ORIGINAL POST 2/17/11: Prophetic, inspiring, Ayn Rand’s  “Told You So” 1957 masterpiece about collectivism vs. individualism: a free America struggles to remain free as nice-sounding, altruistic government programs slowly strangle all creativity and commerce. Sound familiar?

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  1. I had some wonderful public school teachers back in the Dark Ages of the 1970s, at a time when our nation, driven by some of the same dark forces we face today, came close to societal and economic meltdown. In junior high – 9th grade, I think, or perhaps even 7th or 8th; in any case students 13-15 years old – my Latin teacher talked about the unthinkable linguistic concept that no word existed for “I,” and mentioned Ayn Rand’s “Anthem.” My social studies teacher also referred to her, approvingly. “Anthem” and “Atlas Shrugged” were in the school library. I was hooked. I wonder if a public school teacher today would be familiar with her work, and if so, would dare refer students to them.

    1. Amazing how powerful Rand is. “Anthem” should be read by all young people, particularly at the stage of life where they’re most prone to join cliques & whole movements that will deny them their individuality. My life was set on its course when I took in her concept of “selfishness” aka rational self-interest and realized that meant I would have to tend my own garden before I could pretend to help anyone else tend theirs…if I chose to do that. Much of the psychology of modern liberalism is guilt and shame over having and protecting what is uniquely, irrevocably Mine.

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