathy?

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