Fate of HCQ=Fate of America

UPDATE 2/2/21: It’s becoming clearer that one can understand all the unsettling elements of the current “Transformation” in the story of HCQ over the last year. For those seeking the suddenly hard-to-get HCQ, there is AMERICASFRONTLINGDOCTORS.COM, recommended online by Dennis Prager. Time will tell how long this site is allowed to operate. The arrest of Dr. Simone Gold (a founder of America’s Frontline Doctors) in connection with January 6 provides further chilling evidence of Covid’s politicization, the eager criminalizing and persecution of anyone connected with HCQ.



UPDATE 2/7/21: Adding to the crime of mass lockdowns supposedly for “safety” and undoubtedly for the great benefit of “the children,” epidemic depression and suicide among the locked-down young rates nary a ripple of concern among the devoutly masked, politicized Faithful.


American Jews: Brightest and dumbest people on earth

UPDATE 2/2/2: The old truth: the biggest fools reject their friends and embrace their enemies. So it is with the newly installed Jews in the Biden regime, short-sighted useful idiots seduced by power, influence and, ultimately, complicit in their own undoing. Perhaps this is just one more result of chronically dumb Jewish choices traceable to what David Mamet sums up in two words: “Yes, but…” In the suicidal Jewish zeal for perfect fairness, equality and balance in all things, the utopian Left has found its perfect drones.

anti-zionist jews i

Israel in the Trump Era

UPDATE 2/7/21: Among Trump’s worst mistakes have been trusting a number of the wrong people in key positions-the execrable Fauci being just one of the most obvious scoundrels. In counterpoint to these major errors stands the great achievement  of advancing Israel’s interests by turning back the PLO frauds in favor of new alliances with their Arab neighbors. In this case, a standing O for well-chosen advisors-son-in-law Jared Kushner & Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

Pompeo, Kushner

Jordan Peterson

UPDATE 2/7/21: Peterson’s painful illnesses of the last couple of years proves to be a source of deceitful glee among those red-flagged by his politically incorrect rationality…and his immense popularity.

jordan-peterson ill

Alice’s PC Wonderland

UPDATE 2/1/21: This is a sorely neglected post due to oversight and definitely not for any scarcity of the absurd. Seeking a place for the 2021 Woke marketplace’s politicized redefinition of “beauty” brings us here. The girl on the left (Left) got a modeling contract because her stepmother is Kamala Walla. We know life isn’t fair, but does it have to be ridiculous? Particularly since the  woman on the right (Right) was never deemed beautiful, glamorous or fashionable enough to make it on any mainstream fashion magazine cover over the last four years.

step daughterMELANIA PROMO




UPDATE 2/1/21: The depth of Deep State depravity goes lower still in revealing Fauci’s parallel history of  feeding AIDS panic ginning up outlandish funding to the detriment of funding for MUCH greater threats to public health. Cancer & heart disease account for more than 50 times the mortality rates of AIDS yet have received a fraction of the federal funding that AIDS has garnered through Fauci’s scare-tactic influence. Follow the money and the latest crisis (Covid) ripe for exploitation in service to mass control by the Globalist Left. We have this paragon of evil banality to thank for making this totalitarian dry run successful beyond the wildest imaginings of America’s most determined enemies.

It should be noted that previously noted criticism of Fauci by Leftist AIDS activist Larry Kramer (see 8/9/20 post below) was just the old story of the impulsive radical element lambasting the calmer, more measured faction for not going to further extremes…. until he actually did go all the way and then some. Their aims and goals of centralized control could not be more  in sync philosophically. Kramer would have no problem with Fauci’s use of his position to paralyze the country to advance the latest Leftist crusade.

Old pals and comrades.
Old pals and comrades.


UPDATE 2/7/21: With her fantasized near-death experience on Capitol Hill now a source of national hilarity, Drama Queen AOC comes out fully as THE post-modernist, post-reality, post-truth face of the SDPUSA (Socialist Democratic Party of the USA). Her/their motto: make it up as you please and see who’s deaf, dumb and blind enough to believe one word.

Near death experience

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