Baltimore=Ferguson Redux=…the next one

UPDATE 8/29/20: “The next one” this year from the Democratic Party race-baiting playbook has been the George Floyd affair providing one more excuse to destroy the country in the name of  Social Justice. Lo and behold, what really happened to Floyd (like useful martyrs Michael Brown or Freddy Gray or Trayvon Martin and the rest) is at complete odds with what has been portrayed. Read the transcript of the whole arrest and weep for the lives and property destroyed…based as always on a manufactured lie.


Orange pill

UPDATE 8/29/20: As with virtually all political corruption, HCQ and the whole elaborate Covid Scam, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

UPDATE 8/25/20: Countering the Dr. Death Democrats into euthanasia, abortion and the multitude of morgue-like perks of Leftism, this administration offers the “Right To Try” legislation permitting experimental drugs and treatments for the seriously ill with nowhere else to turn.  Its bureaucratic opponents bear a remarkable resemblance to those who have made HCQ hard to get, just one more stab at “Getting Trump.” Therein, another world of difference between what is offered this November at the ballot box: hope, not hemlock; gratitude, not grievances.

Mask Nation

UPDATE 8/29/20: Kamala wins more hearts and minds by promising, if elected, to put everyone in a face mask. For the ShareTheMisery crowd who desperately love their chains and think nothing of everyone else wearing/sharing them, this is a dream come true. For the rest of us, thanks, but no thanks.

share the misery

Curley Effect

UPDATE 8/27/20: Referring back to The Curley Effect, the Leftist politicians actively supporting the  laying waste to their own cities again makes sense. In a rational universe, even the Trump-hating mayors and governors would’ve welcomed law enforcement aid from the Fed. But not when anarchy and public desperation are strategies for attaining more power. Drive out the rich & productive and totally control what’s left.

urban riots


UPDATE 8/27/20: In a speech entitled “Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance”, delivered June 18 for a Hillsdale College online symposium, Heather Macdonald clearly summarizes the criminal fiasco that has been created by the CoronaCrazed overreaction. The cure has definitely been worse than the disease.

BITA(Bitten In The Ass)

UPDATE 8/27/20: We’ll call the ladies BITA biddies and the gentlemen BITA bums, Biddybums the collective noun. And they are legion. One of the many new Biddybums is Trump-hating Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who is a little miffed to finds all those “protestors” outside her front door. So she’s all for personal police protection to protect HER. Meanwhile, those cops and their leaders, advocates of law enforcement and not burning down cities for political power, are voting for Trump. Divine justice.

UPDATE 8/25/20: Stupid Leftwing moderates from Biden on down to the Never Trumpers have more than a bite in the butt awaiting them as guillotines and all they imply become graphic props for the Woke revolutionaries. Get the message, guys? Not likely.

Hmm. Guillotine and burning American flag. Whatever can they mean by that?
Hmm. Guillotine and burning American flag. Whatever can they mean by that?



Hillary’s Post Mortem Concession Speech Parsed

UPDATE 8/29/20: Revisiting this foaming-at-the-mouth public nuisance. Still (almost) the most dislikeable female quantity on the political planet.  This time, American’s sorest loser advises Biden not to concede under any circumstances! Drag it into the courts! Remember that gracious lady (NOT) who wished Trump well the day after the last election?  Calling the men in the white coats.

sore loser

Gloria Steinem meets Meghan Markle!

UPDATE 8/28/20: Ms. Fish-Without-A-Bicycle Gloria Steinem plumbs new depths of irrelevance in an earthshaking sit-down summit with erstwhile Royal-At-Large/Hollywood Activist/Global Humanitarian Meghan Markle in the garden of the latter’s spanking new $11 million Santa Barbara estate. Funny the VERY upscale settings where these poseurs of Universal Equality position  themselves. As Concerned Elite, they’ve earned it. The big takeaway? Harry’s a feminist! And Gloria approves!

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