Liquidating America’s Kulaks

UPDATE 12/18/20: Thanks to the CoronaCrazed mandates of masks and lockdowns and now the evident corruption of our electoral process,  any semi-conscious American can legitimately feel discouraged, even a bit afraid. Most chilling is the deep division among Americans first fostered effectively by Obama’s ID Politics, better termed PCW, Permanent Civil War. We find this has carried over psychologically through the use of guilt and fear among friends, family and neighbors to enforce the Covid cloud of impending doom, setting one against another, creating an airless Stasi climate of self-policing, snitching, shame, social isolation and punishment for anyone defying the tyranny.

What’s not to despise in it all? What to do, what to do? Obviously, legal reforms have to turn back the banana republic election sham  invariably won by those in power.  For personal survival of body & soul, the answer lies in what’s always been done by millions of individual souls in the worst times facing life’s cruelest challenges: dig inside yourself, find what’s unshakably true, what is uniquely yours, and never let it go. And do whatever work is meaningful because in that lies true individualism and value in this world. Such activity can and will be forbidden and squelched by tyranny but remains forever unreachable to the henchmen of the Left if the individual remains conscious of what is truly, solely his. Possessing that, one has the resources and power to resist, even to the bitter end…OR with the grace of God, the triumphant recovery of our liberties.

This can be cynically viewed as idealized heroism, but in the end what else does anyone have but The Truth and one’s own firm grasp of it? Our National Anthem poses the question each of us needs to answer and act upon:  O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?


HCQ=Fate of America

UPDATE 12/14/20: Oh! The AMA has suddenly decided HCQ isn’t poison after all but really ok (like it’s been for decades) to prescribe now that Trump doesn’t appear to be President-Elect. This is the eminent gatekeeper and guardian of that profession whose millennia-old Oath is “First do no harm”….lately expanded upon with the addendum “…unless it’s politically expedient.”

Politicize everything

For Your Own Good

UPDATE 12/14/20: “Good-intentioned” multibillionaire Bill Gates thinks nothing of the millions, perhaps billions of lives ruined/ended by shutting down the world economy for…well…just a little longer. Remember that business about “the road to hell?”

Good intentions

 Communist China: Told Ya So

UPDATE 12/14/20: All present indicators point to a VERY bad ending for Election 2020 which is to say, in two chilling words: Communist China. Infiltration by this most populous, most malignant, most expansively determined of world powers at the highest seats of American power paints a very scary picture. They are, as described below, the real bosses of the Biden Crime Family and any other entity of any significant use in their now-unchallenged quest for global domination. For the man in the street, be mindful of those cameras and drones suddenly present with increasing frequency in your daily lives.

Totalitarian CHina

Mask Nation

UPDATE 12/20/20: Sorry to ask the annoying question, but how come all this claimed resurgence of the virus after all the masks and lockdowns? For the hysterical hypochondriacs and control freaks drawing a bit of perverse comfort from all the restrictions, it’s the fault of all those healthy people walking around defying the controls. So, MORE CONTROL! And MORE YET! Perhaps just killing off everyone would finally “flatten the curve.”

The American Spirit

UPDATE 12/13/20: The American spirit firing the 70 million Americans behind Donald Trump persists and will ultimately prevail. This is the human passion for freedom, and it will not go away. It must re-emerge and reassert itself, perhaps not tomorrow but inevitably in the nihilistic vacuum left by the false promises of Leftism. God bless America, stand beside Her and guide Her.

America will prevail

Rush Limbaugh, American


UPDATE 12/19/20: Rush continues to set an example of  unaffected dignity in the face of the ultimate adversity that any decent person would admire.  And still he carries on! A true American hero.



UPDATE 12/18/20: As one cannot imagine this vague, dislikeable, demented quantity choosing from a Chinese take-out menu without difficulty, we are faced with Chauncey’s handlers’ disastrous hiring & policy choices for this glorious new administration. Peace in the Middle East, miraculously close at hand under Trump leadership, is suddenly galaxies away…again. 

Members of Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah movement salute behind the coffins of three comrades killed in combat in Syria during their funeral in the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh on November 8, 2017.  / AFP PHOTO / Mahmoud ZAYYAT        (Photo credit should read MAHMOUD ZAYYAT/AFP/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Joe’s partner in life (and fellow beneficiary of their family’s life of grifting crime) finds her august standing as “Doctor Jill” bludgeoned, battered, bloodied and hilariously left for dead by one skeptical observer.   Whoopi Goldberg’s authoritative assessment of Frau Doktor’s impressive qualifications has apparently met with some dissent.

One chuckles in fond recall of Christopher Hitchens’ memorable assessment of purportedly “brilliant” former First Lady Michelle-Antoinette’s Princeton thesis: “I direct your attention to Mrs. Obama’s 1985 thesis at Princeton University. Its title (rather limited in scope, given the author and the campus) is ‘Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.’ To describe it as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be ‘read’ at all, in the strict sense of the verb. This is because it wasn’t written in any known language.”



UPDATE 12/18/20: As good an example as any of the power-mad Covid pornographer, Cuomo grinches NYC  restauranteurs with the full cooperation of Gotham’s worst mayor ever. A simple question already posed a million times from a billion sources: do any of these monsters in high political office give up one penny of pay dropping this ruinous sledgehammer on real working people? The next question is the eternal one: is there a punishing God for deliberate evil done on this planet?

Cuomo-Grinch“Conservative” Turncoats

UPDATE 12/19/20: All indications are that benign teddy bear Bill Barr has been  a Deep State stooge sent in to grease the works for Trump’s political demise. History and God will not be kind to those mild-mannered epitomes of evil banality disposed to selling their souls at the expense of American liberties.

barr (1)

Bill De Blasio

UPDATE 12/19/20: The Mayor of what was once America’s (and the world’s) greatest city now makes no secret of being a communist. Perhaps those New Yorkers wishing to keep their own money and property might re-think the wisdom of their choice of leadership.

No longer just a "communist past" but an unabashed communist present & future.
No longer just a “communist past” but an unabashed communist present & future.

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