AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 9/4/21: Without the chance of switching leadership through honest elections, Americans are up against it as we’ve never been before. We’re living the scary results of the Democrats’ strategy of ginned-up crisis/lockdowns/open-ended mail-in/absentee voting. It was there for all to see and predict as November, 2020 approached. If we cannot take back the electoral process, we are headed for communism, Chinese-style: the basic amenities granted (or withdrawn from) us provisionally by a dictatorial Big Brother into LOTS of surveillance and control. Is our American Spirit still strong and widespread enough to fend this off?  

Conservatives, standing athwart history, yelling…


BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track








CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 9/4/21: Is anyone, serious about America’s security and future as a free nation, willing to examine the well-documented connection between the ChiComs and the extravagantly wealthy Biden Family (on Joe’s $174K salary)? The possibility of blackmail, bribes explaining the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal and the Chinese omnipresence there? More made-In-China sex and drug tapes like those on Hunter’s own laptop greeted with a  collective yawn by the MSM?

UPDATE 8/30/21: The ChiComs are pressuring their representative in Washington, known affectionately by members of his family as “The Big Guy,” to drop any investigation linking China to the Wuhan Virus’ origins. [P.S. The politically incorrect among us call it the Wuhan Virus because that’s where it came from.]


UPDATE 9/4/21: The Hippocratic oath administered to physicians,  “First do no harm,” finds itself outmoded in ALL endeavors when politics and power take precedence over our duty to be the best we can be.


UPDATE 9/3/21: Testimonials pile up from healthcare workers forced to quit over vaccine mandates. Rather than let people take responsibility for whatever risks are claimed, Those Who Know Better prefer running a hospital without nursing staff. As in “Atlas Shrugged,” the coercive forces. faced with the consequences of their mandates, vilify uncooperative resisters  rather than question the wisdom or morality of their tyranny.

UPDATE 9/1/21: World-renowned rock legend/guitarist Eric Clapton has been damaged irreparably both personally and professionally by the vaccinations. Without pretending to be an “expert,” he talks with genuine authority about the doubts any reasonable person might have about what is being forced upon us. But then, that is the essence  of totalitarianism and the mass repression and genocide that invariably results when normal humans resist what they don’t want from their political leaders. Free choice and all freedoms are due for extinction in this politically-fueled CoronaCrazed climate, and to quote Clapton’s newest song, “This Has Got To Stop!”

UPDATE 8/31/21: Australia has lost its collective mind as the fanatic Zero Covideers in power Down Under totally enslave their inexplicably grateful, accommodating citizens in a brutal fashion indistinguishable from the worst totalitarian regimes on the planet. This official “health concern” ominously parallels the sweeping privacy violations in the country’s newly passed bill allowing unlimited online surveillance of suspected citizens in the name of “national security”(of course).

UPDATE 8/30/21: For the enlightenment of those displaying their vaccination status like Purple Hearts and those who would love to lock the unvaccinated away in camps or at least keep them permanently homebound: Israel’s genuinely scientific study suggests that natural immunity is 13 times more effective than The Jab. Unlike the plague of “experts” here and elsewhere led by the politicized scoundrels like Fauci, Israel’s data compiled from its control population of both highly vaccinated and unvaccinated provides real science worth following. 



UPDATE 9/3/21: Ivermectin and HCQ continue to be obsessively slandered, slimed & discredited like any human enemy of the Woke Progressive agenda. This fervent campaign to discredit legitimate medical professionals genuinely seeking solutions and those patients who have seen their Covid symptoms allayed  by these long-approved drugs must be heard. And how lethal as claimed can Ivermectin be if the CDC prescribes it for Afghan refugees?



UPDATE 9/4/21: Men can give birth, 2 +2=5 and capital letters are yet  one more example of inequality that must go. This is the newest daffy contribution to the Marxist reconstruction of the world by a multi-degreed Canadian college professor with the enviably Intersectional moniker of Dr. Linda ManyGuns.  Female, check! Indigenous Person, check!.

