UPDATE 5/17/20: We find ourselves beset by a worldwide plague of destroying hundreds of millions of healthy lives to save (maybe) thousands of the sick. Centralized mass control vs. the responsible freedom and choice of the individual?  In this unwillingness to think, a determined denial of reality, lies the source of all political tyranny. Hannah Arendt famously called it the banality of evil, and the CoronaCraze  is just the latest chilling example.

ORIGINAL POST 5/12/20: One young man in Ecuador of all places, curious about the real story of Israel vs. “Palestine” does his homework and demonstrates in a Prager U video what serious people devoted to truth do. In so doing, he exposes the folly of the deeply unserious and superficial of our world. The larger lesson about the Israel/America hating dissemblers: if they lie about Israel, they’ll lie about everything else.

Yet one more of 1001 reasons to donate to Prager U.

Israel vs. Palestine


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