As Miss Litella would say: Banish Capitalism AND Capitalization too! Special permission granted by the Central Committee to capitalize those hated concepts. No, this is not the Babylon Bee. 

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 9/4/21: Ominously, Australia continues to lead the way in crystal balling a bleak future if once-free societies go the full totalitarian way in the name of the common good and “safety.” 

Complete with DoubleThink slogan in background.

UPDATE 9/1/21: Is there a scenario ridding us of the toxic garbage passing for political leadership at this moment? One yearns for 2022 and a Republican majority in both House & Senate. But are fair elections even possible now with the mail-in scam already successful in 2020 and now fully operative in the upcoming California governorship run-off? 

8/29/21: When 3 of the most prominent, formerly useful stooges in the Leftist Democrat establishment have drawn serious criticism from CNN, the New York Times and the BBC, you’ve got a problem. So it is in the wake of Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco, Cuomo’s embarrassing exit and party boy Obama’s unabashedly full release of his inner Michelle-Antoinette, Sadly, this does not mean mass public support is swinging toward MAGA but only that things are that undeniably bad if even the MSM has to visibly wince and effect a quick cast change in promoting the Great Reset.

Damaged merchandise recalled to the factory for retooling or replacement ASAP.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 8/30/21: Larry Elder, a prominent Black conservative, has a chance to unseat Gavin Newsom in the California Governor’s race. So, naturally the usual suspects are pulling out every slime and slander (and voting fraud) they normally use on White conservatives, portraying Elder as an Uncle Tom racist White supremacist tool,  yada yada yada. All they’re accomplishing is giving lie to their persistent claim that Identity Politics is about helping Blacks or Gays or Women or The Poor or whatever Victim-Of-The-Moment. The Left never helps the victimized group it claims to champion but only exploits it to advance Leftism.


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)

ISLAM (Afghanistan)

UPDATE 9/3/21: Biden’s suicidal surrender to radical Islam in Afghanistan looks worse with each re-examination. Not to disturb Sleepy Joe’s reverie, but there are still Americans and Afghan allies left behind, corralled and ready for slaughter. The Taliban is now better armed than most of our NATO allies. And exiting Afghanistan in the first place, pretending “the war is over,” is pure delusion. For the suddenly-modernized Taliban army and  its kindred evil spirits in China/Russia/Iran/North Korea, the fun is just starting, and the unconscious Woke are scheduled for a rude, hellish awakening. Perhaps they’ll blame it on Global Warming as they fry in an exploded plane or feel their heads separating from their necks.

9/1/21: The UK’s suicidal accommodation for “diversity” and radical Islam is leading this flagship of Western Civilization down the road to the medieval savagery of Sharia. 

9/1/21: Is there anything about Biden’s claim of “extraordinary success” in Afghanistan that isn’t a total lie and fabrication of laughable spin? Is there a point beyond which even the most delusional  Trump-haters/Biden supporters can no longer go without shame?
O, to go back, rewrite history and see what would’ve happened next….sigh…

9/1/21: Now that radical Islam has been enabled beyond its wildest dreams of mass destruction by our own “leadership,” one might as well bone up on what we’re up against with its long history of mayhem and murder that accompanied the lovely artwork and architecture.

UPDATE 8/31/21: The rage and helplessness the average, sighted American feels at what has transpired in Afghanistan is insignificant next to the rage and grief of the mother of a needlessly dead soldier. To add insult to the worst injury imaginable, her fully justified fury against Dear Leader Biden on Instagram has led to “accidental” (uh huh) suspension of her social media account. We are running out of suitably pejorative adjectives to describe those in power in Washington and the MSM. “Heartless” and “criminal” will have to do for now.

UPDATE 8/29/21: For the upcoming 20th anniversary of September 11th, we can savor “an Afghanistan that is the hub — the center of gravity — for the modern Jihadi movement.”  Thank you, Joe Biden, and all that voted for him.

Let’s party like it’s September 10, 2001 all over again!

But half the country has forgotten.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority

8/30/21: The flood of illegals at the southern border has been declared “unsustainable” by the the faux administration’s Immigration Czar; but, unsurprisingly, little or nothing is being done to return it to the pre-Biden Trump era controls. 




AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party






TRUTH-The Great Uniter

9/4/21: Truth, science and its credibility in the eyes of the general public has proven to be a primary casualty of the CoronaCraze thanks to its accompanying plague of “experts.”




UPDATE 8/30/21: Predictably, the phantom presence of a Chance Gardener at the American helm has emboldened our enemies, among them the Norks again feeling free to live out their dreams of nuclear warfare.

Fat little “Rocket Man” back in business.




UPDATE 9/4/21: Biden The Pretender: the perfect man for the job of turning America into one more slave on the Globalist Plantation, the man whose career has been 50 years dedicated solely to enriching and aggrandizing himself.

9/1/21: It’s become futile week to week, day to day to comment on any specific socio-political disasters created by Joe The Evil Ghost. If only he’d just stop at Making The Taliban (and international terror) Great Again and deliberately flooding the country with illegals (aka New Democrats) from Latin America. One can save energy by stating authoritatively  that for at least the next 3 years The Biden Touch, the Brown Thumb, the reverse Midas effect will be at work 24/7/365. 

Another unpleasant facet of The BIden Touch.


BIDEN-GORE-Shameless: Exploiting your own family’s misery for political gain.

UPDATE 8/30/21: Nice ol’ Lunchbox Joe from Scranton’s legacy is already established after only 8 months. We should call it something other than the Afghanistan Killing Fields. Perhaps “He kept us out of war” or “He saved us from Trump,” both of which would definitely be embraced by millions of people much in need of heart and brain transplants.


UPDATE 8/29/21: There are those of us who have always viewed Joe Biden as an empty, truly heartless quantity. In a 2015 post entitled “SHAMELESS: Exploiting your own family’s misery for political gain-Gore..and now Biden” I pointed out the nauseating transparency of Biden’s evocation of his son Beau’s death purely for political purposes. “How stupid does he think we are?” I wondered.

Six years later, dead Beau remains the last go-to defense of a rather wicked, amoral man with rapidly diminishing mental faculties.  In his confusion and delusion, he still confidently thinks no one notices because of all those (his family, his advisors, unrepentant voters) who are more than happy to enable and applaud him.

For the rest of us, there is just rage and disgust widespread and deep. 

Family Man: Joe and his handiest political prop.





UPDATE 8/30/21: Is it the Pretend Administration’s clueless insensitivity or just blatant contempt for Vietnam Vets to have Ms. Intersectionality (Brown skin, check! Female, check! Far Leftist, check!) pose in front of a bust of Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi? Wisely her handlers nixed press access to her Pearl Harbor appearance on the day of the Kabul massacre. Perhaps a cheesecake shot atop a (America surplus) Taliban tank on the upcoming 9/11 anniversary is next.




UPDATE 8/31/21: As the Biden fiasco expands from outrage to disaster to catastrophe, one can’t help pointing fingers at those phony Trump-hating “conservatives” who have actively helped make it all possible. 


UPDATE 8/30/21: Kristi, we hardly knew ye’. Responding to the heat from Matt Walsh criticizing her for not standing up against the business lobby for unvaccinated employees, she resorts to calling him a misogynist rather than address the issue. How like a Dem feminist and how disappointing after coming on like real Presidential material for championing South Dakota freedom in the face of CoronaCrazed lockdowns.



UPDATE 9/3/21: As things “progressively” fall apart under the Pretend Administration, the name of George Soros inevitably comes up again. Yes, Virginia, there are villains in this world that evil that live not merely to control, but to destroy everything in pursuit of that absolute power, and Soros is the model villain of our times. 

No makeup, no photo-shop necessary.



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